A Most Unusual Evening

by An Awful Cad © 2005

MF, Oral, Cheat, Creampie


The following tale is part of the series "A Most Unusual Day." Each of the parts stands independently, although together they tell a broader story. I hope you will enjoy this one and elect to read the others as well.


Disclaimer: It’s porn. Don’t read it if it might offend you, if it's illegal for you, or if you have an actual or mental age of less than 18.



My day so far had been a blur of unusual occurrences. I had been awakened to a fabulous morning handjob, delivered enthusiastically by my loving, but sexually unadventurous wife, Jennifer. This was the first time I had been so awakened in our whole relationship of nearly two decades, and I wondered if our frank discussions about enhancing our sex life were starting to pay off.


That was followed by me picking up an impossibly beautiful Persian princess barely half my age – and someone else's well-kept wife to boot –and going to her palatial mansion, where I was surprised by Aliyah's explosion of lust and nearly consumed by her carnal appetite. I had to draw on all my strength to fuck her hard in all her holes. In the end, it was my nervousness about unusual occurrences, not the satiation of her appetites which brought an end to the festivities and sent me scurrying back out into the hot California sunshine. Aliyah's lewd entreaties rang in my ears like a Siren's song.




With more than half the day gone, I grabbed a drive-thru taco and hurried for the office, but when I got there I found I could not concentrate on my work. I kept reliving the day's events, recalling specific moment and images, trying to reconcile my previously mundane existence and self-image with this new person who had picked up a gorgeous hottie at the repair shop, another man's wife at that, taken her home and fucked her senseless.


An image of Aliyah's glistening scarlet lips wrapped around my straining schlong seared through my brain, followed by another of her tremendous tits rocking back and forth to the pounding strokes of my cock churning her wet cunt to a froth. I blinked, trying to clear my head, but the images kept on coming. There was her wrinkled anus coming into view as she willingly spread her own ass cheeks to present me with the forbidden treasure inside. This of course was followed by the sight of my bulging rod repeatedly battering that once-tiny aperture until it gaped open like a sewer pipe. Then came the capper: Aliyah eagerly – no, hungrily – sucking the grimy santorum from my cock, fresh from her ravaged ass with my spunk pooled on her face.


I could hardly believe these things had happened to me, in fact, had been done by me. But the reality of the situation was made clear by the painful burning in my groin as my poor overworked prick attempted to stand up and salute those incredible memories. I realized that I wasn't going to get any work done that day and headed out of the office to the gym for a workout.


After a solid two hour sweat, followed by a half hour in the sauna, I headed for home. No one was there when I got there. To keep my mind off what I was going to say to Jennifer about my adventures, and because I was famished, having never really eaten anything, well any food that is, at Aliyah's house, I changed into some comfortable clothes and set about preparing a feast.


When Jennifer got home she was surprised to see me, already up to my ears in kitchen prep.


"I got finished early today" I explained, "and I kind of skipped lunch..." I hoped my wince was only in my brain and not visible on my face. "...so I'm famished."


"That's great honey!" she replied brightly. "I got this bottle of wine from a client today; we can drink it with dinner." It was probably several hundred dollars worth of a very nice California Cabernet. Nice! "It's just us though. The kids are both on sleepovers tonight."


Damned teenagers, I thought. The social calendar they've got these days...If it was just the two of us, I was definitely going to have to come up with a way to broach the subject of my sexual escapades.


Jennifer went to change out of her work clothes and I resumed caramelizing onions and poaching pears. A little while later, I was startled to feel her hands sliding along my ribcage as she encircled me from behind.


"This is great honey." She said sincerely. I grew a bit nervous as she caressed my chest, wondering if her wandering hands would reach as far as my groin -- as if that would somehow give me away. I turned around in her embrace. Jennifer was wearing a silky halter which highlighted her smooth shoulders and elegant neck, and crisp khaki Capri pants, which hugged her hips and accentuated her sensuous figure. She was classy and elegant and simple. I couldn't help but compare her to Aliyah in my mind. Quite a contrast, but still a very nice package, I thought.




After a frenzy of eating and nearly all of the wine, we sat at the table, momentarily sated. Neither of us wanted to clear the table or the considerable mess I had made in the kitchen, so we took our wine glasses and moved to the couch with the view of the summer sun disappearing over the nearby hills. There we sat silently, contemplating the blushing sky and deepening shadows.


