Chapter 2

(mf, oral, anal, inc, cons, creampie)

by Art Martin

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I dove in after Leanne. Swimming underwater I came up behind her and playfully bit her on the butt.  Turning rapidly she met my assault by wrapping her legs around my head.  Normally that would be a good and pleasant thing, but I was running a little short on oxygen and she damn near drowned me.  Released from the grip of her muscular thighs, I came up sputtering and gasping for air. 

Leanne didn't give me but a fleeting moment of reprise as she jumped me, wrapping her legs around my waist and burying my face in her big tits, knocking me backward into the water in the process.   In defense, the only thing I could grab hold of was her ass.  My hand found her anus and I pushed a finger up her rectum.  That certainly didn't make her let go.  I struggled to find footing and then stood up, carrying her with me giggling.  The giggling stopped once I began thrusting my finger in her butt.

"Mmmmm," she purred, "dirty boy, dirty boy."  Then she broke away with a laugh, splashing me in the face.  A water fight ensued with lots of ass grabbing and dick yanking thrown in for good fun.  After a while, I retired to the steps to catch my breath and sitting up on the coping I rested for a moment.  Leanne waded up, smiling broadly while wringing the water from her hair.

"You really are something, Travis," she said.  "I thought I was going to teach you a few things today, but you seem to know what you're doing.  I know you've been practicing with Katie, but where did you learn your technique?  Most young guys have lousy technique, nice cocks, but lousy technique.  You've got great technique little brother."

My eyes were wandering up and down her body, the big dark aureoles of her hooters getting the most attention.  Water was dripping from her nipples and in my imagination it was breast milk.  I really wasn't paying attention to what she was saying, but my cock was attentive to what I was seeing.

"You're getting hard again?" she asked with a wondrous laugh.  "My god, Travis, are you always like this?"

"Like what?"

"Always up with a boner."

"Uh, yeah, sure.  Especially when there's a naked girl in front of me.  A naked girl who loves to fuck and suck"

"What? Like this?"  Leanne crawled up the steps and took me into her mouth again.

"Yeah, like that," I whispered as she swallowed me whole.  She sucked me for a few minutes before pulling off.  I was nowhere near orgasm and figured she was ready to fuck again.  "Hey!  Where are you going?" I called as she walked away towards the house.

"Hungry!  You want something to eat?"

"Yeah, your pussy!"

"Well c'mon, after a sandwich you can have me for desert."

Leanne pulled the luncheon meat from the fridge along with cheese slices, mayo, and lettuce.  As she stood at the counter making our sandwiches I came up from behind rubbing by semi‑flaccid cock on her hip and embraced her, my left hand getting a handful of tit and my right hand settling between her legs.  While rolling a thick nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I slid my right middle finger between her slippery nether lips, toying with her clit, while wedging my thumb in her asshole.

"Oh gawd, Travis," she moaned.  "I... can't... make..."

"Fuck the sandwiches, let's screw," I whispered in her ear.

"Okay, okay," she whispered twisting away, leaving the knife in the mayo jar and bread slices meatless.

Now Katie would have told me to wait, let's eat, then screw; but my sister, she was easily persuaded to screw, then eat.  She led me to a kitchen chair and had me sit down.  Kneeling on the floor she took me into her mouth again, getting me totally rigid in just a few seconds, then she stood, turned around and sat in my lap while she aimed my cock for her cunt. 

Leanne may have thought that I had good technique, but as for experience, I still had a lot to learn.   Until that moment, I had no idea that you could fuck in a straight chair.  It was really nice as I could reach around to fondle those magnificent breasts while she did all the work.  We fucked slowly like that for a few minutes, her cunt muscles squeezing and releasing my cock, and then she pulled off, turned around and sat in my lap again. 

That was even better!  Now I could see those beautiful jugs as well as feel her up, but then she took my right hand pulling it down to her protruding clit.  I caught on quick and twiddled the hot pulsating love button while she rose and fell on my cock. 

"Oh yessssssss," she hissed as I pulled and twisted her big nipples and tortured her swollen bud.  Soon her pussy was squeezing my cock hard and she jerked about in orgasm.  She stopped jerking and slowly opened her eyes.  She stood up, pulling my cock from her cunt and lay back across the kitchen table, spreading and drawing her knees up in the air, her ass at the very edge.

It was another lesson in the art of fucking.  Like doing‑the‑deed in a chair, I never thought of this either.  Before I stepped up to her welcoming cunt, I noticed how her blood engorged inner labia were now prominently protruding from her juicing slit.  I stepped into the slot, nestling the crook of her knees against my biceps and positioned my cock between her hot, fleshy lips.  Effortlessly I slid into my sister's hot pussy again.  I liked this position too as it was a very comfortable position to fuck her.  It also gave me a great view of her tits and her face, as well a clear view of my happy dick sliding into her.  I sank in deep and Leanne said breathlessly, "No, no, no, do it shallow, about halfway in with short strokes." 

It was another lesson, and as I fucked her, she told me just how to deep to fuck her, and after making an adjustment or two, I began feeling a bump on the forward wall of her pussy; it was subtle, but it was definitely there.  I continued my shallow thrusts, my cock head rubbing against the bump.  Her belly began undulating.  She tensed, sucking in a deep breath and to my surprise her pussy nearly turned inside out, almost ejecting my cock from her fuck tunnel as pussy juice flooded from her, soaking my balls.  I pushed back in, forcing my cock into her as she trembled and shook, her face turning bright red. 

