(m+F, exhib, nc, recluc, oral, analing, mdom)

by Kacey1999

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Lara was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever.  She had just finished her master's degree at the young age of 24 when the most dramatic thing happened to her.  Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking.

Lara was brought up very protected and in a family that loved her dearly.  She was a very beautiful young woman who was lucky enough to possess a body that left a permanent impression in every man's head.  She was sexy by all standards and two years ago married Steve who she had dated for about three years.  Lara was not very experienced in sex and that was maybe the reason for one fateful weekend having such an everlasting affect on her.

After fantasizing and dreaming about the weekend for four years, Lara decided the only way she could move on with her life was to see it again.  She had to relive the dramatic events of that weekend four years ago when she was brutally ravaged by four boys.  That was Lara's problem!  She never considered the event immoral or sinful, but as something amazing and the most wonderful experience.  She realized that what happened should never have happened, yet she dreamed about it every day.

Lara would be dishonest if she said the weekend was the worst of her life.  She vowed to use the upcoming Saturday, and Sunday if need be, to fully grasp and understand what took place.  She was determined to go over the entire two-day affair and relive what the boys did to her.  Lara's plan was to look at her past, as if she was watching it happen in real time, and it would be like sitting in a movie theater.  She would have a third person's view of her life, which she considered would alleviate the guilt and shame from what happened to her.

Lara's theater would be the spare bedroom in her home.  Her husband was gone for a few days on a business conference, which meant she had all the time in the world to daydream.  She came home from work on Friday and had supper all by herself, getting more excited with each passing minute.  Right after eating, Lara rushed up to the spare bedroom and immediately stripped all of her clothes.  She donned her skimpiest bikini and laid flat on the bed with her arms by her sides.  It seemed like a stoic pose, but that was how she wished to start the flashback.

Even before she began the dramatic recollection of the action-packed weekend, Lara's emotions were at a feverish pitch.  She needed to be dressed in her bikini, which might have seemed odd, but that was how she imagined herself when she was with the boys.  Lara recalled how her eventful, babysitting weekend started and now it was time to go over exactly what happened.


The day, month or year didn't matter.  It happened years ago when she was 24.

That weekend started just like many in the past.  She had willingly agreed to babysit for one of her neighbors.  The husband and wife went away for two days and needed someone to stay at their house to ensure their teenage son plus the house was looked after.  At fifteen, Sax was certainly old enough to look after himself, but he would definitely starve to death and not do anything around the house.  Lara often looked after Sax when his parents went away, so that weekend seemed like any other.

Lara arrived at her neighbor's Friday evening about seven o'clock.  The couple was in a big hurry to catch a plane so they gave Lara some quick instructions and departed in a rush.  Lara never thought anything was unusual when they mentioned that their son was having three of his buddies spend the weekend with him.  At the time she found the thought quite thrilling in that she loved watching Sax and his friends pretend they weren't ogling her every move.

As she lay on the bed dreaming, Lara realized that she was far too naïve to realize what an obsessed teenage boy would do.  She never knew her sexy body was all Sax talked about to his buddies and that one of them came up with the perfect solution for Sax's dilemma.  He suggested they just fuck the blonde bombshell and do it in such a way that Lara couldn't report them to his parents or the police.  The boy was a genius when it came to covert planning.  In no time he suggested an almost foolproof scheme to Sax and two other friends.

At first, Sax thought his buddy's plan was ridiculous.  Then he pondered it more and suddenly he saw the great potential.  Kenny was right.  Lara did wear the skimpiest bikinis and she certainly liked to parade around half naked.  He wasn't sure about Ken's claim that the young woman did it on purpose, but the fact remained that his babysitter left doors open and she did wear very sexy clothes.

"C'mon.  She's asking for it.  Look at that fucking bikini she wears... if it was any smaller, her tits and cunt would be hanging out," Ken said.  "Remember last month when she hopped out of the pool and her titty practically popped out?  For fuck sake, it took her forever to cover up."

As Lara looked back on the weekend, she recognized one of her troubling personality traits was her stupid attempt for attention.  Now years later, she realized those cries to be noticed were the ones that got her in trouble.  It was the way she dressed, the way she acted and the way she liked teasing the opposite sex.

Lara recalled how things progressed after she arrived.  The family had a pool and only Sax was home as his friends hadn't come over yet.  Since Sax was busy playing Game Boy games, she decided to take a quick swim, like she normally did every time she babysat.  When she was in the pool, the other boys arrived and Lara never gave a second thought about staying in the pool.  Sax and his buddies stayed inside the house and now she realized they only pretended to ignore her.

Even though Lara caught them peeking at her every now and then, she didn't mind, thinking they were merely being typical teenage boys.  She had no idea that they took great pleasure in watching her swim and they enjoyed her parading around the backyard.  The thought of them taking advantage of her never entered her mind, as she was the one in charge.

Sax and Kenny obviously knew Lara's routine since the boys studied her every move in the past.  They played it smart when she got out of the pool and headed up to the parents' bedroom for a shower.  Lara noticed how the boys stayed at Sax's Game Boy, which was in the games room, and it gave her a little thrill when they giggled as she walked by.  Lara simply wrapped a towel around herself, so as not to show off too much, and rushed up the winding stairway to the big master bedroom.

She was in the middle of rinsing off the swimming pool residue when she heard a shrill yell.  Lara instantly recognized Sax's voice and she panicked not knowing what was wrong.  She quickly shutoff the water and grabbed the first towel she could reach.  Wrapping the bath towel around her dripping body, Lara rushed to the head of the stairs.  She glanced down at Sax who was lying at the bottom of the stairs holding his ankle, as if he had sprained it severely.

"What's wrong?  Are you hurt?" she asked.  "Sax!  Are you okay?"

"I tripped and think I sprained my ankle," the boy replied, trying hard to keep a straight face.

"Here, let me get you to the kitchen... get some ice on it."

Just as Lara was about to start down the stairway, she got the surprise of her life.  Sax's friend, Kenny, hit her in the back and grabbed the towel at the same time.  The boy's shove pushed her off balance; all she could do was make a desperate grab for the handrail or wind up falling down the stairs.  Completely naked and stretched out for all to see, Lara froze for a brief moment.

She steadied herself and then quickly stood up straight trying hard to cover up.  Lara held her right arm across her chest and put her left hand over her exposed crotch.  She looked down the stairs at Sax who was now standing beside one of his buddies and then she looked up at Kenny who was with the fourth boy.  Kenny held up the towel, almost daring her to make a grab for it.  Lara trembled, waiting for someone to say something, as she felt absolutely helpless.  It might have been a few seconds, but at the time it felt like an eternity, as she knew the boys were all glaring at her.


All of the formalities were done and Lara now understood what led to her eventual downfall.  She thought back to the fateful weekend and saw herself marching straight up to Kenny in a most determined manner.  The two boys moved to stay in front of her and Lara noticed how they blocked any escape she might try towards a bedroom.  "Look you little creep.  Give me back the towel before I get mad," she yelled.

If there were defining moments in a person's life, this was one of them for Lara.  Kenny merely growled at her.  "And what are you going to do when you get mad?"

"Give me the towel you little twerp, or else!"

"Or else, what?"  Then Kenny stepped towards her and she froze.  The boy glared at her and his expression said volumes about how wicked he was.  Looking back on it, Lara realized her biggest mistake was taking her eyes off the ringleader.  She wheeled around, as she sensed Sax and his friend approaching from behind.  They were already at the top of the staircase and she realized there wasn't much time, as she was surrounded on all sides.  In a flash, she decided her best option was pleading with the boy.  "Sax!  For gawd sake, make him stop... make him give me the towel."

The teenager merely looked at her and didn't say a word.  Abruptly Kenny came up behind her so fast that he gained complete advantage over her.  He wrapped his right arm around her neck and choked her until she was forced to raise her arms.  The boy was a little shorter than Lara and her back arched severely when Kenny held her in a viselike chokehold.  She frantically struggled to grab Kenny's arm and alleviate the pressure on her neck so she could breathe, but the boy refused to relax the hold.

She couldn't remember how long Kenny held her captive with her arms flailing around like crazy.  All of a sudden her feet were moving and she was heading down the long hallway.  Kenny held her around the neck while Sax and another boy held both arms, as they pulled her down the hallway.  It was impossible to cover up and she could only imagine what the boys thought of her boobs, as they swayed back and forth in an enticing fashion.  When Lara saw her towel discarded off to the side, she recalled experiencing the worst panic attack of her life.

Lara desperately wanted to take charge.  She was a mature young woman who was not only much older than the boys, but also taller and supposedly stronger.  Looking back on that day, she felt completely overwhelmed by the sudden show of force by Kenny and the other boys.  Suddenly she was shoved into Sax's bedroom and it took her a brief second to steady herself.  When she did regain her balance, again she tried to shield her private treasures from the leering teenagers.  It quickly became a cat and mouse game, as the four boys surrounded her.  She stood in the middle, turning one way and then the other, not knowing where she should focus her attention.

Just as she turned and faced Sax, the only boy she could trust, Kenny grabbed her arm which was covering her breasts.  The boy spun her around so that she faced his friends and then he pinned her arm up behind her back.  Kenny sternly yanked her against the front of his body, as her shoulder length blonde hair fell over her face and he put his lips to her ear.  "Let's see your sexy tits," he said.  His voice was demanding and Lara couldn't believe the strength of the teen.  "My friends love your tits... and they've waited forever to see them.  Show them your tits... you cockteaser!"

Then Kenny shocked the daylights out of her by displaying his superior strength.  He grabbed her other arm and easily pinned it behind her back with her other arm.  Lara felt her power slip away and she hysterically tried to overcome the teenager's bold move.  "Kenny!  Stop this instant, or I'll report you," she said.  Lara struggled to get her arms free, but Kenny was far too strong and determined.  "Please, dear gawd, let me go."

