(Mf, MFf, MMFf, cheat, oral, spank, mast)

by Art Martin

Christmas was over and New Year’s Eve loomed ahead

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Christmas was over and New Year’s Eve loomed ahead. I, for one, was happy all the Christmas bullshit was over with. What with all the frigging relatives, mountains of food, the stupid presents that no one would remember, not to mention all the imminent bills to pay for it all; I was ready for some quiet time. Best of all, my wife and my three daughters had left for New York at the invitation of my sister, who has more money than good sense. They would be gone for a whole week! Including New Year’s! It was to be a girls-only affair so I wasn’t invited… oh, poor me! I didn’t even have to come up with a lame excuse to beg off the shopping trip. Another frigging shopping trip, just days after Christmas! Don’t they ever give it up?

I had planned on taking the family skiing, but the New York thing was just too good for my ladies to pass up. Maybe we’ll go skiing in February. As soon as I heard I was going to have some free time, I immediately formulated plans to bring in the New Year at my favorite tittie bar, ogling young flesh and plying them with cash for lap dances and perhaps something a little more.

They had left the day before and here I was, minding my own business, reading a good novel when the phone rang. Grumbling at the intrusion, I put my book down and answered, “Mayer residence.”

“Is Hope there?” asked the cheery teenage voice over the handset.

“No, she’s not,” I replied wearily. Don’t these girls know to call the kids on their cell phones and not bother me?

“When is she going to be home?”

“Next week.”

“Oh…” said the now not-so-cheery teenage voice.

“Is this Jena?” I asked for no particular reason other than I recognized her mild Southern accent and harbored fantasies of getting into her mother’s panties.

“Yes, Mr. John, it is.”

“Were you a good little girl?” I asked somewhat lecherously. Then I quickly added, “Did you have a Merry Christmas?”

“Yes, that is until we got home from Gramps. You would believe that my mom forgot to pay the electric bill? They cut off the power! We don’t have lights, heat, hot water or anything!”

“Well, uh…”

“Could I come over to your house for a while? You know, warm up and take a hot shower?”

Ever being the sucker for a sob story, I answered, “Sure, Sweetie. Come on over.” I hung up the phone and gazed out the window. It was grey and dreary, but at least the snow had stopped. “Hmmm,” I thought.

Jena’s mom, Heather, was notoriously late with her bills. This wasn’t the first time the power had been turned off. Last time it was nearly a week before Heather scraped up enough cash to get it turned back on again. In my mind I visualized Jena’s mom, big breasts, a wild mane of auburn hair, piercing green eyes, and that terrific ass. Then I visualized her naked and ready to fuck. It was a nice image, made all the more probable as she seemed to have a new boy friend about every other week. Lucky bastards! My wife held Heather in disdain, characterizing her as a slut. Me, I have no problem with sluts, especially sluts as attractive and sexy as Jena’s mom.

The thought crossed my mind that I should invite them both to stay with me until the crisis was over, and maybe I could help her out provided she helped me out. I would have to get some rubbers; with all her sex partners, I certainly couldn’t chance it. How could I ever explain to my wife how she caught VD?

That’s when the serious flaws of “the plan”, as it was, came to the forefront. Jena was one of my middle daughter’s friends. Not her best friend, but a running buddy nonetheless. Fucking her mother while she was in another room just wouldn’t work at all. There was also the chance that one of the neighbors would see them coming and going. As tempting as it was, I decided to be prudent and let the opportunity pass… provided I couldn’t come up with a better plan.

Sitting back down, I took up my book and continued reading. In a few minutes I caught sight of Jena trudging through the damp cold carrying a knap sack that presumably held her clean clothes. Again I put down my book and got up to let her in.

I opened the door before she had a chance to knock. “C’mon in, before you freeze to death!” Bundled up, Jena scurried through the door and into the warm interior. I offered her some coffee as it was the only thing I had that was hot. Graciously she accepted and after taking a few sips, removed her wool hat, ski jacket and gloves. She was her mother’s daughter all right. I made a wild guess that her mother was only fifteen or so when she had conceived this charming girl.

“So where’s Hope?” the young redhead asked.

“In New York with her mother and sisters.”

“Cool! I love it there! Gramps took me last spring.” She took another sip of her coffee and cocking her head asked, “You’re here alone?”

“Yes, until you arrived.” Hearing that, a mischievous smile came across her face.

“So, what is your mother doing about the power?” I asked.



“She’s in Vail. Left yesterday with Ronnie.”

“She left you alone?”

“She told me to go stay with a friend. My boy friend stayed over last night with me, but he had to go out of town today. Then they cut the power this morning! I was hoping that maybe… maybe I could stay here?”

“Hope’s not here.”

“I know,” she replied with a coy smile. “Is it okay if I go take a shower now?”

Stunned, I watched as she strolled up the stairs towards Hope’s room. Did she say what I just heard her say? She had shacked up with her boy friend last night? Could she stay here, with me, until her mother returned? Was she just being a prick tease or was her come on to me for real? Naw! No way! Hell, I’m nearly three times her age!

“Uh, Jena!” I called out. She stopped halfway up and turned towards me. “If you want, you can use my bath. I have a nice big shower, big enough for two.”

“Really? How sweet! Well, okay! That is, if you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all. Just make yourself at home.”

Jena descended the stairs and headed for the master suite. I seriously considered following and calling her bluff, but I thought better of it. Christ, she’s only sixteen, maybe seventeen! I was never really good at remembering birthdays and things, but the more I thought about it, I convinced myself that she was probably older than Hope. Yeah, she might be legal! Best if I just played it cool and see where things went.

I went back to my book, but found it hard to get back into it, my mind being on the sumptuous young girl, naked in my shower. In my mind’s eye I formed a vision of her soaping up her ample breasts and basically running her hands all over her young body, touching all the places I wished I could touch.

I thought about what she had said, about her mother being gone and the power off. What an irresponsible cunt her mother was! Poor girl really did need a place to stay. What she had suggested wasn’t meant to be sexual at all. It was just my own fetid imagination running amok. Still, no way could she stay here. It just wouldn’t look right no matter how noble my intentions were. Mentally I ran down a list of Jena’s and Hope’s mutual friends and prepared myself to make a few phone calls on the unfortunate girl’s behalf.

Having gotten my mind out of the gutter, I was able to pick up the storyline of my book again. I don’t know how long she took, but I finished the chapter I was on and was six pages into the next when Jena entered the den. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, piled high on her head and she was wrapped in one of my wife’s thin silk robes. Immediately my eyes went up her shapely bare legs… damn, was my wife’s robe really that short? Scanning upward, my eyes came to rest on the hard nipples that were molded into the thin material. My prick responded normally to the visual stimuli.

As usual for girls her age, she was on her phone talking to someone. She turned away for a moment while chatting it up, giving me a great view of the curvature of her sweet ass, the silk having sculpted around each ripe buttock. While she talked she turned this way and that, as if she was modeling the robe for me. Oh, fuck me!

Snapping her phone shut, she turned to me and asked innocently, “Mr. John, do you know where there is a hair drier?”

“Uh, sure,” I replied even though I actually didn’t have clue as to where one might be hidden. Getting up from my easy chair wasn’t easy, not with the stiff pole that was awkwardly positioned in my pants. I tried my best to be cool and discrete about it, but hell, I couldn’t stand up straight without making an adjustment.

“Must be a good book,” she giggled sending me into a fit of embarrassment. As interesting as my book was, it wasn’t arousing in the least.

“Uh, yeah,” I replied without further comment.

Bravely I led the way back to the master bath to find her a hair dryer amongst my wife’s belongings. I was rummaging around through various drawers when something caught her eye. Quickly she picked up a small box and opened it.

“What’s this?” she asked displaying the two shiny ben-wa balls.

“Uh, uh, uh,” I stammered. How could I explain to this high school girl that my wife shoves them up her cunt when we go dancing, and that by the end of the evening she is positively desperate for me to fuck her silly? “I dunno, uh… they’re Carol’s. Better put them back.”

“But what are they for?”


“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed, Mr. John,” she giggled while rolling the balls around in the box. Shit, how did she know what those things were? Or did she? Mercifully she closed the box and put it back where she found it.

A few minutes later I discovered the hair dryer, somehow hidden in the very first place that I had looked. Jena thanked me and sat at the vanity. Pulling the towel from her head, her wet red hair cascaded to her shoulders. “Ya wanna dry it for me?” she asked.

Being the head of a houseful of women, I was pretty expert at those sorts of things. I thought, ‘What the hell? Why not?’ Okay, I’m lying. Actually I had always avoided those sorts of tasks, but under the present circumstances; the circumstance being the robe had opened enough to provide a tantalizing glimpse at her tits, especially when viewed from above.

I did my best not to pull on her hair, but it seemed to always be getting tangled in the knobby brush I was using. On the positive side, each time I nailed her good, she’d jerk and the robe opened a little more. Never once did she attempt to pull the robe closed. By the time I had her hair dry, the robe had opened so much that I could clearly see the valley between the swell of her hills, the robe still strategically covering the little capping peaks that I knew to be there.

Looking up from my handy work and taking my eyes from lovely view from above, our eyes met in the mirror. I’d seen that that sultry look before, and not from any of my daughters. In that instant, I knew that all I had to do was push the robe from her shoulders and… a low groan escaped from my throat as I was hopelessly bewitched by her youthful beauty reflected in the mirror.

“Oh, baby, you’re magnificent,” I whispered in her ear as my brain shifted to idle and the brain in my cock took over. Recklessly I pushed the shoulders of the robe outward just slightly, not enough to expose her, but more than enough to announce what I wanted. She responded by deftly unfastening the belt with one hand, allowing the robe to fall open slightly, exposing not only the valley between her ripe tits, but also swell and the V of her mons. What little blood was left in my brain rushed to my already hard dick, causing it to ache and throb in anticipation with a hardness I have seldom experienced before.

