(mf, Mf, MF, M+F, M+f, mmf, m+f+, mF, FF, oral, anal, cons, inc, creampie, ws, menstr, hetero)

by Art Martin

My Aunt Patti

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2006 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

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CHAPTER 1 - Young Travis Kern learns a thing or two about his sister Leanne...

(mf, m+f+, oral, anal, inc, cons, creampie)

CHAPTER 2 - Travis learns a thing or two about technique that his Uncle Jake hadn't fully explained...

(mf, oral, anal, inc, cons, creampie)

CHAPTER 3 - Leanne throws a party for her friends...

(mf, m+f+, oral, anal, inc, cons, creampie, ws)

CHAPTER 4 - The morning after, Travis has to deal with Katie and the mess from Leanne's pool party...

(mf, cons)

CHAPTER 5- Travis nearly gets caught in a compromising situation with Leanne...

(mf, inc, cons, oral, anal)

CHAPTER 6- About to lose Katie, Travis realizes that the best way to keep her is to give her what she wants...

(mmf, creampie, oral)

CHAPTER 7- Travis learns a little about family values...

(Mf, FF, mF, oral, inc, anal)

CHAPTER 8- Katie gets excited about her prospects for some after school fun...

(mf, oral, mmf, anal, cons, spank, lt bond)

CHAPTER 9- Katie gets gangbanged and learns a the family secret...

(M+m+f, oral, anal, spank, creampie, lt bond, inc, cons)

CHAPTER 10- Travis is waylaid poolside...

(mF+f+, oral, anal, cons, inc, menstr)

CHAPTER 11- Travis gets punished at school and shows Sam's mother his rock collection...

(mF, spank, oral, anal, inc, cons)

CHAPTER 12- Travis and Sam have a whack-off competition, the winner takes…

(mf, mast, inc, exhib, menst)

CHAPTER 13- Katie sets the rules to determine who gets to pop Rita's cherry...

(m+f+, Mf, Fm, 1st, oral, anal, cons, reluc, humil)

CHAPTER 14- The Kerns and the Tates plan a graduation party for Leanne and Becky...

(mF, spank, anal)

Great stuff!! Especially 1-3! More of the same please - quite a talent there

Excellent dude. Powerful and slightly shocking.

Great story, want to read more!!! I love to read stories about family sex.

Stories were awsome, had my pussy wet just thinking of all the hard cocks.

Oh, man, this is such a hot, hot story!

Looking forward to the rest of your story, as it was quite .. uh... inspirational!

Good stuff! Just don't make this like countless other series that get reduced to "we fucked...and then we fucked...and then we fucked some more". Make sure the story is going somewhere. So far 9/10...and I'm stingy! (Editor's note: Hmmm, thanks, but this IS a fuck story. What should I do???)

The story is packed with action. Can't wait for more!!!

Two levels above enthralling. So much more entertaining than the average "erotic literature" posted on ASSTR.

Certainly, you must be a published author in some other genre', as your development, accurate grammatical structure, and overall effective treatment of sexual involvement between human beings is so polished that it is truly remarkable.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love to hear storis like yours. I wish I had a sister like yours.

WOW!!!!! Keep the stories coming.

This is one of the best stories I have ever read.

I love to read stories like this, I only wish I could do the same.

FANTASTIC!!!! Absolutely fantastic. I read all seven chapters of your story in one sitting. I just couldn't stop. :)

Good incest stories are so hard to come by.

This is fucked up! (Editor's note: So why are you reading it?)

Great stories ! Not garbage like so much out there. No reply needed unless you know of a "Katie" type in St. Louis.

A great story. I enjoyed reading it. Look forward to reading more like this.

Awesome story. Keep it coming please my favorite was chapter 7

Holy shit. You Mr. Martin are god himself. (Editor's note: Uh, I don't think so...)

I like all the stories you wrote. Made me very horny and wet. Hope there's more to this story.

Totally enjoyed it - can't wait for Chapters 9 +

Absolutely outstanding....please continue!!! Felt like I was there...kinda wish I was!

Great stories ! Not garbage like so much out there. No reply needed unless you know of a "Katie" type in St. Louis

Love all of story SO FAR looking for more.

