The Other Side Of The Coin  
          by Ann Douglas        

"Oh baby, that was really great," Jordan Carter said as the nude
brunette that had just ridden him to orgasm slid off his cock and
dropped down next to him on the bed.

Heather White smiled as she snuggled against her lover.
She agreed with him, but really didn't feel the need to actually say

Heather and Jordan had been a couple for almost two years.
In that time, their sex life had become increasingly adventurous.
From oral sex in public places to the introduction of toys into their

Heather White was twenty-two years old and worked at a
real estate office that her father owned. Five foot five with short
dark brown hair that matched her eyes; she had a slim body that
perfectly matched her small breasts.

Jordan Carter was two years older and a half-foot taller,
with gray eyes and black hair. An account manager at a local bank,
he had met Heather through his older sister, Connie, who also
worked at the real estate office. She and Heather were best
friends and the older girl was sure the two of them would hit it

And hit it off they had, both in and out of bed. Neither of
them was looking to settle down at this point in their lives. Just to
enjoy life and have some fun. It was a relationship that worked for
both of them.

Laying naked in bed, the two of them picked up on a
conversation that had been going on for over two weeks now. As
good as their sex life was, it was beginning to become routine once
more. Perhaps it was time, they said to each other, to spice it up
once more.

At the top of the list of possible spices, had been the idea
of adding a third party to their lovemaking. A suggestion Jordan
had brought up more that a few times in their relationship, only to
be rebuffed by Heather. Recently, the idea had returned with a
vengeance since Heather confessed that back in high school she'd
once done it with one of her girlfriends.

"It's not like it's something that you haven't done before,"
Jordan said as they debated the issue.

"I'm really beginning to regret ever telling you about me and
Lisa," Heather replied, "you don't seem to be able to think about
anything else."

"That's because it's such a hot idea," he said. "Just the
image of you and another girl makes me so ..."

"That's another thing," Heather cut him off. "Say we do
decide to have a menage a trois. Who said it had to be with
another girl?"

"What else would it be?"

"Well," the short haired brunette said as she rolled over
and got up out of bed. "Did you ever consider the idea that maybe
I mind want to get it on with another guy?"

"Another guy?" Jordan said, the tone in his voice indicating
that he'd never considered the idea before.

"Yes, another guy," Heather repeated as she glanced into
the image of her lover reflected in the large bedroom mirror.
"I've always wondered what it would be like to have two cocks at

"I didn't think of that," he answered as the prospect of
another man fucking his girlfriend threw cold water on his desire
for a three-way.

"Also, I think watching you play a little with another guy
would be really hot too," she unexpectedly added.

"Me," Jordan said in shock, "play with another guy?"

"Oh I don't mean you have to bend over and let him do you
or anything like that," Heather said with a mischievous grin,
remembering the few occasions when she'd let him fuck her ass,
"but I think I'd come just from watching you blow another guy."

Jordan was totally speechless. Never in his life had he ever
considered such a thing.

"Oh I see," Heather said in a strong tone with just a touch
of anger. "Its okay for me to be with another woman and suck her
pussy, but not for you to do anything with a guy."

"Heather, baby," he said, realizing that he was in a little
trouble here, "you just took me by surprise here, that's all."

"So if I do say we'll have a threesome, then you'll consider
the idea of having it with another man." she said as she climbed
back on the bed.

"I don't know," Jordan said, trying to think of a way out of

"Then I guess we should just forget the whole idea,"
Heather said as she picked her bra and panties off the floor and
began to put them back on. Normally, she would take a quick
shower first, possibly sharing it with her lover. Right now, she just
wanted to get dressed and leave.

"No, wait a minute," Jordan said as he also got out of bed.
"We just need to talk about it some more."

"What's there to talk about?" Heather said as she adjusted
her bra. "We either do it or we don't."

"How about we try it first with another girl, then if that
goes okay we'll try it later with a guy?" Jordan suggested, trying
to keep the possibility of his fantasy alive.

"Or we could just as easily do it with another guy first, then
a girl," she proposed.

Jordan watched Heather finish dressing as he tried to think
of a third possibility. To buy time, he decided to ask a few
questions while he thought.

"If we did do this, who would we ask to be the third?"

"Well, my first choice for a girl would be Connie," Heather
answered, "but with you involved that wouldn't work. After all,
she's your sister. I'd have to think about it a little, but I'm sure I
could come up with someone. Do you think one of your buddies
would be interested if we went with a guy?"

Jordan knew that most of his friends would definitely be
interested in a chance to fuck Heather. But even if he went along
with that, there was no way he was going to play with one of them
as Heather said she expected.