Her head turned and our lips met, her tongue driving into my mouth to lash about with my tongue while my hands slid over her shoulders to automatically cup her delightfully firm titties.

Kneading her tits through the thin silk robe and feeling the stiff pearls of her nipples was fine for the moment, but soon I needed more and slid my hands under the robe, and over the young bare boob flesh. Capturing her pebble like nipples between my fingers, I began to roll her nipples and molest her at will. For my efforts I was rewarded with a throaty moan into my mouth.

I broke off the kiss for a moment and looked into the mirror. Her expression said everything I really needed to know. Wanting even more, I opened the robe further and slid it over her shoulders, revealing a sight I shall never forget, that of a young female, nude, beautiful and perfect in every way. The vision before me wasn’t my middle daughter’s friend or even possible jailbait, but a fine sexy young woman, willing and eager to carnally rut and mate.

My hands returned to their task. Jena smiled back at me in the mirror as I wantonly felt her up and toyed with her ruby nipples. There was no question in my mind where this was heading. Like an errant asteroid captured by Earth’s gravity, there was going to be a cataclysmic event. Nothing short of her mother walking into the room would prevent it.

Nuzzling into her neck I nastily whispered into her ear, “I’m going to fuck you, darling.” Jena turned her head upward and our lips met again in a smoldering kiss. “Would you like for me to fuck you? Would you like for me to fill your sweet cunt with my hard cock?” She never actually said “yes” as I rammed my tongued into her mouth, but there was no doubt in my mind that she wanted to fuck.

The question, ‘Have you ever been fucked before?’ seemed moot, her body language had answered that question. Instead I rephrased it whispering, “You ever been fucked by a man?” Again I didn’t give her the chance to answer, but she nodded in the affirmative. I momentarily considered that she thought that the boys she’d fucked were men, but quickly regarded the question to be irrelevant, as I had all the answers I actually needed. I certainly wouldn’t have raped her, but I also seriously doubt that at that point I would have taken ‘no’ for an answer. I was going to fuck her and she wanted me to fuck her; that’s all that mattered.

Removing my hands from her succulent breasts, I slid my hands under her arms and lifted her up, leaving my wife’s silk robe behind. As I turned her, one hand smoothly transitioned to her shapely butt, the other to her upper back. Effortlessly I lifted the girl into my arms. “One last chance,” I said before taking a ruby nipple into my mouth briefly. “So, you wanna screw, Sugar?”

Jena smiled broadly back at me and softly said, “Let’s go, Mr. John.”

“Yeah, let’s go, Baby,” I huskily replied.

It was only a few steps into the bedroom where I deposited her on the bed. Not giving her even a moment, I grabbed her ankles and spread her open, revealing her coral colored vulva and her neatly trimmed auburn bush. I laid a kiss to an ankle and began kissing up her calves to her thighs. All the while our eyes were locked together. I kissed, nibbled and sucked at the succulent flesh of her inner thighs. Halfway to heaven, I caught the scent of her arousal. Her eyes began to widen as I approached her aromatic puss, licking and kissing the crease between her thighs and vulva. As tempting as it was, I didn’t just dive into her muff, but bypassed it for a moment, kissing up her mound to her navel and then higher and higher until I was making circles with my tongue around her nipples.

Jena grabbed my head gently and hugged me into her ample mound of tit, encouraging me to suckle, not that I need any encouragement. Alternately my tongue swirled around the stiff bud and then I sucked, pulling away until her nipple popped nosily from my mouth, only to be captured again and again. She began squirming. Knowing her nipple was getting sensitive, I switched tactics, nibbling and gently biting until she was trying to shove my head away with her hands.

Showing her no mercy I grabbed her by the wrists and held her arms above her head as I renewed my oral attack on her turgid nipple. Her moans and groans had become louder, much louder. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Please, I… Ahhh! Ahhh!” Her protests only made me gnaw on her sweet tit even more, pulling her nipple outward with my teeth until it snapped back in place. Soon she was trembling beneath me as the pleasure/pain became too much to bear. Her breasts flushed as her body stiffened and then shuddered with the release of climatic energy, causing her tits to resume jiggling like they were mounds of Jell-O. Only then did I release her nipple, only to repeat the process with the other one.

By the time I finished with her second teat, she was soaked in a sweat. Gazing down at her with unconcealed sexual hunger, I found her to be so exquisite, so deliciously fuckable as she lay there with her red hair splayed across her neck and the pillow, her young bare breasts heaving and her eyes tightly shut as she basked in the afterglow of sensory overload.

Again my mouth went to her skin, this time on her heaving tummy to lick into her navel before descending to her young sweet twat. By this time her musky female scent had appreciably increased and much to my delight, her pussy was now copiously seeping juices. Jena lewdly spread her legs wide, inviting me to feast upon her sex. My tongue lashed out to taste her nectar, licking up her slit with the flat of my tongue. I licked up her slit, several times, like licking ice cream, each time gathering her tasty dew. Then I traced up her moist slit with just the tip of my tongue, probing a little deeper with each pass, licking up the crease between her outer and inner lips, alternating sides with each pass.

By this time her hips were involuntarily moving, rotating as I feasted on her cunt. Her moaning had become more pronounced, especially when my tongue settled on pleasuring her clit. God, how I love to eat a hot woman! If I had keeled over at that moment and died, I would have died a happy man. Using my thumbs to separate her soft hair-fringed vaginal lips, I savagely rammed my long tongue deep into her cunt, tongue fucking her while my nose took over rubbing her clit. Her hip motion transitioned into humping my face as her climax built. Sensing that she was near, I pulled my face away from her cunt. Jena face instantly transformed from an expression of contented bliss and contorted into an expression of disappointed disapproval. Her eyes fluttered opened and I ran two fat fingers up her sopping wet cunt. She was no virgin.

She let out of a cry that spoke of her approval as I began finger fucking her and deep massaging the puffy bump on the fore wall of her cuntal tunnel. Almost simultaneously, my thumb bore down on her clit to rapidly palpitate the bundle of nerves. With a blissful cry, her back arched, lifting her ass off the bed momentarily before her hips went wild as the sexual firestorm seared her inner being. Twisting and writhing in ecstasy as I brought her off, a scream of joyful abandon filled the room, loud enough that I was afraid the neighbors would hear.

The more she trashed about, the more I thrust my fingers into her spasmodic cunt until she finally just sort of collapsed back onto the bed. By this time her legs were tightly shut, trapping my hand. As she labored to catch her breath, I pried her legs open with my free hand and an elbow and watched in fascination as her cunt lips pulsated around my fingers. She was now ready to be fucked.

I stood up at the end of my bed and slowly began unbuttoning my shirt. I suppose I could have hurriedly stripped off my clothes and plunged into her, but I wanted Jena to be fully aware of the moment my fat cock head parted her labia and began penetrating deep into her young vagina. Besides, I had all night to have my way with her. Indeed, I had days and days to fuck this teen girl silly.

I peeled off my shirt and removed my shoes and socks; then I dropped my slacks. Jena’s eyes fluttered open and she looked at me smiling winsomely. She’d seen me several times before in my swim trunks lounging about the pool, while stealing furtive glances at my daughters’ bikinied friends. I unsnapped my boxers and let them fall to the floor.

Her eyes got wide as she saw first hand the size of my man organ, its full eight inches of thick fuck stick standing proudly. “You’re huge!” she gasped.

“You’re gonna love it,” I boasted.

“I don’t know if I can…”

“You will, Honey. It will fit,” I growled as I crawled up on the bed. Gripping the teen’s legs under her knees, I spread her open as I scooted up into the slot, jamming my knees under her thighs as I sat upright feasting my eyes upon the nubile beauty I was about to screw. Resting her back on several pillows, Jena had a good view of the thick cock nestling into her slit.

Her eyes were wide and filled with trepidation as I raked my fat drooling cockhead up and down her juicy snatch, lubing up for the main event. For eight or nine full swipes I teased the young girl, taking time to mash into her engorged clit each time I reached the nexus of her folds. On the last swipe my cockhead settled into the maw of her vagina. Instead of sliding up, I began sliding in. I raked my fat drooling cockhead up and down her juicy snatch, lubing up for the main event

I watched as her cuntal lips spread wider and wider until the coronal rim of my cockhead disappeared from sight. The narrow, elastic orifice expanded like a soft, rubber ring around the thickness of my glans as I pushed deeper. Jena arched her back driving her hips upward to receive my hard shaft deep inside her eager hole. God she was tight! Her large, firm breasts jiggled with her breathless whimpers and she gripped herself under her thighs to spread herself wider. Despite the tightness of her womanly sheath, the wetly lubricated inner walls of her cunt made entry relatively easy as half of my throbbing rod was engulfed.

I slowly withdrew, and then the soft, pliant walls of her vagina rippled aside again as my thick cock began its second plunge into her teenaged cock socket, pushing into her a little deeper and stretching her clinging sheath to size. With short advances and shorter retreats I penetrated, inch by thick inch, into the elastically yielding corridor, reveling in the marvelous sensations of her warm, all-enveloping wet flesh.

Slowly I thrust and retreated, alternately watching the passion-filled expression on her pretty face and watching my thick cock fucking into her and watching her tightly stretched cunt lips flexing in and out. From my vantage point, I could clearly see her engorged clit rotating back and forth as I fucked her, rubbing against the top side of my thickly veined stalk.

Soon I was bottoming out on her cervix. Each time I bottomed out against the tight barrier of her cervix, and each time, her cervix opened up little by little until I had my full eight inches buried into her to the root. Knowing that I would no longer cause her discomfort, I began to fuck her with increasing zeal. Energetically she was fucking back at me. On each inward stroke, my balls would swing forward and audibly slap against her upturned ass. On each outward stroke, lewd wet squishy noises rose from our joined genitals. Her breath was coming in short, puppy dog-like pants.

