Chapter 11

(mF, spank, oral, anal, inc, cons)

by Art Martin

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Early the next morning I woke to the pleasant sensation of having my cock sucked.  I kept my eyes closed and tried to guess whether it was Leanne or Becky giving head.  They were the logical choices as the three of us had crowded into Leanne's bed last night to screw into the wee hours.  It didn't matter to me which girl was sucking me, my sister or the sister of my girlfriend.  It really didn't matter, it just felt good. 

The supple lips caressed the length of my cock, her tongue flickered across the soft undersides of my glans, causing me to twitch.  Dreamily I opened my eyes to watch the act of fellatio.  Mom looked up into my eyes and seeing me awake, let my turgid rod slip from her lips.

"Time to get up sleepyhead," she greeted with a mischievous grin.  "Sam'll be here in a few minutes, so get your butt up mister and get moving."

I glanced at the clock; it was late, very late.  "Aw, shit!"  I dashed into the shower and jumped out after ten seconds or so.  Grabbing some clothes, I dashed downstairs.  Becky and Leanne were just finishing their breakfast.   Becky commented on my nudity.  "You always come to breakfast naked?"

"Uh, no, I..."

"Travis, put on your pants," scolded Leanne with a grin, "we have company this morning!"

"That's alright dear," said Becky's mom sipping her coffee, "I sort of like him naked, don't you, dear?"

"Oh Mom, you just like what's between his legs," chided Becky.

"And you don't?" smirked Becky's mom.

"Go take care of the horses, then eat," instructed Mom in a no nonsense manner.  "Now get dressed and get a move on it, before one of these ladies takes matters into their own hands."

I managed to get my jeans and my boots on and ran out to the horse stall.  No time for grooming, shoving shit or anything else other than giving them each a bucket of oats before letting them out into the pasture.  Running back to the house, I heard Sam's horn honking.  Mom handed me my shirt and an egg sandwich and herded me out the door. 

I slid into the front seat, pushing Katie's bra and other clothing into a pile between us.

"Wha'cha been up to Kern?" greeted Sam.

"Fuckin' your mama," I replied half‑jokingly.

"Yeah right," Sam scowled. "Where's Katie?"

"I, uh, I guess she's still home.  Becky spent the night here."

"Shit, we're gonna be late!"  In a cloud of dust, Sam spun his car around, throwing me against the passenger door and charged down the driveway, hardly slowing at all for the hard turn onto the road.

"Damn it Dude!" I yelled fully awake now. "You don't have to get us killed!"

Sam laughed and gunned it, causing the old Impala to fishtail momentarily.  In mere seconds we were sliding into the Tate's drive. 

"Whoa!  What a rush!" I declared with a laugh as the Tate house all but disappeared behind a huge cloud of dust.  I fumbled around for a minute, sandwich held in my mouth while I put my shirt on.

"Hey, your dad's here," commented Sam as the Suburban came back into view.

"Yeah, guess he didn't make it home last night."

"Guess not.  What do you suppose he was doing here?"

Making a circle with my thumb and forefinger while thrusting my other fingers through the hole I chuckled, "Fucking my girlfriend."

"That doesn't bother you?"

"Naw, I suppose it doesn't."

"Man, it'd bother me."

"Why?  Look, I'm not the only guy with a dick and she's not the only girl with a cunt.  As long as I'm getting all I want, why shouldn't she get all she wants?..."  Sam didn't appear too convinced.  "Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I'll tell not to ever screw you again."

"Don't do that!  I just...oh, forget it!  You wanna drive again?"

"I gotta do this stupid algebra take‑home test that I left in your car yesterday.  Go get her will ya?"

Focusing my attention to the open book test, I worked through each problem as quickly as possible, not bothering to check the answers I was generating.   I was two‑thirds through before I looked up wondering where Sam was.  The front door opened and Sam dashed out, zipping up his pants.

"She ain't coming!  Too tired!  You should see her!  Soaked in dried cum, bloodshot eyes.  Your dad had just finished doing her when I came in."

"Get a little?"

Sam grinned.  "Yeah!  Sure did!"

