BRANDI - A Living Wet Dream
Chapter 1

(mf, voy)

by Art Martin

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The first time I really noticed Brandi was one afternoon when I had gotten home earlier than usual.  Normally I don't get home until well after six, but that day I had played golf with a client.  After we finished our round, I was in no mood to go to the office, I just wanted to go home and take a swim.


My youngest, Jeff, was just starting his senior year in high school.  His older brother, Mark, was a sophomore at State U.  My wife, Jenny, had been dead for three years, leaving me a single dad with two teenaged boys.  The first two years were pretty tough, but after Mark went off to college, things became a lot easier.  I must admit that I probably gave Jeff a little too much freedom, thinking that he was old enough to take care of himself.


So when I walked in that Thursday afternoon around four thirty, Jeff wasn't expecting me to be standing in the open doorway of his bedroom while he was banging his new girlfriend.  Perhaps I should have said something, or even walked on by to give them some privacy, but I didn't.  I watched.  I watched with a raging hard‑on, watching as my son fucked the hell out of her.


From my vantage point, I really couldn't tell if it was Brandi or some other girl he was screwing.  He was taking her in the missionary, and all I could see was his bare backside and a pair of shapely legs pointing towards the ceiling.  Each pump of his ass was accompanied by a wet squishy sound. 


After several minutes of hard pounding, he abruptly pulled off and roughly rolled her over.  She got her knees underneath her and raised her ass in the air.  Lord have mercy!  That girl had a fine, fine ass!  As she spread apart her knees, I had a great view of her reddened and puffed up pussy lips ringed with a white froth.  Obviously they had been going at it for some time.  Then my view was blocked as Jeff, on his knees, maneuvered into position behind her.  A moment later, the room was filled with a steady SLAP, SLAP, SLAP as he slammed her again from behind.


"Oh gawd, yeah!  Fuck me Baby, fuck me!" she urged.  "Ohhhhh, that's it Baby.  Fuck me hard!"  I don't think Jeff could have fucked her any harder than he already was, but she continued to urge him on.  "Harder, Jeffy!  Harder!"


Jeff suddenly paused, threw his head back as he ground his cock into her, crying "Ahhhhh fuck! I'm gonna cum again Baby!"  Then he began again to wildly thrust into her while his balls unloaded in her cunt, all the while announcing his immense pleasure to heavens.  Spent, he rested a moment before rolling off to the side and flopping down on his bed.  Brandi rolled over too, and when she did, she saw me.


I still remember the look on her face, her wavy blonde hair disheveled, her green eyes wide as saucers as she attempted to regain a modicum of modesty.  Initially she was unsuccessful in pulling the covers up over her because Jeff was on top of them, but all to soon for me, she managed to scoot under the covers, but not before I had a good look at her firm tits.  By that time Jeff was starring at me, speechless with his mouth agape. 


I did what I should have done some ten minutes before.  Turning away, I headed down the hallway to my own bedroom for some quick one‑handed action to relieve myself.  The tension relieved, I headed for a shower before dressing in my swim trucks.  I'm not sure how long I was, but it had to be five to ten minutes before I emerged from my bedroom, plenty of time for Brandi to get out of bed and get dressed.  I really expected them both to be long gone, but when I got to the still open doorway, Brandi was still in his bed.  Jeff was gone, but she was still there, peering from beneath the bedspread with a sheepish look.


Neither of us spoke.  Stunned at her lack of a sense of propriety, I simply pulled the door closed and continued towards the kitchen for a beer.  I swam for a good thirty minutes before I ever saw them walking through the den towards the door.  Apparently they had gotten after it again before Jeff took her home.  Ah, to be a young stud again!


It was several hours later and already dark when Jeff got home.


"Jeff, we need to have a talk," I began in my best fatherly tone.


"Uh, yes sir," he replied cautiously.


"About this afternoon.  How old is she?"




"Yes, Brandi."




