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Tune In Next Week!

-by Alvo Torelli, 2017

(mc; mg; inc; touch; oral; con; nc; bond)

(Author's Note: This short story was written to satisfy a challenge over on Piper's Domain)

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial for the newest line of Transformers came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

"Oh my gosh!" nine-year-old Jenna squeaked in a harsh whisper as she realized her pajama tops were unbuttoned all the way down, revealing her flat smooth chest to her twelve-year-old brother. Then she gasped a second time, realizing her left hand was down inside her brother's pajama bottoms, clutching something that was soft and hard at the same time, something that throbbed slightly in her hand. "Oh! Jason!" Jenna hissed a third time when she also realized that Jason's hand was down inside HER pajama bottoms and she could feel one of his fingers pressed into her little slit - her little slit that was wet and tingling and ... "OH!"

The children leapt from the couch, both of them shocked and disturbed and confusingly excited. Jenna clutched at her pajama tops to cover herself and Jason wiped the strange wetness from his fingers onto his pajama bottoms. Both children turned bright red! The two siblings ran from the living room to their respective bedrooms.

As the long week progressed, neither brother nor sister would talk about their strange Saturday experience. At first they could barely look at one another, but with time their usual friendly banter returned. By Friday the whole incident was like a nearly forgotten dream.

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial for Sugar Pops came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

"Whoah!" Jason hissed as his eyes focused on the smooth skin of his little nine-year-old sister and he realized he was licking her hardened little nipple. Her pajama top was flung open and pushed down over her bare shoulders. He reared back, but immediately said "Whoah!" again as he fully clued in to the sensation of Jenna's little hand deep in his pajama bottoms, rapidly stroking his rock hard boy-cock. "Oh, oh, oh," he panted and his finger automatically stroked harder and deeper through Jenna's sopping little slit. "Oh man, oh man, Jenna!" Jason pressed his lips back to Jenna's sweet little nipple to suck and tease it. Seconds later he came in his pajamas, coating his sister's hand with the first ejaculate of his young life. His finger pressed hard into Jenna's spasming, tight cunny as he was overwhelmed with confusing pleasure.

The two children leapt from the couch, wide-eyed and confused. Jason's pajamas were still partially tented and Jenna didn't understand the squishing and amazing tingling between her legs. Jenna squirmed her pajama top back up, then whipped it closed to hide the slick, glistening spittle that coated her nipples. She desperately wiped the sticky, confusing cum from her hand onto her pajama bottoms - smearing it across Garfield's grinning face. The siblings ran for their respective bedrooms.

Now and then, as the week wore on, the siblings eyes would meet and both would blush, but they didn't talk about their confusing Saturday awakening. Jason's new-found interest in the pleasure his hard-on could give him led him to spending a great deal more time in his room, but Jenna still caught him taking peeks at her when he thought she wasn't looking. And every time she did she got that surprising tingling sensation in her tiny, hairless cunny. It made her feel so strange and vulnerable, but she thought maybe she liked it! Jenna was heartened when, by the end of the week, Jason was out of his room more, willing to help her with her homework, play Connect Four or have a rousing game of Hungry Hippos. They didn't have to talk about what happened! They could just let life go back to normal.

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial for Super Hero Underoos came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

"Mmmmmph!" Jenna squirmed and gagged and tried to scream, but her mouth was stuffed full of something hard, warm and throbbing. She nearly had to cross her eyes to focus them a mere inch or two before her face - only to see a light coating of hair on smooth skin. In panic, Jenna jerked her eyes left, right, up, down and she tried desperately to pull her face back to free herself from the terrifying thing sliding in and out of her little mouth, rasping across her smooth lips and hot tongue, bumping against the back of her throat. "Ggggrrrrrarrghhhh," Jenna managed to moan, terrified, as she realized something was holding the back of her head, entwined in her long brown hair to force her face forward and back and make her slurp at the warm thing in her mouth. Jenna felt the cool breeze blowing across her tiny pink nipples and realized her pajama top was missing entirely. "Ggrrarphhh" she moaned again from the lovely feelings emanating from her excited little pussy as the fingers of one her own hands, stuffed down into her pajama bottoms, frantically scrabbled at her sopping slit. The tingling feelings were so strong! Despite her confusion and panic she felt that something amazing was just about to happen. Suddenly she understood that the thing sliding across across her lips, throbbing against her tongue and scaring the wits out of her, was the mysterious thing that usually hid in her brother's pants! The realization drove Jenna over the edge and she groaned around the big, invasive cock as her first little-girl orgasm swept over her body. Seconds later she was swallowing and swallowing as Jason shot a remarkable quantity of hot jism into her young mouth.