I managed to finish the test before we arrived at school, twenty minutes late.  Being late, I was sent to the principle's office where I concocted a story about a flat tire.  Mr. Meeks, the principle asked to see my hands.  "Your hands aren't dirty, Mr. Kern.  How is it you changed a flat without getting dirty."

"Uh, Sam did the work.  No sense in both of us getting dirty."

"I see...  Sam Holis.  You catch a ride with Sam Holis, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"I know Sam, I know his dad too... just like I know your dad.  I know Mr. Higgins, the high school principle too.  Tell me, Mr. Kern, does your father tolerate lying?"

"No, sir!" I replied as my gut began tightening.

"I didn't think so."  Mr. Meeks looked over his reading glasses at me adding ominously, "Neither do I.  Now, do you want me to check out your story or do you want to get this over with and accept my punishment."

The gig was up.  I sure as hell didn't want my old man involved.  "Uh, I guess I'll accept my punishment, sir."

"Very well, Mr. Kern."  Mr. Meeks opened a file cabinet and pulled out a file.  "Mmmm, yes... I see that your parents have approved corporal punishment.  Excellent!  Select a paddle from the table."

I got up, selected a standard plywood paddle, just like the ones Dad used.  "Says here that I'm free to use my discretion.  You know what that means?"

"Uh, yes, Sir," I answered timidly.   I turned, dropped my jeans, and braced myself against the desk for the coming blows.

"Mr. Kern... You don't wear underwear?"

"Uhg, I, I didn't..."  CRACK!  "Owwwww!"

CRACK!  "Uhhhhhh!"

CRACK!  "Ohhhhh!"

CRACK!   "Mmmmm!"

"Tomorrow, you wear underwear.  Understand me?  I'm going to check on you to make sure, Mr. Kern.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir," I hissed through clinched teeth as my ass burned.

"If I catch you again without underwear, I'll have Coach Bruin do the punishment.  Am I clear?"

"Yes sir!" I whispered.

"Now, why were you late this morning Mr. Kern?"

I closed my eyes, wondering what I should do.  I certainly couldn't tell him the truth, that we were late because when we went to pick up Katie, Sam had to wait until my dad had finished with her.  "We had a flat tire."

"Bend over Mr. Kern."

I had completely missed algebra class by the time Mr. Meeks decided that I wasn't changing my story.  What could I do?  I couldn't tell the truth, no matter how many licks I got.  I was seeing stars when Mr. Meeks told me that the matter was settled, to get dressed and get to class. 

With my poor butt still on fire, I stopped by my algebra class and turned in my test.  Mrs. Lucas asked if I had an excused absence.  I said no.  She took the test and scrawled a big zero across the top.  "You're late for your next class Mr. Kern," she said suppressing a snicker.

Being careful not to be overheard, I muttered, "Fucking bitch!" under my breath.  Old biddy must've had the hearing of a dog.  I was promptly sent back to Mr. Meeks where I was taught not to be disrespectful towards my elders. 

During the next few classes I could hardly sit.  No matter how I sat, my butt hurt like hell.  Lunch recess was a godsend as I could stand while I ate, even if old Mrs. Cook made me sit down twice, I still got to stand through most of lunch.  A bonus was that this also allowed me to sneak peeks down Rita's blouse.

JoAnn wanted to know where Katie was.  I told her that she was sick.  Rita asked why I couldn't sit.  I told her about this morning, but left out the central truth.  Why did I have to say anything?  As if by telepathy word spread through the cafeteria that I had a tender butt, and soon clowns appeared to give me a surreptitious swat whenever they could.

Before the bell rung, I saw Sam's little sister Penny talking amongst some friends.  I excused myself from Rita and JoAnn and sauntered up to Penny.

"Hi," I said eloquently. 

"Hi, Travis," she said with glint of excitement in her eyes.  "Wanna sit?"

"Uh, no, no thanks, I can't sit, not today."

"Daddy told me last night that I'm to start riding to school with you and Sam on Monday.  Sam's not very happy about it.  I hope you don't mind."

"Me?  Why should I mind riding to school with a pretty girl?"

Her friends all giggled and she blushed, casting her eyes down.  "Thanks Travis, you're sweet."

"Ooooo, Penny's got a boyfriend," taunted one of the girls.

