Chapter 2
Getting to Know Terri
(mf, 1st, oral, creampie, anal)

by Art Martin

Doing what she did best

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 SPRING 1963

It was late April, 1963 and it had been quite warm as usual. Mr. Bradford, along with Terri and her two sisters, picked me up.  I really liked Terri’s younger sisters, they were cute, budding beauties.  Joan who was the middle sister and a year younger, had begun to develop, but Pepper was still a child, abet a very pretty child.  One look and you knew Terri and Pepper were sisters and knew that Mr. Bradford had sired them.  Joan favored her mother and looked nothing like her siblings.

Out at the yacht harbor on West End, I lugged the heavy sail bag from Mr. Bradford’s car while the rest carried the life jackets.  Mr. Bradford patiently demonstrated how to secure the sails to the mast and boom and went over the nomenclature of the boat.  It wasn’t a big boat by any means, but it was much larger than a Sunfish.  I’m guessing it was 22 to 23 feet.  It certainly wasn’t a 27-footer.  It had a tiny cabin that really wasn’t big enough for anything, just a place to stow stuff.  It had a fixed keel, mainsail and a jib, that’s all.  Heck, that’s all that’s needed for a day-sailer.

I loved it immediately, just as I loved flying the first time Carl took me up.  As formal as things were around the Bradford house, it was very informal on the water.  The three girls peeled off their t-shirts.  That was the first time I’d seen Terri in a bikini.  Jesus, those tits!  Joan actually had on a more risqué bikini than her older sister, a bikini that showed her figure off quite nicely.  Pepper was cute too.  Mr. Bradford stripped off his shirt and I followed suit.  It was a fun day, both for gawking the girls and learning the basics of sailing.

Mr. Bradford went to great lengths to teach me how to handle the boat. He was really cool about everything too.  Once I was just starring at Terri’s tits and I had a hard-on that was obvious to anyone who looked.  Mr. Bradford said, “Jimmy,” breaking my trance-like state.  I turned to his voice and knew immediately that I’d been busted.  No doubt, he was watching me watching her. “Take the tiller, will you?” I moved over and took the tiller.  He stood at the stern, whipped out his cock and took a leak over the side.

I heard little Pepper exclaim, “Daddy!”

He paid no attention, but I also noticed his semi-erect state.

Later, we were coming about.  The boat caught a wave and lurched sending me sprawling on top of Terri.  I caught myself, by her bra cup and nearly tore the thing off.  As Terri scrambled to put her tit back in place, I saw that Mr. Bradford was stifling a laugh.  Now it was his turn to be busted and he laughed out loud unconcerned.

Over the next few weeks the weather was perfect for sailing and I went out with the Bradfords several times on Sunday afternoons.  It was great fun.  No matter what happened, it was all taken in stride, like the time when we were anchored for a swim.  I dove in and having forgotten to securely tie the drawstring, lost my swim trunks.  I mean, I really lost them.  Never to be seen again lost.  The waters of Lake Pontchartrain are murky to say the least.

Realizing that my trunks were never going to be found, I was totally panicked.  Other than a t-shirt, I didn’t have any other clothes, and neither did anyone else, at least nothing that would come close to fitting.  Mr. Bradford thought it was a hoot.  He razed me about how he was going to have to leave me out there for the sharks while he took the girls in, no way would he let me on board and nude with his girls.  I really thought he was going to leave me out there five miles from shore.  Of course he didn’t.  After having much fun at my expense, he just had the girls stay in the water while I swam to the far side of the boat and climbed aboard to girlish hoots.  In the cabin I found a towel to wrap around my waist and that’s how I remained for the rest of the day.

On the way home he instructed his daughters not say anything about me “skinny dipping” with them.  Next time I saw him at their house, he asked me if I’d bought a new swimsuit.  “It's not often a young man gets to parade around naked with three beautiful girls.” He chuckled at my embarrassment and then apologized for causing my discomfiture. He was pretty cool.


Things also got interesting at home late that spring.  Tuesday nights were when my Scout Troop met.  We met at a church, but there was some problem with the power and the meeting was canceled.

Now my dad worked nights at the TV station, Tuesdays through Saturday.  Generally he left the house around 11 AM and returned after 9 PM, sometimes later if he was up to no good.  My mom worked too, as a ticket agent for an airline.  Mom had off Sundays and Mondays like my dad.  Saturday I spent doing lawns.  Prior to the Sunday sails with the Bradfords, Sunday was generally family day.  Mom would cook up a New Orleans style feast that was magnificent, and then we’d spend the day together as a family, talking about our lives, politics, history, you name it, we talked about it.  It was my dad’s way of making sure my sister and I got an education.  He was a very effective teacher too.

