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Mixed Up Christmas,

-by Alvo Torelli, 2016

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1. Amanda and Lisa's house:

"Oh my god! You've got to be kidding me! This is so unfair. Daddy, no! It's not fair, it's not fair! I wanted the puppy - I've always wanted a pet - you can't do this!!"

"Amanda, stop yelling," daddy said. "It's Christmas for heaven's sake."

"But daddy! NO! It's not fair. You KNEW I wanted a puppy. She can't have my puppy!" Amanda grabbed the one-year-old golden retriever and tried to pull him out of her little sister Lisa's happy arms.

"Amanda! That's quite enough!" Daddy yelled and he pulled Amanda away from the fluffy soft dog. "The dog is Lisa's present!" The dog gave Lisa another big lick on her beaming face.

"Oh my god!" Amanda screamed. "I hate you, I hate you! This is so fucked up!"

"Amanda!" Amanda's mother snapped. "I will not have that kind of language from you. Especially not on Christmas!"

"And I don't care what you think! I was the one who was supposed to get a pet! Not that stupid little bitch!"

"That's it!" mother snapped and grabbed Amanda by the arm. She marched her eleven-year-old back towards the bedrooms. "You can just spend the rest of the day in your room, little miss."

"Ooh! I hate you!"

2. Trevor's house:

Trevor ran excitedly into the living room where a Christmas tree was merrily lit. Trevor stopped in his tracks and stared, open mouthed, at the odd man who was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the tree wearing full firefighting gear, complete with a fireman's helmet and a red Christmas bow stuck on top. "Who, who are you? Are you a real fireman?" Trevor asked with youthful excitement.

"I sure am!" the man said, rising to his full four-foot five stature. "Turk the Fireman, at your service, Trevor. Put it there, my boy. And Merry Christmas!"

Trevor stared at the dwarf fireman, who was clearly an adult even if he was only about three inches taller than Trevor. That was confusing. But he was a real fireman - how exciting! So Trevor reached out and shook the short man's hand. "Wow," he said, "are you my present from Santa?"

"I sure am, sonny boy, and I'm here to teach you all about being a fireman - and all the great things firemen do together with their big long firehoses. Won't that be fun?"

3. Sarah's house:

A sweet-looking little red-headed girl named Sarah was just waking up in her bed. She stretched and yawned and then her eyes flew open as she remembered it was Christmas morning. "Yes, yes!" Sarah cried out and she threw her covers off. She jumped out of bed in her bright red pajamas. But Sarah stumbled, and nearly fell to the floor. Her sense of balance was completely wrong and she staggered, almost falling again. She looked into her mirror and saw that her normally loose pajama blouse was pulled incredibly tight across her chest. As she tried to stand up straight one of the buttons actually popped off. In shock, little Sarah put her hands to her front and felt big balloons of something under her pajamas. And terrifyingly, she realized that the big balloons felt her hands! They were part of her.

As quick as she could, little Sarah unbuttoned her pajamas and opened them wide. She stared in abject shock at what she'd discovered, and even as she stared the nipples on the huge, perfect breasts contracted in the cold air and sent a strange ache through her eight-year-old frame. There was only one thing poor little Sarah could think to do - as loud as she could she screamed "Daddy!!"

4. The North Pole:

"Santa, sir, please, wake up. Wake up!"

"Holy mother of goodness, pipe down!" Santa said. He groaned and rolled over in bed, blinking at the pretty elf who was shaking his shoulder. "Not so loud. Oh, my poor head!"

"Oh goodness, he's been at the Schnapps again!" the elf said out loud. "He's hungover. Such a disgrace!" She shook Santa's shoulder again. "Sir, please! We've got four red alerts, four!"

"Ow! Quiet down, for the love of goodness. You try delivering half a billion presents in a single night, give or take twenty million, and see if you don't want to have a wee little drink or ten afterwards. Wait, what's that you said?"

"Four red alerts, sir."

"We haven't had four red alerts at the same time in a hundred years," Santa said, finally coming fully awake. "I can barely ever remember having two at once - oh wait, there was that time..." Santa started to sit up. "Ow, man, my head! Alright, alright, give me a minute. Get out of here, ya' bossy little thing. I'll be there in two twists of a candy cane. Goodness. Where's the Alka Seltzer? Ow!"

A few minutes later Santa, holding his head, walked into the control room of North Pole central where a dozen elves were working at a huge array of monitors. "Alright, Judy, what's all this about a red alert."

"We've got four of them, sir, all in the same sector." The elf consulted her screen. "Sector 437D/512beta. I've never seen two alerts in the same sector, ever. And we've got four of them. I took the liberty of ordering full surveillance at all four venues. Bernard's teams are already deployed - we should have video within the hour."

"Good thinking, Judy" Santa said and the pretty little elf bit her lip to keep from smiling too obviously. "But wait, that sector sounds familiar. Where's that sector?"

The little elf, who had thick dark hair cascading down to her waist, looked to be at most nine-years-old although she'd actually seen several centuries go by. She studied her schematics closely. "Averageville," she answered.

"Oh, shoot!" Santa exclaimed.

"Santa, sir, language! Please!" the offended elf shot back. She glanced about to make sure that none of the other elves had fainted. All was well, although several of the nearer elves had blushed at Santa's swearing.

"No time for that, Judy," Santa said, brushing aside the elf's disdain. Then he said to himself "I knew I shouldn't have tried that damnable Jamaican Lion. Why in heck did they have to go and legalize pot in that state?"

"Santa!" Judy the Elf gasped. Swearing AND drugs. She nearly fainted.

"Not now, not now, Judy. Do you have exact coordinates? I need information to figure out what the fu...., I mean what in goodness happened. I need data!"

"Yes, of course, sir," Judy said rather stiffly. "Here's the first address - cross referencing to the gift data base now. Wait, wait, got it! I'm showing a gift recording for Cindy, age twenty. She's on the 'good at least most of the time' list. And the gift request transcript reads: 'really wants a couple of cats, easy enough, let's just go with a pair of kitties.'"

"Kitties? Yes, yes, I remember something about kitties." Santa perked up. "But I was pretty stoned when I was in Averageville. You know how it is."

"Really! Sir, I certainly do NOT know how it is. The very thought is horrible!" Judy the Elf harrumphed and held her nose high in the air.

"Oh get over yourself, gorgeous," Santa said with a smirk and he pinched the pretty elf's bottom.

"Santa! Oh!" Judy the Elf cried out, then said through gritted teeth in the hopes that no one else could hear. "Not in front of the others!"

"Besides, I don't see how the heck a pair of kitties could be a red alert." Santa ducked the death rays from Judy's eyes at the word 'heck' and continued. "I think your machine is calibrated wrong. I'm sure it's nothing. You know these things almost always work themselves out for the best. You're such a worry-elf, Judy."

"Well, here's the second address, and the gift recording." Judy the Elf continued. "Ah, look, the date stamp is just five minutes later than the other one. This one's registered to Sarah, age eight, on the 'very good' list. The gift request transcript reads 'looking for love, needs some enhancement, let's go with a nice big pair of titties.' Oh! Oh my! I really don't think..."

"Oh shit." Santa said, interrupting Judy and turning even more pale than usual behind his long white beard, mustache and voluminous snowy eyebrows.

"Really! Santa, language! I must insist!" Judy the Elf actually stomped her pretty little booted foot on the ground and pursed her gorgeous little lips in the cutest expression of disdain.

"Oh wow, this could be bad, very bad. Bring up the video record, Judy. We have to make sure."

Judy the Elf worked the controls for several seconds, frowning at Santa's terrible language, and then a somewhat grainy image flashed up onto one of the screens. A cute little girl, in a pretty Christmas dress was perched on Santa's knee at the mall. Even with the poor video quality Santa's bloodshot eyes were apparent, and the little girl scrunched up her nose at the smell of pot that wafted off of an obviously stoned Santa. But the little girl was game and she quietly answered Santa's questions.

