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The Suggestion Box - Part One

- by Alvo Torelli, 2017

- based on a seed idea by Danaume Rook

(mc; g; Mg; oral, best)


The box was old. The wood was beaten, gouged and shiny from the oil of the many hands that had handled it over the years. The brass handles showed a red and green patina of deep age. The massive padlock on the front of the box looked like it would take a key the thickness of a young girl's finger. The key was undoubtably lost to the ages. A small discolored and scratched brass label on the top, sitting just below a three-inch slot, read "SUGGESTIONS."

The box was sitting on a table outside Principal Harris's office. It was minding it's own business, but Cindy was staring at it with annoyance. Her annoyance had nothing to do with the box, it just happened to be in her line of sight.

"You can go in now, Cindy," old Mrs. Paxton said, sneering at Cindy from behind her desk. "Principal Harris is ready for you. And mind your manners, child."

Principal Harris didn't even look up from the papers scattered about her desk as Cindy entered. She just snarled "have a seat, Cindy." She moved some papers around and then picked one up. "So, this is the third time this month you've been sent to me, Cindy." She finally looked up at the blonde eleven-year-old and her eyes flared at the sight of Cindy's bright red tie - a shocking and flagrant violation of the school's strict uniform. "Oh! Cindy, really?" She looked down at her papers again, then looked the girl in the eyes. "Why must you be such an... adolescent? Two days suspension! And don't even think about doing this again!"

Cindy stormed out of the principal's office. Two days!? It was outrageous. Just because she tried to fight back against her middle school's idiotic, out-of-date, over-the-top ugly, soul-crushing school uniform. Oooh! Two days?! She was going to miss the tryouts for middle school cheer-squad. It wasn't fair. Principal Harris was such a, such a, such a... prude!

The old, weathered box was right there, in front of her. Cindy ripped a piece of notebook paper out and she scribbled on it. "Suggestion: Change the school uniform so that girls wear miniskirts and no panties! -Cindy" There, that will tell the old bitch what I think of her, Cindy thought. She stuffed the folded up piece of paper into the box and stormed out of the office with as much bluster and disruption as she could muster.

Old Mrs. Paxton just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Chapter One

Three days later, Jenna arrived at school exactly on time, with her school uniform in perfect shape, as always. Getting out of the car in front of the school was its usual nightmare. Her older brother Jason jumped out of the front seat and took off, waving cheerfully at the group of six or seven eighth-grade boys who sat on the front wall every day where the other middle-schoolers were dropped off. There they could watch the girls trying to get out of the SUV's and minivans without flashing themselves. The smirks on the boys faces were infuriating! Jenna scowled at them as she carefully slid across the seat, her knees clasped together. She barely managed to get down to the curb with most of her dignity intact. Shouldering her book bag, Jenna tugged at the hem of her annoyingly short skirt, as she would likely do a thousand times before the day was over. God! Jenna was not one to mock school rules, but she hated the school uniform so much!

Jenna spotted her friend Cindy across the quad and she waved to her with a smile. She'd missed her! A second later Jenna saw the way Cindy was dressed and her eyes bugged out. Oh no, not again! Why was Cindy always flaunting the school uniform? She was going to get kicked out of school for sure. "Cindy! Your skirt!" Jenna said as she ran up to her best friend. "You can't come back from suspension and wear that. They'll kick you out for sure."

"OMG, Jenna," Cindy said, looking at her friend askance. "Since when did you join the skank patrol. That skirt! OMG!"

"What are talking about?" Jenna shot back. "You're the one breaking the rules, again! OMG, we've got to do something, right away. You're going to get expelled!"

"Jenna, have you gone..." Cindy began, but then she saw another mini-van open up and two seventh grade girls attempted to get out of it in ridiculously short, pleated mini-skirts just like Jenna's. Only one of them managed to do it without flashing her crotch at the line of laughing, pointing boys. The girl turned bright red and hurried past the line of snickering boys. Cindy couldn't be sure, be she thought she saw - no!, it couldn't be.

"Cindy, are you listening? Come on! We don't have time for this," Jenna broke into Cindy's confused staring.

Jenna pulled Cindy along with real force and Cindy stumbled down the crowded hallway, getting dirty looks from at least half of the mini-skirt clad girls who saw her. As fast as she could, Jenna twirled the dial on her locker and opened it with a bang. Jenna grabbed a plastic sack, slammed the locker closed and dragged her confused BFF into the girl's bathroom. They only had a few minutes before the bell would ring.

