Hypnotized Submissives (Wives)

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A wife is hypnotized to become a submissive sex slave.


I had an old College buddie of mine that my wife, Linda and I had in common. We hadn't seen him and his wife in some time, and I had heard that he was having wife problems. I had a solution for him, if he was daring enough to try. "Doug, may I introduce the ladies? " I asked. "Of course," he said. "Linda, this is Julie. She married Doug, my old College roomate about 3 years ago. Julie, this is my old College sweet- heart, Linda." "Old. OLD!" she said as she swatted me on my shoulder. We all chucked a bit. "Julie, Would you mind doing us a BIG favor? I forgot to run to the store before comming here to pick up a bottle of wine. It's our favorite from back in school, and since you know the stores here, you could get it probably faster than I could. "No, I don't mind at all. I'll be back in about, say, a half hour." "Thanks, Julie, I said as I reached out to give her some money. "No, no, you keep your money. This'll be on us tonight." said Doug. I noticed that Julie shot hin a look as she walked out the door. Doug saw that I noticed. "We have some disagreements about money every now and then. Nothing too serious." "What about sex?" I asked. He looked at Linda. "I really don't want to talk about this in front of Linda," he said. I put my hand on his shoulder to reassure him. "Doug, I want you to know something very important, and now is the time to tell you since Julie is away for a while. You see, Linda is very submiissive. In fact, she has beem my slave for some time now." "Your what?!" he said in amazement. "It's true," she said submissively. "How did this happen?" asked Doug? "I hypnotized her." "You know I have never been hypnotized before," she said. "Linda, show Doug your breasts now," I said. Without hesitation, she grasped the bottom of her sweater and pulled upward. Her naked breasts bounced before Doug's eyes, completely unfettered. She turned to give him a great view. "Go ahead, Doug, touch them. Don't be shy. She walked up to him with her shoulders thrust slightly back. Doug looked down and cupped her breasts with his hands, then tweaked her right nipple until it became erect. "Really, John. Why is she doing this, and how?" "I told you. I hypnotized her to be my slave. "You know I have never been hypnotized before," she said again, exactly as before. I walked up to her and cupped her right breast, amd said "sexy underware". She immediately fell into a trance. "You will strip naked and assume the position. You will keep your eyes keep your eyes open normally, but not see us nor hear us. You will only feel with your lips, and will awaken when I kiss you on them, feeling fully refreshed. You will dress and forget that you have been naked, and will remember only that you have had a good time with us." "Yes, Master John," she said as she removed the rest of her clothing. Her skirt, panties, pantyhose and shoes joined her sweater on the floor next to her as she assumed her commanded position. Doug walked up to her. She was in a half kneeling, half sitting with her legs spread apart. He could touch her cunt without any problem. Her hands were

clasped behind her head, which made her lovely 33C breasts jut out. Her blue eyes had a slightly glazed look about them. "How did you manage to hypnotize her to do this? I thought that people couldn't he hypnotized to do things they normally would not do. "That's true. They can't. But I have found ways around that. Go ahead. Have your way with her. Then I want to ask you a question." Doug walked up to her and kneeled down in front of her. He put his hands on her face and then slowly worked his way down to her breasts. He cupped both of them in his hands, and played with her nipples. They became hard at his touch. Then he moved forward and cupped her perfect ass with his hands, and then reached down to finger her cunt. She became wet as he played with her clit. All this time she remained completely still and obedient to her Master's commamds. "Doug, I want you to think hard about this question. I know you have been having problems with Julie. How would you like her to be like this?" "Well, John, I don't know how we could do it. First, I don't think she will let you hypnotize her, and second, there is NO WAY she would act like this with me, much less other people." "You know Linda, here from our College days. Was she like this that you remember?" "Not really. In fact, I thought that she was kinda the pushy type." "She is. But I have found out that in everyone, there is a dominant nature, one that likes to take charge of situations, and a submissive one, one that likes to be controlled. "I have found a really neat way to bring out the submissive natures in people in certain ways and supress the dominant ones. Linda here is submissive, but only to me, and whomever I designate. But in other aspects of my choosing in her life she is dominant. She is a lawyer, and is rising fast in her firm. I'll bet she will be asked to buy into a partnership in a couple of years. I can do the same with your wife. Think about it and let me know." I then walked up to her and gave her the prearranged signal. Doug watched as she dressed in front of him. As she did the last button on her skirt, she looked over to Doug. "We must do that again sometime!" She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you," she said.