"Maybe it should be with a stranger," Jordan finally said,
"someone that we wouldn't have to see all the time afterwards."

"Well I wouldn't have a problem with that," she said as she
finished dressing, "but if you do, then a stranger would be fine.
I've seen plenty of ads online for people looking for a third."

"Okay," Jordan agreed.

"Then we just have to decide which it's going to be,"
Heather concluded.

"We don't have to do this right now," the dark-haired man
said as he put on his underwear.

"Why not."

"Well we should talk about it some more and ..."

"No," Heather interrupted. "No more talk. Either we do it
or we don't."

"But we haven't decided on which way we're ...."

"Then we'll cut cards or roll a dice or ..."

"... or toss a coin," Jordan finished her sentence.

"Or toss a coin," Heather repeated. "Whichever, but we're
going to decide it right now."

Jordan knew she was quite serious about it. When the urge
was upon her, as she liked to describe it, there was no arguing with
her. Once she got an idea into her head, like the time she stuck
her head under the blanket when they were taking the redeye
flight back from New York and sucked him off, her hormones took

"Okay, we'll toss a coin then," he finally conceded.

"Whoever wins, we do it, agreed," Heather insisted. "No
backing out if it doesn't come up the way you want."

"Agreed," Jordan said, "but let me get my grandfather's
twenty dollar gold coin to toss. It's my good luck piece."

Heather agreed as Jordan rummaged through his top drawer
for the coin. For something that was supposed to be so important
to him, he didn't seem to keep in a very safe place. Tired of
waiting, she was about to say that any coin would do when he came
up with the heirloom.

"Heads it's a girl," he said as he stepped back to Heather
and began to toss it into the air, "tails a guy."

"Alright," Heather agreed as she watched the bright coin
spin in the air, then fall to the ground right by their feet.

"What is it?" Jordan said, his voice reflecting his

"Looks like you win," Heather said with a shrug of her
shoulders. "It's heads."

Jordan resisted the urge to jump for joy. Instead he just
smiled as he bent down to retrieve his grandfather's coin. Now
that the issue had been decided, he regretted his suggestion that
they pick a stranger. Heather had some really hot girlfriends, any
one of which he'd love to fuck.

The thought of her girlfriends and her statement that if
she hadn't been his sister, that Connie would've been her first
choice got him to thinking. Seeing that she had admitted to once
being with one of her girlfriends, could she and Connie ever have

Heather interrupted his train of thought and the image that
accompanied it as she congratulated him once more. As she kissed
him, she grabbed his cock and gave it a playful tug. It surprised
her that it was again semi-hard.

"Guess you're already turned on by the idea, lover," she
smiled as she broke their kiss. "I'll have to find a real hottie for

"You're not mad you lost?" he asked.

"Why would I be mad?" she lied badly. "I could just have
easily have won. Either way, we're both going to have fun."

"Yeah, you're right," Jordan grinned.

"I'll use the computer at work to look up some ads tomorrow
and see what we can find," she said as she kissed him one last time
at the door. "If we're lucky, maybe we can set something up for
next weekend."

"That would be great," Jordan said as he watched her board
the elevator before closing his apartment door.

Stepping back into his bedroom, Jordan again tossed his
lucky coin, this time, catching it in mid-air. He laughed as he
looked down into his outstretched palm. The twenty-dollar piece
had come up heads once again.

It was a slow afternoon at the real estate office the next
day, leaving Heather plenty of time to surf the web. It was a pity
that she wasn't looking for a man to join in their fun, she thought,
there was no lack of postings from men. Some didn't look bad at
all. One even had a photo of a cock the size of which she hadn't
ever seen outside of a porn film. Maybe next time, she told

Even with the uneven ratio of male to female postings, she
still managed to find four women that looked pretty promising.
One was from an older woman in her forties who was divorced.
Heather wasn't sure how Jordan would react to someone that age,
but Heather thought she was quite attractive and had sometimes
wondered what it would be like with an older woman.

Another fantasy led her to print out an ad from a black
woman closer to her age. Even dressed conservatively, Heather
could see a bust that would definitely catch Jordan's interest.
The third was a woman that matched Heather in size and
coloring. There was nothing special about her ad, but she was cute
enough to be worth an e-mail.

The last was a very attractive oriental girl a few years
younger than Heather. More than once, Jordan had showed a
strong interest in Asian women and even Heather had to say she
found the girl very exotic.

"Looks like it'll be one of these," Heather said out loud as
she laid the four printouts on her desk and visualized herself
making love to each of the women.