"Yeah, so, like, how old are you, Sarah?" Santa asked the child.

"I, I'm eight, Santa?"

"Awesome, wow. That's like, so cool. And, ah, what was that other question I was gonna ask? Ahhh, somethin', somethin', yeah, yeah, got it! Cool. So, like, what do you want for, ah, what is it, ah Christmas, yeah Christmas. What do you want for Christmas?"

"Oh! I, I really want a couple of kittens. Please? Kitties would be so nice to cuddle with. I don't have anybody to cuddle with. Please can I have a pair of kitties?" The red-headed tyke looked up with her big eyes and anyone's heart would have melted.

"Oh, wow, that's so cool. Yeah, yeah - I'll make sure I remember that one. So, like, nice to meet you Sarah, and have a really rad Christmas, 'kay?"

"Oh Santa, you didn't!" Judy the Elf said with shock as the video ended.

"Hey, I was really stoned. It was a bad time. Give me a break - gosh golly." Santa said. But he blushed deeply. "Go on, show the other one, Judy. Just to be sure."

Judy mumbled "I should never have gotten him started on hot chocolate," under her breath as she worked the console. Another grainy image filled the screen. Sarah's red hair could be seen a couple of children back in the line and a little boy was just getting off of Santa's lap and returning to a young woman who stood to one side.

"What about you, princess?" Santa said to the woman before she could turn and walk away with the little boy. She turned, startled, and raised her eyebrows. "Yeah, babe, it's cool. Don't 'cha wanna tell Santa what you want for Christmas. I bet you want somethin' sexy! Yeah."

The woman walked up to Santa and leaned in. She was very pretty, though she was noticeably flat chested. "I think I'm a little old for sitting on Santa's lap."

"Man, girl, don't be such a downer." Santa whined. "Come on. Santa won't bite, unless you want him to. What's your name, gorgeous?" Flustered, the young woman let Santa pull her onto his lap. His eyes flashed gold and she gasped slightly.

"Really, Santa, you know you shouldn't," Judy the Elf snorted at the sight of Santa ass-grabbing the girl on the screen.

Santa smirked at the green-eyed elf, and as she turned back to the screen he grabbed her little child-like ass and gave it a squeeze. She stiffened and looked around quickly to make sure none of the other elves were watching. But then she leaned back into him with a smile and a little sigh.

Back on the screen the blonde woman said her name was Cindy, then leaned close to whisper into Santa's ear. Judy turned up the volume and they heard the girl say "..and I really think I could find a nice guy, if I just had bigger, you know, bigger..."

Santa, on the video, whispered back, "Whoah, dudette, you'd look so hot with big ones, yeah. 'Though, ya know, I'm like, totally good with little ones - in fact, they, like, kind of turn me on..."

"OH MY GOODNESS," Judy the Elf said, twisting to glare at Santa. "You're disgusting!"

"You know that's just Christmas flirting," Santa said. "It's expected - it doesn't mean... wait, here's the part we have to hear."

The girl on the video, Cindy, said "... okay, okay, what I really want for christmas is a pair of big, you know..., titties. OH!" She giggled adorably and turned bright red as she hid her lips behind her hand before she added, "I can't believe I said that. You're such a naughty Santa." Then she kissed Santa on the cheek, leapt from his lap and grabbed her nephew as she quickly escaped.

"So, that settles it for sure," Santa said. "I really scr..., ah, messed up the pooch. Didn't I?" He looked at Judy the Elf with chagrin. "Hey - pair of kitties, pair of titties, Cindy, Sarah - I was stoned. It happens."

"Santa! It doesn't 'just happen!' This is intolerable. You gave a ten-year-old a pair of, of, oh, I can't say it! You have to do something."

"Like what?"

"Go fix it, you big fat pile of oh-my-goodness! That poor child. And the woman too. Our records show she's allergic to cats. You've got to fix this. Go!"

"Wait, wait, wait," Santa said. "Hold your reindeer. You know these things almost always work out on their own. Stop being such a worry-elf."

"Santa, there is no way this is going to ..." Judy the Elf started to say.

"Didn't you say there were four red alerts, Judy, sweet Judy," Santa said, working to distract his favorite elf. "We'd better check them all out before we make any rash decisions. By then maybe we'll have our surveillance."

5. Amanda and Lisa's house:

Amanda sulked in her room, alone, on Christmas day. This was so, so, wrong! And her stupid, fucking, nasty, bitchy little sister was out there playing with her new puppy! Ooooh! Amanda had been begging for a pet for two long years. She'd done everything she could think of to show how mature and responsible she'd be. And they'd gone and given stupid Lisa a puppy! Aaaghh!

Amanda picked up the small Christmas present she'd been holding when they sent her to her room and hurled it against her door as hard as she could. It gave off a satisfying thunk, but immediately she was ever so slightly contrite. She didn't even know who the present was from. It probably wasn't their fault.

Picking up the small, slightly dented box, Amanda read the label. 'To Amanda, from Santa.' Santa, sure, NOT. Stupid parents. Stupid parents who let Lisa have a puppy! She'd show them, She'd unwrap the present and smash it into a billion pieces. Amanda pulled off the paper and opened the outer box. There was a small jewelry box inside, and a folded up pice of paper. Amanda read the paper with growing confusion. It hardly seemed to make any sense. Strangest was the final ominous warning, "It is extremely important that you choose carefully. Once chosen, you may not change your mind. It is a grave responsibility and final, so choose wisely."

Totally confused now, Amanda threw the instructions into the mess on her desk. She flipped open the little velvet box to find a simple, but very pretty stone ring - maybe even jade. She was intrigued. But then, she thought, it's no replacement for a pet! She slammed the little box down and went back to pouting.

6. Sarah's house:

Daddy came at a run. He'd never heard his little girl give off such a forlorn and terrified scream. But when he plowed into her room wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, he came to screeching halt. The vision before him was difficult to make sense of. It was his little Sarah - the same cute round face, the same broad perfect nose, the same sprinkle of freckles, the same long thick red hair. She was the right height, the right size the right portions. All except for the most amazing and perfect pair of large, perky, melon-shaped breasts.

Sarah stood in the middle of the room, her hands in little fists at her side, and tears streamed down her face. "Daddy?" she said forlornly at the look of complete shock and apprehension on her father's face.

Daddy stared, wide eyed, for just one more moment, and then he went to his little girl and scooped her into his arms, big breasts and all. He sat on the edge of her bed with her in his lap and he stroked her hair. "Oh baby, baby, don't be scared. It's going to be fine. It is."

"But daddy, you..." Sarah said tearfully.

"No, no baby, it's fine. I promise, everything will be fine." Daddy pulled Sarah to his chest and she buried her face against him as he rocked her back and forth.

"D-daddy?" little Sarah snuffled into daddy's chest. "Wh-what is that big hard thing in your shorts?"

7. The North Pole:

"Okay, sir, I've tracked down the next red alert. The time stamp puts it about half an hour after those other two."

"Let's start with the video record, Judy," Santa said.

A few seconds later a grainy video showed Santa, still visibly stoned, as a little boy of seven or eight climbed up into his lap. He was a cute little lad, with a mop of curly brown hair and a button nose.

"Hey, little dude! Give Santa a high five," Santa said to the little boy who looked at him perplexed, then raised his little hand and pushed it against Santa's. "Yo, cool. So, like, what's your name, little man?"

"Uh, Trevor?" the little boy answered.

"Whoah, cool! I used to know a Trevor, back in the day. He was like, the biggest pussy-chaser I ever met."

"OH MY GOODNESS! SANTA! Really!" Judy the Elf spun around and forcefully punched Santa on the arm. Her little pointed ears turned bright red with embarrassment and anger.