"John, do you have her do this often?" asked Doug. "Well, actually, this is the first time that I have asked her to do this with another man present. You see, I don't really trust that many men with her. We go back a long way, and I knew I could trust you with our secret. I hope that we can include your wife in as well. And that will be up to you. " I said. "Like I said, I can't think of how to even bring up the subject, no less convince her to be like Linda." Linda looked at Doug and smiled. "This is the most natural way for me to be. I am in love with John, and I have completely surrendered a part of my life to him. He is in total control of my sex life. It is so liberating for me not to have to worry about that part of my like. It lets me concentrate on other parts of me, like my law practice. I don't have to worry about things like office romances and how I look to others, like I did before. I have a confidence that I never had, and I am growing more each day. In fact, I think that I am the envy of a lot of single people where I work." Just a Linda was finished speaking, Julie's car pulled into the driveway. She parked the car and joined them. "I had to go to another store, but I found the wine, she said. They walked to the dining room where Julie had prepared their evening meal. She ushered Doug to a more remote corner and handed the receipt to Doug. "Why did you offer to pay! You know that we are having money problems." she demanded. "These are my College friends. It wouldn't seem right to ask them over without having our favorite drink. I would have gotten it myself, but we didn't have the money. I felt out of place when John suggested we get the wine, and I felt as host it was my duty to buy it." "Well, next time ask ME! God, I'm so mad, I could spit!" "Don't take it out on our friends. Be reasonable." "We'll talk about it later." All throughout the dinner, the three friends shared their College storied with Julie, and she sat there politely, but it was apparent that she was not to be amused. After the meal, John took Doug aside. "Why is Julie acting so distant, Doug?" "We got into another argument. Again. I am tired of these arguments. Say, do you and Linda get into arguments? "What Linda said about her like was only partly true. You see, I am in control of her sexual life, but also I exert a much more subtle control over the other aspects of her life as well. She would never do things like rob a bank, but then again we never have arguments about things such as finances.I use that secret codeword whenever things don't go the way I like them to, and subtly suggest a way that would gently nudge her in the direction that I want her to go. Most of the time, it only takes me one hypnotic session. "John, I want you to help me with Julie. You have convinced me, and I think it may be the only way to save our marriage." "Take this and play it, starting tonight." I said, handing him a casette." You have a cassette player in your bedroom, don't you? "Yes, I do," said Doug. "What's it for? "This cassette is especially prepared for Julie. It has very powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin to condition her mind for what I must do. By tomorrow morning, she will will want to listen to it all the time. Don't be suprised if she plays it on your main system, and even in a Walkman, if you have one. Encourage it by simple suggestion. After about a week she will ask you if you know someone who does simple hypnosis. She'll say that because of

some problem she is having, and will be looking for someone to administer a hypnotic treatment. Suggest my name, and invite us over for the weekeend. I will be ready for her first treatment. "Do you really think it will work?" "Linda is living proof," I said.

As I expected, Doug called me around the middle of the week. "John, she has been listening to that tape just as you said. And it has had a calming effect on her. She doesn't argue with me as much; in fact, she is a lot like when we were when we first met." he said. "Most of hat is because of the suggestions in the tape. We'll be over Friday evening around 7PM. We will have already eaten. And this time, I think that she will be eager to see us!" I said. Friday couldn't come fast enough for Doug and Julie. "Are you sure everything is OK in the living room?" asked Julie. "Everything is just as John asked. The lights are low, you are playing the tape that he gave us. He did ask that you wear loosly fitting clothes." He tried a test suggestion. "Maybe you shouldn't be wearing any underthings, either." "Do you think that it would help? I'll take them off," she said, walking to their bedroom. "Why not here?" Doug suggested. She looked at him, then looked at the open drapes. "I really should't do that in front of the window. Kids might see," she said as she con- tinued her walk into the bedroom. "Well, at least one of my suggestions worked," he said to himself as he watched her strip through the open door in the bedroom. He never tired of watching his wife take off or put on articles of clothing, especially the sexy undergarments that she was so fond of wearing. She looked at her blouse after taking off her bra, then selected a less see-through one to take it's place. She buttoned her blouse and removed her panties just in time for our arival. "Nice to see you again." I said as I shook hands with Doug. I was carrying a briefcase. "Thanks for comming. Julie here has been looking for a hypnotist because of her nail-biting habit, and when I suggested that you had done some in College, she jumped at the chance for someone that she knew," Doug said. "I really don't want to go into a trance with a complete stranger. I've known you since you were best man at our wedding, and since Doug trusts you I can do no less," said Julie. "I'm glad that I can be of help. Are you ready, now? I asked. "Yes. I want to get rid of this habit tonight." "Good. First, I want to mix this powder in a half glass of Coke. It is a combined seditate and hypnotic. It will, make you a little sleepy, and very open to suggestion." "I'll get the Coke," Doug said. John led Julie and Linda to the prepared living room. I opened the briefcase and took out a small vial. Doug handed him the glass of Coke, and poured the powder in it. He handed it to Julie. "Let's have you sitting down when you drink this. I wouldn't want you to fall down." I said. Julie walked over to the Lazy-Boy near the fire- place, sat down and drank the mixture. "Tastes good, has a lemony flavor," she said. "It makes a good drink with Coke. Julie, just relax now and let the drugs work. You will begin to feel sleepy, but don'y worry. Remember that we are all your friends. We will step outside for a few minutes." I motioned for us to walk outside, and I closed the doors to the room that Julie was in, preventing her from seeing us. When we were out of earshot, I cupped Linda's right breast and whispered, "sexy underwear." She immediately went into a trance and awaited my next words. "You will not hear or see us until I kiss you." I said. She opened her eyes and

