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The Easter Egg Hunt,

-by Alvo Torelli, Easter, 2017

(g, b, mc, mast, magic, preg)


The Wizard looked out over the fields, rolling knolls and thin forest of the huge grounds of the church. He smiled at his work. Several volunteer parents milled about with nothing to do now that all of the many Easter Eggs had been hidden all about the grounds and the brunch was ready to be served. Everything was ready. As soon the service was over the children would come pouring out of the big church to enjoy the annual Easter Egg hunt, dressed inEaster their gorgeous little Easter dresses and best little suits, looking so very lovely and sweet.

All of the Wizard's plans were coming together. Revenge would be sweet. And so, so, enjoyable.

Little Marcie Evitts, eight-years-old and pretty as a picture with her long blonde curls and big blue eyes, was so excited for the Easter Egg hunt. She dashed out of the church, despite her mother telling her not to run for fear of Marcie tripping and ruining her frilly pink gown. The long pink bow in Marcie's hair fluttered in the breeze as she ran. Her tiny nose and high cheeks took on a healthy glow in the brisk Spring air. She was so excited!

All the children, from four to eleven, lined up behind the rope, eagerly waiting for the hunt to begin, jostling for position. The parent volunteers waded through them, making sure that the youngest children wouldn't get trampled in the mad rush as the rope dropped to begin the big event. Finally, finally the Wizard sounded the starting bell, the rope dropped and the children dashed forward to see who could find the most of the wonderful little treasures contained in the small, brightly colored plastic eggs.

None of the many milling parents and seemed to notice as their children all disappeared from view into the strange, swirling mist that suddenly sprang up all across the open field and out into the surrounding trees. The parents, and the children's older siblings, were much too busy laughing, talking and enjoying the festive repast laid out for their lovely Easter brunch.

Marcie dashed into the mists, eager to find her first Easter Egg. There! She spotted a bright red egg on the ground and ran to retrieve it, only to be disappointed when stupid Chelsea got to it before her. Chelsea held her treasure aloft with a pleased grin, then immediately dropped down to sit on the ground. Marcie stomped her shiny little shoe on the soft ground, frowning, then ran on to keep searching - leaving Chelsea sitting in the mist. There! Oh! A pretty yellow egg. Marcie scooped the egg up into her hand. It was warm! That was strange. But it was so pretty. Marcie loved her egg and she set it carefully in her basket, even as she proceeded to sit down on the ground and quickly remove her shiny shoes. Then she was up and off again - ready for her next treasure.

It seemed that there were plenty of the pretty, colorful eggs. It only took Marcie a moment to find her second egg, and she loved its pink color. It too was warm to the touch and she enjoyed holding it to her cheek as she plopped down onto the ground again. She deposited the egg with its yellow companion before she carefully stripped off her pretty white tights.

Marcie raced through the mist and found herself in the edges of the thin forest. Now there were more places to look for eggs. She saw a boy with no shoes, socks, jacket or tie race by and grab a red and blue striped egg from a tree branch. She was too busy racing on towards her next find to notice the boy stop and begin to unbutton his shirt. Marcie found her next egg nestled in the exposed roots of another tree and immediately spotted an egg on a low branch. She collected both of the pretty eggs and held them against her cheeks for a moment. But then she dutifully pulled the pretty ribbon from her long blonde hair, letting it cascade all about her gorgeous, happy face. And since she'd found two eggs, she also reached back to unzip her frilly pink dress, dropping it to the ground around her feet. Clad in nothing but her pink princess underpants, Marcie once again raced off in search of the next precious egg.

The mist was thinning a bit and Marcie spotted a very pretty orange and green egg twenty yards away, but stupid Chelsea once again beat her to the treasure. OH! That Chelsea! She's such a hog. Marcie didn't notice that Chelsea, just like her, was also down to her underpants. She didn't stick around long enough to see what Chelsea did after retrieving the pretty egg. Marcie wanted her OWN egg!

Two little girls, much younger than Marcie, ran by holding hands and smiling with great triumph. Their little baskets were full and their little bodies were naked. Marcie heard them yelling "mama, mama, look at all our pretty eggs," as they sprinted back towards the starting line of the hunt. As she continued, she saw a boy of nine or ten, trying for all he could to get to an egg that nestled in the crook of a tree, nearly six feet off the ground. He was finding it difficult to climb the tree with no shoes and no clothes. Marcie ran off without giving him another thought.