Kenny devilishly licked her ear sending more pangs of embarrassment through her body.  "You've been showing off your sexy body... purposely showing us your juicy tits," he whispered.  "You love being the biggest cocktease... don't you?"

Lara knew her entire body was exposed to the three leering teens who were now in front of her, but there wasn't anything she could do.  Kenny was in charge and his brute strength seemed virtually overwhelming.  She peered through the long strands of hair that hang in front of her face and noticed how the boys didn't take their eyes off her chest.  Lara was extremely proud of her boobs, but suddenly she hated the fact her nipples got overly erect whenever she was emotional.  She knew it wasn't a sexual reaction and didn't want the teens to think she was reacting positively to their molestation.

She thought about what Kenny told her.  'My gawd,' she wondered, 'can the little bastard be right about me?  Do I like showing off?'  Lara thought back to the number of times someone called her a big tease.  In her group of friends, one or two of the guys kidded her a lot about being a pricktease.

Lara tried to think about the various times she deliberately showed off.  She found it hilarious, yet very stimulating, as she recalled how the boys sneaked around the house and hid whenever she babysat.  Not that Lara minded their boyish flirtations; she consciously showed off when they peeked at her and got a charge when they displayed their youthful fervor.  Lara seldom missed an opportunity to use the family's swimming pool on most babysitting occasions and often Sax and some of his friends were around.

Every time she used the pool, Lara showered and changed in the parent's bedroom.  All of a sudden she remembered leaving the door open on more than one occasion and seeing Sax and his buddies spying on her.  At the time it gave her the biggest thrill when she caught the boys running away.  Then Lara remembered one exhibition when she allowed her reflection in a big bathroom mirror to be flaunted through the open door of the bathroom.

It was brazen at the time, yet Lara never doubted her ability to control the teenagers.  Her maturity alone built assurances that she was in command and being physically bigger than the boys also added to her self-confidence.  Four years ago Lara knew the ogling boys saw her shameless nudity by their obvious whispering and nervous snickering.  She would never forget coming out of the bathroom to find the teens scurrying off to Sax's bedroom, which was down the hallway from his parent's room.

Lara considered what transpired that eventful day.  She dressed and followed the teens in an effort to demonstrate her grownup superiority and thought chastising them would confirm that she was in charge.  When she entered Sax's room, to her utter dismay Kenny still sported a large bulge in the front of his jeans.  That was one time Lara should have kept quiet, but the devil in her refused.  "My, my, Kenny!  Are you happy to see someone?"

Although the boy shrugged off her suggestive comment at the time, he vowed to get her.  That should have been a defining moment when Kenny glared at her, yet Lara missed the determined glint of revenge in his eyes.  Four years later, she recalled the embarrassment she caused the boy.  Suddenly Lara understood his resentment and she grasped why Kenny forced her to submit to his demands.  Dreaming about her experience, Lara felt slightly traumatized by having to endure what the teenager did to her and the four years didn't lessen her guilt.

Lara's recollection of the weekend continued and she wondered if she tried her hardest to get away from the boys.  She remembered standing in the bedroom, her tits thrust forward with her arms pinned behind her back by the scheming teenager.  At the time she simply glanced down at her bare chest, noting the pronounced nipples sticking out for the teens to admire.  It was impossible to shield herself from the leering teenagers and years later Lara could only imagine what the boys believed.  When it happened, she wasn't excessively afraid, as she believed her maturity would be enough to overpower the teens and allow her to gain control over the situation.

After she was captured by the teens, everything happened so fast that Lara had no time to prevent the outcome.  She was shoved towards Sax's bed, as Kenny pushed her hard, and she landed on her stomach.  Her arms softened the landing and before she could move, the four boys were on her.  They quickly flipped her over onto her back and each boy grabbed a limb, pinning her arms and legs on the bed.  Outstretched like a sacrificial lamb, Lara felt totally helpless as Kenny leaned forward.  "Your cockteasing days are over.  You won't be teasing anyone from now on," he whispered.  "Have you ever been fucked by four horny guys?"

Lara listened to the disparaging comments and knew Kenny was not kidding.  "I'm soooo sorry.  I promise not to do anything again... ever," she cried.  "Please, gawd, you have to let me go."

"Sweetheart, keep begging.  I love it when a cockteaser begs for it," Kenny said.

"Kenny, please don't do this."

All of a sudden his free hand slapped her in the most vulnerable place.  His flat hand made a loud slapping sound when it landed on her upraised pelvis and then he cupped her precious, furry mound.  "Oh, my.  This is the wettest pussy I've ever felt," he said.  "Remember the time you saw my hardon... and made fun of me," he asked?  "Well you won't make fun of me this time.... when I fuck your cockteasing cunt."

Kenny let go of her arm and for a fleeting moment she fought to escape.  "Sax!  Hold both arms while I strip.  I'm going to fuck the slut... show her what cockteasers get when they tease," he said.  "We'll take turns!"

Lara recalled the most historic moment of her life.  The three teens held her down for their buddy.  She stared down between her widespread legs, as two of the boys held them apart, and noticed Kenny remove all of his clothes.  When the teenager was naked, Lara saw something that sent shivers up her spine.  Kenny's cock was bigger than she could imagine and the size alone made her cry out.  "Dear gawd, Kenny, you can't.  Please, not with that thing," she moaned getting more frightened by the second.  She sobbed and her entire body trembled, as she stared at the well-hung teenager.  "Kenny, please no.  You can't."

Kenny was well aware of his rare endowment.  He had been in many change rooms with his friends and knew he was much bigger than average.  Suddenly full of confidence after hearing her pleas, he fisted his big cock.  Kenny held it mere inches away from the shivering young woman and relished the dramatic effect of her torture.  Then he slowly bent forward until he was close enough to touch the burning flesh.

Kenny rubbed the head of his cock across Lara's neatly trimmed, light-colored pelvis and then he rubbed it along the velvety thighs, one at a time.  His first impulse was to stick the bulbous head into the lustrous opening, but he resisted the powerful temptation.  Kenny slapped the shaking woman with his pecker and made her jump each time he banged her between the legs.

Kenny watched the head pry the glistening labia apart and then slip into the wet opening.  He had heard all about sex and knew what to expect, but nothing prepared him for the intense heat.  The teen's eyes opened so wide they almost popped out of his head when he pushed forward.  The flared head slipped into Lara's honey-hole and suddenly his thick penis was surrounded by a fiery inferno.  His meat slowly entered, inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt and he started to sweat.

Kenny felt Lara squirm and emit loud, animal sounds of protest, but they were music to his ears.  Then he pulled back and realized that it would take one or two more thrusts before he erupted.  He fully intended prolonging the wonderful experience, but his stamina was extremely limited the first time.  Kenny quickly decided to make the best of it and he ravaged Lara just like he had dreamed of doing.

The teenager lost control.  He dug his sharp fingers into the soft flesh of Lara's hips and then reached under the struggling woman, grabbing her luscious ass-cheeks.  He squeezed with all his might and pounded his hips at her, driving his massive cock into her heated epicenter.  Kenny was a crazed teenager and he emptied his vast load deep inside Lara's cherished womanhood in record time.

With the last blast of teenage joy-juice, Kenny rolled off Lara.  "It's your turn bud... do it, Sax.  Fuck her hard and fast," he ordered.  "We'll all fuck her.  Fuck the cockteaser... then we'll do it right," he whispered.  At the time, Lara didn't' know what Kenny meant, but looking back on it, she now realized they used her as a cum bucket and then gangbanged her at will.

Lara watched the vivid movie of her life float through her head.  One scene ended and another began and there was nothing she could do to change what happened.  Kenny fucked her; Sax fucked her; another boy fucked her and then the last boy fucked her.  Each had the enthusiasm of a sex-starved teenager, but that was understandable because of their inexperience.

She remembered sincerely wanting it all to stop and begging the boys to leave her alone.  For the first time in her life, Lara was powerless to stop what was happening to her.  At the time she dearly wanted to cry out loud and plead with the boys to stop, but that was before a spiritual phenomenon.  Lara fully recognized it was sinful to have sex with young teens, yet the total helplessness of the situation seemed to make the guilt more acceptable.

Lara knew exactly when Kenny reached the end of his limited stamina that first time.  His muscular body jerked out of control and she felt the molten lava fill her most inner sanctuary.  Then Sax took over and she was afraid to move in case the most wonderful sensation was destroyed.  Sax's stamina was also very brief and his body went into uncontrollable convulsions within a minute or two after experiencing the intense heat of her internal being.

When Sax rolled off her sweltering torso, Lara kept her legs spread wide, allowing the next boy to mount her.  The teen did so with a loud grunt and then he was pumping his throbbing pecker in and out so fast he created immense friction.  His climax was swift, but very lengthy, and Lara wondered how much male semen a woman could consume.  As the boy finished, he was cruelly rolled off her body so the last boy could ravage her.

Lara obediently lay motionless and allowed the remaining teenager to use her battered body.  When his orgasm exploded in her guts, she merely twisted back and forth, secretly trying to please the boy.  In all of her innocence and naivety, Lara thought her sexual adventure and experiment was over.

The full-length movie played out in her dreams.  Act one was completed and to her utter amazement, act two began, as she imagined utopia on the horizon.  She remembered when the last boy finished with her and how she felt totally exhausted.  The only thing she could do was roll over in a vain attempt to not only hide from the boys, but she thought they would think she was too distraught for any more abuse.

Much to her astonishment, someone rolled on top of her prone body.  The weight of the boy's body was suffocating, but not nearly as disturbing as what was poking her between the legs.  Her legs were crudely pulled apart and then something hard and pointed jabbed her in the crotch.  At first Lara twisted and shifted from side to side, trying to evade the poking, but then Kenny took charge.

Kenny grabbed a big handful of her hair and roughly jerked her head up off the bed and backwards to stretch her neck severely.  His ruthless jerk arched her back and the boy held her head high in the air, putting his lips next to her ear.  Lara heard the boy's remarks as if they were made yesterday.  "Now my cocktease... it's your turn.  Your turn to climax all over my big dick," Kenny whispered.