"Stop it Nicki," growled Penny punching on her friend.

I checked her friend out.  Nice looking, nice developing tits.  'She'd be a nice fuck,' I thought to myself.  'Maybe...'

"So what's up Travis?" asked Penny returning my attention to the task at hand.

"Nothing, I just came over to say, hello."  The bell rang giving us both an excuse to end the conversation.  I winked at her, turned, and headed for class, warding off as many swats as I could from my erstwhile buddies.

The long school day finally ended.  I met Sam back at his car.  He looked beat.  "Hey Dude!  What's up?"

"Shit, Kern.  My butt's sore.  Got a paddling this morning."

"Me too."

"You did?  What did you tell old Meeks?"

"That we had a flat."

"Me too.  Higgins asked me why I wasn't dirty, I told him you changed it.  He didn't believe me."

"Yeah, I told Meeks that you changed it.  Well, we got at least half of our story straight."

Sam was visibly agitated as we rode home.  Finally he came out with it.  "You think Katie will be up for a screw?  If it's alright with you that is."

"I don't know.  Ask her."

"You coming along?"

"Naw.  Not today.  After all the crap Meeks gave me, I was late for English.  Now I gotta write an essay on the "Virtue of Punctuality."

"Bummer, man, that sucks! Why don't you just blow it off?"

"Naw, I'm already in deep shit this week.  I can't stand to take a zero in English too, not when I can avoid it."

"Do it later."

"Naw... Look, if you want to go screw Katie, go ahead. My pecker's still sore from yesterday."

"That's too bad, but I do understand."

We pulled up to the house.  "Your dad's home," he observed.  Then he added with a touch of concern.  "My mom's here too."

"So?  She's over here a lot."

"Damn it, now I have to go in and say hello to her."

"That might not be all you'll do," I said cryptically.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing Dude, nothing."  Sam followed me in.  This promised to be good. 

To my disappointment, Trisha Holis, Sam's mom, was sitting at the kitchen table fully dressed, chatting with my Mom.  It was a scene right out of 'Leave It to Beaver'.  I was sorely disappointed as I expected her to be sunbathing nude with Mom, or better yet, sunbathing nude with Dad drilling her.  I so wanted to see the expression on Sam's face.

"Hi, Honey," sang my Mom.

"Hello, Samuel, Travis," said Mrs. Holis with a warm motherly smile.  "You boys have a good day at school."

"Fine, Mom, fine," answered Sam.  "Look, I've got a lot of homework to do, so I'll see you later.  What time are ya coming home, Mom?"

Trisha looked at me squarely and said, "That depends, maybe in an hour or so.  Supper's ready, so we can eat as soon as your father gets home."

"Okay.  See ya Mom.  See ya Miss Roxanne."

Sam turned, wiggled his eyebrows at me and said, "See ya later, Dude."

"You too, Dude," I replied.

"Can I fix you a snack, dear?"

"Thanks Mom," I answered, "I'm pretty hungry.  What'cha got?"

"How about some cold fried chicken."

Mom's fried chicken was the absolute best in this or any other world.  Even a few days old, stone cold in the fridge, it was still delicious.  I joined Trisha at the table and soon I was munching down on a thigh.   I felt a foot rub against my leg, and seeing that Mom was still puttering around putting stuff back into the fridge, it wasn't hard to figure out who was playing footsie with me.

I tried to be cool.  "Where's Leanne?"

"She and Becky called," replied my mom. "They were going to hook up with Jason and Tom, and hangout with some friends."

"Hang out?"

"That's right."

"Yeah, right," I said grinning as I gnawed on the bones.  The foot was now rubbing my thighs.

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

"You know...oh, forget it.  Where's Dad?"

"Asleep.  Poor dear, stayed up all last night helping Gib get their water well back on line."

"Water well?"  Who was she kidding?  Trisha's foot brushed over my growing cock.  I adjusted my position to make it easier on Trisha. 

Mom sat back down, studying my face as she sipped a fresh cup of coffee.  Mom knew damned good and well what was going on under the table, but she pretended not to know that anything was going on.  Trisha's foot continued to rub the underside of my bulging cock. 

