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These stories are 2005 by Andrew Wiggin and are not to be reprinted without the expressed written consent of the author.  They contain sexual content and are to be read by readers above the legal age of consent and are not to be read in locations where such stories are illegal, even ones as innocuous as these.    Winner of 2004 Golden Clitorides Award:  Best New Author

Death by Fucking             This is a humorous and romantic story with a touch of Sci-Fi.  There is NO VIOLENCE..  With apologies to Robert A. Heinlein. Winner Graphic

 Winner of for the 2004 Golden Clitorides Award:  Best Long Story by a New Author; Best Humor Story.   2nd Place Award:  Long Story of the Year ;   Finalist:  Best SciFi Story        NOW with a new, easier to read format and somewhat improved spelling!                        

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Tales of the eKids      Book 2 of Death by Fucking, with stories about the next generation of humans.                                                       2004 Golden Clitorides Award Finalist:  Best Serial

Chapter 1   Chapter 2    Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Short Stories    Small vignettes, many about the ridiculousness of sexual politics

    The Big Webcast of 2004   My Rapist   Beach Party    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda   What Is and What Should Never Be


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