Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...


by Antheros

Only sixteen! I wish I was older, like twenty-one, 'cause I would be free. Do whatever I want with my life, drink, everything, you know? People still treat me like I'm a kid, I'm not a fucking kid anymore, people bossing me around all the time, wanting to know where I was and what I was doing. Fuck, sometimes I almost say something like “in a fucking orgy,” which would be, like, almost no lie. Shit, they are so fucking stupid, probably think that I'm still a virgin or what. I sometimes think about that when I'm being fucked, you know, what the fuck they'd do if they caught me on all four, being fucked like there's no tomorrow. They'd die, that's fucking what. It's this fucking angelical face I have. Not even the piercing helped, I still look like a fucking baby. I'll cut my hair, like, very short, like really really short. Shit, I could end up looking like a fucking little boy, even worse. Only attract fucking perverts. Not that I don't already, like Jack, that motherfucker. Fucking bastard, I let him fuck me once and he brags to every fucking idiot that he fucked me. Like I liked it, that fuck who didn't even know what to do with his fucking prick and couldn't make me come. That's what I've been telling everybody, you know, that the turd can't fuck. I bet Kevin fucks better than him, and Kevin is like the biggest geekest friend of my brother. And I, like, hate Kevin. He keeps ogling my breasts. Like, I think he never saw real breasts, that creep. Makes me want to show him mine one day, just to see him come in his pants. 'Cause I hate him. Kevin is so awful. I mean, those glasses and his hair. He could look way better, for fuck's sake, what's wrong with him? Idiot. I bet he jerks off all the time, thinking of me. Gross. All that messy white stuff. Perhaps he has like a big prick. What the fuck am I saying? He's a geek. And I hate him. He thinks he's so fucking cool because he has a car. I don't give a fuck for his car. I could fuck a guy with a Ferrari if I wanted, give him such a good blow job that he'd let me drive the fucking car, you know? Fuck Kevin and his car. Like he thinks he'll ever have me. Yeah, right, he never even asked me out and thinks he'll have me. I bet that idiot thinks that I think of him. You know, fuck them all. I'm calling Mary, we'll go to the mall.

18 Dec 2005
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