Jennifer was the first to speak. "Honey?" she said shyly, with her eyes averted. "You know I said I've been doing a lot of thinking about our conversation the other day? About trying to be more open and communicating in our relationship and trying to achieve our fantasies?"


I nodded. "Yeah...?"


"Would it be alright if I told you one of mine?" She was blushing now, although she had bowed her head so that most of her face was enshrouded behind her cascading hair.


"Of course sweetheart" I said encouragingly. "That would be more than okay. That would be great." But my stomach did a flip as I remembered her words that morning after she had tossed me off and I had offered to return the favor. "Maybe later" she had said. And now, I realized, she was feeling amorous. This was a whole new set of problems.


"Well, it's pretty far out there. You have to promise not to be mad."


Of course I couldn't promise not to be mad, just not to express it if I was. "I won't be mad, honey," I assured her.


"It kind of involves a real person too..." she said shyly. "Maybe I should start with something easier – you know, make up a story or something."


"You underestimate me sweetheart," I said smoothly, confident that Jennifer would never have any fantasies that would upset my sensibilities. I guessed she would probably go for dress-up role play, or maybe mild bondage.


"Now, please begin."


I was genuinely interested, plus I wanted to encourage her effort at communicating and on top of everything else, I sensed that maybe this would provide an opening to discuss my own efforts to 'achieve my fantasies.'


"Okay." She said slowly, drawing a deep breath. "Here goes. You know the Regency Club, right?"


I nodded. It was a fancy private club for LA's wealthy elite, many of whom were Jennifer's clients, leading to numerous business meals there for her. I had been to a few with her myself.


"There's a parking attendant there that I, um, think is kind of hot. He's tall, dark, muscular. He always has compliments for me. Very polite – but clearly interested."


My wife's fantasy was Josι the valet? Not what I expected, but okay, I guess.


"I was wearing a slit skirt today," Jennifer continued, "and I may have given him a bit of thigh as I got out of the car. He said that I was 'looking very nice today' and our eyes met as he helped me out. As I was sitting in my meeting I began to dream about what would have happened if I had just hopped back into the car with him and driven off to a secluded corner of the garage."


"What would you have done, sweetheart?" I encouraged, gently.


"Oh I wouldn't have done anything!" she replied hastily, "But I can imagine doing something – in my fantasies.


"Tell me your fantasy. I really want to know what it is. And don't leave anything out!"


Jennifer chuckled softly but didn't hesitate. "In my fantasy, I go back to the valet and find Roger there."


"Roger?" I inquired. I was going to make a joke about getting 'rogered,' but I thought better of it.


"That's what his nametag says," she said with a furious blush. "Anyway, I tell him that I left something in the car and he offers to show me where it is parked and leads me down to the lower level, where I have never been before. It's dark down there. And quiet. I open the door and lean in, pretending to look around, while I let him get a good look at my butt in my tight skirt.


"Since I can't find it, I get in the back seat and start to look there. 'Can I help you look?' he asks, and of course I say yes, so he goes to the other side of the car and starts to look on the seat there. Neither of us has any idea what we're searching for, but we're looking just the same. There is something on the floor on his side and we both reach for it at the same time. Our hands touch and I look into his eyes. The next thing I know, we are kissing feverishly. His hands are all over me, driving me crazy. I can't control myself as he takes my clothes off and we have sex right there in the back seat."


"Hold on there!" I interrupt. "Slow down. You're going way too fast. I want to hear the details. Where does he touch you? Where do you touch him? What are you thinking about? What's his cock like?"


Jennifer looked momentarily flustered at the coarse language.


"But that's not really the point," she stammered.


"I want to understand your fantasies – I've got to know the details." I replied.


"Oh alright," she sighed, "he is pretty gorgeous. Young – twenties, I'd say. Longish dark hair, olive skin. Could be Latino, Italian - Spanish maybe. When he kisses me, his tongue is instantly in my mouth. He is holding me tightly – not that I'm trying to get away – and I can feel the muscles in his arm. We are each leaning in opposite sides of the car and that puts us in an awkward position, so he pulls me roughly across the seat and onto his lap, without letting go of his lip lock.


"He is now sitting up in the seat and I am lying across his lap on my back. Right away I feel his hands go to my breasts. They slide under my loose blouse and squeeze my chest roughly through my bra. Suddenly I feel the bra straps loosen and his hand is sliding underneath onto my bare breasts."