Heather was so engrossed in the four pictures and the
letter she was trying to compose, she didn't realize that someone
else had come into the office.

"Feel like lunch?" Connie asked as she walked up to
Heather's desk.

"Oh, hi Con," the brunette said as she looked up from the
desk, covering the printouts as she did. "I think I'll pass on lunch,
I have some things to get done."

"What kind of things?" a curious Connie asked when she
noticed her friend cover up the papers on her desk.

"Oh nothing important, just some things."

"Okay, suit yourself then," Connie said as she suddenly
reached down and grabbed the covered papers.

"Connie!" Heather yelled.

"Oh my, this is interesting," the older woman said as she
looked at each one.

Connie Ann Carter was three years, two inches and almost
two cup sizes bigger than Heather. They had been the closest of
friends since Heather began working for her father while still in
high school. Still, it was a great shock to the curly haired blond to
find her friend searching the Internet for a woman to sleep with.

"I am really disappointed in you, Heather," Connie said as
she dropped the papers back on the desk.

"Look, Connie, there's a reason that ..."

"If you wanted to sleep with a woman, why didn't you just
come to me," Connie said with a hurt look on her face. "You know
that I love you and would do it in a heartbeat."

"I love you too, Connie," Heather said, "but there's a good
reason I didn't ask you."

Unlike Heather, who had only one bisexual experience to her
credit, Connie had been having affairs with women since she was
sixteen years old. Something her brother was totally ignorant of.

The younger woman had only discovered it herself a year ago
when Connie had taken Heather into her confidence after a nasty
breakup with her latest girlfriend. At the time, it would've been
easy for the two women to wind up in bed together as they both
already had strong feelings for the other.

It was only the fact that Heather was sleeping with Jordan
that kept her from Connie's bed. Sleeping with both siblings was
something that she just didn't think she could deal with.

"I'm not just looking for myself," Heather explained. "This
is going to be for me and Jordan."

"Hmmm," Connie said as she listened to what her friend had
to say, "I guess that would make it pretty awkward if you came to

That Heather and her brother were looking to engage in a
menage a trois didn't faze Connie a bit. There were few secrets
between her and Heather. She already knew just about every
detail of their relationship.

"So I guess the only thing I can do is lend a hand," Connie
said as she finally smiled. "Let's see what you have so far." she
added as she looked at the letter on the screen.

As they worked on rewriting Heather's letter, Connie asked
how they decided to have a three-way with another woman. From
previous late night chats about sex, she knew her friend often
fantasized about being with two men at once.

"Actually, I did want to try it with another guy," Heather
confessed, "but as you could probably guess, Jordan wants to see
me with another girl."

"Especially after you told him about you and Lisa," Connie

"Probably not the best idea I ever had," Heather admitted.

"When you told him you wanted to have another guy in bed
with you, did you tell him the rest of it?"

"Rest of it?" asked Heather.

"About wanting to see him and another guy getting it on,"
Connie explained.

"As a matter of fact, yes I did," said the younger brunette.

"I'd have given anything to see the look on my brother's
face when you told him you wanted to see him sucking off some
other guy," Connie laughed. "I bet he went through the roof."

"Actually, I didn't think he took it all that bad," Heather

"We're talking about my brother, right?" Connie said in

"Yes, we're talking about your brother," Heather laughed,
"he even agreed to abide by a coin toss. If it had gone the other
way, I'd be looking for a guy to share our bed right now."

"Wait a minute here," Connie said, her eyes opening wide
with a burst of understanding. "You said a coin toss?"

"Yes, heads we asked a woman to join us, tails we asked a

"This coin wouldn't happen to be our grandfather's twenty
dollar gold piece, would it?" Connie asked, already sure of the

"Yes," Heather replied a little hesitantly, wondering what
Connie was getting at. "Why?"

"Well, all I can say is," the older woman began, "the next
time he offers to use that coin to settle an argument between the
two of you, I'd make sure that he winds up with tails."

"I don't understand," a confused Heather said.

"Because, my dear friend, as much as we both love him, my
brother can be a real prick at times," Connie said. "That coin
wasn't my grandfather's, it's not made of gold and it doesn't have
a side that shows tails. No matter which end comes up, it's always

"That bastard!" Heather said in sudden anger.

"I take it you're not going to need to make plans for Friday
night after all," Connie said as she held up the four printouts and
was about to rip them up.

"No, I'm still going to make plans for Friday," Heather said
after thinking about it for a few moments. "There's no reason why
I should ruin my fun just because Jordan tried to put one over on

"You're going to let him get away with it?" a surprised
Connie asked.

