Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...

It's the morning after that hurts

by Antheros

“Son of a bitch,” I heard, just before I felt a punch on my shoulder. I was suddenly very awake, but had no idea of what was going on. There was Alice, still naked and trying to get out of bed. She was having a hard time, since I was by one side and Therese by the other, and Alice couldn't push the sheets away. She pushed me again, but she was not strong enough to roll me to the floor. “I fucking hate you,” she screamed, as I still fought to understand what was happening. Therese seemed unfazed by that sudden show, and gazed at me with a “what a bitch” look on her face.

“Alice,” I said.

“Get the fuck away from me! I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.”

“Come on, what is wrong?”

“What is wrong? What is wrong? How... What is wrong???”

She was apparently trying to find her clothes, which, knowing Therese as I do, were probably hidden under the sheets, by her feet.

“Stop looking at me! Where are my clothes?”

“I don't know. Look, sit for a moment. Let's talk.”

“Talk? I never want to see you again!” She was still screaming at the top of her lungs. Therese was rolling her eyes.

“Alice, please. Let's talk.”

“You raped me!”

“No, no way, don't come with that. You were very willing.”

“I was drunk! You drugged me, didn't you? You did. You did.”

“I didn't drug you. You may have drunk, but you knew pretty well what you were doing.” Not exactly pretty well. I mean, she knew what she was doing and she was pretty good at that, specially her mouth, but I grant that her judgment might have been a little impaired. Loose, loose is a better word. Of course, saying that would not help much.

“Where are my fucking clothes?”

“Stop it. You'll wake up the entire hotel. Therese, talk to her.”

“I don't want to hear a word from that woman! She is even sicker than you!” Alice shouted.

“Hey, don't worry,” Therese said, shrugging. “I was a little freaked out the first time I've been with a woman too.”

“Fuck you!” Alice shouted. “My clothes!” She had been pacing around the room, back and forth, looking for her clothes as she tried to hide her nudity with her arms. It would have been amusing if she were not screaming.

“Where are her clothes, Therese? Let her go.”

“She should not go out in her state.”

“I know, but what can I do? She won't talk.”

“I am right fucking here!!!” shouted Alice.

“Yes, and you don't want to talk like a civilized person.”

“Fuck you! I'll get your clothes and I'll be out of here.”

I finally pulled the sheets off, finding her clothes tucked at my feet. I handled them to her, but she practically ripped them off my hands.

“Fuck you,” she shouted, as soon as her clothes were on, her crying obvious on her voice. She slammed the door on her way out.

“Was she always like that?” Therese asked me.

“No. She used to be like she was last evening--you know, before we brought her into this room. Of course, as I told you, I never slept with her. She was not attracted to me back then.”

“Well, now you've slept. Was it worth?”

I shrugged.

“Think so. I expected less of a drama today, but she was quite willing last evening.”

“After that much wine, well. Such a wacko,” Therese said.

“Hey, you can't say much. That ex-boyfriend of yours made quite a scene when he woke up, much worse than hers. I thought he was going to kill me.”

“He was gay, he just didn't know it.”

“He wanted to kill me anyway.”

“Only when he remembered that you had fucked him in the ass.”

Therese moved her head to my cock, making it hard in three seconds, using only her tongue, and was now bobbing up and down.

“You know,” I said, holding her head with my hands to dictate the rhythm, “we need to find someway to handle them when they wake up.”

“Like handcuffs?” she asked, taking my cock out of her mouth for a second. I thought for a moment.

“Well, if there is no other way. But we'll need a gag too.” Therese moaned an hm-hm in acknowledgment, this time not letting my cock leave her mouth. I shrugged and pulled her into a sixty-nine position.

01 Jan 2006
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