"Wh-what's a pussy-chaser?" the little boy asked innocently.

"Oh man, it's like a..., whoah, that lady over there looks kinda pissed."

"That's my mom," Trevor said.

"Whoah, little dude, what a MILF. But hey, so, like, what d'ya want for the C-day, man?"


"Christmas, little man. Like, what d'ya want?"

"Oh! I, I want a Manny the Firetruck! I want it more than anything! It's so neat. You can ride on it! And it talks to you. And it has a real engine. And, and, it has a real firehose, that you can squirt water out of and put out real fires and everything. It's the best!"

"Whoah, little dude, that sounds so cool. Yeah. Well, you, like, be a good little dude for your hot mom and maybe, just maybe, you'll get your Manny the Firetruck!"

As the screen faded, Santa said, "That hardly looked like something to turn into a red alert. I'm telling you Judy, your machine is just not calibrated right."

"Humph!" Judy snorted, and patted her console as if to soothe it. "We'll just see about that! Let me pull up the transcript."

"Whatever, you saucy little elf-bait."

"Santa! You are so naughty." Judy acted offended, but when she turned from Santa she blushed and bit her lip. "Okay, here, I've got the address. Yes, it's Trevor, seven-years-old, definitely on the good list - and the gift request transcript reads: 'this little dude is really into real fire fighting, so, let's give him some quality time with Turk the Fireman.'" There was a pause as Judy the Elf's eyes went big as saucers. "Oh my! Santa, not Turk! You didn't. Oh Santa, this is terrible. It's horrible!"

"Judy, Judy, calm down!" Santa said, holding his arms out to ward off the look of horror on the pretty, childish face of Judy the Elf. "I know, I know, this seems bad - I can see how maybe this would show up as a red al..."

"How could you?! I thought Turk was still in jail. Did you spring him out? Oh my goodness! Swearing, drinking, philandering, drugs and now felonies? You, you...!"

"Judy, calm down. You're scaring the other elves," Santa pleaded. And indeed, two of the other elves had fainted at the infamous name of Turk the Fireman. Several others were cowering at their workstations. "It's going to be okay. But you know these things almost always work out for the best! I know it seems implausible, right this second, but I'm sure it's going to be fine. We'll monitor the situation, but please, calm down."

8. Amanda and Lisa's house:

Lisa felt terrible for her sister, but she LOVED her new golden retriever, Hugger. He was so sweet and fluffy and full of energy! She played with him adoringly. He even let her put one of daddy's sweaters on him! It was adorable. She just couldn't wait to show her sister how good and wonderful her new doggy was. So Lisa made sure mommy and daddy were busy clearing up the clutter in the living room, she grabbed a handful of sugar cookies from the kitchen and she snuck back to Amanda's room with Hugger. She knocked on the door, very softly, then pushed it open.

Amanda was still pouting, but enough time had passed to take the edge off of her burning anger. She decided to take another look at the green ring in the little black box. Holding it up to the light, she saw how delicate and pretty it was. She could actually see the light through the thin green stone. It was a very grown up present. Did mommy and daddy think she was grown up after all? Then why didn't they think she could take care of a pet? She could take care of a pet! She knew she could! Anger flared again, marring the eleven-year-old's lovely features. OOH! Amanda jammed the ring onto her middle finger and for a moment it glowed brightly. Just then she heard someone knocking on her bedroom door. She turned as her sister stepped in and the big puppy bounded in after her.

"Oooh!" Amanda snorted. "How dare you! Come in and rub it in my face why don't you, you little bitch!"

"Mandy! No, no! I brought you a..." Lisa tried to say, but her sister cut her off.

"You little brat!" Amanda snarled, advancing on her sister who backed into the door as it closed behind her. "Oh, do you love your doggy so much?" she said mockingly. "Well, I wish I could make you kiss him! That would show you!" she screamed at her sister.

"Ow!" Amanda said sharply and looked at her left hand where the green ring flashed brightly for a moment. It stung her finger, but the pain receded immediately. And afterwards the ring felt tighter on her finger. Frightened, she grab the ring and tried to pull it off of her finger, but it wouldn't budge. She tugged and tugged, but it was no use.

A noise brought Amanda's attention back and she looked up to the most amazing sight. Her sister, Lisa, held the big puppy by the collar with both hands and she was kissing him madly. The dog was more than happy to reciprocate. His big tongue lashed out across little Lisa's lips and plunged into her mouth over and over.

The strangest thrill shot through Amanda's young frame - an amazing feeling she'd never had before. She gasped and bit her lip. The feeling frightened her, but she wanted more at the same time. It was so confusing. But her senses came back to her and she was appalled at the disgusting, humiliating sight of her eight-year-old sister madly kissing a slobbering dog.

"Lisa, stop that!" Amanda said. The little girl instantly stopped what she was doing and stood up. For a moment Lisa stared forward, glassy eyed, then she seemed to come back to her senses. She wiped her face with the sleeve of her Christmas pajamas, then gently hushed the dog who was still trying to lick at her. He quickly settled in next to her, rubbing up against her leg with affection.

"Ooh! Just go away!" Amanda snapped, angrily. Little Lisa got the same strange glassy look and without a word she opened the door and marched out of Amanda's room with Hugger at her heels.

Amanda watched Lisa go. She was still livid, but now she was puzzled, too. And where was that page of instructions that had come with her weird new ring?

9. Trevor's house:

"So, you want to be a fireman, eh Trevor?" Turk the fireman asked.

"Yeah! Firemen are so cool! They get to ride on firetrucks and put out fires and be heroes. I want to do that." Trevor's eyes glowed with childish excitement.

"Well maybe we should practice putting out fires right now," Turk said. "Would that be fun?"

"Whoa! Really?" Trevor answered. "That would be so fun."

"Right you are, little man," Turk grinned and he reached under the tree to drag one of the larger, wrapped packages out into the middle of the room. Without another word he lit a match and set the big package on fire.

"Turk!" Trevor yelled. "That's one of daddy's presents! Oh gosh, gosh, it's on fire! Turk!"

"Not to worry, little man," Turk said. "We'll put it out in no time. Just get your trusty firehose out and we'll spray it down and put out the conflagration. Come on now, lad, let's get to it."

"But I don't have a firehose, Turk! And it's burning - it's burning up daddy's present."

"Sure you do, little man, just do what I do!" Turk dropped his fireman's pants to the floor to reveal an enormous, long cock. Not enormous for a dwarf - regular size enormous. "Come on, little man, quick! Firemen have to react quickly to every emergency - it's part of the code!"

But Trevor just stared in disbelief at the now half-naked dwarf who was holding a huge cock in his hand. He was too stunned to move.

"It's okay, little man, I understand," Turk said breathlessly. "It's your first fire - it's scary. So let me help you." Turk reached down and yanked Trevor's pajama bottoms and underpants to the floor in a single practiced motion.

"Aaah!" Trevor managed to say. He looked at Turk and his huge cock. He looked at the fire that was now merrily blazing atop his daddy's present. He looked down to see Turk holding his little wee-wee in his hand. He looked back up into Turk's sly smirking face. "Aaah!"

"That's a great firehose you've got there, Trevor. First class all the way. Just let me help get it all primed and ready to fight this fearsome fire. Then we'll take it down together!" Turk massaged Trevor's little cock and it rapidly did something it had never done before - it got bigger, and bigger, and harder.

"Aaah!" Trevor gasped.

"There you go, Trevor, all primed and ready. Now let her rip! We'll put this fire out in a flash!" And with that Turk pointed Trevor's little hard-on towards the fire and pointed his own huge cock at the fire and he let go with a heavy stream of urine that sizzled as it struck the flaming Christmas wrapping. "Come on, Trevor, let her rip!"


