Chapter 6

(M+F, Ff, Ff+, blackmail, reluc, interr, oral, mast, anal)

by Dawn Harvey

Nia, the African princess

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Sarge had never felt this way about another person, especially a woman.  In his world, men were considered superior and women were almost treated like second-class citizens.  Suddenly he was smitten, so to speak, by an American goddess.  His views and practices were abruptly modified and Sarge considered Susan not only a ravishing woman, but also his equal.  He rolled his head to the side and glanced at his sleeping beauty.

Her face was etched with a continuous smile, which radiated to everyone around her.  Sarge's family readily accepted Susan even though she was his mistress and his wife didn't mind.  It meant Zelda received all the luxuries of living with a politically, powerful man and she didn't have to satisfy any of his radical demands.  Sarge looked at Susan and he felt more content than ever.  "The doctor said everything looked good.  It must have happened right away... the first time we made love," he whispered.  "Is there a chance...?"

Susan cut him off before he could finish the question.  "It is yours... without a doubt.  My husband hasn't touched me in weeks.  We haven't had sex in weeks," she responded.  "The bastard is screwing his secretary, but I don't care anymore."

His arm was around her and Sarge pulled Susan into his waiting body.  She rolled onto her side and the front of her body came flush against Sarge's.  Something became very noticeable and paramount for both.  Susan felt the obvious hard prick push against her belly and she quickly shifted her body upwards so that the end of Sarge's cock grazed her pelvis.

One instant the long, hard cock rubbed against her heated body and the next it was between her legs.  The flared head hit the tip of her slit and swiftly slipped through the soaked crevice, as it raked her tender clitoris.  Her entire body jerked in reaction to the deliberate caress and suddenly her breathing stopped.

Susan felt the head slid backwards about an inch.  The meat hit her directly at the core and it slipped inside before she could take a breath.  She didn't dare move, as she was in the most vulnerable position, and fully realized that Sarge would take her.  He kissed her on the forehead and tenderly guided her head beside his overheated cheek.  "I want you... more than anything in the world," he whispered in her ear.

Suddenly she could breathe.  "Oh, dear gawd, you're inside... deep inside of me," she moaned, trying to regain her breathing.  "Yes... dear gawd, yes!"

The bed was the biggest she'd ever been in.  Sarge wrapped his arms around her torso and rolled onto his back.  She remained glued to his body and the only thing that changed was the way Sarge's hips moved.  He thrust his powerful hips at her and made sure his ramrod was buried to the hilt at the peak of every thrust.  Then he rolled onto his side and held onto Susan as he constantly jerked his hips back and forth.

Sarge rolled again and this time Susan found herself on the bottom.  He showed no mercy and no mercy was asked for by the woman who suddenly had no stamina.  Her sanity had long since departed and Susan glared up into Sarge's dark, demanding eyes when she felt the end approaching.  There was something wrong with her hips, as they thrashed wildly from side to side on the firm mattress, and she abruptly lost control.

Every time Susan shifted to the right, Sarge drove downwards with a dire passion, driving her ass into the bed.  She rebounded and so did Sarge.  Susan deviously tried moving to the left but Sarge was out of control by this time.  He drove downwards with all of his might and again her ass sank into the bed, only to slam back up at the madman.  The damn burst and Susan raced towards the finish with her heart racing and her breathing ragged and sporadic.

Just as she managed to regain a measure of control, Susan sensed Sarge's telltale sign of ejaculation.  His hips jerked wildly and the burning lava filled her delicate womanhood yet she welcomed the man's climax.  Her arms were around his thick torso and each time Sarge thrust downward she thrust up to meet his desperate lunge.  Her orgasm was nonstop and to her dismay Sarge took forever to empty his vast sperm bank.

His body was covered with sweat.  Sarge gently rolled off his white goddess and enabled her to breath easily again, as he hugged her against his exhausted body.  Strangely his show of compassion was something Susan wasn't used to and it made her feel loved and cherished.  "We visit village often... every week.  You see your sister every week and make sure she alright," Sarge said.

"Thank you.  I promised Marie that I would be there for her... look after her," Susan said.  "It won't be easy for her in a foreign country, but I'm sure your family will make her feel at home."

"You not worry.  Doctor will stay in village entire time and he be there for your sister and Michelle.  He good doctor."


Months past.  Michelle lived with Thema and Baako in the African village and she hardly got to see her husband.  Rodney was forced to leave the country right after he found out that Michelle was pregnant, as his job required him to travel from one country to another.  He managed a visit back to Sarge's country about once a month and each time he longed to stay with Michelle until the baby was born.  He had no idea of the living arrangements in the village, as Michelle stayed with him in one of Zuberi's homes during each visit, and she didn't volunteer any incriminating information.

It was during his last visit before the baby was born when Rodney got suspicious.  He was riding back to the city with Sarge when the man revealed his devious plan.  "Baby born soon.  Michelle have baby very soon.  She stay in village for a while... for some time," he informed Rodney.  "Baby have good care and be raised in true African tradition."

Rodney was utterly dumbfounded.  "Michelle will want to go home.  She'll want to go home with the baby... very soon after," he said.

The devious Sarge planted the seeds of doubt and they stayed with Rodney.  Weeks past.  Kato showed up in the village whenever Rodney wasn't around and often stayed with Michelle for days at a time.  At first she was reluctant to sleep with Kato, but it didn't take long for the overly friendly and personable teenager to win her over.  It seemed that Michelle was one of those women who craved sex, as her pregnancy advanced, and the horny teenager satisfied her sexual needs even with her belly growing with child.

One bright sunny day Kato showed up in the village and went immediately to see Michelle.  He heard crying when he approached the hut and quickened his pace, as he wanted to see the baby.  Both Michelle and Thema were holding their babies, but it was Michelle who caught Kato's attention.  The woman looked totally ravishing, as the sun was coming through a window giving Michelle the appearance of having a halo all around her body.  It was that moment the young African decided he wanted the white goddess to stay in his country.

There wasn't anything Sarge wouldn't do for his only son.  Once he heard that Kato wanted Michelle to live with them, he schemed until coming up with the perfect plan.  It was not only a very shrewd plan; it was one which had Michelle remaining in the country while humiliating her husband to the nth degree.  Rodney had been away for a couple of months completing the last of his duties for the international committee in Geneva.  When he returned, he was surprised by Sarge's willingness to make him happy.

Sarge's manipulation was unscrupulous.  Michelle moved into his home after her baby was born and Sarge allowed Rodney to stay with her whenever he was back in the country.  According to his devious plan, Sarge didn't want the husband to suspect anything.  Sarge also graciously accepted Marie Kelly into his abode, as a deliberate gesture to make Susan happy.  It was the only way Marie would stay in the country until her sister's baby was born so Sarge willingly moved the two new mothers into his home in the city.

A few months later Susan had her baby and it was one of the happiest moments of Sarge's life.  He wouldn't let Susan or the baby out his sight and if he did it was only when he went to work.  Sarge was constantly dreaming of ways to either keep control or get control.  He eventually had the foresight to arrange a celebration for the new mothers, but mainly he wanted to give his son a special reward.  If Kato wanted the goddess and relished Michelle having another baby with him, Sarge was prepared to do whatever it took to keep the woman in the country.

Sarge invited a few guests and along with his entire family they celebrated the birth of Michelle's baby by christening him into their African tribe.  Much to Rodney and Michelle's amazement, the baby was given a ceremonial African name along with the names they had given him.  Zuberi, Thema and Nia carried out the African rituals to perfection, which made Sarge very happy.

The festivities happened in Sarge's large family room and one minute the room was full of people and the next only four remained.  It wasn't hard for Sarge to arrange for Susan, Marie Kelly and his wife and daughters to go back to the village with Thema and Nia.  The other guests were ushered out leaving Sarge and Kato sitting at a table with Michelle and Rodney.  Before the couple had a chance to protest or complain, the elder statesman coaxed them into having a nightcap, a relaxing massage and a soak in his big hot tub.

Rodney and Michelle had already consumed too much, but it was way too late for the couple to realize they had been drugged.  Sarge led the way up the prominent staircase to the majestic bedroom and everyone was seated at a small table in no time.  The table was about ten feet from the large hot tub and tiled bathroom area, which contained a massage table surrounded by two servants dressed in customary African garb.

The couple readily drank from the large glasses given to them, which quickly added to their ultimate downfall.  One of Sarge's skilled servants motioned for Michelle, telling her that it was time for a relaxing massage.  The combination of paralyzing drinks and quiet surreal setting had a serious affect on both her and Rodney.  The secret drugs robbed their ability of muscle control, but not the ability for their eyes to convey messages to the brain.

Rodney's head spun like crazy, but he wasn't too drunk to know what was happening.  He watched his wife who couldn't walk on her own being led across the dimly lit room by Kato and one of the massage girls.  Kato and the girl easily got Michelle into a prone position on top of the massage table and then the boy went to the hot tub.  Rodney's eyes almost popped out of his head when Kato swiftly undressed and stood beside the tub.  Nude and proud, the young man displayed his growing hardon before he slowly stepped into the steamy water.

Rodney ripped his stare from Kato and focused on the real gem.  The two determined female servants had already stripped Michelle's clothes and left her naked on the massage table.  One of the women poured a vast amount of oil over Michelle's back while the other women massaged the radiant white flesh.  Sarge's servants deviously seduced the sultry white woman.  Michelle was on her stomach and one woman massaged her upper torso while the other concentrated on the lower extremities.

The scene was powerful and riveting.  Michelle's arms were outstretched and fully extended above her head.  The sides of her breasts were exposed and the glossy oil covered her everywhere.  Her legs were slightly spread and one sly woman often ran her fingers along the insides of Michelle's velvety thighs.  Each time the woman's fingers grazed the vaguely exposed crotch, a low moan of distress sounded from the sedated victim.

The seductive scene mesmerized Rodney.  All of a sudden the two women rolled Michelle over.  In a flash one woman squeezed warm, runny oil all over the front of Michelle's nudity and the other woman started rubbing it into the white flesh.  Rodney's eyes grew bigger when the one woman focused on the two overly developed boobs.  She used both hands to squeeze Michelle's tits.  Each time she circled the base of a titty, the woman slowly milked her fingers up to the end until only the elongated nipple was between the skilled fingertips.

The breast massage was spellbinding yet it didn't rival the next massage.  Rodney noted how his wife's legs were spread and that her entire crotch was exposed to the African woman.  He watched the oil spread and cover the area and then the sly woman performed magic.  Her hands rotated so fast they were a blur.  Each time they circled the upraised pelvis, one or two fingers dipped into the puffy labia.  It was very obvious to the three men who were totally focused on the seduction that the victim was aroused.

Rodney was utterly amazed.  He watched the expert massage of his wife's tits and noticed how both nipples were fully erect.  The woman used fleeting pinching and squeezing to keep the buds hard and she constantly massaged each boob, which was covered with the abundance of oil.  The breast massage was something Rodney had not witnessed before; yet it was the lower massage that soon captured his full attention.  He noted how the woman poured oil over Michelle's pelvis and how the trail of liquid fire ran through the open crevice between the spread thighs.

It was when Rodney spotted the protruding clitoris that he thought something terrible might happen.  Every few seconds the woman spread the swollen oil-covered labia apart to expose the tender gem and then she flicked the clitty with her fingers.  The woman never lingered and only caressed the clitty enough to keep Michelle on the highest plateau of lust.  Rodney knew his wife and how she reacted to stimulation.  Her body flinched and twitched with each nipple and clitoris seduction, but the devious women were too shrewd to go too far.

Rodney was oblivious to the fact the women drugged Michelle.  First one and then the other woman sat Michelle up long enough for her to consume a few gulps of African potion and then the sexual massage continued.  The only thing he perceived was how her body reacted to the constant molesting of her vulnerable clitty, as the skilled fingers kept it exposed and swollen.

It was as if he watched someone else and not his wife.  Rodney actually prayed that the seduction would be successful and that the two women would make the white woman suffer an untimely orgasm.  Just when he expected a climax, the two women swiftly roused the white woman to her feet.  They obediently led Michelle across the floor to the side of the tub.  Her head sort of rolled around on her shoulders and the overly sedated woman even had a worried smile on her pretty face.

The following scenes would forever linger in Rodney's drunken mind.  Kato stood up and his impressive length of steel stood straight out from his slender hips.  He slowly guided the wobbly woman into the hot water and helped her sit down beside him.  Kato sat with his wide, muscular back in the direction of the two onlookers and Rodney couldn't see the look on the young man's face.  Kato put his left arm around Michelle's neck holding her tucked into his body.  In no time the teenager grew impatient.  He forced Michelle to stand and then he rotated the woman around in front of him.

Rodney and Sarge watched in silence.  Michelle's body was still coated with oil and the water barely beaded on her skin.  Both men noted the sultry woman stand in front of Kato and her eyes were fully glazed, as if she was in a trance.  The contrasting bodies added immensely to the erotic scene and neither Sarge or Rodney could refute the beauty and sexy appearance of the white woman.  Merely sitting across the room and witnessing the sexual seductions unfold was enthralling.