"I didn't say that, did I?" Heather said with what Connie
knew to be a familiar mischievous laugh. "I've got an idea."

Connie leaned close to hear what her friend had in mind. As
Heather shared her plan, a devious smile filled her face.

Jordan was ecstatic when Heather called him later that
night and said she'd made all the arrangements for their little
adventure. As they'd previously discussed, she'd booked a room at
the Holiday Inn out on Route Six and they would meet their guest
there in the bar. He was even more amazed when she told him that
she had set it up for the following night. Not that he was
complaining, mind you, he was just surprised that she wanted to do
it so soon.

"No time like the present," Heather said before hanging up.
"Besides, I'm looking forward to this as much as you are. Maybe
even more."

Up until the time she said that, Jordan had begun to feel
guilty about having tricked his girlfriend and was actually thinking
he should confess the fact. Even if it meant that it blew his
chance of ever having his most desired fantasy come true.

Now, he put all such thoughts aside as he dropped back into
his chair and turned his attention back to the ballgame he'd been
watching. It was funny, he thought, how easily Heather changed
her mind about picking a girl instead of a guy. He guessed it really
was like his buddy, Jack, said. Every girl's got a little dyke in
them, they just need a good excuse to let it come out now and

Heather picked up Jordan at the bank as soon as his
workday was over, having Connie cover for her so she could leave
early herself. Even with the traffic, it only took a half hour to
reach the Holiday Inn.

"You still didn't tell me what kind of girl you've set us up
with," Jordan said as they turned into the parking lot.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Heather smiled as she
spotted an empty parking spot near the door. "Trust me, I think
she's everything you could wish for."

"Of course I trust you," Jordan replied.

Those five simple words hit the twenty-four year old like a
sledgehammer. As much as he wanted what they'd planned to
happen tonight, his conscience finally overwhelmed his hormones.

"Heather," he said as he stopped halfway to the door of the
hotel. "Before we go in, there's something I have to tell you."

"Can't it wait until later?" Heather said. "I'm sure Eriko's
already here."

"She's Japanese?" Jordan asked, the addition of another
fantasy into the mix adding to his moral struggle."

"Yes, and that's all I'm going to tell you until you meet her,"
the brunette said as she took his arm and gave it a tug. "Now come

Jordan started to follow her lead, then stopped again.

"No wait," he insisted. "I really have to tell you this."

"Okay, go ahead," Heather relented as she stopped.
"I cheated," he said.

"You cheated on me!" Heather said, her voice suddenly filled
with righteous anger.

"Oh God, no!" Jordan quickly corrected her. "Never!"

"Then what are you talking about?" she asked.

"The coin toss," he explained, "it wasn't fair. I used a
two-headed coin."
"I know," Heather grinned knowingly, her false anger fading.

"You know?" he repeated in surprise.

"Oh course," Heather said. "You don't think that I could
fall for an old trick like that, do you?"

"Well, I err..." Jordan responded, trying to think of an
answer that wouldn't start a fight. "Then why did you go along
with this?" he asked instead.

"Because it seemed so important to you," Heather laughed.
"And because I love you and want to see that you get what you

"I really am a lucky guy," he said as he kissed her.

"Honey, you don't know how lucky," Heather said as she
started for the door once more, "but you're about to find out."

As they entered the bar, it was still mostly empty. The
usual after work crowd not yet having arrived. Their expected
guest didn't seem to be anywhere within sight either.

"Are we too early?" Jordan asked.

"No, we're right on time," Heather said as she glanced at
her watch. "I'm sure she'll he here any minute."

"I hope she didn't have to cancel or anything like that,"
Jordan said, worrying that if it didn't happen tonight, it might not
happen at all.

"I talked to her this afternoon, just to be sure," Heather
said as she sat down on a barstool and ordered for both of them.
"So stop worrying."

"If you say so."

"I do, and ..." Heather started to say as she took a taste of
her drink then stopped as she spotted a new figure coming through
the entrance to the bar, "... and here she is now."

The account manager's head turned in the direction Heather
indicated, nearly dropping his beer in the process. There were a
few people entering the bar at the moment, but even in a small
crowd there was no missing Eriko.

The Asian woman was an inch shorter than Heather, with
jet-black hair tied up in a bun. She was wearing a red business suit
and skirt much like the one Heather had on, except the brunette's
was black. The white blouse Eriko wore under her jacket was tight
enough to give a tantalizing outline of her medium size breasts.

