Slut Wife Story: Circus Ride (M+F, cheat, interr, rape, preg)

Story Codes: MF, M+F, cheat, interr, voy, reluc-rape, preg



By Courtney Sweet

She thought her wrists would snap under the pressure of his grip, her head flinging back with the impact of each pleasure striking thrust. He held her up off the ground against the side of a brightly colored circus caravan, with pictures of trapeze artists painted boldly below the scrolled gold writing.

Her skirt was scrunched up around her waist and her blouse flapped open loosely at her sides, leaving her pale upturned breasts free to jiggle invitingly in the evening light. Her panties lay at his feet, damp and sticky with her juices. Arms pinned above her head, her legs wrapped tightly around the man who fucked her, as if to encourage and guide him to her with each stroke.

Earlier, the circus show had left her weak at the knees; she had remained sitting at the ringside long after all the other spectators had left. She hadn't known how long she had been sitting there before the trapeze artist returned to gather the few belongings that had been left after the performer 's final parade. He saw her pale against the darkness surrounding the big ring, her dark eyes almost luminous a stark contrast against the golden blond curls framing her pretty heart shaped face.

What he didn't know was that Ally's aroused state was due to the tight fitting costume he wore. His physique was superbly displayed; each rippling muscle of his torso and the bulging contours of his legs and arms. His movements in the ring had tormented her imagination to the point where she had actually achieved orgasm while sitting quite still in her seat. At twenty-six years of age she had never experienced such a powerful reaction to the mere sight of a man until now, Ramon was unquestionably a prize specimen of a man.

When he started to approach, Ally flushed deeply and as much as she tried, she couldn't avert her gaze from the incredibly well defined bulge that protruded between his legs, like a large pair of bunched up socks. She had heard rumors that men who wore tights would use such means to bolster their appearance down below, but that bulge was definitely all man meat!

Ramon tried to contain a smile when he realized the focus of her gaze, he had always been admired for his prowess with the trapeze, but it was nothing compared to his talent for catching the eye of the young ladies in the audience. This one was no exception, his cock seemed to mesmerize her and he was never one to pass up an opportunity. Noting the gold band on her left ring finger, he was not fazed. Ramon always found married women easier to satisfy and less likely to want to make something more out of a quick fuck.

Reaching out to her, he smiled warmly, his dark eyes meeting hers with a depth of meaning that could only have been taken for exactly what he was thinking. She was hot for him and he knew it, she knew he knew it and there was no place for games or subtleties.

"Come." he murmured with a tone of acceptance and understanding of her need.

Ally, although a little shocked by the approach of her sexual fantasy man, made no reply but to place her delicately boned hand into his powerful grasp and follow him out of the big top. He led her quite a way past the animals already bedding down for the night, the pungent odor wafting from their enclosures making Alley wrinkle her nose.

At the door of his caravan Ramon turned, taking Alley's small chin in his grasp he tilted her face and lowered his lips to hers. The events to follow seemed frenzied and frantic, their bodies rubbing together as he kissed her fervently. Hands and mouths exploring, touching, tantalizing; needless to say they never made it inside Ramon's caravan.

He lifted her with one arm and drew off her soaked panties with his other hand, then spread her legs. His hips supported her as he unbuttoned her blouse, his mouth all over her soft white breasts, making her gasp and shudder. His lips teased her taunt little nipples while he held her arms above her head by the wrists, his other hand finding the wetness between her legs and exploring her folds thoroughly.

Alley moaned when his expert fingers found their way to her achingly aroused hole, their width ensuring her pleasure as they delved within. A thumb flickered across her clitoris in a spasmodic rhythm, accentuating the pumping of his fingers and making her hips respond with a rocking arching motion.

"Ahhhh yes, I was sure you would be as hot as you were horny, but you are even more so than I expected chicolita" he murmured against her ear, his mouth nuzzling her throat before returning to her tight pointed nipples.

Before Alley could answer Ramon had released his cock and while still holding her steady by her wrists he pushed the engorged end of his member against the opening to her sex. It's bulbous tip seemed unable to fit into her at first, Ramon ran it up and down her pussy slit, wetting it thoroughly in her juices.

Alley moaned again and scrunched her hips forward, her whole body screaming out for his cock to be inside her. She knew he was going to be big, but she didn't care if it hurt, she wanted to feel him stretch her open inside and fill her with his cock. The excitement coursed through her, sending her whole body on a high that buzzed through her, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Her husband had never been particularly interested in foreplay and sex had become more of a routine function than a pleasure.

Ramon felt her need and pressed against her again, a little further this time but still her tight opening resisted the full bulb of his head. She was so wet and slippery now, his cock was completely coated in her juices, but he didn't want to force himself into her. She was much smaller inside than he would have expected for a married woman, she had definitely not had any children and he presumed that her husband most probably had a small dick.