I decided to play along and cuddled up next to her so that I could slip my hand under her shirt to cup her full breast.


"Stop it!" Jennifer cried with a slap to my hand. "You'll get your turn, but you're distracting me now. If you want to hear the rest, you'd better stop."


I didn't think she would carry out her threat, but I backed off my hand, instead leaving it lying casually on her smooth stomach. "Okay. Continue."


"I feel a bit like I'm back in high school, being pawed by the more experienced upperclassman. His hands are stroking me all over: stomach, arms, neck and of course my breasts. It feels so good. I feel warm all over."


I began to rub my hand in gentle circles over her abdomen, caressing her soft flesh lightly and met with no objection this time.


"Then he starts rubbing my nipples. Brushing them with his fingertips, stroking the firm points with his palms and finally grabbing them in both hands and squeezing tightly between his strong fingers. It's the most incredible sensation, a mix of intense pleasure and pain, and I feel a rush of wetness between my legs."


'You slut!' I want to scream. 'This car-jockey has your pussy creaming just by squeezing your tits.' But of course I have my own issues, so I remain silent.


"I think Roger senses that he can do whatever he wants with me now, because he slides a hand underneath my loose skirt and onto the crotch of my panties. I blush at the thought of my wetness and how it reveals my arousal. I can feel him pushing a finger against my soaked panties, pressing them into my wet hole."


'Your wet cunt, you mean.' I think, but again my words remain trapped inside my feverish imagination.


"I'm whimpering with desire as he pushes deeper and deeper, stretching my panties and pulling them tight against my swollen clit. Suddenly Roger speaks. 'We don't have much time.' He says with a heavy accent. 'You must take it off now.' He's right, so I lift my hips and allow him to slide my skirt and panties down. When I am naked from the waist down, I lay back in his lap and immediately his hand goes to my exposed crotch and begins to stroke my moist lips.


"All of a sudden I am aware of Roger's penis for the first time. It's poking into my back, hot and hard and seemingly pretty large. I'm tingling all over from Roger's touch but I realize that we don't have much time, so I slide off his lap and onto the floor so I can rip open his black uniform pants. He's got tight black briefs on underneath and the head of his cock is already peeking out the top, tantalizing me."


I can feel Jennifer's eyes on me, challenging me, as she voices a desire for another man's cock for the first time in our 20-year marriage. I cannot meet her gaze, however.


"So I rip down his underwear and there it is. It practically jumps at me. Big, hard and throbbing. It looks ready to explode. I feel really honored that this cock is doing this for me and I want to learn more about it. To play with it. To taste it."


I'm sure I twitched visibly at this last comment.


"But I know we don't have time to play, so I grip it in my fist and straddle his lap on my knees, right there in the back of the Land Rover and I slowly sink down on him until his pole is all the way up inside me. I begin to slide up and down, feeling that hot pole glide inside me with each stroke. It's blowing my mind that I am literally fucking this guy – humping him as hard as I can, while he just lays there and enjoys it.


"Then he starts moaning. And twitching. And even though we've just gotten started, I know he's going to come. Inside me. He thrusts his hips up off the seat and shouts like he's been stabbed and I can feel his hot cream spurt inside me. In the throes of his passion he grabs both my breasts and squeezes hard, twisting the nipples and producing a sharp stabbing pleasure that contrasts with his warmth blossoming in my belly. It makes me come too.


"Afterwards, I roll off him onto the seat of the car. I can see that he is hurriedly pulling up his pants.


'I'm sorry. I got to go now,' he says with a sheepish look. ' Or else I get in trouble.' He hops out of the car like it was on fire and starts to buckle his pants. Then he leans back in and says 'Thank you. You are very hot woman. I hope you found what you were looking for.' With a wink he is gone and I am left on the back seat, sweaty, ravaged and filled with his cum."


At this point, Jennifer rolled over and looked at me. "So what do you think so far?" she asked, coyly.


"You mean there's more?" I replied, surprised.


"Oh yeah. I haven't even gotten to the fantasy part yet – the part where I need your help. But maybe I should just stop here; you know, quit while we're ahead? It looks as if you enjoyed that bit quite a lot, but I'm not so sure about the next part."


