Chapter 1

(mf, oral, anal, inc, cons, creampie)

by Art Martin

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Taking a sip of my beer, I continued the drudgery of grading papers from my junior English class. The assignment I'd given my students was to write a five hundred‑word essay about something, anything... anything that they liked but belonged to a near relative. They were to describe the what, who, and why they liked it. As usual the essays were god‑awful, the majority scrawled in an undecipherable chicken scratch that now passed for penmanship. It wasn't just that the content was virtually non‑existent, but that the grammar was atrocious as well as the spelling. Bleeding red ink over the horrid piece I was working on, I sighed resignedly, wondering when, if ever, will they learn the difference between where and were, there and their, then and than, here and hear, much less the ability to at least get close with the spelling of a polysyllabic word so that the unfortunate reader could at least make an educated guess as to the intended meaning.

Bored from the tedium, I heard my children squealing in delight and my brother‑in‑law and his children laughing as they played in the pool. I got up, stripped naked and headed for a dip. The cool water felt great, reviving me from the brink of certain unconsciousness. It was spring and though already quite warm, the pool water was still a bit cool. After swimming a few dozen laps, I made a submerged attacked on my youngest, placed my palm on her bare butt and launched her squealing into the air. Then I attacked her older sister, launching her into the air with an accidental crotch grab. After some good‑natured quality time with my two young daughters, my wife, my beefy brother‑in‑law and his two girls, I emerged from the water and stood looking about.

The landscape looked like it had always looked, decked out in a dazzling carpet of blues and red from the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush. Occasionally there was a patch of yellow Mexican Hat or yellow and red Indian Blanket as well as patches of lavender coneflowers and patches with a soft pink blush from the Primrose. Ah, springtime in Texas! Makes up for the drab fall when the Post Oaks and Blackjack Oaks go directly from green to brown without any hint of colorful transition.

Looking up I scanned the steep hillside across the small river that flowed through the property, looking for the old Red‑tailed Hawk that often perched on a dead branch of a scrub oak that clung tenaciously to the white chalky rock. From his perch, the hawk could scrutinize the bottomland pasture for rodents and rabbits. It is always a treat to see him launch from his favorite perch making a beeline towards some unfortunate snack, grasp it with his talons and then carry it off to its nest.

My dad had bought the "ranch" years ago before I was born. There is about 68 acres all together, not a big Texas spread by any means, but it was home. The house sat up on a low rise surrounded by grassy pastures. Dad had planned it so that when he built the pool and patio, he placed it off the edge of the rocky rise so that there wasn't much digging required to build the pool. From the vantage point at the edge of the patio, you could see the river as it made a bend around the hill. You could also survey most of the pasture on either side. What you couldn't see was another house.

I saw my paint‑horse, Comanche, grazing near the two longhorns I keep as pets. Sorely tempted to go for a ride, I forced myself to return to my dreadful task. I didn't want that crap hanging over me all weekend, there were better things to do, much better. Returning to my drudgery, I put my head down and got to work. The first paper I returned to wasn't too bad. No real content, but the handwriting was legible and the spelling was good. I checked the name on the heading, Missy Calder, a bright redheaded bombshell that no doubt was the object of many a boy's masturbation fantasy. "I wouldn't mind getting a little of that myself," I muttered to myself as I visualized and then mentally undressed the big bosomed beauty.

'My Sister's Pussy' was the title of the next essay I picked up. I checked the name, and wasn't surprised to see that Zach Bolton was the author. "That figures," I mumbled.

I began wading through the sentence fragments, misspelled words and other abominations, generously bleeding red all over the text. The gist of the essay was that he liked his sister's pussy. He liked to touch his sister's pussy, to run his fingers through the soft, dark hair of her pussy. He liked to snuggle his nose and smell her pussy. He awkwardly concludes by revealing that his sister's pussy's name is Boots because it has white on its four legs.

Taking malicious delight, I stamped the top of the page, "Correct and Return ‑ PARENT'S SIGNATURE REQUIRED". I chuckled to myself because if the paper wasn't returned with the proper signature, smart ass Zach would take a zero. With a zero, he'd probably get an F for the six weeks and that would invoke the "no pass, no play" rule which would make him ineligible to play baseball.