stood, waiting for the kiss. "I need to know from you what key words and action that you want me to have Julie respond to. I happen to like the phrase, 'sexy underware' and a cupped breast. What would you like?" "I have to think a bit," he said as he searched his memory of something unobtrusive. "Let's use the phrase, 'sweet submission' said at the same time as I grab her right ass cheek," said Doug. "Nice choice. Now, this will take about an hour tonight. While I am gone, would you like to have your way with Linda?" I asked. "You've got my wife for an hour. May as well swap," Doug said enthusiastically. I walked over to Linda and kissed her. She smiled as I pulled her to Doug. "Linda, I want you to be REAL nice to Doug. You must do whatever he says. No limitations." "No limitations," she repeated in a low, sexy voice. I could see the effect it was having on Doug. "You must really trust me," he said as he took her hand. "You are trusting me with your wife. Have fun. We will join you up- stairs later. I assume that you will be upstairs, right?" I asked. "If you insist. By the way, you were right about Julie listening to that tape. She must have heard the songs on it for most of her non- working moments, and I even saw her take the cassette to work. She probably had a cassette player there, too. And she had a hypnotist lined up until I suggested your name, then she cancelled the other one. It was a good thing that I suggested you or she would have called him to make an appointment." He then went upstairs with Linda. "Now, I must get on with matters at hand. Enjoy yourselves." I said as I opened the doors to the room where Julie was and shut the doors behind me.I looked at her and noticed her glassy eyed appearance. I knew that the drugs had taken effect; she turned her head slowly and looked at me. I propped her feet up so she would be more comfortable, and she separated separated her legs. With her short skirt and legs like that it was obvious that she was not wearing any panties.

Doug led Linda to the first bedroom on the right. He motioned for her to enter. They walked in together and he shut the door. It was a spacious room with a king sized bed. There was only one chest of drawers, which was located in front of the only window in the room. "Linda, exactly what does John mean when he says, 'no limit- ations,'" asked John. "Just what it sounds like. I must obey whatever you ask of me. I know it sounds rather kinky, but I have given up this part of my life to John." she said. "What part?" "My sexual life. John is in total control. I have given this to him, in exchange he sees that I am sexually fulfilled. And he is a wonderful provider. "Have you ever been hypnotized before?" asked John, expecting the same canned comment the last time that she was asked the same question. He was surprised with the answer. "No, and I would resist anyone completely if it was tried be- cause that could harm my relationship with my husband. If I were to be hypnotized, it would be only with John's consent, and he has never brought up the subject." He thought to himself, "He really has her under his control. I want to find out just what she would do for me." He walked over to her. "Linda, I want you to spread your legs apart, and put your hands behind your back. And please don't move or say anything until I say otherwise. She did as she was told. Doug walked around her. He looked at her face to see if she was watching back but she kept her gaze straight ahead. He looked into her eyes at an angle, and even though he tried eye contact she obeyed him. He walked around behind her and untucked her blouse from her skirt. He slid his hands under it until he felt her breasts. He found her nipples and ever so gently squeezed the right one. "This feels good, doesn't it?" he asked. She remained silent. He liked this control over her. Ever since he could remember he wanted a woman like Linda; he wanted her to obey his every sexual wish. And his friend finally helped him realize his boyhood fantasies. Only now he was an adult and knew what to do with his new found power.