"I've got to get supper on," declared Mom banally.  "Why don't you take Trisha up to your room and show her your rock collection."

"Rock collection?  Uh, yeah, sure."  I wasn't sure why Mom was playing this game, but I knew damned well that she was playing it and that I was expected to play along.  "Uh, Mrs. Holis..."

"Call me Trisha, dear. Please."

"Oh, yeah, sure.  Uh, Trisha..."

"Miss Trisha," sternly corrected my mom.

Confounded by the rules I was supposed to follow I mumbled, "Uh, yeah, okay." Then I tired again, not at all sure that I would get it right and not offend someone. "Miss Trisha, would you like to see my rock collection?"

"You have some nice rocks?" she asked with a straight face.

"Yeah, I suppose so."

"I suppose you do too," she said with a mischievous grin. "Let's go see."

Sam's mom followed me up the stairs.  Halfway up, the thought crossed my mind that I was being rude.  Ladies first and all that is a good rule of etiquette, one that Mom insisted that I follow, and here I was with one of her friends following me.  If Miss Trisha said anything, I'd catch hell for boorish behavior.  I pondered how to correct the situation, reaching the upper landing before I resolved my latest dilemma.  My only hope of salvaging the situation was opening my bedroom door for her and permitting her to enter first.

Trisha stepped into my bedroom.  She surveyed the décor, and suddenly I felt a little foolish.  What with the model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, the country‑band posters, the poster of a nude girl painted in red, white, and blue, and other corny stuff, I felt very immature.  My desk was littered with junk of all sorts and tacking a pair of Katie's panties to the wall suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea.  At least the bed was made with a simple dark green comforter.

With a wistful smile she commented, "Very nice, reminds me of Sam's room."  She pointed to the door that directly connected my room to my sister's room.  "Is that Leanne's room?"

"Uh, yes, ma'am."

"How convenient," she observed.

"Uh, here's my collection," I stammered, pointing to the assortment of ammonites, fossil snails, clams and other curios I had found on and near our ranch. 

I felt hot breath on my neck and felt her hand slide around to my crotch as she lightly laughed, "Very nice Travis, but that's not the rocks I had in mind.  Mmmmm, these are the one I want to see."   She deftly unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans. "You don't wear underwear?" she huskily whispered as my cock sprang out into her hand as soon as she pulled the zipper down.  "Naughty boy," she whispered nibbling on my ear.  "What would your mother think?"

She continued rubbing my cock and balls, pressing her breasts into my back.  "You're going to make a lot girls happy with this," she said wrapping her hand around my stalk.  "Beautiful," she whispered, "simply beautiful."

Trisha let go of my dick and stepped back.  I turned to face her. She had started unbuttoning her blouse.  I brushed her hands away, taking over the chore of undressing her, looking into her eyes as I awkwardly fumbled with each and every damned button. 

"Let me help you, dear," she purred.  So much for being suave and debonair.   She finished with her buttons and dropping her blouse, turned her back towards me.  I struggled with the devilish double hooks and somehow managed to get the damned things unhooked.

She turned back, slipping the bra straps off her shoulders.  The garment drifted to the floor, joining her discarded blouse.  Did I mention that she was voluptuous?  That's the single word to describe her.  Nice full tits, with seemingly small nipples.  I wanted to just reach out and feel her up, but I remembered what Uncle Jake told me, "Don't be in rush with a woman.  Kiss her, kiss her a lot on the lips, they love that.  Then kiss her all over, her neck, her ears, shoulders, breasts, stomach, everywhere there's bare skin...kiss it... nibble it... lick it....and then kiss it again.  Try and save the nipples for last.  She'll love it.  Besides it's a hell of a lot of fun!"

Discarding my shirt, I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips.  Nibbling her full lips, I then traced their outline with my tongue, just like Uncle Jake had told me.  I knew this was effective, because that's how I first got into Katie's panties.  Sam's mom responded by thrusting her tongue into my mouth, lancing with my tongue. Seemed to be effective on her too.

Brushing my bare chest across her bare bosoms, I kissed down her neck and across her shoulders, soaking up the aroma of her perfume.  She didn't smell anything like the fruit‑juice stuff that Katie and her friends preferred, instead it was the wonderful aroma of an expensive perfume, lightly applied, alluring rather than overwhelming.  I resisted going directly for a tit and instead I returned to kiss and gently suck on her lips again. 