"Seventeen...  I see."


"You mad?"


"Look Jeff, I don't care if you fuck your girlfriend.  You can fuck her all you want.  But, she's still a minor."


"I'm seventeen too," he replied.


"That's not my point, son.  There's no law prohibiting two kids from getting it on.  Point is, she's a minor. 


"Now you two can fuck all day if you want.  That's fine by me, but I can't be seen as condoning it.  This afternoon, after you knew that I was home... you fucked her again, didn't you?"


"Yeah," he beamed.  "She's a hottie!"


"Oh, she's hot alright!  But... you can't fuck her when I'm at home."

"You just said..."


"I said I don't care if you fuck her.  She's still a minor.  I can't be seen as condoning it.  Hell, Jeff, if her parents get wind that you were doing her while I was at home, I might be in some serious legal trouble for not stopping it."


"How come?"


"Contributing to the delinquency of minor!  I could be sent to jail for what you two did."


"Gee... I'm sorry Dad.  I sure don't want you to get into any trouble.   Not for something we were doing."


"Then for Christ's sake, use some common sense.  When I get home, the fucking stops!  It stops and you both get dressed.   Otherwise, I'm obligated to call her parents."


"Oh, okay Dad. I get it... Say, is it okay if we...?"


"You've been taught right from wrong," I continued.  "The fact is, I have no direct control over what you do when you're out of my sight.  I have to trust that you do the right thing and not do anything stupid.  Step out of line Jeff, and I'll come down on you hard.  You know that."


"Yes, sir...  Hey, we weren't drinking!"


"You damned well better not be drinking!  I catch you drinking and that car of yours is history!  You won't just lose your privileges for a week or two.  I'll sell the car and you'll be back to riding a bicycle to school!"


"I know, I know."  He glanced around the room quickly before asking, "I just want to know if it's okay with you if..."


"I already said that I don't care if you two fuck yourselves silly.  I just can't have direct knowledge that it's happening in my home right under my nose.


"Now, one other thing," I continued. "You two using condoms?"


"Condoms?  Naw, she's on the pill."


"That won't keep you from catching something from her."


"She's clean Dad," he replied confidently with youthful authority.


"How do you know?"


"Well, I..."

"That's what I thought.  You don't know... Do you?  So... how long have you two been screwing?"


"Gee, I dunno.  Since last spring, I guess."


"Is she screwing anyone else?"


"God Dad!"  From his expression you'd think that I just asked him if he were gay.


"Okay, are you screwing anyone else?"


"Well, yeah.  Sometimes... but I use a rubber then."


"What about her?  She use a rubber when..."


"She's my girl!  She doesn't fuck anyone else!"


"You sure?"


Indignantly he replied, "Yeah!  I'm sure!"


"Well, I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow to get screened for VD.  While I'm at it, I'm also going to have you drug tested.  Anything that I should know before those tests come in?"


"Aw, Dad!"


"Out with it!"


"Okay, okay.  I smoked a little pot last week."


"Oh?  What do mean by a little."


"Just one joint.  I haven't smoked any for a long time before that!" he protested.


"I see."  I hated to come down on him when he was being direct with me, but I couldn't just let it pass either.  "So, what are the consequences?"


"Aw, com'on Dad!"


"You made the choice, Jeff.  Now...what are the consequences?"


"I lose privileges for a week?"


"It should be two weeks, but because you were straight with me, one week it is."


The STD's tests were all negative and as expected, the drug test was positive for cannabis.  Jeff took his one‑week grounding like a man and didn't whine or complain about it.  When the week was up, he was back in circulation.  Two days later, I decided to checkup on things and shut it down at the office early. 


I wasn't surprised to find Jeff and Brandi doing the nasty in the middle of the den.  This time, they stopped and got dressed.  I suppose Brandi was embarrassed, but she really didn't show it. 