The teen wanted to hear her talk.  For months Kenny fantasized about having sex with the sexiest woman and he planned for the day he was in complete control.  Kenny wanted Lara to know she was a slut for teenage boys and he wasn't going to relent until he heard her succumb.  "Get ready cocktease.  When I stick my prick inside your cock-teasing cunt... I'll leave it there until you cream," he whispered.  "You're either going to cream all over my cock... or I'll fuck your sweet ass until you do."

At the time Lara was confused and she really didn't understand the feelings that were flooding her brain.  She questioned the teen's obvious rejuvenation, but then she attributed it to youthful enthusiasm.  Nothing this drastic had ever happened to her and Lara struggled for the rationale of her body betraying her logic and reason.  Visions of Steve filled her head and then of her boyfriend's warm, thoughtful smile.  Then she felt her legs spread wider and the boy's cock touched her defenseless opening.  "I can't... can't do anymore.  Please stop."

Kenny ignored her useless pleas.  He deviously rubbed his cock up and down the long, narrow slit, pausing at the bottom where he pushed on the most sensitive clitty.  The boy yanked Lara's head higher and arched her back even more.  "Do you have a steady boyfriend?"

Her response was immediate.  "Yes.  Steve... I plan to marry him."

"Well does Stevie boy do this to you?"  Kenny kept molesting her precious pussy and ensuring to caress her clitty in a most unforgettable manner.

"Please stop.  No more... please, no more, it's not right."

"Do you like fucking Steve?  Do you let him fuck your brains out?"

"Please stop.  He isn't vulgar... like you.  We make love... Steve makes love to me."

Kenny rammed his hips at Lara forcing her groin into the mattress, as his cock found the waiting hole.  Her hips bounced back at the boy and she desperately gasped for air when numerous inches of burning meat entered her womanly domain.  Kenny liked taunting the young woman and couldn't resist doing it more.  "Are you a cockteaser with Steve?  Do you show him your tits... your little cunt and then not let him screw you?

"No.  Never!"

"The next time you strut around showing off those juicy tits... letting guys see your snatch, you'll get fucked just like today."

"No, no, please let me go."

"Do you want my cock in your belly?"

"No... you little bastard.  No!"  Lara struggled to understand what was happening.  She was older, wiser and more mature, which gave her false hope that she could prevail over the teenager's sudden domination.

"Does Steve's have a big cock?"

"No... I mean you don't need to know that about him."  Lara didn't know what to say or how to respond.  If there was one thing she could never do, it was lie.  She tried to remain quiet and gasped for air, as it was hard to breathe with her head forced backwards.

Kenny almost pulled the hair out of her head, as he yanked her head harder and upwards so her chest was completely above the bed.  "I asked you a question.  Is Steve big... bigger than me?"

She fully intended on not answering, but somehow she couldn't keep her mouth closed.  "He... he... he's not.  He's not big, or as big.  Are you goddamn happy?"

Kenny was in his glory.  He slowly pushed forward letting more of his cock slide into the heated opening.  The heat was intense, but this time he vowed to holdout until the very end when he forced Lara to succumb.  "Are you going to cum all over my prick?"

"Never!  You're nothing but a creep and I won't give you the satisfaction."

Her breathing came in short raspy gasps, as her neck and back were arched so severely, making it hard to breathe.  She felt the boy's cock sink deeper and deeper into her inferno, yet she gritted her teeth determined to survive Kenny's assault.  Then he licked her ear and the side of her face almost taunting her to protest.  Suddenly she felt hands around her ankles and then her legs were spread-eagled so wide that she couldn't imagine not being seriously hurt.

Kenny had never had so much power or control over anyone in his life.  He thrust his hips and something very taut squeezed the head of his embedded penis.  He had no idea what a cervix was, but Lara knew exactly when he speared her delicate being.  She couldn't see a thing even with her eyes wide open, as they rolled back, into her head.  That was when the other boys joined the tussle and her struggle seemed hopeless.

Lara desperately wanted to fight, but there seemed to be too many attackers.  She felt soft hands reach under her heaving chest and grab her tits.  Her nipples were seized and roughly pulled out to the sides so the ends of her boobs were exposed for sharp teeth.  She yelled out loud when her tender buds were bitten, but she was powerless to stop the assault.  Then a cock slapped her face and left a wet trail of shameful cum all over her flushed cheeks.  She didn't try to close her mouth, as her neck was arched by Kenny's hair pulling, and abruptly her mouth was full of Sax's teenage cock.

Kenny was getting closer and he knew his stamina had limitations despite the earlier orgasm.  "Do you like my cock in your belly?"

It took all of her strength to spit Sax's cock out so she could answer.  "No.  No!"

"Is the little cockteaser going to cum for me?"

"No.  Never!"

"I can always fuck your ass.  Does Steve fuck your ass?"

"No, dear gawd, no.  Please, no more."  His words hit her hard and her stomach churned with much anxiety.  Lara urgently wanted to keep fighting, but then she wondered if Kenny was serious about abusing her ass.  To this day, she remembered thinking she was strong enough to overcome any urges to submit.  Then the biggest spasm of her life shot through her loins and her fragile confidence took a severe jolt.

"You know what to do, cockteaser.  Cum on my dick, slut.  Do it or I'll fuck your sweet ass!"

"Dear gawd, no.  Please don't."

"You know what to do... or do you want my big cock up your ass?"

Her hips hurt from being spread-eagled; her breasts hurt and especially her nipples from being bitten.  Lara slobbered like a raving maniac, but to her amazement, Sax dipped his pecker in her saliva before rubbing it all over her flustered face.  The disgusting act should have been repulsing, yet it had the opposite effect on her.  Sax whipped his cock in and out of her mouth many times, enabling him to coat her entire face with slimy spit.

Suddenly Kenny began a slow, deliberate pumping.  He thrust his cock to the hilt and then pulled back until only the flared head remained inside the inferno.  Over and over again he pumped while he put his cheek next to Lara's.  He had to stretch and reach to do it, but he managed to whisper in her ear.  "What are you going to tell Steve?  Are you going to tell him you got fucked by a real cock?"

"No, no."

"How many times can you cum?"


"Tell me!  Tell me you like my cock better than Steve's."

"No, never!"

"I can feel your cock teasing cunt... so hot, so fucking hot."

"No, no."

"I can feel it.  Your hot cunt loves my dick.  You're going to do it, aren't you?"

"Never!  You can go to hell!"  Lara waited and waited, thinking Kenny would get overly stimulated.  She contemplated the boy's climax just as a lightning bolt singed her remaining willpower.  All of a sudden many things happened at once, which overwhelmed her.  Kenny rammed his thick cock in and out of her delicate honey-hole and he slammed into her fragile being.  The hardest part for Lara was not being able to move.  Her body was pinned to the bed; Kenny's forceful hold arched her back and her head was high in the air, as her legs were held far out to the sides.

The overbearing teenager snapped the brittle thread of decency between her body and mind.  Kenny robbed her sanity and he felt Lara's body belie her willpower to overcome his demands.  Lara belonged to a 15-year-old teenager; her tits belonged to two hungry boys and her face belonged to another teenage molester.  Never in her wildest dreams did Lara think a climax could be so dramatic.  The severe convulsions ravaged her stomach, yet the only visible evidence of animal lust was a few random thrusts and jerks of her hips.

"That's it, cum on my dick, cum on my dick.  Fuck, I knew you were a cock-slut.  The cockteaser is getting what she wants... isn't she?"

She was ruled by her emotions.  "Gawd... aaaawgg."

Kenny jerked her head back and forth, pulling her hair hard.  "Isn't she?"  He demanded Lara respond, but that was next to impossible because of her captivating position.

"Noooo... noooo."  Lara moaned, as the teenage cock seemed to swell and get even bigger when the boy neared the breaking point.  He caressed every morsel of her delicate vagina and there was no more holding back for woman, or for boy.  Lara felt the river of ecstasy overflow and suddenly nothing else mattered.  "Yeaaa... yeeesss!"

Kenny's three friends didn't dare move, as they watched their buddy claim the sexiest young woman.  Their mouths hung wide open when Kenny released the brutal hold of her hair and let Lara's body flop onto the springy mattress.  She seemed to twitch wildly and it was the first time the boys had witnessed such desire and raging passion.  Lara emitted moans and groans and it was obvious to the boys that she was experiencing something extraordinary.

When their buddy yanked Lara by the hips into a doggie position, they were totally jealous of his ingenuity.  Kenny grabbed her around the slender waist and he squeezed with all his strength.  Every time he thrust forward with his powerful hips, embedding his big cock to the max, he pulled back on Lara's hips, as hard as he could.  Her bare ass slammed into his midsection and the boys watched the most amazing sight of her titties swaying crazily back and forth.

There was drool coming out of the onlooker's mouths, as Lara found out what it was like to lose control.  What had been a steady stream of womanly cream running out of her belly turned into the Amazon River.  She lubricated the biggest cock of her life and all of a sudden she felt Kenny stiffen and hold absolutely still.  Lara tried hard to stop moving, but it was impossible, as the convulsions roaring through her loins seemed to be everlasting.

Why she said anything was a mystery she would never understand.  "Fuck me.  Dear gawd, do it.  Aaah, gawd, I can't stop."

Kenny merely held onto her waist and used her ass as a battering ram.  He would always remember his first real fuck.  The first time was almost like a hand job and he had blown his load in a very premature manner when he felt the intense heat.  The second time was magic.  The heat was just as intense, but this time he prolonged the orgasm.  Then his ego received the biggest boost when Lara succumbed and Kenny realized she wouldn't be able to prevent more sexual intercourse.  He fully intended on making it the most memorable time and a weekend his buddies would fondly remember forever.