I lowered my torso over her, until her tits were rubbing against my bare chest. Our lips met and I drove my tongue deep into her mouth as I began to slam into her with each stroke. The headboard slammed into the wall with each hard authoritative thrust of my rampantly engorged cock into her young pussy.

Jena, it turns out, was quite the screamer as a high-pitched cry of pure animal lust announced her pleasure to the heavens. “Aaaaiiiieeee!” she wailed like a banshee. It must have been quite a racket, but except for Jena and me, there was no one home to hear it. “Unnggh! Unh! gphugh! Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yesssssss!!!! Oh, sweet fucking mercy! Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard! Yes, yes, oooohhhhh! Yessssss! Yesssss! Aaaaggghhhh!” She was moaning and screaming and crying and begging, as I relentlessly fucked her to a tumultuous climax.

She started coming violently, her cunt constricting in intense waves on my cock, her pussy wildly clenching the span and breadth of my insistently trusting shaft. A gush of moisture flooded around my cock and soaked my swinging ball sack. As her pussy spasmed around my intruding length, the feeling was incredible. Her orgasm slammed into her and washed over her like a tidal wave, her body quivering under me deliciously. For at least three minutes she quaked in orgasmic bliss, her screams now reduced to gasping, short squeaks and choking sounds.

Throughout her orgasm I fought to stave off my own climax, but to no avail. The moment and sensations were far too intense for me to last any longer. In a violent contraction, my fully charged prostrate sent a searing burst of thick, viscous semen shooting through my system along the full length of my bloated cock to explode into the depths of her ripe cunt, the pulsing vessels of my cock nearly bursting against her oh, so tight pussy. The sweet agony was so intense I cried out as my excited cock spurted out its seed. My universe shrunk down and was centered in my groin and penis as my boiling fuck juice spurted repeatedly out the tiny round slit and gushed into the depths of my daughter’s friend’s pulsating cunt.

Having consummated the primal act, I collapsed exhausted on top of her with the full weight of my 6 foot two, 220 pound frame. In the afterglow of a great cum we were both breathless, and quite unaware of anything around us. Neither she nor I cared or was aware that I was crushing her. However I was aware and relished the feel of her throbbing cunt caressing my still implanted dick as it slowly began to soften and shrink inside her.

“Mr. John. Mr. John,” she finally whispered. “I can’t breathe.”

Coming to my senses I mumbled, “Oh, sorry,” and lifted my weight off the poor girl. In doing so, my cock slithered from her cunt, letting a torrent of cum gush from her freshly fucked snatch to stain the sheets. Lifting her legs, I plunged back into her

I didn’t stay soft for long. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I lifted the little slut's legs and plunged back into her. Just then I heard, “Just what do you think you are doing with my daughter, John Mayer?” It wasn’t an angry voice, but it demanded an explanation. I spun about towards the doorway. I looked, but it just didn’t register. If I had my brain in idle for the past thirty minutes or so, it was now quite focused. “Well? Answer me, damn you!”

“Oh, shit!” I spat as the gravity of the situation hit home.

Jena’s mother, Heather, calmly stated, “You’re in deep shit, mister! She’s only sixteen you know. A minor! What do think your wife will do when she finds out? What do you think the police will do after they run a rape kit on her?”

Gut wrenching panic filled me as I realized that I was ruined! Carol would divorce me and strip me of everything, money, property, my business. Not only that, but I would be dragged through the courts as a sexual predator, a rapist, to be stripped of my freedom and sent to prison! My precious daughters would all hate and despise me! I would be a pariah even after I did my time.

Heather approached the bed. I thought for sure she would assault me, but she just calmly sat on the edge instead and looked me over. Expecting outrage and anger in her eyes, I was mystified when I thought I saw amusement instead. Yes, there was laughter in her eyes!

Not having the slightest clue on how to proceed, I stated, “You’re supposed to be in Vail.”

“No, we’re not going until tomorrow,” she answered.

“But, Jena said…”

“She misspoke,” Heather said with a grin. “You know, John, you are quite the handsome man. It would be a shame to let you go to waste.” There was moment of insight on my part. It was all a set up!

“What do you want, Heather?” I asked with just a hint of the indignation I felt.

“Now, John. Who says I want anything?”

”You sent her here.”

“Yes, because the electricity got turned off and we need a place to stay tonight.” She tossed her wild mane of auburn hair and haughtily declared, ”I never imagined that you’d take advantage of her!” There was a long pause, the faux righteous anger on her face mellowed. Reaching out, she touched my chest and let her fingers glide ever so lightly across my bare flesh and nipple. “But… seeing that you did, I think that maybe we can work something out to our mutual benefit.”

“Go on.”

“Well… You see, Ronnie was going to take us to Vail. I made all the arrangements and put down a non-refundable deposit on a ski package for three. Well, to make a long story short, his wife has other ideas and… well, I used my utilities money for the deposit, so I didn’t have the money to pay the electric bill and they cut off the power. Not only that, I’m going to lose the deposit. So, I could use a little help.” By this time her hand was lightly trailing across my limp dick still wet from copulating with her daughter.

“What do you need, Heather?”

“Just a little help, that’s all.”

“Spit it out.”

“Don’t get testy, John. You’re the one in trouble. I just want to help you out of it.”

Her playing with my dick was having an effect on me. “How much?”

“I just need to get the electric bill paid.”

“That’s all?”

“No. I really want to go skiing, so…”

“You want me to pay for your trip?”

“Oh, that’d be so nice, John!”

“Anything else?”

“Nothing comes to mind immediately, except we do need a place to stay tonight.” With that she leaned over and took my wet semi-erect cock in her mouth! Most women, novice or no, blanch at the idea of taking a man's dripping member, fresh and musky from a freshly spermed pussy into their mouth, especially from the pussy of another woman. But Heather, she slurped away with abandon, milking the last remnant drops of semen from my cock as well as cleaning her daughter’s juices from my shaft. She didn’t suck for long though, just long enough to give me the right idea about her.

Letting my newly stiffened cock from her lips, she smiled at me and said, “You have a magnificent cock, John. Do you think you can help us?”

What a deal! Without thinking much about it, I readily agreed.

“Good! You’re a sweetheart, you know. Now, I’d love to stay and play for while, but our flight leaves in the morning and the travel agency closes in two hours. So, put your pants on and let’s go!”

Turning to her naked daughter, she said, “You can come with us, Jena or you can stay and take a nap.”

“I’ll stay, Mom. I’m really tired.”

“I imagine you are, baby. But don’t sleep too long. Get up in a half hour and get dressed so we can go out to dinner tonight.” Heather turned to me, “Dinner. That’ll be alright, won’t it?”

“Uh, sure,” replied as I pulled on my boxers. In a few minutes I was dressed and Heather and I were on our way to the travel agency.

“You can come with us tomorrow, if you want,” said Heather as I pulled out of the garage. “We’ll be back on the second. Carol and your girls won’t be back until the third.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said with uncertainty.

“Well, the package is for three, whether three go or not. Of course I could call a friend and they could go.”

“A male friend?”

“Of course, a male friend. I don’t plan on skiing the whole time,” she laughed. “Oh, come on, John. It’ll be fun! Besides, you’re paying for it. Don’t you think that you should enjoy all the benefits?”

She had a point. Before my sister came up with the New York trip, it had been my plan to go skiing. Carol had convinced me to take the family later, over the President’s Day holiday in February. I could stay home and do nothing, or I could go and have a really good time. Besides, why should I pay for some other guy to have all the fun while I only had my hand for company?

“Yeah, sure, why not?” I replied, knowing deep down that this really wasn’t a good idea. What the fuck, I was a creative sort, I’d come up with something. By the time we got to the travel agency, I had begun formulating a plan. I paid for the ski package using my business credit card so that only my accountant would ever see the charges. He would never ask questions.

Then we got to the utility company before they closed. Again, I paid for the four-month bill with my business credit card. Carol would never get wind of that either.

Returning home, Jena wasn’t dressed yet. Her mother prodded her into action. While we waited, I got better acquitted with Heather’s consummate skill as a cocksucker. Sitting on the bed with her daughter in the bath getting ready, Heather huskily asked, “Do you like blowjobs? Do you like a woman’s mouth sucking your cock?”

“Yes, I do,” I honestly relied in a near whisper. “Do you like sucking a man’s cock?”

“No, I love sucking a man’s cock,” she hissed as she unbuckled my belt, “especially a big cock as nice as yours.” In no time she had my jeans open. I raised my hips as she pulled my jeans and boxers off my hips and pushed them down around my ankles. With my cock out and available, Heather gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the bed with my feet flat on the floor. The numerous pillows my wife insists upon, provided a handy back rest.

Heather got down on the floor. With my ankles constrained by my jeans, she spread my knees apart. With a sultry look in her green eyes, she toyed with my rigid cock for a moment. Then keeping eye contact, she lowered her sultry lips to my waiting dick. Grinning up at me, she kissed the tip. Her tongue lashed out, making maddening circles around my glans, causing my legs to twitch. Then with just the tip of her tongue, she licked down the ridge along the underside of my shaft, causing me to gasp in pleasure. Running her lashing tongue up and down my shaft she paused to kiss first my left and then my right testicle. I felt her then licking up from my balls with the broad flat of her tongue to the tip of my happy dick.

She worked her mouth over my erection, caressing me with her tongue, and then slowly withdrew, dragging her full lips along my length. When she reached the glans, she let my cock pop completely out of her mouth. Our eyes still locked, she opened her lips and took me into her mouth again. I closed my own eyes and let my head fall back, lost in the wonderful sensations created by her talented lips and lingual digit.

I was off in another world when my reverie was disturbed by the sound of Jena’s voice, “Okay, Mom, I’m ready!”

Heather pulled off my cock for a moment, her lips and my cock still joined by a strand of spittle until it broke. “In a minute, Honey,” her mother said, “Mommy’s busy.” Then she engulfed me once again. It struck me as quite hot and nasty to have Jena standing there watching as her mother noisily sucked my cock. Watching the daughter watching us, I felt my prostate rapidly priming for another cum.

