Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...

Nothing like it

by Antheros

``I'll never let you drive again!''

Paula only laughed. I slammed the Porsche's door with more strength than I should.

``Give me the keys back, Paula!''

She swinged them in front of me, and I caught them with a fast move.

``Come on, it was fun. And you were the one who complained we were late.''

A hundred and thirty miles per hour in a residential street is not my kind of fun. Even if her dress was at her waist and the other piece of cloth she was wearing was her shoes.

``Why have a car like that if you don't enjoy it?''

``You almost killed us three times.''


``What?'' I snapped, to whomever was behind me. It was a pretty blonde, who seemed slightly familiar. Large breasts, slender legs, a traffic stopper.

``It is you!''

``Yes, it is me. And you are?''

She seemed struck by my lack of recognition.

``Don't you remember me?''

I might have fucked her, but I think I would remember. I certainly feel like fucking her today, to make Paula pay dearly for this ride.

``No, sorry.''

``It's me, Valerie.''

``Yeah. Right, Valerie! How are you?''

``You still don't remember me.''

``Sure I do.''

``From high school.''

Shit, now I remembered her. The girl I wanted more than anything on Earth, and who made a fool of me more than once. The girl that listened to me declaring that I loved her and said that we were only friends, and we should stay like that. The girl who haunted my dreams and fueled my imagination as my hand went busy.

``Valerie? Sorry, I was not expecting to see you here.'' After a second, I felt Paula twitching at my side. ``Oh, Paula, this is Valerie. We went to high school together.''

``Hi.'' Valerie looks at Paula, and I feel her envying the age difference.

``So, let's go in. The party is on.''

I was soon mixing with other guests, losing the two women in the crowd while I tried to find a very full glass of scotch.


``I knew you'd be successful.''

Here she was.


``You're not still mad at me, are you?''


``Because... you know.'' Valerie makes a face, trying to lure me, a mixture of sexy and poor girl looks.

``'Cause you didn't like me? Hell no.''

``It was not that I didn't like you. I was too young, Martin.''

``Don't worry, you are not anymore.'' Ouch, that stinged. ``Oh, there's Riley, excuse me.''


I saw Valerie hunting me all the party. I know her type now. She'd fuck two monkeys and a dog at the same time if she thought that would get me.

``We should catch up sometime,'' she says, touching me slightly but sexily, on my chest. We are alone. God, she's still pretty.

``Yeah,'' I say.

``What about this week?'' I make a face.

``Sorry, I'll be away. London.''

``Oh. Business?''

``Yes, all the time. Terrible. You know it. Don't you?'' I say, with a tone of doubt.

``Of course,'' she lies.

``When do you leave?''


``There's still time. We could go somewhere after the party.''

``Yes... no. Sorry, I'm with Paula...''

``Maybe she could come, too.''

I look at Valerie, and her sexy smile. I imagine the threesome for a second. Damn, I wish I could time travel my fifteen-year-old self to this moment, let him fuck Valerie until he passes out, and tell him how things would turn out.

Today, this is the last woman on Earth I'd like to have something with.

``Not really. Maybe we'll see each other again.''

I'm grinning as I look for Paula. Now I understand Valerie. Now I understand women. There's nothing in this world like saying no.

26 Jun 2005