Lara was well aware of the fact she didn't struggle at all.  She simply accepted the outcome with Kenny, which turned out to be the most explosive orgasm of her life.  She considered herself more mature and the one with more authority, yet the teenager seemed overpowering even though he was young.  Lara didn't know whether it was the thought of being submissive or the idea she was seduced into being a sex slave that she found most stimulating.  When Kenny screwed her for real, it was the end of her resistance.  There was no more pretense of being the innocent young woman who came over to babysit for a neighbor.

Each teenager took his turn after Kenny gave the okay.  Lara recalled how her emotions simmered the entire time she was having sex with the other three boys.  For the past four years, she wondered how any sane, intelligent woman could act in such an immoral fashion.  If succumbing to Kenny's demands and seduction was not disturbing enough, the recollection of aiding and abetting the other three teens was even more demoralizing.

Lara may have teased or enticed the opposite sex, but she still considered herself righteous.  Up until that fateful weekend, she would have died before having sex with Sax or any teenager.  The teenager she had babysat for many years and one she still considered a boy turned out to be far more perceptive than Lara ever imagined.

Sax turned her into putty with his tongue and then into a wanton young slut with his virile penis.  Lara never anticipated the boy knowing how to get a woman aroused, but Sax somehow managed to get her inflamed all over again.  He licked her between the legs like a pro and when he focused on her most sensitive pearl, Lara was unable to fight off the rising desire.  Before she realized what she was doing, her fingers intertwined in Sax's hair and she pulled his face deeper into her passion pit.  When his tongue lashed out and battered the tiny clitoris back and forth at a tremendous rate, Lara surrendered.

Her belly started to spasm and tremble, but the teenager unwittingly knew enough to pause for a brief moment.  Sax stared up and over the velvety stomach and watched it heave frantically up and down.  He stopped drinking the heavenly juices and swiftly mounted her, as if he had been having intercourse for many years.  Dreaming about the sinful affair, Lara couldn't imagine what it must have looked like at the time.  She moved her hands to her throbbing pussy and pretended to cover or shield herself from the teen.  In reality, she fully realized now that she lewdly held the swollen labia apart so that Sax could easily hit her vulnerable opening.

Sax moved between her legs, but he had no idea the sex goddess was teetering on the edge.  His immediate concern was screwing his babysitter who he had worshipped for years.  When Lara felt the burning pecker touch her pussy, she quickly let go of herself and stared down her abdomen at a scene that still left her breathless.  Her eyes grew large watching Sax bend forward and force his cock into the belly of a sinner.

Inch after inch of the enlarged cock disappeared inside of her and she would never forget when Sax savagely thrust forward with all his might.  Lara knew it was wrong; she knew it was immoral, but she didn't resist, instead she pulled back her knees to allow Sax to penetrate her even deeper.  The immense lubrication allowed full penetration and all Lara managed to do was gasp for much needed air.  The teenager had no idea what was squeezing the head of his long cock, but he dearly didn't want it to stop.

Without thinking, Lara reached around the boy's slender hips.  Her sharp nails dug into his tender ass, which must have enraged Sax, and he began pumping away with a sudden fury.  He drove his pelvis into Lara's and for the second time in her young life, Lara felt the reason of size making a difference.  Sax was buried to the hilt.  The intercourse robbed her good judgment and her heart pounded at such a rapid rate that she became flushed and overheated.

The three onlookers had the luxury of watching a female's untamed lust.  Their friend slammed his hips into the panting woman and each boy dreamed of doing exactly the same thing.  To their amazement, Sax held motionless for a few seconds, obviously relishing the sudden heat and tension of a woman's cunt, but Lara couldn't hold still.  Each teenager felt spasms in their loins when they noticed Lara thrusting upward in a frantic effort to satisfy her inflamed desires.

What probably made it okay for Lara was the perception of being forced.  Her thought of not having a choice in what happened appeased her feelings of guilt.  She readily accepted the fact that she wasn't going to overpower four strong teenagers who forced her to obey their sexual demands.  Lara thought back to that Friday night and to her first experience of multiple orgasms.  She had listened to her girlfriends talk about having more than one climax in an evening, but she never really believed it was true.

Suddenly in the short span of less than one hour, her belly was on fire.  Short swift contractions occurred in her inner being and then her entire body was bouncing up and down, as if she had lost control.  She could still hear the one teenager who seemed to capture her spirit.  "Sax!  Goddamn it man... go for it.  She's humping you like crazy.  Go man... keep that big cock buried to the hilt, man."


Lara's flashback continued into the Friday night four years ago.  She wasn't sure if the memory was one of ultimate pleasure or devastating shame.  Her recollection moved from chapter to chapter until she found herself in the one chapter that was most disturbing.  The memory had haunted her since it happened, but now Lara vowed to review how she really acted.  She deemed the only way to get rid of a demon was to bring it out of the closet.

Everyone had fallen asleep after the lengthy gangbang.  Sax's bed was big, but with five naked bodies strewn about, it left very little free space.  She wasn't even sure if all the boys were on the bed, but certainly some of them were.  Lara knew what time it was when she woke totally exhausted and spent from hours of teenage molestation because she looked at the clock.  It was 3 o'clock.  The lights had been turned out and she glanced around the dimly lit area at the sleeping teenagers.

The boys were also completely worn out and none of them moved a muscle.  There was an arm over her chest, another across her tummy, and yet another plus a leg across her legs.  Lara remembered being too scared to move in case she woke one of the teenagers and the gangbang would start all over again.  She simply lay in the middle of the bed, curiously glancing at the teens.  Even four years later, Lara had no trouble visualizing exactly what the scene looked like and how peaceful the darkened room was at three in the morning.

Now came the hard part and the demon she carried for years.  Lara recalled having to pee very badly.  She carefully shifted the various arms and legs off her body until she was free.  Then she got up and went to the bathroom, thankful that the lights had been turned off, which made her feel less self-conscious.  By then the remnants left by the numerous sexual sessions were completely dried up leaving no noticeable residue.

That was the good part, as her eyes popped out of her head when she noticed what was visible.  Her fingers rubbed the dark red marks on her boobs, trying the impossible to erase three or four hickies.  Then her fingers slowly slipped down to her stomach and did the same thing to two more red marks.  To Lara's utter horror, she noticed one large hickie on the upper portion of her left thigh, oh so close to her crotch.

She thought back and remembered Kenny telling her something.  He mentioned that Steve should know he had the sexiest girlfriend and that he would certainly know it when he noticed the tattoos.  Lara felt a little woozy at the time and she recalled being used and forced to comply with every demand the scheming teenager gave her.

Sitting on the toilet, Lara planned an escape.  It was the perfect time.  She was free of the teens and it should be possible to get out of the house before they recaptured her.  Lara remembered experiencing a burning sensation when she peed, as her pussy felt almost raw from the extensive abuse.  It got even worse when she wiped with a piece of soft tissue and she recalled how her hand lingered between her legs far longer than necessary.

Suddenly her head filled with dramatic visions.  The images were not of the savages who abused her for hours, but ones of herself experiencing mind-blowing ecstasy.  When Lara was finished in the bathroom, she slowly went to the door still dreaming about what had transpired over the past eight hours.  She stood in the doorway peering ten feet across the darkened room at the sleeping silhouettes on the bed and then at the exit door, which was fifteen feet away.

Anyone would have thought she was in a trance when her feet started moving and she walked over to the bed.  Lara hesitated for a brief moment, not sure why she was succumbing to her secret desires.   Then she climbed over one boy, returning to the middle of the bed.  Lara carefully lay down between the teens, yet things started happening before she realized the boys were already awake.  She closed her eyes, preparing to go back to sleep, but that would not happen for another hour.

Kenny snuggled against her nakedness and he rained kisses all over her face and neck.  At the time Lara never imagined the kisses would turn into anything more than tender caresses.  Kenny lay on top of her left arm and she felt wooed by the boy.  To her dismay, Sax pinned her other arm outstretched to the side and even if she felt like resisting, that would have been impossible.  Abruptly the boy she had babysat for years was feasting on her luscious boobs.  Sax devoured one of her nipples and he used his teeth in an expert fashion to make the bud extremely hard.

Sax paid equal attention to both tits and he ensured both nipples were enlarged.  Lara's focus and attention were on her breasts and on what Kenny was doing when her torso jerked wildly up and down.  The other two teenagers ensured her legs were spread and one of them took advantage of her brazen exposure.  He left her upraised pelvis totally covered with wet saliva and then his face slipped between her velvety thighs.  When the boy stabbed her directly in the heart of her universe with his stiff tongue, Lara's hips thrust madly in the air.

The room was dark but not her imagination.  "Oh gawd, what is happening to me?"  Lara twisted and squirmed, but the flames licked her most intimate being.

"Open your legs... wider!  I want to watch Gary eat you... then we'll do it," Kenny whispered.  "We'll make love just like last time."

Lara knew it wasn't love, but when the lust was so intense, it really didn't matter what she thought.  She never had to move her legs, as they were sternly yanked apart, and the boy named Gary devoured her precious womanhood.  The loud smacking sounds of the boy eating her out seemed to echo in the room, which sent shivers of doom through her stomach.  "Oh, dear gawd, what is wrong with me?"

It was impossible for Kenny to remain quiet.  "Gary promised to make it good...  make it good for you." 

The boy's tongue moved at lightning speed and he pushed his face deeper into her inflamed opening.  Gary rode her bucking hips, refusing to let up on his bashing of her delicate clitoris.  Lara's struggles ended with a desperate gasp for leniency, but there was no respite when Gary added finger-fucking to his resume.  Her torso went into severe convulsions and Lara succumbed one more time to the animal lust inside her soul.

"Oh, Baby, you're doing it," Kenny stated.  "Sweet Jesus, he's really doing it to you.  Oh Baby, Gary's making you cream all over his tongue."

There was a kid calling her Baby and Lara didn't care.  The internal combustion destroyed the last shred of decency and her orgasm flowed freely into the boy's hungry mouth.  Her body had not even settled back onto the soft mattress when someone else took charge.  Despite the darkness, Lara knew it was Kenny who rolled on top of her outstretched body, just as the last few spasms from the cunnilingus rocketed through her loins.