"OMG! I'm so glad I had these extra clothes at school," Jenna said as she pulled a pleated black mini-skirt out of the bag. "This is going to be tight on you, but I think it will work. Oh hurry up! Get that stupid skirt off before someone sees you!"

"Jenna, I don't understand. Has everyone gone mad?" Cindy asked as her friend unzipped the side of her knee-length pleated skirt and let it drop to the ground.

"OMG! Cindy! What are you thinking? OMG! Get those panties off before someone sees you." Jenna looked about wildly to make sure no one else had come into the bathroom to see how horribly her friend was flaunting the uniform policy. She tugged at the waist of Cindy's pink cotton panties and practically ripped them off her. "Hurry, we're going to be late for inspection if you keep dawdling. Please, Cindy, I don't want you to get expelled!"

Cindy was nearly overwhelmed with confusion, but she let her pretty friend pull her panties to the floor and then stepped out of them before stepping into the ridiculously short mini-skirt that Jenna pulled up her thin, curvy legs and over her very fine, rounded bottom. Jenna was quite a bit thinner than Cindy - Jenna was a stick, whereas Cindy had started developing some actual curves and a bit of a waist - so the insane skirt was a bit snug on Cindy. It was snug enough that Jenna had to tug it up higher onto Cindy's waist to get the zipper to close. Cindy turned to look at herself in the mirror and nearly screamed. The short skirt, on her frame, was obscene. It flared out from her waist much more than Jenna's did, and her butt cheeks were clearly visible. Heaven forbid that she lift her arms or bend even slightly - her naked crotch would be visible to all.

"Jenna, OMG, I can't go out there in this! I can't. Oh my god!"

"You have to! We'll be late. We have to run." Jenna glanced at her watch. "We only have one minute before inspection!"

Jenna grabbed Cindy's book bag and threw it onto her friend's shoulders, then lifted her own book bag onto one shoulder, grabbed Cindy by the elbow and dragged the shorter girl out into the hall. They arrived in their home room out of breath, with barely ten seconds to spare. Still confused and stunned, Cindy let Jenna lead her to one side of the classroom, where all of the girls in their home room were aligned side by side along one wall. The boys in the class were lounging behind desks, many of them smirking, and their teacher, Mr. Rose sat behind his desk pretending not to be sneaking glances at the nubile girls. As Cindy was thrust into her position in the line, several of the boys pointed in her direction and exchanged whispers.

Cindy yanked at the hem of her insanely short skirt, tugging it and wrestling with it, but she knew that she was still flashing half her ass at the smirking boys around the room. Everything was happening so fast and she was so confused. To make matters worse, five seconds after the bell rang to begin the day, the dreaded Principal Harris strode into the room.

"Oh gosh!" Jenna whispered next to Cindy. "Harris is doing inspection. She's scary!"

"At attention, ladies!" Principal Harris barked. "Face the wall - you know the drill! Now bend over for uniform inspection. Hurry now, let's get this over with - I have important things to do."

Every girl in the class bent at the waist and placed the palms of her hands on the wall in front of her. Every girl except Cindy. Cindy gasped and looked around her with shock and alarm. This couldn't be happening. This was a nightmare. Fortunately, Cindy was two-thirds of the way down the line of bent over young ladies and the Principal had her attention at the beginning of the line. Harris started by stepping directly behind the first girl, blocking that girl from the hungry eyes of some, but not quite all, of the males in the room. Mr. Rose, in particular, still had a lovely view of the girl's fine ass as Harris lifted the girl's skirt and checked to make sure she wasn't wearing panties. Satisfied, Harris dropped the girl's skirt and moved to step behind the second girl in line.

Cindy was appalled! But with every step the Principal was getting closer to her. Jenna yanked on Cindy's arm, desperately trying to get her to bend over like she was supposed to. But Cindy realized that while the other girls' mini-skirts were just barely long enough to cover their little pussies while they were bent over, her mini-skirt definitely was not long enough. If she bent over she was going to be flashing her cunt at every boy in the room! Cindy turned bright red. Principal Harris took another step in her direction. Jenna yanked on her arm and hissed at her. Oh god! How did this nightmare happen?