Heather felt my cock swell and renewed her efforts. She moaned in pleasure as the first spurt gushed over her talented tongue, and then she held her lips tight around my girth. While my sperm surged into her mother’s mouth, the daughter and I smiled at each other. This certainly promised to be one hell of a winter vacation!

Knowing I had an unbelievably good thing going, I took my two new playmates to a nice steakhouse across town where nobody would recognize us. Neither Heather, nor Jena was shy about ordering the filet/lobster combo, the single most expensive meal on the menu. I stuck with a strip steak. A two hundred fifty dollar tab later, we were on our way back home.

First order of business was to get Heather’s car away from the front of my house where it was sure to draw the attention of my neighbors. Back at Heather’s, I waited patiently in the frigid house while the girls got their bags together. It wouldn’t be until sometime tomorrow, when we were gone, that power would be restored. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as they were essentially ready to go.

We were all chilled when we returned to my house for the evening. I was wondering what the sleeping arrangement would be tonight and decided that most likely Heather and I would sleep together while Jena slept in Hope’s bed. I was dispelled of that notion when Heather suggested that the three of us take a hot shower together to warm up.

I was very happy that when we built this house, my wife had insisted on a large walk-in shower. There was plenty of room for two, but three was quite cozy. Merrily I soaped up Heather’s big jugs and then soaped up her daughter’s ample hooters. No one objected to my through cleaning of their pussies, and no one objected when I pressed a soapy finger into an anus or two. In return, I was treated to a soapy hand job by Jena while her mother’s long finger probed deep into my ass for my prostrate. Next thing I knew, Jena was on her knees, randily sucking my dick while her mother continued to finger my ass.

I didn’t want to cum in the girl’s mouth, not that I would have really minded, but what I really wanted was to sink my dick into her tight teen pussy again. Pulling Jena to her feet, I turned her around and had her brace herself against the wall. With the hot water beating down on us, I stroked her shapely buttocks before squatting to position my cock. Nestled between her nether lips, I stood, running the full length of my thick dick up into her young clasping fuck hole. The penetration seemed more complete than it had earlier.

Stretched by our previous fucking, her receptive young cunt was a soggy, quivering mess, a swamp of lust and heated desire. Lasciviously she ground her ass into my hard-pressing loins. The wet slippery walls of the impaled girl's cunt clung to the mass of my throbbing rod, sucking at it, the rippling walls of her sex contracting hard against my girth.

Slowly I withdrew and then slammed back up into her, her grunt and the sound of the impact of my groin against her water soaked ass cheeks could be heard over the roar of the cascading shower. Her mother still had her finger stuck up my butt and she pressed even harder into me. In slow motion I withdrew again and then plowed back inside the daughter causing her entire body to quake with the impact.

Heather pressed her volumous tits into my back as she leaned into me to whisper. “Fuck her, John. She loves to fuck as much as I do. Fuck her as much as you want, however you want. But save some for me, lover.” Urged on by her mother, I began to fuck in and out of the beautiful teen’s cunt from behind. In response, Jena began yelling, “Fuck me! Fuck me you bastard! Oh, yesssss! Yessssss! Oh, harder! Harder! Harder! Uhh, uhh, uhh, ahh, ahh, yes-s-s-s-s!!!" I couldn’t fuck her any harder unless I knocked her off her feet, but I mercilessly pounded away at her nonetheless. “Uhh... unhh... I'm cuuuumming... unhh! Oh, fuccccckkkkkk!" she squealed with the unbridled ecstasy of a bitch in heat.

“Come on my dick, baby!” I yelled. “Come on my dick you slutty little whore!” She seemed to enjoy the nasty words of endearment. “Come on my fucking cock, bitch!” Her cunt clamped down hard on my pistioning rod, making it difficult to penetrate her fully. Her cries of pleasure turned into a moaning-like wail that ended as though choked off in a guttural huffing series of grunts. “That’s it you little tramp! Squeeze my cock, you cock loving whore!”

Suddenly her arms gave way. She nearly tore my dick off as she slumped down unto the tile floor of the shower. In triumph, I stood over the ravished girl. My victory was only temporary as her mother ripped her finger from my ass and spun me around. “Now do me, god damn you! Fuck me!” she spat. I spun her around and she took up the same position as I had fucked her daughter in. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried as I gave her the same treatment with a savage rear entry into her oft-fucked pussy. “You’re big!” she grunted. “Oh, fuck! God, yes, fuck me like a whore!”

“You are a whore!” I hissed.

“Yes, I’m a whore. I’m your whore, Daddy. Now fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck my poor little pussy hard!”

This whole “daddy” thing introduced a whole new element to our little orgy. I don’t know why, but it really sent me into a frenzy. Both Heather and I were yelling and cursing as we fornicated. Having cum twice in the past few hours, I was able to give Heather the long hard screwing she craved, giving her several orgasms as I fucked her. But before I came, the hot water finally ran out. Even with four females in the house, we had never run out of hot water before. All three of us hooted and hollered as the icy water pummeled us. I pulled out real quick from Heather’s quivering puss and hopped out of the shower with Heather close behind and squealing with laughter. Poor Jena had to scramble to her feet before she could escape.

I tossed each a fresh towel before turning the water off. Then I set about helping them dry off. The cold water had caused the nipples of both women to pucker up invitingly. Having already laved over Jena’s tits, I took her mother’s nipple into my mouth. Heather’s hands pulled my head into her breast as she cooed with approval. It was rather uncomfortable standing on the cold tile of the bathroom so I led the two females to my bed.

Heather lay back, invitingly fondling her big tits, squeezing them together and making them appear even larger. I lay next to her and resumed suckling her meaty teat. Jena crawled in bed on the other side of her mother and reaching over, began fondling the tight sack of my shriveled balls. Jena and I locked eyes. Unsure just how far things could go and feeling bold, I pulled off momentarily and sat up, straddling the teen’s legs. Rubbing my semi-hard dick on her belly I told the young girl, “Suck your mother’s tit.” With her mother at her side, I rubbed my semi-hard prick on the young girl's belly

Heather bolted upright, exclaiming, “No!” as she covered her nipples with her hands. “What do you think I am? A pervert?”

“Relax, baby. I bet you’ll enjoy it.”

“Not with my daughter, for Christ’s sake!”

“I thought this was a three way?”

“It is and it isn’t. John, you can do whatever you want with either of us, but… don’t make us do anything together.”

“You don’t enjoy a little girl on girl?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course I do, but there’re limits.”

“What limits? There doesn’t seem to be any limits with you two.”

“Yes, there are! She’s my daughter. I don’t do incest!”

I thought back to the frenzied fucking in the shower and how she called me, Daddy. “How old were you when you had Jena?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“You can’t be older than thirty. She’s sixteen.”

“She’s eighteen,” the mother corrected.

“You were what? Fourteen?”


“Who knocked you up? Your Daddy?” Heather looked away quickly and in doing so answered my question. It explained a lot. This was an expensive neighborhood. How is it that she could afford the nice home she lived in even though she couldn’t pay the electric bill on time. How is it that she could afford the nice car she drove, the nice clothes even though she hardly ever worked.

“What do you do for a living?” I asked.

She turned back to me and answered, “I’m an artist. I paint.”

“Yes, I seemed to remember that, but do you make any money painting?”

“I make some,” she replied defensively.

“But obviously you don’t make enough doing that to afford your lifestyle.”

“I get help.”

“From men?”

“Yes, from men.”

“Grandpa bought us our house,” interjected Jena.

“He did? And the Lexus?”

“Yes,” answered Heather.

I put my lips close to the mother’s ear and whispered, “And grandpa is her daddy too?”

“Yes,” she whispered softly.

“Do you hate your father?”

“No, not at all. He’s wonderful to Jena and me.”

“He fucks Jena too?” No reply.

Suddenly she turned to me and asked, “Do you want to see a video of two girls getting after it?”

“Jena and who?”

“Jena and Hope.” The tables had turned. “How about a teen sex party? Want to see your baby girl getting fucked? Getting fucked by three guys?” I was speechless, but with Jena’s continuing fondling of my dick and nuts, I was hard too and my nuts felt like lead. It was time to change the subject. Boldly I moved on top of Heather.

“Yeah, I’d like to see them,” I hissed as I entered her.

Her legs wrapped around my hips. “We’ll have to stop by the house and pick up the DVD’s before we go to the airport. Now shut up, and fuck me proper.”

For the next five minutes we had a leisurely screw in the missionary. I rolled us both over with her on top. Heather sat up and began rising and falling on my upright prong, grinding herself into me while I mauled and molested her full tits. The look on her face was one of pure contentment as her vaginal muscles massaged my tool. Surprisingly, she dismounted after five minutes or so.

“Okay, Baby,” she said to Jena, “it’s your turn to fuck Daddy.”

The beautiful teen swung her legs over me and straddled me. Right away I noticed that her pussy lips were swollen. Reaching down she grasped my cock and aimed it between her legs. The hot flesh of her engorged labia seared the tip of my cock with her heat as she impaled herself. She was still tighter than her mama, but her cunt swallowed my dick easily. It was amazing just how different her cunt was from her mama’s. Her young birth canal was certainly tighter than her mother’s, but she didn’t have anywhere near the muscular control her mother demonstrated. Still it was heavenly to feel her sliding up and down over my dick and I certainly enjoyed the feel of her massive young tit flesh in my hands.

Heather lay next to me and began kissing me while her daughter and I fucked. “You wish it was Hope you are fucking,” she whispered. “I bet she’s a tight fuck too,” she whispered nastily. “Yeah, fuck your daughter, you perverted bastard. Fuck her all you want.”