She was right. To my surprise, shock and, frankly, horror, my cock was standing up straight, tenting the loose fabric of my shorts and throbbing painfully. Jennifer reached out and grabbed my shaft firmly and began stroking it up and down through the thin cloth.




"Don't you dare stop!" I ordered. I can rationalize it by saying that I wanted to encourage her to share her fantasies – to open up and reward her honest communication – but the truth is that at that moment, I was thinking with the wrong head.


"Okay, but remember, you promised not to be mad... So, I'm lying there – fucked and abandoned – and I know just what I have to do. I cross my legs to stop his cum from leaking all over the seat and I begin to gather up my clothes. I grab one of my 'emergency' panty-liners from the glove box and put that on, to keep the mess inside me for now. Then I get behind the wheel and peel out without even stopping to pay for the parking.


"I drive like I'm being chased all the way across town to your office. I'm hornier than I've ever been and I have to see you. When I get there, I stop just long enough to fix my hair and makeup before charging in to see you. But I don't completely fix my clothes. I leave my blouse unbuttoned at both the top and bottom. And I don't put my bra back on. I want to leave a few clues for you...


"You are alone in your office, typing at your monitor with the remains of your lunch scattered around you and I charge in and shut the door.


"'Hi honey.' I say, then 'Busy?'


"Looking confused and, well, scared, you stare at me. 'No' you say, coming to your feet.


"'Good, because I really need you right now.'


"We begin to kiss passionately and I'm all over you, pulling your shirt out of your pants and running my hands across your furry chest. I can feel your excited energy as you realized that my breasts are naked beneath the sheer top. You kiss my mouth harder. I can taste your hunger and I am glad, you will need it. I wrench open your heavy leather belt and reach in to grab your already stiff cock, without even undoing the zipper. I wrap my fist around your hard penis and begin to jerk roughly.


"We are each stoking the other's fires and as your passion mounts you hoist my filmy blouse up to my chin so you can verify what your hands told you earlier, that my tits are swinging free and my nipples are hard little peaks. You immediately dip your head to take one of those stiff nubs in your mouth and suck hard. Your hands are mauling my ass and soon one of them roams around to the front and strokes vigorously across my crotch.


"Then, as you continue to chew my hard nipple, if feel my waistband loosen and my skirt fall away, dragging my panties with them. Immediately I am assaulted by the wafting cloud of sex rising from my crotch. I wonder if you notice how pungent it is today.


"You place your hand right at my steamy opening and I feel your fingers plunge inside and twirl around.


"'Does it feel looser?' I wonder. I know it's never been creamier, as I am totally awash in juices. You pull your fingers from my hole and bend down to look and see what your wet fingers look like. I take the opportunity however, to guide your head lower, down to my matted bush and dripping pussy. With no hesitation, you dive in and I feel your tongue wipe across my wet opening. You lick and suck and slurp at my flowing opening. I feel your tongue eagerly scouring every crevice of my pussy, which excites me more and more, in turn causing me to gush with more wetness. The pleasure is too intense and I begin to writhe and moan. I'm getting hotter and hotter and hotter, and then..."


Suddenly Jennifer paused.


"Well, there it is. That's my fantasy. I think perhaps I'd better stop there. I don't want things to get too hot right here."


She looked down and I followed her gaze to see her petite hand wrapped around my straining erection, long since pulled from inside my shorts, which was indeed weeping fluid out of its swollen eye like a drunk after a bar fight.


Holy shit! How did that happen? I looked up into Jennifer's face and was immediately overwhelmed by all the questions I wanted to ask her.


"So that's your fantasy?" I asked, accusingly.


"You said you wouldn't be mad." She said with a cringe. "Are you mad?"


"So let me get this straight - you want to fuck Carlos the car jockey in the backseat of our car, then come into my office and seduce me into drinking his come right out of your freshly fucked pussy???" I surprised myself with my vehemence.


"It's just a fantasy." She said with a shrug. "I could never do that in real life. And a lot of the details were kind of embellished. A lot of that stuff – whew, where did that come from! But..."


Here she fixed me with a sly grin.


"...There are some parts that I would be interested to 'explore.'"


I was nearly apoplectic. "Exactly what parts of that charming tale would you like to 'explore?'" I spat.