Cindy bent at the waist and placed her hands on the wall like all the other girls. She heard the murmur of appreciation that spread quickly through the gang of eleven-year-old boys and she turned an even deeper shade of humiliated red. She felt tears coming to her eyes and she fought them back as hard as she could. Suddenly Harris was behind her and she felt her skirt raised, not that it needed to be for everyone to see that she was sans panties. Then Harris moved on to lift Jenna's skirt and once again Cindy was exposed to all the boys and her teacher. She could see that all of the girls were maintaining their bent over stations until they were told not to, so she remained in her humiliating, vulnerable position. But every atom of her young being wanted to run from the room.

Cindy sidled onto one of the benches in the lunchroom, trying to get her ridiculous skirt underneath her and only partially succeeding. The metal was cold on her little ass! Her nightmare of a day continued. Home room had been bad enough, between panty inspection and Mr. Rose's insistence that she sit in the front row, where she discovered there was no way to sit that didn't give him an excellent view from which to ogle her. Math class had been worse. Mrs. Jenkins chose Cindy to be one of the three students who worked problems on the board in front of the class. Cindy knew that every time she reached up to write on the board she was flashing her cute ass and framing her nice little pussy for the whole class. As her humiliation went on and on something truly terrible had happened - she'd gotten aroused. Just seeing the hard lumps in the pants of all the boys had triggered the terrible reaction, and right there in front of all of them she'd gotten wet. She was sure they could all see the moisture glistening under the harsh neon lights. French class was a little bit better. At least she'd been allowed to sit behind her desk half-way back in the room. But Madam Florence was a stickler for her students standing up when they answered or asked questions and she'd been called on no less than five times. It was impossible to get up and down from her seat without showing the whole room just how lovely her hairless young slit was.

Jenna slid in across from Cindy with her tray and Cindy immediately started asking questions. "Jenna, OMG, when did this nightmare start? I only missed two days and everything has changed. These skirts are ridiculous. And forbidding panties, what is that all about? OMG! What happened?"

Jenna looked at her friend with puzzlement. "What are you talking about, Cindy? We've always had to wear uniforms. I know you don't like them, but you've got to stop messing with the uniform policy - you're going to get yourself expelled."

"I know we've always had uniforms! I'm not stupid. But they weren't like this, these, these, ridiculous mini-skirts! And no panties. And..." Cindy's eyes went wide with shock. "Oh my god, Jenna, oh my, oh... I did it. It's, it's... it's exactly what I wrote in the suggestion box. OMG!"

"What suggestion box? What are you talking about, Cindy?"

"The big wooden box, outside Principal Harris's office. I, I... I put a suggestion in it - I was so mad. I, oh gosh, Jenna, this is all my fault."

"You're not making any sense, Cindy. Nothing has changed, nothing is your fault. I don't like the uniforms either, but it's not your fault. It's just the way it is."

"OMG, OMG, yes it is! I put a suggestion in the box - short skirts and no panties, just to make Harris mad. OMG, Jenna, we have to find that box. Come on! We have to go find it!"

But the suggestion box was nowhere to be found. Cindy dragged her increasingly confused and concerned friend all over school for the remainder of lunch, but there was no large wooden box anywhere. Finally they had to part so that Cindy could head to History and Jenna to her Math class.

Two hours later, after the last class of the day, Jenna walked alone through the halls of the middle school, worrying about her best friend and unconsciously, once again, tugging at the hem of her skirt to keep it firmly below her cute little ass. And then she saw it - the beat-up old suggestion box - sitting just outside the entrance to the science wing. How had they missed it? That was so strange. It was exactly like Cindy had described it. The whole idea that Cindy was responsible for the school's awful uniforms was ludicrous - and yet... Jenna stared at the box. 'What the hell could it hurt?' she thought. But then she glanced at her watch and realized she was going to be late getting picked up for swim practice. She had to hurry. She tore a piece of paper from her notebook and quickly scribbled 'I suggest girls don't have to wear the school uniform if they don't want to.' Jenna stuffed the note into the suggestion box and bolted down the hall to meet her mother, who was bound to be annoyed at her tardiness.