Closing my eyes, I entered the fantasy Heather was painting, of Hope riding my cock. With a start my eyes flew open and I muttered, “Jesus!” as the perversity of it all hit me. Heather laughed lightly and between sloppy kisses she murmured, “Fuck her, Daddy. She loves to fuck. Fuck her young sweet pussy.”

On and on through into the long winter night, we fucked and sucked, fucked and sucked, swapping out pussies every ten minutes or so and forcing me to rest momentarily. I really need to cum, and pass out, but Heather knew just what she was doing by making me last and last until my pecker was getting sore. Finally she coaxed me into blowing my load into her insatiable cunt. Immediately upon the last diminutive spurt, my dick collapsed exhausted. I was truly spent and within moments I was fast asleep.


Morning came and I was gently awakened to the pleasant experience of having my ass cheeks kissed and my asshole licked. I reached back to spread my buns apart and was rudely rewarded with a finger up the butt.

“Shit!” I exclaimed in surprise. The finger retreated and I received a sharp slap on the ass. “Ow!” If I wasn’t awake before, I was now.

I heard Heather’s lilting laugh as she patted my behind. “Wake up sleepy head! We’ve got to go!”

I looked over at the digital clock and remarked, “We have plenty of time.”

“Holiday travel, remember? The line at security will take forever. C’mon, John. You still haven’t packed. You really need to get a move on it, or we’ll miss our flight.”

She was right; I wasn’t packed. In fact I wasn’t prepared in the slightest. “Oh crap!” I yelped knowing I had to get my act together pronto.

I found underwear, shirts, jeans and other common items without any problem, but when it came to locating my ski bib and other ski clothing, I was at a loss. It has always been a mystery to me as to where Carol hides all my stuff, and this morning was no different except I couldn’t very well call her to find out where things were. I was on my own.

Rummaging through drawer after drawer with no luck, I was cursing up a storm. Did she throw the stuff away? Heather suggested that I look for my things up in the attic.

“What would it be doing in the attic?” I asked.

“How often do you use that stuff? Carol probably packed it away in a trunk and put it in the attic.”

I was skeptical, but seeing that I knew for sure that my skis, poles and boots were up there, I decided to give it a try. I had absolutely no trouble locating my skis and sure enough there several trunks up there that could be hiding my stuff. Upon opening the first one I found Carol’s wedding dress and some other items that should have been discarded years ago. I tried another, but found it filled with old stuffed animals… I even recognized a few as old favorites of my oldest daughter. Heather climbed up the stairs and joined me. Immediately she says, “Have you tried this one?”


“It’s plainly marked SKI STUFF,” she said wryly. Why didn’t I see that?

Opening the trunk I found everything I needed; bib, socks, long johns, turtle necks, three pairs of gloves as well as my knit hat, goggles, and several sweaters and a down vest. All I needed now was to find my ski jacket and I had a good idea where that was… in my closet.

I hauled all my gear down along with a suitcase. Back in my bedroom, I began throwing all my junk in the suitcase. Heather frowned at me and took over, neatly folding and packing everything so that it fit. That only left me to get my Dobbs kit and it was always packed for a quick business trip.

I was ready to go, but Heather suggested that we change the bedding. Not a bad idea considering all the pecker tracks and stains from last night’s fuck fest.

After everyone had a last minute pee, we were off. As soon as I pulled out of the garage, I wished we had left for the airport sooner. During the night a freezing drizzle had coated everything with a thin rind of ice… the freeways were going to be a disaster! But even before we had gotten started, Heather insisted that she needed to pick something up from her house.

While her mother ran inside, Jena and I sat my Jeep Cheerokee. Jena was in the back, so I turned to take a look at the young meat that was now mine for the having. We didn’t speak, the sparkle in her green eyes and the knowing smile said it all. I could fuck her here and now if I wanted. Damn if weren’t tempting to do just that.

After only a few minutes, Heather came out, locked up her house and ran to the car. Pushing the red hair out from her eyes, Heather proudly showed me several homemade DVD’s. “I think you’ll enjoy these,” she said naughtily.

‘Oh, Christ!’ I thought. ‘She really does have fuck videos of Hope?’

I must’ve sat there dumbstruck for several moments before Heather slapped my thigh and ordered, “Well, come on, John. We gotta get!”

Amazingly we made slow, but steady progress towards the airport. The entire ride I alternately agonized over the treacherous road conditions and what was on those DVD’s.

Fortunately, the road crews had done a yeoman’s job of sanding the roadway, so it really wasn’t too much of a problem. Still, was I thankful that I had sprung for four-wheel drive when I bought my SUV, as it made traversing the overpasses a relatively easy task. Of course that did nothing to alleviate my dread and curiosity over the dirty movies.

Once at the airport, I lost another thirty minutes fruitlessly searching for a parking space. Even the remote lot was full. Damned holidays! Finally I bailed out, and went to one of those off-site parking lots with a shuttle service.

Finally we made it to the terminal. It was a long wait to check our bags and an even longer wait to make it through TSA security. Two thirds of their equipment was idle; seems they were shorthanded. Then it was the “five-mile” hike to our gate, which turned out to be the wrong gate. The gate we needed was a two miles back (or so it seemed when time is tight).

By the time we got to the correct gate, it was past the scheduled departure time. Fortunately (I guess), the incoming flight had been delayed due to bad weather in the Chicago area, so we sat and we sat. The hours ticked by at an excruciatingly slow pace. Then we were informed that the flight had been canceled.

The airline, ever so helpful, had us all rush off to another airline, three-miles away, only to find that they were booked up. Back to our original carrier, who miraculously came up with a spare aircraft and crew. They rushed us all off to a third gate, some distance past the first. With the urging of the gate crew to hubba-hubba, everyone piled in and found their assigned seats. Then we sat. Seems they didn’t have a full flight crew after all, but they assured us the new stew was making her way to the airport as they spoke. Liars! At some point to avoid a riot, they had mercy on us, and let us deplane. Oh, the joys of holiday travel!

Every passenger headed to the nearest restroom, which was some distance away from our gate. With emptied bladders, we filtered back in groups of twos and threes to gate where we waited for some word, any word. I recognized a couple who had the seats across the aisle from us. They were traveling with three kids who were nearly berserk with boredom, and decided to go get a bite to eat. No sooner had they left the gate area when the order to board was announced. Again we piled on and found our assigned seats. A cheer went up as the plane was backed out of the gate. I couldn’t help but notice that the hapless couple with the three kids wasn’t on board.

Finally we were airborne and on our way to Denver. It would be late afternoon before we arrived. Jena sat by the window with a great view of the solid cloud deck below. Heather sat next to her. I’m big man, not huge, just big so I had the aisle to get a little more legroom. Mother Nature called; I had to take another leak. Returning to my seat, I noticed the mischievous grins on the faces of my two lovely travel companions. Well, at least they are in a good mood, I thought. Heather got up and told me to sit between them.

Jena then produced a blanket and spread it over our laps. Heather lowered my tray table. With two hands rubbing both of my thighs under the blanket, I knew I was in for some high altitude fun. Sure enough, Jena’s hand moved from my thigh to rub my crotch. My cock immediately responded to the attention it was receiving. The harder it got, the more Jena rubbed and squeezed it. Jena’s hand was replaced by her mother’s hand. The mother then yielded back to her daughter. I felt Heather’s hand rise, and then the jerking motions as she unbuckled my belt. Deftly she popped open the button to my fly and unzipped me. Immediately a cool hand snaked its way into my boxers. Holy-tamoly! Heather whispered to me, “Lift up,” as she tugged at the waistband of my jeans. Being a good boy, I did as I was asked, letting her work my jeans and boxers down off my hips enough so that they both had free access to play with my cock.

Heather was rolling my balls around in her hand and Jena was smearing precum around my glans with her thumb when a stewardess came by to see if we needed anything. “We’re fine,” I croaked while the hands never stopped moving. The stew moved on and I flopped my head back muttering, “Oh, shit.”

“Are you alright, John?” asked Heather sweetly, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

“You two keep this up and I’ll blow,” I whispered back.

“Ooooo, don’t do that. You’ll make a mess,” she laughed lightly.

Heather’s hand rose up my shaft and Jena’s hand descended to my nut sack. Like the well-mannered girls they were, they shared their toy without any arguments. Back and forth they fondled me, teasing me without mercy, keeping me thoroughly stimulated but not too stimulated. Occasionally, Heather’s hand would cease its delightful torment, but only so long as it took her to lick her fingers of my salty emissions and add a little saliva to her play. I would nearly come out of my seat when her wet palm surrounded my throbbing cock to slide up and down the shaft a few times fist-fucking me. I must admit, passing the time while being molested like that was far more entertaining than perusing the Sky-Mall magazine.

As skillful as they were in keeping me on the edge, it was evident that they had played this tantalizing game before. Be that as it may, there is only so much that a man can take. My end came when Jena, lightly gripping my cock just under the head with her dainty fingertips, started rolling her fingers back and forth on that most sensitive spot of man’s anatomy. I thought she’d quit after a few minutes of rolling the terminus of my cock tube back and forth, but she didn’t. I knew I was a goner when the tingling feeling began moving up from my balls into thick base of my cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered. “I’m gonna cum.” Jena ignored me. Indeed, Heather’s hand rose from my nut sack to the base of my swelling penis. A wave of release went through me, as a pulse of thick liquid ecstasy erupted out of the bloated head of my cock. “Unnngh,” I moaned helplessly. A fraction of a second later, a second ecstatic release gushed forth from my cock. Then a third as I arched my body during that exquisite, tumbling sense of release.


“Shhhh! You’re too loud,” admonished Heather.

“Unnnngh,” I whimpered in intense pleasure. “Oh, fuck me…”

“I will, John, I will,” she joked, “but not here… Oh, my. You do make a mess, don’t you?” At that moment, making a mess was of little concern to me.