The two children leapt from the couch at the end of their amazing climaxes. Cum dribbled from Jenna's mouth and she blushed deeply. She desperately snatched her pajama top from the couch and wrestling it back on to hide the pale pink nipples from her brother's hungry gaze. Jason was just as desperate to get his pajama bottoms yanked back up from his ankles to hide his wilting young cock from the shocked goggle of his sweet little sister. His blush matched hers red for red. He couldn't believe the way he'd twined his fingers in her pretty brown hair and forced her to bob on his excited boyhood. The siblings locked their huge, glistening, wild eyes for just one silent, agonized moment of mutual mortification. Both of the children ran for their respective rooms like their lives depended on it.

That week, Jenna spent almost as much time in her room as Jason spent in his, trying to understand at least some of the amazing sensation she'd felt - but something was missing and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't achieve the same wonderful feeling. Although the siblings wouldn't discuss their strange feelings, each caught the other looking at him or her more often. As the long week advanced, they tentatively returned to their usual relationship - although their usual friendly blend of sibling rivalry and mutual assistance was somewhat strained, especially when Jason found himself wanting to twine his fingers in Jenna's long hair, or when Jenna caught herself staring with interest at her brother's crotch, wondering how he kept such a big, throbbing thing hidden in there. By Friday they were both working hard to act like nothing had really happened, going out of their way to share and joke and be as normal as possible.

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial for My Little Pony came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

"Mmmrghhhnnn," Jason moaned as he slurped his tongue through warm wet juices and tried to focus his eyes. Rumpled, colorful fabric was the sight that greeted him and his overloaded brain couldn't figure out what he was seeing. What in the world, he thought, but it was hard to concentrate when his cock felt so nice and his mouth was filled with such lovely sweet juices. "Mmmmmrrrrhhhh!" He had to know! He pushed up onto his hands, temporarily abandoning the lovely flavors. As his view expanded he realized he was on his hands and knees, looking down at his sister's Disney Princess pajama bottoms, scrunched up just below her bare, glistening pussy! He'd had his tongue buried deep in Jenna's little slit and he was straddling her on her back with his raging hard cock pointing straight down at her face as she stroked it rapidly with both of her soft, delicate little hands. Oh god, it felt good! This was bad, this was so bad, but... "Oh gosh, oh gosh! Jenna!" Jason blurted and then he dived back down to her luscious little cunt and rammed his tongue back inside her wetness, drinking down the amazing ambrosia of her juices. He lapped and lapped at her little slit, unable to stop himself. He felt Jenna's warm lips close around his cock, spreading her spit up and down its length, and then she was stroking it with her little hands again. "Mmmmm. Mmmmm. MMMMM!" Jason groaned into his nine-year-old sister's wet opening. He swirled his tongue around the little nubbin at the top, then pressed it between his teeth and tongue. Jenna's fantastic treatment of his excited cock got faster and stronger even as her little hips started to buck underneath Jason's face. He redoubled his efforts with his tongue and she went wild. Jenna gripped Jason's head with her thighs as her newest orgasm, much stronger than her first, took over her inexperienced body and her confused young mind. She writhed on her back on the couch, arching her back and moaning wildly. But the little girl never let go of her brother's throbbing piece of meat, she never stopped stroking him as fast she could with her tiny, smooth hands. Seconds later Jenna's pretty face was coated with spurt after spurt after spurt of Jason's hot, salty cum. "Mmmmmrrrrhhhh!" Jason screamed into Jenna's hot, tight cunny.