I know, I know, I'm a prick, but I'd warned him before about inappropriate behavior. I suppose I could have passed the whole problem on to the principal, but it's none of his business. In my opinion, he was his family's problem. I chuckled again as I visualized Zach's reaction when I returned the papers Monday morning and he realized what was required of him. That'll wipe that cocky grin off his face.

I put my paperwork away temporarily, leaving them on the kitchen table, retrieved another a beer and went outside to catch a few rays. While lying there, listening to the little girls playing in the pool, I started having seconds thoughts. Well, not exactly second thoughts, but I did think back to when I was Zach's age.

I first started taking a real interest in girls when I was 14 and in eighth grade. I was a gangly, goofy kid prone to all sorts of immature behaviors. During the following year my body matured considerably. Rather than being a pain‑in‑the‑ass jerk when it came to girls, I started to see them in an entirely different light.

One of the girls I took note of that year was my older sister, Leanne, who was a couple of years older than me. Leanne liked to wear somewhat revealing clothes. I remember Mom throwing a fit whenever she tried to leave the house in a torn pair of Daisy Dukes and a t‑shirt cutoff at midriffs. Apparently it was fine if she wore that or just a bikini around the house, but not outside the house.

In a bikini, Leanne was a sight to behold. In the face, she looked a lot like Mom did, same green eyes, same flowing honey blonde hair. But she was taller than Mom, and in the body she took after our Aunt Patti, my Dad's sister, who was long legged, thin waisted and stacked. Whereas Mom had nice tits, Leanne had knockers.

Like I said, it was okay with Mom if Leanne was skimpily dressed around the house. I suppose that even if Mom had objections, Dad would have overruled her on that score. Dad was Type‑A male and what he said went without question around the house. I couldn't help but notice the way my Dad watched Leanne. It was obvious that he enjoyed the view, and he didn't try to hide it.

In the late spring of my freshman year, I was fifteen and my perspective took a radical turn on a Friday. The freshman class had been invited to an orientation session at the high school. Even though the junior high school was on the same property, the two schools did not share facilities, so that orientation day was my first real look at Indian Creek High School.

During a break, I was hunkered up to a urinal taking a leak. Imagine my shock to look up and see scrawled in black indelible marker, "For a suck and a fuck ‑ call Leanne K ‑ 222‑2222." That was my phone number! Actually it was the line I shared with Leanne. There was no question in my mind about who Leanne K was either!

Later in the football locker room I saw, "For a good time call Leanne Kern ‑ 222‑2222." I also noticed that Becky Tate was advertised next to Leanne.

Leanne and Becky weren't the only girls to be disparaged on the bathroom walls of Indian Creek High School, but the fact that my sister was a target bothered me It made me angry, very angry. Despite my burning desire to defend the honor of Leanne, the only thing I could really do about it was to not say anything about it anyone and just hope that no one else noticed what I saw.

Becky was Leanne's best friend and my girl friend, Katie's older sister. They lived about a quarter mile down the road from us. Though I had known her all my life, I started seeing Katie Tate about six months before. Katie was a year younger than I was, but that didn't matter. Her budding interest in males corresponded perfectly with my budding interest in females and we eagerly relieved ourselves of our virginities together.

At first it was just kissing, then a little petting, then outright tittie suckling. She went down on me first, but I didn't hesitate taking my first taste of pussy. Boy did I like that! I suppose I was well prepped for it by Uncle Jake, my Aunt Patti's husband. He was a rather raunchy old fart, always asking me if I'd gotten any yet, and what to do when I did find myself with a willing girl. He always maintained that nothing tastes as good as a girl's pussy and not to hesitate to try it. He also advised, that once there, to stay there, until the girl couldn't stand it anymore and begged for a fucking. He said if I did that, the girl would want to do it again and again. He was right about that, Katie couldn't get enough and eagerly responded whenever I made a move down on her.

What Uncle Jake didn't get right was the fucking part, at least not a first. Katie had a notion that she was going to remain a virgin until she was married. Fortunately, someone had told her that if she let me do her in her butt that it would be fun and technically she would still be a virgin. Best of all was that she couldn't get pregnant. I didn't mind, I energetically cornholed her in the butt every chance I got. Then one afternoon in the old barn at the edge of our property, I had her on all fours, preparing to really let her have it. Somehow (heh, heh), I missed and slammed my cock into her pussy; so much for her saving herself for marriage. Katie was peeved, but she quickly got over it.