In a few seconds the fire was out, leaving a steaming, black mess of urine-soaked box sitting in the middle of the living room.

"Well now, don't you worry, little man. Lot's of real firemen couldn't perform with their first real hot one. Nothing to be ashamed of. Don't you worry, old Turk can help you with that - never you fear. Next time you'll do just fine." As Turk spoke reassuringly to little Trevor, calming his nerves and assuaging any guilt he might feel for not peeing on the fire, he never stopped stroking and handling Trevor's cute little cock.

"Next time?" Trevor asked, staring at the blackened mess.

"Well sure, little man - don't you want to be a real fireman, who rides on real firetrucks and puts out real fires?"

Trevor looked back at his Christmas surprise with wide eyes. "Oh, yes, yes, more than anything. Do you have a firetruck, Turk?"

"I sure do, Trevor! And maybe I can take you for a ride soon," Turk said. He licked his lips as he continued to expertly fondle the little boy's genitals and then, suddenly, the little cock twitched and twitched in a dry climax.

Trevor looked up at Turk with wide eyes. "Aaah!"

10. The North Pole:

"I can't believe you're not immediately going to do something about Turk! You know you can't trust him with a child." Judy the Elf was nearly hysterical.

"It's going to be fine! Trust me. Besides, you haven't told me about the fourth red alert. What if that's something truly bad? Eh? Come on, Judy, do your magic with this confounded machine of yours and get me the last of your so-called emergencies."

Judy the Elf drew herself up to her full four feet five inches, enhanced by the rather fetching three-inch heels on her knee-high black leather boots. She did her best to appear to look down her nose at Santa, who towered over her. "You're the boss," she said, snippily. "But in the future, I, and all of the other elves, would appreciate it if you would watch your language! Humph! Now then, let's see." Judy the Elf worked the console and then her eyes flared in surprise. "Oh, Santa!" she exclaimed. "We have a double red alert at the same address. I've never seen that before."

"Uh-oh!" Santa said. "Gosh, give me the bad news."

"Let's see. The date stamps on these are about an hour after you met Trevor. One right after the other. The first gift recording is for Lisa, age eight, on the good list. The gift transcript says 'really wants a pet, let's go with a puppy.' The second record is for Amanda, age eleven, on the 'slightly naughty but she's cute so let's give her a pass' list. Oh, Santa, you're just awful. I just don't know what to do with..." Judy visibly struggled to get control of herself, then continued. The gift recording reads 'wants a real-life doll, let's go with a level three ring of enchantment.' Oh! Oh my! Santa. You, you, you didn't really give a level three ring of enchantment to an eleven-year-old, did you? Oh my!"

"Oh yeah," Santa said slowly. "That's where that ring went. Damn, sorry, I mean gosh golly, I was wondering what I did with that thing. Huh?"

"Santa, you're not taking this seriously! This is very, very bad. What if she... And what if... And... Oh, golly, there are so many things that could go wrong!"

"Judy, my sweet, my only - at least this decade - my beautiful. Calm the fuck down!"

Judy the Elf's eyes went wide as Christmas tree ornaments. She couldn't speak, she could only gasp. She turned three different shades of red and actual steam came out of her little, pointed ears.

Santa, who was not the complete idiot he often appeared, reached around his favorite little piece of elf-muffin and used the console to bring up the visual recording of Lisa and Amanda's visit to Santa at the Averageville mall. "Let's just see what got mixed up, shall we?" he said, calmly. Then he kissed Judy on her flaming cheek.

On the grainy screen image, little Lisa was already sitting in Santa's lap and she wrinkled her nose at the smell of ganja wafting off Santa's beard. "Oh, Santa, I want a Super-Huggable Realistic Life-Like Doll for Christmas. Oh, I want one so much. They're so great and you can dress them up and brush their hair and they make you fell so happy! I've been really good, I promise. Please?"

"Whoah, Lisa, that's, like, a lot of energy. Yeah, it's kinda cute, ya know? But hey, is that your sister? Oh man, she's like, hot. But wait, wait, yeah, that doll sounds totally rad. So, like, I think it's your sister's turn, 'kay?"

Judy the Elf, still too upset to speak, actually kicked Santa in the shins and then turned her back to him, whipping her gorgeous long dark hair around in the process. Santa just smirked.

On the monitor, Lisa was hurried off of Santa's lap and Amanda, rather reluctantly, got up to replace her. She leaned away from Santa as far as she could get, wrinkling her nose. "Ooh, Santa, what's that smell?" Amanda said rather rudely.

"Oh, yeah, you know, like, I had a pick-me-up at break with one of the camera guys. He's like, really connected. That joint was as big as my di... Whoah! Almost forgot where I was - you know, talkin' to a hot babe, yeah, it like, gets me confused."

"Yuck! You're like, ancient! That's disgusting," Amanda said.

"Yeah, yeah, so ancient. It's so cool! So, like, babe, do you wanna' tell Santa what's up for Christmas? Are you seeing somebody? Do you like Christmas underwear?"

"Ooh! Stop that. I just want a pet for Christmas. That's all I've ever wanted. Ooh, get away from me!"

Amanda jumped down from the stoned Santa's lap, grabbed her little sister and made a beeline away from Santa's village as the grainy recording faded away.

Santa held up his hands in a gesture of surrender but it didn't stop Judy the Elf from punching him as hard she could, on the arm. "Hey! You know, that actually hurts, little miss perfect!" He rubbed his arm and looked worried for the first time. Under his breath, but not quietly enough, he said "Fuck me, that Jamaican weed is powerful stuff." Then he yelled "OW! when Judy the Elf kicked him with her cute little pointy black boots, again.

A phone rang before Judy could launch into another diatribe about Santa's vices. "Yes? Yes?" she said into the phone, "Good!" She turned to Santa. "We have full site surveillance at all four sites, sir."

"Good," Santa said. "Patch the feeds back to the hi-def in my room. And I need a cup of hot chocolate, with Peppermint Schnapps!"

"Ooh!" Judy the Elf huffed.

11. Cindy's apartment:

Cindy luxuriated in her bed late on Christmas morning. How nice to finally have her own place, away from her mother, and a day off from work. Now if she just had someone to share it with...

A sudden weight plopped onto Cindy's bed, then another, startling her. She groaned and rolled over to find herself eye to eye with a tortoise shell kitten with the cutest little eyes and nose. The kitten even had a Christmas bow tied to its little collar. As Cindy stared, surprised, a second beribboned kitten, black and white, padded into her view.

"What the...? Who? Oh! You're so cute!" Cindy peeled. "But, where did you...?"

Smiling, Cindy sat up in bed and picked up both of the sweet kittens to hold in her lap. Her heart instantly melted for the tiny cats and she clutched one to her chest feeling joyous.

Then she sneezed. And sneezed again. She had trouble taking a breath. Her eyes went wide with panic.

12. The North Pole:

"Oh my goodness! Santa! You've got to do something. I told you this was bad!" Judy the Elf was beside herself with worry as she and Santa, sitting atop his huge bed, watched Cindy slowly going into anaphylactic shock up on the hi-def screen in Santa's bedroom.

But Santa was on it. Judy turned to see him already on the phone. "That's right, that's the address. Please hurry - yes, anaphylaxis - from cats. Hurry!"

"Oh gosh, will she be okay Santa?"

"Let's just watch and see, cutie-pie. And while we're waiting..."

"Santa! Stop that!" Judy said, swatting away Santa's roving hand. "How can you think of that when poor Cindy is practically choking to death. Oh! Oh look, the paramedics are there! Thank sweetness."

On the screen, two paramedics burst into Cindy's bedroom. She was turning blue, but they went to work with impressive speed, sweeping away the offending kittens and delivering a dose of epinephrine. In seconds, Cindy was breathing almost normally again, although she still looked pale, weak and frightened. The female paramedic cleaned up their gear and took the kittens away to play in another room, while the male paramedic stayed to monitor Cindy's pulse. A completely unnecessary task.