Suddenly her body went limp, her pussy relaxed allowing me to ram it in all the way as she exhaled with a 'whooosh!'  Her pussy then began to pulsate and I paused to relish the wonderful feeling.  Looking down, I realized my pubes were pressing against her jutting clit.  I ground my crotch into her and watched to see the effect on her face.  Her eyes opened wide and she made a funny gagging sound something akin to, "Ack, ack, ack!"  Then her stomach began undulating again, her eyes squeezed shut, as she again climaxed.

I stopped grinding into her, pulled back and fucked her shallow again.  The bump was easier to find this time, perhaps it was a little more swollen or perhaps I just knew what to look for.  I rubbed her bump for only a minute or so before she tensed, sucked in her breath and her pussy constricted violently again.  Once again my balls were bathed in cunt sauce and I struggled to push back in.  She looked like she was in agony, turning red in the face again.  Suddenly she exhaled and my cock rammed through the loosening vice.  She seemed to be unconscious, but her pussy began pulsating again around my tingling cock. 

I waited for a minute until she stirred. Then I ground my pubes against her stiff clit.

"Oh, god!" she gasped just as her stomach began undulating again.

We fucked like that for well over forty minutes with her climaxes peaking every five minutes or so with the violent contractions and with a lesser climax in between.  Finally she had presence of mind enough to beg me to stop.  I sort of stopped, that is I stopped stroking her sweet spot and stopped grinding into her clit.  Instead, I fucked her with long, hard strokes.  The slapping of my balls against her ass echoed off the kitchen walls.  Leanne was speechless, her mouth open in a silent scream, as I put it to her spasmodic cunt.

Finally I felt my balls begin to boil over, and with a cry I shot off in my sister's pussy once again.  My long delayed orgasm seemed particularly intense with my vision graying momentary as the exquisite agony overwhelmed me.  Spent, I staggered back as my spent gooey cock withered.  Looking down at the floor, I noticed a small puddle.  A thin strand of cum, dripped from my sister's gaping cunt into the puddle already on the floor.  It took me a moment before I realized that the puddle was her pussy juice that had dripped off my balls while I fucked her.

Leanne lay on the table, her boobs rising and falling as she breathed deeply, her legs sprawled, limply reaching for the floor. She was wasted!  Quite wasted myself, I watched with satisfaction my cum lewdly dripping from my dear sister's engorged pussy. 

'What the hell?' I thought as I decided to have desert before my sandwich.  Spreading her legs apart even more, my mouth descended on my sister's leaking pussy. 

"Oh, noooooo!" she moaned as I sucked in a swollen lip.  "Oh, fuck!" she cursed as my tongue slithered up her cuntal canyon, scooping up the residue of our incestuous tryst.  "Ahhhhh!" she cried out loud as I sucked in her protruding and oversensitive clit.  I buried my face between her swollen labia and licked and tongue fucked her until she had the strength to push me away pleading, "Enough!  Enough already!"  I pulled away from her splayed cunt and stood grinning over her.

"God Travis, you nearly killed me!" she gasped.   After catching her breath she added, "What a way to go!"  She grinned mischievously and added, "Hey, after lunch, let's do that again!"

I couldn't believe it!  She wanted more!  By that time I was starved.  I shook my head in amazement and wandered off to finish the sandwiches.  I had almost completed the simple task when Leanne hugged me from behind.  Reaching around me, she stuck a finger in the jar of mayo.  She spread my ass cheeks and then I felt something cold and wet as she smeared the mayo on my bunghole.

"Jesus, Sis!" I gasped at the feel of the tip of her tongue meeting the sensitive tissue of my anus.  "Oh, fuck!" I cried as she licked the mayo from my ass.  "Oh, yeah," I hissed in pleasure as she wormed her tongue up my ass.  "You fuck'n nasty slut!" I growled in salacious delight.   One thing seemed certain, the day's fun and games were far from over.

My knees were shaking as she continued to tongue my ass and I gripped the edge of the countertop for support.  The feeling was incredible, unlike anything I had felt before.  It certainly didn't feel like when I wiped my ass, nor did it feel like when I fingered myself while jacking off.  It was soft, nice, and wet, almost ticklish, but not in a childish way. I had one other surprise; I was hard again!

I felt her release my ass cheeks and pull away from my butt.  I turned, presenting her my hard cock for servicing.  "Suck it, Leanne, suck it!" I hissed.

My sister smiled up at me and then stood up.  "Later, Squirt!  Let's eat!"

I bristled at being called 'Squirt'.  She had always called me that and suddenly I took offense.  "Don't call me Squirt.  No more.  Never again," I growled.

"Oh, Travis," she said with a wry smile as she reached out to touch my cock.  "From now on when I call you Squirt, it'll not be because I think that you're a pain‑in‑the‑ass little brother, but I'll be thinking of you squirting your manly sauce into my pussy.  You know, you cum in buckets, and quite forcefully.  I can feel it shooting into me, absolutely flooding me!  With most guys, I just feel their cock throb a little as they cum, but you, I feel your sperm jetting into me as well. And that, my Squirt, is very sexy.  Okay?"

She had me with that line of bullshit, but thereafter, whenever she called me Squirt it was with an accompanying mischievous smile.  The moniker quickly became her code word for "Let's fuck," and I never got defensive about it again. 

We ate our sandwiches in relative silence, and then with my nuts aching, I wandered off to take a nap.

To be continued...


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