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Lonnie and the Volcano

- by Alvo Torelli, 2016

(Mg(9), MFg, MF, Mf, mF, Dog/g, inc, mc, rp, bond, anal, oral, best)

This story was written for (and won) a contest over on Piper's Domain. Check out that great site. Image courtesy of Danaume Rook.



From the tourist guide to Mt Mentempuer:

The formation of the island known today as Mt Mentempuer is unlike any other volcanic island on the planet. The island appeared approximately 2.3 million years ago when a large meteoroid struck a shallow portion of the ocean. Already the site of violent underwater volcanic activity, the meteoroid triggered a massive volcanic eruption that raised the island of Mt Mentempuer 6000 feet above the surface of the water in under a century. Subsequent eruptions over millennia raised the peak to nearly 9000 feet. The geology of the island is unique on earth, not only for the unusual and short birth of the island but also for the unearthly mineral compounds found throughout the lava flows that form the rocks and ground of the island - the remnants of the original meteoroid.

Part I

"Oh my god, yes, yes, Adan, oh!" Harmony Rothe, on her hands and knees, writhed in joy and clutched at the sheets of the bed as her husband slammed into her tight cunt from behind. The window of their room was open and the nearly full moon shown brightly, illuminating the pair. Down below, other patrons of the resort might well be able to hear Harmony's desperate pleas, but she couldn't care. "Oh god, Adan, it's so good! I've wanted this for so long. Don't stop, please!"

Dr. Adan Day gripped his pretty wife's hips even tighter and increased the speed of his thrusts. His long thick cock felt amazing. He couldn't remember a single time in the past ten years that sex with his wife was so great. He felt like he could fuck all night long and that hadn't happened in years. "God, Harm, you're so good! Fuck! Oh god, I'm gonna cum!"

"Not yet, not yet!" Harmony pleaded. "Oh, oh, oh, yes, oh my god, yes, now, now! Ahhhhh!"

A pair of large, astonished blue eyes watched from the doorway of the room. Little Lonnie Rothe-Day bit her lip with wonder and disconcerting curiosity as she watched her parents rutting on the big bed. She'd heard a noise that frightened her and so she'd left her room, padded across the common area of the large suite and pushed open the door to her parents' room. She was startled and frightened by the sight of her daddy holding her mommy by the hips and repeatedly banging against her bottom. And neither of them had any clothes on! That was naughty. But it was exciting too! Without realizing what she was doing, Lonnie gathered her nightgown up around her waist and pushed one hand into her pink panties. She only noticed what she was doing when she felt how wet she was down there.

"Fuck me! Damn! OH!" Adan emptied his load into his wife's womb as she quavered in orgasm. It was so good and so hard and so long. One of the best orgasms of his thirty years.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yessss!" Harmony moaned with intense pleasure as Adan continued to stroke in and out of her, attempting to continue her wonderful orgasm as long as possible. But eventually they both collapsed onto the bed.

Lonnie's eyes went bigger at the sight of the long thing between daddy's legs. What was that? Her breath caught in her throat. Her fingers stroked her little pussy a little bit faster.

"Jesus, Harm, that was amazing," Adan said softly to his lovely wife. "We haven't done it like that in ages. You make me so hot. What's come over us?"

"I know," Harmony replied. "It was incredible. I guess this place is just so romantic. But, wow."

"You have no idea all the things I'd like to do to you right now." Adan crooned, spooning his wife and playing idly with her ample breasts.

Lonnie watched raptly as her daddy fondled her mommy's breasts. She didn't have any breasts of her own, but her little nipples were still hard as needles just then and without thinking she pushed her other hand inside her nightgown and pinched them. She almost moaned out loud at the intense sensation. She was so confused. Why did she keep wondering what it would be like if she was the one daddy was spooning and fondling?

"Like what?" Harmony said seductively.

"Oh god, lots of things. Things we've never tried before. Would you like that, Harm? Would you like to try something new and exhilarating, maybe a little scary?" Adan's hand moved beyond idle playing. He was caressing her breasts in earnest, tweaking the nipples and causing her to arch her back with pleasure.

"Maybe, I mean, god that feels so good! If you want, I guess, I'd be willing to... Oh god, Adan, yes, what are you..? Again? So soon? OH!"

The child at the open door watched in awe as her daddy pushed mommy onto her back and rose to kneel at the foot of the bed. The thing between his legs was bigger and straighter, sticking straight out. It was scary, but she had an intense desire to get closer to it, to even touch it. But she was too frightened to move. And then it disappeared again as daddy turned to face mommy, with her legs spread open. He grabbed her thighs and roughly pulled her towards him, lifting her legs over his shoulders.

"Oh! Oh! Adan! Ohhh!" Harmony's eyes flared as big as her little daughter's when her husband forced his strong tongue into her cunt. He hadn't gone down on her since their honeymoon a decade earlier and she'd forgotten the way it made her feel, the nasty, naughty thoughts that would swim through her mind. "Adan, oh, oh that's good! Oh my god! Yes!"

Lonnie couldn't understand. Why was daddy licking mommy's private place? Why was mommy screaming so loud. Why did it make her want to feel his tongue on her own little slit?

Harmony went into convulsions of pleasure under her husbands tongue. Oh why didn't he do this all the time? It only took a few minutes and she was writhing in orgasmic joy, gripping his short brown hair in her fingers and pulling his face tighter to her snatch.

Was mommy in pain? Was she happy? Lonnie was so confused, but her little slit was screaming at her to be touched and fondled and tweaked. She didn't know what to do, but she tried anything that seemed like it would help with her terrible need.

Suddenly daddy stood up and viciously flipped mommy over onto her stomach, pushing her higher on the bed. He didn't waste a second. He was on top of her, pinning her down as she cried out in surprise and scrabbled at the bedsheets. Lonnie watched daddy fumble with the thing between his legs, then let out a groan of pleasure and start thrusting his hips up and down on mommy's bottom.

"Oh! Oh! Adan! Ohhh!" Harmony shouts came out in tight grunts as her husband forced his thick cock into her ass. He hadn't fucked her ass for years and Harmony had forgotten the feelings of fear and lust it engendered. "Adan, oh, you're so big! Oh my god! Yes!"

At the doorway, Lonnie flicked and stroked her tiny pussy faster and faster. There was a little button at the top that felt so good when she rubbed it. When she pushed two fingers inside, until she felt something stopping her, she almost fainted from the heat and pleasure that burst over her body. Watching daddy made her feel so strange, even though she couldn't quite tell what he was doing to mommy. But something made her wish it was her on the bed with him, thrashing and moaning like mommy. It wasn't fair! But oh, oh, her whole body was trying to quiver. Her breathing was fast and her heart was pounding. Something was trying to happen, but what was it? She needed it! Lonnie dropped to her knees and slapped one hand over her mouth to keep from screaming as she desperately tried to bring herself to an orgasm that she couldn't comprehend.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Adan cried as he pounded his wife's tight ass. He could feel the cum getting ready to erupt from his loins. He felt so nasty and erotic and just so fucking good! He pulled out of her ass and reared back onto his knees, towering over his small wife.

Lonnie almost screamed as she worked her little slit, trying to finish climbing a mountain she hadn't even know existed. She was so close! She couldn't tear her eyes from daddy's big throbbing pole as it glistened in the moonlight. It erupted, spewing hot liquid all over mommy's back. What was that? Why was he doing that? Why couldn't she be the one to do it with him? Oh god, she was so ready! Why wouldn't it come?

Adan collapsed back onto the bed next to his panting wife, only then realizing she had one arm under her body so that she could desperately finger herself. Her third orgasm was just slowing down. He waited patiently as she finished. "What the hell," he said. "That was amazing. Come on, let's get in the shower and clean up. And you never know, I might just be ready to go again soon. I feel like I could do this all night."

"Oh, Adan," Harmony sighed.

As her parents rose from their bed, Lonnie squeaked silently with fright and leapt to her feet. She was shaky and desperately frustrated, but she stumbled away and ran back to her room where she lay under her covers for several hours until sleep finally took her away to strange dreams of daddy and beds and fingers and ..."


Part II

"Okay, listen to this, Adan, you'll love it," Harmony Rothe said before taking another sip of her steaming, delicious coffee.

Breakfast was over for the adults and sweet Lonnie was surprisingly still asleep. Harmony was curled into a comfortable chair on the suite's balcony, looking down onto a brilliant ocean paradise and across a sparkling bay to the magnificent volcanic peak of Mt Mentempuer. She spoke over her shoulder to her husband, through the open glass doors, where he sat at the small dining table enjoying his own coffee, the last of a wonderful bowl of native fruit and the delectable view of his gorgeous young wife in nothing more than a skimpy bikini. Harmony read to Adan from the laptop perched on her knees as a refreshing breeze wafted around her and cooled the tropical air.

