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The Little Girl and Mommy's Dog - or - It Must Be Good If Mama Likes It

- by Alvo Torelli

(F/D, D/g, oral, rp, best, ped, bond)


So, I'm Elena Peters-Vannice and this is my story. Mama said I have to tell you the whole story - everything that happened, even though I don't want to. She's still pretty mad so I guess I better do what she says. Then maybe she'll let me out of here. Maybe she'll let me put some clothes on. Gosh, I wish I could just get out!


Like I said, I'm Elena Peters-Vannice and I just turned ten and I live with my mama Leora Vannice (but everybody calls her Lea) and our big old dog Romeo. My daddy left awhile ago, I don't really remember. Mama says that the only thing daddy left me was the ugly part of my name and my green eyes and red hair and my freckles. She has dark hair and gray eyes, so I guess maybe that's true.

Anyways, I'm supposed to tell you what happened and not leave out any of the details. It all started two weeks ago when I came home from school early 'cause they sent everybody home. I don't know why, but I guess Mama didn't know I was coming 'cause when I got home she was doing something that I think she didn't want anybody to know about. But now I know, and I wish I didn't! I guess now you'll know too, which is confusing why Mama would want you to know, but she told me to tell the whole story, no matter how embarrassing, so I will.

I came in the apartment and I thought no one was there, but I heard some funny noises from the back so I went to see. The noise was in mama's room and her door was open a little bit. I was scared, so I didn't make any sound but I pushed the door open and looked in. Mama was on the bed and she was moaning real loud and I thought she was hurt so I got closer. But I saw mama wasn't alone. She was on her bed with her legs dangling down over the side. And right between her legs Romeo was standing with his nose pressed up against her private place, which was naked, and that's not right, and it was scary. Even scarier was that it looked like Romeo was trying to bite mama real fast as he turned his head one way and then the other and maybe he was hurting her 'cause she was moaning really loud and gripping the blanket on both sides of her so hard her knuckles were all white and her arms were trembling. I almost screamed, but I covered my mouth with my hand and stayed behind the door and just peeked around. Then I could see Romeo wasn't really biting mama. He was licking her, really fast, and his tongue looked so big and he even pushed it right up inside mama's coochie.

I was too scared to move or say anything or barely even breathe. But pretty soon I could see that Romeo wasn't hurting mama. She liked what he was doing with his big fast tongue - she liked it a lot. She kept saying stuff like "Yes, yes, oh god, yes!" I was so confused 'cause it didn't look like fun but I could tell mama thought it was really fun and felt really great. Finally, I decided it must be good if mama likes it so much so I just stayed and watched real quiet while she twisted and turned on the bed and Romeo licked her coochie over and over again.

After a little bit, mama got even more excited and started to squirm around on the bed like she could barely control herself. The sheets were all twisted up in her fists and she lifted her hips up to push her coochie harder against Romeo's mouth and tongue. "Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, yes!" she said in a loud husky voice I'd never heard her use before. "Oh god, yeeeeeeessssss!" She just kept twisting and turning and straining and yelling. But I could see that she really really really liked it - even if it was really scary.

I saw that Romeo was getting almost as excited as mama was. He jumped halfway up on the bed and tried to grab her leg but then he got down and started whining and ran in a circle once before he licked mama again. But he was really agitated and he tried again to get up on the bed and grab mama. I saw a flash of something red under Romeo's belly and I got worried that he was hurt and was trying to get mama to help him. Then he barked at mama and ran in a circle again and barked more and tried to grab mama's leg, but she pushed him away.

Mama finally stopped writhing around so much, but she was still flushed and breathing really fast. When Romeo grabbed at her leg again she said "Stop that! Down. I know what you want you randy boy - give me a second. I swear!" Romeo kept jumping up and down and he barked at mama again. Mama scooted to the edge of the bed and sat up. Right away Romeo grabbed her thigh between his front legs, arched his back and started jerking his hips really fast. But a couple seconds later he lunged forward and grabbed mama around the waist and tried to wriggle his body between her legs.

"Oh no you don't! You nasty dog." Mama yelled at Romeo, but I could tell she wasn't mad at him 'cause she smiled and said, "Come on, big boy, I know what you need." She pushed him away but let him grab her thigh again and started that jerky thing with his hips and he whined really loud. But this time mama leaned forward and reached down under Romeo's belly where I'd seen the red thing but now I couldn't see it 'cause Romeo's fur was in the way and he was pushed against mama's leg. "There you go, you naughty dog. Oh, my, yes. There it is, there it is. Ooh, I'm always half tempted to let you use that big thing for real. Romeo! Stop that! Oh!" Mama was doing something I couldn't see underneath Romeo and he must have really liked it 'cause he was licking mama's face really fast and she kept trying to move her face out of the way but she really couldn't while she was reaching underneath him. I almost started to giggle out loud and I had to cover my mouth fast. Then mama said "god, that's so big! I am tempted, but I'm damn well not going to be your bitch, dog. Come on now, get it over with, you can do it."