The evening after the high school orientation, Katie Tate and I doubled dated with my good buddy Sam Hollis and his current squeeze, Dianne. We went into town to a movie. It was some brainless feature that wasn't worth the money for the tickets, but it was the best we could do. Near the end of the movie, Katie whispered to me that her parents were going to a party tonight and wouldn't be home until late. She asked if I wanted to come over.

Once outside, I told Sam just to drop us off at Katie's. That was fine with Sam as he had told me earlier that Dianne was a bit shy about fooling around and wouldn't put out unless they were alone.

As we drove to Katie's, I got a handful of tittie pie while I planned the remainder of the evening. The basic plan was to suck her tits, eat her out, fuck her, get a blowjob and then ass fuck her. Afterwards I'd just walk home before her parent's got home.

Sam eagerly dropped us off at the Tate's drive, tearing off before I had a chance to close the back door to his '63 Chevy, much less retrieve Katie's bra that was left in the back seat. I could only hope that Sam found it before his mother did.

As we approached the house, I was disappointed to see Jason Riley's Jeep Cherokee sitting in the drive. There was no mistaking it, what with the flames painted on the hood and front fenders. Jason was Leanne's boyfriend, and that meant that my sister was there. Also parked in the drive was Tom White's pickup. Tom was Becky's steady boyfriend. Katie and I looked at each other, resignedly shrugged with a groan of self‑pity and went inside.

Imagine my surprise to see Becky, bent over the arm of the sofa with Jason (Leanne's boyfriend) putting it to her. Then on the floor, I saw Leanne (actually I saw her big tits first, then I recognized who it was) riding the cock of some guy I didn't recognize. Becky's boyfriend then walked into the room naked. Sucking on a beer, Tom walked up to Leanne and stuck his cock in her face. About that time a fourth guy that I vaguely knew, came into the room with a fresh brew and traded off with Jason in fucking Becky.

Leanne was gobbling Tom's cock when she caught sight of me gawking at her. Katie, giggling, grabbed my arm and led me to her bedroom where we enthusiastically executed my plan secure in the certain knowledge that nothing would ever be said to Katie's parents.

When I had finished, my sister and the four guys were gone. Becky was scurrying around the house in the buff picking up empty beer cans and cleaning up before her parents arrived home. Katie jabbed me in the ribs when I lingered too long staring at her sister, then she pushed me out the door.

Walking home in the moonlight, I had a chance to reflect on the day's revelations. I concluded that my sister Leanne was a slut and that she probably knew quite well what was written about her on the bathroom walls of Indian Creek High School. I also decided that it was none of my business.

The next morning, I got up early to finish with my chores of grooming the horses and cleaning out the stable. I grabbed a quick shower and went down for breakfast. Mom was at the stove frying up some bacon and eggs with hash browns. Dad was sitting at the table, sipping his coffee, watching Leanne. As usual Leanne had her Daisy Duke's on, the ones that were torn up one side to waistband. The cutoff t‑shirt she wore was so short that you could easily see the rounded under‑curve of her braless breasts, the dark outline of her nipples barely visible through the thin cotton fabric.

Leanne opened the cupboard and reached high for something. The t‑shirt rose several inches as she stretched and reached, nearly exposing her dark nipples. I saw Dad squirm as he adjusted his cock. I realized then that all her posturing over the past few years hadn't been accidental nor innocent, but quite deliberate. She was a prick tease, teasing both Dad and me constantly. Mom always seemed oblivious to Leanne's antics, but after what I discovered the day before, there was no denying it.

As we all sat around the kitchen table eating our breakfast, I caught Leanne looking at me questioningly, trying to read my mind as to what I might or might not say to Mom and Dad. I played it cool. I wasn't about to tell them about last night. Then Dad announced that he and Mom were going into Fort Worth.

"We're planning to met up with Aunt Patti and Uncle Jake, do a little shopping at the mall, take in diner, then go to Billy Bob's and kick up our heels. We plan to stay overnight. Rules are as always, no guests while we're gone. If ya'll want to go out, that's fine, but the curfew remains the same, midnight. I don't expect any trouble out of either of ya so don't disappoint me! Understand?"