On Monday, Diane and I were at school.  Mondays were for my folks.  Seeing that I was a male, he never held back when it came to discussions of sex.  According to Dad, “Sex is God’s greatest invention!  Son, boys were put on earth to fuck girls and make babies.  Now, you leave out the making babies part until you’re ready, but if girl is willing, fuck her.”  When dad and his brothers talked about sex, I heard all about what happened at home on Mondays.  If my head wasn’t buried in some tittie mag, I might be sent out on some errand, but as long as I pretended not to hear, I was presumed not to have heard.  Like I said before, I heard plenty… heard things a boy should never hear about his mother!

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, my mom worked late and didn’t get home until after nine.  Like I said, Tuesday was Scout Night.  On Thursday nights I had to put up with my older sister.  She was about two and a half years older, but was three grades ahead of me.  At this time she was a junior in high school. 

I came home from the aborted Scout meeting.  I saw her boyfriend’s car parked out front.  I didn’t think much about it as Derrick was over several nights a week… when Mom was home.  I let myself in and expected to see Diane and Derrick in either the kitchen or the living room.  They weren’t.  They were in Diane’s bedroom with the door closed. 

Passing by her bedroom door, I heard a rhythmic squeaking sound.  And I heard soft voices.  “Oh, yeah, Baby.  You feel so good,” came a female voice I instantly recognized.

“You like my dick?” asked a hard male voice.

“Oh, yes baby!”

“You like my dick fucking your pussy, baby?”

“Oh, yes, baby.  Fuck me!”

Until that moment, it never occurred to me that Diane was one of those girls that Dad said were put on earth for boys to fuck.  I’m not so sure he meant that either, but… 

With my dick so hard it hurt, I listened to my sister getting drilled.  The squeaking stopped.  Moments later I heard, “Suck my dick!  Suck it!  Yeah, baby.”  Then a long moment of silence followed.  The squeaking sounds resumed.

My balls couldn’t stand it anymore.  I went to my room for some much needed meat-beating.  That didn’t take long.  Then I was back at the door listening as the squeaking sounds transitioned into a loud knocking sound accompanied by a chorus of moaning and groaning sounds that was climatically punctuated with a coarse, “Oh, fuck!  I cumming, Baby!  I’m cumming!  Ughhhhh!  Ughhhh!  Ughhhh!”

Pondering the question whether he was wearing a rubber or was he shooting his sperm directly into my sister’s pussy, I ejaculated a second time.  With a hand full of my goo, I eagerly listened for any further developments.

“Are you hungry, Baby?” my sister asked after several minutes of silence.

“I’m starved!” came the reply.  Immediately I rushed to kitchen, washed my hands, put my pecker back in my pants, and sat at the kitchen table pretending I was reading Newsweek.

You should have seen the expression on Diane’s face when she and Derrick walked into the kitchen in their birthday suits!  Priceless!  Dumbstruck, she just stood there looking at me, trying to process the situation she had suddenly found herself in.  “Oh, shit!” she eventually cried, then turned and ran to her room.  By that time I had ascertained that good old Derrick hadn’t used a rubber as there was clearly something running down her legs.

Derrick was likewise dumbstruck.  I twisted the knife by mimicking, “Are you hungry, Baby?  I’m starved!”

“Oh, crap!” he sighed.  “Look man, I…”

“Look man,” I replied relishing having the upper hand for once, “everybody does it, but that’s my sister… man…”

“Jimmy, I…”

“I think you need to just get the fuck out of here… man…”

“Yeah, okay.”  He turned and hurried back down the hallway to my sister’s room.  Soon I heard them arguing.  A minute or so later, Derrick scurried through the door.  I heard the loud rumble of his souped up ’57 Chevy firing up and then rubber peeling out on the pavement.

I waited patiently for my pain-in-the-ass sister to appear, unsure what would happen when she did.  Ten minutes later she appeared, teary eyed and pale.

“Hey, I’m not going to tell Mom or Dad,” I immediately offered as comfort.

“You’re not?”

“No.  If you want to screw Derrick…”

“You don’t have to be so crude,” she protested.