Romeo bucked his hips really fast for about half a minute more and then he stopped all of a sudden after letting out a low howl. Right away he jumped down off of mama's leg and wandered off. I was worried about him but he went behind the bed and plopped down and I couldn't see him. But I could see that mama was using a towel to wipe something off her leg before she got up and headed into her bathroom and I heard her get in the shower.

I was really confused. Some of what I saw just seemed silly and funny, but I thought maybe some of it was naughty and it was strange to think about mama being naughty. I decided super quick that mama would probably be real mad if she knew I'd seen her and Romeo. Sometimes she gets so mad and frustrated and she scares me and is kind of mean for a little bit. So I left the apartment and walked around for an hour. All the time I kept thinking about mama and Romeo and wondering if what they did was naughty. But I just kept seeing how much mama liked it! How could it be naughty if mama liked it so much?

All that was a few days ago. Earlier today mama was in one of her moods. She was tired and didn't want to go to her evening job, but I guess she just had to. All I got for dinner was a peanut butter sandwich, which is okay 'cause I like them.

"Mrs. Lin is sick," mama said and made it sound like it was my fault. Dacey Lin is our neighbor down the hall and she's a nice lady. I usually stay with her when mama's waiting tables in the evening. "You're gonna have to stay by yourself tonight, Elena."

"But mama, I get scared."

"You're ten now, Elena. You need to grow up and be brave. You'll be fine. Romeo won't let anybody hurt you, just keep the door locked and don't let anybody in."

It was really quiet in the apartment all alone. I watched some TV but then heard some scary noises outside. We don't live in a very nice part of town. I think I even heard a gun! So I ran and got Romeo out of his big kennel and dragged him to my room and hugged him tight. He was really sweet and licked my nose, which made me giggle.

But then I started thinking about what mama did with Romeo and how much she liked it. I couldn't stop thinking about it and wondering if I would like that too. And I was supposed to grow up and be brave, wasn't I?

So I went and got some towels, just like mama had used, and I put them on the end of my bed. But then I was scared about taking my pajamas and my panties off 'cause it just didn't seem right. When Romeo saw the towels he got really interested and started licking my hands and he jumped up and down a little and nuzzled me with his big wet nose and nearly knocked me down 'cause he's way bigger than me. I couldn't help giggling more and then I wasn't so scared, so I went ahead and took off my clothes, which made Romeo even more excited. I laughed and laughed 'cause he kept trying to kiss me right on my mouth and got my face all wet, even when I grabbed his collar and tried to hold him back.

The second I put my little round bottom down on the bed Romeo pushed his big head between my legs and his huge tongue flicked out to slide over my little hairless coochie. I couldn't help yelling "oooooh!" and I fell right back on the bed with my short legs dangling over the side. "Ooooooh! Ooooooh! Romeo! Oh!" Suddenly I understood why mama had been writhing around so much. I grabbed the sheets tight with both of my little hands and bucked my hips up. I couldn't stop myself from spreading my legs wide and twisting from side to side as Romeo's hot rough tongue raked across my sensitive skin. "Oh god, oh god, Romeo! Oh, oh!"

I thought nothing could be more intense than the feel of Romeo's rough tongue slipping across the sensitive skin of my inner thighs and puffy mounds of my coochie. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. Romeo pushed his tongue inside my coochie! Right up inside me! I was suddenly terrified, and I howled, but I was so out of control that I couldn't do anything about it and he just kept up his attack. I was scared, but in a few seconds I got over it 'cause I really couldn't even think. I couldn't do anything but squirm under the amazing feelings from Romeo's long hot tongue. He even licked my little bottom hole and I screamed louder than ever, but I didn't try to stop him. No, I didn't try to stop him at all. I wrapped my little legs around Romeo's thick furry neck and pulled him even harder against me.