We understood all right. Dad's word was the law and he had no reservations about enforcing it.

"Yes, sir," answered Leanne without a hint of sarcasm.

"Yes, sir," I replied. "Are there any chores you need me to do, Dad?"

"Take care of the pool. You've been slacking off lately. Your mother tells me your room's been a mess lately too. Take care of it."

"Yes, sir."

"And don't forget the horses."

"Yes, sir, I won't."

"Leanne, take care of the kitchen, your mother needs to pack." Dad looked over to Mom who was just finishing her meal. She smiled, neatly folded her napkin and excused herself. I watched her as she left the kitchen, her hips swaying in a very appealing manner. I glanced at Dad, he was sipping his coffee, watching Mom as she left the room. He caught me staring at him. "Don't ya have something to do, boy?"

"Yes, sir," I replied standing up.

"Travis, one other thing, son," Dad said looking at me sternly "The Tate's are going with us. Now, I know you've been seeing that Tate girl, Katie." A mischievous smile spread across his face as he leaned into me. With a soft chuckle in a low voice he said, "Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Yes, sir, I mean no, sir, I..."

Dad looked me in the eye and said, "Don't get her pregnant."

I was surprised that Dad knew or suspected what was going on. My first instinct was deny that we were screwing, but if Dad did know that for certain, I knew I would catch hell for lying to him. "Uh, no sir!" As soon as I said it I realized that if he didn't know before, my reply confirmed his suspicion. I could've laid his fears to rest by saying, "No problem Dad, she's on the pill," but I wisely kept my mouth shut. I concluded that if Dad knew, then Mom certainly knew. I excused myself and headed upstairs to pick up my room.

My room really wasn't that bad, clothes strewn about for sure, but nothing too bad. I was about to strip the sheets, but then thought better. If I could get Katie over later in the day or tonight, I'd have to change the sheets afterward, so why bother with clean sheets right now? After straightening up, I called Katie and made arrangements for an all day screw‑fest, secure in the knowledge that Leanne would of necessity remain silent.

I put on a pair of swim trunks and headed downstairs to take care of the pool. When I passed the kitchen, Dad was still there, sitting at the table, leisurely drinking his coffee, while Leanne washed the dirty dishes.

I was puzzling over how Dad knew about Katie and me. Did Leanne say something? Not likely. We had both long grown out of squealing on each other so that the other would get in trouble. Did the Tate's know? My butt puckered up at the thought of Mr. Tate ripping me apart. The Tate's were lifelong friends of Mom and Dad, but Dad didn't let on that his best friend was upset that I was doing his daughter.

It wasn't long before Mom came out to say goodbye and soon afterward I heard, and then saw Dad's Suburban rolling down the gravel driveway. As the tires crunched over the gravel I thought of the old barn at the edge of the property. We didn't use it for anything (well, I did) and I didn't think Dad ever went in there except to store an occasional bale of hay. I then realized that if he had gone in there, he couldn't miss my old Spiderman bedspread, the near empty box of condoms, or the pile of discarded condoms thrown into a corner. Once Katie was on the pill, we stopped using rubbers, but I left them there for my buddy, Sam, to use if he ever needed them. Jesus, how stupid of me!

I fretted for several minutes before I realized that it was of no consequence as to how Dad had found out. The fact was that he now knew and apparently he had no problem with it. Still I worried whether Mr. Tate knew. Gib Tate was a big man with arms the size of my thighs. In high school, he and Dad played football together. Dad played as a receiver mostly, but Gib Tate played center as well as defensive tackle. But most importantly, he was an indulgent father, spoiling his daughters whenever he could. I was certain that he would rip my head off if he thought I had hurt his baby girl.

I was still ruminating when Leanne strolled out onto the patio. As she approached me, I noticed that she had unbuttoned and unzipped her Daisy Dukes, tucking the flap of her fly into her shorts so that it formed a V and exposing the swell of her pubic mound. From my vantage, it looked like she was wearing nothing underneath.

"Hi, Squirt!" she greeted teasingly. "They're gone."

"Yes, I know."