Although the flashback was hazy and slightly out of focus, Lara recalled the sequence of events like they happened yesterday.  She felt something hard, yet sharp probing around in her crotch and then the head of Kenny's teenage cock was inside of her once again.  The intense anticipation of having intercourse with him again was only surpassed by the overpowering passion of the sex getting better and better.  His savage and hurried attack took her breath away, yet she quickly recovered in time to respond to Kenny's youthful molestation.

Lara's heart raced and her breathing became ragged when the thick teenage cock embedded in her womanly inferno.  Kenny already had very limited willpower and he was back at the beginning of his teenage fantasy when it took him no time to reach the end of his stamina.  All that mattered to the teen was claiming the most valuable prize.  Lara felt the random twitches of his slender hips and she panicked knowing she didn't want Kenny to go on a solo journey.

Her head was mixed up, but Lara was unwilling to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.  She had feelings of guilt for betraying Steve, yet it was the fantasy of the unknown that won the battle.  Lara raised her knees so that they cradled the teen's slender hips and she allowed Kenny full penetration.  Her courage flowed from her chest into the boy's body and she rushed to meet his challenge.

Kenny was in midstream, yet Lara achieved something she had never realized before.  She was always timid to the point of being submissive in any relationship, but this time she was the taker.  Her backbone bent, as much as possible, and she rammed her pelvis at Kenny, which allowed the teenager to slice through her delicate cervix.  The teen thrust with all his vigor, embedding his pecker into her reserved womanhood.

The teenager wanted to prolong the commencement of ecstasy, but that was impossible when the intense heat closed around his throbbing member.  Kenny was like most men, as his body stiffened when he squirted Lara full of cum.  Then he started pumping his stellar cock in and out in hopes Lara didn't notice his hasty orgasm.  She never displayed any disappointment.  The tempo of her hips matched the teenager's and then the tremors in her stomach turned into an earthquake of magnificent proportions.

Lara eagerly coated the thick meat with her womanly juices, as her body went out of control.  Although Kenny had climaxed before her, his prick was still hard and thick enough to satisfy her raging passions.  Kenny felt her body thrust wildly at him and he knew Lara was not belying her sexual desires.  Even years later as she dreamed of what happened with the four teenagers, Lara would remember succumbing to yet another episode of heavenly bliss.  She was completely spent after the orgasm, but rest was not forthcoming.

Lara wondered why she was freely being unfaithful to her boyfriend and her only answer was the undying desire for love and attention.  She didn't resist or hold back when Sax, Gary and the nameless boy ravaged her with their teenage fervor.  As crude as it may have sounded on any normal day, Lara looked back on the time as her being fucked by more teenagers.  Even though she didn't achieve another climax, the affairs were still very satisfying, which she was at a lost to explain why.

First Sax had sex with her.  His enthusiasm was a lot bigger than his endurance, yet Lara did her best to make the intercourse rewarding for him.  Gary still had a raging hardon from when he performed cunnilingus on her and his sexual session was swift.  The nameless boy was last and Lara still chuckled when she looked back on it.  She remembered the loud yelping sounds coming from the boy, as he humped her like a fluffy little poodle, and it seemed like he would never stop.

Lara was relieved now that her demon was exposed and the truth was out.  She had surrendered to temptation and resisted the chance to escape when it was offered in the wee hours of that Saturday morning.  Instead Lara obediently satisfied all of the teen's rampant desires.  The sun was coming up when she finally drifted off to sleep and thankfully the ringleader seemed content to let everyone get some rest.  Kenny put his arm around her neck and cuddled with Lara, but she knew full well the scheming teenager was not finished with her.  She was committed to babysitting until sometime late Sunday afternoon and that left lots of time for untold things to happen.


Lara was determined to relive the rest of the weekend, but not to the exacting detail of the Friday evening and Saturday morning.  One thing had become evident to her after the sordid recollection so far.  She was a sex-toy for teenagers whose hormones were out of control.  Four years after the sordid weekend, Lara still felt unexplainable emotions, but she vowed to clarify them by going over everything that happened.

She must have been a lot more exhausted than the boys, as it was past 10 o'clock when she awoke that Saturday morning.  Alone on the bed, there was a sheet covering her body and the solitude felt wonderful.  Involuntarily her mind drifted over the past few hours and then her heart started to beat a lot faster.  She was well aware that it would now be difficult if not impossible to regain any measure of control over the teens.

Lara was still daydreaming when a voice broke her train of thought.  "Nice to see you finally wakeup.  Have a shower... we'll meet you downstairs.  Here!  Wear this and I'll just keep these, as you won't be needing them," Kenny said.  He tossed her something to wear and held her own clothes in his hand for safekeeping.  Then the teen headed out of the bedroom.  "We're starved... Hope you know how to make pancakes."

The one thing Lara prided herself on was being a very good cook.  Whenever she babysat Sax, his parents loved the fact they didn't have to worry about having things ready for meals, as Lara was capable of preparing something to eat.  She didn't mind doing it for these boys, as she accepted it as part of the job.  After Kenny departed, Lara remained in bed for an extra few moments trying to forget her aching, tired muscles caused by the past hours of overuse and abuse.  A hot shower sounded like the best solution for her at the time and she found it invigorating enough to ease the tension in her weary body.

After the shower, she donned the baggy t-shirt Kenny gave her, which proved to be big enough around, but way too short.  Lara assumed she was given the shirt on purpose and the thought of wearing such a revealing garment without anything underneath was disturbing.  She cursed the fact Kenny kept her clothes, as the t-shirt came down to the middle of her hips, and there was no way she was going to face teenagers like a brazen exhibitionist.  Deciding she needed something underneath, Lara rummaged through Sax's dresser until she found a pair of shorts that would suffice to hide her private parts.  The shorts did fit her very nicely, even to the point of looking seductive, which made her hesitate before proceeding downstairs.

The four teenagers were making plenty of noise before she entered the kitchen, but that changed when they saw the sexy babysitter.  Their mouths hung open in awe, as they stared at Lara wearing a shirt that suggested something enticing was hidden beneath the thin material.  The shorts were only half visible, yet it was a half that sent shivers through the teens.  The garment didn't hide the fact her ass was luscious and very shapely, as the stretchy material seemed to highlight her feminine attributes.

Lara tried to ignore their intense stares.  Even though the boys didn't get lots of sleep, it didn't affect their sexual desires.  Lara noticed each teen proudly sported a hard-on and he boldly let her know it, as she prepared food.  The kitchen had a large island in the center and she tried to remain behind it, which offered some privacy.  At least the island cupboard shielded her lower extremities from the leering glances of the boys and that gave Lara some consolation.

Every time one of the boys came near her, Lara shivered in fear, afraid he would touch her.  She hastily made plenty of pancakes along with dishes of fruit, which she served the teens.  Everything was going fine until one of the boys threw a strawberry at his friend.  That started a food-fight that escalated into an all-out battle in no time.  Lara could only describe the teens, as four out-of-control hooligans, and she tried to hide behind the island hoping to avoid getting involved.

The last thing in the world Lara ever imagined was that she would be rolling around on the kitchen floor and acting like a kid.  She listened to the boys bicker back and forth and ducked now and then to avoid getting hit by something.  All of a sudden a strawberry covered with syrup hit her in the chest.  If that wasn't bad enough, the fruit left a big dark stain directly over her boob.  Lara noticed how all the boys suddenly stopped and stared at the obvious dark spot.  She had no way of knowing if it was done on purpose, but looking back on it, Lara guessed her getting hit was all part of their devious plan.

Before she had a chance to run out of the kitchen, Lara was in the middle of the food-fight.  She was the sole target at that point.  There were four teens hitting her with fruit; four boys surrounded her and each one threw something at her.  Lara swatted at the food and then she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She took turns facing one of the boys to stop him, but then the others swarmed her from behind.

Lara kept turning from one teen to another.  The boys were too fast for her and they started shoving the fruit into her shirt and even her shorts when her back was turned.  Lara felt the strawberries being squished against her skin and they quickly turned into juice, which stained the clothes.  When she looked back on what happened, the scene must have gotten the teenagers overly aroused to the point of them wanting only one thing.

"Holy shit!  Look at that one.  I squished it right over her titty."

"Kenny!  Christ man, you put that one right on her box."

"Fuckin' 'A'.  Keep it up guys... lets fill Sax's shorts with berries."  Kenny said it and laughter broke out, as all of them did exactly what he suggested.

"Yeah, look at that one.  It's right on her ass."

"Gary, you dirty bugger.  You put that one on her tit."

"Hey, guys!  We should use the syrup."

"Yeah, cover her with it... then lick it off her snatch."

Lara was still swinging wildly at the teens when she was grabbed from behind.  She struggled to get away from Kenny who pinned her down and from Gary who tried to hold her kicking legs.  It took all four boys to hold Lara on the kitchen floor, but they easily proved too strong for her.  In a flash, they stripped her t-shirt and shorts and held her naked torso on the cool, tiled floor.

"No.  Dear gawd, don't do it," Lara pleaded, as Sax grabbed the bottle of Aunt Jemima's.  She watched in horror, as the teen tilted the bottle, and slowly poured the thick syrup onto her chest.  Sax gingerly poured the gooey liquid all over her boobs paying attention to coat the entire ends with the syrup.  "Dear gawd, Sax.  Please don't."

All Lara did at the time was stare down in disbelief.  The gleam from her soaked tits was blinding and Lara noticed how all the boys eagerly had their tongues out, wanting to lick her clean.  When all of his friends started shouting encouragement, Sax's face lit up with a devilish grin.

"All over.  Do it, man... pour it all over."

Lara's eyes opened wider.  She tilted her head up off the floor and noticed how goose bumps formed over her entire torso.  The alluring bumps covered her nakedness, as the cool syrup trickled down her boobs and then down the sides of her chest.  Sax moved the steam of dark liquid down her chest and onto her quivering tummy.  Lara flinched and twitched when the gooey substance coated her furry belly and made the almost invisible hairs stand out.

