(Mf, mf, 1st, exhib, oral, anal, creampie... for starters)

by Art Martin

Doing what she did best

An epic tale of love, sex and betrayal, the story of Terri Bradford. Terri, how should I describe her? Gorgeous, she certainly was. Voluptuous? In spades. Nymphomaniac? She was that too. An exhibitionist? Yep! Hands down, she was the best girlfriend I ever had, even if, or maybe because, she was such a wanton whore. Tragic, that'd be a good description too. We didn't exactly surrender our virginities to one another, but we copulated and fornicated our way through our formative adolescence years and still, I didn't really know her until was too late. - Jimmy.

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DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 1 - The Last Stand

07/01/09 (mf, 1st, MF, oral, exhib) This is a tale of wantonness, promiscuity, sexual abuse and incest. Seeking understanding, Terri entrusts her diaries to her long time boyfriend. Jimmy thought that he knew her, but he didn't. He soon discovers the truth behind her transformation from innocence to wanton slut...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 2 - Getting to Know Terri

07/08/09 (mf, 1st, oral, creampie, anal) Up on the levee Jimmy gets know Terri... biblically speaking...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 3 - The "Ice Queen Lizzy" and the "Slut"

07/21/09 (MMF, prost, voy, exhib, oral, anal) Back in Oklahoma, a budding young Terri begins her discovery of sex and sexuality while enduring the cruelty of "friends" and classmates...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 4 - Daddy's Girl

07/28/09 (Mf, 1st, incest, bond, anal, oral, creampie) With a transfer to New Orleans imminent, Terri's dad takes her with him to New Orleans where he first has sex with her...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 5 - The Photogenic Girl

08/04/09 (mf, Mf, inc, exhib, voy, bond, oral, anal) Jimmy and Terri avail themselves of Carl's hospitality and find themselves photographed in a most compromising position. Jimmy is mortified but Terri...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 6 - The Pornographic Girl

08/13/09 (mf, mMf, exhib, cons, oral, anal, toys, inc) Terri finds posing nude for Carl's camera to be irresistible. The money is easy and with effortless ease, Terri and Jimmy go from soft porn to hard porn and into thinly veiled prostitution...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 7 - Expanding Horizons

08/20/09 (MMmf, Mm-bi, reluc, oral, voy, exhib, inc, bond, gangbang, toys) - Terri's father is inspired by the results of Carl's introduction of a new "model" into the photo sessions. But Jimmy isn't as happy about it as Mr. Bradford is and takes some drastic steps, leaving Terri vulnerable to additional deprivations…

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 8 - The Separation

08/26/09 (mf, MmF, lac, mF, m+f, nc, Mf, inc, reluc) The neighbor-lady provides comfort when Jimmy's family is torn apart. In Terri's family, her unchecked father expands the scope of his predation upon his daughters...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 9 - The Firestorm

09/02/09 (Mff, mf, inc, oral, anal, bi-f) A firestorm erupts, tearing apart the Bradford family. The subsequent hard times leads Terri deep into the grips of Vito...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 10 - The Backstage

09/09/09 (Mf, mf, exhib, oral, anal, mast, bukkake, MFf, Ff, MMFf, bond, SM, impreg, bi-f) To collect on Jimmy's outstanding debts, Vito coerces Jimmy and Terri to perform at an underground club...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 11 - The Artist's Model

09/17/09 (Mf, MMf, MMF, MM, exhib, oral, anal, bond) After sharing the teen sexpot with some of his pals, Jimmy's dad introduces Terri to a local artist...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 12 - Sex Angel

09/24/09 (Ff, Mf, MM, inter, oral, anal, bond, S&M) Terri's last gig as Julian's model turns sinister and she discovers just how her mother feels about her...

DIARY of a TEEN FUCK-TOY - Chapter 13 - Lost Love

10/01/09 (Mf, M+f, reluc, oral) In the final chapter, Terri wants a true reconciliation with Jimmy, but events get in the way and the opportunity is lost.