I didn't say anything to them, just went about my business as if nothing untoward had occurred.  Changing into my swim trunks, I went for a swim. To my surprise, they joined me. 


It was very pleasant to be home early to enjoy the early fall afternoon.  It was especially pleasant to see Brandi dressed in a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination.  I had to wonder whether her parents knew she had such a revealing swimsuit.


After that, I usually made an innocuous call to Jeff before I came home early, asking him to tend to some mundane task before I got home in ten minutes.  That usually was sufficient to find them innocently by the pool or even studying at the kitchen table when I walked in.  Of course there were still occasions when she would be still be in his bedroom buttoning her blouse or pulling on a t‑shirt, but I never caught them in the act again.




Early in the winter, Jeff informed me that I had been declared a really cool dad for the way that I handled things.  I always tried to make it a point to talk with Jeff friends and that included Brandi.  She was always a bit shy, but she took my corny jokes in stride. 


After a short and uneventful winter, we had an early spring.  That suited me just fine, because it was always a treat to see Brandi and her friend Allison, sunning themselves out by the pool.  Both were slim with broad hips and great asses, but whereas Brandi was fairly tall and a dirty blonde with ample but modest tits, Allison was short, with long dark hair and a rack that was simply unbelievable.


I rarely saw Allison during the week, but on the weekends, she always seemed to be over with Brandi.  Apparently they were best friends, and hung out together whenever Brandi wasn't in the sack with Jeff.


A major upshot of having Brandi and Jeff going at it and having Brandi and her friend Allison lying about half naked, was the supercharge it gave to my libido.  No longer did I sulk about, grieving the loss of my beloved wife, Jenny.  Instead I set about to give my hand a rest by finding myself some pussy.  This proved more difficult than I had anticipated. 


Seems that when the boys were younger, in elementary school, I knew of many divorced or otherwise single moms whose kids attended school with my own.  Now that I was actively looking, these women all seemed to have disappeared.  I knew damned good and well that they are out there, but where?  By and by a found a few, but there always seemed to be a problem.  Either they weren't interested in men (some with good reason), or they didn't appeal to me on any level, or the fact that I wasn't interested in raising any more kids made me fundamentally unattractive to them.


Having said all that, I did manage to score a time or three.  The knowledge that I could still get it up more than once and make a woman beg for more was a great boost to my self‑esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, I didn't find a woman I was greatly interested in other than for busting my nut.




As State U and Rockford High had the same days off for Spring Break, I decided that I would take Matt and Jeff to a resort in Jamaica.  Matt wasn't too keen on spending his spring break with his old man and little brother, preferring instead to head down to Cancun with his frat brothers and his girlfriend.  I could understand that, so I offered to take Matt's girlfriend too.  That didn't sit well with Jeff, because he wanted to spend the week balling Brandi.  I decided, what the hell, perhaps I'd ask Brandi's parents if she could come with us.  The more I thought about it, the more I didn't really like the idea, because whereas my two sons would be getting it on with their girls, dear old dad would just have to settle for pulling his pud.  I thought about asking a friend to come along with me, but the few ladies that I was seeing weren't in any position to abandon their own kids to go off with my brood and me.


Finally I decided that I would just make the best of it, convincing myself that if I were lucky, I would find suitable female companionship when I got there.  If all else failed, I was certain I could find some dark meat for a price.  But before I made the call to Brandi's folks, her mother called me late one afternoon at the office.


"Hank Thornton?  This is Wanda Wellborne."  The name Wellborne meant nothing to me, as Brandi's last name was Wilson, and I'd never had occasion to meet her mother.  "I'm Brandi's mother."


"Oh, yes!  Of course!"


"We need to talk.  As you are no doubt aware, Brandi and Jeff have been dating now for about a year."


"Yes.  I guess that's right."


"Well, her stepfather and I would like to meet with you and Jeff for a frank discussion."