"The entire western coast of the island is buffeted by strong waves along shores that are mostly cliff faces formed by early volcanic flows. I hypothesize this pounding sets up a natural resonance in the rock that is somehow amplified and sustained by the unnatural meteoric mineral compounds found in every form of native lava. In essence the entire island vibrates, the very rock thrumming to a rhythm below our ability to consciously hear or feel. But it's constant and easily measured with the right instruments. As the tides are influenced by the moon, the vibrations wax and wane , peaking on the day of the full moon. The vibrations are strongest on the western and southern shores, the oldest parts of the island, where the original lava flows are at the surface. The southern peninsula has the strongest vibrations and it is probably for the best that there is no civilization there."

"What the hell are you reading?" Adan asked his wife.

"It's a scientific paper from the nineteen seventies. Some guy named Laton Solgovic, a volcanologist from Eastern Europe. There was a reference to it in our guide book, but it was really hard to find on line, like maybe it never got published. And I think maybe the guy who wrote it died." Harmony flashed a pretty smile over her shoulder, flipping her long wavy blonde hair alluringly. "Want to hear more?"

"Gosh you're sexy when you geek out. Yeah, sure, bring it on."

"Most surprisingly, the intensity of the vibrations throughout the lava seems to be exponentially increased with the energy output of the volcano. During our field study we experienced several bouts of unexpected low-level earthquake activity, minor tremors related to small movements in the magma core under the volcano. The first of these tremors nearly doubled the intensity of the vibrations and a subsequent tremor of twice the energy increased the amplitude by a factor of almost thirty. Subsequent tremors allowed for a precise computation of energy to amplitude. These calculations suggest strongly that the vibrations sometimes increase in amplitude by factors of up to one hundred (we experienced such an increase). Moreover, during an actual eruption of the volcano, which is long overdue, the amplitude of the vibrations would likely increase by a factor of ten thousand to one million."

"Come on, get to the good part," Adan sighed. "If I wanted a math lesson I'd have stayed in the lab. Oh, hey there sleepy head."

Harmony swiveled and stuck her tongue out at her husband before smiling at her rumpled nine-year-old daughter, who was still rubbing sleep from her eyes as she climbed into her daddy's lap and snuggled against him. Then she turned back to finish reading the odd paper to her husband.

"But now we come to the most important part of our Mt Mentempuer discovery, a discovery that will will not be readily accepted by the scientific community. And skeptical the community should be, but I believe it is imperative that this discovery be independently verified before tragedy should strike."

Little Lonnie Rothe-Day took a deep breath as she pressed her face to her strong daddy's chest. She took in the the familiar smell of him and his subtle cologne, but instead of calming her as it usually did the heady odor made her heart race and she felt a sudden frisson of eagerness. And even better, as she pressed herself to his chest and straddled his lap, daddy put his arms around her and pulled her tighter, with one hand cupping her small bottom through the flannel of her nightie. She wondered what he would think if he knew she'd left her panties on the floor in her bedroom. She barely heard her mother's droning voice as mommy read to daddy.

"It will seem incredible, but the vibrations of the lava rock has a clear and dangerous affect on living things, specifically on humans. There is something about the specific combination of frequencies - something strange and horrifying. We were unaware of it at first, but later during our field study, when the moon was close to full it manifested throughout the group. It was a compulsion, dark and dangerous. Our deepest desires began to emerge. Some could begin to control it, others could not. Behaviors degenerated, especially during the night. Wanton acts of perversion, degradation and even violence occurred with more and more frequency. Whatever a person most desired - however degrading or immoral - might be acted upon by the weak."

"Hey are you listening to this?" Harmony threw over her shoulder. She was too engrossed to look back to see that her husband had pulled Lonnie close and was staring deeply into her pretty blue eyes, mesmerized by her beautiful face. "Adan, hey, are you listening?"

"Oh, ah yeah," Adan stammered out. "It's getting pretty weird." His breathing was troubled and his hand was absently rubbing back and forth across his little girl's ass.

"When the tremors started, only a few of us could maintain our work stations. Two postdocs disappeared into the jungles of the southern peninsula and were only found two days later. By the time we finally left the island all of the women in our field study group, two postdocs and a grad student, were pregnant - although they all swore they were using contraceptives of one kind of another. This observation leads us to believe that the vibrations affect the entire reproductive system, mental and physical. This phenomenon must be studied further, but not by the likes of a simple volcanologist. We need neuroscientists, biologists and biochemists studying the island at once. Just think what could happen if this beautiful island became inhabited."

Adan was trying hard to listen to his wife read the strange geological paper, but it was hard to concentrate as he explored his daughter's mouth with his tongue. Her arms wrapped tight around his neck and she kissed him back like a real lover, not a nine-year-old. Some part of his brain registered that his wife had stopped reading and he tore the child away, turning her to sit sideways in his lap instead of plastered to his body. He was trembling, as was the child, but fear gripped him, motivating him to recover his composure quickly.

"Lonnie," Adan said. "It's getting late, lazy head. There's some cereal for you over there on the counter and milk in the little fridge. Go on and eat so that we can get going with our day. Didn't you want to go check out the that great looking swimming pool? Go on now." He set Lonnie back on the floor on her feet and though she glanced up at him with a confused and imploring look, she did as he asked and left for her cereal. "Was that the end of it Harm?" Adan called out to his wife who was thankfully oblivious to the antics back in the room.

"What? Oh, no," Harmony answered, "I was just looking at the graphs here - I can barely understand them. But there's a little bit more."

"I implore the scientific community to take up this quest. Believe what I have told you - documented through extensive notes and field measurements. Lives may be a stake and the scientific possibilities are limitless!"

"That's it, what do you think?" Harmony asked, once again looking back at Adan with a mischievous look in her eye. "Is it the rocks, Doctor Day? Hmm? Or is it just your rocks?" Then she peeled out in a giggle.

Adan blushed at the reference to his overnight zeal and prowess as well as at his sudden concern over unexpectedly kissing his daughter behind his wife's back. But he put on his best scientist persona and appeared to think about the question seriously. "Well, as a neuroscientist myself, I'd have to say it's, well, it's all a load of crap." He smiled back at Harmony. "Really, I don't see some vibrations in a bunch of igneous rock having any ability to affect the human mind. Maybe, just maybe, it could affect lower life forms, slightly, but not a complex human brain. Neurons just don't work that way. Sorry sweetie, it's a load of manure. It is interesting to think that less than fifty years ago the island was uninhabited. There must be half a dozen resorts on the south peninsula by now, and a whole town just up the hill. But anyways, it was a delightful way to pass the morning. Now, don't you think we should get going on our day?"


Harmony closed her laptop and uncurled her fine form from her chair on the balcony. Smiling she padded over to her husband and straddled his lap. "Well, I can think of some things I'd like to do today," she purred and then she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her body to his and kissed him. Adan kissed her back, but he couldn't help notice that his wife was in exactly the same position his daughter had been in moments earlier.

"Mommy! You said I could go to the pool!" Lonnie barked out angrily, the first words she'd spoken all morning.


Part III

"Hello sir, welcome to the Palatium Coacto resort. How can I help you?" the concierge asked brightly. His counter was in the center of a huge lobby, open to the tropical breezes and filled with natural light.

"Oh, well, we're new guests. And, ah, we were wondering how to get to that great children's pool we saw from our balcony. And what about towels?"

"Of course, sir, of course. Your name and room number please?"

"Oh, Day, I mean, Dr Adan Day and this is my daughter, Lonnie. My wife is off on an outing. Room 407."

"Very good sir. You'll find ample towels at poolside, just give them your room number.". The concierge looked down at the extremely pretty little girl holding Dr Day's hand and smiled at her, his eyes flaring a bit at the way her bikini left very little to the imagination. It was an occupational hazard on the island, especially at the Palatium Coacto, which had been built directly over the oldest known lava flow on the entire island. Fortunately, a year of practice made it possible for the young man to remain professional and the counter he stood behind shielded the large bulge in his shorts. "Your daughter is very lovely," he said, his voice only cracking slightly as he tore his eyes away from Lonnie. Smiling he finished with "You'll find the path to the pool just there, where the gold sign is hanging, you can't miss it. Is there anything else I can do for you Dr. Day? We pride ourselves on service here at the Palatium Coacto."

"Well, I could use a shop - if you have one - I seemed to have lost my sunglasses." Adan replied.

"Of course, sir. Just through the exit to your left, then down the ramp to the right. I'm quite certain you'll find what you need, sir." The concierge couldn't help but glue his eyes to little Lonnie's lovely ass as she walked away, hand in hand with her tall, handsome daddy.

"Okay, sweetie," Adan said, bending low. I need to go down to the shop for a minute. You can go on down to the pool and find us a nice spot, okay? Something with some shade. But don't get in the water until I come - promise?"

Lonnie scowled. Oddly, she didn't want to let her daddy out of her sight. But she also dreaded the idea of any kind of shopping. So she nodded and headed down the path under the golden sign. Unfortunately, Lonnie's little head was still filled with thoughts of pressing her small body to daddy's chest and kissing him on the mouth. She'd been so shocked when he pushed his tongue into her mouth, but it had been wonderful! And his hand had pressed between her legs, pushing the flannel of her nightie up against her private place. She'd nearly caught on fire and the memory of it made her weak in her knees. And so, bemused and befuddled as she was, she turned left when she should have turned right, never realizing she'd taken a path out to the edge of the resort, far from the pool.