Like so many Asian women, it was hard to tell her age by her
facial features. If Heather hadn't told him that she was
twenty-one, he would've been hard pressed to believe she was even

"You are Heather?" she asked in a soft voice as she walked
right up to them.

"Yes, and this is Jordan," Heather smiled.

"You both look just as you described on the phone," Eriko
smiled back.

"And you are even more beautiful than your picture online,
Eriko," Heather said.

"Would you like a drink?" Jordan asked, partly to be
courteous and partly to remind the two of them that he was there.

"Yes, a white wine would be nice," Eriko replied.

Jordan was hard pressed to even take his eyes off the young
woman for the short time it took to order her drink. Despite the
fact that his lover was standing only a few feet away, all he could
think about at this moment was having his cock in-between those
deep red lips. An image only eclipsed by that of the even more
inviting receptacle that he imagined between her legs.

"Jordan," Heather said softly as she realized he was

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said as he realized it too.

"That's alright," Eriko said as the bartender delivered her
wine. "It doesn't bother me. In fact, I like it."

"Would you like to get a table and talk a while?" Heather
asked, "Get to know each other better."

"I don't think we need to do that," she answered, conscious
once more of Jordan's eyes riveted on her. "I think we covered
everything on the phone. What I would like to do, if it's okay with
you, is to dance with your boyfriend. We haven't talked yet and I
do love to dance. It's such a wonderful way to get to know

"Be my guest," Heather said as she motioned toward
Jordan. "After all, that's what we're here for. To get to know
each other a little better."

Before Jordan could add anything, Eriko had wrapped her
arm around his and led him out onto the sparsely filled dance floor.

"You dance very well," she said as he held her in his arms.

"As do you," he added as they moved across the floor.

"It's easy when you are being held by such a handsome man,"
she replied. "So handsome and powerful."

As if to underscore the last of her words, the black-haired
woman dropped her hand between Jordan's legs and brushed
against his cock. A cock already so erect that he was afraid that
even that simple touch would be enough to make him come.

"Powerful indeed," she whispered in his ear, kissing it while
she let her hand move away from his manhood before anyone else
might notice and pressed her cloth covered breasts against his

Jordan sighed heavily. Not even Heather had ever groped
him, however briefly, in public like that.

Eriko ran her fingers down across his cheek, taking hold of
his collar and pulling his lips to hers. Forcefully she pressed her
tongue into his mouth, finding his counterpart and caressing it
gently. Out of the corner of his eye, Jordan could see Heather
watching them intently.

"Heather is also very beautiful," Eriko said as she followed
his gaze, "I look forward to exploring her body as well."
The sudden image of Heather and the younger woman, naked
and intertwined flooded his mind. If she were to touch his cock a
second time right now, there was no doubt that he would soil his

Feeling the heat as their bodies pressed together, Eriko
ended their dance and headed back to the barstool where they'd
left Heather. She stepped up to within a few inches of her and
gently ran her fingers up and down one of the taller girl's exposed

"You said you would have a room?" Eriko asked.

"Yes, we do." Heather answered, I picked up the key this
afternoon to save time.

Then shall we go where we'll have more privacy?" Eriko

"Of course," Heather replied as the two women turned and
walked away from the bar, heading for the nearby elevators.

It took Jordan a long second to follow. Watching the sway
of their asses as they walked, he could already imagine what the
both of them looked naked. One that he knew so well, the other he
was about to. Quickly he caught up and followed them into the

The elevator doors had barely shut when Eriko took Heather
in her arms and kissed her fiercely. Jordan watched enthralled as
they traded tongues and their hands pressed against each other's
bodies. It was hotter than he had imagined and he hoped the
doors didn't open unexpectedly on a lower level or there wasn't
some straight-laced puritan waiting on their floor.

Thankfully the hall was empty when the doors opened on the
sixth floor and their room was right off the elevator. Heather had
given him the key when they first reached the hotel and he moved
quickly to unlock the door. A good thing too, he thought, because
the way the two women were going at it, they seemed quite content
to do it right there in the hall.

The door closed behind them as Heather paused just long
enough to tell Jordan to make himself comfortable. Then she
turned her full attention back to Eriko. Both of their jackets had
already been tossed to a nearby chair and they were already
working on the buttons of each other's blouse.

Even faster, Jordan stripped off his own jacket, tie and
shirt. All the while never taking his eyes from the riveting
exhibition before him. By the time he'd gotten to his t-shirt, both
women were topless.

Since he'd seen Heather's breasts uncounted times,
Jordan's attention were focused on Eriko's. Fuller and more
rounded than his girlfriend's, they had small, dark brown nipples.
Nipples which vanished a moment later as Heather's lips closed
around them.