"Yes.  There... and down there, too."

"Go, Sax.  Pour the slimy stuff all over... keep going."

The syrup ran over her stomach and filled the small indent that was in the middle.  Once her bellybutton was overflowing, the thick goo ran everywhere.  Sax kept going and he shifted downwards.  Lara's legs were held apart, leaving her outstretched and completely vulnerable to whatever the boy wanted.  The sight was totally captivating, as everyone watched the syrup coat her entire pelvis, and then trickle down between her thighs.  The puffy labia diverted the dark liquid around Lara's susceptible opening, but Sax remedied that in a hurry. 

"Sax!  Dear gawd, you have to stop.  Please stop."

"Don't listen to her.  Do it, man... right on her gorgeous cunt lips."

"Fuckin' right.  There!  Put it there, right on her juicy cunt."

Sax shifted the stream so it hit the peak of Lara's pussy slit and then ran down the long narrow slit to completely coat her asshole, before seeping to the floor.  If that was not demoralizing enough, Kenny punctuated his control over her.  He reached into her crotch and opened her labia for the world to see her precious gem.  The syrup was cold and instantly made her sensitive clitty shrink, yet no one would ever notice a difference.

The room had been filled with loud cheering, but all of a sudden it became deathly quiet.  Nothing was said when Kenny leaned down and his friends watched in envy, as he put his face next to the woman's adorable pussy.  When his tongue lashed out and licked some of the sticky syrup off the velvety thighs, each boy held his breath in anticipation.  Then Kenny motioned with his head for the two boys holding Lara's legs that they should spread them as far apart as possible.

Lara couldn't stand anymore.  She arched her back in a vain attempt to move away from her attacker, yet she refused to look away.  Her heart pounded.  She watched Kenny move between her widespread legs and felt helpless with her arms pinned outstretched off to the sides.  The teen kneeled in the puddle of syrup and Lara watched his tongue clean all the gooey mess off her crotch, including the outside of her labia.

Then Kenny put his fingers on either side of Lara's throbbing pussy lips and pulled them apart.  To her astonishment, she noticed the syrup covering the entire insides of her opening and then Kenny's tongue went to work.  Lara didn't react to the first few licks, as her brain was in shutdown mode, but then something shot through her belly.  The teen knew he had hit a nerve when her hips jerked and thrust in a random fashion, so he sucked the whole upper portion of Lara's pussy into his starving mouth.

With Lara's entire clitoris inside his mouth, Kenny sucked even harder on the pink bud.  He used his tongue to roll the clitty around and the flavor was unbelievable.  It was the sweetest taste with a slight mixture of tangy juice, yet Kenny knew which he liked best.  Slowly the taste changed and the sweetness disappeared.  Kenny kept sucking and his tongue never stopped battering the tiny morsel around, which had a noticeable effect on the struggling young woman.

The teenagers held Lara captive and Kenny performed magic, as his friends watched from the front row.  If someone had told her that she would be thrashing around on a kitchen floor covered with pancake syrup, Lara would have considered the suggestion ludicrous.  She was a neat and orderly young woman who seldom ventured out of her comfort zone, but all of a sudden lust made her a different person.  It would take Lara four years to recall the reckless desire she displayed that Saturday, as her bare ass slipped and slid around on the messy floor.

There was a teenager between her widespread legs cleaning spilled syrup off her womanly treasures and Lara was powerless to stop him.  Kenny pushed his chin into the hottest hole and he got a sudden urge to use his finger.  Moving his chin slightly to the side, he thrust his long, middle finger to the hilt with one shove.  Lara's hips jumped to match the tempo of his finger and then Kenny began a finger-fucking Lara would remember forever.

Lara was long past caring what happened.  There was still some syrup on her boobs, but Sax and Gary quickly cleaned up the sweet nectar.  Each boy sucked a nipple into his mouth and then used his teeth to carefully nibble on the hardened jewel until she cried out.  Kenny consumed her spirit.  The teen confidently held her clitoris in his burning mouth, as he finger-fucked her, and Lara succumbed one more time to the devious teenagers.

Lara was in the midst of a mind-blowing orgasm and all four teenagers were responsible for her loss of control.  In a million years, she never imagined surrendering to such uncontrollable desire, but lust drove her over the top.  Kenny didn't know which tasted sweeter, the sugary syrup or the running cream from Lara's inner sanctuary.

After the explosive ending and the teenager finally let her go, Lara was totally exhausted.  Even four years couldn't dull the vivid memory of a naked woman and four naked teens all literally covered with Aunt Jemima's love potion.  That was not the end of the kitchen story.  Her body was literally covered with sticky goo and that brought joy to the teens.  Lara was rolled onto her stomach.  She could only imagine why the teens cheered when Sax produced another bottle of syrup.

The recollection came back to her in brilliant Technicolor.  Lara remembered being pinned on her stomach and not able to move her arms or legs.  Thick syrup was poured over her butt until it filled her crack.  It seemed to stay there forever and Lara realized the teens wanted her completely coated with the dark syrup.  She felt the cool liquid trickle over her asshole and then down between her thighs to the floor.  Again to the delight of the teens, her twat was gleaming, which attracted their intense stares.

It took Kenny less than a minute to show Lara he was still in charge.  He slithered to the floor beside her and put his lips next to her ear.  "Get ready cockteaser.  Now we're going to have some fun," he whispered.  "Sax is going to do some ass licking... maybe some serious fucking if you tease him properly."

The teens all laughed and Lara felt a big knot in her stomach.  "Kenny, please, I've had enough.  I can't take any more."

"What!  The cockteaser can't take anymore.  Well, Sax has admired your sweet ass for a long, long time... get it, Honey?"  Kenny laughed some more, but he wasn't finished.  "God, you better hope Sax doesn't want to fuck your tight ass."

In a flash someone was licking up the gooey mess.  Sax pried her cheeks apart and shoved his face, as deep as possible, into her ass crack.  Lara was afraid Kenny was serious.  The thought of anal sex was frightening and she begged for mercy.  "No!  Dear gawd, no.  Sax!  Please don't touch me there."

The teen paid tribute to her luscious butt.  Sax swiftly turned it into a patronage of love when he licked her entire ass including the long narrow crack in an effort to get all of the addictive syrup.  He pulled her bare cheeks wider and paused directly over top of her precious hole.  Lara's heart pounded in her chest.  "Kenny, please make him stop.  Pleeeeeaase!"

Sax had fantasized over his sexy babysitter for a long time and now she was his.  He stared at Lara's syrup coated crotch, which was inches from his face, and yearned to lick her all over.  Sax jerked Lara's hips off the floor and with Kenny's help placed her in the perfect doggie position.  It was one of those times in her life when Lara realized the hopelessness of what was happening to her.  She hesitated to struggle and wondered if surrendering wasn't her only choice.

Lara fretted about the dire possibility of getting reamed out when Sax's tongue stroked her sacred hole.  The teen licked her and his friends held her arms and legs so she remained on her hands and knees.  It was probably the most vulgar, humiliating experience of her life, yet the initial urge to struggle was decreasing by the minute.  Sax was on a mission.  He used his tongue to destroy Lara's willpower and his fingers to overcome her resistance.

If Lara thought a second orgasm was impossible, she was sorrowfully mistaken.  The teen's tongue caressed every part of the ass-crack before concentrating on her succulent asshole.  Sax used his tongue just like Kenny did earlier and he fucked Lara's ass with it.  She twisted and jerked her hips up and down to alleviate the intense stimulation caused by the boy, but there was no escape.

That was when her heart stopped.  Catching her off guard, Sax thrust his finger into her defenseless honey-hole and began a finger-fucking dilemma, which would compromise her determined self-control.  The teen curled his finger and seemed to catch her tender G-spot with every outward pump.  When severe tremors and shockwaves roared through her midsection, Lara realized that she was on an upward spiral.

There was no hesitation or respite from Sax.  To make matters worse, Kenny joined the tussle.  He grabbed both hanging boobs and made sure the nipples were very erect.  Lara lifted her head, but she came face to face with the devil.  "I can see our little cockteaser is getting ready...  ready for some cock," Kenny whispered.  "Can you feel Sax's tongue... his fucking finger?"

"Please... please, stop."

"Stop?  You don't mean it.  Your ass is going a mile a minute."

Suddenly Lara realized her body was shaking and that her backend was indeed moving around.  "No, no... no!"

"I just love your face when you get near an orgasm.  Your eyes... your cheeks... and that sexy, pouty mouth."

Lara frantically thought about it and wondered if she was displaying any sort of animal lust.  Then to her utter astonishment, Sax rammed his tongue at her asshole and she felt it actually enter a small amount.  Then the teen used one hand to molest her clitty and the other to inflict a royal fucking.

"Dear gawd, no."

"Oh, but you have such a lovely ass.  So sexy and I'm sure Sax would love sticking his cock in it."

"No, no, no."

Lara could not remember fighting with such determination or such vigor.  During the long journey to the top, her tummy quivered, but she prayed that a miracle would save her.  All of a sudden the optimism disappeared and Lara willingly conceded defeat.  Her only concern was fulfillment and she welcomed the looming orgasm, which was within reach.

For the first time in her young life, Lara was left on the threshold, with immense expectations of grand ecstasy.  Kenny frantically pushed his buddy away from Lara when he noticed the young woman's lost expression.  The telltale signs of her uneven breathing and quickened heartbeat were very evident and Kenny acted fast when her stomach displayed indications of random convulsions.  Sax tumbled away from the kneeling goddess and he enviously watched his best friend take over.

Lara closed her eyes to black out Kenny's smirking face, which in turn enabled her to regain a small measure of self-control.  She only needed one, or possibly two more caresses on her throbbing womanhood, and it would all have been over.  Lara remembered the experience with great apprehension.  Mini spasms and tremors soared through her loins, yet she managed to stop them from consuming her delicate spirit.  Every muscle in her body stiffened and her back arched, as she brought her emotions back from the brink.