Smirking, Santa said "There! I told you it would all work out. Maybe kitties were the perfect gift for Cindy after all. Now can you stop being such a worry-elf?" Santa stroked Judy's pretty young face as she stared at the big screen.

"But sir, Cindy practically died. And all the other alerts - what if they aren't okay?"

"Look, I'll bet you anything that from here on it all works out for the best."

Judy's green eyes narrowed and her little nose wrinkled. Santa had already had to intervene in one of the red alerts, and the others all seemed even worse. "Anything? Will you promise not to swear?"

"Hmm. How long?"

"A decade!"

"Yeah, yeah, a decade. If you win, I won't swear for a decade, you're on." Santa held out his hand and Judy put her tiny hand in his to shake. "There, it's an official bet! Ha! And you didn't even ask what I get if I win. Ha!"

"Oh! My!" Judy the Elf gasped at her mistake. "But Santa, you wouldn't expect anything..., I mean, you wouldn't..."

"It'll just have to be a surprise, my little crumpet. Ha! Now let's see what else we've got on our surveillance. I've got a bet to win!" Santa rubbed his hands together with glee at his bet. Maybe we should check in on the other half of our Cindy-Sarah mess, eh? That should be a damn sight."

"Santa!" Judy cried. "Please! Language. Oh, how do I put up with you? Uh-oh! Oh, Santa, look - something is happening at Amanda and Lisa's house."

13. Amanda and Lisa's house:

Of course Amanda hadn't actually been banished to her room for all of Christmas. It was Christmas! And besides, mommy needed help getting Christmas breakfast ready, so she'd let Amanda out. That gave Amanda a chance to experiment with her new ring, because the instructions hadn't made any sense no matter how many times she'd read them. Amanda quickly discovered that a direct command to her mother, to sit and rest, had brought her nothing but a look of annoyance. Trying to tell daddy to put on a real shirt instead of his ugliest old t-shirt had just gotten a chuckle and a grin. But telling her sister to set the table brought a momentary blank stare followed by an immediate reaction - and soon the table was set perfectly.

Now, with breakfast out of the way, Amanda peeked through the open door to Lisa's room. She found her sister enraptured with her new puppy. Lisa had put a shirt on the poor beast! And she was busily brushing out his long golden tail. It was amazing how the energetic big puppy was content to let Lisa play with him. But when he saw Amanda at the door he jumped up and yipped.

"Shhh!" Amanda hissed and slipped into Lisa's room. "Make him be quiet!"

Lisa's eyes went glassy and then she said, "Hugger, hush."

Wow, Amanda thought. This is so amazing. "Lisa," she commanded, "take that stupid shirt off of the dog." Immediately, her little sister turned to Hugger and coaxed the shirt over his head. Amanda looked to the ring again, which had throbbed lightly when she told her sister what to do. And a thrill of excitement ran through her young body.

It was time to find out how far she could really take this. "Lisa, you need to pee," she said. Lisa immediately stood, blank-eyed, then ran from the room. Amanda followed her into the hall and watched her do the pee-pee dance into the hall bathroom. Lisa didn't say a word when she came back to find her sister sitting and petting the new puppy.

A thousand ideas flitted through Amanda's mind. She was trembling with excitement. She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't resist. As she looked at her little sister she carefully took the dog's collar off of his neck, then said, "Lisa! You're my pet now. Whenever we're alone, you have to be my pet all the time - and pets walk on all fours." Lisa's eyes went blank once again, and then she dropped to her hands and knees. "And pets wear collars, Lisa," Amanda said. Her little sister held up her neck, where Amanda fastened the bright red collar. "And good little pets don't wear clothes. Take your clothes off, Lisa."

The thrill that ran through Amanda as she watched her captive sister disrobe was unlike anything she'd ever felt. It was intoxicating. It was addictive. And the hormones that were just starting to flow through her young body as she entered puberty were going crazy. Without thinking, she thrust her small hand past the waist of her skirt and slid two fingers into the warm dampness of her little pussy. She moaned. But she wanted more from her new pet!

Amanda made sure the door to Lisa's room was locked, then sat on the edge of her sister's bed. Her sister crawled about the room, naked but for her new collar and played with Hugger once again as if nothing was wrong. Not quite believing what she was doing, Amanda removed her skirt and then her panties. "Come here, pet!" she commanded and Lisa immediately crawled to her, looking up expectantly. "Lick me, lick me here!" Amanda said, spreading her legs wide and indicating her glistening little cunt. "Oh god. Oh wow!" she cried out as her sister's tongue began to swipe through the sensitive folds.

Amanda had heard stories, from other middle school girls, but the sensation of having someone actually lave your pussy with her tongue - someone forced to do it no less - was beyond anything she could have imagined. In a few seconds she was writhing on the edge of the bed, with her sister's head clasped in her hands. "Harder, pet, harder," Amanda moaned. "Oh god, yes, oh. Lick everywhere. Put your tongue inside. Oh! And lick here, at the top, harder! Aaah!"

For several moments Amanda's eyes rolled back in her head at the intensity of her experience. He brain flooded with excitement and power and lust. She felt something else and looked down to see the big dog sniffing around beside his little mistress's face - wondering why she was rapidly tonguing the older sister's nice-smelling pussy. Amanda pushed his head away with disgust, but then her eyes flared with a new, evil desire.

"Spread your legs, Lisa, pet. Quick!" Amanda demanded. A second later her little sister, still on her knees, had her legs spread wide. Awkwardly, Amanda leaned forward to pat her sister's small round ass. "Here Hugger, here boy," she said, breathless with excitement. "Come on boy. Good boy!"

Hugger buried his cold wet nose between little Lisa's naked thighs and the child jerked and jumped, but she never stopped licking her sister's throbbing wet pussy. In seconds she was moaning uncontrollably into her sister's cunt as the dog's long rough tongue found the sensitive, fat little mounds that guarded her inner private place. When he forced his tongue inside of Lisa she gave a muffled scream into Amanda's wetness.

"Be quiet!" Amanda hissed, but seconds later she was the one making noise. "Oh, oh god, oh god, what's happening?" she said in a hushed, desperate voice. "Wh-what? What's happening?" She watched her sister being tongue-ravished by the dog. She was forcing her sister to give her intense pleasure. It all combined to push Amanda over the edge and the first orgasm of her young life crashed over her. She arched her back, thrust her hips hard against Lisa's pretty face and cried out "Yessss!"

14. Sarah's house:

"Daddy, daddy, what are you...? Oh daddy, that feels so good. But, but...? OH! Daddy!"

One more time Daddy ran his tongue over the nipples in little Sarah's astonishing large breasts. He was so turned on! It was so fantastic to see his little girl with the tits of a hard-core bimbo. He couldn't control his lust. He'd never thought of his child in a sexual way before. Since his wife passed away he hadn't thought of any female in a sexual way, not for months and months. But now lust was exploding behind his eyes and he couldn't hold himself back. He'd always been consumed by large mammaries, and now, in his grasp, his trusting little daughter was sporting the most erotic pair he'd ever seen. He pressed Sarah down into her soft bed and kneaded the amazing large miracles. He attacked her with his tongue and sucked a nipple deep into his mouth.

"DADDY! OH!" Sarah cried out in ecstasy and confusion. She arched her back into daddy's big hands and strong mouth.

"Oh god, oh god, I can't, I can't," daddy said. He reared back to look down onto his little daughter's gorgeous face and body. But he could! Acting quickly he straddled his little girl and brought his throbbing, maddening erection between the mysterious mounds of flesh she sported. He pressed the big breasts together around his burning cock and began to rapidly stroke his cock forward and back through the smooth, milky white tunnel. With his thumbs, daddy tortured little Sarah's pink nipples.