Rodney kept drinking not realizing it was putting him completely under the spell of African weed.  Even if he wanted to stand up and walk over to the tub, it would have been impossible.  Michelle stood in front of the young African and remained motionless for a few seconds.  Rodney locked eyes on his wife and he noted her sedated and drugged state, as she passively stood before the young black man.

The role-playing ensued and Rodney was puzzled by the notion of something dreadful happening, but it wouldn't hit him until much later.  Sarge leaned over the table and planted a dire seed.  "She his woman.  Kato now have sex with your wife... make her his woman."

"Da... da, what?"  Rodney simply stared at the two naked bodies.

"Tonight she his.  Your wife belong to Kato and she want to be his woman," Sarge whispered.  "She stay with him!"

Michelle's head sort of rolled around and around on her shoulders indicating she was completely lost and drugged.  Rodney noticed her eyes open wider and he caught the way she shifted forward, but not the way her legs spread to go around Kato's hips.  Suddenly her mouth opened and Rodney heard loud, raspy sounds escape her throat.  He noticed her torso sink lower into the water and then another desperate gasp sounded.

Suddenly the young man engulfed a nipple with his hungry mouth and the woman let out a dire moan.  Then he shifted from one erect bud to the other leaving both covered with plenty of saliva.  The scene actually looked comical when Kato appeared to slap the nipples around with his stiff tongue.

Without warning the woman climaxed.  Her body started thrashing and jerking back and forth when a premature orgasm exploded in her belly.  Kato was smart enough to realize the preceding massage and seduction had robbed Michelle's stamina and he quickly thrust his fingers into the raging furnace.  He instantly found the throbbing clitty and rolled it around as vigorously as possible in the small expanse between Michelle's legs.  He yanked the clitoris from the puffy shelter and squeezed it with his fingertips until her hips eventually quieted.

Rodney assumed it was over, but only chapter one of a complex saga was complete.  Abruptly Kato stood up and it was very apparent what he demanded.  Merely by sign language and simple motions the teenager got the obedient woman onto her knees while he sat on the edge of the hot tub.  With his erection pointed proudly in the air, he guided Michelle's head to his lap.  The ensuing cock sucking was impressive as well as skillful.

Rodney visualized the mystic woman sucking the stellar African cock.  Suddenly her mouth opened wider and Kato held onto Michelle's hair ensuring her mouth engulfed more of his cock.  He rammed his cock into her throat until her eyes bulged and her chest heaved as she fought for air.  Rodney witnessed animal lust.  Kato forced Michelle to swallow most of his cum before he quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Kato jumped back in the hot water and stood directly in front of Michelle.  He deliberately sat down on one of the seats and pulled Michelle into his lap.  Rodney knew something was dreadfully wrong, but his mindless stupor prevented any worthwhile reaction.  He watched the young African put his hands on Michelle's slender shoulders and deftly push downward.  Rodney observed the exact moment that Kato porked her.  Michelle's mouth flew open wide and her tongue rolled out the corner of her mouth.  There was a violent thrust of the teenager's hips, as he drove upward with all of his might and almost lifted Michelle out of the water.

Kato held motionless at the height of full penetration.  Then he dropped back to a seated position and it was apparent that his cock was embedded in the distraught woman.  The scene was a reflection of complete opposites.  The husband thought the woman experienced great pain and suffering while internal convulsion actually consumed the woman's sanity.  Even drugged and out of her mind, Michelle's womanly instincts took over.  She rammed her hips down at the monster and swallowed every inch of throbbing prick.

The weed consumed her brain and Michelle wanted it bad.  Flashes of bright lights went off in her head and she lost all control of her resolve.  Michelle was expected to orgasm so she did, as Kato turned her into a wanton bitch.  Suddenly unable to move a muscle or anything in her body for a brief moment, she let the young man control her every need.  She felt intense throbbing and pulsations deep inside her being and knew each throb was sending African cum into her vulnerable womanhood.  The molten lave filled her inner reservoir and Michelle welcomed the raunchy, brute sex.

All of a sudden she bucked; Michelle rolled and she rocked back and forth with the big cock buried in her belly.  She was in another world and it would be hours before she realized what had happened.  Michelle welcomed the lust and willingly surrendered as water splashed when she rode Kato's manly cock.  Her eyes bulged and she stared across the room at two shadowy figures.  One she recognized as the black man who controlled her spirit and owned her soul, but she didn't recognize the other.

Kato wanted to keep the white goddess forever.  She was defenseless to his virile male seed and he was determined to use deception and drugs to keep her under his control until it happened again.  In her sedated state, Michelle willingly accepted her fate even though she was in the most vulnerable time of the month.

The vulgar hot tub intercourse was probably the hottest sex scene Rodney had witnessed in his life.  He was still staring wide-eyed at the copulation when two women grabbed his arms.  He was lifted out of his chair and swiftly escorted over to the massage table.  His clothes were stripped and there was absolutely no opposition when the two women went to work.

The massage was skillful, but it didn't last very long.  Oil covered his body as both women used their hands to fully arouse and stimulate Rodney.  His stamina was put to the test when one woman stroked his hard cock and the weed ensured his erection remained everlasting.  There was no need to stroke his hardon yet the woman did it anyway, jerking him off until his endurance hung by a slender thread.

Just before he blasted off, the woman swiftly jumped up on the table.  She spread her knees around Rodney's hips and squatted directly on top of his upstanding cock.  The woman guided the head of Rodney's cock into her fiery inferno and it took mere seconds before his hips jerked randomly up and down, as he shot his big load of cum into the willful bitch.

Rodney surmised something was different, maybe even wrong with what transpired over the next few hours.  Every time he looked over at his wife, she was in the throes of sexual ecstasy with the young African.  Kato poured more African narcotic into Michelle and then he fucked her again in the hottub.  Then he carried her across the room to the large bed where it became evident that the young African had a perpetual hardon.

One could have written a book about the various sexual acts and positions used by the overly competent teenager.  Kato used the role of missionary for one sexual encounter and then he became a dog trainer who whipped the doggie until she was trained and obedient.  The doggie howled at the wind when the big trainer mounted her and Kato pounded Michelle's ass, showing her no mercy or leniency for being a doggie.

The intermissions and interludes were short and very infrequent.  It seemed Kato had limitless stamina due to ingesting plenty of the mysterious African stimulants and he appeared to use the pauses as a means of coming up with new and better intercourse.  Michelle and Rodney were powerless against the unfamiliar goatweed and the couple was African sex toys for the entire night.  The sun was coming up when everyone except Sarge fell asleep.  Sarge watched the night of sexual rapture and he was thoroughly worked up when he departed for the village.  He wanted only one thing and she was staying the night with his nieces, Nia and Thema.

Sarge left Michelle and Rodney drugged and totally under the control of Kato and his servants.  He left specific instructions with his son that he was to keep the Americans sedated until he returned.  Kato was in his glory.  He had power and full control over the one woman he adored and idolized.  The best part was the mind-altering drugs left Michelle sexual stimulated and dependant so he could do whatever he wanted without any repercussion.  Kato relished the fact he had many hours with Michelle while Sarge attended the annual tribal rituals.


The entourage left late for the village so it was past midnight when they arrived.  Sarge didn't want his family and in particular Susan to witness what he planned for the American couple.  His wife and daughters stayed in one of the family's dwellings, which were kept for family visits to the village, while Nia insisted the sisters stay with her.  Susan and Marie were a little reluctant with the arrangements, but they went along with Nia's plan because there didn't seem to be any reasonable alternative.

The babies were quickly put to bed and everyone else retired, as it had been a long day.  Susan and Marie Kelly used the same room and they quietly undressed in the pitch darkness.  "Did you notice how she... Michelle was out of it," Susan whispered.

"Yes!  There was something in her drink.  I'll bet that man used drugs.  The same ones he uses whenever he wants something," Marie said.

"He's not like that.  Sarge didn't do anything.  He would never do anything to Michelle," Susan whispered.

"Look sis!  You had his baby and you obviously are in love with the man, but please don't try to convince me that he's not evil."

"He not.  He treats me with respect and dignity."

"Yes, I have to agree.  The bastard does treat you better than anyone.  What did he tell you when we left?"

"He just said that she... Michelle was going to tell her husband that she wanted to stay; live in Sarge's house with Kato.  He wanted to be around so that the husband didn't hurt her.  He wanted to protect Michelle in case her husband got mad and violent."

"Wow, what is with you women?  First you and now Michelle sacrifice everything to stay in Africa.  God sis, you do amaze me sometimes," Marie said.

They went to bed and fell asleep very quickly.  Marie Kelly was probably the luckiest woman alive.  Yes, it was dastardly that she was kidnapped and raped.  Even worse she got pregnant from lord knows which tribal juvenile male, but Sarge's devious plan for her to have the baby in his country actually worked out for the best because Marie managed to keep the secret from the rest of the world.  In addition her sister's influence with Sarge saved Marie from suffering any physical harm during her stay in the African village.  Marie also enjoyed all the comforts of home while staying with Sarge's relatives, which certainly made the months more bearable.

Susan's influence ensured Marie's safety during her pregnancy and until the baby was born.  Marie had been extremely skeptical at first because she didn't trust anyone except her sister and Susan wasn't supposed to be with her all of the time.  She endured the pregnancy, as best she could, and it all became worth it when the baby was placed on her chest right after being born.

Marie cried.  The baby boy was precious and the honor of childbirth was even more gratifying than she ever imagined.  Marie didn't let the boy out of her grasp for at least two days and then she felt safe and relaxed enough to let others touch him.  Later in the week Michelle's baby was born followed a day later by Thema's and astonishingly all were boys, which was highly revered by the villagers.

When Marie had found out she was pregnant and even until the baby was born, she considered leaving the child in Africa or giving it up for adoption.  Once the baby was in her arms, Marie wanted nothing more than to keep him and raise him on her own.  Sarge's doctor was very accomplished and he ensured she and the other two women and babies were healthy while receiving excellent medical care.  She debated going back to the States right after the baby was born, but she relented when Susan pleaded with her to stay.  "Wait until my baby is born.  I would be grateful if you stayed here and waited... waited with me.  I came to Africa for you and to be with you!"

Reluctantly Marie remained, but only under one condition.  Sarge had to let her live in his mansion or she was prepared to leave for home as soon as the doctor said it was okay.  This meant she had every comfort a woman could dream of as all of Sarge's servants and even his wife and daughters did everything to make Marie's life comfortable.  The weeks turned into months and before she knew it, Susan's baby was born.  Marie planned staying with her sister for a couple of weeks and then she assumed they would all return to the States.

When Marie brought up the subject of making arrangements to return home, Susan promptly informed her sister that she was not going home for some time.  Stunned and totally surprised by Susan's announcement, Marie went ahead and booked the trip for herself.  She was slightly hesitant about arriving home with her baby and it took hours of planning to come up with viable things to say.  She had already informed her manager who was planning for her return that he should tell the news agencies that she had adopted a baby from an African country.

About a week and a half after Susan's baby was born, Sarge's planned celebration happened.  Marie was actually happy when Sarge persuaded everyone to leave the party, as she didn't trust the man and certainly didn't relish partying with him around.  When Marie went to the village, she did so with Susan, which meant she had nothing to worry about.

Since Marie's flight back to the States wasn't for another couple of days, she had lots of time to kill.  She got up fairly early the morning after arriving in the village and found out that the day was already planned for her and Susan.  Sarge had deliberately scheduled their visit to coincide with a tribal celebration similar to the one over a year ago when so many things happened.  Zuberi and other senior members of the tribe intended to indoctrinate young warriors into the tribe and also celebrate other national traditions, as they did every year.

Since the day itself was festive and mainly celebrated by men of the tribe, the women planned other activities to keep them busy.  Thema wisely decided to take the sisters to visit a few ancient treasures and witness some interesting traditions before the official evening ceremonies.  They were gone a few hours and Thema got a big surprise when they returned to the village.  The young queen discovered her young sister had scheming intentions, which evolved around the American sisters.

The group of women sat down for something to eat and in a matter of minutes Susan and Marie Kelly were acting strangely.  "What are you doing?  What did you put in their food... their drinks?"  Thema asked her sister knowing full well that Nia had slipped something into the drinks.

"You can stay if you wish... watch me have some fun with the actress and Sarge's woman," Nia said.

"Nia, be careful!  If you harm Sarge's woman in any way, he kill you.  Be careful," Thema whispered.

"Not worry.  I will have fun again watching the famous actress get ass fucked by the youngest warriors... ones who not old enough to be warriors," Nia said.  "Susan will stay here... with you."