I felt Jena’s hand release my dick. I glanced over to thank her. She showed me her hand, covered with in thick globs of semen. Then with a sultry smile, she put her hand to her mouth to lick it clean. “Slut,” I whispered. She smiled again and continued her cat act. I knew then that these two would be the death of me.

From her handbag, Heather produced a washcloth that she used to clean me up some. Replacing the now sticky rag in her bag, she lifted my tray table to the upright and locked position. Over the intercom, the pilot announced our initial descent. Heather leaned over to me and said, “You better pull your pants up, John.” Then she yanked on the blanket, nearly exposing me to whoever might be looking.

“Don’t do that!” I protested while tugging back on the covering blanket.

Heather just playfully mocked me, repeating in a childish whine, “Don’t do that!”

Thinking she’d cooperate, I let loose of the blanket and reached under. In a flash, I was exposed, sitting there with my pants down and my cock out for all the world to see!

Three rows up the stew was collecting trash and heading our way. I was mortified; the girls were hysterically enjoying my plight. You ever try to pull your jeans up and get zipped up sitting in the close confines of a coach class seat? Believe me, it ain’t easy! I was nowhere near zipped up when the stewardess came by. At least my pants were up. I tried to conceal my opened fly with my hands, but from the stew’s expression, she knew I had been up to no good.

It was a relief not to be arrested upon departing the plane, but I was pointed out to the other stewardess by the snickering stewardess who saw me.

By that time we were all starved. There was no way we could wait until we made it to Vail to get something to eat, so we happily settled for wretched airport-fare. At least it curbed our appetite.

We caught a lucky break, the first break all day (excluding the delightful high-altitude handjob). The skies were clear over the mountains and the puddle-jumper had seats available for the short hop to Vail. A four-hour bus ride (part of the ski package) was the last thing I wanted to do this late in the day, so I sprung for the usurious airfare and we got on our way, making it to Vail (with all our luggage) just before sunset.

While waiting to board the commuter to Vail, I made a call to my wife in New York. Fortunately I got dumped to voicemail, so I didn’t need to answer any probing questions. I simply informed Carol that I had gotten a call from a client who insisted that we get together on some important matter, and that I was in Denver and going to meet him in Vail. “Love you. See you on the 3rd.” To preserve battery life (heh heh), I again switched off my cell phone.

Both Heather and Jena were white-knuckled the entire bumpy trip in the turboprop STOL equipped airplane. The greasy pizza we had wolfed down now came into play, as they both got airsick. Mercifully, the ride was short, and they didn’t make a mess. From the airport we caught a shuttle bus and fifteen minutes later we were dropped off at our condo.

The rental agent escorted us to our unit and gave us the combination to the electronic lock. The condo itself was very nice. It had a large bedroom with a king size bed, a sleeper sofa, an electric start gas fireplace, very nicely furnished in every way and with a hot tub out on the private balcony overlooking the ski lift.

After the queasy final leg our epic journey, no one was hungry enough to go out for something to eat. Once we were more or less settled in, it didn’t take much coaxing from me to get the girls naked and into the hot tub. The ladies sat on one side and I sat on the other. We basked in the hot bubbly water playing crotch/footsie across the tub. I had a foot pressing into two bare pussies while they competed rubbing my privates with a foot. Indirectly palpating their joy buttons with the balls of my foot, I easily won the game by getting off Heather and then Jena.

In the short time we had been there, the clear skies were gone and clouds had moved in. There’s something magical about relaxing in a hot tub at night with naked women while a light snow is falling down on you. Absolutely magical. With her mother just inches away and watching, Jena took my cock into her mouth

Braving the chill, I moved to the other side and stood, pressing my semi-flaccid cock into Jena’s face. With her mother just inches away and watching, Jena took my cock into her mouth. I was only good for a minute or so, before the snow and chill sent me back into the hot water, but as soon as I could, I rose and offered my cock to the mother. That was a fun game that lasted for several rounds, but it never got too far advanced as it was just too damned cold.

Crouching down in front of them, I had a fat tit in each hand. “Let me see. Which of you lovely cunts will be my first fuck tonight?” I posed.

“Well, I think that’s your choice, John,” said Heather. “But be careful. No matter who you choose,” she added with mock seriousness, “the other will be offended.”

“Why should I be put in that position? I’d fuck either of you in a heartbeat.”

“Choose, John. But choose carefully.”

“No, I have a better idea. You two will decide, with paper-rocks-scissors.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea!” gushed Jena. Jena liked games. “Best two out of three, Mom!”

Approving of the way I had maneuvered out of the “trap”, Heather gave me a sly smile, and acquiesced. She and her daughter turned to each other and began the schoolyard game. Tap, tap tap went the fits into the open hands. On three Jena showed scissors while her mom showed rock. Rock breaks scissors, so it was 1-0 Heather.

Tap, tap, tap. Again Jena chose scissors while her mom had switched to paper. Scissors cut paper, so it was tied 1-1.

Tap, tap, tap. They both chose rock. Redo. Tap, tap, tap. Jena showed paper, but Heather showed rock. Paper covers rock, so it was 1-2. Fair and square it was determined that I would first fuck the sumptuous hard-bodied teen.

Rising from the water, I offered my hand to the gorgeous redheaded teen slut. “Let’s go Jena. Time for a fuck.” I turned to her mother and added, “You wanna watch, Mama?”

“No, you two go ahead and have some fun. I’ll think I stay here a while and enjoy the snow.”

“Don’t get all wrinkly,” I warned.

Heather displayed her hands. “Too late for that.”

I led the young woman back inside the condo. Boy, that chill air hits you fast. Once we dried off, I took her in my arms and laid on a smoldering kiss. My hands went to her shapely butt and I pulled her into me. With her breasts rubbing into my chest and the certain prospect of copulating with her, my cock immediately rose to the occasion. As my organ engorged with blood, I rubbed it against her thighs. As it rose higher, I rubbed it into her soft belly.

“So, you wanna fuck little girl?” I asked between kisses.

“Mmmm,” smack, smack, “yes. I wanna fuck.”

Smack, smack. “My cock’s not too big for you?”

“Mmmm,” smack, “No, it’s just right,” smack.

“You like fucking old men?”

Smack, “You’re not old.”

Smack, smack, “Thank you sweet darling.” Smack, smack, “You’re incredibly beautiful, you know.”

“Hmmm,” smack, “You’re incredibly hard.”

“You’ve always given me a hard-on, little girl.”

“I know,” smack, “I know. Now,” smack, “what are you going to do with that,” smack, “lovely cock.”

“I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy with it.”

“Hmmm,” smack, “I’d like that. What are you waiting for?”

“You’re an eager cunt, aren’t you?”

Smack, smack, “Yes. I want to feel you inside me, filling me up.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, Baby. C’mon let’s you and me fuck.”

Taking her by the hand I led her to the sofa. I sat down and guided her to climb into my lap, straddling me, her legs folded behind her. She bent forward and we kissed again. Cupping her firm ass cheeks I pulled her forward until my unbending cock touched her pussy. She began rotating her hips, back and forth, sliding her wet slit across the head of my erection. Pushing me onto my back, she began rubbing the lush mounds of her freckled tits into my face.  Jena began rotating her hips, back and forth, sliding her wet slit across the head of my erection

Tracing the outline of one of her tempting aureoles with my tongue, I felt it immediately become pebbled as the red nipple swelled and projected between my lips. Gently I bit down on the rubbery nipple flesh. Arching her back in approval, the sliding stopped momentarily along her slippery cuntal slit. I pulled on her nip with my teeth until it popped free. She moaned and slumped down, and in doing so the tip of my cock entered her tight heavenly chamber. “Yesssss!” she hissed as my thick cock opened her up.

With a slight twisting motion of her hips she drove another inch of my dick up inside her. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, then offered her other tit for some loving abuse. Again I licked the pink nipple until it was hard and inviting. I bit the teat, this time a little harder but not hard enough to hurt and pulled it outward. Again she arched her back, forcing her nipple to be stretched until it popped from between my teeth. “Ughn!” she grunted and drove my dick into her another delicious inch.

“You’re big, Mr. John. Really big,” she said breathlessly. “It just won’t be the same with my boyfriends after you.”

“That’s too bad for them,” I replied before taking the offered nipple between my teeth again. She leaned back, forcing her nipple to stretch. Unwilling to release her, I bit down a little harder.

“Yessss,” she moaned salaciously in response to the increased torment she was receiving. Then it slipped free and snapped back. She threw herself forward and took two additional inches into the moist, seeping cavern of her hot young pussy.

I went for the tip of her other tit, but she covered her nip, and pleaded, “No more.” Brushing her hand away, I took the sore nipple into my mouth, swabbing it with my tongue, before sucking on it as hard as I could. The entire nipple, aureole and all swelled in my mouth. “Oh, gawd!” she moaned as she pulled away until she broke suction.

With a wild look in her eyes, she grasped my head to protect herself from my ravishing mouth. Rising in my lap, she caused my cock to slide out of her clasping sheath until just the head was inside her. Then she lowered herself, driving my cock deeper into the velvety flesh-ribbed tunnel of her pussy. Up, down, up, down, she slowly rose and fell, fucking herself on my thick member, taking me gradually deeper and deeper until she had taken all of me to the root. All the while I whispered my encouragement to, “Fuck me… Fuck my cock, baby… Take it deep… Take it all... You’ve got a nice tight pussy, Baby… damn, what a cunt!.. C’mon, Baby, fuck me... Show me what a hot slut you are.”

For whatever reason, she really got off on the dirty talk, especially when I called her a slut, a tramp whore, and other terms of endearment and soon she was yelling her own obscenities as she pounded up and down on my shaft. Now I was the one being abused… not that I minded.

In addition to her boisterous verbal babbling about my cock and her pussy, she added alley-cat shrieks of pure passion. To the rowdy vocal ebullience was added the slapping sounds of her buttocks smacking into my thighs as we fucked. Over her shoulder I noticed her mother watching, leaning against the dining table, pulling on her own tits and masturbating.

