My Party Treasure

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A hot young wife puts out for her husband's boss



My wife, Dawn, and I were married a little over three years ago, when she was still seventeen and I was twenty-two. Neither of us had exper- imented very much with sex before we met, and we enjoyed sex together, but all too soon it became somewhat routine. I work the midnight shift at "The Point," and I have a close relationship with my manager, Bob.

Bob is a huge guy and a really tough boss, but he is alright if you stay on his good side. With that in mind, I even invited him to my wedding, soon after I started working for him. Our apartment is close to work, so Bob often comes home with me after work and has a few beers before he goes home to his wife and kids.

Naturally, at this hour, Dawn is just getting up and is usually still in her nightgown or just a t-shirt and robe. Needless to say, Bob gets to see a lot of my wife. Since this kind of excited me, and I knew Bob was enjoying it, I told Dawn not to be shy, and maybe even sometimes put on a little tease show for our benefit. Dawn giggled and blushed when I suggested this, but soon after our little talk, Dawn started walking around in just her bra and panties, or a short nightie or shirt with nothing on underneath. Bob would tease her a lot about her big tits or long legs or tight ass, and sometimes he even pulled her down on his lap, feeling her tits or putting his big hand between her thighs.

One day, Bob said he was leaving early, but that he would still meet me at my apartment for his morning beer. I had a suspicion that he was going to my apartment and start drinking early. There are not all that many places to go at four o'clock in the morning, but there was not too much I could do about it. I just hoped that if that was where he was going, Dawn did not piss him off somehow.

I was right. Bob's car was already in the parking lot when I got home and I dreaded Bob's mood since he had a four hour head start on the beers. When I opened the door, I saw Dawn, naked, sitting on Bob's lap on the sofa. Bob seemed to be in a great mood and said that Dawn had been "entertaining" him in the bedroom for the last four hours, and he hoped that I did not mind. What was I going to say? Dawn sure seemed willing and Bob could make my life hell at work and, besides, the whole thing did kind of turn me on.

I later found out that Dawn thought it was me knocking on the door at four in the morning, and was very surprised to see Bob standing there grinning at her. He told her that he had been window shopping long enough and was ready for the real thing. Dawn said she was not really awake yet, and before she knew what was happening, Bob had her down on the sofa and had dropped his pants and was trying to enter her. She said she was scared of him and how strong he was and she did not want to make trouble for me at work, so after the first time he fucked her, she just played along with whatever he wanted to do to her.

Well, that started a new routine. Every morning, when Bob and I got to our apartment, Dawn would blow both of us and then Bob would take her into the bedroom and fuck her a time or two before he left. I was not all that jealous of Bob, and Dawn seemed to be enjoying the attention. Some mornings, she would really put on a show, stripping and strutting around, showing off her terrific body.

Even work was going great. They had to let people go right and left, but I stayed, and even got a small raise. When the layoffs started, Bob put me into a specialty job classification, which kept me pretty safe from being bumped. I worked hard, but I also knew that being mar- ried to Dawn had a lot to do with it.

One morning, Bob asked me if we could have a Bachelor Party at my apartment for one of the guys we work with. I said sure. Then he asked Dawn if she would be hostess, serving drinks and things. Dawn said she would love to, and would call in for the day off, so she could stay home and help.

On the day of the party, Bob and I got back to the apartment to see that Dawn had done a great job decorating and getting all the food and beer ready.

Bob handed Dawn a box and told her it was something to wear at the par- ty. Dawn called out from the bedroom that it was too low and wide cut to wear a bra. Bob laughed and said that was why he picked it. Dawn did look fantastic. The dress was real short and plunged down in the front almost to the waist. When the guys started arriving, Bob made a point to introduce Dawn and you could tell from their looks that they liked what they saw.

Dawn and I were in the kitchen when Bob came in and told Dawn to loosen up and act as sexy as she looked. He said he did not buy her that dress for her to act like "Emily Post."

Dawn started serving drinks, and when she bent over, you could see her naked tits from the front and her tiny white panties from the back. The guys, a total of nine of us, were going crazy and Dawn was loving the attention. Dancing with all the guys, I could see them feeling her ass or reaching down her dress to feel a boob.

Soon, Dawn's dress was off her shoulders and hanging from her waist, and she was proudly displaying her large, round tits for all the guys. Whenever she got near, they would reach up and grab one or even lick a nipple. She was going from lap to lap, laughing, kissing and being felt up.

I went to take a pee, and Bob was just finishing up. "Hey, boy," he said, "this party is starting to roll. I'm gonna see if I can talk your sexy little wife into blowing the guest of honor. He'd love that hot little mouth of hers."

Bob stepped out of the room, and then told me to come look. The guest of honor was sitting on a chair in the center of the room and Dawn was naked, on her knees in front of him, sucking away at his cock. Bob laughed and said, "I guess she had the idea on her on, huh? Damn! What a sexy little slut she is!"

Dawn sucked all nine of us until we came in her mouth. A couple of the guys said they wanted to fuck her, but she said they just had to be happy with what they got, and they were. Bob got sucked off right after the groom to be, and I was last.

As Dawn was blowing me she looked up and said, "Are you having as much fun as I am?"

I could only nod as I began to shoot my load into her mouth.

When Dawn finished with me, Bob lifted her on to our coffee table and made her bend over so he could slowly insert his thick cock into my wife's virgin asshole as we all watched and cheered him on. She whim- pered a little as he entered her, and she begged him to take it out, but he just kept pulling her back and forth on his prick. He kept it up for at least five minutes, before he pulled out of her and commanded her to suck him dry. She took him into her mouth and began sucking and licking and slurping as hard as she could. Bob shuddered a moment, and then he allowed himself to shoot his cum into her mouth.

Dawn stood up, put her hands on her hips, and said, "Well, after that, I sure don't have any secrets from you guys. Now you've seen it all! I'm not calling it quits, but the floor and coffee table don't cut it. So if anybody's interested, I'll be in the bedroom."

Until the party finally died late that afternoon, and everyone left, Dawn was available on the bed to anyone who wanted her. Fucking or sucking, it did not matter to her.

Everyone had a great time at that first party, and all the guys thanked me at work the next day. Since then, we have had a lot of parties and the guys from work often just stop over for a quick blow job or fuck on the way home in the morning. Bob has even brought his boss over sever- al times to enjoy Dawn's easy pleasures. Dawn is having a ball and just told me that her younger sister is coming over to join in the fun at the next party.

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