"Daddy, daddy, I'm scared daddy!" Sarah pleaded. She stretched her little arms out, gripping the covers of her bed. It was her daddy looming over her, using her, but she was frightened by the look of intensity on his handsome face. What did he want? Why was he doing this?

"Oh god, baby, Sarah, oh god, I'm, I'm, oh god!" A fountain of hot sperm erupted from daddy's cock, coating little Sarah's face and chest. "Oh Jesus! OHHH!" daddy screamed as he came, again and again, all over his little daughter.

15. The North Pole:

As the surveillance action changed from venue to venue, Santa's huge television was getting a work-out. And now, after Santa had taken in the visions of Amanda misusing her little sister and Sarah getting her face and big tits creamed by daddy, it was Judy the Elf's turn to be getting a work-out. Judy's long velvet gown was long gone, revealing the fact that the little elf-minx wasn't wearing anything underneath it - other than her knee-high black leather boots. Looking just like a nine-year-old child with cute, pointy ears, she grunted heavily in time to Santa's energetic thrusts as he fucked her doggy-style in the middle of his big bed. This allowed both of them to continue to watch the huge television screen and the ever-changing scenes from the many red alerts in Averageville.

"Oh, oh, yeah!" Santa said. He loved shoving his rather massive cock deep into his favorite and tightest piece of elf-cunt. They broke the elf mold when little Judy the Elf was born all those centuries ago. And none of his other elves gave off such a wonderful combination of lust, annoyance and prudishness. She could be shocked, overwhelmed with desire and angry - all at the same time. Not to mention that she came with the ferocity of a lioness - far beyond anything he'd ever seen in any other girl-child, human or elf. She was intoxicating and he loved her beyond measure, even when he was giving her a hard time or she was scolding him.

"Oh, goodness, Santa, those, poor, poor, children!" Judy grunted with helpless concern.

"Nonsense, you little strumpet," Santa bellowed. "It's all going to be fine! Oh, oh fuck. Fuck, I'm going to fill you up with my hot, fucking, cum! Ohh!"

"Santa! Language, please." Judy the Elf said weakly. But the throws of orgasm began to overtake her and her protests were pro forma at best. "OHHHH! YES! YES! Santa, you big, big, naughty boy!

Even as Santa pumped his hot cum into the little elf, a new scene appeared on the big screen. They both knew they were far from done with their Christmas romp.

16. Cindy's apartment:

"Yes, yes, yes, oh god! Daniel! Oooooh!" Cindy rapidly approached her third orgasm as she forced her tight pussy up and down on the magnificent cock of her new favorite paramedic, Daniel.

"Yeah baby, yeah, oh yeah, keep going. I'm almost there. God, you're so hot!" Daniel reached up and gripped Cindy's tiny breasts in his hands. She turned him on so much! She was a fucking rabbit in bed and he really was just seconds from cumming deep in her womb for the third time. They weren't even using protection! How the hell had he fallen head over heels for this girl so fast and so furious? This was crazy.

Cindy was nearly insane as her third orgasm was about to crash over her. Daniel was only her third sexual experience - after two terrible failed one-night-stands with men who made it clear that she'd be 'okay' if she just had real breasts. But Daniel thought she was incredibly sexy and he loved ravaging her small nipples with his tongue. Remembering how that felt and enjoying the way he was thumbing her nipples now drove her orgasm over the edge and she moaned incoherently. "Oh, oh, ahhh, ahhh!"

"Fuck me, fuck me, I'm gonna cum, oh god, yeah, yeah!" Daniel shifted his hands to Cindy's thin waist and rammed his impressive cock up into her as hard and fast as he could. His whole body bucked as he expelled wave after wave of his hot cum into her unprotected womb. Cindy's lovely body twitched and writhed in equal pleasure.

As the two new lovers ended their climaxes Cindy collapsed onto Daniel's sweaty chest and nuzzled into his chin and neck, enjoying the scratchy feeling of his five o'clock shadow. She panted from the incredible exertion of their love making.

"Damn!" Daniel sighed. "I sure am glad I was at the end of my shift when you decided to try to stop breathing. That was amazing. And, and, well, I know this is crazy. I mean, we just met and all, but, well, Cindy. I have to say it. I just I have to! I think I love you!"

"Oh, Daniel!" Cindy cried and snuggled him tighter. "This is the best Christmas ever!" After a few moments of contented bliss, she added "Whatever are we going to name the kittens?"

"I vote for Happy and Sneezy," Daniel said with a smile. "And we better get a BIG bottle of antihistamines!"

17. Trevor's house:

"Oh gosh, Turk, look!" Trevor exclaimed in horror. "Daddy's present caught on fire again. It's burning, it's burning."

"It sure is, little man!" Turk boomed. "Quick, grab your firehose and put it out. Come on, Trevor you can do it!"

Trevor grabbed his little cock and he tried and tried to pee on daddy's present, but he just couldn't get a stream of pee going. And then a huge spray of urine erupted from Turk and doused the package in an instant, before it could set the Christmas tree and the entire house aflame.

Little Trevor dropped his cock and looked down at the ground despondently. Tears began to stream down his little face. He sniffed and said, "it's no use, Turk, I'm never going to be a fireman. My firehose is too little and it doesn't work right." He looked incredibly miserable.

"Nonsense, nonsense, little fellow. I guarantee you'll be a big strong fireman in no time. You just need a little help from your friend, Turk the Fireman. You need some of Turk's magic elixir."

Trevor looked up with big eyes. "Magic? Really?"

"Really, my boy. You just need to let Turk give you his magic medicine. It won't hurt a bit - well maybe a bit of a sting, but you know medicine has to hurt a little and I know you want to be a big strong fireman. Big strong fireman don't mind a little sting, do they?"

"Ah, no?" Trevor said.

"Good lad, Trevor, good lad. We've just got one problem, little man. You want your firehose to grow up big and strong and ready for any fire, don't you. Then the rest of you can grow up big and strong too. So Turk needs to use his firehose to give you the medicine. But my firehose is all tired out from putting out the fire that you couldn't handle. It's exhausted. You need to wake it up first. Then you can have the magic medicine. Can you do that, little man?"

Trevor looked dubious, but he really, really wanted to be a fireman with a big firehose like Turk's, that could put out any fire. So he nodded his head and then, at Turk's instruction, he got down on his knees in front of the dwarf fireman, whose limp cock was still hanging impressively in front of him. "Wh-what now, Turk?" the innocent little boy asked.

"You just have to wake it up, little man," Turk said and then he brought the head of his cock to the little boy's lips. "You can do it, boy, just open up and take it inside. That's it. Oh yeah, oh, yeah, god damn me."

Trevor didn't really have much choice as the strong dwarf pushed the head of the big cock past Trevor's lips, with one hand on the back of his head. He went cross-eyed trying to see the large piece of man-meat as it swelled and straightened and hardened very quickly.

"Oh holy St. Florian," Turk said at the sight and feeling of his tumescent schlong filling little Trevor's mouth. Panic blossomed on the boy's face, and his small arms flailed, but he did his best to help wake up Turk's firehose.

Turk's erection was raging and he knew he wasn't going to last long with such a hot little boy in his clutches. He waiting as long as he could, thrusting his cock into the boy's little mouth, but before long he had to act.

Suddenly little Trevor found himself down on his front on the carpet. A heavy hand in the middle of his back held him down and his legs were forced apart. He felt something cold and slimy on his bottom and he screeched in fright. "Turk, Turk, what's happening?"

"It's okay, little man!" Turk said with intense excitement. "Just a little sting. Then your magic medicine, so you can have a big, strong firehose just like Turk's. Just a little sting. You'll hardly feel a..."

