My first real "Gangbang" ... hubby wasn't there

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A wife talks about her first gangbang


First of all ........... let me start out by saying that I AM NOT a professional writer, and as I'm sure you'll see .... I AM NOT a professional speller!!!! <<<>>>

What I am is: An average married woman .... 38 yrs old, and I refuse to use the term "middle age"!!!!! Anyone less than 38 years old can take a flying leap if they don't truely believe you feel like you were just twenty last Monday!!!!!!!! Anyway, enough said about that.

I am 5'8" tall .... and even now-a-days that seems to be taller than the average female ....... my measurments are 38d-27-37 ..... and I invite comments from any & all the men to TRUELY understand a woman's measurements!!!!!!! 38d on me is NOT the same as 38d on some five foot four inch twenty two year old hard body with a 23 inch waiste!!! It always amazes me when I'm on an IRC or an on-line chat service and some dumb male tries to "challange" my measurements after I've sent them a picture ....... Hey ... "I" buy my clothes, and "I" know what size bra & panties I wear ............... but speaking to a lot of other women; I find they go through the same thing in "cyber-space". Hummmmmmmm .... whatever happened to the good old days of dating, and you NEVER knew your date's "measurements" were ... even years after you were married!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.K O.K. I've preached enough!!!!! <<<>> Now ... on with the sex!!!!!!!!!

Oh, one other thing first ..... I also have short auburn hair ... top and bottom .... that means my pussy hair is auburn to ... for the uninformed ... and I have big brown "bedroom" eyes ........... O.K. ..... N O W on with the story & sex!!!

I have to wonder how many readers I've lost so far, because their feeling is ..... "come on bitch ... get to the good parts" Well, here is the story, and the begining of the "good parts"!!!

FROM earlier posts and Ads, many of you might know that my husband & I are "swingers". We enjoy being (sexually) with other couples, as well as having threesomes with other men or women ........ and we both enjoy sharing each other, and seeing each other give & receive pleasure with another person (s). The other thing we BOTH enjoy is for me to sometimes "date" other guys, and then come home with all the juicy details .... as well as a juicy pussy for hubby!!!!! My first gangbang kinda started this way, and it just happened the other day!!!

We met this really nice couple while out dancing at our favorite swingers club a couple of weeks ago. We all hit it off, and ended up going to their place for sex. It was a wonderful foursome, and we ALL had a great time ..... me with him ... her with hubby, and us two gals together!!! The next day when she (Jan) and I were talking on the phone, she mentioned a "special" party they were having the following Sat. night. Earlier when Jan & I had talked, she had told me that she & her husband Eric were into gangbangs, as well as all the stuff Steven & I are into. The thought was exciting to me, but at the same time ..... SCARY!!!

One agreement Steven & I have is that if one or the other of us wants to try something "different", but doesn't feel comfortable talking about it ..... it is ok to try it alone , as long as either of us fills the other one in later, and are willing to do it again ... this time with the other person present. Does that make sense? Maybe not to some people .......... because they talk of how "open" they are with their spouse ...... but having a few secret fantasy's is what keeps the spark going, and the passion alive, as we each try to guess the other's feelings ,,,,,,,,, ect ....... N O W .............................with that said ................

Jan's description over the phone of their Sat. evening plans had me very very excited. I just didn't know if it was something I could do, and really let loose doing, with Steven there ... the first time. As it turned out ......................... that Saturday night, Steven had to work late anyway!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo, Jan and I made plans!

PLEASE, don't think that I was bad by deceiving Steven; YOU don't know our relationship. Like I said before, sometimes doing something first, and THEN filling the other person in, is what turns us both on, So ............... When Jan, her hubby & I made plans ... Steven didn't know!!! As I said, Steven had to work late that Saturday.

Well, Saturday evening arrived. I planned to be at Eric & Jan's around 8pm, so by 7pm I was bathed, powdered, perfumed, and HOT!!! I arrived at their house a few minutes early, and after inviting me in, we all had a drink. Jan looked WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! If I didn't already have other plans for the evening, I would have eaten her alive!!!!!!!! Jan is about five six, and a bit heavier than I am, but has nice firm tits, and the biggest nipples I've ever seen!!!!! They poke right through whatever blouse or dress she is wearing!!! She also has long brunette hair, and green eyes, and she shaves her pussy. (Sorry ... I can't do that .... fair skinned red-head (auburn) ....)

ANYWAY; as I said, we all had drinks. Jan asked me if I was nervous, and I told her I was, but she assure me that I was in for the time of my life...... and just to relax!! Sooooooooooo, a couple of Eric's drinks later ....... and I was "relaxed".

