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Single Short Stories

His Sleeping Sister (mg, inc, nc, oral, anal,bond) Raphael takes advantage of his sleeping sister, but he pays a price.

A Christmas Nightmare (mg, inc, nc, bond, oral,anal) Cameron's idea of a Merry Christmas with his little sister is a bit extreme.

Bound for Christmas (Mf, MF, anal, oral, self-bond, bond, rp, best, gang, Xmas) Young bride Bambi Drude makes the mistake of performing self-bondage as a Christmas surprise for her husband. Too bad hubby comes home late.

Mixed Up Christmas (Mg, gg, Mb, MF, mc, inc, best, magic, Xmas). A stoned Santa gets some presents mixed up, with interesting erotic consequences.

Rape Bait Sister (mg, oral, anal, bond, nc + conc). When Adam's sister Beatrice walks in on him at the wrong moment, she finds out where his anger might lead.

Lonnie and the Volcano (Mg, Fg, MF, Mf, mc, inc, best, bond, oral, anal) A family's island paradise vacation goes wrong when the local volcano controls minds. Originally published on Piper's Domain - contest winner.

Summer's Day at the Waterpark. (M+g, mc, rp, gang, ped, preg) Beautiful 12 year old Summer can't fingure out what she's doing to make all those men stare at her.

The Easter Egg Hunt (g, b, mc, magic, mast) It's not your usual Easter Egg hunt when the eggs are all enchanted. Eight-year-old Marcie and her church firends have a surprising, erotic time searching for their treasures.

The Suggestion Box: Part One. and Part Two. (mc; g; Mg; oral; best) A mysterious old suggestion box appears in unpredictable places in Cindy's middle school. And suggestions put into the box rarely come out the way they were intended.

Tune In Next Week! (mc, mg, inc, touch, oral, piv, bond, nc, con) Everyone's favorite Saturday morning kid show, Poo Woo's Clubhouse, is having a strange and erotic effect on the children of America.

Dolly (mc; Mg, inc, toy?) John can't remember where he got the pretty little doll for his seven-year-old daughter Dorothy. But the doll seems to look more and more like her.

A Christmas Present for Baby Girl Dee (Mg, M+g, oral, nc, gang, prost, inc) Every Christmas, Baby Girl Dee's daddy introduces her to the next part of her life as daddy's shy little whore. But Little Dee is a good girl and she always does what daddy says.

The Little Boy and the Piano Teacher (Mb, con, fast) A writing experiment. A little boy needs to convice his handsome piano teacher to give him lessons for "free."

Soldier Boy and the Surrogates - A Melodrama (Mg, inc, preg) A man returns home after years away only to discover that the underage girls in his neighborhood are being used in a terrible way. Can he save them?


Single Short Stories in collections:

Alvo's Holiday Stories

All of Alvo's Holiday themed stories gathered together in one place.

The Little Girl and the ... :

There's nothing quite like a pretty little preteen girl. Here are thirteen independent and hightly varied stories whose titles all start with "The Little Girl and.." (Mg, Fg, bond, con, nc, oral, anal, inc, best and so much more.)

Stories of the Wish Master

When the Wish Master, Imrash West, PhD, R.A.P.E.M., is in town - be careful what you wish for! Six Seven Eight stories of the mayhem and sexual merriment created by misguided wishes. (mc, Mg, Fg, Mf, tf, bond, oral, anal, inc, best and so much more.)

The Viral Video Stories:

The Viral Video recently swept the internet, effecting young and old alike with a new kind of sexual fervor. Seven Eight Eleven stories of the impact of the Video across the globe. (mc, M+g, Mf, Ff, oral, anal, piv, orgy, humor, best, and so much more)

Letters to Levi:

A collection of the edited Advice Letters between Levi Oachs Denom and various children. Multiple stories of chaos and sexual misadventure. (Mg, Mf, M+g, mg, gg, gb, mast, best, bond, inc, prost, ped and much, much more). Currently nine separate stories. New story added on 7/13/18.

Sequels to the stories of Mesmer's Bauble:

Four Five separate stories written as sequels to six of the great stories of Mesmer's Bauble. Lot's of mind-controlled little girls having fun, depraved adventures. (Mg, Mf, Fg, gg, mg, inc, best, mast, oral, anal, bond, con, nc, ped, preg, and more!)


Longer Stories:
(novellas in multiple parts, between 18,000 and 35,000 words)

At the Wedding: A Mind Control Fantasy in Five Parts (Mg, mg, mc, inc, best, prost, nc, humil) Tara, an obnoxious but gorgeous young teen, is the target of mind control induced sexual mayhem.

Staci Austen and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Mg, mc, inc, nc, bond, oral, spank, piercings, best, Xmas) A humorous but very naughty reimaging of an old Christmas classic.

Puppy Girl Snow (Mg, Mf, Ff, mc, inc, best, bond, rp, con, tf) Twelve-year-old Tabitha is transformed into the best Puppy Girl of all time: Snow!

A Summer of Wishes (Mg, Fg, Mb, mc, inc, ped, bond, best, tf, prost, ws) A collection of Imrash West stories. Five interelated stories told by ten-year-olds recounting their summer adventures after receiving a wish from the Wish Master. A Wish Master story.

The Jealous Bitch (g, fg, mf, mg, m+g, mast, bond, nc, oral, anal, inc, best, humil) A novella about the dangers of jealousy and revenge. A Wish Master story.

The Harrowing Halloween Hijinks of the Paisley Princess. (Mg, Fg, Fb, mc, inc, bond, oral, anal, piv, best, photo) Follow the insanity as the Paisley Princess turns an elementary school Halloween festival into a night of sexual mayhem - three parts.

The Golden Touch (mc, mF, mf, Mg, Mgg, MFgg, inc, bond, preg,) Sam Kindig is disappointed with college life. But when the Wish Master grants his wish to be more easily attractive to girls, his life gets a little bit crazy, and then crazier still. A Wish Master story.

(New!) The Little Girl and the Bondage Matgazines (Mg, con, bond, submissive, Xmas) Tabby and her daddy slowly discover their mtual interest in dominance/submissive bondage games. Please come help me decide how to conclude this story.




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