John opened his briefcase and took out a collapsible helmet. He fitted it over Julie's head and connected the leads to a nearby VCR. He fed it a tape into it and started it. The helmet was specifically designed to completely encompass her eyes and ears, and she would hear see only what he wanted her to. John could see and hear everything that Julie experienced through TV that the VCR was hooked into. He saw the strobelike flashes she did, and heard his voice commanding her to relax. The drugs and the hyp- nosis were slowly reconditioning her, and he was shaping her will to his. He had specially made this tape so that she would keep all that Julie. She would have all her emotions and strengths, but they would be channeled into more constructive purposes. The hypnosis would be the way that these purposes would be input; the drugs would permanently impress them chemically on her brain. She could no more resist the conditioning than resisting hunger or sleep. The first new conditioning was to remove the dominance that she had over Doug's life. The dominance would be placed somewhere more con- structive, and that would be her job life. And the dominance would be replaced by a "sweet submission." Those very words that Doug chose would also activate a very special part of her life. Only Doug or John could activate that part of her

life, and she was conditioned to be in a trance-like state when the words were uttered and her right ass-cheek was grabbed, as Doug had wanted. She would be completely submissive and obey every word of either Doug or John whenever she was put into this trance-like state. John secondly added a "backdoor" command, by using the same words that controlled his own wife. Whenever John uttered the words "sexy underwear" and cupped her right breast, she would slpi into a trance- like state as with the "sweet submission" command. The only difference here was that only John could use the command, and it would over-ride any command given to her by Doug. He did this in case he wanted to have some secret private fun with Julie. The third and also a very important part of the conditioning was to remove any inhibitions that would impede her obedience to either of the men. All of her inhibitions, especially about sex, were completely deleted from her. She would be completely free from anything that would stop her from obeying them, especially any sexual taboos. Lastly, John programmed into her what would be best described as a new identity mode. Whenever he said the words, "Julie honey," she would immediately go onto a trance and await instructions to revert into a new identity. He or Doug could program whatever they wanted to into this new identity; she could be woman who appeared childlike and naive forgetting her previous sexual encounters, or she could be a slave slut who took pleasure only in fulfilling her master's sexual fantasies. He allowed the tape to run out, and then removed the helmet and placed everything back into the briefcase. As he instructed in the tape, she remained asleep, awaiting his signal for her to awaken to her new beginning.....