"You know, you're turning out to be pretty cool. You didn't say anything to the 'rents about last night."

"Did you?" I asked staring at the opening in her shorts.

"No, of course not silly!" She studied me for a moment while I gawked, and then hooked her thumbs in the waistband. "I think I'll go for a swim," she said as she wiggled and slowly pulled her shorts down. My cock shot to attention, tenting out the baggy swim trunks I wore.

"Did I do that?" she teased looking at my erection.

I turned bright red and really felt awkward as the low cut bikini bottom came into view. She lightly stepped out of the shorts and flicked them away with her foot. Then with a twinkle in her green eyes, she tossed her thick honey blonde as she turned to walk down the steps into the water.

Damn! She wasn't wearing a bikini bottom; she was wearing a thong! My poor dick ached as her firm, bare buttocks flexed as she strutted like a fashion model to the pool. What a prick tease!

"Oooooo! The water's cold," she said sinking down in the water almost to her shoulders, careful not to get her hair wet. Then she bounced up complaining, "Too cold!" and walked back up the steps. Her wet cutoff t‑shirt clung to her like a condom and was nearly as transparent. Her big, dark aureoles were now plainly on display and the contours of her nipples were outlined under the thin fabric.

Standing on the steps she purred, "You don't mind if I get out of these wet clothes do you? I'd like to work on my tan, and ..."

I don't remember what else she said, I just remember croaking out "No, I don't mind," as she wiggled out of the thong, the soft wisp of her pubis capturing my attention.

"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before," she rationalized as she pulled the wet top over her head.

"God damn, Leanne!" I exclaimed trying to restore a sense of propriety.

"You like?" she asked without a hint of shame. "Yeah," she said with a smirk, "you're a guy... you like." With that she stepped out of the pool and lay down buck naked on a chase lounge.

I was speechless, but she was a casual as if she had plopped down in a one‑piece swimsuit. "Travis, be a dear and go get my sunglasses. I left them on the kitchen counter. Oh, and bring the bottle of Coppertone too."

I stood there unable to move, unable to take my eyes off her sizeable mammaries. I'd had god knows how many fleeting glimpses of her tits, but that was the first time I had an unobstructed view. The large firm orbs were (and still are) breathtaking.

"Travis? ... Travis!"

"Uh, yeah, I'll get them." I hurried into the kitchen, retrieved the requested items and returned by her side, looking over her body laid out on display for me, water from the pool still beading up on her skin.

"Does it hurt?" she said with a grin.


"Your cock. Must be rock hard to stick out like that."

"Uh, no, it doesn't hurt," I lied.

"Why don't you take off those silly trunks and let me see what a man my little brother has become." I hesitated, not sure what to do. "Oh, come on," she chided. "I like boys with nice cocks and I understand you have a nice one."

Still I hesitated.

"Travis!" she said hiking up one knee to expose her shaved slit better. "You're making me feel that I'm ugly."

"Good god no, Leanne, you're gorgeous!"

"Thank you," she said with a coy smile. "Now let me see your cock," she said firmly.

Blushing furiously, I pulled my trunks down, my hard pecker slapping against my stomach as it sprang free.

"Nice," she said taking my measure. "You know, I like cocks. I like the feel of a hard cock. I like what a virile man does to me with his cock."

I was staring at her coral colored vulva, seeing for the first time the outline of her inner lips poking through her slit.

"You think I'm awful, don't you? ...Travis?"

"Uh, what?"

"Do you think I'm awful?"

"Uh no, Leanne, I don't think."

"Think what?"

"Uh, think you're awful."

"Good, because I don't think I'm awful either. Here sit down, we need to talk."

I started to sit on the edge of the chase, but she stopped me. "No, up here," she instructed me patting her hips. I straddled her and sat down. "You're crushing me!" she said with a grimace. "Sit up on your knees... Yeah, that's better... Now sit down."

I lowered my butt down, resting on her pelvis.

"Comfy?" she asked as if I was sitting in an overstuffed chair.

Unsure of what she wanted, I restrained myself from feeling her up, simply replying, "Yeah," as I soaked in the view of those incredible gazongas.

"Good." She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. "I like the feel of man's hands on my body," she said with a smile. I nearly came when she lightly brushed my cock with her fingers.

