Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...

A short dialogue (entr'acte)

by Antheros

``I thought you didn't like when I don't shave.''

``It looks so sloppy. But it feels nice.''

``I thought you found it too rough.''

``It is, but... It's soft, too...''

``I'll let it like that more often.''

``No... You look like a bump...''

``Bumps have grown beards, not unshaven.''

``You know what I mean. It's so decadent.''

``Don't you like decadent?''


``But you like my unshaven beard.''

``Just now. I'll hate it in five minutes.''

``Only five minutes?''

``We should go, we'll be late.''

``Don't you want to enjoy it a little more? I could rub my chin all over your body.''

``It tingles.''

``Does it?''

``Yes. Don't.''



``Does it tingle everywhere?''


``Really? It didn't seem it was tingling there.''


``You like it, then...''

``I like it today.''

``I can see that. I can really see that.''

``Stop. You never take anything seriously.''

``I was serious just now... Didn't you like it?''

``Yeah... I did...''


``It's different, you were fucking me.''

``Right. Say it again. Naughtier, this time.''

``Again! Why can't you ever be serious?''

``Oh, don't go, come back, honey...''

``Leave me!''


``Promise you'll be serious.''

``Fine. I promise.''

``You don't mean it.''

``Come here. Snuggle close to me. Come. Please...''

``Sometimes I think you don't like me.''

``Why would you say such a thing?''

``You're never serious when you talk to me. It's almost as if you are avoiding something.''

``I like you, Carol.''

``Do you?''

``Yes, I do.''

``I don't believe you.''

``Not even after this kiss?''

``Mmmm... I believe you just a little bit now.''

``Let's see then if I can work on that...''

``We'll be late...''

``The world will wait...''

``Please... We still have to shower... You have to shave... Oh... Stop... Oh, please, Dan...''

``Is that a real no? Try it again, with more will...''

``Oh, God! More...''

``I thought we were late...''

``Shut up, more... Right there... Right, right, right... Oh fuck... Fuck... Fuck... Fuck, Dan!''

``Your wish is an order...''

``Don't stop... Oh... yes...''

31 Jul 2005
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