Jennifer was grinning from ear-to-ear now, though I wasn't sure why. "In real-life, Roger is creepy and smells bad. So it will have to be someone else." She paused for my response, but I was dumbstruck. "You should see your face right now," she laughed. "It's priceless. I'm flattered. Thank you. Even if Antonio Banderas was parking my car, I could never have sex with another man, especially behind your back. For our purposes, do you think you could play the part of Roger?"


Jennifer was flushed and panting slightly. I eyed her cautiously. "You want me to pretend to be a valet and seduce you in the back of our car?"


"Um, well, no. I don't care about the valet or the car. It's the rest of it."


"I don't understand. You'll have to spell it out for me. If your fantasy is to get seduced and fucked by some greasy stranger in the back of our car, and you want me to play the part, what exactly is it you want me to do?"


By now I could see the blush spreading across her chest and neck like a crimson stain, and Jennifer could no longer look me in the eye. She was obviously embarrassed by having to describe her desires to me so explicitly.


"I want you to screw me and then go down on me after." She blurted, still looking away.


I was speechless. I could only gape at her incredulously. I hadn't seen that coming at all.


Jennifer took my silence as disapproval. "I'm sorry," she cried. "You think it's gross. I'm sorry I even brought it up. Please try to forget I ever said anything, okay?"


Jennifer was practically bawling now and through my haze of surprise, I suddenly had a moment of total clarity. My sweet wife had just bared her soul to me and it was vastly kinkier than I had ever imagined. There was only one thing to do – I had to nurture that spark and reward and encourage her admission.


"Get your pants off now!" I barked like a naval captain. "Prepared to be screwed."


It was Jennifer's turn to be dumbfounded. When she didn't move quickly enough, I reached for her waist and unsnapped her pants with a violent tug. Grabbing her waistband, I yanked hard, lifting her hips off the cushion as I removed her pants and panties. Her blouse was next to go, revealing her jutting breasts and bullet-hard nipples. Her chest was mottled with the blush of her excitement and her pussy too showed her arousal, with her lips swollen, spread and glistening with an angry red shine, revealing her steaming inner core.


Needing no further encouragement, I dove right in and buried my cock in her to the hilt in one hard thrust. She was gushingly wet and moaned in pleasure at the sudden intrusion. I thrust into her repeatedly, trying to fuck away my confusion. But quickly I realized that I had another problem. Despite my arousal at Jennifer's surprisingly erotic tale, my body was not quite as excited as my mind. This would be my fourth orgasm of the day (of the last 15 hours, to be precise), which was far above my previous record. My cock, although rigid and pumping like a marathoner slogging up Heartbreak Hill, seemed to be saying that there was no certainty we would reach the finish line.


I could sense, rather than feel that her cunt was incredibly slick and wet, and I could see Jennifer writhing in ecstasy beneath me, but my cock was strangely numb, as if it had been disconnected from my pleasure center. I kept hammering away, but it produced no joy for me.


Jennifer, on the other hand, was unmistakably nearing her climax. Her eyelids were heavy and her mouth was open and gasping. Usually she requires direct manual stimulation of her clit to get off, but suddenly her hands were clawing at my back as she erupted.


Still I soldiered on, thrusting and pumping blindly, trying to find something that would prompt my climax. With Jennifer weakened by her orgasm, I pulled out, flipped her over and mounted her from behind, but still I could not feel any pleasure in my cock.


Now I was watching her ass cheeks quiver under my continuing assault. Jennifer's still-virgin asshole was winking at me with each thrust and I resorted to one of my favorite fantasies: imagining what it would be like if and when I finally penetrated that tight cavern with my cock for the first time. Even this, however, produced no sensation. Rather it brought back memories of Aliyah's tight asshole, which I had ravaged only a few hours earlier. I was flooded with feelings of guilt, which did nothing to provoke a climax.


I flipped Jennifer over once more and raised her legs and spread them wide to give myself more leverage. This position caused her whole body to shake and I watched Jennifer grit her teeth and attempt to restrain her swaying breasts with one hand as I continued my relentless onslaught.


I could feel the sweat rising on my brow and began to wonder what would give out first: my heart or my back. I was starting to contemplate how I could fake an orgasm, when Jennifer came to my rescue.


"Give it to me now" she shouted. "Give me your hot load. Shoot my pussy full of your steaming cum and fill my cunt to the brim. I want to feel your hot cock throb as you pump me full of your cream."