"Please. Please do it now, oh god I can't wait any more!" Alley pleaded, pushing her hips forward at his teasing cock that was rubbing at her slit again.

"Hush now chicolita, all in time. all in time" he soothed, his cock sending shivers of anticipation through her as it slid back and forth across her silky snatch.

At the very moment she though she would orgasm for the second time that night, Ramon pushed his cock against her opening, this time with more than a gentle probing motion. The pressure increased slowly until his cock finally passed the tight muscular gateway of her sheath. His mouth covering hers to quiet her cries, while he pushed the massive length of his appendage all the way inside her. It took some effort to nudge his magnificent cock right up into her tight vaginal passage, but once buried as far as he could go it was like sweet heaven.

After a moment of standing with her impaled upon his cock like a hunter's trophy upon a spear, he began moving slowly. She was quite wet enough to accommodate his movements, although the tightness hadn't eased as much as he would have liked. Ramon loved being inside a hot horny woman; the warm, wet, snug, feel around his cock was blissful comfort after an evening on the trapeze.

On most nights there would be a few to choose from, most waiting outside the big top for a chance to meet him or some of the other performers. Tonight had been different, he wasn't sure why she had been sitting there at first, but when he approached her it was as if he recognized the flushed doe eyed look of a woman who had already reached climax.

Alley on the other hand had never experienced anything like this in her life, the few men she had encountered sexually before marriage had never aroused her to the point she had reached with Ramon. Most of them left her feeling incomplete, insignificant or just plain unsatisfied. Her husband performed the basic thrusting motion until he was satisfied and then promptly turned over and went to sleep. He was always, too tired, too busy or not around, which explained his being out of town the night they were supposed to be at the circus together.

Alley felt in her bones that tonight was going to be different, definitely a night to remember and Ramon was a man she would never forget. She was breathing in short gasping breaths that inhaled and exhaled in time to the thrusting motion of the gorgeous hunk of man between her legs.

Her thighs clamped together against his hips, her insides clamping down on his cock, she climaxed in one giant explosion, rapidly followed by another two explosions in swift succession. This time his kisses couldn't contain the long drawn out cry of satisfaction that escaped Alley's lips, her head thrown back against the circus caravan.

It could have been the unmistakable sound of a woman reaching a climax of such magnitude that sent Ramon over the edge. The roar of a nearby lion and distant trumpet of an elephant from the other side of the camp seemed to cinch it though. Ramon let out a groaning growl of his own and emptied his seed deep inside Alley's tightly contracting cunt.

They stood panting for a few moments, clinging to each other until Ramon let Alley slide down so that her feet touched the floor again. Gently Ramon drew himself out of the small-framed woman, pulling his tights up he kissed her lightly on the nose and opened the door of his caravan.

"You will have to excuse me now chicolita, I have many chores to complete before I can sleep tonight, it was a pleasure. to meet with you" he explained softly, then he turned and disappeared, closing the door behind him.

Alley stood there wide-eyed, her skirt still hitched up over her hips, breasts exposed, her mouth gaped speechlessly. She had a choked feeling in her throat and hurriedly tugged her skirt down over her hips, she felt humiliated, discarded like the panties that lay trodden into the dirt at her feet. She buttoned up her blouse, stepped over her dirt-covered panties and started looking for her purse, which she had completely forgotten in all the excitement.

"Looking for this?" A low masculine voice from the shadows inquired.

Alley froze, her eyes searching the darkness, trying to adjust in order to see who addressed her. She could barely make out the tall figure, but as it moved forward and out into the moonlight it became clear he held her purse.

"Oh yes. thank you, I thought I had lost it" Alley tried to be cordial, but she wasn't quite sure how much he had seen.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you had and actually I found it, so that would make you indebted to me somewhat, don't you think? I mean Ramon is good at what he does but he's never been one to finish anything properly. If you get my drift," he explained with a wink, still holding her purse just out of reach as he moved even closer.

Alley flushed slightly and shifted uncomfortably, he had seen everything, she must seem like a dirty little tramp rutting up against the caravan like that with the famous trapeze artist. She couldn't even claim she knew Ramon because he had never asked her name, nor for that matter had he the decency to fuck her inside his caravan.

Warm fingertips caressed her neck; he was behind her now, his other hand sliding up beneath her skirt, fondling the gentle curve or her buttocks.

"Please don't." She whispered shakily, closing her eyes at the exquisite feeling of his fingertips connecting with the wetness between her legs.

"Please don't. What? Please don't stop? It's ok baby, we don't intend to stop any time soon, you look like you were after a whole lot more attention than what old Ramon had to offer" he chuckled.

Alley opened her eyes at the mention of 'we'; her eyes darting around she noticed two other shapes closing in on her. She felt her knees go weak as the hand between her legs delved between her cum soaked pussy lips, fingering her deeply. The other two men drew closer, supporting her as the first man leaned her forward, pushing her skirt up over her hips.