The young Asian moaned in delight as Heather's lips and
nimble tongue played with her flesh, her hands massaging both
mounds as well. Eriko grabbed the back of Heather's head and
pressed it between the fold of her breasts, much to the older
girl's enjoyment.

Jordan was now down to his shorts and they quickly joined
the pile of clothes at his feet. His hand took hold of his very erect
cock as he sat down on the second chair and began to ever so
slowly pump it. Every fiber of his being cried out to join the two
women, who were now down to their panties, but knowing Heather,
he knew that when she wanted him to do so, she would let him

Eriko was now showing Heather's breasts the same attention
that the brunette had just shown to hers, with equal results. The
Asian woman also slid her hands down Heather's body and into her
panties, exploring the delights hidden there was well.

"Oh baby, yes!' Heather cried out as she felt Eriko's finger
slide into her.

Still moving her fingers in and out, Eriko used her other
hand to pull Heather's panties down and off. Her mouth moved
slowly down the older woman's body, kissing and licking its way
until it joined her fingers in their manipulations of Heather's sex.

Eriko eased Heather back and then onto the closest of the
room's two beds, spreading her out on her back. Removing her
fingers from within her, Eriko pressed just as deeply with her
tongue, massaging Heather's already excited clit.

"Oh God, yes!" Heather called out.

Finally, she motioned for Jordan to join them, but to his
slight disappointment, she indicated that he should climb up on the
bed with her. When he did so, she took hold of his cock and guided
it to her mouth, taking it deep within.

The wonderful sensations Eriko was producing deep between
Heather's legs traveled up the length of her body and were passed
along to Jordan through the actions of her mouth and tongue.
Even though Jordan would at the moment rather it were Eriko's
lips wrapped around his cock, Heather's weren't a bad second

The two-way oral fest continued for a while longer and
Jordan was about to suggest they make it three way with his head
between Eriko's legs when Heather unexpectedly made a different

"Why don't you and Eriko play a while and I'll just watch,"
she said.

Jordan definitely liked her suggestion better and didn't
object in the least as Heather let his cock fall out of her mouth
and climbed off the bed. Eriko, for her part, took the switch in
stride as she climbed on the bed and traded Heather's clit for
Jordan's cock.

Heather moved to the chair Jordan had just vacated, playing
with herself as she watched the Asian girl go down on her
boyfriend. Heather had one hand between her legs, manipulating
her clit as the other stroked her nipples. She felt much the same
rush as Jordan did, watching her lover serviced by someone else.

Jordan, meanwhile, was getting what had to undeniably
classify as the best blowjob of his life. If he had to rate
Heather's cocksucking skills, which he always considered
considerable, he'd put her as an eight on a one to ten scale. Eriko,
however, was a perfect ten, if not more.

Her mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere at once,
from the base of his balls to the crown of his cock. Sucking,
licking, caressing his manhood like no one had ever done before. Up
until this moment, he'd held the blowjob given to him by one of
Connie's friends back when he was sixteen as the standard against
all others were judged. There was now no question that the title
had just been passed.

Faster and faster Eriko's head moved up and down, taking
his entire seven inches whole each time. If there was such a thing
as a natural sword swallower, she was it. With each repetition, it
was becoming harder for Jordan to hold back the rising tide
within. Finally, he lost the last of his self-control as the dams of
restraint shattered and a white river exploded from his manhood.

"Holy ..." was all Jordan managed to gasp as Eriko seemed to
actually take him deeper inside her small mouth, the endless
suction drawing every drop out of him.

Finally there was no more for him to give and he dropped his
head back on the mattress and closed his eyes. He felt so drained
that he was only barely aware as Eriko released her tight hold on
his now shrinking cock and began to move up on the bed.

It was only when he felt her lips pressing against his that he
realized she had even moved, opening his mouth to admit her
pressing tongue. A sharp salty taste hit him as their tongues
pressed against each other, a wet tanginess that took him a few
seconds to realize was the taste of his own orgasm.

Instinctively he wanted to pull away, but Eriko had the
weight of her entire body on him and the only way he could do so
would be to push her totally off him. Reluctant to do that,
especially since it would doubtlessly kill any chance he had of
fucking her, he finally decided that it was something he could
handle. After all, it was only a little taste and had been his to
begin with.

Heather, meanwhile was enjoying the afterglow of her own
self-induced orgasm, one brought to a shattering head as she
watched Jordan explode in Eriko's mouth. It had been the first
time the twenty-two year old had seen a blow job as a spectator
and not a participant.

