Teardrops are a collection of short, slightly sad stories (but remember, there are tears of joy and of love), that exist for a brief moment before they are wiped, and shed every Sunday. Or when they are ready, whichever comes last...

Cupid (a touch of deirdre)

by Antheros

Dinah was often too shy to let boys know she liked them, and I, being her best friend, took as my job finding out who she was into, talking to the guy to see if he was an asshole, letting him know he should ask her out. Cupid meets guardian angel, I guess. Lately she had been into Jonathan. She had been talking about him for *weeks*, and he never made a move. I thought it was time to help her.

“Aren't you going to ask her out?” I asked Jonathan.

I was expecting to catch him off guard, but Jonathan didn't even flinch at my question. He's always careful with his words, never impulsive. He smiled, his lopsided smile with dimples that Dinah is always talking about when he's not around.

“Dinah would hate you if she knew you asked me this.”

He's right. Dinah would. She thinks things just happen, and that you have to wait for them. I think she could never, ever ask him out.

“Why, are you telling her? It doesn't seem like you.”

He laughed. His laugh is so odd, short, almost a snort. It feels like he's scoffing, or understanding a joke that no one else has caught.

“No, I'm not telling her. It's just...” He looked away, then back to me. “Do you *think* I should ask her out? Since we're being this open, I must say I thought you didn't like me very much.”

He was right, I never liked him much.

“It's not me you're asking out, it's Dinah.”

“Dinah, right. She's terribly in love with me, isn't she? I was afraid of that.” He seemed pensive, but continued before I could say anything else. “I like her too much to ask her out, Emily.”

“That makes no sense.”

“We don't like the same things. I'd mold her, make her miserable because she doesn't do the things I like. And... well. I'm... a little... how do put it... kinky.”


“Hm, yes. I think so. You see, I like to... bend people. But not to force them, no, I hate that, that is for weak people. They have to do everything of their own will, because they want to do it. And... well... you see, I don't want to do it with her. Let me explain it to you a little better, Emily.”

He came nearer, and he looked straight into my eyes.

“I like to see women having pleasure. It's an addiction, really, the sight of a woman writhing, her mind unable to have a rational thought, her feet extended, the toes curled, I could watch that all day long. So I... learned... how to... give pleasure. I enjoy it. Hours and hours. It's not just how to flip the tongue or how to wriggle the fingers, it's the whole setup, playing with the mind. For example, Emily. You would never go to bed with me.”

“Hell no!”

“Exactly. Because you don't like me, and because you like Dinah and don't want to hurt her feelings.”

“I think you're despicable.”

“I am. And you're trying to protect Dinah. Can you imagine if I did this to her? She's already in love with me. I could give her gifts, I know the things she likes, just like I know the things you like: you like beaches, you love things made of crystal, and colorful bracelets. Am I wrong?”

“No, but it is no secret-”

“So I would entice her even more than she already is. She would do anything I asked. I would ask her to do things, lots of things.”

“You wouldn't treat her like that.”

“I would, but as I told you, I like her too much to do that. The worst, however, is that she would like it. Just like you. Can you imagine if you suddenly liked me? From disgust to passion? How strongly would you come then, Emily?”

I must have blushed. How can he ask me something like that?

“I... You don't-”

“Can you imagine it? Think, imagine it. Imagine the best sex you ever had. Imagine yourself naked, sprawled over a bed, sweaty. You're skipping work, perhaps, it's afternoon, you should be doing something else. I haven't tied you because you're so tired, so overwhelmed that you can barely move. Your hands are clutching the sheets. You have lost count of your orgasms, because your mind doesn't work anymore. You're not seeing, or hearing. The only thing left in your brain is the sense of touch. You love that, because you're controlling everything else, all the time: the people at work, in your tight suit; Dinah, whom you protect; your friends, since you're their leader. There, you don't have to do anything. I just lie down and come. Just obey my orders. Orgasm after orgasm. And you hate it, which makes you like it even more. It's like a drug, you hate to be addicted to it, and then, when the needle is under your skin, you give up and enjoy it. And after this chat, Emily, I'm incredibly horny. I could fuck Dinah. She's right there, and you know I could seduce her in ten minutes. Or five. I'd take her to a quiet spot, create an uncomfortable silence, sexual tension, tell her I like her and kiss her. As easy as that. There would be no return. Or I could fuck you. Right now, actually, I bet I could stick my hand into your panties right here and finger you to orgasm. And then take you to bed and fuck you for the next two hours. I'm good at that. I can prove it. Dinah would be safe, and I wouldn't tell her. It's your choice, Emily.”

“I... I could tell her... about this conversation.” I was stammering. Why didn't I just yell at him?

“You could. Have you ever been fingered in public? I think nobody would notice us here, but you can never be sure. It's such a turn on.”


He grinned again.

“So, are you going to ask me to fuck you, right now, until you've lost your senses, or am I going to have to talk to Dinah?”

“Stop it.”

“Stop what? I haven't even begun yet. Come on, choose.”

“You can't do this!”

Then he moved his hand over my crotch. I moaned before I could help myself.

“I suppose you are a screamer, aren't you? Cursing and screaming while you come, over and over. I love screamers. But I also love shy girls like Dinah. So, Emily... Your call. Say yes. Or I'll go to Dinah, I'll seduce her, right now, and make her my little fuck toy. Say yes and you'll be my fuck toy. Which one is it?”

He smiled. Then he pinched me, *right there*. And I almost came.

I followed him outside, to his car.

11 May 2006
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