“Okay, try this.  If you want fuck Derrick…”


“Like I said, Diane, and don’t interrupt… If you want to fuck Derrick, that’s your business, not mine.”

Relief was written all over her face as she realized I wasn’t going to squeal on her like she’d have squealed on me.  “You mean that?  You won’t tell…”

“No way!  That’s you, Sis… not me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Jimmy.  It’s just that Mom makes me…”

“Mom doesn’t make you do anything.  You just love busting my balls!  No more, Diane!  From now on, you treat me the way I treat you.”


“I mean it.”

“Anything else?”

I hadn’t considered any of this as a potential leverage, but it did occur to me to say, “Not now.  I may have a favor or two to ask of you later.”

“Like what?”

“Like maybe getting lost on Thursday evenings.”

“That’s all?”

“Yeah, that’ll do for now.” 

Henceforth, Thursday evenings were to be “library night” for Diane and Derrick.  I wasn’t at all sure what I was going to do on this Thursday night, but sometime in the future… Of course Mom nixed that idea and told us both to be home on Thursday’s nights.  Well, I tried.


 SUMMER 1963

School was out for the summer break and after losing my swimsuit sailing with the Bradfords, I had bought a new swimsuit.  It was good thing because Terri and I were invited to a swim party at the “Beach Club” in mid-June.  This was a swimming and tennis club situated next to the Lake Pontchartrain levee.  The Bradfords were tennis nuts and were members.  I’d been over a there a few times with Terri as she tried unsuccessfully to teach me tennis.

The party wasn’t an exclusive event and there were other people there using the facilities.  Essentially the “party” was just a bunch of kids there at a member’s invitation.  As such, there really wasn’t any supervision.  The party was fun too as Terri allowed me to sneak a feel in the water. There was also no problem coming and going.  Once it got dark, Terri and I went for a walk along the levee.  Other than the immediate neighborhood adjacent to the Beach Club, the area near the lake was still undeveloped.

We walked about a hundred yards past civilization.  Terri tugged at me and led me down the lake side of the levee.  It was fairly dark out, and once we were over the levee brim, we were out of sight and alone.  Lying down in on the grassy slope, our lips met and our tongues danced.  Soon I was in heaven, wallowing in her bare breasts.  Her hand went to my crotch.  “Nice,” she purred. “Very nice.”  Releasing my erection, she sat up and tugged at my trunks.  I lifted my hips and soon my trunks were somewhere down below us. 

What she did next was a surprise.  I thought she would just fondle me, but instead, she kissed down my chest, and past my navel.  Gripping my cock with her hand, she began laying kisses up and down the shaft. She kissed the head a few times, and then I felt her succulent lips sliding over it.  Holy fuck!  I was so excited that I didn’t last but maybe a minute at the most. 

“Oh, shit, Terri!” I whispered.  “I gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhhh!”  She didn’t miss a beat.  In fact her sucking became more energetic as I spewed my semen into her mouth for the first time. 

I thought that she'd be furious with me, but sitting up, she giggled and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on my lips.  With my level of inexperience, I wasn’t ready for a spermy kiss, but she more or less forced me to accept it.  Reluctantly I let her dribble some fluid into my mouth.  When the kiss was over, I realized that I wasn’t grossed out, in fact, I had found the experience to be extremely erotic.

Then came the next surprise as she took my hand and placed it on her sex. Never in a million years did I expect the blowjob when we slipped away.  That was great to say the least, but now I had some expectation that we might fuck.  I rubbed her pussy through her bikini bottoms.  Instead of closing her legs like at the last party, she now spread them, inviting me to go further.  Encouraged by her response and not satisfied for long with feeling her pussy through her bikini bottoms, I pressed my luck and tugged at the waistband.  Her hips rose allowing me to remove the bottoms.   Immediately my hand went into her bare crotch.

It seemed like it was a million years before and I hardly could remember fingering Linda, fucking her, yes, but fingering her, no.  Sliding a finger through her slippery slit, Terri’s pussy felt so strange, so alien, so utterly delightful.  I toyed with her a few minutes, exploring unknown territory with a vague sense of déjà vu.  Whatever Linda’s cunt felt like that Thanksgiving a year and a half ago was but a vague memory.  I didn’t know then what I know now; that pussies may have the same layout, but in the details they can be vastly different.  The big wings of Terri’s inner labia were a totally new discovery.  So was the large bump at the nexus of her folds.  And her vagina, I could easily get two fingers in her.  But what struck me most was the vast slippery wetness.  Linda’s pussy had been slick, that I remember, but this pussy, this pussy was absolutely dripping.