"Becky tells me you like to go down on Katie."

My eyes, already wide with wonder got even bigger at that statement.

"She says, not only do you like to go down on her, you stay down, for a long, long time."

"Uh, okay," I said cautiously as my fingers gently rubbed her nipples.

"The guys I hang out with, if they go down on me at all, they only stay for a minute. All they want to do is screw. Not that I mind, but I do wish they'd eat me for hours and hours.

"How'bout it Travis? If you go down on me, for a long, long time, I'll return the favor."

I was young, but not totally nave. I replied by leaning forward and taking one of her big nipples in my mouth and gently gnawed on it.

"Oh, yessss," she hissed. "You do that so well."

I sucked first one big tit and then the other, nibbling at the taut fleshy globes, licking around and around, wallowing in my sister's tits. I started laying kisses down her abdomen and probing the depths her deep navel with my tongue. As I kissed around her pubic mound, nuzzling my nose in her tiny preserved patch of hair, she stopped me.

"Wait, wait," she said breathlessly. "We'd better apply some sunscreen or we'll both be sorry." Sitting upright, Leanne picked up the bottle of SPF 15 tanning oil and said, "Here, let me do you first." When she scooted up, I found my face not at the threshold of her pussy, but down near her kneecaps. Reluctantly I sat up on my knees.

Leanne globed on a handful of lotion on my chest and began rubbing it in. "You've really put on some muscle this past year, you know. It's hard to believe that you're the same guy as that scrawny little pain that you were last year." As she rubbed down my arms she complimented me on my biceps. I guess all that football training and weight training had paid off. Returning to my torso, Leanne generously coated my stomach. "Nice six‑pack little brother," she said as she rubbed the lotion into my skin.

I was ready for her to grab my dick and jack me off with a slippery hand, but she only got close, very close, then bypassed my aroused genitals and started down first one thigh, then the other.

"Stand up and let me get your back."

We both stood. She started at my neck, then rubbed down to my shoulders.

"I like a man with muscle," she said as she rubbed down my back. I halfway expected her to bypass my butt, but was delighted when she rubbed them down. Her hand slipped into my cleft and I moaned as her fingers gently rubbed my anus for a too short moment. Then she did the back of my legs, my calves and my feet.

Handing me the bottle, Leanne turned her back to me. I lathed on the lotion across her shoulders, down her arms and across her back, my hands reaching around to caress the swell of her breasts along her sides. I took my time rubbing the small of her back while I admired the curves of her hips and her stunning ass. Finally I was rubbing her buns. I took my time, coating and recoating that gorgeous butt, my hand slipping into her shadowy crevice. Her hips began to move as my finger danced across her anus. Taking a chance that she might get upset, I pressed into her anus with my middle finger.

The low groan that gurgled from her throat let me know that she liked what I was doing. I pressed harder and all three joints my finger slid up her butt.

"Ohhhhhhhh shhhhiiittt!" she hissed. Breathlessly she said, "You're a nasty, dirty boy. Aren't you my dear brother?"

I thought she wanted me to quit so I pulled my finger from her ass.

"Nooooo, don't stop," she protested. I pushed my finger back up her ass and began finger fucking her. "Oh, gawd, that feels so fuck'n goooood," she cursed. Then she added, "Becky said you had an anal fixation."

That comment surprised me a little, after all it was Katie who initiated and insisted on anal sex until I had showed her how much a fun a cock in her pussy was. I shrugged it off as it appeared that Leanne was anally oriented too. I was disappointed when Leanne pulled away from me saying with a giggle, "Hey, that's not part of our deal! C'mon, you need to finish with the oil. I don't want to burn just because you can't control yourself!"

After finishing up her legs she lay down on the chase again for me to straddle her again and do her front. By this time pre‑cum was running down my shaft. A big drop dripped from my cock onto her pubic mound, a glistening strand connecting brother and sister. Leanne gathered a drop from my dripping pecker onto her forefinger, then she smiled as she put the tip of her finger to her mouth. "Mmmmm, nice. Very nice," she purred.

Working my up her stomach, I found myself once again back to her magnificent breasts that stood out prominently from her chest like two rounded peaks separated by a deep valley. My oily hands kneaded and squeezed her fleshy orbs. Her raw, cigar butt thick nipples proudly stood atop her aureoles, which in turn were dotted with thick raised papules, like the foothills around the central peaks of two volcanoes.