Jena suddenly froze in position, her utterances reduced to mere gasps, as her sizzling cunt tunnel squeezed my tumescent cock in a vice-like grip. Quickly I pushed her over sideways and onto the seat cushion, until I was on top. Like a jackhammer, I pummeled her young pussy in a non-stop frenzy while she writhed beneath me in a protracted orgasm.

I don’t know how long I fucked the girl before I felt my shoulders being tugged on as the mother tried to get me off her daughter. Through the fog of fuck-lust, I heard a voice, far way at first, admonishing me, “That’s enough! That’s enough! That’s enough!” In my fevered brain it registered that it was Heather, sumptuously voluptuous Heather who was interfering. I had fucked Jena enough… for the moment… it was time to fuck the slut mother of this girl.

Dismounting the orgasm-demented teen, I attacked the mother, pushing her up against the wall with a loud thud. Grabbing under her right thigh with my right hand, I effortlessly lifted her leg. A moment later, I had run my big rampant cock up into her vulnerable but experienced snatch. There was no slow tender buildup; it was an animalistic coupling as I simply fucked her hard and fast up against the wall. Pushing Heather up against the wall, I rammed my cock into her cunt and fucked her hard and fast

It was immediately apparent that Heather loved the rough fucking she was getting. Soon she was wailing lustfully like her wanton slut daughter wailed, scratching and clawing at my back until it looked like I’d been whipped. I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth opened in an ecstatic groan of release as she came. Pressed into me, I felt her entire body tremble as she slid into the grips of a tumultuous orgasm. Her whole body shuddered with sexual fire as a raging storm of ecstasy exploded from her abused cunt and the roaring sensations rippled up and down her torso. The feel of her wildly spasmodic cunt on my punishing dick was simply unbelievable.

The strength of the one leg she was perched upon gave out and she crumpled into my arms. Gently I let her down onto the floor, prone at my feet. I considered mounting her again on the floor, but I thought better of it when I saw Jena stirring on the sofa.

I swaggered over to the sofa, my stiff prong bobbing and my nut sack swaying. Jena sat up as I approached her. “You’re still hard?” she asked in wonderment, but then again it may have been a statement.

“Yeah, I’m hard.” My cock was throbbing madly but I hadn’t cum yet. I suppose the fucking last night and the handjob earlier in the day had taken the edge off. Certainly it wasn’t because of a weak libdo, my libido was fine, in fact it was in overdrive.

I held out my hand and helped her up. We took two or three steps to the side before I spun her around, forcing her to bend over sofa armrest. “I’m not finished fucking you yet, you little whore,” I growled. In reply, Jena spread her feet apart and rising up on the ball of her feet, hiked her marvelously ripe ass up at me. “Oh, yeah baby,” I said throatily. “Wiggle your ass, little girl, if you want to be fucked.” Jena did just that, pumping her ass by alternately rising and falling on her feet, offering her young pussy to me as I spread her ass cheeks apart to study her anatomy.

Her fleshy labia were pinkish and swollen. The inner lips were obscenely protruding from the cleft of her cunt, pushing apart her outer lips. Her puckered anus throbbed and invited violation. The mass of pinkish-red raw cunt flesh was hot to the touch as my bloated glans once again made contact. I pushed forward and thrilled to the hot, yielding elasticity of her cunt lips as I entered the moist, hot portal into her belly. The flesh of her buttocks quaked with the impact

“Oh, god yes!” she breathed as I sank my thick cock into the furnace of her sizzling juicy pussy.

“You want it rough, baby?”


I slowly withdrew and slammed back in. The flesh of her buttocks quaked with the impact and she grunted as I knocked the breath out of her. As I slowly withdrew again, I reached forward, grabbing a handful of her auburn locks and with the next savage thrust into her young body pulled her head back. “Ahhhh!” With her back now arched, I began to fuck her roughly. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” she grunted in time with my thrusts.

I felt a savageness rise within me again. I had felt it just moments before, when I had first fucked her and then fucking her mother, but hadn’t recognized it before it had swept me away. I mustered the willpower and stopped my assault. Damn, I didn’t want to hurt this precious creature, just wanted to fuck her silly. My grip loosened and her head fell forward. I modified my stance, straddling her high up her back. Holding her by the hips, I began thrusting again, but this I was in control of my libdo. My strokes were now directed downward so that the head of cock drove into her G-spot on every stroke.

The sound of her voice changed. "Uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh," she grunted. “Oh, yesss. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me,” she said softly. “Oh god, that feels good, Daddy. Fuck me good, Daddy. Uhh... uhh...uhh...uhh... uhh."

This vocalization of her pleasure was far different from her previous caterwauling. All the “Daddy” talk aside, I noticed that if I didn’t join in with the dirty talk that she seemed to be calmer, and if she were calmer, I found it easier to keep my bestial side in check. Now, by no means was I fucking her gently. I was really giving it to her. I just wasn’t going to kill the girl with my prick.

The assault on her g-spot was working as she began chanting, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Daddy… ooooo, fuck me good, Daddy. I’m… I’m…” I felt her cunt contract and a sudden rush of warm liquid bathed my swinging balls. Instead of fucking her through her orgasm, I buried into her fuck tunnel deep and savored the exquisite feel of her clasping and contracting cunt along the full length of by cock.

The contractions stopped and she lay motionless. I began fucking her again, slowly and lovingly at a smaller angle. Her hips responded by pushing back. I paused; she continued fucking back at me. Damn, but this girl loved to fuck.

By this time, Heather had recovered enough to get off the floor and was sitting on the sofa watching her little girl get screwed. I smiled at the mother and she smiled back. Everything was perfect in the world, except I still needed to get my nuts off. “You want some more?” I asked the comely mother as I gently stroked deep into her daughter’s young pussy.

“Are you up for it, stud?”

“I’m up, Mama. I’m up. Why don’t you get your fine ass up and kneel down in front of the sofa?” Heather smiled impishly, slid down off the sofa and kneeled. “Make yourself comfortable, baby” I added. Heather bent forward and rested her upper body on the cushions.

I grabbed a handful of Jena’s hair and pulled her upright. With my cock fully impaling her, I frog-marched the girl next to her mother where I made her kneel. As I continued my leisurely fucking of the girl, I reached over to swat the mother on her ripe ass.

CRACK! “Owww!” came the cry as Heather’s head popped up. CRACK! “Owwww!”

“You’re a naughty woman, making me fuck your own daughter.” CRACK! “A true slut of a woman.” CRACK! “What do you want, Mama?” CRACK! “Tell me what you want.” CRACK!

“Fuck me! Fuck my slutty pussy! Fuck me with that big cock! Fuck me, Baby! Fuck my cunt!” she hollered as the punishment rained down and shaded her ass cheeks a bright red.

“What about your baby girl?”

“Please, John. I need your cock inside me! Please, John, fuck me!”

I pulled my cock from the teen daughter’s ravished vagina, kissed the nape of her neck and said, “Sorry, baby. I only have one cock, and your mother needs it. But stay put, I’ll be right back.”

Running my cock deep into Jena’s clasping hole one more time, I moved over and ran my cock up her mother’s pussy. I now had control of my passion and fucked the mother considerately, working to get us both off. Again I adjusted my position so that I rode Heather high up her back, stroking her sweet spot with every stroke. It didn’t take long before Heather’s body was wracked with an orgasm.

I was getting close myself, very close, but I pulled out of Heather and reentered her waiting daughter with her wonderfully tight channel, announcing, “I gonna cum in your cunt, Jena. You better be on the pill, slut, or you’ll be going home up knocked up.” The mental image of knocking her up did the trick and my balls began boiling over. I let myself go. The pulsing of my tool as it explosively injected her cunt with a hot stream of my semen triggered another climax in the girl. Rocked by the long delayed orgasm, I was unaware of anything else in the world outside of the intense pleasure I was feeling. A minute or so later, I was sprawled out on my back.

Exhausted from my efforts, I basked in the serenity following a most-excellent fuck session. Fortunately the girls had had enough too, for the moment. Knowing that I had satisfied them both, made me feel twenty years younger. It was also a relief that they weren’t insatiable after all, as I didn’t think I could keep up the pace. I also realized that was I ravenously hungry. Once we all stirred, we got dressed and made it to a nearby restaurant/bar and replenished the calories burned during vigorous sex.

It was two hours later, approaching eleven o’clock local time, when we returned to the condo. Heather and Jena were feeling frisky again, but I had had it. I begged off, but Heather told me to just lay back and enjoy it. Taking my flaccid cock in her mouth, she sucked for a few minutes before she let the still limp noodle slip from her lips. Immediately, Jena took over and fellated me to no particular effect. They played pass the sausage for several rounds, but I never got it up again that night, dozing off while they toyed with my limp dick.

The following morning was gloriously bright, without a cloud in the sky. The light snow that fell early in the night had put two to three inches of fresh powder on the thick base of packed snow. Conditions were perfect. The only flaw was that my ski bib was somewhat snugger than it was last year. We made the first run down an easy green trail, accustoming ourselves to the feel of downhill skiing again. After that warm up we pretty much stuck to the blue intermediate slopes. Neither lady was particularly interested in tackling a black diamond run, so we just had fun without the adrenaline rush of beating ourselves up on the moguls at near terminal velocity and trying to do the near impossible.

Everything in the world was perfect. Then small world as it is, we ran into Linda Bradford and her husband Brett. Carol and I had known the Bradfords, ever since our oldest daughters started first grade. I had always liked Brett as we had a lot in common. We both played college football and neither of us had sons to go hunting and fishing with. He was also in the construction business doing primarily residential work, building custom homes and high-end kitchen and bath remodeling. We talked about getting together for some boy-time, but never did.

Linda on the other hand, I loathed. She was one of those overbearing mothers who lived her life through her children. Still worse, she was also a mean-spirited gossip. How Brett could stand the woman was beyond me, but he did.