Some Readers' Comments:


Wow, can't wait for more! An intriguing read.

Well written. Real characters with some depth.

Very hot. A nice beginning. Looking forward for new adventures

I really enjoyed chapter one! Thanks! I like the way you developed the characters and their personalities so much.

Great beginning.. Hope this series doesn't "peter out" too soon. (Author's Note: All chapters are basically completed)

Excellent - see where you are going. (Author's note: Perhaps, perhaps not...)

Your stories are written so good I get a hardon from it. Thanks for supplying your writing.

Pretty good story, lets see what the next chapter brings.

Really liked it. Look forward to more.


If this isn't a true memory, then you are a fantastic writer. (Author's note: Pure fiction... ;)

You are a storyteller! I'm enjoying your Terry/Honeysuckle tale. Just started reading the "Diary". The sex is good, but the tale itself is so very well told that it really didn't matter if there was no (alright - some) sex.

Wow, great, imaginative story! Well-written, and with little of the stupidity I often find in this genre. As a woman, I loved this story. Time to go touch myself!

I read both chapters back to back and was completely involved in the plot. Very easy to read. I like the story a lot. Will look forward to more chapters.

Man, I sure hope there are some nice long chapters about Daddy getting his share of Terri over and over. (Editor's note: We'll see, after all this is a fuck story)

I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 3!

Well, I read and enjoyed... but then I saw the end... and thought, well, more to come sooooooooon

There is a lot of boring, rubbish stories around and it's a lot of "work" to find stories that are well written, with some story structure and a bit realistic

You've sold a man whose mind is on something else on the idea of reading for the content. You should be proud - I'm certainly impressed.


I've read the first 3, and I'm hooked. You're a gifted writer.

I enjoyed the story as much as the sex, keep writing.

...hoping for more!


Love it. Can't wait for the next one.

...great story-telling, really turned me on; 2 thumbs up.

Just awesome!

This story is getting hotter, as the chapters continue... Keep up the great writing.

Loved it. Can't wait for the next chapter. This is the hottest series since Lori, Neighbors Delight.

Well written - good diary interludes. Kinda ill, to be honest - psychologically, this is truly disturbing. however, it is steadfastly strong in description and color. Well done.


Read these first five chapters in one evening; a compelling story, I will be reading your other works. Are the "Social Mores" books a real series? (Author's note: As a kid back in the sixties, I read a series something like this, but it was all in one volume. I have racked my brain, but I can’t recall the name.)

It just keeps getting better... many thanks...

I grew up in New Orleans around the time your story is set. The local color brings back the rush as much as anything: being a high schooler at the old Ben Franklin in the courthouse on Carrollton Avenue... making love at the Lake Front... Pontchartrain Beach... Spanish Fort... The more you pack this story with that stuff the better it gets for me! (Author's comment: Where y'at?)

Best erotic story I've read in a while.

This is a fantastic story. The diary-memory format keeps the story exciting and fun to read. Your writing is damned near flawless... (Authors note: flawless, but... I stand corrected!) I am looking forward to the rest of the story, very sexy stuff indeed.


This is one of the best stories I've ever read! It has everything in it, love, sex, incest...

Congrats. Each Chapter gets hotter and hotter.

So far this reminds me a lot of Nick Scipio's "Summer Camp" series. I am very impressed. (Authors note: To paraphase a certain hack Senator from Texas, 'I'm a fan of Nick Scipio and I'm no Nick Scipio!" Still... Gosh!!!!)

Waiting longing for every new part.

I especially appreciated this story as I lived in New Orleans for over 30 years, and the "places" are authentic. Great writing style!

I love your story. I am also from NO and loved the Beach. (Pontchartain Beach... note, there are no actual beaches in New Orleans, mud flats, yes, but beaches no. An historical aside, Pontachartain Beach was located at the lake terminus of the Milneburg Railroad, which Elysian Fields Avenue now follows from the River and which was the second railroad built in the United States.)