"Aaaaaaggghhhh!" Trevor screamed. It was more than a little sting. It was a terrifying, painful, overwhelming sensation as something huge pushed up into his tight little poop hole. "Aaah, aaah, Turk, Turk, aaaah!" He grunted with each vicious thrust, as the thing got farther and farther inside him. But then it didn't sting so much. It was still scary, but it felt better, and better! "Ooooh. Ooooh, Turk, Turk, what are you..., oh, oh, oh!" Trevor felt his own little firehose jerk and spasm again, even as he felt hot liquid boiling out into his bowels. And then he felt Turk collapse on top of him, and he knew for certain that it was Turk's big firehose up inside his tight ass.

"Oh, damn, little man. That was so good. So good. Damn," Turk panted in exhaustion from taking the little boy's ass. "And now you'll grow up and have a big, strong, fully-functioning firehose, just like Turk."

"Really?" Trevor asked very weakly from under the dwarf.

"Really!" Turk promised. And after a few more moments of panting he added. "It's almost time for your parents to revive, little man. Turk's got to go. But I'll come back if you want. And maybe next time we can go for a ride on my firetruck, with some of my firemen friends. They have pretty impressive firehoses too, little man, very impressive. Would you like that, Trevor my boy, would you?"

"Really? Wow. A firetruck. That would be so cool!" Trevor said. "Gosh, Turk, this is the best Christmas ever!"

18. The North Pole:

First Cindy and her new paramedic, then Turk conning little Trevor into a nice hard buggering - it was more than enough to get Santa's randy juices flowing again, much to the chagrin of Judy the Elf. Even as Santa rammed his big prick up into Judy's incredibly tight ass, over and over, she was forced to admit that two of her red alerts really had worked out for the best. Cindy and Daniel were head over heels in love at first sight. Turk's magic cum, amazingly enough, really would give little Trevor a huge piece of equipment when he was older. But why oh why did Santa have to torture her into orgasm after orgasm, reaching around to expertly stimulate her tiny clit as he held her in his lap and fucked her up the ass, over and over and over?

"Oh goodness, Santa, please, no more, no more!" Judy the Elf begged.

"Nonsense!" Santa boomed. We have to celebrate for Cindy and Trevor. And I'm half way to winning my bet, you wonderful little elf-muffin, you. Oh look, look, it's Sarah and her daddy."

19. Sarah's house:

Sarah cuddled into her daddy and sighed with supreme contentment. She'd dreamed of being snuggled and happy and loved again. She was a tactile and personal child and she missed her mommy's warmth and frequent hugs. But now she had her daddy! She'd made her daddy happy and in turn he was loving her, holding her and her life was good again.

But there was that big thing between daddy's legs again - the thing that shot out the goopy stuff all over her face. It was poking her in the butt. And daddy's hand was massaging her new breast again. He was awake and he pulled her back tighter to his chest. It was scary - but, but, it also felt amazing! Oh gosh, it felt so, so, ooh!

"Oh baby, Sarah, my baby," daddy groaned, unable to control his incredibly lust for the big breasted little vixen in his arms. He tweaked the nipple on her magnificent breast and was rewarded with a shiver through her little body. It was intoxicating. His other hand found her small pussy - touching her there for the very first time. She gasped and another surge of lust visibly shuddered through his frame. He couldn't resist her!

"Daddy, daddy? What are you... Oh! OH daddy!" Sarah's heart was beating so fast. This was a whole new kind of cuddling - and it was scary! But she got more and more excited as daddy touched her between her legs and tortured her big new titties. She wanted daddy to cuddle and love her forever, and if this is what it took, well... "Oh!" Sarah gasped as daddy pulled her to her knees and she grabbed the headboard of her bed. What was he doing behind her? "OH!"

Daddy maneuvered the head of his agonized dick to the entrance of his little girl's virgin cunt. He swirled the tip around and around, increasing the volume of her juices and preparing her for his assault. "Oh god, baby," he said, "I love you so much, so much. But you're so fucking hot with those, those,... Oh god, oh god, I can't stop!"

Daddy grabbed both of Sarah's astonishing hooters from behind her, then rammed his pelvis forward to thrust his rigid cock up inside of his her. She screamed and screamed again. Her cherry was ravaged and daddy's cock filled her completely. It hurt! But in seconds the pain was good. It was amazing. It was incredible. "Daddy! Daddy! What's happening?" little Sarah cried out and then lost herself into a beautiful, overwhelming climax.

Now this, thought little Sarah, is cuddling!

"Oh fuck, baby, I'm going to cum. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but OH MY GOD!"

Sarah felt her daddy fill her little eight-year-old womb with his hot, thick daddy-seed and she knew that this was just the first of many years of enjoying daddy's version of cuddling. And it was incredible! He banged her against the headboard over and over again, until he'd exhausted his supply of semen. And then they collapsed together onto Sarah's bed, with daddy holding her close, breathing hard, stroking her hair and making her feel wonderful.

"I love you daddy!" Sarah cooed happily. "And merry Christmas!"

20. Amanda and Lisa's house:

Amanda paced back and forth in her room, her mind a whirl of excitement, guilt and desire. Thoughts of all the things she'd like to do with her new little pet filled her brain, but fear tried to crowd them out. What if she got caught? What if Lisa told someone? But oh, the thrill! And the orgasm! Why had she waited so long to have an orgasm? What a rush!

Unable to wait any longer, Amanda ducked down the hall to her sister's room and peeked through the door. Lisa continued to be enraptured with the new puppy and it was amazing how accommodating the dog was to his new owner. Despite the fact that his tail wagged at hyper-speed and he frequently leaned forward to lick the side of Lisa's face, he was incredibly patient. He was wearing a ruffled shirt and a pink tutu! And worse, he had multicolored hair clips in the fur on top of his head. Lisa was happily sitting crosslegged and brushing the hair around his throat as she attached more hair clips at random.

As soon as Amanda stepped into the room and closed the door, Lisa's eyes went temporarily glassy. She got up onto her knees and quickly pulled her Christmas dress over her head. Amanda shivered when she saw that her little sister wore no underthings under dress, just as Amanda had ordered when she left her earlier. Lisa crawled on hands and knees over to where Amanda stood and reared back onto her haunches, holding her little hands in front of her like paws. She waited patiently as Amanda, with trembling hands, buckled on the dog's collar. "I need to get you your own collar, little pet," Amanda said breathlessly, snapping the dog's leash onto the collar. "Something pretty - with your very own leash!" Lisa just looked up at her with adoring eyes while Amanda petted her head. Then Amanda began to 'walk' Lisa around the room, on her hands and knees.

Amanda was truly enjoying the thrill of controlling her little sister when the door to Lisa's room suddenly opened and mommy walked in! Amanda couldn't help a gasp of fear and her heart practically stopped in her chest. She felt her ring throb on her finger.

"Oh, there you are, Amanda. I was just looking to tell both of you girls that we need to be ready to leave for Grandma's by two o'clock. Now don't forget. Best dresses, please. And make sure Lisa takes her puppy out before we go, he can't come with us."

Wide-eyed with shock, Amanda could barely answer. "Uh, uh, okay, mom? Uh, w-we'll be ready?"

"I knew I could count on you, Amanda. I told your father you were old enough to have a pet. Have fun now." And with that mommy was gone!

Amanda gaped at the closed door for several seconds. She looked down at her magic ring, looked back at the door, looked at her sister, on the floor on her hands and knees, then let out a huge breath of relief. "Oh wow!"

To calm herself down and get her brain working again, Amanda walked her pet around the room some more, with the big dog Hugger curiously trailing behind and occasionally sniffing at little Lisa's behind. As Amanda pondered, she got more and more excited! Her little sister's naked helplessness was turning her on, more and more. Suddenly overwhelmed with desire she said "I have to know. I just have to. Get on the bed, pet, on your back. That's right! Now spread your legs. Oh god!"