Tiring of my novice approach, Terri took my hand and directed my fingers to her clit.  “Rub me here, Jimmy,” she whispered to me.  Mmmmm, that’s better… No, just rub me there.”  Following her instructions, I settled in on her clit, circling it with my fingers, strumming it along the side.  When I was flicking the very tip, she stopped me scolding, “Oh, not that way!”  I stopped and tried something else, but she stopped me again and told me to, “put some pressure along the side… God, that feels good, Jimmy.”

With my clumsy approach, it took her a while to get off, but when those hips began moving, I knew I was onto something good.  Her legs snapped shut, trapping my hand.  I still have a vivid memory that has lasted all these years, of her naked in the moonlight, her big tits heaving as she bodily shook in orgasmic bliss, of Terri having her first orgasm with me.

She tore away and lay on her side.  She looked like she was crying, but I knew that wasn’t the case. I rubbed her smooth buttocks thinking how beautiful she was in the moonlight, soaking up the sight and feel of her bare ass for the first time.  I was hard again, and ready to mate.  But the memory of what happened when I fucked Linda without any protection came back at me like a wet, clammy dishrag. Shit!  I didn’t have a condom.  I never expected to need one, so I didn’t have one.  Besides, who carries rubbers in a pocket when swimming?

“Terri, I want to fuck you, Baby, but I don’t have a rubber.”

She rolled back towards me smiling.  “You don’t need a rubber, Jimmy.  I’m on the pill.”

“You are?”

“Yes, Jimmy.  I want you now, Jimmy.  I want you to make love to me now.”  At that moment it certainly didn’t occur to me to ask her why she was on the pill.  “C’mon, Baby, I need you… now!” 

Casting aside the gut-wrenching aftermath of my first bareback screw, I took up the missionary with her. She grasped my stiff cock and directed it at her wet waiting hole.  Her passion-engorged sex lips parted slightly as the tip of my cock slipped between them, the passage eased by our natural lubricants. More and more, her pussy lips opened as they molded around my cockhead.  Then… paradise!  My hard shaft began to slide into her body.  The heat!  How I remember the moist heat enveloping my cock.  The flesh of her elastically yielding fuck-tube clasped at my happy cock, thrilling me with mind-boggling sensations of her hotly clinging cuntflesh frictioning against my hardened cockflesh.  Sinking into her to the maximum, I savored the total sensuality of having a girl's inner fleshy tissue molded snugly to my throbbing cock.

Unlike the frenetic screw I had with my step-cousin, this first coupling with Terri was slow and luxurious.  I wanted the incredible sensation of my cock sliding back and forth in her silky passage to last forever, but as we screwed, the slow pace gradually picked up until I was pumping her deep and fast. 

I felt my balls beginning to churn.  She must have picked up on my impending orgasm as she deftly had me dismount.  I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but so far, she had been in control of the entire lovemaking and I had no reason to think it was over.  She rolled me on my back and then straddled me. Lovingly she toyed with my cock for a few moments until the critical urge had passed.  Then she lifted herself over my cock and lowered her self.  As she rose and fell on my cock, I realized that she done this before.  By no means was this her first fuck.  My proper Republican girlfriend had fucked before and she knew exactly what she was doing.

As I watched her tits swaying above me as she fucked me, I wasn’t in the least bit interested in where, when or with whom she had learned all this.  I only cared what I was feeling… total bliss.

This time when my orgasm was imminent, she let me flood her wonderful cunt with my love offering.  As I lay there, staring up at the constellation Scorpio, I felt like never before.  She bent over me, kissed me and offered her voluminous tit to my lips.  Greedily I sucked on the big nipple, knowing that unlike my tryst with Linda, Terri and I, we’d be doing this again and again.   Yet being a freshly spent male, I also thought it was over for the evening.

Pulling her nipple away from me, she looked down, her long hair cascading over and obscuring her face.  “I want you to do something for me,” she softly asked.

“Anything you want, baby.”

“I want you to lick me.”


“Where do you think?”

I had a pretty good idea of what she was asking.  Buying some time while I pondered it, I wiped my nose with the hand I had diddled her with, filling my nostrils’ with the pungent odor of her arousal.  With a lilting laugh she asked, “Do I smell good?”  Then she added, “I hope so, because I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.”