The two children leapt from the couch in terror - each of them desperately confused and ashamed and worried. Cum streaked Jenna's face and hair and dripped down onto her bare chest, coating her tiny pink nipples. Horrified, she struggled to pull her pajama bottoms up and cover her most private place - the place her brother had just been licking! And then she searched with anguish for her missing pajama top, trying to cover her little nipples even as more cum dripped down on them and made them glisten in the flickering lights from a Rice Krispies commercial. Jason was aghast and quickly used his pajama sleeve to wipe away the shiny wet evidence of what his probing tongue and hungry mouth had just done to his innocent sister. And he was just as desperate as his sibling to find the bottom half of his pajamas, embarrassed that the sweet child was still looking at his junk and doubly horrified to realize that the sight of her cum-drenched face, hair and cute little tits had brought him immediately back to a full erection. They both darted to the couch at the same moment, only to discover that her top and his pajama pants were hopelessly tangled together like desperate, long-lost lovers. They wrestled with the annoying pieces of clothing, yanking and pulling, only to end up with each one clutching the other's garment. But their horrifying embarrassment was too much and each sibling raced for their own room with the other's half-set of pajamas.

Jenna didn't know if she could ever face her brother again! He'd seen her little cunny. He'd licked her little cunny. And he'd seen that she liked it! Her embarrassment was too great, too horrifying. But little did Jenna know that Jason's mortification was just as deep and just as paralyzing as hers. How could he have done anything so awful to a sweet little innocent child - and why, oh why, did he want to do it again so badly? Why did he hold her pajamas to his nose, drinking in the smell of her as he spilled his seed over and over again. If only Jason had known that Jenna liked to pull his over-sized pajama bottoms onto her bare legs and stomach, then plunge her little hands inside them as she desperately, futilely tried to achieve another orgasm, dreaming of his hot tongue invading her. Days and days passed and neither youngster could overcome their abiding mortification enough to broach the subject of their confusing feelings. But with each day they tried to return to some semblance of the normal sibling relationship and by the end of the week they were able, just barely, to look at one another without breaking into a deep red blush. Jenna teased Jason about having trouble with fractions and Jason helped Jenna find Waldo. By the end of the week, no one would have had any idea that either of the sweet siblings, who seemed to get along so well, were roiling with pent-up frustrations, confusion and unexpressed angst.

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial, in which Ronald MacDonald and the screaming Fry Kids chased the Hamburglar came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

"Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh!" Jenna cried out, slamming her eyes closed the second she came out of her trance. She was too scared to look! But oh gosh, everything felt so good! "Oh, oh!" she cried out again when she felt both of her little nipples get pinched. She couldn't wait any more. Jenna snapped open her big hazel eyes and looked down to try to understand what in the world was happening to her. Jenna saw her naked chest. Jenna saw her older brother's strong hands, each one pinching one her of her tiny pink nipples, cruelly twisting it in a way that felt like nothing she'd ever felt - little explosions of wonderful, tortuous pleasure-pain. Jenna looked farther down. Jenna was straddling her prone, naked brother! Jenna's equally naked body was pressing down hard against her brother's body as she gripped him with desperate, quivering thighs and rocked her hips forward and back. Jenna saw that her tiny, hairless cunny was spread wide around something. Jenna saw Jason's impressive cock poking out from under her, glistening in the soft morning light from the wetness that she was spreading along it as she ground her aching, excited, forlorn young pussy up and down and up and down his length. Jenna's little hands rested on her brother's shoulders. Jenna's hips did the most amazing things, as if they had a mind and a desire and need of their own. But it felt SO GOOD! "Jason, Jason, Jason, ohhhhh!" With her immature cunny spread wide around the the girth of Jason's fat cock, stroking up and down along it's length as she ground against him, every nerve in her inner and outer labia was ramped up to a level beyond the little girl's ability to comprehend or manage. The third orgasm of her short life exploded. "-ason, -ason, -ason!" the sweet child hissed through clenched teeth. Her eyes were wide with overwhelming emotion and shock, but she watched every hard, rapid, grinding thrust of her hips. Jenna stared down at the tip of Jason's cock, pressed hard against his stomach, nearly disappearing each time she rocked her hips forward. She stared and stared and then she saw, for the first time, the way the cum exploded out of the tip of his cock. Rope after rope of thick, whitish jism that quickly coated Jason's stomach. "Oh gosh, oh gosh, no!" Jenna screamed, moments later, when Jason's hand moved to twine into her thick hair and his other hand grasped her hip, sliding her down his body. She screamed "No!" but she didn't fight her strong brother as he forced her lips to his sticky stomach. Jenna knew what her brother was demanding and she opened her little lips, using her small tongue to lap up every drop of the errant seed, knowing he wouldn't let her waste a drop. And all the while her little cunny continued to twitch and spasm and tingle as her wonderful orgasm slowly faded away.