Still stroking herself, she watched with interest as Eriko
continued to press her half nude body against Jordan's fully nude
one, covering it with sweet kisses.

"Now you do for me?" Eriko asked as she kissed him one last

"Oh yeah," Jordan said excitedly as Eriko rolled off him and
onto her back as he took the superior position.

He kissed her lips once more, this time not even noticing the
last traces of his maleness. Quickly he moved downward to her
breasts, taking the hard nipples into his mouth one by one. Playing
with each with his tongue and lips for just long enough to raise the
level of excitement for both of them another notch. Already he
could feel the stirrings between his legs and knew that despite the
emptiness of a short time before, his cock was already coming back
to life.

Moving down closer to his target, Jordan saw Heather move
to the side of the bed. At first, he thought she was rejoining the
action, then was surprised as she stopped at the edge of the bed.
It seemed that she was just getting a better position to watch
from. He didn't understand why, but if she was content to just
watch while he made love to another woman, well who was he to

As Jordan gripped the sides of Eriko's panties and began to
pull them down, the young woman began to giggle for some
inexplicable reason. A strange reaction he thought, but not one to
keep him from the prize he'd thought about since the first
moment he'd seen her in the bar.

The simple cloth gave way, causing the twenty-four year
old's eyes to open wide as they could and his mouth to drop.
The expression on his face was that of almost total shock.

"Oh shit!" he gasped.

Between her legs was a cock only a little smaller than his
own. Totally hairless, it hung semi-erect less than an inch from
Jordan's mouth. The image was so out of place with that of the
exotic woman beneath. He looked up at Eriko in search of an
explanation, only to be met by a mischievous grin that held no

"Surprise!" a familiar voice said from over his shoulder.

His head whirled in Heather's direction, to be met by an
equally mischievous grin.

"What ... what's going on here?" Jordan stammered.

"Just the other side of the coin, love," Heather laughed,
"the one you couldn't see during the toss."

Jordan was taken aback for a moment. His eyes turned back
to Eriko, then down between her legs, finally back to Heather once
more. Then, he too began to laugh.

"Okay, you had your revenge," he said. "You got me. You
got me good."

Got you?" Heather said as she stopped laughing. "I haven't
begun to get you. We're not done yet, not by a long shot."

Jordan's thoughts flashed back to their original discussion
about a threesome a few nights back. About what Heather had
said and realized what she meant by not being finished.

"Oh come on, you can't be serious?" Jordan asked.

"Totally," she said, the tone of her voice given no doubt as
to just how serious she was.

Jordan knew he had a decision to make. A decision brought
on by his act of deceit. A choice that he never would've imagined a
week ago.

He looked back at the semi-soft cock that hung between
Eriko's legs and remembered the unbelievable pleasure she had
just brought him. It was then he realized his decision had already
been made.

He closed his eyes and took her in his mouth. As he slowly
sucked her cock, he could feel it growing hard in his mouth. Soon
it reached its full five-inch length.

Soft moans from Eriko filled Jordan's ears as he ran his
tongue up and down the length of her cock. He felt her long
manicured fingers run through his hair as she began to gyrate her
body in order to heighten her experience.

Once he began to actually do it, Jordan was amazed how
easy it all came to him. If he was totally honest, it was actually
easier than the first time he went down on a girl.

He suddenly felt a hand on his own cock, as Heather pressed
up against him and stroked him lightly. She had her face next to
Jordan's, getting a close up view of his efforts.

"Let me show you how it's done," she said as she moved even
closer and shifted Eriko's cock into her own mouth.

She sucked it for a minute, using her tongue and lips in a way
Jordan wouldn't have thought of. It occurred to him that with all
the blowjobs he'd gotten in his life, you'd think he'd have paid at
least some attention as to how it was done. There was a lot more
to it, he was now discovering, than simply bobbing your head
up and down.

Under Heather's superior skill, the level of Eriko's
enjoyment and vocal response rose in intensity. The brunette let
the hard cock slip from her mouth and offered it back to Jordan.
With much less hesitation than before, he took it and tried to
mimic the technique Heather had just demonstrated.

Stretching across the side of the bed, Heather moved her
head between Jordan's legs and slid his cock into her mouth, now
making him the beneficiary of her experience. On the top of the
bed, Eriko followed the older woman's lead as her head pressed
against the brown covered mouth between Heather's legs.

The circle complete, the three of them continued to please
each other for the next half hour, alternating positions every once
and a while so that Jordan got to enjoy Heather and she got to
pleasure Eriko.

