First Time Foursome

Story Codes: MF, FF, orgy, spit


Two couples have wild sex (foursome).


Annie and I met when we were dating guys who happened to be best friends. We'd double dated several times and got along with ease. Annie is 27 years old, about 5' 5" with stylish blond hair. She's trim and without doubt her face and ass are her best assets. Her features are smooth and defined, like her personality. We both enjoyed dressing sexy, and the sexual banter that the guys were always running. From what Jim, my boyfriend, told me, both Annie and Jeff were pretty wild. He said he was pretty sure that they had sex with different partners, and that Annie was bi-sexual.

The four of us had gone away for a weekend at the beach.

After a great day we all went out to eat and make the rounds. When we got back to our beachside motel we went to Annie & Jeff's room for a drink. We decided on a midnight swim. Jeff suggested skinny-dipping and Jim readily agreed. I thought what the heck, and we all stripped, wrapped ourselves in towels and headed for the surf. After a couple minutes of romping, Jim began fondling me in the water. As he came behind me I could feel his dick, hard as a rock, poking at my ass.

I turned around to kiss him and stroked him. God, it felt wonderful. In seconds he grabbed my ass and drove his cock into my pussy. What a sweet fuck that was, with the waves crashing around us. I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. Although I hadn't cum myself, the feeling of Jim shooting inside me was super.

As I turned from Jim and looked toward the surf I saw Annie kneeling before Jeff at the surf's edge with his cock in her mouth. Jim took my hand and led me toward them. When we were about six feet away Jeff pulled his cock from her mouth and shot cum all over Annie's upturned face.

With cum dripping from her eyes and nose Annie turned to face us. She wiped a streak of cum off her nose and licked her finger, then yelled "Last one back makes the drinks!" and ran for the motel. We all hesitated for a second and then ran after her.

I was the last one up the hill and as I entered through the patio Annie was sprawled on the bed with Jeff lying beside her and Jim sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Tequilas all around please," said Jeff.

I headed for the kitchen and returned with the tequila bottle, and a plate full of lemon slices. I sat on the side of the bed and we passed the tequila bottle around. I'd never been in a situation like this before, naked with three other naked, horny people drinking tequila.

Annie said she hoped that she hadn't embarrassed me by her little show earlier but watching Jim and I fuck in the water had really turned them on.

As she spoke I couldn't take my eyes off her. She still had cum on her cheek and in her hair. I didn't say anything except pass the bottle. After I took a hit, I passed it back to Annie. With her left hand she pulled Jeff's head down to her tit and with the right brought the bottle up to her mouth for a another hit. She asked for some lemon, I held a slice up to her lips for her to suck and then wet my wrist, sprinkled salt on it and held it to her mouth. Annie licked the salt and continued to lick my hand, after a few seconds I shyly pulled it away.

I felt Jim's hands on my neck massaging it, and I closed my eyes. when I opened them Jeff's head was between Annie's legs as he lapped at her pussy. She was massaging her breasts and looking at me. I closed my eyes again and turned to Jim. He kissed me and a floodgate broke open. I whispered to him to fuck the shit out of me. I felt almost crazy with lust.

He picked me up and fell down on top of me on the bed. In seconds his cock was buried deep in me. "Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! " I screamed as his cock pounded into me.

I'd never been fucked in front of other people like this before or so hard in my life.

God, his cock was driving me crazy. Oh God, it was fantastic! ...I came with a force that shook my whole body. I also made an equally shocking discovery, it wasn't Jim's cock in me, it was Jeff's, and it was Annie at my breast and her finger in my asshole. I'd lost track when Jeff had pulled out for a brief moment.

My head fell down on the pillow and I knew the moment when Jim came in my cunt. I laid there with my eyes closed not knowing what to think or feel. I'd never done anything like this before I turned around and said to the others that I needed a couple of minutes by myself. They were all apologetic and concerned. I told them not to worry themselves but to please excuse me. As I lay in bed in the adjoining room not knowing quite what to think. I stopped thinking and listened to my body. It had never been so content, or felt so totally satisfied. I softly stroked my breast and thought about what had transpired. If I were going to be honest I had to admit that it had felt wonderful. As I laid there slowly stroking myself I could hear noises in the other room. I could discern grunts and moans amid the words and realized that they were probably fucking each other again.