Thema felt relieved.  She knew her uncle was capable of just about anything and he certainly would be out for revenge if anything happened to his white mistress.  Nia had her evil clutches on the gorgeous American actress again and she wasn't going to miss another perfect opportunity for more gratification.  Controlling and forcing the beautiful woman to be her slave and then having the young warriors rape Marie had been the biggest reward up to now.  Nia glanced at Sarge's white goddess and wondered if there could be a greater accomplishment than having her as an obedient slave?

Nia would never admit to anyone that her newly set goal included Susan.  She glanced at her sister and slyly thought to herself.  'You wait sis.  When I finish with sexy Marie Kelly... you next.  I watch you play with beautiful white women.'  Nia smiled as she watched her sister move around the kitchen.  'I watch you with Michelle and soon I watch you with Susan.'

Sarge and all of the tribal men consumed far too much firewater and were virtually inebriated by the time evening festivities started.  They were all in the village square when Nia acted by deviously separating the drugged sisters.  She cunningly had Susan remain with Thema and the other women of the tribe while she tricked Marie into going with her.

Nia led the way to a separate hut close to the town square where they observed the numerous men who were in full celebration mode.  The evening ceremony was well underway when Marie suspected something was dreadfully wrong.  Everyone had been drinking African refreshments and she had no idea that the ones given to her were different than the ones Nia and her friends consumed.  It was too late by the time she realized the tricky young princess spiked her drinks.  "We change.  Put on costumes so we can join the celebrations," Nia informed the stunned woman.

There was a flurry of activity when Nia and her girlfriends all stripped.  Marie's eyes opened wide in sheer amazement when the naked girls surrounded her and began taking off her clothes.  In scants seconds she was also naked and being freely fondled by every one of the girls.  Suddenly Nia shoved a fresh drink into her hands and ordered her to drink.  Marie guzzled it without a second thought and then another drink was thrust into her hands.  Her head was spinning out of control and nothing made sense to her.

Marie's arms and legs seemed heavy and too thick to move around.  Her eyes worked perfectly and her body remained petrified when one of the girls grabbed her.  Marie tried to cry out when the girl grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head, tilting it backwards.  She let the drink fall to the floor and tried to struggle.  Any feeble protest was muffled when the girl stuck her tongue down Marie's throat in an effort to make Princess Nia very happy.

Nia watched her friends grope the actress, as each took turns trying to please their leader.  One girl demonstrated the most demanding kiss while another feasted on Marie's succulent boobs.  Nia noticed how the actress tried to protect her titties, but her arms were firmly held out to the sides.  Nia's girlfriend freely devoured one of the outstanding nipples before switching to the other, which left both buds extremely hard and erect and covered with spit.

A big smile crossed Nia's face when she noticed Marie grow taller and stand on her tiptoes.  Another girlfriend finger-fucked the helpless actress and Nia couldn't tell how many fingers her friend had buried inside the squirming woman.  Then the most profound moment happened when Marie's seductive body seemed to hang in midair, balancing not on one but on two hands.  Nia looked behind Marie and witnessed one of the African teenagers christening the supple white ass.

Somehow Marie broke the demanding kiss and pleaded with the attackers.  "Stop!  Please stop, it hurts.  Oh gawd, please stop," she begged.  Despite being quite sedated, the humiliation was still painful and appalling to her.

Suddenly the scene was even better.  Two girls each had one of the hard nipples in their mouths and clearly showed their sharp teeth, which raked back and forth across the hardened pebbles.  The other two girls used their fingers like pros, as one finger-fucked Marie's pussy while the other fucked her defenseless ass.  Marie had no idea how long the molestation continued.  She was completely exhausted when it stopped and someone whispered in her ear.  "That enough.  You enjoy fucking with my friends, but we have to satisfy my real goal," Nia whispered.  "You whore for three young warriors!"

Abruptly everyone had something to do.  Nia and her friends retrieved their clothing and the young princess handed Marie a brightly colored dress.  She motioned for Marie to get dressed and stood impatiently with her hands on her hips and a deadly serious grin on her pretty face.  Marie frantically looked around for her discarded undergarments, but quickly realized it was the dress or nothing.  She donned the typical African garb and shivered at the thought of being caught without anything else.

Suddenly the African teenagers easily lifted their captive and carried the bewildered and sedated woman the short distance around the village square to the dreadful barn.  The dress left no doubt about Marie's sexy body and the thin material did little to hide the fact she wasn't wearing underwear.  She was jostled around until the girls managed to pin her on a large bed of straw.  Marie was flat on her back and spread out like a sacrifice to some religious god.  She didn't know if her arms and legs were tied out to her sides or if she just couldn't move them because of the drinks.  Her head was planted on a pile of straw and she stared up at black, empty space.

There was an intense fireball in her guts.  Marie thought back, through a haze in her mind, to her previous kidnapping episode when the sly tribal members deviously slipped the African goatweed into her food and drink.  The powerful drug had gotten rid of her inhibitions and willpower and left her easy prey.  She was completely out of it and powerless when numerous men of the tribe had sex with her that first time.  All of a sudden the burning in her tummy was exactly the same.  Her eyes remained wide open and glassy when three young warriors approached.

Marie desperately wanted to fight and prevent any molesting, but the giggling girls held her arms and legs.  She opened her mouth to say something or at least protest, but nothing came out.  One of the young warriors stood over her outstretched torso and there was a brightly colored loincloth covering his midsection, but there was no hiding his obvious aroused state.  Marie struggled to focus on the protruding tent in front of his hips and she naively hoped that everything was just a bad dream.

It was the strangest feeling in the world when everything happened in dramatic slow-motion.  The young warrior instantly grabbed the two obvious knobs in the front of her dress and Marie squealed when he squeezed her nipples in an overzealous manner.  She tried to move her arms to protect herself, but it was impossible with Nia's girlfriends pinning them down.  Marie didn't have to look down to know her dress was haphazardly up around her upper thighs.  One instant it barely covered her bare crotch and the next the hem was up around her waist.

Nia was in her glory.  She purposely rolled the hem of the dress upwards so that the three young warriors could witness a real woman.  "Don't be shy.  Let the boys see that you are a whore.  Let them see your wet pussy."  Nia put her mouth right next to Marie's ear and spoke in the most taunting manner.  "They have never seen a woman before.  You be their first fuck... their whore."

Marie felt totally helpless and unable to fight against the powerful princess because of the drugs and strange African sedatives.  She felt hands on her torso and then the skimpy dress was stripped.  Her legs were easily pried apart and the cool air washed over her nakedness, but instead of having a cooling affect it seemed to heat up the bare flesh.  Marie noticed the young warrior reach for his loincloth and she squeezed her eyes closed, too afraid to watch what happened.

Abruptly Nia forced her sex-slave into a seated position and poured more tainted drink down her throat.  "Open eyes... not miss anything," she ordered.

Marie stared straight ahead, as the young warrior ripped off his loincloth and left his rock-hard cock bobbing up and down in free space.  With a sudden jerk, Nia forced her backwards again and onto her back, as two of her devilish girlfriends pinned Marie's legs apart.  The young warrior stood menacing between her thighs and Marie wanted to scream.  Something touched her bare crotch and she arched her back in an effort to see what the young African was doing.  Her eyes practically bulged out of her head when she watched a hardened black prick being rubbed up and down through her unprotected crotch.

Marie focused on the warrior's fingers, which were tightly wrapped around his thick penis, but she lost sight of the bulbous head, as it was pushed down through her slit.  Her hips jumped when the head rubbed across her clitoris and then she gasped out loud when it slipped through her honey-hole.  Then the warrior shifted his cock downward an inch or two and teased her puckered asshole in a most taunting fashion.  Marie wiggled and twisted her hips begging for pity yet none was forthcoming.  He threatened to enter her anal opening, but then moved towards his real goal.

The warrior swooped his cock through the wet opening again and then crushed her clitty before starting the damning act all over again.  Soon the head of his cock and much of the long shaft were completely coated with slick, womanly oil.  All of a sudden Marie couldn't breathe, as the wind was knocked out of her chest.  The teenage warrior felt his illustrious cock coated with woman juices for the very first time and he couldn't resist.  He plowed his hips at the sexy gorgeous, white woman and felt the volcanic hole burn his lengthy cock until he was fully embedded in his first cunt.

The warrior started screwing her like a wild savage and Marie's brain knew something was dreadfully wrong.  Even in her sedated state, she realized the time of month was dangerous.  If she had sex now, it was very possible that she would get pregnant again.  Marie tried desperately to close her legs, but it was impossible with the slender teenager mounted on top of her.  Suddenly Nia decided to punish the famous white actress and display more of her supreme control.  "You whore for Atsu.  He not yet warrior, but soon!"

Marie was shocked and too bewildered to say much.  "Naaa... nooo, no."

Nia wrapped her arm around Marie's head and cradled her head when she put her lips right next to the woman's ear.  "Atsu name mean he first-born and twin brother next.  You first woman for them and you make them proud pretend warriors," Nia whispered, as she taunted Marie with her tongue.  "You drink much goatweed, but also much African fertility drug.  Black warrior put babies in belly!"

The young princess laughed out loud and encouraged the young tribal member.  There was something strange yet unigue about these tribal males.  Young and inexperienced, the young warriors seemed to possess profound stamina and longevity.  Atsu rode the bucking bronco determined to break her will and ride her to the very end.  He pumped his cock in and out and each time reached the limit of her womanhood, which brought a dire moan out of Marie.  Then Atsu huffed and puffed in a frenzied state and Marie realized the teenager was filling her with his African seed.

She cried yet there were no tears.  Teenagers and any of the young men she had intercourse with in the States would climax within minutes and some within seconds of entry.  Atsu continued the frenzied pace after his orgasm began and pumped his powerful hips until the end of his climax.  There was no respite for Marie.  Atsu rolled off her outstretched frame and his brother quickly took up the challenge.

The last thing in the world Marie ever imagined was being cooperative or a willing partner.  Her inner voice screamed for them to stop and she couldn't prevent Nia from pouring more African juice down her throat.  Marie was placed into a seated position each time Nia forced her to drink.  The goatweed ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chest until it coated both boobs in a truly seductive manner.  Then Nia slammed her down on her back again and wrapped her strong fingers in the curly locks of hair.  "You fuck black cock.  Fuck black cock and make me happy... or else!!"

It sounded more like a warning instead of a premonition.  Atsu's twin brother fucked her and his burning lava filled her inner being before it started all over again.  The third warrior had seen enough.  He was overly aroused and knew his stamina wouldn't last if he mounted Marie's helpless, outstretched body so he decided to make the encounter memorable.  Luckily the straw-bed was wide enough and he had room to lie down beside Marie.

Even before he did anything, Nia and the other girls cheered.  The young warrior fisted his cock and held it positioned straight up in the air.  Then he asked his friends to help.  Marie wondered what was happening when hands grabbed her arms, legs and body.  She was lifted and held above the young warrior, as the teen voiced orders to his friends.

In a split second and to her utter horror, Marie glanced down at the warrior's cock, which was positioned directly under her upraised body.  Her mind was foggy, but she would always remember what followed.  The numerous assistants easily lowered her body on top of the menacing cock and the young warrior guided the head to the proper wet-spot.  The hands let go and she dropped, instantly embedding the black cock to the hilt.

Marie uttered a loud gasp of surprise at the realization of being ravaged again.  She was too stunned to understand that her reactions created an even more thrilling encounter for the teenagers.  Marie straightened her arms and put her hands on the teen's chest in an attempt to stop the disgraceful screwing.  Her biceps pushed her boobs inwards and caused them to bounce, as the teenager pumped his hips up and down like a wild-man.

The young warrior had never seen anything like it.  First he ogled the bouncing titties and then he slapped them in an effort to keep them bobbing and swaying.  The cheering got louder when the young warrior grabbed her shapely asschecks.  He cleverly supported her body and bounced her up and down much to the delight of the onlookers.  Marie's luscious tits bounced freely so the twins and the girls all feasted on the delicious sight, as their friend fucked the delirious white woman.  It wasn't long before the teen grunted and moaned and everyone in the secluded barn became aware of his orgasm.

Marie mistakenly assumed her turmoil would be finished once the three had ravaged her, but the biggest shock of her life was yet to come.  Nia wanted more.  The princess leaned closer and made sure Marie could hear.  "Belly full of cum... much warrior cum.  Now you show Nia that you real whore," she whispered.  "You orgasm with Atsu's cock inside belly."

Marie Kelly was defeated.  She merely sat on top of the young warrior, as he squeezed out the last few drops of African cum, and she kept her eyes shut.  "Nuf... no, no more.  Naaaooo," she whimpered.

Nia grabbed the startled woman and roughly pushed her backwards.  "Nia watch.  Watch you experience big orgasm.  You show Nia."

Marie landed on her back when Nia and her friends practically threw her onto the bed of straw.  Atsu was between her legs before she could react.  He put his hands on the inside of her thighs and pushed them as far apart as possible.

Nia wanted them to do more.  She correctly assumed the stamina of three immature males would be short and premature at first, but be prolonged during a second episode.  There was no need to feed Marie more mind-altering drugs, as the woman was completely under the influence of the unfamiliar African aphrodisiac.  Nia quickly commanded Atsu to take charge while she rained kisses all over Marie's face, neck and shoulders.