I’d never done anything like that before, and I’d just come in her cunt.  The crude childish remark of my male peers came to mind… tuna finger.  But it wasn’t at all like that.  The funky aroma had something about it that was compelling. 

Seeing my hesitation she playfully threatened, “I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”  Then she lay in the grass, her head uphill and spread her legs apart.  “I’m waiting, Jimmy,” she said playfully.

I couldn’t refuse her, not now, and not under any circumstances.  Had she told me to lick her ass while she shit, I would have done it.  I took up a prone position between her legs.  Her semen-oozing pussy glistened with wetness in the moonlight.  I took a sniff and all seemed well.  Tentatively I licked at her cum drenched and swollen nether lips.  So far, so good.  Deeper I penetrated between her richly wet, hot fleshy labia.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Spreading her lips apart with my thumbs, I could see a bubbly ooze seeping from her.  Abandoning caution to the wind, I lapped at the substance and then drove my tongue deep into her freshly fucked cum-laden female hole, while burying my nose in the upper regions her slit and what I would come to learn as her clitoris.  I literally wallowed my face in her cunt, smearing our mixed juices over my face while sucking my cum from the depths of her cunthole. Never would I ever be squeamish about eating out a woman again.

Getting as much juice from her vagina as I could, I moved up to suck on her big clit.  Only now, after many women, do I realize just how endowed she was. I was very naive in the ways of pleasuring a woman, but acted out of pure instinct. I wasn’t going to let it go until she shuddered with delight.  Shuddered is not what she did.  When she came, she nearly threw me off with the violent motion of her hips.  I just knew somebody would hear her and think some heinous crime was taking place. She kicked her legs and finally dislodged me from between her legs.  I received a nasty bruise from that, one that I was questioned about over and over by my mother.

By that time I was as lust crazed as Terri was.  She had rolled off to one side and was lying face down.  I coaxed her to spread her legs and mounted her.  She wouldn’t raise her hips, so the angle was difficult at best.  Nonetheless, I put my renewed pecker between her cheeks, searching out her vaginal opening.  I pushed, pushed hard and was inside.

Terri raised her head and yelped, “Oh, Gawd!”  Ignoring her protests, I began sawing in and out, totally unaware that I was up her ass. Her whimpering diminished and she rotated her hips back to giving me a better angle. I was nowhere near cumming again and I was blissfully unaware of what I was actually doing other than fucking her. Gradually it dawned on me that it felt different, but dismissed it because it felt very different when she was riding me compared to when I was on top.

I was ready for a change of position, wanting to kiss her while we fucked so I pulled out.  Rolling her over she protested, “Take it easy with my ass, Jimmy.”  It still didn’t register and I was in no mood for her to deny me anything.  Roughly I forced my way between her legs.  “No, no, no, Jimmy.  Don’t put it my puss… oh, gawd!”  I marveled at how different she felt in another position, never guessing that my dirty dick was now plowing in another hole. 

It didn’t take her long to accept that I was fucking her properly, and as it was too late to do anything about it, she ignored the possible consequences of a serious infection. We rolled around in the grass for quite some time with my cock planted in her puss, me on top, her on top, me on top, etc. etc. until we made the mistake of exceeding the critical angle of the slope.  Suddenly we were rolling down the levee still joined by our genitalia.  Thank god they hadn’t yet gotten around to reinforcing the levee with rip-rap (large stones that are supposed to absorb the erosional impact of wave action), but winding up at the bottom in threee inches of water and the soft mud had its own problems.

We were laughing hysterically at what had happened.  Gallantly I stood to help her up only to sink into the muck up to my knees.  I thought that was pretty funny too until I tried to move.  By that time, Terri was knee deep too.  Shit!  What a predicament we were in.  The suction of the mud was so strong that she couldn’t budge. Thankfully, I did a little better and finally extracted myself.  Then came the task of extracting her from the muck.  I lay on my stomach and pulled and pulled.  She made one final effort and got free.  The struggle had totally exhausted us.

While we were recovering our strength, Terri said, “Jimmy, next time you stick your cock up my ass, be sure and use some oil or something.  Dry like that hurts, you know.”

“I didn’t do that!”

“Yes, you did, dummy!  And then you put in my vagina… I could get sick from that, you know.  Next time, you’ve got to wash it off first.  Okay?”

“Sure… I mean, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

“Don’t tell me you can’t tell one from the other!”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Yeah, up my butt!” she laughed.  I felt rather stupid.  No wonder it felt so totally different!