I went to the door and opened it slightly. Annie was lying on her side with Jim and Jeff on either side of her. Jeff had his cock in her pussy while Jim's was up her asshole. The guys were moving in time and Annie seemed lost in another world. I had a clear view of each cock entering and leaving her body.

It was incredibly exciting. I quietly entered and sat in the easy chair in the corner. As I watched the show I softly stroked my clit. Jeff and Jim increased their tempo, pounding into Annie's cunt and ass with increasing force. It occurred to me for a moment that it was almost as if they were fucking each other and just using Annie as a way to do it.

The pounding seemed to go on forever until they erupted almost as one. Their three bodies seemed to tremble as one, and to become quiet as one also. In minutes I heard a soft snoring sound and realized that they'd fallen asleep. Actually only the men had because Annie then opened her eyes. When she saw me she smiled. I realized that I was still stroking my pussy and shyly smiled back at her.

She eased herself free of the cocks and watched as I stroked myself to a climax. Annie then walked over and touched my hair. We spoke softly and I told her that this was my first such experience. Annie said she had thought so.

She took my hand and grabbed a bottle of champagne and led me out onto the beach. We picked up a blanket from the patio, and began walking. About a half-mile away we spread the blanket and I laid down. Annie dropped down beside me propped up on her elbows and stroked my breasts. As she touched my nipples she reached for the bottle and took a long swig of champagne. Instead of swallowing she reached over and let it dribble down onto my face running into my mouth and nostrils.

I laid almost hypnotized as she leaned forward and squirted the rest into my mouth. When she finished dripping champagne she continued with her saliva. She dripped it into my mouth, then my eyes, and then my nose. I couldn't believe it as her tongue entered my nostril and she began to suck back her saliva from my nose. It turned me on like nothing ever had before. My body began to vibrate. She sensed my total turn on and grabbed my head in her hands. She held it immobile and tongue fucked my nose, going from one nostril to the other. She'd stop, spit in my nose and then tongue it again. I felt her knee between my legs and I ground my pussy against her. Once, twice, once more and I came with a shattering climax.

Annie continued to lick my face, especially my eyes and nose. In a moment she asked me to lick her pussy. I nodded assent and she laid back and closed her eyes. I knelt between her legs and rubbed my cheek against her thighs. As I felt her soft pussy against my face I knew that sex with women would always be a part of me. It felt so right and so sweet. I'd always loved the taste and smell of my own body, especially my cunt. I always sucked my fingers as I masturbated, and a man's cock after he fucked me. The taste of my pussy, and, yes, even my asshole if we'd had anal sex, never failed to excite me all over again.

I brought my tongue forward and touched her clit. I could feel the electric charge go through her. I stretched out and slid my hands under her asscheeks. I slowly stroked her clit with my tongue. I could feel it tingle with each stroke. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as I licked. As gently as I could I ran my teeth over the nub of her clit. She began to grind forward into my face. I continued to lick and lengthened the stroke. As my tongue went back and forth across her pussy lips I could taste the cum from her earlier fucking with the guys. What a lovely combination! I curled my tongue and entered her pussy. As I did Annie clasped her legs around my back and guided me in and out of her pussy.

I think I surprised Annie when I inserted my index finger up her asshole. It was still slick with Jim's cum and my finger glided all the way in. I could feel Annie slide back on to my finger trying to get it as far up her ass as it would go. I continued to stroke her clit with my tongue and she came. In a minute I started to remove my finger from her asshole.

She said "Don't!" and I left it in place. She said that she loved the feel of my finger up her butt. I asked if she would like another finger up her ass and she nodded yes. I removed my index finger and brought my middle finger up to my lips to moisten it when she reached out and grabbed my hand. She brought it to her face and licked the finger that had just been up her asshole. I then took both fingers and slid them up her asshole again. I leaned forward and kissed her.

We slowly explored each other's mouths, and swished saliva back and forth. With my mouth full I raised my lips and let our spit run into her nose. This time it was my turn. What a thrill it was to run my tongue up her nose, sucking the fluid out and then squirting it back in. I returned to her mouth and squirted our saliva back between her lips. Annie reached down and pulled my fingers from her asshole. She brought my hand up between our faces and we each sucked a finger.

That day was the first time that I actually made love to another woman. I've done it many times since and still find woman loving the best loving. I also like a big thick cock from time to time.

By Candyman ( c 1990

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