Nia held Marie's head up so she could see everything that happened.  With her arms outstretched and her back arched, Marie witnessed Atsu kneeling between her widespread thighs.  He held his rejuvenated cock at the base with two fingers and devilishly waved the head up and down.  Each time Atsu twisted his cock downward, he slapped Marie directly on her upraised pelvis.  The sensations were indescribable.  Her glazed eyes opened as wide as possible and Marie watched the pounding meat spank her pelvis until Atsu grew impatient.

Marie had difficulty controlling her heart rate and her breathing became very uneven, as the young warrior followed Nia's script.  Atsu shifted slightly downward and craftily slapped the pink slit causing her clitoris to throb.  Much to Marie's horror, Nia put her fingers on the puffy labia and spread them apart so that everyone could see the swollen jewel.  Marie's hips jumped and jerked each time Atsu slapped her open slit and she uttered moan after moan while staring at the demoralizing spanking.

When the princess thought Marie was teetering on the edge, she signaled Atsu.  He held the head of his cock on top of the rosy clitty and deftly rolled the bud around with the flared end.  Then he shifted his hips backwards again and this time he came forward and hit the waiting hole.  The greased head of his cock entered Marie's pussy and the onlookers could tell she experienced confusion when her breathing stopped.

Marie held her breath for the longest time and until her belly was full of cock.  Her crazed brain made believe it was her last boyfriend who she had adored, which restored her breathing just in time.  She rolled her head to the side, but there was no way of evading the devious Nia.  Marie heard the girl's steady, demanding voice and wondered if Nia was crazy.  "You do it.  Do it now," Nia whispered.  "Be woman for Atsu and show Nia that you his whore."

"Women?  Whore?"

"Nia watch you cum all over Atsu's black cock."


"Cream all over Atsu's cock for Nia."


"Show Nia that you Atsu's whore."


"Not yet... we wait."


"We hold off until Atsu ready.  We wait."


Atsu's hips were in a steady rhythm and he systematically pounded his stellar cock in and out of Marie's listless body.  Suddenly her entire body stiffened and her pelvis literally thrust up at him.  He wrapped his fingers around the flared top of her hips and the angle was perfect.  Atsu thrust his hips like a raging bull and Nia waited for the telltale sign from the distraught woman.  The barn got extremely quiet and everyone watched the royal fucking with great anticipation.

"I saw it.  You whore," Nia whispered.  "Cumming all over black cock.  Mistress very happy."


"Yes.  Very happy."

"Yeaaaaa... eeeeaaa!"  Even drugged Marie knew something wasn't right.  It was impossible.  She wasn't even turned on or the slight bit aroused.  Suddenly her hips thrust upwards just as the wild stallion bucked.  The warrior ripped through her cervix and into the hot sanctuary of her womanly being.  Hot searing lava washed all over her tender womb and somehow her hips remained fully extended.

Suddenly Nia yelled at her.  "I knew it.  I knew you'd cream.  You whore just like last time!"

Atsu was in control.  His strong hands hugged the top of Marie's hips and his fingers dug into the small waist.  He held her ass off the straw bed and pumped his powerful hips, as he blasted jets of cum into her deepest regions.  Rendered helpless by the sudden orgasm, she surrendered to the continuous convulsions in her womanly being.  Bloated with an overload of cum, Marie rode the out of control roller coaster wondering if it would ever stop.

The demoralizing climax literally left Marie a rag doll.  Her body belonged to the princess and her young friends.  Marie imagined rolling away from the young warrior and getting out of his grasp, but not a muscle moved in her immobile body.  Atsu's twin brother listened to the tribal princess and he relished having the white goddess a second time.  He followed Nia's instructions and easily picked up the slender woman, turning her over.  Flat on her stomach, Marie felt her hips being raised and suddenly her ass was high in the air because she balanced on her knees.

The third warrior was promised a royal blowjob.  He grabbed Marie's shoulders and raised her up until she was in the perfect doggie position.  Marie had no idea what was in store and simply remained quiet and docile.  She felt movement behind her and shivered when the twin brother positioned himself for another sexual encounter.  Her assumption was correct, but the exact details were way off.

Marie felt the head of the African's cock being swiped through her soaked hole and readied herself for another entry.  Without warning the teenager pulled backwards and shifted the head of his cock upwards just the slightest amount.  Her mouth opened and she let out the loudest gasp, as the cunning warrior rammed his hips at her bare ass.  The cum-covered head of his cock entered the small hole and many inches of his cock slithered into the dark haven.

Marie's scream was muffled when a cock was shoved into her mouth.  The third teen knew what to do and he forced Marie to suck his rejuvenated cock, which throbbed and pulsed in anticipation of his first blowjob.  If it wasn't for the foreign drugs, she might have collapsed and died when the twin thrust his cock into her ass.  His movements were extremely slow and deliberate at first, but then she must have stretched allowing him more freedom.

It would always be remembered as the night from Hell.  Already ravaged by the tribal teenagers, suddenly the worst possible sexual encounter happened.  Eventually the twin pumped his cock in and out, as he relished anal sex with Nia's sex slave, and his friend forced much of his cock into Marie's mouth.  "Not take out... keep cock in mouth," Nia ordered, as she demanded complete obedience.  "You suck and give blowjob.  Keep cock in mouth and drink much cum."

Confused and unable to fight the powerful princess, Marie resigned to the fact she was an African sex toy.  Both young warriors readied for their approaching climaxes just as one of Nia's girlfriends ran into the crowded area.  The girl had been standing guard outside and she rushed up to her young leader.  She shouted a warning in her native tongue and everyone hurried into action.  "Someone come.  Big man from Sarge's army comes.  Hurry, we go."

Even in her crazed mind, Marie understood.  All of the girls including Nia immediately let go of her.  Atsu heard the warning and quickly repeated it to his two comrades.  His brother defiantly gave one more powerful thrust and fully embedded his cock while his friend released as many demons into Marie's mouth as possible.  Both teenagers reluctantly freed their captive and Marie simply passed out on the bed of straw.


Mosi suspected something was amiss.  He noticed activity in the deserted barn and also heard some loud noises, which tweaked his curiosity.  There was a young girl who seemed to be a lookout and she immediately disappeared inside the barn when he approached.  The big burly, African guard entered the double doors and yelled at the many shadowy figures.  Luckily for the teenagers that the barn was fairly dark and there were too many youngsters to chase.

Mosi took everything in with a concerned glance.  Four or five girls including the tribe's princess scurried off in every direction.  Mosi peered towards the middle of a big open area and recognized Atsu and his brother along with another teenager.  There was only moonlight inside the barn and it was hard to see exactly what the teenagers did before they hurried ran out of the opposite side of the barn.  There appeared to be something left lying on the big pile of straw and he hesitated before heading in that direction.

Suddenly the barn was deathly quiet, as all of the giggling teenagers were gone.  Mosi slowly walked across the open area and stopped once he recognized that it was a person lying in front of him.  He shivered when he noticed it was a naked white woman and nervously glanced all around the barn to see if there was still someone around.  Then he bent over the woman who was curled up and facing away from him.

Mosi literally picked up the dazed woman, cradling her in his powerful arms.  He recognized the gorgeous white actress and assumed the manipulative Nia and her friends abducted Marie Kelly.  He cursed the departed teenagers, but his anger quickly turned to sympathy when he hugged Marie in a most comforting fashion.  Long after the kidnapping incident, Mosi regretted his involvement.  He never wanted to hurt the American woman and over time he developed intimate feelings for Marie.

Mosi thought back to the kidnapping.  He felt tremendous relief knowing Marie never saw his face while she was not drugged so she wouldn't recognize him.  This meant she wasn't aware he was the rebel leader who raped her and Mosi was grateful for the fact.

Too sedated to know what happened, Marie blinked her eyes at her savior.  Mosi looked vaguely familiar yet she wasn't sure where or when she'd seen the man before.  She didn't struggle when the man carried her out of the barn and simply closed her eyes relishing the fact she was being rescued.  The night was still fairly young so Mosi carried the beaten woman to his temporary abode.

Marie was either sleeping or passed out when Mosi laid her on his bed.  She was covered up with a warm blanket and left alone for what could have been hours.  Her next awareness was being awakened from the most vivid hallucination.  She was lifted and carried out of the peaceful bedroom to a washroom.  It was still dark outside and there were no lights on in the house so she simply relished the final moments of her dream.

Marie heard water running and the next thing she felt was hot, soothing water streaming down her overly tired body.  Suddenly she felt dirty and welcomed the sudden cleansing, as the stranger washed her entire body.  Marie didn't feel threatened and allowed the man complete freedom when he lovingly washed her everywhere.  She suffered a momentary second thought when he applied soap to her breasts and then between her legs, but she relaxed very quickly when he didn't linger.

Mosi couldn't take his eyes off her sexy body and he noticed her radiant beauty even in the dim lighting.  Again he cursed the young warriors who supposedly ravaged the innocent visitor and he promised to take care of Marie.  He turned Marie around and stood behind her, as he continued washing her seductive body.  The hot water hit her just below the chin and splashed all over her arms and chest.  Marie closed her eyes and enjoyed the wonderful sensations, as the big hands caressed her in an intimate fashion.

What transpired seemed natural and very normal.  Her head sort of rolled backwards and rested on the man's chest.  Then he reached around her and applied soap to her tummy and all the down to her pelvis.  Marie stood in the man's arms and sensed there was something very different about him.  Her mind was not clouded and the effects of the drugs had worn off so she was slightly unsure if she should really trust him.

When Mosi rinsed the soap off the front of her body, tiny jolts of electricity shot through her when his hands rubbed up and down the front of her torso.  She kind of wished the man would keep touching her, but then he stopped.  Mosi shut off the water and wrapped a towel around her upper body, securing it above her boobs.  They stepped out of the shower and Mosi easily scooped her up in his arms.  He carried her back to the bed and tenderly set her down.

Marie stood between the bed and the wall and faced her savior.  All of a sudden she remembered who he was and reasoned he was a good man.  The look on her face sent pangs of fear through Mosi and he held his breath when she spoke.  "You are a guard at the airport... one of Sarge's men," she whispered.  It was the first time in her life that Marie knew ahead of time what to do.  She reached for the corner of the towel that was tucked in and slowly unfastened it.  The towel fell to the floor and she didn't care that Mosi stared at her.

They both knew a huge burden would be removed if she were punished.  Mosi grabbed her hands and gripped them tightly, as he held the intimate stare.  "I sorry Nia and others held you captive.  You safe now.  Not worry... Mosi protect you," he whispered.

Suddenly Marie looked down and saw it.  She swore it was the biggest cock yet she wasn't afraid.  Slowly and deliberately Mosi turned her sideways until she faced the blank wall.  He lifted her hands and placed them about shoulder height and spread apart on the wall.  Then he stood directly behind her with his big hands placed on top of hers, as if pretending to pin them on the wall.  Marie was well aware of what would happen and yearned for the make-believe punishment.

Marie felt the head of Mosi's cock push into the back of her upper thighs.  It had to be!  She spread her legs and allowed his cock to penetrate her wetness.  Marie lifted her right leg a small amount and felt the head slip into her precious opening.  There was a pause, as the flared head entered, and Marie held her breath.  She deliberately stood taller until she was fully extended on her tiptoes, hoping to stay like that forever.  Then Marie leaned into the wall and had to turn her face to the side so she could breathe.

Mosi understood Marie's needs.  He held steady and refused to succumb to temptation.  Time seemed to stand still, as he felt her body shiver when she remained motionless.  Marie tensed slightly when the head of his cock entered her honey-hole, but she didn't dare move a muscle.  It was the weirdest yet the nicest feeling in the world.  Marie bent her toes and let her body drop one inch, two inches, and then three inches.

In her mind Marie was still a prisoner, but soon she would be free.  Her hands remained nailed to the wall even when Mosi shifted his hands to her hips.  She closed her eyes and visualized what to do.  An inch at a time, she lowered herself and uttered small animal sounds as each inch of throbbing cock entered her heated cavity.  One second her feet were flat on the floor and the next she was floating in the air.

When Mosi straightened his legs, he thrust his hips at the perfect angle.  His raging cock sliced through her womanly being and also her spirit.  Marie spread her legs and gave Mosi all the freedom he needed.  It was probably the slowest and the most deliberate fucking either had experienced.  Mosi thrust his powerful hips and held his cock fully embedded for many seconds before bending his knees.  Marie was able to take many short, quick breathes when he lowered himself and then he straightened his legs again.

Each time Mosi's cock entered her inner being, she stopped breathing and severe convulsions occurred in her deepest regions.  Marie moaned and groaned hoping to encourage the man and then a spasm tore through her belly.  It was time and she pushed down and backwards as hard as she could.  The cock couldn't get any deeper and she willingly let it happen.  She surrendered to lust.  Marie literally cried with happiness when she felt Mosi's cock swell in size and then explode.