Finally, Heather broke the circle declaring that she needed
to get fucked. To Jordan's surprise, it was Eriko she drew to her
as she moved to the center of the bed and spread her legs.

Eriko climbed on top of her and taking hold of her cock,
guided it into Heather. Jordan watched, fascinated by the sight
of one beautiful woman fucking another. Despite what hung
between Eriko's legs, he couldn't think of her any other way.

The two women rocked back and forth as Eriko pumped her
hardness in and out of Heather's womanhood. The look of pleasure
on his girlfriend's face gave Jordan another thing to think about.
Even with the obvious size difference between him and Eriko,
Heather's level of enjoyment seemed to remain the same. So much
for the credo bigger is better.

Following Heather's instructions, since it was clearly obvious
that she had been totally in charge of this all since the beginning,
Jordan moved to a spot where both she and Eriko could take turns
sucking him as well.

Back and forth they traded his cock, until it was hard for
Jordan to really tell whose mouth was wrapped around him at any
time. He could feel the familiar stirring deep inside and knew he
wasn't far away from a second climax. From the noise coming from
Heather and Eriko, he guessed that they weren't that far away
either. It was at that moment that he got one final surprise in
what was already a night full of them.

"You fuck me?" Eriko asked as she let his cock slip from her

For a confused second he wondered how, then it hit him like
a ton of bricks. He looked into his girlfriend's face and saw that
she found the idea exciting as well.

Jordan moved off the bed and then, following Eriko's
instructions, removed a small jar from the pocketbook she had left
with her clothes. He smeared the greasy gel from the jar along
the length of his cock, then pressed a generous portion against and
into her tight asshole. All the while, she continued to slip her own
cock in and out of Heather.

Taking a deep breath, the black-haired man took hold of his
highly excited manhood and pressed it against the tiny hole he had
just lubricated. Then with a hard push, pressed it deep inside her.

"Oh yes!" Eriko gasped as she felt half his length enter her
and pressed back to take more of him inside her.

Jordan paused to get used to the tightness, then pushed
forward until his gel-covered cock was as far in as was possible.
He slid back a little, drawing it out an inch or two, then quickly
thrusted forward until his balls slapped against the soft flesh of
her cheeks.

"Ooooh!" Eriko moaned even louder in a mixture of
excitement and pleasure. "Fuck me, oh please fuck me hard!"

"Fuck her, Jor," Heather, who had been watching over
Eriko's shoulder as he had entered her. "Fuck both of us!"

Buried deep inside of his Japanese lover, Jordan began to
slide in and out of her tight but slippery hole. With Eriko's cock
embedded in Heather as well, he truly was fucking both of them at
once. A thought that added to his highly charged excitement.

As the tightness around his manhood began to relax, Jordan
developed a rhythm, thrusting harder with each new stroke. Eriko
quickly timed her own thrusts with his, pressing within Heather as
he pressed within her.

Their frenzies increased as their menage a trois blended
together until they were like a single being. Sweat poured off
their quaking bodies as they rocked back and forth, the raging
tides of approaching climaxes gripping them all.

Faster and faster they swayed in each other's embrace,
their verbal encouragements quickly reduced to a series of moans
and groans. Then, almost in unison, a three-way orgasm gripped
them all.

Jordan felt himself explode inside Eriko, even as the Asian
likewise exploded within Heather. The woman on the bottom of
the pile took it all in and added her own eruptions to the mix. It
wasn't until the last of them were totally drained that they
collapsed, still entangled in each other's arms.

When Jordan opened his eyes a short time later, he saw
that Eriko was gone. Heather, though, still lay naked in his arms.
A smile filled his face because after all, wasn't that what was
really important.

"So what did you think of my little surprise?" Heather
asked as she looked up and met his smile with one of her own.

"Interesting," he said, "to say the least."

"Just interesting?" Heather replied as she reached down and
gave his cock a squeeze just hard enough to get his full attention.

"Okay," he said with a short squeal. "It was fantastic."

"Thought so," she laughed as she bent over and kissed
where she had squeezed him, "and the next time will be even

"Next time?" Jordan asked. "You mean we're going to see
Eriko again?"

"No, I have something else in mind," Heather grinned as she
slid his cock in and out of her mouth for a brief moment.
"Something maybe just a little bit out of the ordinary."

"A little bit out of the ordinary?" Jordan silently repeated
to himself as Heather took him in her mouth one more. "What did
she call what we've been doing for the past two hours?"

As he grew hard again in her mouth, Jordan tried to imagine
what she was planning now. Whatever it was, he was sure it would
be much more than fantastic.


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