The two children leapt from the couch and stared at one another in wide-eyed, confused panic. Jason couldn't believe the way he'd forced his little sister to do something so depraved, so vile, and yet he knew he would do it again in a second if given the opportunity. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her perfect little naked body - her nipples so brightly pink from his pinches, her skin so smooth and flawless, her pussy still glistening and dripping with the evidence of her incredible need and arousal - arousal for him! But Jason realized Jenna was drinking in the sight of his own, naked, body - the wetness where she'd just cleaned his stomach with her tongue, the lingering juices on his cock that betrayed the way she'd forced her little cunny along his length and used him for her pleasure. Jenna blushed deeply and saw her cute older brother blush just as deeply in the same moment. She saw the way his erection sprang back to throbbing life. The tip of the scary cock pointed directly at her naked body and it looked like it must ache horribly. It ached for Jenna! Jenna felt terrible for what she'd done and for being the source of Jason's torment, having no idea that Jason was thinking about what a horrible cad he was for wanting his little sister so badly and so obviously. How could he stand here, in front of her, flaunting his unnatural desire for her little body? Suddenly it occurred to both of them that their nakedness was unacceptable, wrong, to blame for the terrors of their situation! They both dove for the couch, trying to sort out tops from bottoms, fairies from race cars, flannel from light-weight cotton. Jenna finally freed her top and whirled it around her shoulders, desperate to hide herself from Jason's burning eyes. Jason found his bottoms and stumbled stupidly as he hopped from one leg to the other trying to get them back on. It was all too much! Both of the siblings abandoned the pajama dance and ran as fast as they could to their separate rooms.

Over the next few days hardly an hour passed that Jason didn't dream of his little sister and her amazing, wet pussy grinding against his raging hard cock. Again and again he breathed in the scent of her on her pajamas and fisted his cock until his seed arched out to yield a few moments of blessed relief from his torment. But never, never could he tell his sweet sister of the feelings that boiled in his body and his mind. Never could he imagine that she would find his thoughts and desires anything but degrading and terrifying - that she would be anything but repelled by his loathsome, embarrassing desires. But Jenna's actual thoughts roiled around the same, amazing visions that so turned on her brother. Nothing she could do to herself came anywhere near the fantastic experience she'd had from grinding her little virgin pussy against his rock hard length. She tried and tried. Oh, if only she wasn't so deeply embarrassed and afraid - afraid her brother would think her a nasty little slut. She didn't really know what a slut was, but she knew it was a terrible, terrible thing and the idea of Jason thinking of her that way was too awful to contemplate. And so, without a word passing between them about their experiences, neither knowing the other was desperately needy for the other, neither understanding the depth of the others mortification, the two siblings once again tried to pretend that everything was normal - that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Once again Jason helped Jenna with her homework, they played endless hands of UNO and broke out the the Game of Life, each of them blushing at the mention of having families. By the end of the week no one would have had any idea that the perfect, sweet siblings were anything but happy and content and devoted to one another as only proper siblings can be.

"And don't forget to tune in next Saturday for another exciting episode of Poo Woo's Clubhouse, starring your favorite Saturday morning entertainer, Poo Woo Herbert!"

Jenna and Jason continued to stare, eyes wide open - unseeing and unblinking. It was only after a loud commercial for G.I. Joe came on the TV, loud enough to briefly wake up daddy, who yelled at the children from the next room, that the two siblings blinked and began to recover from the trance they'd been in.