Now was the time for stern action.  Mosi held her slender hips in his strong hands and each time he thrust is hips upwards, he rammed her hips downwards.  He slammed his cock into her and understood her need for violence.  Her juices lubricated his cock so it was easy to pound her.  He felt the convulsions cause her body to jerk wildly, as her orgasm rolled over the crest and lust took over.  When she drove back at him, he rammed her into the wall.

Marie's head was clear and salvation was on her.  The night from Hell could be forgotten if this man saved her.  She welcomed Mosi's seed.  If nothing else, she could blame any pregnancy on this encounter and there was a newfound willingness to please, as her hips jerked wildly at her black lover.  It might have been the lingering affects of the goatweed or just the thought of not being a captive anymore, but Marie experienced a memorable orgasm.  Even the thought of it being the wrong time of month and a time when she was the most vulnerable didn't stop her shuddering climax.

The outside temperature was already hot and the inside temp soared.  The sun was already up when Marie fell asleep and the next she remembered was someone stirring beside her.  She was extremely exhausted yet strangely it didn't stop her emotions from waking up to join in a promising sexual encounter.  Hands tenderly massaged her tired muscles and seemed to caress every sensual spot on her body.  Moans filled the small room when large hands cupped her boobs and a hot mouth sucked one of her hardened nipples.

Marie didn't have to be told to spread her legs.  She willingly opened them and her heart almost stopped when something touched the core of her crotch.  Without warning her body was rolled and she wound up on top of the overpowering black man.  Her legs parted and she planted her knees on either side of Mosi's hips.  Marie felt the lengthy menacing dagger running directly along her open crotch and she held her breath knowing what to expect.

Totally obedient and motionless, Marie felt the prodding just before her hips were forced skyward.  Suddenly the man's hands closed on her bare ass and his fingers dug into the soft, velvety cheeks.  Stars filled her head in a flash and she couldn't think straight.  She opened her mouth to say something, but all that came out was a loud gasp of air, as the stiff pecker embedded in her womanly being.

Mosi pulled her hips downward with violent force, as he thrust upward with his powerful hips.  The head of his cock hit the soaked labia, spreading them easily, and then his big cock hit a familiar cervix, which took him a moment or two to penetrate.  Marie arched her back thinking it would help, but it merely aided in her imminent downfall.

Marie made up her mind.  Mosi was the only man who showed her sincere compassion so she relented, surrendering her soul to the man.  Marie rode his stellar cock for what seemed like an eternity and then for the first time she stared into the strong, dark eyes.  The two lovers stared at each other and the lust exploded simultaneously deep inside their bellies.  Their hips jerked frantically at each other and also randomly, but one thing remained evident.  Mosi's orgasm was matched in fury and intensity by Marie's and the climaxes flooded their brains with animal lust.

It was the most comforting feeling when the tidal wave slowly subsided.  Marie collapsed in his arms and she felt totally sheltered by the big security guard.  They both fell asleep and neither noticed the end of the tribal celebration or the bright morning sun, as it moved across the sky.  For the first time since coming to the foreign African country, Marie felt safe and protected and she was extremely grateful for Mosi rescuing her from the savage barn orgy.


Susan sat at the table and suddenly everything got blurry.  She blinked her eyes many times trying hard to make the images clearer; she even moved her head from side to side, but her eyes couldn't focus on anything.  All of a sudden Thema was beside her and the young woman encouraged her to drink.  Susan took a sip and then another until the glass was empty.  In a flash Thema refilled the glass and forced more down Susan's throat.  The glass tipped too much and firewater leaked out of the sides, trickling down the corners of Susan's mouth.

Susan felt the drink running down her chin and falling onto her chest.  Instead of fretting or worrying about spilling, she simply laughed out loud, as if it was a big joke.  Her hand fell off the glass and yet the glass didn't fall.  Thema held it tipped and forced the drunken woman to drink gulp after gulp before she was satisfied.  Every now and then they heard loud yelling coming from the town square, as the numerous men reveled in the scheduled rituals, and the sounds added to the excitement of the whole evening.

Susan couldn't remember feeling more tipsy.  She had never been severely drunk or even slightly inebriated in her life so she was completely unfamiliar with any lose of control.  The alcohol was one thing, but the affect of the strange African tranquilizer was something Susan had never experienced.  Nothing in particular happened for the first couple of hours and she never even noticed that Nia and Marie were missing.  When Mosi chased Nia and her girlfriends out of the barn, the young princess immediately returned to the initial party.

Nia was already overly aroused and so full of passion and desire that she couldn't wait.  It was no trouble adding some secret sedative to her sister's drinks as well as more for Susan although the woman had long ago drank more than she could handle.  Nia was well aware of her sister's one weakness.  She had watched Thema and Michelle together and planned taking advantage of Thema's desire for another woman, which was unheard of in their culture.

Caught completely off guard, Thema was roughly jerked to her feet by her young sister.  Nia also grabbed the hand of the drunken white woman and instantly started running down the street pulling both women behind her.  The two African women giggled out loud as they ran so Susan did the same thing.  They ran with Nia who managed to steady both sedated women and soon they burst into a dimly lit building, which Nia had setup for the evening soiree.

A barn, a house, a shed, Susan had no idea where she was.  Suddenly she was turning around and around and the sudden turns simply added to her already dizzy state.  Her knees gave away and she thundered into the pitch darkness, as her eyes closed.  She vaguely felt something strange and out of the ordinary, but her drunken state made it impossible to think straight.  She had no idea why another woman lay beside her and simply waited for something to happen.

Two zombies lay absolutely motionless when a young vivacious woman took off all of their clothes.  Stripped of their clothes and also any shame, Susan and Thema fell into each other's arms when Nia ordered them to embrace.  The temptress put her lips directly on her sister's ear.  "You want to... so do it.  Make the white woman your very own slave just like you did with Michelle," she whispered.  "Do it to her!"

Thema felt wonderful sensations roaring through her veins as her breasts pushed into the yielding flesh.  "No... na... I can't," she moaned.

"What would Zuberi... other members of the tribe think of their queen, who had sex with white woman," Nia said, referring to Michelle.  "Thema be disgraced if they knew about Michelle."

"No one must find out," Thema whispered.

"It secret... if you obey!  Kiss her," Nia ordered.

Thema never meant to kiss the woman, but it happened.  Suddenly the two women were locked in the tightest embrace and kissing with a desperate passion.  It was definitely the result of the unique African love potion, but neither woman was aware of any strange substance in their body.  Nia continued prodding and encouraging her sister and soon the petting turned into desire and the desire turned into lust.

It was the weirdest feeling of her life.  A knee pried her legs apart and Susan willingly spread them allowing the knee to push against her womanly treasures.  The bony knee yet softness of the meaty flesh seemed to push directly on her wetness so she encouraged the seduction.  Susan humped the leg like a dog in heat and wondered what was wrong with her normally rational sensuality.

The kiss broke and suddenly there were demanding hands on her thighs, which were held apart as far as possible.  Deft fingers touched the wetness between her legs and then something so hot and powerful closed over her opening.  When the scorching mouth closed over her precious opening, Susan almost creamed.  Her throbbing jewel was sucked hard and Thema devoured the entire clit.  The village queen used her teeth to perfection and she nibbled tenderly on the clitty until she heard the proper response.

Susan's hips jumped at the hungry mouth and she didn't know why.  Then the next few seconds turned into eternity.  Sharp teeth surrounded her clitty and nibbled on the swollen bud while the tongue expertly massaged and stroked the delicate clitoris.  The tongue jabbed into her hole like a fleeting rapist and then Susan let go.  Rush after rush of womanly juices erupted from her epicenter and filled Thema's mouth, as the cunnilingus consumed their drugged minds.  Susan's fingers intertwined in the thick curly, black hair and she tried to pull the woman's head tighter into her crotch.

The orgasm lasted a long time and Susan was completely covered with sweat when the last spasm rocked her body.  She had never seen another woman's nipple up close, but suddenly one brushed against her lips.  Nia forced the two sedated slaves into the desired positions and then she shoved Susan's face into Thema's chest.  Her resistance was brief, as Susan held her mouth closed until the stern, swift jerk on the hair of her head by the young villain.

Without thinking Susan devoured an erect nipple into her hot, burning mouth and she heard the desperate cries of Thema, as the woman uttered a feeble protest.  Somehow her fingers surrounded the other nipple and the combination of sucking and squeezing forced another protest out of Thema.  A voice in her head seemed to control everything.  "Good!  Feel her tits... suck the big nipples," Nia whispered.  "Thema is Queen... now you in control!"

Susan was unable to say anything and she merely listened and obeyed.  A hand on the back of head pushed downward and more of the black tit went into her mouth.  She sucked and rolled the hardened nipple around inside her mouth, which brought more moans and groans from a beaten beauty.  Both nipples throbbed and felt twice their size, as Thema relished the crude yet tender caresses.

Susan was completely unfamiliar with a sexual encounter with another woman, but she wasn't stupid despite the dose of drugs.  Her head was guided and pushed downward and her mouth continued kissing until reaching the soft indent of Thema's bellybutton.  When she stabbed her tongue into the hole, a loud moan sounded throughout the small bedroom.  Susan rained loving kisses over the entire belly and soon found her tongue licking the stubble of a woman's pelvis.  She smelt an obvious scent of a bitch in heat and it worked magic on her internal resolve.

Even her sedated mind knew what to do.  She kissed the entire area around the obvious center of the magnetic odor and then she tasted a cunt for the first time.  One more drug wasn't required to stimulate Susan, but an aphrodisiac didn't hurt, as she licked a path up and down through the puffy labia.  She noticed the woman's hips jump and jerk wildly every time she touched the swollen clitty so she molested the upstanding clit.

Thema's whimpering sounded surreal.  Susan rolled the extended clitoris around vigorously with her tongue until Thema nearly creamed.  Then she sucked the throbbing jewel hard and tried to devour the entire clit.  The area got wetter and wetter and she dutifully swallowed as much of the womanly juices as possible.  Thema's body was out of control and she surrendered to the powerful lust without any guilt or remorse.

Nia had seen enough.  She waited anxiously until her sister's orgasm was over and then she attacked.  "Queen Thema, it is time you go.  The ceremonial rituals will be finished soon.  Baako be home soon... you go," she whispered to her older sister.  "You go.  I look after Sarge's woman."

Her emotions were still sky-high and her heart raced, but Thema knew enough to leave.  She practically ran out of the small abode and headed for home without another thought of protecting the defenseless white woman.  Nia instantly jumped into bed with Susan and was naked in the blink of an eye.  Susan caught a glimpse of the departing Thema, but there was no time to dwell on what had just happened.

Susan was a strong, serious woman, but no match for a spoiled African princess.  She was locked in a tight embrace in no time and nothing she did prevented Nia's clever seduction.  Even in a dazed state, Susan performed admirable cunnilingus.  Her head was held captive and forced between Nia's crudely splayed legs.  Nia intertwined her long fingers in Susan's curly hair and pulled the woman's head into her crotch.  Susan's mouth covered the leaking slit and she tongued the writhering princess until the obvious signs of orgasm.  Then she thrust her finger into Nia's honey-hole and finger-fucked her like an experienced beast.

One violent convulsion followed by another and then it was a steady stream of body-shaking convulsions, which tore through Nia's inner being.  It was an earth-shaking orgasm and the best part was the fact the night was still young.  When the climax slowly came to an end, Nia turned her complete sexual appetite on Susan.  She easily overcame any pity protests from her white slave and relished having complete control over such an adorable woman.


Susan had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach when she woke up.  Her head throbbed like crazy from the extensive sedatives consumed and she immediately tried to recall anything that happened.  'Oh gawd, what have I done?'  Susan glanced to her left and observed a peaceful Nia sleeping.  She didn't have to look under the covers to know she was completely naked and shivered with the thought of being promiscuous with the young stranger.

The sleeping princess cupped her right boob and Susan was afraid to move, or move the girl's hand from her tit.  All of a sudden Nia's dark eyes opened and a big smile crossed her face.  Susan stared into the paralyzing eyes and felt a sudden tug on her nipple, which instantly turned into a rock-hard pebble.  Her stomach was a sea of stormy waves and the trance was broken in a heartbeat by a loud knock at the door.  In less than a second Nia was out of bed.  It took the teenager mere seconds to dress and rush to the door.

Susan heard Nia greet a guest and she recognized the man's voice right away.  At first glance, Sarge was scared.  He entered the bedroom and the look on Susan's face was one of shear agony.  He went to her side and quickly sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm okay... really.  I just had too much to drink last night," Susan whispered.  "And I'm not used to drinking."

"Yes!  The drink here is different.  I should have warned you," Sarge replied.

"My head... gawd, it is pounding so bad that I think it might explode."

"Go back to sleep.  Get more sleep... you feel better."