Lisa did everything her new master said. She held her arms and legs up in the air like a good pet - but she gasped in shock when Amanda's tongue found her tiny pussy. "Oooh, oooh," Lisa wailed. Pet or not, she was still shocked to be getting eaten out for the second time in one day. She wriggled uncontrollably.

With her tongue buried deep in Lisa's tight, tiny pussy, Amanda looked up at the consternation and confusion on her sister/pet's face. It was intoxicating, as was the wonderful taste of the little girl's pussy. Who knew that eating out another girl could be this exciting! But it had certainly been exciting when Lisa did it to her. She worked Lisa's little cunt hard, and Lisa involuntarily slid towards the foot of the bed, until her head hung off the end.

Amanda was about to grab Lisa and haul her back, when the dog suddenly appeared, towering over the child with one front paw on either side of her chest. He was breathing fast and excited, his tongue lolling out one side of his friendly mouth and his drool dripping down onto Lisa's chest. Looking down, Amanda saw that the enthusiastic dog's cock had slipped out of its sheath. The cock was bright scarlet, unlike anything she'd ever seen before and she was instantly mesmerized by it. She stopped licking her sister to stare at the four inches of pointy red meat. Her sister's juices dripped from her chin and then she nearly screamed when a little jet of thin fluid shot out of the end of the dog's cock and onto her sister face and chest. Hugger started humping at Lisa, gripping her chest at the armpits and hunching his back to get his cock closer to her face.

"Oh! Oh! No, no!" Lisa said and she moved her head from side to side, trying desperately to avoid the big dog's thrusting red rocket. Amanda couldn't see the look of fright on the little girl's face, but she could hear it in her voice - and it sent an immediate spasm of lust through her young body.

"No, pet, no," Amanda commanded. "You have to open your mouth! Let him put it in your mouth. Quick, do it!"

Amanda rose up onto all fours so that she could better see the moment when Lisa, her head back over the edge of bed, opened her mouth and let the big golden retriever ram his cock past her lips. Amanda had to stuff one hand down into her skirt! She was soaking wet and her pussy was on fire! She tried to rub her young cunt as fast as the dog was jacking his cock in and out of her sister's mouth. Amanda leaned forward, nearly pushing her head into the dog's chest to see the look on Lisa's face. Her sister's eyes were wide with panic, but she let the big dog fuck her mouth. And as Amanda watched, the dog's cock got bigger and bigger and then a huge bulge appeared at the base of it. The cock was too long for the bulge to go into Lisa's mouth, but it was frightening nonetheless.

The big dog came hard into little Lisa's mouth. Amanda's orgasm wracked her body. Lisa gave out a frightened groan around the big cock and Amanda moaned in harmony. And just then the door opened, again.

Daddy strolled into Lisa's room. Amanda's ring throbbed on her finger.

"Oh, hey Amanda," daddy said. "Your mom said you were in here playing with your pet. So, listen, when you're done, I really need you to help me get Grandma's present wrapped, 'kay. You're, like, way better at the kinda stuff. What do you say champ?"

Amanda's eyes were wide with shock, her face with covered with her sister's wetness and she was writhing from her orgasm. She barely, barely managed to squeak out "yeah, sure daddy?"

"Thanks champ! Really appreciate it. Whenever you're ready - there's lots of time." And then daddy was gone.

Amanda collapsed onto her little sister and quivered as her orgasm abated. A few minutes later, she was able to rise up again to find that the dog had withdrawn and gone to contentedly curl up in the corner. Lisa still shivered, slightly, and what dog cum hadn't been forced down her throat had dribbled out and coated her pretty little face.

Once again, Amanda looked at the ring on her finger and remembered the throbs it had given off. Smiling, she said, "get up pet, let's go get you cleaned up." Amanda led her sister down the hall, naked and on her leash, to the bathroom. On the way they passed mommy, who took no note of them. And after cleaning the pet's face, Amanda led Lisa back to her room by way of the living room, where daddy happily read a book in front of the fire.

Back in Lisa's room, Amanda dropped her skirt to the floor and added her underpants. Looking down at Lisa she said, "come on, little pet. Let's do this one more time - and then it will be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!"

21. The North Pole:

"You. Planned. This. Whole. Thing!" Judy the Elf grunted as Santa rammed his oversized cock deep into her pussy yet again. "You. Tricked. Me. OH! OH! YES!! Aaah!" Judy's eyes rolled back into her head for several seconds and another massive orgasm wracked her body. She'd lost count long ago and the orgasms were nearly as much torture as they were pleasure - just the way Santa liked it. "And. You. Cheated! You. Used. Magic! Nobody. Got. Hurt! Cheater. Cheater! Aaah! OH! PLEASE!"

Up on the hid-def screen in Santa's bedroom, little Lisa had her face buried between her sister Amanda's thighs and she was tonguing her sister's cunt as fast as she could - almost as fast as the golden retriever, in his ruffled shirt and pink tutu, was hammering his long brilliant red cock into Lisa's no-longer virgin pussy. The dog rode the little girl's back like he'd been doing it for years. Amanda's eyes were hooded as she rode her third orgasm of the day, looking as if she too had been doing it for years.

"Judy, Judy, Judy," Santa chortled. He rammed his long, wide cock impossibly deep into the child-like elf, standing at the side of his bed and holding her booted little feet up against his hairy chest. "You'll never learn. But then again, sometimes Santa thinks you lose these bets on purpose! Ha!"

"No! No. I. Would. Never! Oh goodness, oh goodness, oh please!"

On the screen, Hugger rammed forward with a loud bark. Lisa screamed as the dog's knot was forced through her tiny pussy, where it lodged to stay until the huge cock deflated in half an hour or so. Amanda was shivering from head to toe, holding her little pet's face hard against her young cunt.

"Well have it your own way, little minx, but you have to admit that Santa won the bet! And now it's time to pay up! Ha, ha, ha!"

"Oh. Goodness. Santa! What. What. Do. I. Have. To. Do?" Despite the overwhelming, non-stop orgasms wracking her childish body, Judy the Elf truly looked terrified.

"Oh fuck!" Santa yelled and he immediately pulled his cock out of the little elf's tight cunt, choosing to grab her by her gorgeous long dark hair and pull her to a sitting position. He proceeded to thrust his huge cock into her mouth and then watched her swallow and choke on the near pint of peppermint flavored hot cum that he started to ejaculate. And as Judy the gorgeous child-like elf was swallowing and swallowing Santa's cum, he explained to her the downside of their bet over the fates of Cindy, Sarah, Trevor, Amanda and pretty little Lisa the pet.

"Oh Judy, my sweet, my love, my favorite, my pretty little pointy-eared crumpet - you really never will learn. Will you? How long has it been since you've been allowed to wear any undergarments, eh? Two hundred years, give or take a decade? And I'll never forget that bet you lost about those ten-year-old Hungarian twins and the lord of the manor and the hunting hounds - ooh, that was rich! That must be ninety or a hundred years ago now - so you've got another hundred years of letting me use that tight, cute little bottom of yours! But admit it, you've grown to love it.

"But I've got something special for you this time, Judy, my pointy-eared sex-pot. Since you're so prim and proper and oh so prudish about my language - I've arranged a little treat for you. From this day forward, every time you hear me swear you'll have a little orgasm. That's right, no matter where, every 'darn,' every 'drat,' and every 'damnation,' will set you to quivering as your cute little pussy creams. And don't think you can hide it from your co-workers. Never going to happen, ha! But don't worry, it's only for a decade. By then maybe you'll LIKE Santa's colorful language, you saucy little elf-bait!"

Finally done filling the childish little mouth with cum, Santa withdrew and stood back, smiling down on his favorite little elf. "And what do you say to that, Judy the Elf?"

"M-Merry Christmas, Santa?"

"Merry Christmas indeed, Judy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

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