Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...

The wisdom of little girls

by Antheros

``Why are you sad?''

The little girl seems concerned about me, asking me that; after all, if a grown man is shedding tears at a park bench, something must be very wrong. But the first thought that crossed my mind was, will this girl be breaking someone's heart in twenty years like Liz broke mine? But she's still young and innocent, and I felt sorry for the entire life that she's still to face.

``I broke up with my girlfriend,'' I say, with a sad smile. The little girl seems very serious.

``Why did you break up?''

Because she was on all fours, being fucked like a common cheap whore, by a guy that I had seen her talking to her many times before, and who I thought was just a friend, and because she was screaming his name, and when she saw me, she seemed more worried that I had seen her than sorry for cheating on me. Because I was starting to think about proposing to her, and she turns out to be this whore, who still have the guts to cry and ask me to forgive her and that she would stop and wouldn't do those things she had done again. Stop? Those? Again? Fuck, how long has it been going on? Of course, I couldn't say that to a five-year old girl.

``She likes someone else better,'' I said instead. The girl seemed to understand, nodding her little head.

``Don't be sad.'' She frowned her face, apparently thinking. ``Why don't you try to win her back?''

Well, because I don't want to know about her anymore, that slut.

``She broke my heart.''

``But you could do something romantic. Like the movies!''

The movies? The only movies she could be in are porn. I still have that tape, she doesn't know it. I could release it on the net, with a bit of luck half of the people she knows would see it. And many wouldn't be seeing anything new, that's for sure. Whore.

``You know, life is a bit different from the movies.''

``I know,'' she said, patronizingly. ``Movies are not real.''

``No, they are not.'' Unless they are homemade porn. I think I could edit it to not show my face. Good. I don't want the world to have a video of me fucking. Of course, that bitch could tell it's me.

``But why don't you do something romantic for her? She must love you.''

I think she loves my bank account more than she loves me.

``I don't know. I think she likes somebody else.''

``Don't worry. You will find another girlfriend.''

Then, a woman approached.

``Daisy, what are you doing here? Go play with your friends.''

``The man was so sad, Ms. Andrews. He lost his girlfriend.''

Suddenly I thought how that would sound to her, and that I was going to jail right then, and that what I have been thinking were my worst nightmares would be my future idea of heaven. Before I could say anything, the teacher talked again.

``I'll talk to him, Daisy. Go play.''

``Do you want to be his girlfriend, Ms. Andrews?'' Daisy looked at me, said a short ``bye'' and ran to her friends. I decided to say something before she did this time.

``I really lost her. My girlfriend. I was quiet here. The girl came to talk to me. I swear. I do, I really swear.'' That bitch, if I get in trouble now I'll kill her. Not only she dumps me, I get arrested for something that I wouldn't even think of doing.

``I saw you.''

``What? I didn't do anything!''

``I saw you cry.''

``I didn't cry.'' Bad. I should have said nothing, but I was thinking which was the best way to run.

``You shed a couple tears.'' Now I just looked at her, not saying anything. ``You did lose your girlfriend.''

``She cheated on me.''

Ms. Andrews looked at me, half pity and half wondering if I deserved it.

``I'm sorry.''

``It's not your fault.''

She stood there for another moment, looking at the children playing.

``You know,'' she said, ``I get off in less than half an hour.''

``You do?''

``Yes. Do you want someone to talk to?''

I mumbled something, not even I knew what. Then I tried again. ``I mean, sure. Coffee?''

``Yes,'' she said, petting me lightly before she walked back to the kids.

Little girls apparently can have all the wisdom in the world, just because they don't know they have it.

24 Jul 2005
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