Adan easily found the resort's gifts and sundries store, despite the fact that his mind, too, was reeling with strange thoughts of his wife and his daughter. He had to stop thinking about his daughter that way! It was ridiculous. And besides, his young wife, barely twenty six, was gorgeous and sexy and sensual. And hadn't she agreed that she was willing to try some new and exciting things? Hadn't she let him do things last night?

The shop had a good selection of sunglasses and Adan found a pair he liked in seconds. Figuring he'd likely be back, he took a moment to explore the store. And there, at the back, was a door that said 'Palatium Coacto Special Emporium - Adults Only.' Adan was a bit taken aback at the notion of a sex shop in a resort gift store, but then he thought of the upcoming night with his pretty wife, smiled, and pushed open the door.

Even as daddy entered the porn shop, little Lonnie was starting to realize she was hopelessly lost. She looked up from her reveries and finally realized she'd gone the wrong way. But when she turned to go back the way she'd come the paths went off in several directions and she could tell which was the right one. Choosing at random, and wrongly, she headed off again only to find herself in an even less well-trod area of the grounds. Even though it was well-manicured like every part of the resort, it was abandoned and spooky. As she came around a corner she squeaked with surprise at the sight of a large gray dog, with a red collar, standing in the middle of the path. His tongue lolled out and his grey fur was long and shaggy.

The big dog padded over to the pretty child, wagging his long tail. Lonnie was used to dogs, so she wasn't afraid of him - but it made her a bit nervous to be faced with such a large beast on her own. Still, she patted his head and scratched his ear as he came up to her. She noticed that he seemed kind of wild-eyed and he looked her up and down strangely, but he seemed nice enough. Or rather he seemed nice enough until he craned his neck downwards, twisted his head sideways and pushed his cold nose between her thighs.

"Oh! Doggy, stop!" Lonnie cried out. A spike of fear, mixed with excitement, raced through her young frame. She instinctively backed away from the big dog, trying to push his head away with her hands. But he was fast and strong and he easily maneuvered to keep up with her. She stumbled and backed up more, not realizing the dog was herding her where he wanted her. Soon she was backed into a small space between the resort wall and a tall hedge - a dead end that quickly trapped her on three sides. And worse, she and the dog were now completely out of sight from the path.

"Please doggy, please!" Lonnie wailed as she tried to push the dog's massive head away. "You're scaring me. Please!" But she couldn't hold him back. The dog had gotten the scent of the girl - the amazing odor that female's gave off under the influence of the island's strange vibrating rocks as their bodies quickly adjusted and became extremely fertile. It was a scent that no animal with a dog's sense of smell could resist. It called to him. And the vibrations, near their full moon peak, intensified his basic desire to respond to that call. The beast was powerless to resist the compulsions of the island. "Oh god, no doggy, no, stop that!" Lonnie cried out as the dog's huge rough tongue swiped along her bare inner thighs and pushed across the tight little camel toe of her bikini bottoms.

Unbidden, a thought sparked in Lonnie's young mind - a vision of daddy with his face pressed to mommy's private place, obviously using his tongue to drive mommy crazy. She was so confused and frightened, but that vision was compelling - as were the vibrations that seeped into her mind and amplified desires she didn't even know she had. She tried to pull herself together. She tried to get around the doggy and escape, but he growled low and swiped again at her sensitive skin with his hot tongue, sending a shiver up her body.

Lonnie gave in, her mind whirling. She dropped to the ground on her back and opened her thin legs to the doggy's advances. Immediately he dropped to the ground between her thighs and attacked her cloth covered child-cunt with his strong tongue, laving at the tight fabric and drinking in the intoxicating smell of her unknown fertility.

Dr Adan Day, meanwhile, was frantically looking for his little girl. When he didn't find her at the pool, he panicked and retraced his steps, looking for her everywhere. He ran back up the path, then searched along the various side paths she might have taken. Where could she be? He was just about to run back to the concierge for help when he heard a sound coming from a remote corner of the resort and he sprinted off to investigate.

Even through her bikini, the sensations of the doggy slathering away at Lonnie's slit were incredible. She moaned and arched her back into the dog's powerful strokes. She opened her legs wider, no longer able to even consider getting away from him. "Oh, oh, oh, doggy!" she moaned in her small childish voice.

But the dog was increasingly frustrated. His new little bitch tasted wonderful, but the annoying cloth was preventing him from fully realizing his goal. He tried in vain to slip his tongue around the edges of the bikini, to force his way past the tight fabric. Finally, in vexation, he growled at the bitch - demanding her to fix the problem. Then he hooked the fabric with his teeth, almost biting her in the process and pulled firmly. He growled again, with every bit of menace he could find.

"Doggy, no! Please don't bite me." Lonnie was truly terrified for the first time. The doggy was growling at her, and trying to bite. He had a hold of her bikini. Horrified, she raised her hips off the ground and pushed at the fabric of her bikini, sliding it over her curvaceous little ass. With the doggy pulling as well, the bottoms suddenly gave way and pulled down. But her legs were spread too wide to pull them off. The frustrated dog backed up, still pulling the bikini with his teeth, trying to tear it and twisting Lonnie around painfully. In desperation she raised her legs and closed them and all at once the bikini bottoms were pulled along her legs and off. The snarling dog tossed them to the side and leapt forward again to bury his nose between the child-bitch's smooth thighs.

"Oh! OH! OHHHH!" Lonnie was taken by surprise. The dog's huge tongue raked across her puffy labia and her mind went crazy. "Ooooh!" She opened her legs wide and beat the ground with her little fists. Nothing could possibly feel so amazing and so intense. "Oh GOD!" The dog's tongue parted her fat outer lips and swiped inside of her, tasting the precious nectar that she was producing. "Doggy, doggy, oh, oh, OHHH!" The tongue swirled through her virgin slit and rounded on her tiny clit, digging it out of it's little sheath. The tongue was rough and hot and strong and moved so fast. Lonnie screamed as her first ever complete orgasm tore through her body and mind. Visions swirled through her young, confused mind - daddy, mommy, dogs and long poles of rigid flesh that she didn't understand. "OOOOHHHHH!" She bucked on the ground under the dog's never ending attack.

The big canine loved the taste of the bitch-child, but enough was enough. His desire was so strong, compelled by the island's very bedrock! Rising to his feet he backed up and growled at the girl. Didn't she know what he needed? Didn't she know her place as his new bitch? He rammed her side with his large head and growled even harder, willing her into the proper position. What was wrong with her?

Lonnie panted incredibly fast, barely able to move as she came down from the massive orgasm the dog and his wonderful tongue had given her. At first she barely heard him growling at her, but then he pushed at her and her mind came back to her dangerous situation. He wanted something from her and he was getting more and more scary, baring his long sharp teeth at her as he growled. "What, what do you want?" Lonnie cried out as he pushed her again, nearly rolling her onto her front.

That's when Lonnie first saw the bright red rod of shiny wet flesh sticking out under the doggy's belly. Her mind flashed on the big pole between daddy's legs, but this was very different. How could it be so red? It was much skinnier than daddy's, and not nearly as long, but in it's way it was scarier. Then the dog lunged at her again, growling and bumping her and her young confused brain forgot the red rod as she tried to understand why the dog was snapping at her. "Ow!" she cried out as he nipped her on the side of her hip. Terrified, Lonnie rolled to her front and tried to stand to get away from the scary dog.

The second Lonnie was on her hands and knees the dog was on her. He gripped her waist with powerful forelegs and pressed her down with a hundred pounds of force. The small child nearly disappeared under his large body. She felt him slamming into her from behind and she screamed in terror. "Help, help, help! NOOO!"

"Get the fuck off of her you fucking animal!" Adan screamed as he knocked the big dog to the side and kicked at him to chase him away. The dog howled from the blow and twisted to bite at the man, but Adan delivered another swift and painful kick to the dog's flank. "Get out of here!" Adan screamed and the dog ran, limping on one hind leg.


Part IV

Harmony Rothe and her dark-haired husband, Dr. Adan Day, sat in a private alcove in the Palatium Coacto resort's finest restaurant enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner. The dinner was courtesy of a resort manager, distraught over an 'incident' wherein one of his younger guests had been attacked by a dog on the premises. "So, when I spoke with the manager," Harmony said, "he claimed that the island has been experiencing low level earthquakes for the last couple of days. The volcano is rumbling! He said things are always a bit strange when that happens. What do you make of that?"

Adan sipped his cabernet before he answered, fighting down a combination of guilt and arousal. "I still think it's all poppycock," he said. He was struck again with a vision of his hot nine-year-old child on the ground with a huge dog tonguing her bare pussy as she writhed. Guilt almost overwhelmed him. Why had he stood back, watching, right up until the dog had nearly raped his sweet baby? "I'm mostly just glad that Lonnie got over it so quickly," he managed to say. He was the only one, besides Lonnie, who actually knew what had happened. "She had a great day at the swimming pool - while you were off on your jungle tour. It's really an amazing facility with lots of fun stuff for kids." He didn't mention the fact that Lonnie had spent half the time at the pool snuggled with him in a comfy lounge chair, pressing her small hot body against his. Just thinking about it gave him pause, and he quickly tried to switch his thoughts to the upcoming night with his beautiful wife - and his new purchases.