Something happened then. Something I didn't understand. It was like my coochie took over my whole body and made me feel incredibly tingly and excited and scared and wonderful and like I might just explode - all at the same time. My coochie shivered with incredible force and my whole body shivered with it. And it went on and on and on as Romeo kept licking me with his amazing tongue until I felt like I was going to die. It was too wonderful, too intense. My whole body was shaking so hard, I could barely breathe and my head thrashed from side to side and I couldn't stop from screaming. It was too much, too scary and too intense! "Stop! Stop! Romeo, please! Stop! Pleeeeease!" But he wouldn't stop. He just kept pushing his big tongue inside my coochie and raking through the inside and over the little nubbin at the top. I could feel how swollen and sensitive the little nubbin had gotten and every time his rough tongue slathered across it it felt like lightning was coursing through my body and I screamed "OHH!" again. "Stop Romeo, please! STOP!" I was sure I was going to die.

Suddenly Romeo did stop. He pulled away from my coochie and backed away from between my legs. The wonderful-awful feelings diminished quickly, but still, I could barely breathe and my hands wouldn't let go of the sheets on either side of me. I heard Romeo bark once - a quick and demanding yip. I heard him running around and then another demanding yip. I finally opened my eyes to look up, just as he jumped half up on the bed, with one front paw on either side of me and his big hairy chest pressed against my tummy. He was trying to grab ahold of me like I remember he did with mama. But he couldn't get a grip and he barked again. It was almost like he was saying something - he was so insistent.

I didn't know what Romeo wanted and I could still barely think from the amazing feelings that were only just starting to calm down. But I knew that something bad was going to happen if I didn't get Romeo off of me right away. He was whining in a way I'd never heard before and he was jerking against me. He was up on top of me and something hot and slimy touched my leg and I felt some hot liquid squirting out onto my bare thighs.

"Romeo, Romeo, stop! Get down, oh god, please, stop! Bad doggie. Stop." I twisted and turned under my big doggie, and pushed against his hairy neck with my small hands. I started getting really scared and when Romeo barked at me I screamed really loud, but at least Romeo jumped down off the bed and backed up for a second.

As fast as I could I sat up and started to pull my legs up, but what I heard and saw froze me in place, wide-eyed in terror. Romeo stood staring at me, his big shoulders hunched forward and his ears straight up. He bared his huge mouth full of sharp teeth at me and he growled - loud and angrily. My beautiful sweet doggie was growling at me like he was going to eat me!

"Oh no, Romeo, please! What do you want!?" I was so scared.

And then Romeo lunged forward, snarling! I screamed and twisted away from him, trying to leap to the top of the bed and escape from my suddenly vicious doggie. But he was so fast. I felt his front legs wrap around my waist and then his soft fur against my back. His weight pushed me back down on the bed on my tummy. I felt Romeo dragging me backward, back to the foot of the bed. I clawed at the covers and continued to scream, but it was no use. In seconds my legs were dangling over the edge of the bed again and no matter how I kicked, squirmed or thrashed about, I was helpless. Romeo squeezed me firmly around the waist and he crushed my chest and face down into the mattress.

"Ow! Ow! Romeo! Stop, please, please! OW!" Romeo was jerking his hips against my bottom so fast and his claws dug into my sides with every thrust. He kept growling and whining like he was super frustrated and he thrashed from side to side behind me even as he kept thrusting his hips really fast. Suddenly I remembered how Romeo had whined and thrust at mama's leg - and how she had reached under him to do something that made him happy. But I had no idea what to do and besides I was crushed underneath Romeo's big heavy chest. I screamed and screamed, "Stop Romeo, stop! Pleeeeaasssse!" I was so terrified.

But I got even more scared in the next second. I made a last attempt to get out from under Romeo, yanking hard at the covers and scrabbling to get my knees up onto the bed. But all I managed to do was let Romeo get centered between my legs, with an even tighter grip around my waist. And then I felt it. Something wet and sharp stabbed at my coochie! I screamed "Aghhhh! Romeo, no, what is that?" It stabbed me again and pushed a little bit inside of me. It was hot and wet. "No no no no no!" I screamed. But the thing poked me again, then again. And then Romeo stopped jerking for a second, wiggled around behind me and then barked close to my ear.


Romeo stabbed the hot sharp thing into my coochie! All the way in! I felt a horrible tearing flash of pain and the next thing I knew my insides were filled with something long and hard. It felt like it was the size of a banana and it stretched my coochie more than I ever thought possible. And it was hot and slimy as it slid along my insides and pushed apart the lips of my poor coochie! Romeo pumped it in and out of me really fast as I screamed and screamed. It was so big. It kept smacking into something way up deep inside me, but Romeo didn't care, he just kept pushing it in harder and harder. The way it slid through my coochie was amazing and awful. Pretty soon the pain stopped and then the weird feeling in my coochie started to grow again. It grew and grew and took over my whole body! I was shaking and shivering all over. I could only breathe in little gasps, my back arched under Romeo's heavy hairy chest and my little fists twisted the covers. I couldn't even scream at him anymore, I could only weakly grunt, "no, no, no, no, no," in time with Romeo's awful thrusts into my little body.