Her nasty words shocked me and the sight of such filth pouring from my wife's usually gentle mouth triggered a gut-wrenching orgasm. My balls were churning and the head of my cock felt like someone had shoved a firecracker down my pee slit when I exploded. My moans were a combination of pleasure and pain as my continuing orgasm caused my whole body to spasm violently. Each spurt produced a sharp burning sensation shooting up my shaft, and it was with more than a little relief that I felt my orgasm subside.


I caught a glimpse of Jennifer's face and saw that she was looking at me expectantly as I caught my breath. Although she is not usually multi-orgasmic, I was still surprised that she had only come once despite the fact that we had been fucking for almost 20 minutes. Surely I had delivered a performance worth of at least two orgasms? But I knew what she was waiting for.


Drawing a deep breath, I slid down her body until I was face to face with her gaping snatch. The hair on her crotch was sticky and matted down with secretions and her pussy lips hung open, red, raw and swollen. A tiny pearl of my seed struggled to escape from her ravaged hole.


Now Jennifer may not usually be multi-orgasmic, but as soon as my tongue touched her dripping slit she shook with her second orgasm of the night. I could feel the mixture of slimy juices spreading across my face as I dug in and lapped at her hole. The taste wasn't much different from Jennifer's usual flavor, perhaps a tad bit more salty, but the texture was obviously different. Thick, viscous and slippery, the goo was hot and heavy on my tongue.


I felt my revulsion well up in my throat, but I was distracted by Jennifer's climactic moans. "Oh my God!" she shrieked. "Oh my God. Oh my God." The convulsions of her cunt squeezed more juices out onto my tongue and, despite my qualms I lapped them up completely. I was determined to make this an experience she would not soon forget, and when her pussy was clean I pushed her legs up and out and slid my tongue deep into her slick vaginal canal. This set off a new round of moans from Jenn as I scoured her pussy chute.


Only when Jennifer could take it no more and pushed me away did I roll over and lay staring at the ceiling, marveling at my accomplishments. My heart was pounding, my cock was burning, my jaw was numb and my face was smeared with an unctuous mixture of my and Jennifer's sex juices. I was devastated – wrecked both physically and emotionally from the long day's endeavors – and yet completely elated.


It had been a day of incredible firsts. I had come four times. Four times! That was a good month most of the time. I had come four different ways with two different women. I had sex with – no, fucked – a gorgeous stranger barely half my age and had the pleasure not only of banging her incredible ass (another first for me) but also of hearing her beg for more. And to top it all off, I had taken a new step with Jennifer. Our fledgling effort to increase our communication and enhance our love life had gone better than I would have imagined in my wildest dreams and my wife had revealed herself as not only willing, but downright eager, kinky and open to exploration. It had culminated with some of the best sex of our marriage and a new level of intimacy in our relationship.


Of course, there was the small fact that I had also violated the bonds of our marriage (again, a first) and that the intimacy would be all an illusion unless I came clean with Jennifer. I lay there crushed under the weight of my responsibility and awash in guilt not only at my acts, but also at the prospect of ruining what we had just achieved when I revealed the truth to Jennifer.


Just then I felt Jennifer's warmth press against my side and her arm unfurl across my chest. She was warm, moist and soft. It was like being wrapped in one of those warm towels they give you on the Asian airlines. Then, as it had been to start the day, her warm breath was in my ear, caressing my eardrum.


"I love you." she declared firmly. "That was incredible. I can barely speak. I thought you were going to kill me with your tongue. I feel like I might just have gone over to the dark side, but wow! How about you? How are you feeling?"


"Exhausted," I grunted.


"You poor thing! You worked so hard. I thought maybe you were having a tough time because you knew what was going to come next." She paused. "So was it totally gross? I can't explain why, but it felt incredible for me. The whole time, it was like you were fucking my mind as well as my body."


"Well, it was certainly different." I replied. "It took some getting used to, but in the end, I liked it. How could I not when I saw how much you liked it.


"Awwww. That's so sweet. Well, I feel kind of guilty. For making you do that. For going first in our little game. For starting out with such an, um, extreme fantasy. I'm going to make it up to you though. It's your turn next. Whatever your fantasy is, I'm going to make it happen. Anything you want, sweetheart. Anything..."


Her words set off an instant surge of warmth throughout my body. "Anything you want. Anything..." It was the second time today I had heard those words spoken to me by beautiful naked women.


It had indeed been a most unusual day.




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