"Yes, that is important," Harmony said. "And it was great that the manager offered us free babysitting for the evening - it's nice to have some us time, isn't it?"

Adan just nodded, thinking he'd rather enjoyed some us time with Lonnie during the day. But us time with his pretty wife was nice too - and would get even better when they were back in their bedroom.

"I hope she's being good for the sitter. You know how she can be."

"She was very tired from her long day," Adan said. "I'm sure she's sound asleep by now." He smiled wickedly and looked into his wife's eyes. "And that gives us the whole night - just to ourselves, doesn't it? And the moon is full. Wait 'til I show you what I found today."

"Does this have something to do with that box that was delivered while I was gone?" Harmony asked, returning Adan's wicked smile.

Adan just raised his eyebrows and smirked.



Little Lonnie Rothe-Day awoke with a start. It was pitch black in her room and her bed was shaking. Terrified, she tried to get out of bed and run for help, but the room pitched again, nearly throwing her to the floor. She was too petrified to try again. Instead she let out a blood curdling scream as only a nine-year-old girl can do.

Seconds later Lonnie’s bedroom door opened and light streamed in from the main room of the suite, enough to make out daddy who was running to his little girl's aide. “Lonnie,” he cried, “are you okay sweetie? It’s just a minor earthquake - a tremor, don’t worry.” But then he stopped dead in his tracks next to her bed and he looked at her as if he’d never really looked at her before.

Lonnie gasped, then went silent with shock. Daddy was naked! And that big bobbing thing between his legs was right there, sticking straight out at her and looking very scary. And then the ground shook yet again, throwing Lonnie to the middle of her bed and causing daddy to stumble. He fell onto his knees on her bed. Lonnie didn't hesitate. She threw herself into his comforting embrace and wrapped her thin arms around his neck as she glued her small warm mouth to his and they kissed.

Daddy was frantic. Lonnie was frantic. His hands and arms were everywhere. She couldn't get close enough to him. They were both overwhelmed with desire as yet another small tremor shook the resort. Somehow Lonnie's nightgown was torn away - she wasn't sure how. She didn't care. She just wanted her warm smooth skin to press against her daddy. His chest hair tickled her tiny nipples and his hands explored places that had never been touched. She was so wet and so excited and so ready! She had no idea what she was ready for, but she knew in the depth of her soul that she was ready, completely ready.

Their kiss was amazing, but something else was going to be amazing too. Lonnie could feel it! She let daddy slide her downwards as he lay back on her bed, pressing her sweet face into his chest. She wrapped her legs around him, trapping his warm pole against her sopping little slit and sending a wild shock of electricity through her whole body. It was so wonderful! She pressed against him and her tiny opening molded around the base of his thing. "Oh, daddy!" Lonnie moaned as she started to slide her wet pussy up and down along the throbbing shaft, grinding against him with all her little-girl strength. It was the most amazing feeling ever. Her pussy tingled and throbbed and in seconds she was starting to shake all over her body.

"Oh jesus, baby," daddy said. He pulled her even tighter. His little girl was incredibly beautiful and sensual and oh so good at stroking the underside of his cock with her grinding little pelvis. "Oh my god, yes, yes," he cried out, knowing that he was going to come in just a few seconds. She was simply too erotic and fantastic to hold out. "Baby, baby, stop, stop, oh god, I'm going to come!"

Lonnie gasped and her eyes flared wide at the sight of all the cum that spurted up out of her daddy's long pole. He came so hard and so fast - the spurts jetted upwards, covering his stomach and lower chest. Some of it got on her chest too and a splash of it even hit her in the face. Again and again the thick goo erupted, leaving trails of hot white gunk.

"Daddy, daddy, I'm sorry." Lonnie wailed. She'd stopped sliding along daddy's pole as soon as he'd starting spurting, even though she was desperate to keep grinding against him and bring on the orgasm she wanted so badly. But she was terrified of what she'd done to him, horrified he would be angry with her. She jumped off his lap and stared into his face with huge blue eyes. "Did I break it daddy? What did I do?"

"It's okay baby," daddy said. "You didn't do anything wrong. It was great. God, you're so hot!" And then daddy did something strange. He scooped some of the cum from his stomach onto his finger and he stared at if for a second. Something came over him. His expression changed and his eyes went hard. His stare went from his fingers to Lonnie's pretty face and then suddenly he pressed his fingers to Lonnie's lips, forcing the goo into her mouth. "There, see how much daddy love's you baby," he said in a voice that had gone hard and scary. "Go on, taste it. Swallow it!"

The goop daddy put in her mouth made Lonnie want to gag. It was disgusting. But his commanding voice cut through her and she just had to do what he said. A shiver went down her spine when he said it again, even harsher. She could hear the fervor in his voice and every part of her knew she just had to do whatever daddy wanted, no matter what.

"That's it Lonnie, eat it! Do it, slut! Oh yeah, fuck, take it all! Lick it all off of me and swallow it, every drop!" Daddy's voice was suddenly so different - so demanding and filled with charge and energy. Lonnie leaned forward and did as he demanded, licking the nasty goop from his stomach and chest, swallowing it down her throat. "All of it," he insisted. "And then maybe I'll let you come too, you little slut." There was even some dribbling down the side of his long pole, which had gotten smaller and limper, and daddy pushed her face towards it. Lonnie forced herself to lick along the sides of the pole, getting every drop of the nasty goo. There was so much of it! She was trying not to gag, but she was also excited to be doing everything daddy wanted. She licked all along both sides and swirled her tongue to get the last few drops at the tip of his pole. As she licked the pole it got longer and harder again. "Oh my god, yes," daddy said. "You are such a hot little slut. Oh fuck, yes!"

Another tremor shook the room and bounced the pair on the bed.

Lonnie was almost done licking the top of daddy's pole when he grabbed her and pulled her back on top of him. He kissed her hard on the mouth, forcefully, almost like he would smother her. She flailed in his arms. Then he grabbed her hair and held her face inches from his, staring into her eyes. "God," he said, "you are so fucking hot. I'm going to fuck you now, baby. Do you know what that means? Do you know what I'm going to do to you, slut? Do you?"

Every fiber of Lonnie's being was on fire with desire, but she was so confused and scared. "Daddy?" was all she could say before she felt daddy fit his huge pole to the entrance of her tiny slit. "DADDY!?" The head of the pole swirled about through her wetness, spreading her lips apart. "DAAAADDDDYYY!!" The pole thrust up into her small body and tore something inside her. Daddy plunged her down on to his pole over and over again. It hurt so much, but it was so wonderful! Lonnie arched her back in daddy's arms and screamed, but she also gripped at his big pole with her little cunt and reveled in every vicious thrust. He barely fit inside of her, stretching her to the limits. She felt every throb and contour of his large cock as he pushed it deeper and deeper, until three-fourths of it was inside her. He cruelly rammed against something deep inside her, but Lonnie didn't care. She just wanted to swallow her daddy and feel him forever.

Daddy rolled over and pinned his little girl to the bed on her back. She screamed and grunted as he continued to fuck her as fast as he could. He pushed her legs back, nearly folding her in half. It gave him even better access to the most wonderfully tight cunt in the world. He was too long to fully embed in her small body but at least he had some lasting power while his body recharged his supply of hot seed. "Baby! Baby! Fuck! You're so fucking tight!" he croaked out in a hoarse whisper. "I never knew, oh fuck. You're such a little slut. Jesus."

Lonnie could no longer scream with her daddy pounding into her and forcing her down into the bed. She just grunted in time with his massive strokes and gripped the sheets on either side of her. He was so big and strong, inside and out! She was so small and powerless. She quivered all over and the amazing feeling in her abused pussy came back threefold. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Her orgasm crashed over her tiny body, seething and writhing and driving her compelled little mind insane. "Uh, uh, da-ddy, da-ddy, DA-DDY!" Lonnie's head arched back and her eyes rolled back in her head at the intensity of the massive orgasmic event.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, slut! Fuck me! YES!" Lonnie's daddy came deep inside her little womb, embedding millions of wriggling little sperm inside her. He gripped her ankles tight and he thrust into her hard, both of them quivering uncontrollably with orgasmic lust and pleasure. And then he collapsed on the bed next to her and pulled her close, cradling his little baby in his arms.

Slowly they both came down from the high of their unbelievable sex. Heart rates slowed and breathing went back to even. Lonnie thought the joy of wrapping herself around her daddy post coitus was incredibly lovely and she never wanted to move from that spot. But suddenly daddy jerked upright and leapt to his feet.

"Holy shit," Adan cried, "your mom! I left her!"



Harmony had heard the bloodcurdling scream of her nine-year-old daughter during one of the larger tremors. She longed to run to Lonnie's side and comfort her, assure her that all would be fine. But that was impossible.