Her eyes remained closed tightly when Kenny swiftly rotated around her kneeling torso.  Abruptly there was something poking her in the crotch and in less than one of her rapid heartbeats, Lara felt a sharp dagger hit the mark.  Her knees scraped across the hard kitchen floor and she could only imagine what it was like to be a bitch for another 15-year-old teenager.  At the time Lara thought there was no more cum in her tank, but the teenager would surprise her.

She couldn't talk; she couldn't breathe and all Lara managed were futile moans and groans, which she uttered directly out of her belly.  The teenager was already overly aroused when his pecker hit the intense heat.  Kenny rammed his hips at the sugarcoated ass and the flames licked his cock, as he entered the torrid fuck-hole.  The teen had no idea what happened, but the sight of the womanly idol going out of control on his enlarged cock was miraculous.

Animal desire raging through her brain controlled Lara.  She had lingered on the towering plateau of ecstasy waiting for this.  The flared cock-head surged through her restrictive cervix and into her belly without the slightest hesitation.  Lara grunted; she held her breath and her body temperature increased ten degrees a second when the teen speared her soul with his amazing rod.

Lust is merciless.  When lust takes over a person's mind, they are helpless to do moral or righteous deeds.  Lara vividly recalled the loud hoots and hollers, as the boys cheered on their friend.  That was when she realized that nothing in the world mattered when a woman passed a certain point.  Her body belonged to the devil and it rocked back trying to satisfy the desire that had taken over her sanity.

Kenny tried hard to hold absolutely motionless with his cock buried to the hilt.  The only way to prolong the fantastic event was to remain still, which he did for an eternity.  Lara couldn't hold herself up any longer and her arms buckled.  Kenny wrapped his strong hands around her slim waist and he held on for dear life.  Balanced on her knees, it was easy for Kenny to rock Lara back and forth and each time he felt his cock pound into the core of her fragile belly.  There was no uncertainty about Lara's total submission, as the heat intensified around his embedded cock, and Kenny witnessed a shocking display of orgasmic ecstasy.

Lara was in the midst of heavenly bliss when Kenny released his demons.  It was another turning point in her life, as she realized that someone other than her fiancée possessed her soul.  She would never forget what a mere teenage boy did to her.  Kenny filled her internal being with teenage cum and then he derisively pushed her away, so that she landed prone on the sticky, kitchen floor, where the other three boys subsequently used her.


Someone suggested using the swimming pool to wash off all of the gooey mess.  Lara immediately recognized her adult responsibility and suggested they all shower first so the pool wouldn't get contaminated.  She glanced around the room at the naked bodies and saw how everyone was covered with syrupy residue; even their hair was plastered with the stuff.  The most disturbing thing for Lara was the imminent task of perfectly cleaning the kitchen so that Sax's parents didn't find out about the messy indiscretion.

When Lara questioned Kenny about his intentions, the teen bluntly told her to shower and meet them in the pool wearing her sexy bikini.  Her legs were like rubber when she went up to an upstairs bathroom and took the longest shower ever.  Lara was still despondent when she stepped out of the shower.  She dried herself and somehow wound up at the bedroom window, which overlooked the backyard, swimming pool.

Still naked and holding the skimpy bikini in her hands, Lara contemplated leaving.  The teens were all busy playing around in the pool and it was the perfect time for an escape.  She was still dreaming when she looked at her reflection in a dresser mirror and noticed how seductive she appeared.  The red blemishes were still evident on her rosy skin, but the hickies seemed to add to her allure.  Before Lara had a chance to change her mind, her feet started moving and she was on her way down the stairs.

Even four years couldn't dull the memory of her reaching the living room and then heading outside to the pool.  Lara recognized the danger of being in a secluded swimming pool with four horny teens, so she opted to lounge on the pool-deck in the sunshine.  The boys were splashing and being overly rambunctious when she came into the backyard.  She tried to ignore their lewd comments and quickly selected a lounge chair, which was the farthest away from the water.

This recollection of the fateful weekend was certainly difficult to accept.  She almost dozed off in the bright sun and intense heat and never noticed the sudden calm.  The teens were on her before she could react.  Each one grabbed an arm or a leg and they quickly carried her to the edge of the pool.  It was like one of those birthday splashes, as the teens swung her back and forth at the count of one, two, three and then threw her into the water.

Lara hit with a big splash and the force drove her to the bottom of the pool.  She came up sputtering and when she glanced at the four leering teenagers, her heart sank.  Kenny was holding a bikini top and he waved it enticingly in the air.  Lara didn't have to look; she knew her bare boobs were floating on the surface of the wavy water.  The teens stared at her brazen nakedness and she quickly put her arms across her chest to gain some modesty.

In a flash, all four teenagers jumped in the pool.  Lara couldn't really fault her battle against four enthusiastic teens, as there was no way one woman was going to overcome such odds.  It did little good to plead with Kenny and mention that neighbors could notice what was happening.  The boys surrounded her and splashed water in her face more than likely in an effort to get her to move her arms.

There was something about sex in a swimming pool that Lara thought sounded more erotic than it really was.  That belief was dispelled on a bright, Saturday afternoon and the memory still caused her to tremble.  Lara started the water adventure greatly outnumbered, but she still remained confident.  She quickly realized the futility of trying to cover her breasts and shrugged off any attempt for humility.

Lara took extra time pondering the very vivid experience.  At the time she tried to stay in the deep end of the pool and float on her stomach, but the teens were unwavering in using the shallow end.  In no time, they coerced Lara into the shallow water and she wound up floating on her back.  Her arms were outstretched and moving back and forth in an effort to tread water, which left her tits sort of bobbing in the rough water.  The scene was tantalizing to the teenagers and they noticed how Lara's nipples were extremely erect from the water and cool air washing over them.

The playful actions continued, as each boy tried to touch or caress Lara's nudity in some way or other.  Her legs were outstretched and she used a fluttering kick to remain afloat.  That was most likely the moment when Lara fell victim to the teens' tricky scheme.  The four teens were splashing water all around; Lara was floating aimlessly and thinking of ways to get out of the pool.  Suddenly her legs were parted and Sax was standing between them, as he held her on the surface of the water.

Sax had the biggest grin on his face and Lara realized that something terrible was in store for her.  Everything happened so fast that she merely submitted to the sudden attack.  Her upper body was too heavy to stay afloat and before she could take a big breath, her head was under water.  In the split-second it took for her to go under and resurface again, her bikini bottoms were stripped by Sax and at least one of his friends.

Lara coughed and sputtered to regain her breathing, but by then Sax had reached his goal.  The teenager held her legs spread while two of his friends held the limbs up so Lara wouldn't sink.  Sax's hands were under her floating hips and he was digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her ass.  The teen held Lara at the perfect height so the water was just below her crotch and then he put his freckled face between her thighs.

It was not hard to get all four teenagers working together when there were erotic aspirations in front of them.  A swimming pool gangbang was not something Lara ever imagined, yet four years later she realized that was what happened on a sunny, Saturday afternoon.  She wasn't proud of surrendering, but like the earlier sessions, Lara felt totally helpless.

Kenny shrewdly supported her upper body while keeping his face next to Lara's.  "The little cockteaser is going to get it again.  Are you ready?"

"Kenny!  Dear gawd, you have to stop.  What if someone sees us?"

"Then they're going to see a sexy babysitter getting eaten out by her teenage lover."

"Kenny.  You have to stop, please!"

"You don't really want it to stop, now do you?"

It happened fast and furious.  Sax put his mouth over her pussy and sucked as hard as he could.  Her entire clitoris was devoured by the teen and Lara felt his teeth begin nibbling on the entrenched bud.  Sax's two friends held her legs firmly out to the sides and Kenny supported her shoulders by putting his hands in her armpits.

Lara recalled that afternoon.  She reluctantly remembered being more distraught than ever at the time.  Why didn't she run?  Why didn't she escape when she had the chance?  The two bothersome questions ran through her head, but then the horrible truth hit her like a kick in the ass.  Lara realized that she stood in the bedroom window looking out over the four playful teenagers knowing she was willingly going to join them.

Then the dramatic scene of a naked woman thrashing around in the water became vivid in her memory.  Lara remembered experiencing something that she would never reveal to anyone, not any of her family or even her husband.  Her clitoris was on fire and Sax had succeeded in overcoming her initial resistance.  The teen's tongue performed oral magic and then he suddenly thrust his finger into her waiting honeyhole.

Lara had already accepted her fate and she prepared for her very first watery orgasm.  Much to her dismay, it didn't unfold as she predicted.  Her ass easily bobbing up and down with the wavy water and Sax tenderly held the throbbing clitoris in his teeth, as his tongue rolled it around inside his mouth.  Her clitty was inflamed and Lara tensed in anticipation of the world's fastest orgasm.  She heard the splashing water when Sax's hand moved back and forth and then the most philosophical experience occurred.

Lara would never know if Kenny dunked her on purpose or if it was done by accident.  She felt the fire in her belly growing very hot and intense from the gifted cunnilingus and all of a sudden her head was under water.  Lara desperately tried to hold her breath, but it happened so fast that she swallowed a lot of water.  Although she never feared for her life, Lara felt overwhelmed by the sudden suffocation, as it seemed to rob any last remaining composure.

Kenny used her hair to bring Lara's head above water.  She merely coughed and gasped for needed air while at the same time Sax held her clit firmly in his teeth.  Warm water filled her crevice and her clitty was jerked out of its shell, which caused her belly to shudder.  Lara had barely resumed her breathing when Kenny abruptly shoved her head under water again and she was holding her breath with all of her resolve.

There was nothing in her past to prepare Lara for the shocking experience.  She desired so many things that it was impossible to concentrate on one.  Breathing was imperative, yet so was the onrushing orgasm, which festered in the pit of her stomach.  Lara felt the teen's mouth and the hot water siphoning the love juices from her inferno, but she refused to concede defeat.