'Uh, oh,' I thought.  'This doesn't sound good.'  "Uh, well, certainly.  When do you want to meet?"


"Now!  Today! Brandi and Jeff are here and so is my husband.  Are you free?"


"Right now?"


"Yes, if it's not too much trouble."  From the way she said it, I knew she didn't give damn if it was convenient for me or not.


"Well, I can get away for a while.  Where do you want to meet?"


"My home."


"Thirty minutes?"


"That will be fine.  I appreciate it, Mr. Thornton."


Wanda gave me the address.  I put on a tie and my sports coat and I headed out from my office.  The Wellbornes didn't live very far from me, so it didn't take a full thirty minutes to get there. 


Pulling up to the small tract house, I checked the address despite seeing Jeff's car parked in front.  There was no landscaping to speak of except for one forlorn bush, and the lawn was a collection of sand spurs and other drought resistant weeds that hadn't been mowed in several weeks.  Taking a deep breath, I slowly got out of my car and headed up the driveway, past the freshly polished pickup truck to the front door.


Wanda greeted me at the door.  Inside, the house was modest and immaculately clean.  As I stepped into the living room, a man stood up wearing pressed jeans, a t‑shirt with a NASCAR logo and sporting a mangled baseball cap.


"Howdy!  I'm Buck Wellborne.  Brandi's step dad." 


We shook hands and after introductions, I was directed to sit on a worn sofa next to Jeff.  Jeff's expression said it all.   He was an unhappy kid.


We sat in a sort of a circle.  Buck was in his Lazy‑Boy, Wanda and Brandi were both seated in straight back chairs from the dinette set.  I looked over at Brandi.  She appeared to be just as unhappy as Jeff was.


There was an awkward silence. 


Buck spoke up first.  "I don't know if you know this, but I work for Payton Fabricators.  The plant's on the other side of town.  Takes me 'bout an hour each way every day.  We've been talking about moving, but with Brandi in school, we decided to wait until after she graduates this May.  Then we plan to move."


"Oh.  I didn't realize you had such a commute.  Must be hell," I politely responded.


"It ain't too bad.  But still, with the price of gas and all, it'd just be better if we were closer to my work."


"I don't blame you," I replied. "I'm lucky, my office is only ten minutes from the house.  Problem is, being in business for myself, the hours can be very long.  I'm usually there by seven and most days I don't leave until after six."


"Yes, that's part of the problem," interjected Wanda.


"How so?" I asked playing dumb.


"I've been wondering what your son was up to with my daughter after school.  I got to checking and it seems that they spend a lot of time at your home every afternoon.  This afternoon, I just had to see for myself.  I hope you don't mind, but your door was unlocked.  I must say, your home is very lovely."


"You went into my house?"


"Yes, yes I did. I found your son having sex with my daughter.  Are you aware of what's been going on?"


"Uh, well, I do know that they hang out there some afternoons.  Usually, if they're there, they're studying or out by the pool when I come home."


"Well, before that, they're having sex... and... now that you know," she said icily, "just what are you going to do about it, mister!"


"For heaven's sake, Wanda!" interrupted Buck.  "Don't get down on this man.  Geez... kids will be kids.  He can't possibly watch what they're doing while he's at work!"  Buck turned to me.  "I apologize Hank.  Brandi's mother is just upset.  She just doesn't want anything bad to happen to Brandi.  None of us do.  Fact is, boys and girls have sex, always have, always will.  The only real problem is the girl is her girl."


I wasn't at all sure where any of this was heading.  On the one hand, Brandi's mom was set to kill.  On the other hand, her stepfather was saying it was no big deal.


"Wanda, she's on the pill," stated Buck to his wife. "She's been on the pill.  You put her on the pill.  Now you're surprised and blame this man?"


"No, I don't blame him.  I don't blame anybody.  It's just that... I want it to stop!"