Harmony was spread out in an X on the bed. Her wrists and ankles were locked in black leather cuffs and ropes connected each of the cuffs to the nearest corner of the bed. Otherwise, she was completely naked, except for the huge red ball in her mouth and the leather straps around her head that held it securely in place. There were two pillows under her waist, holding her butt well up off the bed and increasing the strain on her wrists and ankles.

Adan and Harmony had both gotten more and more excited as he systematically bound her to the bed. She was shocked when he had suggested it, but something inside her had cried out 'yes!' And then, with each step of the process her anticipation and lust had grown, until she was nearly swooning. Never had she imagined she would savor being used and dominated so shamefully. But it wasn't until Adan began to force the evil ball gag into her mouth, silencing her, that she truly understood she was completely helpless. And a few moments later Adan drove home her helplessness as he held in front of her a nasty looking black anal plug with a long shiny black horsehair tail. He tickled her with the long hairs, making her writhe in anguish. The he slowly oiled up the anal plug, getting it ready to be pushed into her ass. Panic mixed with desire and lust and Harmony nearly went insane as she watched.

But then the first of the major tremors hit. Adan was nearly thrown to the floor from where he was kneeling on the bed. And a few seconds later they heard Lonnie's scream of terror. Adan had bolted from the room without hesitation.

And he never came back, but the room kept shaking. With every frightening rumble, Harmony's needs escalated - but her ability to do anything about it remained exactly the same, no matter how hard she fought the infuriating ropes that fixed her to the bed. It's one thing to be helpless. It's another to be alone and helpless and have no idea what is happening. Again and again Harmony tried to scream, but the evil over-sized gag prevented anything more than a low moan from escaping her throat.

The terrifying tremors eventually subsided, but Harmony's fears and desires did not. For nearly an hour she was tormented and she was on the verge of a breakdown when her husband came running back into the room, followed almost immediately by her daughter, Lonnie.

Harmony could tell in the first glance what had happened in the other bedroom of their suite. She could see it on her daughter's beautiful face, that face so similar to what she saw in the mirror every day - but with her father's deep blue eyes. She could see it on the face of her inconstant husband as well. He'd fucked her! He'd fucked their little daughter. Harmony should have felt an incredible burning outrage. But what she felt instead was so much worse. She felt jealousy, incredible burning hateful over-the-top jealousy. A wave of guilt washed over her as soon as she realized what she was feeling, but it wasn't nearly enough to assuage the jealous rage.

Another tremor rocked the room, staggering Adan and Lonnie just as they reached Harmony's bed.


Some part of Dr Adan Day's brilliant mind had to admit, finally, that the very island around them was overwhelming his brain and the brains of everyone around him - inflaming their basest desires. Clearly the volcanologist Solgovic had been onto something - even if Adan didn't believe it was alien compounds in the island's lava rock causing the compulsions. But the small tremors were amplifying the intense feelings of desire - there was no doubt of it. He'd fucked his own daughter for Christ's sake! There was no way he could fight the compulsion - no way any of them could.

And then there was Adan's wife, bound and gagged on their huge bed. He could see the anger and desire and lust and fear and, yes, jealousy fighting for space on her beautiful face. God she was hot! Yet another small tremor struck as Adan ran to his wife, guilty for leaving her bound and helpless. He stumbled and fell across the bed next to her. A small bundle of energy crashed into his side - his gorgeous and naked little daughter.

Adan righted himself, looking to his daughter and then his wife to make sure everyone was okay. Then an unmistakeable wave of unbridled lust washed over him. Every other thought was banished from his mind. There were two naked, helpless, incredibly attractive females on the bed and he had to have them! But which one? Or rather, which one first?

Little Lonnie launched herself into her daddy's arms, pressing herself into his embrace and wrapping her arms around his neck. At the same time, Harmony bucked and struggled again her bonds, desperate for her husband to scratch her intense sexual need. Unabashed lust exuded from both of them.

An idea formed in Adan's reeling mind, even as he kissed his daughter back and looked past her to see the frantic struggles of his wife - an idea that took hold of him and wouldn't be denied. He acted on it without hesitation.

Adan scooped his daughter up and disentangled her from his neck. She screamed in both surprise and exasperation at the unexpected change. But Adan forced her face down on top of her mother's outstretched body, aligning Lonnie's tiny slit directly above her mother's cunt. Her face pressed into mommy's chest just between two large perfect breasts. Her legs dangled down between mommy's legs and her small feet just reached the covers of the bed.

Aligning his two lovers one atop the other wasn't enough for Adan's tortured desires. He pulled Lonnie's arms behind her back and quickly bound her wrists with more of the silk rope. She struggled in panic, but soon couldn't move her arms at all! The fear and thrill of it lit up her beautiful little face and drove Adan on. In a near frenzy, he wrapped the rope several times around the bodies of Lonnie and Harmony and tied it securely - forcing them together and rendering Lonnie as helpless as her mother. Lonnie and her mother stared into one another's frightened faces, neither having any idea what Adan had in mind.

Adan stepped back to examine his handiwork for a brief moment. His beautiful, sexy wife and his equally beautiful, hot nine-year-old daughter, tied together with both of their glistening wet pussies on display. The sheer thrill of his dominance washed over him, like nothing he'd ever felt before. He could do anything! Another small tremor shook the room and he reveled in the added feeling of unleashed desires. Then he spotted the black butt plug he'd held when Lonnie had first screamed. It was already oiled up, ready to use. The black horse hair tail spread seductively across the head of the bed where he'd dropped it. He lifted it, staring at the glistening, oiled black rubber. It was an evil and expensive device - but he'd splurged on it, finding it irresistible. It didn't look so bad - barely an inch and a half wide near the middle of it's six inch length, but Adan knew better. He could barely believe what he was about to do with it.

Harmony shook her head back and forth, wildly, when she saw her husband pick up the evil butt plug. She tried to scream "no, no, no!" She tried to warn little Lonnie. But she was helpless. She saw the look of shocked terror as the pointed end of the plug was pushed against Lonnie's tiny rosebud. She heard Lonnie scream "daddy, daddy! What are you doing? DADDDY! OOOHHH!"

Lonnie kept screaming as she felt the oily butt plug get pushed into her bottom. She tried to twist and turn, to see what was happening, but she couldn't. "Mommy, help me," Lonnie cried. Whatever it was, daddy pushed it past the entrance to her tiny sphincter and stretched her open, then stopped and pulled it out. Then he did it again, deeper and wider. She screamed again and he stopped. Then again and again, her little bottom stretching a little farther each time. And then, finally, he just kept pushing, and pushing, and pushing and just when she thought she would tear apart it popped far up inside of her and her poor little rosebud closed tight around some part of whatever the thing was. All of her screams were gone and she panted fast and shallow, feeling incredibly full.

The sight of his little daughter with the butt plug tail was so incredible. Adan was beside himself with excitement. The entire plug, which had no base, has disappeared into his daughter's ass and her tiny opening was closed around the hank of the long black tail. But Adan wasn't done. He pushed his hand against Lonnie's ass, surrounding the tail for leverage and then he quickly jerked on the tail with his other hand. He knew fully well what happened inside his little girl. The evil plug had shortened to barely three inches - but the middle of it had bulged out incredibly. It was nearly fouritem2 inches across, an inch and a half up into her ass! Lonnie screamed and screamed from the terror of the awful intruder, even though it didn't really hurt. Her pelvis was pushed forward, puffing out her sweet labia and arching her lower back seductively. The nasty butt plug was locked into her body and only her father knew of the secret button, up inside her ass, that would release it.

Adan was beyond aroused. He needed to fuck his baby again so badly. He'd never wanted anything more in his whole life. But he knelt in between his wife's bound and wide-stretched legs and instead of inserting his throbbing cock into Lonnie's beautiful slit, he spread her legs wide, pushed in closer and slid his erection into his wife's warm wet cunt. He reached over the top of his daughter, grabbed his wife's hips and began to thrust into her, over and over, as hard as he could. With every thrust he ground the two females together, pressing Lonnie's pussy into her mother's, just centimeters from his raging cock. And with every thrust he pushed on the anal plug ravaging his little girls ass.

Harmony threw her head back and groaned through her gag as Adan started fucking her hard and fast. It was the most spectacular feeling. Lonnie was crushed on top of her and their pussies were grinding together, clit to clit as Adan fucked her with incredible speed and power. She'd never imagined anything could possibly be so insanely debase and disgusting and she couldn't help but revel in it. She fought against her bonds, but her helplessness just increased the thrill. She could hear poor little Lonnie grunting and panting with every brutal thrust of her daddy's body as the plug in her ass tormented her. An orgasm quickly built inside Harmony, streaming out from her abused cunt and overwhelming her mind as she began to shake with no control. The strongest orgasm she'd ever felt hit her like a truck and she nearly passed out from the violent pleasure of it.