Sarge leaned over and held her.  He hugged Susan and tenderly put her head against his muscular chest.  Instantly Susan closed her eyes feeling tremendous relief yet some nagging images of haunting events of the past few hours flashed through her head.  Suddenly one of her nipples throbbed and a bright, vivid flashback of a beautiful princess filled her mind.  She could still feel dark mesmerizing eyes of Nia from when the young woman molested her boobs.

Susan squeezed her eyes shut a little harder and it merely clicked over to another image.  Her legs were crudely spread wide and a hungry lioness was performing magically cunnilingus on her.  Susan had never had sex with a woman before last night and suddenly she realized she could never say that again.  More erotic images flashed through her mind and each one detailed herself in the throes of one orgasm after another.

"Yes, more sleep and I'll be okay," Susan whispered.  "Just a few more minutes and I'll be good."  With an abrupt jerk, she sat up in bed.  "OMG, Marie!  I was supposed to protect her."  It was like a slap on the cheek when she got hit with guilt for not being with her sister during a night of joyous celebrations.

Sarge also had the lingering affects of a late night and too much to drink.  He wrapped his arm around Susan and hugged her a little tighter.  "Sister okay.  She with Mosi and he protect her.  Mosi very dependable," Sarge whispered.  "They spend night together."

Susan pulled back a bit and looked for some clarification.  "She what?  They did what?"

"Sister his woman.  Mosi want Marie for wife... marry her."


"She come back to city... live with Mosi in city."

"Can I see her?  I want to see her."

"You rest... then we go.  She with Mosi now and stay with him until we go back to city this evening."

It was settled.  She would sleep for a little while and then Sarge would guide her around the village in the afternoon.  He also outlined their schedule for later.  They would stay in the village until about 7 o'clock before leaving for his home in the city.  Susan welcomed the fact Sarge promised her sister would go with her and also that Marie was safe and sound.


Marie had the best rest and although it was bright and sunny in the bedroom, it didn't prevent her from sleeping.  Her eyes remained closed and she welcomed the warm, humid air over the front of her body, as she spread out on the bed beside Mosi.  There was no need for blankets and she savored the quiet solitude.

Her daydream was abruptly interrupted by the sound of people entering the bedroom.  Marie's first inclination was to reach for covers, but Mosi grabbed her arms before she grabbed the blankets.  They both sat up and faced the two visitors.  "Not worry.  Duna and Amara here to serve you.  They are servants... for you and for me," he said.  "They bring something to eat."

Marie was flabbergasted.  She noticed Mosi wave his hand and suddenly the two teenagers walked across the room each carrying a tray of food and drinks.  It might have appeared very futile, but Marie tried for modesty by placing an arm across her chest and a hand over her pelvis.  The supposed servants acted on prearranged orders.  Marie was unaware that Mosi's status in the tribe entitled him to special privileges whenever he visited the village.

Duna who was a teenage boy carried his tray to Marie, setting it in her lap.  Amara who was one of the prettiest girls in the tribe served Mosi in the same manner.  Marie noticed how the girl didn't take her eyes off Mosi and in particular how she grinned with admiration when staring at his obvious male endowment.  Amara set her tray in front of her master and Marie was positive she purposely let her hand rest on top of Mosi's muscular thigh.

Marie's tray sort of balanced on her upper thighs and then Duna served her a glass from the tray.  Marie reluctantly moved her arm from her chest and took the glass from the teen.  She didn't know what else to do so she drank and actually found it a little familiar and refreshing.

It was common practice for members of the tribe to use an aphrodisiac even though it probably wasn't needed or required.  Mosi guzzled his drink and started eating because he was famished.  He welcomed the warm fuzzy feeling after the drink and encouraged Marie to relax and enjoy the moment.  Luckily the fast acting drug put her at ease and before long she joined Mosi.  It had been hours since she ate and Marie ignored the two teenagers, as she devoured the much needed food.

Her inhibitions were quickly removed and it didn't take long before her head was spinning like it had only hours earlier.  When they finished with the trays, Duna and Amara took them away.  Marie felt much better being alone with Mosi and she readily followed his lead when he got out of bed.  He led the way to the bathroom and since they were already naked, there was no delay getting ready for a shower.

Marie stood beside Mosi expecting to join him in the shower.  She jumped in reaction to the two teenagers entering the small bathroom.  Unable to say a thing, Marie stood motionless and quiet when Amara stepped into the shower and held the door for her master.  Mosi quickly joined the teenager and without delay the teen went to work.

Marie's eyes opened so wide that they hurt.  She stared into the shower enclosure and watched Mosi receive total devotion from a capable servant.  Amara washed and massaged Mosi, as he stood perfectly still with his arms down at his sides.  Marie almost collapsed when she noticed Amara apply soap to Mosi's midsection and then concentrate on his noticeable hardon.  The girl used both hands to stroke the hard penis and all the while hold it straight out from his hips.

Marie gasped when Amara dropped to her knees, as she devoured the head of Mosi's cock.  She heard Mosi moan and let out numerous groans when most of his cock disappeared inside Amara's mouth.  Amara's blowjob was very memorable and Marie couldn't take her eyes off the immoral sight.  Somehow the teen knew to masturbate her master and at the same time suck his illustrious cock.  Marie stood mesmerized by the illicit act and time seemed to stand still, as she watched Mosi go through sexual bliss.

There was movement to her right, but the blowjob scene was too powerful to resist.  The thought of spying on the sinful act sent a shiver up her spine yet nobody else cared that she watched.  Suddenly Mosi uttered a few grunts and groans, as he blasted molten lave into Amara's mouth, and Marie remained motionless.  At the end the girl stroked the long penis a few times, as if she was thirsty for the last drops of cum, and then she stood up.  Amara acted like nothing happened and simply finished washing and rinsing her master's body.

Marie's mouth hung open when Mosi stepped out of the shower.  He whispered some directions to the two eager servants in his African dialect and then he moved off to one side.

Amara stood in the shower with her hand out.  "Come mistress.  I wash... make body feel good," the girl whispered.  "Amara and Duna make mistress happy."

There was movement beside her.  Suddenly Marie realized Duna had stripped and the teen was naked in anticipation of taking a shower with her.  She never resisted when Duna guided her by the elbow towards the enclosure or when Amara grabbed her hand and pulled her into the shower.  The door remained open and without delay her servants started their scripted task.  Amara stood in front and Duna behind and the two quickly rubbed soapy lotion all over her nakedness.

Her eyes fluttered and the most helpless feeling came over her, as she was unsure of what was next.  Marie peered back at Mosi and the radiant smile across his handsome face told how happy and pleased he was.  Hands were everywhere, but thankfully there was no lingering or pausing.  Amara milked her big titties, as if they were extremely dirty, and in no time the ends got overly erect.  Duna scrubbed her back and the clever teenager didn't forget to wash her shapely backside.

Her mind was in turmoil.  The slippery lotion covered her entire body when the two servants closed in on her.  A hand slipped between her thighs and Marie felt her knees go weak.  Her legs wobbled, but she managed to stay upright, as Amara cupped her curved pelvis.  Duna skillfully rubbed his hard cock all over her butt and even teased her by pushing it against her slippery thighs.  Occasionally the head slipped into the soapy crotch, causing her to flinch when it grazed her pussy.

Amara's hand easily slipped into the heated crotch.  Her skilled fingers instantly found the control button and that was obvious when Marie uttered many unrecognizable animal sounds.  Marie's body rose upwards and it was supported by the two teenagers, as she stood on her tiptoes.  Amara reached into the furnace and grabbed the delicate clitoris with her fingers.  Duna attacked from behind.

Duna caressed the crack of her ass and then his fingers found her vulnerable asshole.  He teased and taunted until hearing numerous pleas for him to stop and then he crouched down and fingered her pussy.  It was not hard to determine that the supposed mistress was now a slave and the servants were suddenly the aggressors.  Marie never imagined experiencing an orgasm while standing yet her emotions got out of control in a hurry.

The teenage girl was somewhat taller than Marie and she used one arm to hug her mistress into her lithe body.  Her other arm snaked down between the wet bellies and into the sweltering pelvis.  She held onto the throbbing clitty with a death-grip and displayed her ultimate control.  "Mistress happy?"  Amara twirled the clitty between her fingers and continued.  "Mistress want more?"

"No... dear gawd, no," Marie moaned.

"Mistress want Amara to keep touching pussy?"

"No, please stop."

"Mistress want climax on Duna's finger?"

"Dear gawd, no!"

Amara tightened her arm that was around Marie so that their tits mashed together.  Then she put her lips next to Marie's flushed ear.  "Mistress want to show Mosi.  Show Mosi she love him," she whispered.

Marie never thought of it or that she had such feelings.  She had starred in movies, but no acting talent was needed for this movie.  Her body belonged to two teenagers and her mind to a shrewd man.  Her head rolled to one side and she glanced towards the open doorway at the man who was like no other.  She squinted and noticed a smiling Mosi giving his approval.  Marie summoned one last valiant effort to calm her rising desires, but it was short lived as her hips suddenly jerked out of control.

Amara used her precious clitoris like her personal sex-toy and Duna finger-fucked her like a demon.  The first spasm was short and swift, but the next was longer and far more severe.  Her hips started jerking to the beat of the African drums and then they thrust randomly at first the damning fingers and then back at the finger dildo.  When the climax ended, the teenagers acted like nothing happened.  They both cleansed her womanly body, as she tried to regain her sanity, and then each grabbed a towel to dry her off.

Marie thought her ordeal was finished, but she greatly underestimated Mosi's African desires.  The two teenagers lifted her and easily carried her out of the shower, as their insatiable aspiration for pleasing their mistress or master continued.  The teens ushered her into the bedroom and over to the bed where Mosi waited.  He was already lying on his back and it was very apparent what was on his stimulated mind.

Marie stood motionless beside the bed and she stared at Mosi's stellar manhood, which hovered at a 45-degree angle over his abdomen.  Amara took one of her arms and Duna the other.  The teens jostled her until she was on the bed, crouching directly on top of Mosi with her knees spread wide on either side of his thighs.  Afterwards she could blame it on the African sedatives or some uncommon animal lust, which readily penetrated her normal reasoning.

The ensuing adventure would remain etched in her mind forever despite the drugs.  She looked into Mosi's dark eyes and knew he was the one.  Her lips moved, as if indicating her reluctance at being touched by the teenagers, when the two prodded her forward until her crotch actually grazed the throbbing hardon.  Then they each pushed downward on her shoulders and the resulting intimate contact sent numerous shivers up and down her backbone.

Mosi placed his strong hands on the sides of her hips.  He easily lifted Marie up a little and allowed one of his servants to fulfill his demands.  Marie uttered a dire gasp when the cock-head split her moist labia and her breathing grew ragged in a matter of milliseconds.  One moment she balanced on top of the many inches of rock-hard cock and the next it was in her belly.  Mosi let go of her hips and allowed her torso to settle on top of his midsection.

Marie stared down at her lover and noticed how his eyes focused on her chest.  Her body sort of swayed and shuddered causing her boobs to do the same and Mosi didn't take his eyes off her luscious tits.  Marie realized the teenagers weren't going away and the realization didn't bother her anymore.  It was outright crazy.  She never shared any man, especially the man of her dreams, but suddenly the thought wasn't too horrifying.

The erection was buried deep and Marie tried to retain a measure of composure.  She didn't want to display lost passion or too much lust in front of strangers so she tried to recompose herself.  Amara sat cross-legged on her right while Duna was on her left and they actually brushed against her legs.  Marie had to look away from Mosi or else his intimate stare would destroy her resolve.  She turned her head and looked at the teenager's pretty face, which was etched with undying passion.

Marie's gaze dropped.  She settled on the girl's chest, as it heaved in and out, and noticed how the boobs were not huge, but certainly a good handful.  The extraordinary nipples stood out from the perky tits and Marie shivered at the wonderment of feeling them.  Then her eyes lowered and drifted across the taut, flat stomach and onto the sparsely covered pelvis.  Marie was simply amazed by the attractive girlish feature and then she noticed Amara's crotch.

Amara sat with her legs crossed and proudly exposed her rich charms to her master and mistress.  Marie stared at the wetness between Amara's thighs and she was overwhelmed with guilt because of the intimate feelings for another woman.  She abruptly turned her head to the other side, but that was worse.  She instantly stared at a large, black cock, which was being waved around and around by the witty teenager.

Mosi jerked his hips up and down a few times.  Marie was well aware of the stimulating contact in her deepest regions and she tried to focus on something else.  Her man was fucking her while his two servants sat close by and watched the entire session.  Being surrounded by others during a sexual encounter was something new to Marie and she should have considered it weird yet it wasn't.

All of a sudden Mosi whispered an order to Amara.  The teenager slowly bent over and pushed her perky tits into her master's face.  There was some jealousy, as Marie turned her head and watched the brazen titty assault, but it quickly passed when convulsions erupted in her belly.  Marie struggled to control the rising lust.  Suddenly Mosi stopped sucking the teen's tits and he whispered something else to Amara.