Locked in a smoldering kiss, I noticed another aroma.  It was faint and masked by her perfume.  In no rush, I lingered, breathing in her aroma and tried to sort out the smells.  It was a familiar smell.  Suddenly it dawned on me.  It was the faint but unmistakable scent of another woman on her face, another woman's pussy to be specific.  I couldn't discern who's pussy, but I had a guess... after all, she and my mom where hanging out together when I got home from school. 

The thought occurred to me that it was too bad Sam that was in such a rush to have a bounce with Katie.  He should've stayed and showed my mom his rock collection. I'm certain that she would have enjoyed that.  Of course, Sam would have been floored.  It didn't seem fair to me that Sam was kept half in the dark about what went on between our folks, but I was told to keep my mouth shut as it was his parent's job to educate him.

Trisha moaned and I knew I was doing okay.   Next trip down was right between her cleavage, then up along the underside of each magnificent breast. As I nibbled and kissed under her pendulous bosoms, her nipples brushed across my face.   Raking my cheeks and forehead across her little nips, I felt them rise into an erect state. 

"Ooooo, yesss," she hissed as my tongue traversed across her hard nipple.  "Mmmmmm, I like that," she whispered as my lips and tongue returned to suckle.  I was a little ahead of myself, but she didn't seem to mind, as she became very excited while I worked over her petite nip, rolling the little promontory between my lips, licking it, and suckling it like I was a baby.  I guess all the nerve endings spread out over a large aureole are concentrated in a small aureole, because I found her nipples to be very, very sensitive.  She began making little squeaking noises as I sucked and nibbled until she began to tremble.  "Enough!" she gasped, "Enough!"  She pulled away, panting, with a glassy look in her eyes.  That was the first time I realized that some women can orgasm just from having their breasts stimulated.

With a momentary break in the action, I took the opportunity to kick off my boots and socks.  Moments later, my jeans were over my ankles and lay crumpled on the floor with her blouse and bra.  Trisha was still recovering when I began stripping her of her jeans and panties.  I pushed her back until she fell back onto my bed, where I could complete my task. 

Her butt was near the edge of the bed, her feet resting on the floor.  I lifted her foot.  Looking her in the eye, I began kissing her foot and sucking her toes. Her toes were definitely salty, clean but salty.  I discovered I liked that, just as I discovered how much she liked it. 

I gotta hand it to Uncle Jake, he sure knew what he was talking about when it came to getting a girl off.  I didn't believe him when he told me what and how to do it, but toe sucking really turned her on. An extra side benefit I discovered that afternoon was that it also provides you with a great view of a woman's pussy as her arousal increases.  In Trisha's case, my tittie feasting already had aroused her.  Her pussy verily glittered and glinted with moisture from the tangle of hair covering her vulva.  As she writhed and slowly wiggled about, I watched with growing excitement as her pussy lips seemed to part on their own accord, the glistening pink of her inner sanctum invitingly showing through the camouflage.

On reflection, I suppose I rushed it a bit, having laved over only one foot, but I really don't think she minded.  Licking and nibbling up her calves and up her thigh, my eyes were zeroed in on the tasty treat that beckoned me.  Ever closer to my afternoon delicacy, I inhaled the heady fragrance of her arousal.  To me her natural scent was far better than her expensive perfume.  I really had to struggle to maintain control of the situation and not just bury my face in her snatch.  Keeping in mind what Uncle Jake had told me, I licked the crease between her vulva and thigh, then I bypassed her pussy, going on a roundabout kissing trip up through her forest to visit her navel and then back down to nibble at her other inner thigh.

I teased her unmercifully, kissing and nibbling all around her aromatic pussy, but avoiding her at the same time.  I did however nuzzle my nose through her pubic hair, inhaling her rich womanly aroma, and fleetingly let my nose press into her.  She was punching her hips, trying to drive my tongue into her, but I managed to avoid giving in to her too quickly, allowing instead for her sexual tension to continue to build.