Jason blinked again. His vision swam and then came into focus. He looked over the living room, disoriented, taking in the color TV, the coffee table with copies of Jenna's Highlights, mother's Cosmopolitans and dad's Popular Mechanics, without any of it quite making sense. He felt so strange. His eyes lost focus, then came back again at which point he was staring down at the source of all his confusion. Jason's pretty nine-year-old sister Jenna was on her knees in front of him, her face pressed down into the throw cushions of the couch. Her thin arms were pulled behind her back, firmly bound by the fabric of her pink, My Little Pony pajama tops! Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash stared up at him accusingly from the cloth that wound round and round Janna's arms, binding her securely. Janna's face was turned to the side and Jason could see the panic that was forming on her sweet face as she, too, blinked away her trance and came to her senses, beginning to understand the frightening predicament she was in. Jason saw Jenna desperately pull and tug at her arms, terrified by the bondage and the feelings of total vulnerability it engendered. And worse, Jason saw his own hands, firmly clutching Jenna's hips, holding her up as he knelt between wide-spread, thin little legs. He saw how hard and ready and needy his cock was, poised at the glistening entrance to Jenna's virginity. The head of his cock was already wet from swirling through her entrance. How many times had he teased her with it to get her so aroused and ready to be violated? How long had he been torturing the gorgeous, helpless little girl? "Oh my god!" Jason said aloud. He saw a tear form on his sister's lashes, growing bigger and bigger, then sliding over her cheek to the bridge of her nose. She struggled even harder, yanking at the bindings and trying to pull away from his firm grip on her hips. "I can't! I can't! You're my sister. You're too little. You're too young. I can't!" But he did. Jason thrust his young hips forward and he yanked Jenna's torso backwards. He impaled his pretty sister on his cock, ripping away any vestige of her virgin state and embedding his aching cock deep inside of her. Jenna gasped in pain and screwed her eyes closed, but she didn't scream out. She couldn't. She could only grunt and moan as Jason began to fuck her, like a little dog, like a little rag doll, with vicious, desperate animal thrusts. Jason gripped her hips so hard that his arms shook. He buried himself so deep in his tiny sister that he pressed again and again into her never-touched cervix. But with each powerful thrust Jenna received more and more pleasure from her brother-rape. With every violation Jenna came closer and closer to the climax she'd so longed for. Jason couldn't believe how long he managed to pump into the incredible tightness of his little sister. She was like a velvet vice, tightened around his most important appendage. How could he last so long? What had they already done? How had she ended up bound by her own pajamas. An image of Jenna's pretty lips, leaking his cum, flashed through his mind, but he couldn't be sure it was real. But the amazing feelings building up in Jason's gonads was definitely real. He thrust faster and faster, as deep as he could go. He pounded into the little girl in his grip, holding her tighter as she began to spasm and thrash with her own intense orgasm. And then, finally, mercifully, Jason came. He filled little Jenna's womb with wave after wave of hot, thick semen. He collapsed on top of her, panting as if he'd run a track event and he reveled in the sensation of her little body continuing to quiver uncontrollably underneath him as her climax continued on and on.

Eventually, the two children leapt from the couch and stared, wide-eyed, at one another's disheveled, naked appearances. Jenna twisted and writhed, but she couldn't get her arms free of the knotted cloth that bound her. Jason wanted to hide his already rising cock from Jenna's view, but instead he gently turned her around and slowly, methodically, pulled at the knotted fabric until her arms came free. Jenna turned around to stare up at her handsome big brother. Neither knew what to say. They blushed, but it was a new kind of blush - embarrassment at the realization that each understood, without words, how the other felt. At the same moment, their eyes flared in excited, mutual comprehension. The two siblings ran as fast as they could, but this time they both ran to Jason's room.

As the week wore on, Jason and Jenna fucked like horny rabbits. They couldn't get enough of one another. Jenna didn't mind being tied up - in fact she loved it! As long as her brother would stick his big, throbbing cock into her needy tight cunny she would do anything. They tried every position and every method and every type of fucking they could think of - emerging from Jason's room only for meals and to go to school, which was a torment for both of them. But eventually, near the end of the week, the two sweet children could be seen once again enjoying each other's company in normal, healthy fashion - playing board games, watching a favorite show, teasing, pretending to compete - the picture of healthy, well-adjusted siblings. No one would ever have guessed that they spent the rest of their time boinking one another's brains out.

"We regret to inform our young watchers that Poo Woo's Clubhouse will no longer be aired on KXYK - a CBS television station. Instead, please enjoy this rerun of a fabulous episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Jenna and Jason stared at the television set with huge disappointment. They had no idea that their hero, Poo Woo Herbert, had been arrested for indecent exposure earlier in the week. The two children wouldn't have understood the irony of Poo Woo being arrested for an extremely minor, nearly accidental case of exposure rather than being busted for broadcasting the mind-bending subliminal messages that had awakened the sexual desires of millions of children across the country.

"Wow, I was really looking forward to another Poo Woo's Clubhouse," Jason said to his little sister. He was getting a little old for the show, at twelve, but he definitely enjoyed the aftertaste.

"That's okay, Jason," Jenna said in her little girl voice as she placed her small hand in his nearly adult-sized paw. "Let's go fuck instead. You can even tie me up again if you want!"

And so they did.

The end.


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