"Oh god, oh god, oh fuck, fuck!" Adan yelled as he rammed again and again into his wife's tight pussy. He pulled at her hips and crushed his little daughter between them. Her evil tail flicked this way and that with every forward thrust. He listened to her fevered grunting, even as he felt another small tremor shaking the room and bouncing them all about on the bed. And then he came, sending wave after wave of hot thick cum deep into his wife's unprotected womb. It was glorious and disgusting and wonderful all at the same time.

Adan's huge erection barely wilted when he was finished plumbing the depths of Harmony's tight, sweet hole. Letting go of her, he sat back on his heels and let his throbbing member slide out of her with a plop. It was still long and nearly hard and even as he thought the thoughts he should never be thinking - would never think were it not for the overwhelming compulsion he felt - even as he looked at the wonderful sight of his little girl's incredible immature pussy and the long black tail jetting out from her ass, he was hard as a rock again.

Small, bound Lonnie felt something parting the outer lips of her private place and her eyes flared with feverish worry. Was that daddy? Was it his long pole thing again? OH! It was so big and warm and it circled around in her entrance. "Daddy? Daddy? Oh god, daddy, please!" she finally managed to croak out past her excitement and fear. "Daddy - oh! It feels bigger!" Something was different. It was the huge thing in her ass, squeezing her little slit tighter, trying to keep daddy out of her. It hurt. "Daddy, daddy, that hurts, it hurts, oh, OH!" His big pole was swirling in and out, round and round. She was getting crushed down into mommy and their sensitive buttons were grinding together again. Lonnie's mind was swimming, but she knew one thing for certain - one thing with a clarity she'd never known anything ever before - she urgently wanted daddy to push his thing all the way inside of her, no matter what. She needed it. She needed it with all of her being. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, please, now, now, please! PLEASE! NOW!!"

Adan slammed forward into his hot little nine-year-old. On her own she was incredibly tight, but with the anal plug he could barely force his way inside of her. She screamed, her head pulled back and every muscle in her neck straining and quivering as he worked to force his way inside. But then he was inside her, deep inside her, and he was fucking her. He was fucking his daughter again. He was fucking his sweet baby and oh god it was so, so, so good!

Every fiber of the small child's being was overjoyed and she milked at Adan's long hard thing with everything she could use. It was so wonderful. She felt so loved and warm and content and intoxicated with pleasure. It felt so GOOD to have him inside her. And it felt so GOOD to rub her little clit against mommy's. Even the scary big thing filling up her butt felt so GOOD! She was losing her mind. The room was spinning and shaking - or was that another tremor? Who cared. She was so happy. Daddy was going to put something inside of her, way up inside, something precious and wonderful. He was going to change her. Give her a gift that she would always cherish. She could feel that she was ready for it. She quivered in anticipation of daddy's wonderful gift. Her whole body was shaking and quavering and she could barely breath. She could barely pant in time to the thrusts of her daddy's wonderful long hot thick pole. Lonnie's eyes rolled back in her head as the strongest, most incredible orgasm imaginable crashed over her immature body.

Harmony watched her baby go insane with lust, overwhelmed by a supersonic orgasm, even as her own orgasm continued to flow and flow from the hard friction of their grinding buttons. She was almost insane herself, barely able to grasp what was happening to her and her precious child. But the desire to be used and dominated and fucked and fucked and fucked was just so strong, so overwhelming.

Pounding and pounding into his little girl, Adan was barely aware of anything but the feel of his dick in the vice-grip of Lonnie's tiny cunt. If he hadn't already come multiple times he wouldn't have lasted more than seconds, but he was able to fuck little Lonnie from behind for several feverish minutes. He gripped her thin hips and lurched forward again and again, sweat pouring from his brow from the extended exertion. But finally, thankfully, he could feel the cum boiling up in his loins one more time. He knew he was close. He plunged faster, willing the hot seed to erupt. He wanted to fill his little baby with more cum than she could possibly hold. He wanted to scald her insides with an eruption worthy of the volcano that was providing this incredible, horrible, insane desire he felt for his child.

And then it came. Adan's hot seed spewed into his unprotected child's fertile womb. Again and again he spurted hot sperm deep inside of her. She squeezed out every drop with her strong muscles, despite her frantic orgasmic shaking. "Fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, oh god YESSS!" Adan yelled as he kept spewing his seed until finally, mercifully, he was done.

Adan fell back, away from the bound girl and woman, flopping onto the bed barely able to draw in a breath. He was exhausted, but still the desires swirled in his mind and his body. He felt the room shake yet again, but he couldn't tell if it was another tremor or a heart attack. Finally, with the last of his strength, he rolled over and untied his daughter, releasing the rope that bound her to her mother and pulling free the ropes binding her wrists. She hardly seemed to notice, as she lay panting on her mother, with her eyes closed. Harmony too, was beyond notice of the world, her breathing ragged and shallow. Adan didn't have the strength to release Harmony. He rolled off the bed and stumbled to an armchair, collapsed into it's comfortable embrace and passed out in seconds.


Part V

All night long, under the full moon, a huge grey dog dashed from place to place, lost and terrified, as the small tremors chased him unmercifully and he sought any kind of comfort. His fear of the small earthquakes was almost the equal of the desires engendered by the vibrations in the volcanic rocks. He could find no peace or satisfaction! And now, as the eastern sky lit up with the rising sun, he sensed the impending cataclysm, his instincts telling him to run, to find safety. He howled at the setting moon.

A scent caught the dog's sensitive nostrils and his ears laid back in agitation. It was her - she would save him, he was sure of it. At last he knew what to do. He ran.


A distant, insistent pounding woke Lonnie up and she blinked her eyes, squinting at the bright light. She was curled in daddy's lap, resting her head on his broad chest. She breathed in the wonderful smell of him. Then she heard the pounding again, and a muffled yell.

"Daddy, daddy," Lonnie said, shaking her father's shoulder. His eyes flickered and then snapped open. "Daddy, somebody's pounding on the door."

Lonnie's father blinked, trying to remember where he was and what was happening. He realized he was holding his naked daughter in his lap and the whole night of frightening debauchery came flooding back into his mind. His eyes darted to the bed, where he saw his wife, just starting to wake up, half covered by a rumpled sheet. She was no longer bound, but she still had the ankle and wrist cuffs on. Lonnie must have untied her some time after he'd crashed. Glancing at the bedside clock he saw that is was nearly ten. "Damn, what the hell?" daddy said.

Daddy lifted Lonnie up and set her on her feet. As she stood and began to move she realized how sore she was and she groaned with surprise. She could barely walk with the way the wicked butt plug changed her posture and spread out her insides. She watched daddy grab a robe and throw it around his shoulders, then he handed her one of his t-shirts and told her to put it on. She struggled into it and it swallowed her, falling to her skinny knees. Her tail trailed out from under the hem of the shirt and all the way down to brush the floor. Daddy's eyes flared at the sight, but the loud knocking on their door couldn't be ignored.

"I'll see what the hell it is," daddy said and he threw a robe at mommy, who was awake enough to be up on one elbow, blinking her eyes in the bright morning light.

Daddy didn't notice Lonnie trailing behind him as he went into the main room. She had to walk carefully. Each step moved the plug around inside of her. The tail flicked about and tickled the back of her legs. As daddy opened the door Lonnie hid behind an armchair near the big doors to the balcony, just peeking out.

A young man and a young woman stood at the door, both sixteen or seventeen, in matching resort uniforms, khaki shorts and short sleeved button down shirts with "Palatium Coacto" embroidered over the pocket. The boy was tall, insanely thin with sandy blonde hair and his name tag said Rocco Mounkes. "Dr. Day, thank goodness you're here!" the boy blurted out. "You're the last of the guests, sir, we've got to get you out of here"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Adan demanded.

"We've got to evacuate sir, at once," said the pretty redheaded girl. She had cute freckles all across her face. She was short and curvy and her name tag said Dede Heatherton. "The volcano, sir - the volcano, we're being told it's going to erupt any time. Sir, it's not safe. You've got to be evacuated!"

"Daddy, daddy! Look!" Lonnie screamed. The two men and the girl all spun around to look at her. The young man, Rocco, blanched at the sight of the gorgeous little girl wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt, with some kind of tail hanging down to the floor. But his gaze, like the other's was drawn to where Lonnie was pointing - out the window at the distant volcano. A huge plume of smoke and ash was billowing upwards, soon to be tens of thousands of feet into the air. And a second later they heard the massive boom of the explosion.

"Oh my god, Adan, what's happening?" Harmony asked from the doorway. Her robe was only half closed around her fantastic body and the young hotel clerk got his second eyeful.

And then, exactly 5 seconds after the initial blast, the massive wave of energy rolled across the peninsula and the amplitude of the vibrations in the rocks was multiplied a thousand fold.

Lonnie saw the boy grab his head and drop to his knees as the young girl screamed. Mommy also put her hands to her temples and fell to the floor, stunned. And then the incredible wave of desire crested over Lonnie. It was too much for her nine-year-old mind to handle. She screamed and she fainted, crashing to the floor behind the big chair.