Again I descended to suckle at my sister's inviting breasts. Again she moaned, groaned and hissed softly through her teeth as I kissed, sucked and gnawed at her ripe tit flesh. As I orally caressed her, my hand found it's way to her pussy mound. Gently I ran my fingers up on side of her vulva, then the other. On each pass across her vulva, my fingers gradually moved closer and closer to her sweat, delectable central valley. Soon my fingers were brushing the exposed, wet tips of her protruding inner pussy lips. Dragging a finger up from her anus, I sank between her slippery lips.

"Uhhhhhhh!" she moaned softly in undisguised pleasure, pulling my head tighter into her bosom. "Uhhhhh! Damn!" she groaned as my fingers probed deeper and deeper into her privates, settling in at the base of her protruding clitoris.

Finally when she'd had enough and her nipples were too sore for me to continue, she pushed my head away and down towards her pussy. I kissed down towards my prize, bypassing it temporarily to nibble and kiss her inner thighs. Dragging my tongue up her inner thigh, I licked and teased the corpulent engorged flesh of her pudenda. I liked the feel of her smooth skin against my tongue. Katie didn't shave, not like this, though her fine soft hair was far from being objectionable.

My sister was squirming, humping her hips, desperately in need of me to drive my tongue into her aroused sex. "Ohhhh!" she groaned loudly as I finally licked her up her juicy slit while inhaling the aroma of her arousal. Some guys might have found her a bit heady, but I loved her pungent scent and the delicious flavor of her juices. There was nothing pale or pallor about her favor, it was delightfully strong, the true taste of womanly enchantment. Again I took my time; after all she had said she wanted me to go down on her for a long, long time.

Gently my tongue probed deeper into her sopping snatch. With exquisite slowness, my tongue nestled into her and traced the crease between her inner and outer labia. My tongue eventually wandered toward the nexus of her folds and her incredible clit. Now the only clit I'd seen before was Katie's, a tiny little nubbin, very sensitive, but very demure. Leanne's clit was monstrous by comparison, jutting out from its hood like the tip of my pinky. I realized then that like tits and dicks, that clits and pussies came in different sizes and exhibited their own unique characteristics.

My lips surrounded her organ and she let out cry, thrusting her hips like she was fucking my face. Her legs clamped around my head and she rolled to one side, nearly twisting my neck off. I kept sucking on her clit until she eased the pressure from her legs and pushed my head away.

Soaked with a mixture of my saliva and her secretions, I sat up and watched as she continued to tremble and shake, all curled up in a ball. She stayed that way for a long time, her eyes tightly shut and her chest heaving. When she didn't stir after a while, I nibbled and kissed her divine buttocks, nuzzling my face in her ass crack. When I licked across her asshole, she sat up with a start.

"Quit!" she lightheartedly admonished with a laugh. Hugging herself so that her tits looked even larger than they already were, she sighed, "That was fantastic! You're good all right little brother, very good. It's a rare treat to be pleasured like that." Leanne gushed, "I want you to eat me again, and again, all day and all night!"

Who was I to argue, her pussy was fantastic! I pushed her back down onto the chase and prepared to mount her.

"No, no, no!" she protested as she clamped her legs shut. "Not that! I'm your sister!"

I thought to myself, 'So what?' "I want to fuck you, Sis," I said flatly. "You promised..."

"I said if you go down on me, I'll go down on you. Now here, lie down and relax, it's your turn."

"Sure," I said testily, settling for a blowjob.

My sister began by sucking on my man‑nipples while gently fondling my tumescent cock, quickly bring it to a rock hard state. Then she kissed down my stomach and nuzzled her face into my crotch. Starting at the base of my cock, Leanne lightly licked around the underside and then up the stalk, covering the entire underside before reaching the rim of my cock crown. I watched as she then slowly dragged her tongue down my stalk along the bulging cock‑tube. Once at the base again, she hefted my testicles in her hand and kissed all over my ball sack, nipping at it while she fondled my balls. Then she nibbled back up my stalk, pausing for a moment to nip at the little fold of skin under the rim of my glans.