Wow. Excellent as always. Thanks for the read. Looking forward to the next chapter.

This is an incredible story!

Wow, Art. You've actually outdone yourself on this one. Absolutely brilliant. Somehow you've included all of the old cliches in a context that's new and exciting... and I love your characters. I want to just hug Terri. Well done! (Authors note: Clichés!!! Clichés!!! What... the big dicked high school football jock or the big-breasted blonde whose daddy has turned her into a nypho fuck-bunny? Clichés indeed! ;)

God I love this story, I'm hoping Pepper gets involved in the depravity.


I have read all and look forward to the next chapter with a !@#$%^&*() on...

Wow. Topped the preceding chapter again. You're on a roll.

Wooooo, just like I hoped, Pepper's getting...

This is the only story I make a regular point of checking back after every day to see when the next chapter is up. It continues to be a fantastic piece, and I'm both impressed and tantalized by your restraint, the way you're teasing things out with delicious deliberation.


I would like to have your kind permission to translate this epic into Swedish. (Uh, yeah... sure, I guess)

Different... some sad parts... thanks

Wow, just gets better and better. Thanks.

Best erotic story I've read. wish there was more, especially with Pepper and Terri

(Note from Art) Thanks to the reader who alerted me to the broken link!

I am looking forward to see how it continues and then ties back into the first chapter and how all of that comes to be. What an amazing slut you write about.


Your Terri would be the Maria from my circle. Damm nothing she could not do.

...even with the erotic parts, it feels like it is not the main objective, it actually tells a story, and I love it!

Another keeper. Thanks.

Well it's getting close... she is starting to ask to be done.... nice.. OH so nice

Holy smokes! Or should that be smoking holes?


Wow! What imagination and writing skills. I am a fan. Thanks.

That's my kind of party girl!

Thanks for putting your efforts out there to be scrutinized by everyone and their dog.



Love the series... interested in seeing how it ends...

Hail Mary, Mother of God... I'm with Julian on this!

Very nice so far. Typically a series tends to go over the top as the author tries to add more and more with each chapter. So far you haven't done that...

I am very interested in where this is going to go.

Excellent job once again. I am almost sad that its coming to an end, but I am curious as to how the story does get tied up.


This story should be published. Excellent work!

Awww, I'm going to miss those kids!... Really one of the best stories out there!

Kudos on a lovely series. Simply put, my thanks.

Jeezus, can we have a happy ending for once?... This is too much like real life, instead of a story where people get the kind of closure that doesn't usually come to us. (Author's note: The story ended the way it began, with Terri walking out, leaving her past behind her and Jimmy losing her forever. From the very get go there was no way that they would live happily ever after.)

This was by far, the best story I've read in long, long time. Thanks!

Is this tale real or not? There are so many little details that normal "imagined" stories don't include that I'm having a hard time telling.

Absolutely amazing. Great job. I know it's fiction, but between you and me, is there any fact beneath it? Thanks!

Great series, loved every sentance! Hope you find her.

The whole diary-series makes a really good read - you really put some effort in there. Nice description of the place, the times, the characters and details.

This is a great story. You kept it in context with minimal spelling errors and correct personal referral. I had to read the whole thing to be gratified, in a short time. Thanks.

I just wanted to say, because I know I haven't before, that this story has given me more orgasms than my last three boyfriends combined. Too often we have to choose (on ASSTR) between perversion and quality storytelling, like there's an inverse relationship. This is the series that really proves that you can have both and that they can both be better for it!

I have read a lot of erotic stories, but this is by far the best.

This is the best story that I've ever read on ASSTR.

Like a romantic Greek tragedy ending in "life goes on". Forget erotic, it is one of the best books I have ever read, and at 68 I have read a great deal of them.

Liked it? Hated it? What do you think?

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