The convulsions got stronger and much closer together.  Marie's body was on fire and then the teenager proved her unreserved dominance over a willing mistress.  Amara got to her knees and she shoved her boob at Marie.  She forced some of her tit into Marie's mouth and wasn't happy until her nipple was between the sharp teeth.  It was virtually scripted beyond anything Marie expected.  She sucked the teenager's nipple and then unbelievably she cupped the other titty, which made the teen extremely happy.

Her body was in motion and moved up and down, as Mosi grew more and more impatient.  He gave another order and this one proved fatal to Marie's control when Mosi gave Duna permission to molest Marie.  Duna's hands were everywhere.  He crouched behind Marie and kissed the back of her shoulders and neck, before reaching around her chest to molest her tits.  Duna used his left hand to squeeze and fondle the luscious tits while ensuring both nipples received plenty of brash caressing.  His right hand slipped under her boobs and carved a path down to the Promised Land.

It was hard to tell who climaxed first.  When the damning fingers latched onto her clitoris, Marie experienced an incredible orgasm.  Her body was caught between two overzealous teenagers and it bounced up and down on Mosi's manly cock.  She simply went with the flow and lust consumed her entire inner being.  Each tremor caused her to sink her teeth into Amara's titty yet the girl refused to remove her tit from Marie's harmful mouth, as she cried out from the painful nibbling.

The spasms continued for the longest time.  Her belly was full of African cum however she wasn't upset.  She welcomed the caring hands, as they tenderly shifted her off of Mosi's hips, and left her lying beside the man.  Marie nestled beside Mosi and welcomed his strong, protective arms around her thoroughly exhausted body.  All that mattered was having him next to her and knowing he adored her.  When the two teenagers didn't leave the room, she wasn't too surprised or upset.

Marie didn't realize what lay ahead.  She prepared to doze off and it felt nice being next to Mosi so she hardly noticed Amara when the girl snuggled up to him.  There was some nervous giggling and lots of whispering before the two came to an agreement, which was obvious by wide smiles on their faces.  Marie had heard of women experiencing multiply orgasms, but she really didn't put much faith in it really happening to her.

Amara rolled over her master and settled on top of Marie's lower body.  She glanced into Marie's startled eyes and the grin on the teen's pretty face sent an ominous message.  Marie watched the teenager wrap her arms around her hips in a tight embrace and she shivered realizing there was no escape.  The horny teenager was determined to satisfy all of her master's wishes and she took control.

Marie was forced to look away when Mosi kissed her and then he put his lips next to her ear.  "They must learn.  Amara and Duna must serve and make you happy," he whispered, giving her ear a peck.  "First Amara... then Duna!"

Suddenly her legs were spread.  Amara released her hold on Marie's hips and forced the velvety thighs apart so her shoulders slipped between them.  The girl's head was directly above Marie's pelvis and there was a momentary pause.  Marie was positive her heart would stop when Amara blew hot whiffs of air across her pelvis.  The cunning teen made sure to caress the obvious wetness with each hot breath and Marie struggled to breathe.  "Noooo... naaaa, naaaa," she moaned.

Mosi kissed her ear and used his tongue for more affect.  "They servants.  Amara and Duna your servants," he said.  "Both serve you."

Suddenly Marie felt her labia spread by a gifted tongue and there was a fleeting moment when she held her breath.  An open mouth slithered into her slit and devoured her throbbing clitoris.  In the next instant, both her heart and breathing increased at a frantic rate.  Cunnilingus was something any woman found irresistible and Marie was certainly no exception.  She felt her swollen clitty slapped back and forth by the girl's tongue and then Amara's teeth carefully nibbled on the clit.

Marie bit her bottom lip not wanting to succumb to the evil temptation.  Amara wouldn't stop.  She sucked and nibbled the pink clitty and occasionally used her tongue to lightly caress the womanly treasures.  The clit seemed to expand and soon it was too stiff to move around.  Then Amara displayed a frenzied licking ability.  Each stroke started at the upraised pelvis and her tongue lashed down across the pulsating clit, through the soaked slit, across the barren area and all the way to the waiting asshole.

Amara circled the hole a few times with her tongue and then poked it in a teasing fashion.  Marie's hips jerked wildly and then every muscle tightened when the tongue ventured upward again, across the wasteland, through the slit until finding the clitty again.  Amara felt the womanly body sort of quiver and the threat of Marie losing control was evident.  She paused and began blowing on the wetness, letting her hot breath sooth the burning flesh.

Marie's hips quieted and Amara attacked.  The teen rammed her tongue at the tempting honey-hole, pretending to use a small penis on Marie.  Amara tried to insert her tongue all the way inside the heated cavity and she felt the hips go wild.  This time she was ready.  Amara shifted her mouth up about an inch and gobbled on the exposed clitoris.  All of the clit was inside her volcanic mouth and she used her teeth to hold it steady.  Then she rolled the clitty around inside her mouth with her tongue and listened for the telltale signs.

The dire moan was music to her ears.  Amara jammed her long middle finger into the honey-hole.  She curled her finger and used the tip to rake the vulnerable g-spot, which was traumatic for Marie.  Lying in the arms of the one man she adored didn't prevent the ultimate surrender, as Marie climaxed.  A gush of womanly juice drained out of her inner being and the teenager wasn't satisfied until she had consumed every ounce.

Marie looked at Mosi's face and she knew there was no hope.  There was a look of reassurance on his face and she realized a second bout of cunnilingus was on the horizon.  The robust commotion took Marie a little off guard, as the two teenagers switched positions, but she didn't have time to evade Duna.  He had permission to do anything except actually fuck Marie.  Watching Amara's outstanding cunnilingus was the biggest turn-on and he wanted the same thing.

Duna pushed Amara aside and instantly assumed the required position between Marie's splayed legs.  His fingers pinched the swollen labia and spread them enough to see the pink gem.  What Marie discovered would leave an impression on her fragile morality.  A male was not as careful, not as tender or not as loving as a female.  Duna's rough, harsh treatment didn't necessarily mean the sex wasn't good.  Her clitoris was completely devoured by Duna and the teen used his teeth in a chewing manner rather than nibbling on the delicate clitty.

Marie's screams were that of lust mixed with pain when Duna thrust his long, slender finger into her ass.  Suddenly cunnilingus and finger-fucking got a new meaning.  Her hips came off the bed and thrust madly at the hungry mouth.  One finger pounded in and out of her ass and the sharp teeth raked back and forth across the enlarged clit.  Marie wasn't sure another orgasm was possible, but then Duna surprised her.  He shifted so that his head was on her chest and his mouth sucking one of her neglected nipples.

Duna's fingers of his left hand seized the prized jewel and he squeezed the clitty so hard she yelled out loud.  Then he thrust his middle finger of his other hand into her cunt.  When he added the forefinger, she lost control.  Marie humped his hands, as another orgasm burst from her deepest regions.  Her juices flowed freely giving the fingers more oil, which enabled Duna's finger-fucking to take her over the top.

The nonstop sex was too much.  Marie rolled over the mountain of ecstasy and instantly passed out from total exhaustion.  She didn't know how long she slept, but eventually there was whispering in her ear.  "Sister visit.  Sister here and wants to see you," Amara informed her.

The teen noticed how Marie looked around apparently wondering where Mosi was and what was happening.  "What?  Susan is here?"

"Yes, sister here.  Visit you," Amara repeated.  She noticed that Marie still looked confused so Amara tried to clarify what was happening.  "Mosi gone.  Sarge bring sister here then Mosi leave with him.  They go for some more tribal celebration.  We here... serve you."

Suddenly Duna appeared in the doorway of the bedroom and he was holding her clothes.  Not that there were many, as he simply held out a dress and a pair of sandals.  It seemed senseless asking the two teenagers to leave so she didn't.  Marie reluctantly got out of bed and it felt strange when Duna helped her put on the dress while Amara helped with the sandals.  It was a very skimpy dress and Marie marveled at how much cleavage showed and she noticed that Duna never took his eyes off her chest.

Dressed and ready, the three exited the bedroom and went to meet Susan.  Marie had people who waited on her because of her fame, but she never expected the devotion displayed by these two servants.  Both Amara and Duna made it very obvious they were her servants and would do anything she demanded.  They followed her into a large living room and remained beside her when she approached her sister.

Susan only saw her sister walk across the room and her jaw dropped.  If it wasn't Marie, she might have considered the overly provocative appearance to be attractive and appropriate for the heat of the afternoon.  Instead Susan was shocked by the extremely low-cut dress, which clearly showed off most of Marie's luscious boobs.  What surprised her most was the sight of the black tattoo that was half exposed by the 'v' opening of the dress.  Her mouth hung open and Susan wasn't able to say a word.

Marie grinned because she realized that her sister was awestruck and speechless.  "You look great.  Sorry to be late, but I didn't realize it was so late in the day," she said.  "This beautiful creature is Amara and this is Duna," Maria informed Susan, as she waved her hand at each teenager.

"Yes.  I... I... I've been looking for you.  Wa... wa... wondering if you're okay," Susan responded with a slight stutter.

Marie noticed her sister staring at her chest.  A moment of instant rebellion hit her and she acted without thinking.  "I was thinking of getting another tattoo.  One to match this one," she said.  Marie promptly pulled the dress off to the side and totally revealed her left boob.  "What do you think?"

Susan was almost too shocked to react.  She glanced over at the young male who had his eyes glued to the bare breast.  "Sis... Marie what the hell are you doing?  You're acting like tramp," she whispered.  "Can't you see he's looking?"

"It's okay.  Duna has seen me naked," Marie responded.

"What?  You must be crazy.  Acting like some whore... a common slut."

Suddenly Amara insisted that Marie sit down on a chair.  She had a brush and comb in her hand and it was obvious she wanted to do Marie's hair, as she made hand gestures to her mistress.  "You sit.  I brush... comb... braid hair," Amara said.

Marie sat down with the assistance of Amara.  The front of her dress sort of fell back into place and although it didn't completely cover her boob, it did hide the nipple.  Instantly Amara began brushing her hair, as the sisters chatted casually for a few minutes.  This removed the tension between the two, but then Duna moved to action.  Without being asked, the teen started administering a foot massage, as he knelt on the floor in front of Marie.

Marie continued talking with her sister, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have two servants.  Amara finished brushing and combing and then the girl began an arduous task of putting braids in Marie's hair.  Susan had taken a chair that was basically in front of Marie and slightly off to one side.  She watched Amara's expert fingers fly through the long strands of hair and rapidly shape the braids, which made her sister look younger and very beautiful.

Susan sat a mere four or five feet in front of her sister and it was impossible to miss the capable foot massage.  Her eyes got bigger when Duna held one of Marie's feet in the air, which forced her leg to rise as well.  His fingers expertly rubbed the dainty foot and then he shifted the leg to the side.  Susan noticed the hem of Marie's short dress ride up her thighs and then the shadows disappeared from between the milky thighs.

Susan would never know if the teenager's actions were done on purpose of if it was purely an accident.  Her breath caught when she stared at Marie's bare crotch and wondered what had possessed her innocent sister.  Duna's face was between Marie's knees and he stared straight ahead.  The dress moved up and up until the hem was bunched at the top of her thighs.  Susan noticed how Duna never stopped massaging Marie's feet and his eyes never left her crotch.  She didn't need an imagination to know what the teenager was thinking.

The bald pussy was brazenly visible.  As silly as it sounded, Susan tried to think back to the last time she saw her sister naked.  It had to be when they were teenagers and suddenly Susan couldn't contain herself.  "Sis!  For gawd sake, cover yourself."  Her voice was shaking and she found it hard to stay calm.  "He's looking at you."

Marie noticed the puzzled expression on her sister's face so she decided to have some more fun.  "When Duna and Amara are done with me, they are more than willing to give you a massage and braid your hair."  Staring straight at her sister, Marie held her legs spread.  "You're far too uppity and need something to loosen you up."

"You're impossible.  I can't believe you're letting a kid see you."

"Susie, you have to be kidding.  He's definitely not a kid."

Susan looked into her sister's glassy eyes and shivers rocketed up and down her backbone from the implied statement.  Without warning, it ended.  Amara finished braiding Marie's hair and she bent over to give her mistress a departing kiss.  Duna placed both of Marie's feet on the floor and he stood up.  Without hesitation, both teens left the room, which turned eerily quiet.

Marie decided to break the silence.  "I had some trouble last night... well sort of," Marie said.  "Actually I don't remember too much, as it seems whatever they drink around here affects me a lot."

"Yes, I know what you mean.  I hope nothing serious happened," Marie said, as she kept staring in the direction of the departed young villagers.

Marie waved her hand in the same direction when she explained.  "Sis, you won't believe it.  It's a long story, but Mosi rescued me last night.  Duna and Amara are his servants... my servants, too."

"Yes, Sarge told me about Mosi.  He also mentioned that you might be staying... staying longer than you planned," Susan said.