Without warning, her head was lifted above water for mere seconds and then shoved under water again.  Lara's eyes remained wide open and she noticed images of people above her.  Everything was blurry through the water, yet she recognized Kenny, as his face drew nearer.  The teenager thrust his face into the boiling water and he kissed her on the mouth.  Kenny continued the captive hold of her hair and before Lara realized it, they were kissing in the warm, bright sunshine.  Even four years later, Lara visualized the bright halo around the teen's head and at the time she didn't know if she was going to die from the lack of air or from the exceptional, dramatic orgasm.

It seemed that each subsequent sexual encounter overwhelmed her more than any other.  Lara's entire essence was centered in her stomach, which convulsed like crazy, and it left her mental reasoning very dysfunctional.  The spasms still roared through her inner being when she came to her senses.  At first Lara didn't know where she was, but then it hit her.  She glanced around the yard and then over the fence to see if any neighbors might be watching.

Lara was thankful for the backyard pool being somewhat hidden from the neighbors.  Although there were some windows overlooking the backyard, she hoped no one was home at the residences.  The cunnilingus climax rocked her already shattered confidence and she merely allowed the teenagers to pull her to the side of the pool where the boys made her suck each of their cocks. 

Lara recalled one of teenagers mention a gangbang and she instantly felt powerless to stop them as she was hauled out the pool.  Dripping wet and naked, she was dragged into the family room overlooking the backyard.  She barely made it to the sofa before one of the teens had his cock in her face.  Lara found herself sprawled out on soft cushions and then there were hands all over her.  The hardest part of the flashback for Lara was how she eventually succumbed to more intimate molestation, so her mind blocked out the rest of the evening.

It had taken her four years to get to this point in the weekend and she wasn't about to relive another sexual conquest by cunning teenagers.  Lara wasn't proud of submitting yet again to four overly aroused teenagers who displayed zero stamina like they did the first time.  Lara vowed never to question why she did what she did, as the thought of another astonishing orgasm was too hard to comprehend.


The previous 24 hours seemed like a lifetime to Lara.  She was dazed and more than dismayed by the events that transpired since arriving at her babysitting job.  Lara breathed a big sigh of relief at bedtime Saturday night.  She went to bed thinking there were only a few more hours left before Sax's parents returned home.  The teens suggested Lara use the family's spare bedroom, which she normally used on babysitting sleepovers, and she naively expected to sleep alone.  She never undressed and simply went to bed wearing the clothes she had on at the time, sweatpants and a t-shirt.

It took Lara measly minutes to fall asleep despite being afraid the boys would come into the room.  She heard them shouting and cheering, as they played one of Sax's games, and that was the last recollection until she was startled by the sound of the door opening.  Lara propped herself up on her elbow just as a shadowy figure shuffled across the darkened room.  She instantly recognized Kenny when he grabbed the covers and swiftly slithered under the sheets, much to her shocked alarm.

The teen reached for her and he wrapped his arms around her torso when she turned.  Lara attempted to exit the bed on the far side, but Kenny was too quick.  "Stick around.  We have some unfinished business to take care of," he whispered.  "Sax's parents won't be home for hours."

"Kenny, dear gawd, not again.  I just can't."

"You don't know what you can do... until you do it."

"But I've done everything you've asked... and more."

"But you're still a cockteaser.  I feel my cock getting hard when you talk to me."

"But... but!"

"This morning was fantastic.  When you climaxed... I've never seen anything so hot."

"Oh, gawd, why?"

"In the pool... that was the greatest orgasm.  I thought you were going to drown poor Sax."

"No more, please."

"Then this evening... I've never seen such a puny cock do that to a woman.  Gary's probably still got a fucking hard-on."

The last thing Lara needed was a reminder of how slutty she acted.  Her memory flashed back to the evening session when she totally lost control.  She was at a loss to explain why Kenny's presence turned her into a sex object for his friend Gary.  Steve was her fiancé and never in her wildest dreams did Lara ever imagine being unfaithful to him.  Suddenly her ability to resist the teen had vanished and her body shuddered at his touch.

Kenny easily maneuvered Lara onto her left side.  He cuddled against her back and wrapped his right arm around her shoulders.  Then he pulled her tightly into the front of his body and Lara instantly felt his obvious stimulation.  The hard, pulsating erection pressed against the back of her thighs and seemed to scorch her flesh, even through her loose fitting sweatpants.

All of a sudden the teenager yanked her pants down to her knees.  Then Kenny shifted his hips until his throbbing pecker reached the spot he dearly wanted to caress.  Lara felt the burning rod embrace her milky thighs and then the head pressed against the back of her ass.  "We could do it... you know," Kenny whispered.  "Does your boyfriend fuck your ass?"

The vulgarity should have angered Lara, yet it didn't.  "No.  Please Kenny, leave me alone.  Don't do this."

"C'mon.  You've teased us with that gorgeous ass... now it's time to let a real cock screw it."

"No, please stop."

Kenny wrapped both arms around Lara and he grabbed both of her arms at the wrists.  He held her arms extended in front of her and kept his face at the back of her head.  "Well then.  What are you going to give me?"  With a sudden jerk of his hips, Kenny planted the head of his big cock between the fleshy cheeks of her ass.  "You want it... don't you?"

The head grazed the securely puckered hole and her heart beat out of control.  The boy's arrogance was totally profound and Lara struggled to understand why it didn't upset her more than it did.  With a brilliant flash of admission, she realized there was no escaping the teenager's sexual fantasies.  Lara reasoned that the only way to save herself was by complying in some fashion with Kenny's demands.  If the teen remained positioned as he was, her ass would surely be brutalized.

With some hesitation and reluctance, Lara bent forward.  At the same time Kenny used his toes to catch the waistband of her pants and he finish stripping the garment.  Lara twisted her arms demanding the teen let go of her wrists and then she reached between her thighs.  She lifted her top leg and reached through the sweaty space until she touched the throbbing penis.  Her fingers shook, but Lara managed to wrap them around the thick meat.  She held the cock for a brief moment, and then pulled it forward until it reached between her thighs.

Lara let go of the burning rod and before she could drop her leg, the springy meat bounced up against her crotch.  She felt Kenny purposely rock his hips back and forth until his prick was covered with moisture.

"You can't get enough.  Can you?"

His remark sent shivers up her spine.  She didn't want to tell the teen that she was only doing it to save herself.  "No.  It's just more comfortable."

"Do you know what?"  Kenny asked the question, but this time he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of answering it for her.  He put his right hand under her chin and pushed her head backwards.  "Do you know what?"

Lara fully understood the teens push for glory.  It was either fulfill his demands or he would probably force her into anal sex.  "What!  What do you want me to do?"

"I could just fuck you.  Fuck every hole you've got, but that wouldn't prove a thing."

"What do you want then?"

There was a long pause, as if Kenny was making her suffer.  "I want you to do it.  Fuck yourself with my hard cock."

There it was and Lara had a choice.  Where the teen put his cock was up to her.  Reluctantly she reached down and put her fingers on top of the thick shaft, which was deeply entrenched in her wet slit.  To her dismay, Kenny stubbornly didn't move an inch.  Lara aimed his cock at the door of her womanly treasure, but Kenny left it up to her.  His boyish face broke out in a wide grin, as she held her leg in the air, and tilted her hips backwards.

Much to Lara's puzzled amazement, the position proved to be outstanding.  She never dreamed of sex with the man behind her, but after that day, Lara used the position with Steve on many occasions.  She recalled placing her fingers on the bulbous head and tenderly pushed, feeling it and many inches of cock slip into her waiting hole.  The teen's cock was almost fully embedded and it seemed to put more pressure than ever on the walls of her vagina.  Lara felt the lust building deep inside her womanly inferno and then Kenny did something she would always remember.

Kenny hugged her tightly from behind and his right hand dropped to her pelvis.  The teen immediately yanked on her curly, pubic hair and Lara was positive Kenny pulled some of it out.  Her pelvis was ablaze and she was tremendously relieved when the teen let go.  Lara shivered wildly when his fingers searched for the one thing that controlled a woman's desire.  Kenny's fingers slipped into the hood protecting her clitty and Lara knew there was only one antidote to combat the rising lust.

Kenny rolled the clitoris around vigorously without any set pattern or rhythm.  Lara's hips jumped and then the teen thrust his hips at her.  Kenny used a slight, innocent push backwards with his fingers, as he continued rolling the throbbing morsel, and Lara felt like a drug user with a needle in their arm.  Her back arched and Kenny rammed his hips forward at the same time.  The kid was a master and he seemed to inflame her emotions without really knowing how.

Sadly Lara admitted that every time she had sex, it got better each time.  She lay in the arms of a teenager and there was nothing on her mind except being sexually satisfied.  Kenny held her; he ravaged her and made her climax as if she was the one without experience.  How or why a teenager gained control of her intimate emotions was a mystery and one that Lara vowed to keep secret.


It took four long years, but now Lara readily admitted the truth.  During the years, she wondered if the weekend wasn't a dream or just a sexual fantasy.  Everything seemed surreal whenever she remembered details of the babysitting experience, yet her intense emotions were very real.  She had been unfaithful to the point of willingly permitting four teenage boys to have sex with her, yet she was no longer traumatized by what happened.

After that sorrowful weekend, Lara had concealed her true feelings.  She couldn't accept being ruled by ecstasy and having lust overpower everything she was brought up to believe.  It had been too embarrassing admitting that a mature 24-year-old woman had acted in such a shameful manner.

Suddenly it didn't matter how many more times she had intercourse that weekend.  The facts were now plain and simple and Lara was okay with them.  'No,' she thought, 'I won't tell Steve or anyone what happened, but those two days will always be a precious memory.  It was the one and only time in her young life that she had yielded to temptation and she prayed that no one close to her ever found out.  Trusting four teenage boys with such a secret was foolhardy, yet Lara didn't have much choice.


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