I loved this brings back memories, good memories. It gets me so wet just reading them I just have to touch and make myself cum a few times. mmm Thank you. (Editor's note: You're welcome)

Very good story!! reminds me of when my sister and I shared such adventures. I hope chapters 10 and up come along soon!!

Great story enjoyable and belivable. What else can you ask for?

This story is so much more than the dregs we usually see with mispellings (sic), improper word usage, and no idea of which similar sounding words to use. I hope that you continue to practice your talents for the enjoyment of the rest of us. Thank you.

The writing quality of this piece was far beyond what I expected to find at ASSTR. The structure, plot, pace and content were all far above the normal standard, and while the dialogue was limited you more than made up for it with an exceptionally good narrative.

Amazingly cock-stiffening piece of work! With each story, you just get better and better! I really enjoy stories that have a plot and different story lines, instead of just suck, fuck, ass-fuck, suck, fuck, ass-fuck, etc., etc., etc. I eagerly await the next chapter!

My Sister's Pussy is a great story, done so well that it keeps interest and erection going through all eleven chapters. That's unheard of in erotic stories...

Fucking cock-tease, man. Good work, I really enjoy the story, especially how Travis never gets his homework done. I wish I had the same excuse he did back in the day, personally I'd start getting a little aggravated at his seemingly hopeless situation.

Greatest Incest Story I Have Ever Read!!!!

Just great!!! Chapter one covered all of my pet peeves - I even keep a pencil near where I read paper books to make corrections in case I ever want to read that book again!

Damn good bit of writing.

Waiting on more of this story!!

Very lyrical and realistic and very euphuistic if you can eliminate the paragraph about MENSTRUATION, the better (Editor's note: What's wrong with menstration? Mmmm, yum, yum!)

Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you man? (Editor's note: uh, overactive imagination?)

Erm, this is wrong!

Enjoying this immensely! All my favorite pastimes – oral, anal, creampie! Never met a man that liked menstruation before – so thanks for that!!!!

My pussy was so wet that I had to fuck a couple times before I could read any more. Are you going to continue with the story anytime soon?

...Although I had my reservations about it (incest) at first I was drawn into the story and dripping wet...I was more turned on than I ever thought possible by simply reading about the sexual act.

LOVED ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam's classlessness is getting in the way of the story - every time he opens his mouth he breaks the moment, and ruins what could be a great tale.

OMG, this story was so good. I kept getting wet and horny over n over n over!! I mean, god, I wanted to 2 call 1 of my guy friends over for a quick fuck. Can't really find any good stories like these anymore....

Love your stories, keep up the good work.

Great Story!!! Two Thumbs Up!

I sent you a comment earlier in the story telling you I thought you are a great storyteller. Well, nothing in the later chapters changed my opinion. I really enjoyed this story (it really pushed my buttons - lots of consensual sex among family and friends with interesting/plausible plot) and thanks again for sharing it with us.

Your writing is delicious. For one thing , you provide background and detail. It is not just a typical BORING incest story, rather I could not wait to read the next words. Erotic, luscious and you stand alone in your talent.

Wow! Talk about a page turner! I couldn't get my mouse pointer to the links for the next chapter quick enough. Excellent story, awesome talent, perfect grammar and vocabulary.

Fuckin awesome dude! Read this with my girl, and it got her so hot we fucked for hours. Keep up the good work man.

OMG!I LOVE IT! Such porn artistry!... They should make a movie out of it (i love porn films). I mean it!

Yo man! I've read all 14 chapters and its the best storyI've ever read. I'm going to go on an read some more of your stories.

WOW! HOT! Very rewarding.

Found it by accident, but didn't stop till the end.


Editor's Note: There were some issues with my mailbox that I didn't figure out until June 27. Seems that the subject line of "My Sister's Pussy" triggered some sort of filtering device. My apologies to all who may have sent in a comment before that date... regretfully, I didn't receive any of them. Thanks... Art

The fact that the thought police was censoring your subject material strikes me as funny, in a rather bizarre way: See! Your not really paranoid, they really are out to get you!




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