"Oh god." was all Alley could manage as she felt a hot hard cock pushed between her pussy lips. Its rounded head nuzzled the wetness of her pussy a little, trying to find entry before plunging deep into her cunt. If the other two men hadn't held her up she would have fallen forward under the strong plunging strokes of the man behind her.

"Oh god yes!" Alley cried arching her back downward a little and sticking her arse out further so that she was bent right over forward. The cock within her continued it's rhythmic stroking of her slick wet pussy, picking up the pace at the sound of her moans.

"She really wants it man! Look at the little slut arching back to me like she can't get enough" the guy fucking her exclaimed incredulously.

"C'mon man, we all want a turn and we don't got all night!" the second man growled, the bulge in his pants becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

The guy pumping Alley's pussy grabbed her by the hips and thumped himself against her, making her wail even louder. She felt her insides convulse and tighten at the same time the cock inside her seemed to harden and thicken; they came together moments later, both gasping and panting loudly.

"Get your fucking cock outta her and hold her steady" the second man growled, his cock already in his hand. He pushed himself between her legs and stuck his cock straight into her slick wet pussy, grinding and pumping with rapid strokes.

Alley moaned at the vigorous onslaught, the whole scenario of being fucked by multiple men out in the open was making her mind do back flips. She loved the thought that they all wanted her, desired her and that they were essentially submitting her to forced sexual penetration. To her this was not like the angry violent rape that most women feared; it was a gangbang style consensual orgy. Even though she might never have agreed to it under any other circumstances, the earlier rejection she had felt when Ramon closed the caravan door on her had completely disappeared.

The man fucking her now started to groan and moan, his fingers squeezing the fleshy orbs of her buttocks as he filled her with his cum. His cock being a little smaller in comparison to Ramon and the other man left her a little unsatisfied, she hadn't climaxed and his cock was already softening as he drew it out of her.

The second man moved behind Alley, his cock entered her with a forceful shove that made her gasp loudly, she was thankful she was so well lubricated by the other three men at this stage. His cock was certainly of some substantial proportions and he was definitely longer than Ramon. Alley rocked back against him, his huge hands cradling her hips, allowing him to drive deep into her lush pussy until the head of his cock bumped against her cervix.

The other two men had moved away, she wasn't even sure if they were still there, all she could think about was the monster cock that was drilling its own pathway to her womb. The massive hands that grasped her hips were strong; he supported her whole weight while ramming his cock right to the hilt with each thrust.

Alley cried out as the wave of pure orgasmic bliss hit her, her insides churning with multiple contractions of infinite pleasure. The man grinding his massive erection against the pulsing muscles of her vaginal walls cried out hoarsely in response , his cock delivering a large serving of cum straight into her fertile young womb.

Alley's whole body shuddered, the intensity of her orgasm causing her to try and straighten, but her knees buckled and she grabbed the hands that held her hips to support herself.

"Don't worry babe, I got a hold of you" he murmured softly, his voice deep and velvety rich.

Alley looked down at the hands that held her, they were black as the night against the pale skin of her hips. Alley had pondered the possibility of actually falling pregnant to one of the men she had fucked that night, but she had never taken into consideration the fact that one of them would be black. The long thick black cock slid out of her slowly and she felt a warm flood of cum run out of her pussy and down the insides of her thighs.

"You ok to stand now?" he asked, releasing her as she nodded, unable to trust her voice to hold steady. Alley knew she must look like a prize slut for her acceptance and obvious enjoyment of the group fucking she had just received. Although there was no excuse for such behavior, Ally had fantasized about getting fucked by a group of well-muscled circus men ever since she was a little girl.

When it had seemed like the fantasy was about to come true, Alley had been powerless to try and stop the consequent series of events and had gone along willingly. She tugged her skirt down over her naked hips and decided she had better try to explain her sluttish behavior, she turned to address the three men.

"Hey. You still there?" she called softly into the darkness, her eyes squinting to see into the shadows, taking a step forward she stepped on something hard and reached down to find her purse at her feet. That was all she found, the three men who had helped themselves to her pussy had gone, Alley was left with only the damp reminder of them on the insides of her thighs.

Stumbling off into the darkness she comforted herself in the knowledge that she would never see any of them again when the circus finally left town. No one would ever know that she had let those men have their way with her like a cheap whore and that she had enjoyed feeling their cocks plunging into her horny pussy one after the other.

No one would ever know how it was that nine months later Alley gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who was as black as the night. The doctor's gave her and her husband the 'throwback' explanation, that white couples where one or both had black ancestry could produce a black child. Alley knew the truth, that the black man who had fucked her that night at the circus had impregnated her with his black seed. She loved her beautiful baby boy with all her heart and although she was never quite sure if her husband believed the doctor's explanation, he never showed any signs of suspicion.

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