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Alvo's Poetry Contest !!

Voting in Alvo's third Poetry Contest is now closed. Winners are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all who entered and all who voted!

And don't forget the winners of the previous two Poetry Contests.

Contest 3A

Directions: write a limerick that uses the following first line:

Little girl, your bikini's so hot!

Congratulations to Small Wonder for winning this limerick contest!

The Winner: Small Wonder

Little girl, your bikini's so hot!
But it's hiding your teeny tight slot.
She said with a glow.
"I'll just pull on this bow,
and voila, problem solved, now it's not!"

Contest 3B

cute04bDirections: Write any poem of 20 lines or less inspired by this picture.


Amazingly we had a TIE for first place in this contest.


Congratulations to wolf and Poetry Bob for their winning entires!






Winning Entry number 1: wolf

Standing in front of the mirror
I gaze at my body so bare
I'm searching, ever so closely
But can't find not even one hair

Thankfully, my tummy is flat
But so is my young girl's chest
Well, perhaps just the beginnings
Of very small, round budding breasts

Will boys still find me attractive?
Perhaps, even some older men?
Will they want to spread me open
And bury themselves in my den?

I'm longing for some sexy curves
And get them I might, just maybe
If I can entice some grown man
To give my body his baby

Winning entry number 2: PoetryBob:

its true my dear that sex with you
has gotten rather bland
i find my pleasures though they're few
come best from my own hand

but that all changed wifh Nadia
our housegirl from Ukraine
a little firecracker ah!
who hasn't any shame

she makes my prick as hard as steel
she swallows like a pro
and so it makes me sad you feel
that maybe she should go

i'm sure if you gave her a chance
you would agree with me
and on her tongue you'd gladly dance
for all eternity

and so dear wife lets make a pact
we'll both enjoy the tyke--
as she supplies what we have lacked
we'll share and share alike