"Wanda, they ain't gonna stop!" said Buck in a calm reasoned voice.  "It doesn't matter what we say or we think, or what Hank says or thinks. They've tasted the forbidden fruit and now they know.  They're lovers, Wanda and that's all there is to it.  They're gonna do it 'til they get tired of it, and rest assured, they ain't gonna get tired of it!"


"Buck, I'd wish you'd be more supportive of me," Wanda whined.


"I am supporting you, Honey.  You just gotta face the facts.  Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.  Hell, you weren't even her age when she was born."


"I know, Buck.  I just don't want her to get hurt.  That's all." 


Wanda turned to me.  "You'll help us won't you?"


I wasn't at all sure as to what she meant.  "Sure, what do you want me to do?"


"I, I, I don't really know." With that, Wanda broke down sobbing.  Buck looked over at me rolling his eyes. 


"Well, I'll see what I can do," I insincerely said to comfort her.  I looked back over to Buck, but he was just gazing up at the ceiling.  "Well, c'mon, Jeff.  We need to have a talk."  I stood.  Buck gestured his goodbyes with his hand. 


I really couldn't say, 'It's been a pleasure' so I just said to Brandi's mother, "I'll be getting back in touch you."  Acknowledging that I was leaving, Wanda shook her head, fighting to keep the floodgates closed.


On the way home I was thankful that I didn't have any girls.  I'm not sure how I would have handled the fact that some kid was rutting, at will, between my daughter's legs.  Boys were definitely easier, especially when you're a man.  You simply treat them like men.  Men without brains perhaps, but men nonetheless.


Once Jeff and I were home, I observed,  "Well, I don't see how I can ask her folks if she can go with us to Jamaica."


Jeff's face fell.  "What should I do, Dad?"


"About what?"


"Brandi and me.  The trip."


"Look, how about if we just blow off the Jamaica trip?  I know Matt will be happy.  As for you young man, from now on, you can fuck that girl whether I'm here or not."


"What?  I thought you..."


"It's simple, son.  The crisis is over.  Her parents... they know that you two are screwing.  They also know that I know.  They also realize that there's not a damned thing they can do about it.  But more importantly, they know I can't do a damned thing about it either.  So go ahead.  Have at her.  Do her on the kitchen table while I have my breakfast."

"You serious?"


"Well, maybe not while I'm eating," I laughed.  "You ever fuck her in the butt?"


"Yeah, she like likes that!"


"I not surprised."


After that, Jeff and Brandi continued to get up and get dressed once I got home, but usually not until after I was there.  It was no big deal, not to me and not to them. 




All good things must come to an end I suppose, but still I was surprised when Jeff announced that he was breaking it off with Brandi after graduation.  Actually it made a lot of sense, but I didn't expect that sort of rational maturity from my youngest boy.  As he explained it, once graduation was over, Brandi was moving with her folks across town, nearly an hour drive away.  Not only that, he was planning on taking a long road trip with his older brother, a two‑month long adventure to the west coast and back before he went off to State U.   He had no real expectations of seeing Brandi again but once every so often.  So they decided to break up, after prom and graduation.


Jeff was so matter‑of‑fact about it.  It was as if he was announcing that he was selling his baseball card collection.  For me, I was going to miss seeing her sit up in bed unabashedly and then slowly get up to get dressed while I watched.  Brandi definitely liked showing off to me as much as I enjoyed seeing her naked.  I was sorely going to miss that.


The next time I saw Brandi's mother was the afternoon of the senior prom.  She had come over to my house to take pictures of the graduating couple.  The last time I saw her mother was at the graduation ceremony itself where we exchanged causal pleasantries.   That wasn't the last time Jeff saw Brandi though.  The day after graduation was Brandi's eighteenth birthday.  They went out to celebrate and then shacked up for the night in Jeff's room.  Next day, they said their goodbyes as Brandi was needed home to help with the move.  The following day, Matt and Jeff set out on their summer‑long road trip.






To be continued...


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