Marie confirmed the fact and went on to explain what she remembered from the past night.  She found it easy to skip over the barn episode because the entire time was vague because of the many drinks forced down her throat by the crafty Nia.  When she told Susan how she was saved from a bunch of drunken partiers, Marie mentioned her esteem gratitude towards her savior.  The sisters sat around a small table for about 30 minutes and chatted about anything and everything.

Their conversation was eventually interrupted.  Any casual observer would have noticed an immediate improvement in Susan's attitude when Sarge walked in the room and in Marie's when Mosi entered.  Sarge walked up to Susan and put her in a loving embrace.  "We go soon.  Time to return home," Sarge said.  "Come, we go to Zuberi's for eat... then leave for home."


It was late afternoon and close to the hour when Sarge, his family and entourage returned home from the village.  Kato was a thoroughly tired young man, as he had remained in bed with Michelle the whole time.  He lost count of time, but his contentment was very evident by his weary state.  He had numerous sexual encounters with Michelle and all the while her husband was competently taken care of by the two servants.  Kato wondered what man in Rodney's position wouldn't succumb to flirtations from a sexy woman especially when they included blowjobs and continuous molestation?

Rodney was utterly amazed at his stamina and rejuvenating powers, but much of it was attributed to the drugs he consumed.  He had been told about Sarge's upcoming return and was going to get refreshed when the most unforgettable event happened.  Somehow the two women left him alone long enough for him to use the washroom.  When he glanced at the adjourning shower, he almost fainted.

There wasn't much doubt to what was happening inside the brightly lit, shower stall.  There was a seductive white ass plastered against the steamy opaque glass.  The banging noises and loud grunts and groans filled the air and it was apparent that a tall black man was fucking a white woman.  The glass was almost clear enough to see exact details, but indistinct enough to add immense titillation to the naughty scene.

Rodney couldn't move.  He stood riveted to the floor and watched the entire session, as first the woman moaned for sympathy and then climaxed uttering cries and pitiful protests.  Then the worst thing happened.  Kato must have known there was someone watching so he turned the woman around.  He pushed Michelle forward until she was flat against the glass and held her positioned so the entire front of her body was displayed to gawking eyes.

Rodney caught a fleeting glimpse of the thick black knob when Kato deviously ran his cock through Michelle's crotch and onto the steamy glass.  The young man pulled backwards and then Michelle's body came up and off the shower floor.  Her body seemed to hang in the air and Rodney knew full well that his wife was suspended on a long, black rod.  It was the sight of the century.  Her big tits were squashed and pressed hard into the shower glass.  Her pelvis was plastered against the glass and her legs appeared suspended and spread wide.

Michelle's distraught face was turned sideways and her flushed, rosy cheek was pressed flat into the glass.  Her mouth hung open in utter desperation and Rodney noticed how she gasped and struggled for air.  Kato slammed his cock to the hilt and lifted Michelle higher, as he sounded a tremendous grunt of triumph.  He sent a big load of African cum into the waiting submissive mistress and claimed his right to her womanly charms.

Rodney watched Kato having intercourse with his wife and there was nothing he could do about it.  On and on the scene rolled and Rodney vibrated when he noticed his wife's body twitching and seemingly thrusting wildly at the mysterious glass wall of lust.  Suddenly he couldn't take any more and he practically ran out of the washroom.  Rodney dressed and impatiently waited for everyone, as it was almost time for Sarge's return from the village.

Rodney dreaded seeing his wife again, but he didn't have to worry because Kato had everything arranged according to Sarge's instructions.  The last vision of his wife would be one of her naked torso plastered against the shower glass and in the throes of an orgasm.  Michelle's twisting and thrusting hips, her brazenly squashed boobs and her agonizing face would remain etched in his memory for all time.  When Sarge got home, he immediately informed Rodney that his next job was in another country and that his superiors demanded he be there within 24 hours.


Sarge put his feet up on his desk.  He looked over at his trusted security guard, as he hung up the phone.  "Mosi!  You deserve to be rewarded for loyal service.  Yes, I will ensure she stays... stays in our country.  That was Doctor Zuhri and he just informed me that she is pregnant.  Yes, Marie Kelly is pregnant."

"I pray for it... pray for this," Mosi said.

Suddenly the urgency for Marie Kelly to fly back to the states didn't seem that important.  She walked out of the doctors office knowing her life would change drastically and she wasn't sure if it was for the good or for the bad.  The one thing she did know was that returning to the states was definitely not in her plans.  Strangely the thought of staying in Sarge's country seemed responsible, as she deemed it would be with the one man who showed her compassion and tenderness.

Everything fell into place days later when Sarge hosted a big gala at his home.  The news from his loyal doctor was profound and just what he expected.  Not only was Marie Kelly pregnant, but Michelle was also going to be a mother again.  This time there was no doubt as to whose baby it was and Kato was the proudest expectant father.  Apparently the age difference was no problem for the young man and he spread as much attention on Michelle as he could.

His many friends and most of his relatives attended Sarge's party, which made for a very full house.  The proud Kato dressed in a black tux and looked much older and wiser than any teenager.  He held Michelle's arm and escorted her around the big room introducing her to all of his friends and relatives.  Another couple quietly sat at a table talking to close friends and it was very obvious that the once popular actress was happy with her decision to remain in Africa.  Marie cuddled close to Mosi and he was overly protective, which was evident to everyone.

Sarge managed to maneuver Susan to a quiet spot so he had her all to himself.  For the first time in his life he deemed it necessary to confide in someone.  "Kato happy son.  He find right woman.  He happy.  They make good couple and soon have two children," Sarge whispered to the woman he trusted most.

"Yes, I agree.  They look good together and he has grown up since I first met him," Susan replied.

"Yes, and he very proud.  Proud to have Michelle at his side," he said.  "Your sister is also a very beautiful woman... mother.  I glad she agreed to stay... raise children here."

At first Susan had been surprised by her sister's decision, but she quickly found the idea very pleasing.  Having Marie around was comforting and it was the deciding factor when Susan made her decision not to return to the states.  "I'm glad Marie is staying.  It is the first time I've seen her really fall for a man," she said.  "Mosi seems to treat her good and wants her to have the baby."

"They good couple," Sarge replied.  "I talked to Zuberi and Nia this morning.  Nia very happy you stay.  She has planned a short vacation to Cape Town and wants you to go with her."

Susan was stunned.  "What?  Nia, but... but?"

"My darling young niece is growing up... becoming a real woman.  She really wants to take a short trip with you and get to know you better," Sarge said.  "I think it wonderful idea."

There was no way to tell Sarge about what happened in the village.  "Well... well, I guess seeing Cape Town would be nice."

"Great.  I have already arranged for the flight, accommodations and everything is set.  You make Nia very happy; I very grateful," Sarge said.

Susan glanced across the room and into the dark, mesmerizing eyes of the devious she-devil who was staring at her.  There was a wide smile on Nia's pretty face and it sent shivers through Susan's entire body.  Suddenly the young woman started walking towards them and each footstep caused Susan's heartbeat to increase until it raced out of control.  Nia neared and acted extremely happy and excited.  "Sarge told you?  He told you how much I want to visit Cape Town," she said.

"Yea... Yes, but...?"  Susan stuttered and wondered what excuse she could use to get out of her dilemma.

"Everything is set... planned.  We can leave the day after tomorrow," Nia whispered, grabbing Susan's hand.  "Come... I want to tell you everything.  Tell you how exciting it will be.  Come, where it is quiet so we can talk."

Susan looked at Sarge in desperation.  She wanted him to say, 'no, you can't leave the party,' but she was disappointed.  "You go.  Go with Nia and she can tell you all about the trip," Sarge said, as he hurried off to talk to other visitors.

Her feet moved without even taking a step, as Nia sternly ushered Susan out of the crowded room.  They entered a pantry or some storeroom, which was off the kitchen, and Nia quickly slammed the door shut, leaving them in deathly quiet darkness.  It was so eerie and solemn and Susan felt her heart rate increase again until the darkness made it extremely difficult to breath.

Abruptly she was kissed.  She fell backwards, but didn't fall because Nia held her upright with a hugging embrace.  Susan fell against the closed door and her head hit the hard wood.  Nia slammed into her in a display of shear power and brute force.  It took every ounce of willpower to break the kiss and turn her head.  "Dear gawd, not here... not now.  Someone could come in," Susan whispered.

She couldn't remember being in a darker room or one so small.  The hot, burning breath from Nia washed across her flustered cheek and made her temperature rise sky-high.  The young princess was slightly taller than Susan and a lot stronger.  All of a sudden it felt like her ear had been chewed off.  Sharp teeth bit hard on her ear and the young woman hissed through clenched teeth.  "I want you.  You Sarge's goddess and his white woman, but you're my whore.  I'm going to fuck you just like the other night.  Fuck you now.  Fuck you in Cape Town.  Fuck you whenever I want!"

Susan was positive her ear was bleeding and then her head was turned.  Another kiss ensued and it was impossible to stop the tongue from breaking through her clenched teeth.  Nia thrust her tongue into the gaping mouth and taunted her reluctant mistress.  When the young woman reached down with her right hand, she easily found the hem of Susan's dress and pulled the garment up to the woman's slim waist.

Susan tried to standup higher on her tiptoes, but she couldn't escape the deliberate molestation.  Nia cupped her pelvis and purposely slipped her fingers into the tight gap between Susan's upper thighs.  It was impossible to stand any higher.  Susan balanced like a ballerina and then a finger pressed into her puffy labia.  Nia pushed the wet panties between the wet lips and instantly found the truest gem.  She yanked her middle finger and squashed the hardened clitty into the bony pelvis.

When she heard a pitiful whimper come out of the breathless woman, Nia squeezed the captured clitoris.  The bud was between her strong fingers and she rolled it around vigorously bringing more moans out of Susan.  About the last thing in the world Susan wanted to do was succumb to such a devious youngster.  She broke the kiss and twisted her head to the side in preparation to utter violent protests, but Nia spoke first.  "You whore.  If you don't fuck right now, I yell for Sarge."

Susan was no harlot, but she wasn't prepared for Nia's act of superiority.  She tried hard to calm her breathing, as Nia pinched her precious clitty.  The sly teenager shifted her fingers and deftly slid them under the wet panties.  She regained the secure hold of the clitoris and squeezed.  Nia felt Susan's stomach heaving in and out and knew the woman was desperate and ready to surrender.

Susan's ears were finely tuned for any noise, which might bring someone to discover the secret encounter.  She opened her mouth to protest and without warning Nia put her lips at the side of Susan's head.  "You my whore.  Prove you my whore or I scream," she whispered.  Nia ran her tongue around Susan's ear in most taunting manner, demanding a worthy response.  "You fuck like whore or else!"

The darkness was compelling and totally overwhelming.  She knew it wasn't just an idle threat and that Nia would not show mercy.  Susan reasoned she might overcome Nia's molesting under better circumstances, but it seemed impossible to fight off the young woman's assault in the frightening darkness.  Nia's hands were everywhere.  Suddenly one hand was inside the top of her dress and then one of her boobs was exposed.  The teenager quickly twisted around and gobbled the titty with her greedy mouth, sucking on the nipple like a hungry baby.

Nia rolled the hard bud around and around and Susan puffed out her chest, as if demanding more.  It was one of those fabulous orgasms, which seemed to come from nowhere and swelled to great heights in a matter of seconds.  The young woman slammed Susan against the wooden door.  She sucked the entire nipple into her hot mouth and ravaged the throbbing clitty until it was time.  Susan's breathing had quickened and so did the beating of her heart when Nia felt the damn burst.

Susan arched her back in a futile attempt to get away, but it was too late.  She didn't realize that holding off and prolonging the orgasm merely made the climax more explosive.  The lubrication flowed freely from her inner being and the oil made it easier for the strong fingers to swirl her clitoris around.  When another kiss ensued, Susan didn't resist.  Her whole body shuddered and one violent convulsion followed another, as the devious African princess swallowed up her soul.

Guilt-ridden and embarrassed by the untimely climax, Susan received yet a bigger shock when they exited the small hideout.  Sarge had no idea what Nia was up to and the last thing he ever imagined was a lesbian affair, as that was never considered in his country.  "Our president called and he is sending us to Geneva next weekend," he informed Susan.  "I am to attend meetings and will be tied up during the day, so I've decided that Nia will come with us," he said, smiling at Susan and then Nia.

"I'm thrilled... absolutely thrilled," Nia responded.  "Cape Town this weekend and Geneva next."

"I'm sure Susan can show you a lot of womanly things.  You can learn a lot from such a fine woman," Sarge said to Nia.

Nia nodded to her uncle and then stared straight into Susan's eyes, as she held the steady gaze for the longest time.  "Yes, I'm sure.  She can show me many things... how a real woman should act."

Susan trembled as Sarge took her by the arm.  They rejoined the party and life in the quiet African country grew more interesting and dramatic with each passing day.




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