When Lonnie recovered from her faint she crawled out from behind the chair only to be met with a sight that made her head swim. She could barely understand what she was seeing. The handsome young man was on his knees, with no clothes on. His arms were pulled behind his back and Lonnie realized they were tied together, very tightly. And the huge red ball that had been in mommy's mouth last night was bound into the boy's mouth. His head was thrown back and his eyes were wide - probably because mommy was on her hands and knees in front of him, trying urgently to slide his big pole down her throat.

And the boy's pole - it was huge! It was a foot long and at least as big around as Lonnie's wrist. But mommy opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the head of the pole, bobbing her head forward and back several times, before she pulled away from it. When the pole came out she quickly turned her head and licked all along the underside of the pole, until her face was pressed against his thighs. Then up she came again and she took the huge piece of meat into her mouth again and forced herself forward, as if she could swallow such a huge thing!

The whole sight was incredible and Lonnie, on her own hands and knees, reached under herself to stroke at her little slit with fevered need. But where was daddy? God, if she could only find daddy he could give her what she needed! Where was he? Lonnie looked about frantically but he was nowhere to be seen. The boy! The boy had what she needed.

Lonnie pulled the t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside, then crawled across the carpet to the couple on the floor. Her long tail twitched as she moved, slapping her sides and tickling her legs. But as she neared them, eyeing the boys huge pole with lust in her eyes, mommy turned her head and hissed "Mine! Go away!" There was so much menace in mommy's voice! Lonnie backed away quickly. As she watched, mommy turned quickly around, still on her hands and knees and presented her bottom to the boy. Then she reached back and grasped his enormous cock, put the head of it to her tight rosebud and reared back, impaling her ass on the monster. The boy started thrusting into mommy with everything he had, careful not to lose his balance. Mommy screamed, "oh god, oh god, yes, yes" as she took more and more of the gigantic phallus up her butt.

Desire spiked in little Lonnie at the sight of mommy hoarding the enormous cock to herself. But mommy fixed her with a nasty look and she knew better than to try to get any closer. It wasn't fair, she thought. Finally, she decided to go look for daddy again. Standing up, stiffly, she shuffled back into her parents bedroom. It was getting harder to walk with the huge plug up her butt.

Another spike of desire and jealousy slammed into Lonnie when she found her daddy. He was on the big bed. And underneath him was the pretty redheaded girl, face down, with two pillows under her stomach. She also had her hands firmly tied behind her back, as well as having her ankles pulled out to the sides by ropes stretched to the legs of the bed. The girl was grunting in time with the massive thrusts of daddy's long pole into her slit. "Oh, oh, oh, oh! Dr. Day! YES! YES!" the girl grunted. Daddy and the girl were completely oblivious of the nine-year-old who watched them with obvious envy and desire.

Lonnie broke down in tears. No one would hold her or take care of her or make these awful feelings go away! She felt so abandoned and lonely and awful And then she screamed as a huge rough wet tongue swiped between her legs from behind, right up into her sopping young cunt.

Twisting in panic, Lonnie discovered the huge grey dog looking into her eyes and she blanched. His upper lip twitched to reveal a long sharp canine tooth and he growled menacingly. She screamed again as she felt the now familiar spike of panic and excitement, just before the dog lunged at her and knocked her to the floor.

He huge dog was on the little girl in a flash. After so long and so much terror, he'd finally found the source of the only familiar smell that gave him any peace. And he knew what he was supposed to do. His huge nose pushed between her thighs and he swiped his tongue once more through the child-bitch's hot little slit. She tasted so good! Again and again he dipped his tongue into her wetness. She tasted different now, but she was still the one.

Lonnie writhed on the floor. She opened her legs wide to the giant dog's big tongue. It was so rough and hot. But his nose was cold and tickled. In seconds she forgot all about mommy and the boy with the huge pole, daddy and the pretty redheaded girl. Her whole world became the dog and his wonderful swirling strong tongue.

It took no time at all for the big dog's tongue to bring the child to a spectacular orgasm, an orgasm that wouldn't stop. He laved at her pussy without mercy, teasing her tiny hooded clitoris into a frenzy. Lonnie writhed and squirmed on her back, with her feet planted on the floor to lift her ass upward and give the dog better access. Her tail swirled about on the floor as she twisted uncontrollably.

But soon the doggy wanted more - much more. He'd lathered up his little child-bitch, now it was time for her to do her duty. It was time for her to assuage this terrible need that pounded at his brain and made his blood boil. He backed off and growled at her, letting her know it was his turn. He nipped at her flank and barked, loudly.

Lonnie was terrified of the big dog. It hurt when he nipped at her, even though he didn't break her skin. Her intense need for sex was still overwhelming her, but how could the doggy could fix that except with his tongue? What did he want? Why was he barking and growling at her? She had to get away from him. She rolled to her front and tried to jump to her feet, intent on running to the bathroom and shutting the dog out.

The dog was beyond exasperated with his little child-bitch and his need was driving him insane. She was trying to run from him! As she got to her feet he lunged forward and caught her tail in his massive jaw.

"Owwwww!" Lonnie screamed as she was caught up short. The plug in her ass, far too wide to come out until someone released the secret button, pulled her backwards. And worse, the huge dog lifted the tail, gripping it just an inch from her ass, and pulled her feet off the ground. She dangled in pain, trying to hold her weight up with her arms, completely at the huge beast's mercy. She'd never known such terror in her life. Why wouldn't mommy or daddy help her?

"Stop that you mangy beast!" Adan screamed at the huge dog, who dropped Lonnie rudely to the ground. The dog remembered the vicious kick he'd received before and he backed off from the big man, eyeing him warily.

"Daddy!" Lonnie cried as she scrambled back to her feet and grabbed her father around the legs. "Daddy, thank you! He was trying to hurt me! You saved me again." She looked up into her daddy's face, ready for him to lift her up and take care of her desperate needs. But the look on daddy's face as he stared down at Lonnie made her blood go cold. "Daddy?"

Adan looked down at his child and spoke in cold, frightening tones. "Get on your hands and knees, Lonnie, now!"

Daddy's voice cut through Lonnie's fevered brain. She had to do whatever daddy said. She couldn't question him or hesitate. A wave of pleasure shot through her as she go back down onto her hands and knees and looked up at him. But his face was so stern and scary. And then daddy leaned down to her with something in his hand. It was a collar, a dog collar - thick black leather with silver studs - and daddy fastened it around her neck. Lonnie shivered at the feel of the leather constricting her throat. She didn't like the collar, but it was what daddy wanted and that was what mattered. Glancing around the room Lonnie saw the redheaded girl on the bed staring at her and then she saw mommy standing in the doorway with the boy, also staring at her. She heard a loud click and turned to see that daddy had attached a leash to her new collar. She panicked and pulled against the leash, to no avail, daddy had a tight grip on it. But she'd twisted around even farther and she saw the big grey dog standing a few feet away, glaring at her with his small golden eyes. And she saw the red thing dangling from under his belly, like the other time.

"Turn around," daddy demanded and he pulled on the leash, forcing Lonnie to walk on her hands and knees in a circle until she was facing away from the big dog. "Now waggle you little bitch ass, slut!" Daddy demanded. "Go on, show him your fine little butt, waggle that tail for your new boyfriend!"

Lonnie was so confused. But her daddy's voice was so demanding and she had to please him, she just had to. She raised up on her toes and hands and she shook her butt back and forth, twitching her ass checks quickly to make her tail dance about and slap her sides.

"Again," daddy commanded and Lonnie obeyed him without hesitation. "Go on boy," daddy called out. "Come on, it's okay, come and get your little bitch. See how much she wants you."

Lonnie didn't understand what daddy was saying. It didn't make any sense. But then she felt the cold nose at her butt and the strong tongue ripped up through her sensitive slit again and she cried out. "Oh, oh, no, he's going to hurt me! Daddy, please! Don't let him!"

In a panic, Lonnie tried to get up on her feet, but daddy held the leash too low and she couldn't rise from the ground. And when she tried to move away from the dog, daddy held her in place. She was horrified. She pulled and tugged one way and then another, but she was trapped by the terrible leash and collar as the dog circled and growled and took swipes at her little slit with his long tongue.

"Go on, you mangy beast, what are you waiting for?" Lonnie heard her daddy say. And then he whispered into her ear, "Get ready Lonnie, here he comes, here comes your new boyfriend. You be a good little bitch for him now."

Lonnie looked up to see that mommy and the blonde boy and even the redheaded girl were all kneeling around her, staring in wonder. The boy's huge pole stood straight out from his body and the girl was desperately rubbing her fingers in her slit. Lonnie screamed when the dog licked her again, and she tried to pull at the leash. And that's when the dog finally leapt onto her back.

The dog's forelegs immediately wrapped around Lonnie's thin waist and trapped her. His heavy weight could have easily crushed her to the floor, except that daddy held the leash up, forcing her to strain her weak arms to hold herself up or strangle from the collar. The dog was humping her from behind at an enormous rate and something warm and wet kept poking her in the thighs and stomach. Hot jets of liquid scalded her sensitive skin.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! NO! NO! NO!" Lonnie screamed as whatever it was found the mark of her tiny slit and entered her, rapidly moving in and out, but deeper and deeper with every forward thrust. Suddenly she understood that it was the red thing under the doggy that he was pushing deep inside of her. She could tell that the dog was having to work hard to get his thing past the huge plug in her ass. But still, with every stroke the cock went deeper.