I didn't want the shivery feeling again, but I couldn't stop it. I didn't want Romeo pumping some big hot thing in and out of my coochie, but I couldn't stop him either. I thought it was the worst moment that could ever happen, that nothing could ever be worse, or more humiliating or scarier. But I was so wrong.

Two things happened at the same time. The first was that I heard a gasp and I turned my head and there was mama standing at the door with her eyes wide in surprise. "Ma-ma, ma-ma, p-p-please! H-h-help!" My heart soared. Mama would save me! I tried to reach out to her, but then I saw the look on her face change quickly from surprise to anger. Anger at me! I was so confused!

But before I could even start to take in mama's outrage the other thing happened. The big hot thing that Romeo had pushed inside me through my coochie, the thing he kept pumping in and out of me, the thing that was causing the terrifying shivery feeling and causing me to thrash uncontrollably underneath Romeo - that thing suddenly changed. Romeo rammed the big thing as deep inside me as he could get it, mashing my insides with pain. And then, way up inside my coochie, the hot thing swelled up really fast. It got bigger and bigger! It hurt. It stretched my insides more than I could believe and it made my whole body spasm even harder. I couldn't control myself at all, and my coochie gripped hard at the skinny base of the thing.

I felt a searing heat deep inside me as if a hot stinging liquid was filling me up. I couldn't help but scream "Mama, mama, help, help! Please! Oh, oh, aarrghh!"

"Elena! You little hussy!" Mama yelled at me. "You always have to have everything! He was mine, he was all I had! I can't ever go out with anyone because of you and now you took the only pleasure I had! He'll never want me now - now that you let him make you his little bitch! You slut! You nasty, nasty little slut!"

"No mama, no, I didn't! Oh!! Mama please help me. Oh, oh! It's so big, it's too big!" My mind reeled from the terror of the big thing filling me up and couldn't understand what mama was yelling at me.

"I always knew you'd be a little slut, Elena! You're always flirting and teasing with my... Oh! But you've done it now. Oh yeah, you've done it now!"

"Oh god, mama, I don't know what you mean! Mama, please, help me."

"You're his bitch now sweetie, now and forever! And Romeo didn't get his name for nothing, Elena." Mama had her face down close to mine and she hissed angrily, but then she softened and looked up to talk to Romeo. "Romeo is a very randy boy - yes he is. Romeo is always horny and ready for a good hard fuck. Aren't you boy? Yes, yes you are, aren't you?" She rubbed Romeo's ears and patted his head. "Does Romeo like his new little bitch? I guess Romeo won't want mama's hot juicy box anymore, and he won't have to settle for a nice hand job every day, will he? Oh no, Romeo found himself a nice tight pussy to shove his big doggy prick into, didn't he? Yes, he did. What a good boy! What a good, good, doggy!"

"Oh, oh, oh, oooooohh! Mama, mama, please!" I wailed, but she ignored me. She just let me stay squashed under Romeo's big hairy chest while she talked to him. The huge thing continued throbbed inside me and the shivery shaking feeling went on and on, shooting out from my coochie. I wanted it to stop so bad. "Pleeeeeese mama!"

To make things worse, Romeo was panting hard from all the hard thrusting he had done. His hot doggy breath was warm and wet on my neck and he drooled all over me. Now and then he would lazily lick my face, forcing his big tongue against my lips.

I gave up screaming and just whimpered softly in time with my own heavy panting, "uh, uh, uh, ugghhh."

"That's it, Elena," mama said more gently. "Just relax and get used to being tied to your new master. You're stuck now, with Romeo's big cock-knot swollen up inside your little cunt. It's way too big to pull back out through your tiny slit. You should never have let him fuck you - you silly, silly little girl. It'll be half an hour - maybe more - before he can pull his big cock back out of your pussy."

"Half an hour? No, mama! Please, make it stop now. Please mama!"

"What's the matter, Elena? You don't like being Romeo's little bitch? That's just too bad sweetie, 'cause that's what you are now - a little preteen canine slave girl. Romeo made you his bitch and he likes to use his bitches often. I've been giving him hand jobs twice a day for months now, just to keep him from being too aggressive. But now he won't be satisfied with that. He's gonna want to fuck his new little bitch every chance he gets - and that's you, Elena! Get used to it!"