Her laughter made me feel better, but we were a mess!  Streaked with black gumbo mud, grass and plant debris, we were covered from head to toe.  Being at the water’s edge wasn’t that much of a help either with all the soft muck.  I tried lying flat and washing off, but as soon as one area was a little better another was worse.  How would we explain this?

Terri came up with the idea that we could wash up in the shower rooms at the Beach Club.  Of course!  It was obvious.  What soon became not so obvious was just where in hell were our swimsuits?  It had clouded up considerably during the time we had been there and the moon was now obscured.  It was rather dark.  Using my keen sense of direction, I figured that at most we were ten yards west of where we had fucked. 

Scouring the area, we had no luck at all.  We were considerably further west than should have been, so we turned back and searched again.  “You think we’re going to have to wait until dawn to find our clothes?” asked Terri rather jovially for our predicament.

“Maybe.   Thank god the mosquitoes aren’t out yet!” I replied.

“Jimmy… How are we going to explain this?”

“I don’t know, Baby.  I don’t know.”

“Look on the bright side; we have all night together out here.”

“Yeah, now that’s a thought!” I brightly replied.

“And since we’ll both be dead meat tomorrow, we might as well enjoy tonight,” she reasoned.

“Let’s look for our stuff some more.  If we can’t find it, then we can settle down for the night.”

“Are you turning me down, Jimmy?”

“No, I just…”

“Look!  Is that it?”  Her yellow bikini top showed up pretty good in the dark.  Now that we had the general area, it didn’t take too long to find the matching bottoms. 

Do you have any idea how hard it is to spot green jungle print trunks in the dark against a grassy background?  We like to have never found my trunks.  In fact, it was found only because Terri stepped on it.

“You want to mess around some more?” I asked before slipping my trunks on.

“What time is it?”

“I dunno,” I replied.

“We’d better get back before it gets too late.  Daddy might be there to pick us already.”

“Think so?”

“I hope not.  C’mon.  Maybe tomorrow we can… you know.”

“I’ve got a lot of lawns to do tomorrow.  We’ll have to figure something out.”

Our hearts sank when we approached the gate to the Beach Club.  It was locked and the place was deserted.  Holy crap!  In the harsh glare of a mercury vapor light, I could clearly see what a mess she was.  I wasn’t any better.

“Oh, god.  Daddy’s not here,” she bemoaned.  “I’m really gonna get it!”

Having no other choice, we started walking back towards her house.  It was about a mile, mile and a half away, so it really wasn’t too far to walk.  The hard part was the dread we both felt.  We were both silent as we walked barefoot down the street. We were about a third of the way there when we saw headlights approaching.  As it got closer and came under a streetlight, we saw it was a Ford Galaxy, like the one her dad drove.  The car pulled up and stopped.  Her dad rolled down the window. 

“Just where have you two been?  I’ve been looking all over for you!” he angrily shouted.  Then in a calmer voice he asked, “What on earth happened to you two?”

Sheepishly Terri answered, “We went down to the lake.  The water was so pretty in the moonlight.  We decided we’d wade in the water, but we sank into the mud!  Oh, Daddy, I was so scared.  We couldn’t get out!  Our legs were stuck!  Jimmy finally got free enough to get out, and then he pulled me out.”

I was expecting a reaction from Mr. Bradford and I got one.  He laughed!  He wasn’t upset at all.  Certainly he didn’t buy into the “wading in the moonlight” BS, but it sure looked that way.  When his chucking was over he said, “C’mon kids, get in the car.”  I went for the door handle, but he said, “Wait!”  He got out, pulled a blanket out of the trunk and spread it over the back seat.  Terri and I got in and he drove off.

“I can’t take either of you home looking like that,” Mr. Bradford declared.  “What will your mothers think?  Best if I get you cleaned up a bit.”  He drove out to the main highway and pulled into a newly opened self-service car wash, you know, the kind with a coin operated high-pressure wand.  He made us stand in the middle of a stall and told us to cover our eyes with our hands.  I heard the coin drop and then heard the pulsating sound of the high-pressure water pump.  Did it sting! Terri shrieked as the high velocity jet of water hit her.  I just gritted my teeth.

“Turn around,” he instructed.  We both turned one way or the other while he worked over our sides.  “Keep your eyes covered!” he ordered just before the spray hit my hands.