"Daddy, daddy, please. What's he doing? Daddy! Oh god, daddy, it's getting bigger! It's too big. IT'S TOO BIG!!" The dog's cock was swelling inside Lonnie's little body, despite her evil ass plug. And he just kept ramming it into her at an incredible pace. And finally, with one massive thrust he was fully embedded in the child-bitch and his knot expanded to the size of an orange.

"Arghhh! Daddy, daddy!" Lonnie wailed. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She shook violently with a massive orgasm as she felt the dog filling her insides with his hot thin cum. Between the huge plug and the swollen phallus there was no more room inside her. The hot cum poured forth anyway, increasing the incredible pressures.

The dog howled as he finished filling is little girl-bitch with his seed. She was so incredibly tight! But he was done with her and she was crushing his throbbing member. He tried to dismount, but his knot was deeper than the the huge ass plug's knot. He was going to be tied to her for a long time and as long as he was inside her, she was going to shiver and quake in orgasmic spasms.

Lonnie screamed "Ooooh, daddy, help, help, OOOOHH!" as the huge dog got down from her back and twisted around, rotating his knot inside of her. She was so incredibly full! Painfully, he threw a back leg over her butt, tangling in her tail and pulling at her ass. Mommy dashed forward and helped pull the tail out of the way and then the dog was safely down. But the dog and the poor child were tightly bound ass to ass and every wag of his strong tail caught her fake tail and pulled at her butt plug. The extra stimulation was just going to make his knot last that much longer.

"Hold her leash," Lonnie heard daddy say as he passed the leash to mommy. Then he was kneeling in front of her with his big pole sticking out and bobbing up and down. He grabbed the pole in his hand and rubbed up and down it's length very fast, holding it just in front of Lonnie's face. "Open your mouth, now, hurry," Daddy said. His voice was so enlivened and demanding.

Lonnie opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes, knowing what was coming. The hot thick sperm hit her lips and tongue and she involuntarily flinched away. But more of it hit her in the nose and then, again, into her mouth. She felt more and more of the nasty seed. It was filling her mouth! How could there be so much of it? She opened her eyes and saw the enormous cock of the blonde boy just in front of her and even as she looked another massive jet of cum arched out and hit her in the forehead, the final assault on her pretty face.

Knowing that he would want her to, Lonnie swallowed the cum. It took several large gulps. Then she opened her mouth to show daddy it was all gone. She even reached up and pushed the rest of it from her face into her mouth, licking her fingers to get all of it before she swallowed it into her tummy.

For the next hour Lonnie was tied to the big dog, unable to do anything but stay on her hands and knees, watching the rest of the orgy of domination and lust. Everyone submitted to daddy's frightening dominance, doing whatever nasty thing he wanted. He made sure it was all done right in front of Lonnie. And all through the long ordeal she shook and writhed through an orgasm that would never stop.

Finally the others all circled around Lonnie and the dog. But daddy wasn't done dominating his group. He told the redheaded girl to crawl underneath Lonnie, with her pretty, freckled face under Lonnie's pussy. Then he carefully pushed his finger up into Lonnie's ass. "Daddy, daddy, please, no!" Lonnie screamed as he searched for the button that would release the ass plug. When he found it, the plug immediately sprang back to it's long thin form. And the dog's knot, still almost as big as an orange, was no longer bound. The dog howled and yanked at his cock, straining his legs to pull the huge knot. Even without the ass plug to stop him, Lonnie's tiny slit was incredibly tight and it took everything he had to painfully pull the huge plug through her pussy until it popped out and he went flying forward.

A huge gush of warm thin cum jetted out of Lonnie's abused pussy, raining down on the redheaded girl's face and open mouth. The girl was drenched with it.

Lonnie's father, insane with island-induced lust, grabbed his daughter by the hips and rammed his cock into her abused cunt. As he raped her, he dislodged more of the dog's nasty cum, which continued to dribble down onto the redhead. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he yelled as he took his daughter, one more time and watched his wife swallow the young boy's cock as far down her throat as she could manage.

They all heard the gigantic boom of the second massive volcanic eruption, three times the size of the first eruption. Every eye in the room turned to the window.

Adan's own eruption, his final eruption, was hot and hard and wonderful. He filled his little girl's pussy with his seed one last time. He watched his wife swallowing the boy's impressive load. And then the shockwave hit. The room buckled, throwing them all to the floor, and one second later the incredible affects of the island's lava increased by another factor of a hundred. No mind could handle such an overload of wanton lust and desire. Every person in the room passed out.


The Palatium Coacto resort was very lucky. Some of the older building on the south side were destroyed by the earthquakes that accompanied the massive volcanic eruptions. But all of the resort's main buildings were intact, with only minor damage to furniture and fittings. Two other resorts around the bay and closer to the volcano were not so lucky, but both would be reopening in a month or two. There was going to be a crush of new visitors to the island once word got out of the magnificent river of lava flowing down the eastern slopes of Mt Mentempuer and into the sea - slowly expanding the island to the east.

Fortunately, the prevailing winds had been strong and steady. Although most of the northern half of the island was enveloped in ash from the eruptions, the southern peninsula and it's resorts and village were spared that fate.

And miraculously there were no fatalities. Almost everyone had been evacuated before the volcano's eruption. Even the group of five disheveled and confused people found on the upper floors of the Palatium Coacto seemed to be uninjured, although none of them seemed to remember anything that had happened after the first eruption of the volcano.



Four days after the eruption of Mr Mentempuer, the first in three centuries, the tropical resort Palatium Coacto was nearly back to normal. Only about a third of the guests had returned to the resort, the others fearful of more eruptions and earthquakes - and also having heard rumors of the strange actions of the few people who had remained during the eruption. But the volcano had settle down quickly, the tremors had ceased and even the moon was well past full and the tides were calm. The resort would be full again in no time.

Things were calm in the family of Dr. Adan Day as well. The incredible desires had passed. Adan and Harmony avoided the subject of all the terrible things that had happened, which was fine with their daughter. She didn't want to talk about it - it just scared her. Adan could tell she no longer felt the desires that had compelled her into his arms and onto his cock, but he suspected she dwelt on their time together frequently. Still she seemed to be adjusting, even if he wasn't.

For it turned out that not all of the desires Adan had felt under the influence of the Mt Mentempuer volcanic rock had disappeared. He'd done too many wild and lecherous things - things he couldn't forget. And he just couldn't leave them all behind.

Which was why, four days after the eruptions and the day before their departure, the accomplished neuroscientist Dr. Adan Day presented his wife and his daughter with some special gifts to commemorate their memorable trip to the island and the Palatium Coacto resort. For each of them he'd had two beautiful bracelets made - crafted from the islands unique veins of ancient black obsidian. Harmony and Lonnie both oohed and ahed over the gorgeous shiny bracelets and they swore they would wear them often. Lonnie swelled with pride to have her daddy give her such a grown-up present.

What Adan didn't show them was the small black box he had built with his own hands, from simple materials he found here and there. It was a simple enough little device. It created a very specific set of resonance frequencies, of varying amplitude as one adjusted the dial on top from low to high to very high. Those frequencies perfectly mimicked the tidal resonance that created the vibrations of the island of Mt. Mentempuer's volcanic rocks.

It would be difficult not to activate the bracelets before they returned home. But Adan knew it would be best to wait a few more days before he turned his wife and his sweet darling daughter back into his personal nymphomaniacs. It was going to be glorious. He had so many plans. And the evil horse tail plug was safely packed into his bags.

But there were two more surprises in store before the family could leave the resort and Mt Mentempuer. Harmony had a gift for her husband too.

"Darling," Harmony said, with a delicious grin on her face. "I know we'd just about given up on having any more children, but, well, look at this!" She produced a short white plastic stick and showed her husband the little blue plus sign on it.

"Oh my god, Harm, a baby? That's fantastic!" Adan was truly thrilled that his wife was pregnant. He pulled her into a huge hug. "Oh darling, this is so fantastic."

"Mommy! Mommy!" Lonnie insistently pulled at her mother's sleeve, trying to get her attention.

"What is it, sweetie?" Harmony said gently, half letting go of her husband and looking down to her pretty little nine-year-old.

"I saw you pee on that little stick."

"Yes, sweetie, that's how it works - that's how it tells you if you're going to have a baby. I'm going to have a baby, sweetheart. You'll have a little brother or sister."

Lonnie looked up at her parents with a worried face before she continued. "But, mommy, there were two more of those sticks in the box, so I peed on one of them too." Then she handed the second pregnancy test up to her mother.

Harmony and Adan looked at the stick at the same time. The little blue plus sign seemed to stare back at them, until Harmony fainted in her husbands arms. Adan just looked down at his sweet child and smiled.

The End


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