"Julie, open your eyes to your new life." John said. She opened them, and stretched a little. "I feel wonderful! How long have I been asleep?" she asked. "Not too long. By the way, have you ever been hypnotized before?" he asked, testing his programming. "I have never been hypnotized, you know that," she said predictably. "Although, I wouldn't mind if you hypnotized me," she added playfully. "Julie, would you mind standing up for me?" "Sure, anything you say," she said as she stood before him. Her previously arrogant attitude of the earlier weekend had faded away, replaced by a sweet submissiveness. "What would you say and do now if I told you that Doug was up- stairs in your bedroom with my wife?" John asked. She thought about it for a few seconds. "I guess nothing at all. After all, you are both in charge of this part of my life, that is, my sexual part," she said. "Glad to hear that," he said as he walked up to her. He took her into his arms and kissed her. He felt her warmth as he slowly slid his hand underneath her blouse. He pulled away from her and began to unbutton it. Her nipples were buttons, begging to be pushed. "Slide out of these," he said, looking down at her skirt. She undid a button and let them drop to the floor. She was totally nude. "Undress me," he commanded. She obeyed, saving his shorts for last. As he stepped out of his shorts, she kneeled and began to fondle his member. "Please stand up for me and close your eyes. I want to examine your body," he said. He looked her over. She kept herself very athletic, and her breasts were very trim yet ample. Her pubic hair was neatly shaved and trimmed. He had her spread her legs so he could insert his fingers into her privates. He was rewarded with moisture, and was soon massaging her clit. "Do you want me to stop," he asked, testing her conditioning. "Whatever you say, John," she replied. She responded correctly. She allowed him to make the decision. "I want you to cum," he said. "Yes, I'd like that," she replied. She began to rub her breasts and pinched her nipples. He began inserting more fingers into her, manipulat- ing her clit as he pushed. Her temperature rose as she began her climb to ecstasy. She found it difficult to stand as the first shudders of orgasm came upon her. She had to withdraw his fingers and help her stand as she finished her climax. "Did you like that," he asked. "It was one of the best I've ever had," she said. "That's because you completely released yourself to me. From now on, all your orgasms will be at least as intense as this. And I think we can make you come with just a gesture." "How can you do that," she asked. "I want see your SEXY UNDERWEAR," he said as he cupped her right breast. As he said the code words, she slipped into a hypnotic trance. She looked peaceful as she awaited his commands. "Julie, whenever I scratch my right cheek and stroke my right middle finger, you will orgasm as before. You will not let on that you are in ecstasy. You will orgasm until I scratch my left cheek. You must not tell Doug about our signal. Do you understand? "Yes I do, John," she said. "When I touch your left breast, you will awaken, refreshed, and you will only subconsciously remember my commands," he said. He then resumed exploring her nude body. He loved the freedom to touch her, knowing that she would not remember the incident. He could even cause her to forget that she was even nude with him. He toyed with that idea, then shelved it. He or Doug could do that later that night or some other appropriate time. For now, he was only interested in his new prize. He pressed his body up close to hers and kissed her on the lips, knowing full well that she would not respond unless he asked her to. As he kissed her, he began to fondle her left breast. This signal awakened her. He instructed her to kiss him, and she complied with a torrid kiss lasting minutes. "I feel absolutely fantastic! I haven't felt this good in years," she confessed. "Good. I think that it's time that we went upstairs to see what Doug and Linda are up to. Dress me now," he commanded. She picked up all his clothing and helped him on with them. She playfully placed his enlarged member in his pants and zipped them up gently. He thought about dressing her, but he pre- ferred dressing women in their sexy undergarments, and she was not wearing any. "Come up to the bedrooms after you put on your clothes," he said. "I'll meet you upstairs," she said as he closed the door on his way out.

I fully expected Linda to be in a state of undress when I got to the top of the stairs, knowing Doug. I wasn't disappointed. Linda was in fact completely nude, spread eagle in fact, on the bed. Doug had tied her with some scarves he had and some nylon stockings. She had what looked like a scarf in her mouth, and he was making some groaning sounds, no doubt from the attention the semi-nude Doug was giving to her privates below her waist. Doug felt like a caught schoolboy whan I entered the room. "John, I expected you a little later," he stammered. "You were right about Linda. She is really a dream. I had her doing things that I have only dreamed of doing to Julie." "Well, now you can do them with her, too," I said. "She should be joining us shortly. "Oh, no!" Doug said, as he frantically looked around the room. What will she think of all this? She will leave me!" "Doug, Doug, calm, down. That was the OLD Julie. She is really different, now. Just wait and see. Just as I was trying to calm Doug, Julie walked into the room. She walked in and looked right at Julie in her bondage, and then at Doug. "Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked honestly as she looked at the bulge in his shorts. "Y-yeah, I am," Doug stammered. "I see that you are really uncomfortable with all this. Let me show you something, I said as I walked up to Julie. I pulled her close and grabbed her right ass-cheek. "Let us see your SWEET SUBMISSION," I said With this, she slipped into a trance. I could see Doug was very impressed with her behavior. "Will she act like your wife does?" he asked. "Exactly. Go ahead, try it," I said. Doug looked her over. Her eyed were closed, and she was standing very still and attentive. "Open your eyes, but stay asleep," he said. She did so. "Now Julie, I want you to become very horny. I want you to be more horny than you have ever been. But I want you to wait until I tell you you can orgasm. You MUST wait until I let you. Now awaken." As he spoke the last command, she walked over to Doug, with a look that I never saw in her eyes before. She took his hands, put them on her hips and pulled herself close so that her breasts touched his chest. "Do you want me, now?" she asked in s sexy voice. I could see that Doug was aroused by her act. It must have been a sexual signal that they both shared. But Doug wanted to savor the moment. "Not yet. I want to play with Linda here first," he said. "You can play with me, too, can't you?" she asked without even a hint of jealousy. "You could tie me up right next to her." "Yes, but I've never seen Linda here before, and I can see you anytime. I have a different idea. Why don't you strip down to your panties, here in front of John, and show him how you masturbate when I'm not here. Let him touch you, but DON'T cum. I want that for later."

(Written by an unknown author. I found this on alt.sex.stories from 1993. Hope you enjoyed it!)

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