Terri shrieked again, “Daddy!”

“Be still, will you,” came the nearby voice.


“You’ve got mud all the way down your pants!”


“Hush, now.  I’ve got to get you clean.”

I could only imagine what was going on, but every time I tried to get a peek, the spray blasted my hand almost point blank.

“Okay, you two, turn some more,” he ordered.  This time the hard stinging spray played over our front side.  Terri continued to holler and I continued to bear it.  Let me tell you, at close range those things hurt!  But nothing hurt like when he jammed the nozzle up the leg of my trunks!  It felt like someone had kicked me in the balls!  Down I went, doubled up. He jammed the nozzle up my other leg.  Oh god, I thought I was going to die!  Oh, crap, he knew, he knew!

He had Terri turn once more and then hosed me down on the ground again.  Mercifully the time ran out and the machinery shut down. 

“You two look clean enough,” he declared.  “Now, let’s get home. It’s getting late.”

I couldn’t move.  Mr. Bradford came up to me and helped me to my feet.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that,” he said.  One look in his eyes and I knew that was a lie. 

Less than ten minutes later, I was deposited at my front door.  “Would you like to go sailing tomorrow?” he asked nonchalantly as if everything was hunky-dory.  I had a vision of me as the object of a mysterious boating accident. 

“Uh, no thanks, Mr. Bradford.  I’ve got to do lawns tomorrow.”

“I see.  Well, things are getting a little shabby.  Make sure and do me an especially good job tomorrow.”

“Sure, Mr. Bradford.  And, uh, thanks for the ride.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As usual, Mom was waiting up for me.  “Where’re your shoes?  Shirt and towel?”

“I couldn’t find them. Somebody must have taken them by mistake.”

“One of your friends, no doubt,” she sourly remarked.  “Don’t they know how much things cost?”

“I’ll get them back, Mom.”

“You see to it.”

I walked back to my room and dropped my trunks.  Crapola!  There was still mud all over my ass. I slipped the clammy swimsuit back on and trudged out for a real shower and to rinse out my muddy clothes.

I think that was first time that entire year that I didn’t beat-off before falling asleep.  Indeed, henceforth I wouldn’t need to beat-off so much.

Next day I made my rounds.  I dreaded the Bradford house, but thankfully only Mrs. Bradford was home.  The girls were out with their daddy for a sail.  I put in extra effort to please him, but suspected it was all for naught.  Mrs. Bradford was very pleased and gave me a dollar tip. 


It was several days before I picked up the bundle that Terri, or rather, Honeysuckle, had left me.  There were several volumes.  A quick scan confirmed that they were indeed her diary.  The accompanying letter was punctual, but not necessarily enlightening. 

Dear Jimmy,

I will miss you.  I’ll miss you and I’ll miss Pepper. I won’t miss Joan and certainly won’t miss Mother.  She hates me.  I suppose she has a right to hate me, but to hell with her, I hate her too.  And I hate that bastard Vito for making me into a real whore.  I know, I was whore before that all began, but you know what I mean.

There are things you never knew, things that no one knew, except for mother.  She only knew a little, but that was enough for her to hate me.  I hope I’m happy out in California, where no one knows me and no ones cares where I came from or what I’ve done. 

I’m sorry I hurt you, Jimmy.  You’re the last person in the world I wanted to hurt.  But it really wasn’t my fault.  I wasn’t sleeping around back then… you know just before Daddy died.  I wanted to tell you the truth then, but I couldn’t.  How could I?  Perhaps when you read my diaries, you will understand.  I couldn’t tell you the truth.   Still, even though you disdained me afterwards, I always loved you, no matter what happened.  I knew it was only because you didn’t understand. You just thought of me as a promiscuous whore, but you didn’t know why I was a whore. Of all the men who have used me, you’re the only one I really wanted to use me.  I used you too.

Take care, Jimmy.  I will always love you, but I have to forget you too.


Honeysuckle  a.k.a. Terri the whore.  


Jesus!  What in fuck is this all about?  Okay, I did know what she was saying, or at least I thought I did.  But did I really care?  Yeah, I cared, I always cared, but she was destroying me as well as herself.  She wasn’t sleeping around?  That’s rich!  After all this time she still thinks I will buy into that line of hooey?  I wanted a simple answer, something cut and dry, something that I could absorb in ten minutes and be done with it.  I lifted the handwritten tomes.  I seriously considered just pitching them in the trash, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

To be continued...




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