"No! I don't want to do this again! Please mama, no!"

But mama wouldn't listen to me or help me. I could tell she was still really mad. She went away for a few minutes, leaving me trapped under Romeo. I could hear her rummaging around in her room. When she came back she had something I didn't like at all - a dog collar! It was just like Romeo's dog collar, thick black leather with silver letters. But Romeo's collar had the word "ROMEO" on it and this one had a word I didn't know on it, a word mama kept using: "BITCH." Mama strapped the collar around my throat and buckled it. It was tight and really scary and I really didn't like it when she put a tiny little padlock on it. I knew there was no way I would be able to get the collar off and that scared me most of all.

"There now," mama said, "there's my little bitch-slut."

And right then Romeo started getting all restless and whiny and then he was trying to get down off the bed. But that made him pull hard on the big thing he'd pushed through my coochie and it hurt! The thing was way too big to slide back out of me. I gasped and yelled for mama to help me, but she just held on to me so Romeo couldn't pull me off the bed by my coochie. I screamed. Romeo pulled his front legs off the bed and somehow twisted around. I felt the huge swollen thing twisting inside me and it was awful. Then Romeo and I were in a different position with our bottoms pushed together, him standing on the ground and me dangling over the end of the bed with my butt way up in the air. It was terrible and I was crying and crying. But also I started to get the shivery feeling in my coochie again and I hated the look on mama's face when she saw that.

I had to stay that way, butt to butt with Romeo for a long time, shivering and shaking the whole time. After awhile the big thing started to get smaller and then Romeo pulled really hard to get it out. I screeched and then it finally pulled through my coochie and stretched me really wide. It plopped out of me all at once and I felt lots and lots of sticky liquid flowing down the insides of my legs.

Mama grabbed Romeo's collar and kept him next to the bed. I wanted to pass out, but mama barked at me, "look here Elena, look at your new master's big cock!" I crawled around to look, barely able to move and I saw mama reach between Romeo's hind legs and bring out a huge bright red thing. It glistened in the bright light, with blue throbbing veins. It was about seven inches long and nearly as big around as my wrist. But the scariest part was the big swollen part near the base, which was as big as an orange. I realized I was looking at the thing Romeo had pushed up inside of me, the thing that had filled my insides and made me have the awful-wonderful shivery feelings. His cock mama called it. His huge scary doggy cock. And worse, I realized that his cock had shrunk! I never ever ever want that inside me again. I screamed and then I think I fainted.

When I woke up I was here, in Romeo's big doggy cage - the one mama keeps in the extra bedroom for him to sleep in. I don't like it in here. I want to get out. But I really don't like the camera looking at me when I'm naked. I don't want to talk to the camera anymore. I don't like thinking about you looking at me in here with nothing but my collar on. But mama said she wouldn't let me out of the kennel until I told the whole story, which I just told you. So now maybe she'll let me out? But I really don't like the way she's looking at me. And why does she have Romeo's leash in her hand?

"What mama? I can get out soon? Oh thank you, mama, thank you! I just have to be a good little bitch first? For the camera? I don't understand mama."

"No mama, please. I'm sorry you have to work so hard to take care of us. What? I don't understand - it's my turn to make the money? That's what the camera is for? Who wants to buy the video? You're not making sense mama!"

"Wait, mama - no, no, I don't want to be on a leash. Mama, stop! Please, don't lead me around - I can't crawl that fast. Mama, you're scaring me."

"Oh mama, no, don't let Romeo in here. No! I don't want to do that with Romeo again. Oh god, mama, he's growling at me - he's going to bite me! No! Help! Ow!"

"Okay, okay, I'll do what he wants. Don't let him bite me. Like this? Is this the right position? OH! Mama, mama, I'm scared. His tongue is so strong and rough. My coochie! Oh! Oh!"

"Mama! Don't let him get on top of me! Please! Please! I don't want to do that again! No, no, no. Romeo, bad doggie, stop. OH! I felt it. I felt it again! Oh god, I know how big his cock is. Help me, mama, please, he's holding me so tight. Stop laughing, mama! Oh, no, no, aaagggghhhh! It's too big! It's too big! OOOOOOHHH!"

"Oh please mama, it's so big inside me. I just want it out. Please. What? Yes, yes, I admit it, I like the shivery feeling, but the rest is too much. Every day? From now on? Whenever Romeo wants? In front of the camera too? Oh god mama, no! Please...!"


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