It seemed like no time at all, and the doorbell rang. Eric answered it, and in walked three very nice looking men. Eric, Jan, and the men all acted like long-lost friends, and I soon began to feel more at ease. Another couple of minutes passed, and the doorbell rang again. This time, in came five men. Now there were nine men ... including Eric, and just us two gals. Drinks flowed, and the music started playing. If you would have seen us from outside the window; you'd have thought that this was just like any other social gathering, but everyone there knew it wasn't!!!! Jan & Eric had taken special care in picking the men here tonight, and they also took special care in making me feel at ease; so they whole atmosphere seemed very nice; not like some "seedy" gathering. Eventually however, things started to change. What started out as me dancing with first one man, then another .... turned into me dance with first two guys, and then four, and then ...... well ... I lost count!!! At one point I looked up, and saw Jan & Eric kissing and making out on the couch ... while they watched me, and the next thing I knew .......... "I" was kissing .... first one guy, then all the guys.

From that point, it was like I was carried on a wave!!!!!!!!!! I felt one man dancing behind me, and rubbing his hard cock into my ass through my dress, and his pants, and another guy was doing the same while dancing in front of me ....... and two more guys were each pressing into oppisite sides of me!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even feel it as my dress was unzipped and my breasts exposed .... until I felt at least four hands squeezing my tits, and rubbing my nipples!!!!!!!!!! My knees really did start to feel weak, and I didn't resist as I felt lot's of hands lower me to the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had hands, and then mouths, and tongues all over my body, and I really never knew that I was now totally naked until I opened my eyes again to large cock being presses to my lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened my mouth and lovingly allowed that sweet cock to press forward. I was turned sideways, and I felt a tongue and lips start sucking my pussy, and another licking my ass, and another sucking one nipple, and another sucking the other nipple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!!!!!!!!!

The next thing I knew, the cock in my mouth was pulling away, and I could feel myself being lifted onto a mattress that suddenly appeared on the floor!!! (how thoughtful my host & hostess were!!)

From that point on; things started to get a little rougher ..... now ask me if I minded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was placed on the mattress on the floor, I felt myself being turned onto my tummy, then my hips were biing pulled up until I was kinda halfway on my knees, and halfway still on my tummy, but my ass was waving proudly, and openly in the air!!! I felt the tip of a rather huge cock begin to probe my pussy lips, and then with a strong but smooth push, that wonderful cock was burried deep inside me!!!!! I grunted, and pushed back to meet the man who was fucking me. I heard someone say;

"look at the slut"

"she loves it!!"

The guy behind me must have had a nice ... big set of balls too, because I felt them slapping my ass, and I'm sure everyone in the room heard them slapping my ass as he fucked me!!

I didn't get long to think about the wonderful feelings in my pussy before another cock was pressing against my lips, and I started sucking!! THEN ............... I was turned more to one side, and a pair of lips latched onto one of my stiff nipples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN!!!!!!! A hand was rubbing my swollen clit ...... a different hand than that which belonged to the cock pounding my cunt!!!!!!! THEN. a second cock joined the first cock I was sucking, and I started alternating between licking and sucking one cock, and licking and sucking the second ................. then everything went black as I had my first orgasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost total control and was thrusting back into the cock pounding me from behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went from one orgasm into the next ... into the next!!!!!!

Later, Jan told me I was screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt the cock inside me start to pulse ........ and he was cumming in the rubber he wore, as I was cumming!!!!!!!!!! Seconds later the cock in my mouth erupted, and I was swallowing cum ...... as all this was happening I felt the spurts of yet a third cock covering my tits with cum!!!!!!!!

I was a complete mess ....... covered with cum, and my own juices, but I couldn't stop comming myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then everything really was a blur!!!!!!!!! The only reason I even know the rest of what happened was that Eric had video'ed the entire thing, and I got to see just how big of a slut I turned into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO WAY I remember,

but I was begging for cock in any hole ... and the tape doesn't lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was cussing like a sailor, and begging to be fucked, or to suck cock,

And luckly .... as one guy would cum, another would be ready to take his place ...... until ...... four hours later I finally passed out from pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a funny part of the two tapes ......... I finally pass out, and the men leave, and then Jan is holding my hips up so that the last guy (Eric ... her hubby ) can have his turn at my pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tape ends with Eric filling me with probably the ?th "load" of the evening, and then Jan licking me clean .......... and us all three falling to sleep in each other's arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby & I have watched those tapes 50 times over the last couple of weeks ........ and made some real plans with Jan & Eric ....... but that is for another story ......... yet to CUM ...................

PLEASE .... feel free to e-mail Steven & I and tell us what you think. AND .... if you happen to live in Houston, TX ..... E-Mail us for contact info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv & Kisses .......... Terri

First posted by Terri and Steven on in 1997.

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