Chapter Two

Once again, Jenna watched her brother rapidly disappear into the crowd, then carefully slid out of the back seat of the mini-van, trying hard not to flash the gang of perving boys who lounged along the retaining wall at the entrance to her middle-school. She tugged at her skirt as soon as she was standing and headed towards the front door. Jenna had so hoped that the suggestion she'd put in the stupid box might have magically changed everything, like Cindy had claimed, but alas everything seemed to be the same. She'd tried to wear a longer uniform skirt this morning, but she'd found she simply couldn't do it. Jenna paused and turned at the sound of her name.

"OMG! Cindy! OMG!" Jenna's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Her best friend had just climbed out of another mini-van and she was stark naked!

Cindy hurried over to Jenna, desperately trying to cover the naughtier parts of her anatomy, without nearly enough hands to accomplish the task. She could cover one nipple and her sweet, hairless little pussy mounds, but that left her ass and her other nipple exposed no matter what she did. She didn't understand why her friend was just standing there gaping at her. "Jenna! Please," she said as rushed up to Jenna. "Let me hide behind you. Please! Oh god, they're all looking at me."

Indeed, the boys on the wall were all hooting and calling out to naked Cindy. But then another naked girl jumped out of a car, an older girl with the beginnings of actual breasts and curvier hips, and the boys turned their attention to her as she sprinted by them. A couple even got up to follow the pretty brunette.

Jenna and Cindy walked together into the building and made their way quickly towards home room, with Cindy staying close behind her friend as boys on either side whistled and made lewd comments. They saw that about one in ten of the girls in the crowded hallway was dressed like Cindy, that is to say completely naked. The rest wore the usual very short pleated mini-skirts, white blouses, with or without blue wool sweaters, and blue ties - the school uniform. The girls had no time to talk, for they'd both arrived late and they didn't want to get in trouble by being late for inspection. They tumbled into home room, the last two students to arrive. As usual, all the mini-skirted girls were lined up along one wall while the boys lounged behind desks, smirking. There was one other naked girl in the class, their friend Alice, who sat behind a desk with her knees pulled together, her arms across her chest and a deep red blush on her face.

Cindy slipped into the desk next to Alice and like her friend, she crossed her arms over her little nipples. "Alice," she whispered. "Why aren't you over with the other girls?"

Alice looked at Cindy like she'd lost her mind. "I didn't want to wear the stupid uniform today! You don't have to get an inspection if you don't wear the uniform - well, unless it's Mr. Rawlings who does the inspection. You know that! You should know that better than anyone. What's wrong with you today?"

"What?" Cindy said, still confused. "Mr. Rawlings? How would he do inspection? That doesn't make sense."

"Hush! It's almost inspection time," Alice hissed and indeed the bell rang at that very moment. "Oh gosh! I hope inspection isn't Mr. Rawlings today!" Alice crossed the fingers of both of the hands that covered her little breasts. She looked up as the classroom door opened and an older man with dark sunglasses entered the room, accompanied by a seeing-eye dog. "OMG! It's him. Oh no! Come on Cindy - you know the drill."

Cindy was so confused, but she got up from her desk to follow her naked friend. They joined the line of mini-skirted girls along the wall. Cindy noticed that there were even more nasty smirks and wide eyes amongst the boys in the classroom, and Mr. Rose smiled broadly, leaning forward to get an even better look at the pretty girls in his class.

"Uniform inspection time, ladies," blind Mr. Rawlings said. "Please assume the position. This won't take a minute."

Cindy's eyes were huge. How in the world was Vice Principal Rawlings, who was completely blind, going to do a panty inspection? The answer caused her to nearly faint. The blind man's dog pulled him forward until he was directly behind the first bent-over child. Instead of lifting her skirt, he felt around with his hand until he found her ass, then he expertly slid his hand down her thigh and up under the skirt, between her legs. From the way the poor girl flinched and let out a small gasp, it was clear that the old man had just slipped his fingers up against her mound! And his hand seemed to linger quite a bit longer than necessary to be sure there was no cloth between his fingers and the child's smooth, hairless cunny.

Satisfied that the first child was observing the no-panties portion of the uniform policy, Vice Principal Rawlings pulled his hand from between her legs. He took just a moment to sniff his fingers and smile before he reached to his right to find the next child in line - a small red-headed girl who was already trembling. He touched her ass and used it as a guide as he stepped behind her and began the process of making sure that the cute little thing had come to school commando.