Tracing the underside of the rim of my cock head lightly with the tip of her tongue, she began circling and circling it. Teasing me, just like I had teased her. When she finally ran her tongue over the head of my seeping glans, I gasped at the incredible sensation. She took my glans into the warm wetness of her mouth, swirled her tongue around it and pulled off. She kissed the wet tip and opened her eyes, grinning up at me. Then she squeezed my cock, milking a glob of clear pre‑cum from me. Closing her eyes, my sister opened her full supple lips and took me into her mouth again, sliding her lips down my shaft. She paused momentarily, then pulled upward, dragging her lips across my rigid stalk while gently suctioning me.

No longer disappointed that I was only going to get a blowjob, I closed my own eyes and let my head fall back. With each breath I took, my nostrils filled with the residual scent of her pussy, while I reveled in the delightful sensations she was creating.

I had thought that Katie gave a pretty good blowjob, but my sister, she was in another class altogether. I didn't last very long, and the first spurt took her by surprise. Leanne jerked her head up, releasing my knob with an audible pop. My cock gushed like a geyser into the air, hitting her in the face. Immediately she covered my glans with her mouth loosely as I finished ejaculating, letting my cum run out of her mouth and dribble over my cock and balls.

Considering what a slut she was, I was surprised that she didn't just gobble it down. But then she smeared my spunk over my cock and balls and went down on me again, licking and sucking, cleaning my genitals with her mouth and tongue. My dick only softened a little for a short while before she had orally caressed it back to a full erection.

My sister pulled off and sat up, grinning and pleased with herself. I was raring to fuck her, but she demurred again saying, "That was soooo nice, Travis. I really like the taste of your sperm, dear brother. I hope you don't mind, but from now on, I plan to suck you off often."

Mind? Would I mind? "Oh, no, I won't mind," I said ready for the main event.

"Good, because you're so available, just through the door between our bedrooms. Oh, yes, dear brother, I'm going to enjoy you. Now be a good boy and eat me out again."

"I want to fuck you," I protested.

"I'm your sister!" she said indignantly. Then she spread her legs and pleaded, "C'mon, I get fucked all the time, but nobody eats me out like you did... Please?"

What do you do when a beautiful girl pleads with you to eat her? I know what I did, I buried my face in her steamy cunt. I stayed down there for a long time, licking, sucking, tongue fucking, finger fucking, nose fucking, you name it. She came and came again and again, while I slathered and slaved away between her quivering legs. Finally my jaw hurt and my poor tongue was just plain whipped out. I pulled off needing a rest.

Leanne opened her eyes slightly with a dreamy expression on her sweat‑covered face. "That was wonderful, Travis, just wonderful. You don't know how good it feels."

"I know how good your pussy will feel when I..."

"C'mere! C'mere!"

I scooted up to her face.

"No, no, no, your cock, give me your cock."

"Where?" I asked grinding my crotch into hers.

"Not there! Up here!"

"Leanne!" Frustrated by her teasing, I reached back, grabbing her under the knees and pushedg them forward. By god I was going to rape her if had to. But she just laughed lightly saying, "Okay, okay, fuck me. Fuck me Travis, fuck me. Be dear brother and show me what a good fucker you are!"

I was poised to plunge into her pussy, but I paused, the words, "Fuck me, Travis, fuck me," ringing in my ears. My dick hardened even more. "I'll fuck you Sis! I'll fuck you all day, and every day. Your pussy is mine."

"No, your cock is mine," she said with a smile.

"Whatever," I hissed sinking into my sister's beautiful pussy for the first time. I gave it my best, fucking her like a madman, fucking her gently, fucking her in first one position, and then another; her pussy spasmodically squeezing my thrusting cock while we were locked in incestuous passion. I bellowed like an old longhorn when I shot off in her wonderfully clasping cunt, then collapsed exhausted onto the pool deck.

Next thing I knew, she was rubbing me with her cum dripping pussy while sitting on my face. 'My god, doesn't she get enough?' I thought while I slurped at her oozing channel, catching a quick breath of air whenever I could.

"Eat it all, little brother, eat it all," I heard her hiss.

After a few minutes she stood, and bending down kissed me full on the lips. Then she turned and dove into the pool.

To be continued...


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