I knew Uncle Jake would be proud of me when she nearly screamed, "Oh, yessssss baby, yessssss!" as I took that first slow lick up between her labia, scooping up the copious fluids that were trickling from her.  Did I already mention that I love the taste of pussy?  A nice juicy pussy?   The juicer the better? I thought so.  Sam's mom was certainly juicy, providing me with a generous quantity of feminine secretions to scour from her snatch.

Starting out slow, my tongue‑lashing became more and more energetic.  Only after navigating several times across every square centimeter of her pussy flesh that my tongue could reach, did I zero in on her clit for the coup de main.  Vigorously I orally assaulted her protruding little man until the she ripped herself away from me, howling in the throes of a massive orgasm.  Showing mercy, I let her be, knowing that she was now too sensitive for any further clitoral stimulation, at least for the time being.   She rolled onto her stomach, convulsing in a ball on my bed.

Sam's mom had slid off the bed partially, with only her arms, shoulder and head resting on the mattress.  Lifting her by the hips, I straddled her in a near squat.  She felt my dick rooting around between her legs and she rotated her hips upward.  My glans found her labia, easily slipping in between her lubricated lips.  I thrust a few times, realizing that I wasn't actually in her, rather my cock was sliding between her lips and across her clit.  Next try I found the passageway to her womb.  I sank balls deep into her in one motion, and began fucking her with long strokes, her ass punching upward to meet my thrusts.

I pounded her pussy, riding her high up her back, driving the head of my cock into her g‑spot with each savage inward stroke, fucking her to great effect.  She was wailing like a banshee, tossing her head side to side.   At one point I caught something in my peripheral vision.  Mom was at the door, closing it.  I screwed her until she finally threw herself forward, freeing herself of my cock just I was near the point of no return.  

Catching my breath as she drifted down from her latest sexual paramount, I caught sight of the cock‑strap and the tube of KY Jelly that someone had thoughtfully placed on my bed stand for me.  The lull in the action allowed my prick cool off a little.  I eschewed a marathon fucking with the cock‑strap, but took full advantage of the moment, greasing my pecker up with KY for round four.

Mrs. Holis was now more or less on the bed, but her knees were still on the floor.  Rubbing her up the butt crack, she didn't give any indications that her asshole was off limits.  With a finger up her butt, I coaxed her to crawl up onto the bed.  Crawling up behind her on my knees, I positioned my cock and pushed into her.  Her sphincter gave way easily and I slid effortlessly up Tricha's well‑traveled butt.

My legs were weak from fucking in a squat and having her firmly and deeply impaled on my dick, I rolled us together onto our side.  Spooning her like that was a very pleasant position for a leisurely ass fucking, allowing me good access to her breasts and equally good access to her clit.  She moaned almost continuously while I pumped into her from behind, twiddling her tits, twiddling her twat, bringing her back to a very high state of raw passion where she made an unbelievable amount of racket as another climax built to the breaking point.  This time I was close too and when I felt her gut clinch around my tingling dick, I let loose, jetting a stream of my cum up her rectum as she trembled and shook in ultimate pleasure.

Spent and very sated, I feel asleep with my dick up Sam's mom's ass, hugging her body close to mine.  She must have dozed off too, because we were still in the same position, her asshole gripping around the rim of my soft glans when Mom came in to gently wake us up.

"Trisha.  Trisha dear.  It's getting late.  You need to go home."

Hearing my mother's soft voice, I instinctively snuggled into Trisha's back, grasping her breast.

"Travis, wake up dear.  Supper will be ready in a thirty minutes and you still have your chores to do."

Hearing the dreaded word 'chores' I mumbled, "Fuck."

"Don't you talk like that young man!" scolded my mom.  "I'll have your father teach you some manners!"

Trisha and I began to peal apart, my dick stretching until it popped free of her ass.

"Oh, sorry Mom.  I didn't mean to say that, I..."

Mom laughed, "It's okay dear.  I understand.  I just don't want you using that word so casually."

It wasn't until I was shoveling horseshit in the stall that the irony of what Mom said struck me.  I could casually fuck her friend and the mother of my best friend, but I wasn't to say the word 'fuck'.  Parents!  The absurdity struck me funny and I had a hearty laugh.

To be continued...


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