Cindy almost screamed when she saw what happened next! As the Vice Principal stepped behind the second girl his seeing-eye dog stepped up behind the first girl, who was still bent over with her palms against the wall as required of the daily inspection exercise. The big dog quickly stuck his head under the girl's short skirt and the girl had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. Her back arched and she stood on her tip-toes, but there was no escape from the dog's wet nose and long tongue.

And so it went on as the Vice Principal reached out and moved to each girl in turn. He used his probing, old fingers to stroke the tender flesh and make sure there were no miscreants who'd worn panties - while his dog had a nice sniff and lick at the girl to her left. Soon the old man was feeling up Jenna, just next to Cindy and Cindy knew her turn had come. It was just her bad luck, on the day she'd chosen not to wear the uniform, that inspection was done by a blind man who could only determine the appropriate attire through touch. Cindy bit her lip and bent to place her palms on the wall, afraid to find out what would happen if she rebelled from this humiliating nightmare.

'Oh, oh, oh!' Cindy screamed in her mind when the old man ran his rough fingers up between her legs and actually parted the folds of her young pussy. One finger slipped inside her and tested her wetness. To her deep embarrassment, the child was indeed aroused and wet from watching all the other pretty young girls being similarly tested. But in a few moments the finger was gone and Cindy managed to let out a breath of air.

Cindy heard her friend Alice, last in line, gasp and a split second later she gasped herself. A hot, rough tongue was pressing between her ass cheeks! She heard the titters of the boys and realized what they were witnessing, since she had no skirt to hide what the horrible big dog was doing. She wanted to scream and run, but she couldn't. The dog's tongue forced between her legs and dipped into her wet cunt. His cold nose attacked her ass. He seemed to like the taste of the aroused little child - the last taste he would get for the day - and he took special pleasure in forcing his tongue far up inside Cindy's tight slit.

"Very good, very good, Mr. Rose," Mr. Rawlings said as he finished his inspection of Alice and turned away. There were sighs of relief all up and down the line of girls and moans of disappointment from the boys, but the old Vice Principal paid no attention. His big German Shephard led him from the room and the girls were finally allowed to return to their desks - at least one of them starry eyed and shocked.

"Oh god, Cindy, I'm so sorry," Jenna said to her naked friend over their lunch. "I found the suggestion box! I put a suggestion into the box, but I got it all wrong. I said girls shouldn't have to wear the uniform if they didn't want to. But I didn't say what they could wear - so I guess if you don't want to wear the uniform, then you don't wear anything."

Cindy looked at Jenna with anger. "That was stupid, Jenna, god! I didn't even realize I was naked until I got to school. And all these other girls who are naked. They don't even know anything's changed. Alice said she just didn't want to wear the uniform today, so she came the way she is - and she's miserable and embarrassed. All the boys are looking at us and saying stuff and just being awful - all the time! It's terrible!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Let's go look for the suggestion box again. Maybe we can fix this." Jenna turned to her fourteen-year-old brother. "Jason, you have to help us find the box. And quit perving on Cindy, god!"

"Sure, I'll help find the box," Jason said with a wry smile, never taking his eyes off of this sister's sexy eleven-year-old friend. He loved the way she blushed. He also loved the little nipples he got to see every time she had to use one of her hands to take a bite of her lunch. "But I think the whole thing is stupid. This school has always had those uniforms and inspections, and there's always a few girls who run around naked - it's like no big deal - whatever."

The trio roamed the halls all through lunch, but they never did find the mysterious, movable suggestion box. It wasn't until the end of the day, as Jason was heading to basketball practice, that he ran across the battered old wooden container, sitting just outside the boys locker room. 'Damn,' he thought, 'there really is a box. What a hoot.' He was going to be late for practice if he didn't hurry, and coach was not nice about laggards. But still, he looked at the box. He really ought to go fetch Jenna, or pretty Cindy, but... 'Hell, what harm could it do?' he thought.

Jason ripped out a piece of notebook paper. In his mind he saw Cindy. He'd liked her for years, despite the difference in their ages, and now that she was eleven and getting some curves... damn! He scribbled quickly. It was time to get to practice! He stuffed the note into the heavy box and dashed for the locker room. The note fell into the box: "Suggestion: have the sixth grade girls do whatever the eighth grade boys want."

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