I made the transparent claim that I was skiing with a client, and that I had accidentally run into Heather and Jena. The sour look on Linda’s face said it all. I knew she wasn’t buying any of it. More than likely, Carol would hear from a “friend” as soon as she got back from New York that I was seen at Vail with the infamous tramp Heather and her daughter.

I asked if the Bradford girls, Paige and Meagan, were there with them. “Of course,” Linda replied haughtily, “they always come with us on trips.” They weren’t anywhere around so I assumed they were off enjoying themselves away from constant nagging and doting of their mother.

We managed to lose the Bradfords when we headed off to ski another sector of the mountain. After one run, we had a quick lunch of overpriced “food” and then the three of us headed back up the mountain. After a while I noticed that Heather was nowhere to be found. Figuring she had missed a turn off, Jena and I continued on and waited for her at the base of the lift. It had clouded up again and standing about is not a good way to stay warm. After a while, both Jena and I were chilled to the bone. We made another run, but were unable to shake the chill. I suggested that we head back to the condo and “warm up”.

As soon as Jena and I entered the condo, we knew where her mother had disappeared to. The rhythmic sounds and Heather’s voice urging, “Fuck me, Brett. Fuck me, fuck me, Baby,” left no doubt about it at all. They hadn’t bothered to close the bedroom door either and there on my bed in plain sight, Brett Bradford was plowing Jena’s mother doggie style, forcing her to arch her back with a fistful of her wild mane while he pumped into her. Neither of them seemed to notice that they had an audience.

Jena pulled me away from the door and dragged me over to the sofa. “Guess we have to do it here again,” she said pulling her sweater over her head. What the hell? Funny how quickly you can warm up when you’re naked and engaged in seriously fun recreational activities with an equally naked female.

We were leisurely engaged in a protracted act of coitus when Heather and Brett made their presence known.

“Hey, John,” I heard Brett say. “Where’re your clients?”

“Where’s your wife?” I replied annoyed that my fun was being interrupted.

“Linda and girls went shopping. Too cold to ski.”

“Yeah, it is too cold to ski,” I remarked. “Do you mind?”

“Sorry John, I don’t mean to intrude, but… ever since I ran into you guys this morning…”

“What? What is it?” I asked extracting my cock from the snug velvety embrace of Jena’s warm snatch.

“Well, we’re going to be leaving in the morning and, uh… I’m supposed to meet up with Linda and the girls in about an hour.”

“That’s your problem, Brett,” I remarked wryly.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean, we both know the score here, and I…” I’d lost my hard-on at this point. “And well… it might be a while before I get another chance to…”

“You want to fuck Heather some more? She’s here with me, you know, but help yourself.”

“I know she’s here with you, and I didn’t mean to horn in on you…”

“For Christ’s sake, go fuck her, will you?”

“Yeah, I know, but what I really want to do is…”

I finally figured out what he was beating around the bush about. “You want to fuck Jena?”

“Yeah. You don’t mind do you?”

“She’s no older than your girls.”

“Or yours. Hell, she’s a slut, like her mama,” he said while lewdly playing with his dick.

I laughed. No doubt he’d been fucking and helped support the both of them for who knows how long. “Yeah, Brett, you can fuck her. That’s what she’s here for.” I dismounted Jena without so much as a thank you and handed her off to Brett. She didn’t mind, not at all. Heather played with Brettt's balls as he fucked her daughter

After I heated up a cup of coffee left over from this morning in the microwave, I watched as Brett screwed Jena on the sofa. Heather once again proved herself to be the slut whore mother that she was, by toying with Brett’s balls and asshole as he fucked her slut daughter. It was a great show for mid-afternoon, but not being content as a bystander, I joined the action by occupying Heather’s cunt with my cock while she lay across Brett’s thighs. We changed positions and changed partners again

We disentangled ourselves momentarily, just long enough for me to skewer the daughter again while Brett put it to the mommy. After a few minutes, we changed positions and changed partners again.

By the time Brett and I couldn’t get it up again, it was late afternoon and he was already very late. I was happy that he didn’t seem too concerned about being late, after all we did have a grand time. He had his immediate priorities straight, and getting another blowjob from a teen-aged girl trumped putting up with Linda’s shit.

Eventually Brett did leave. After a quick shower to rinse off the strange pussy juices, he found my bottle of scotch and took a sig straight from the bottle. “John, it was great visiting with you and your ‘clients’ this afternoon. Glad I could help you close the deal with these two.” He took another swig and let some booze trickle onto his sweater. “We’ll have to do more business together back in Oakdale. Yes, I’m sure we can work on some projects for our mutual benefit.” With a chuckle he added, “Now we can both take a write off for this trip.”

Now instead of regretting our chance meeting this morning, I was thankful for it. Brett had given me a rock solid alibi for this trip. I was sure that Linda would now be bragging to my wife how Brett had helped me close a tricky deal. He put on his ski jacket, pulled on his gloves and hat and was on his way, but before he left he suggested that we eat at the Wild Boar as it was unlikely that we would run into his family on that side of town that night.

The next few days of skiing wasn’t as eventful as the first. None of us were knocking ourselves out on the slopes, just having a good time, starting late and quitting early. The mornings were spent in playful romps, the late afternoons we spent in the hot tub, the evenings we spent dining and clubbing before returning to the condo to screw and screw. To bring in the New Year, Heather had promised me a special treat

We brought in New Year’s more or less quietly, in bed. Heather had promised me a special treat and at the stroke of midnight, she delivered with a wet sloppy kiss on my anus. What a whore! Jena got in the act too and I had an ass rimming to remember.


On the second, we headed home, beating Carol and my girls home by a day. I shacked up at Heather’s the night before my family returned. Jena had a hot date so it was just Heather and me. Heather finally confessed that she really didn’t have any sex videos starring Jena’s friends, nor featuring my daughter Hope. What a relief. Then the bitch indicated that maybe she did… but she’d never let me see them. Brett Bradford maybe, but not me! Holy smokes! For that she got a rough fucking, just what she wanted, the use of rubbers long forgotten and a moot point. Next morning, after one last round of “hide the sausage”, I swore to myself that it was my last time with either Heather or Jena. It was too dangerous.

I picked my wife and family up later that afternoon. Carol and the girls had a great time in New York. I admitted that I had a great time skiing with my “clients”, however Carol didn’t seem to fully buy into my story. Thankfully Brett dropped by to thank me for pushing a job towards him in Vail and thereby reinforced my woeful story of “forced” work. Then he suggested that the two of us go out to a friend’s lake house some weekend once it warmed up and do a little fishing together. Covertly he winked and I knew damned good and well it wouldn’t be just the two of us. We would be fishing for fresh snatch, the red-haired variety. The idea was intriguing, my resolve to mend my errant ways melting away like a snowfall in Texas.

A week after school resumed, my middle daughter, Hope, had a sleepover with all her friends. Jena was invited too. I hadn’t seen Jena or her mother since the ski trip, even though I had thought of them often. As soon as she walked in, I felt my resolve being shoved under some sort of mental rock.

It was weird seeing Jena interact with my daughter and her friends, acting like any other friend of Hope’s. Surreptitiously watching the young nubiles, I couldn’t help but think of the “alleged” sex videos of some of these girls, including Hope. It didn’t help with them all running about in PJ’s. I made myself scarce, lest my body language gave me away.

It was tough having Jena so near and yet unavailable. I’m sure that if I could have gotten her off to the side unnoticed, I would have planted my cock in her. Not exactly the smart thing to do with my wife and daughter about, so I went out of the way not to present any opportunities for me being stupid.

Jena on the other hand flirted whenever she could. This caused me to redouble my efforts to steer clear. Still she was unavoidable. Finally she cornered me. “I have something to show you,” she said reaching for the tails of her night shirt. Thinking she was going to lift her top to flash me, I was surprised when she instead pulled out a photograph from under her shirt; a photograph of a girl giving some guy a blowjob. “Know who it is?  Take a guess… Daddy.”

“Is that you?” I asked as the girl’s face was obscured.

“Really, Mr. John, are my tits that small?”

“No, I don’t suppose they are,” I replied intrigued as to who it might be.

“She has a pretty pussy, don’t you think?” she asked mischievously. “Know who it is? Take a guess… Daddy.”

Could it be? Shit! I couldn’t be sure if was my daughter or not. “Is that…?”

“Hope? Maybe,” she giggled. Then she turned and walked away leaving the photo with me.

Oh Christ, did they really have fuck videos of her! If they did, I needed to get rid of them before they got into the public domain! I was in a real state the remainder of the night. I tucked the photo between the pages of a book I was reading and periodically studied it when the coast was clear. Carol asked me several times what was bothering me and I blew her off by mumbling something about business.

The next morning, I got Jena off to the side. “Jena,” I began giving her my best friendly expression, “is that Hope or not in that photo?”

“Maybe… Why? Do you want to see more?”


“You want to. I know you do, but you don’t want to see what a slut she is. Is that it? ”

“Well, I… Look, we need to talk. How about if I give you a ride home?”

“To talk?”

“Yes, to talk.”

Rubbing my crotch she softly purred, “I’d rather do something else, Mr. John.”

I glanced about to see if anyone was near enough to see or overhear her. With the coast momentarily clear, I brazenly cupped a fat young tit, luxuriating in the feel of her braless breast under her night shirt. “Okay, we’ll talk and… we’ll have a toss.”

“Promise?” she said with a sweet not-so-innocent smile.

“You bet, Jena. Shit, you know, I’ve had a hard-on ever since you walked in last night.”

“How sweet! We’ll do something about that when you take me home,” she replied unzipping me. “We can also watch some home movies that I’m sure you will be interested in. Oh, by the way, Mama needs to talk to you.”

“What about?” I asked with a bit of suspicion.

As her cool hand wormed into my boxers she answered, “Helping her with the bills.”



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