There! A lovely green egg with red speckles! Marcie raced for the egg. Yes! She got there before anyone could scoop her. The pretty egg was warm like the others, but it also gave off a low humming sound and vibrated gently. Oh! It was so pretty and nice. Marcie slipped the egg inside her panties, where it nestled into the slit of her immature cunny, held fast by the tight cloth. Ohhhh. It made Marcie squirm and twist. The warmth and tingling felt so nice!

Marcie ran on, searching and searching. She'd heard about the special golden eggs that were supposed to be rare and wonderful. But she hadn't seen any sign of anyone finding one yet. Every twenty steps or so Marcie had to pause to catch her breath and clutch her knees together. The green and speckled egg was giving her such a strange, wonderful feeling.

Marcie spotted an amazing looking egg in a hollow of a tree. It was glowing pink and was much, much bigger than the other eggs. She started to run for the egg, as best she could, but no matter how hard she ran she didn't seem to get any closer. Then a boy a bit older that Marcie came swooping across the sward towards the egg. He was completely naked except for the nice tie he'd left dangling from his throat, and he was sporting a straining erection that looked terribly uncomfortable. The second he touched the large egg Marcie lost all interest in it, and so she didn't see the boy drop to his knees. She didn't see that there was a hole in the fat end of the egg, a hole just big enough for the boy to insert his throbbing, maddening hard-on. She didn't see how he threw his head back and stroked the wonderful feeling egg up and down his tumescence, moaning and jerking his young hips.

The sweet eight-year-old found her next egg a few minutes later. It was silver, not gold, but she knew it would be something special. The egg in her panties was making her feel soooo wonderful and the new silver egg smelled soooo good. Marcie sank to her knees, with her thighs clutched tight around the softly vibrating green egg. She brought the warm silver egg to her face and drank in the smell of it - like something she'd never smelled before, earthy, pungent and essential. It was making her very excited.

Marcie brought the precious silver egg to her lips. She flicked her little tongue out to lick at the smaller end of the egg and the metallic taste sent a bolt of excitement from her head down to her little cunny, where the other egg was getting her more and more excited. Marcie stared at the end of the egg, cross-eyed, to see it close up and she was amazed to see a small drop of milky fluid barely seep from the tip. She was mesmerized by the small drop as it oh-so-slowly grew bigger and bigger until it was hanging from the tip of the egg, just ready to finally break away and fall. She couldn't let that happen! Again her tongue flicked out and the pearl of liquid was swept past her pretty, rosy lips.

The liquid was salty and thick and pungent and oh so delicious! Marcie had to have more! She needed it! It was the best thing she'd ever tasted. Greedily she brought the warm, silver egg to her lips and began to suck on it, desperate for more of the precious fluid. She sucked and sucked on the egg, moving her lips up and down its length over and over. Why wouldn't it yield its priceless treasure?

The Wizard moaned with pleasure! The first of his silver eggs had been discovered and his rock-hard cock felt every lick and suck of the pretty little lips wrapped around the enchanted egg. Opening his inner eyes, he could see, from afar, sweet little Marcie and he rejoiced to have such a pretty little thing giving him such intense pleasure. He moaned again, knowing that it wouldn't be long until his ensorcelled cum, saved over months for just this purpose, was coursing down Marcie's throat. Oh yes, yes, here it comes! OHH! He felt it all.

Marcie was rewarded with another drop of the wonderful thick fluid, then another. They spurred her on to suck at the egg harder and harder until all at once, with surprising force, the end of the egg burst open and spurt after spurt of the warm, viscous fluid spewed out into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, but she still couldn't handle it all and some of the salty, earthy liquid bubbled out onto her chin and dripped down onto her naked little chest. Marcie could have sworn she heard a loud moan of intense pleasure - a man - but looking around she saw no one.

The silver egg had given up its treasure and Marcie licked her small, full lips to savor the final taste, then dropped the emptied egg into her basket. She stood and as she did she noticed that she could barely walk. The green egg in her panties was so warm and so tingly and so very, very nice and she was sopping wet in her little cunny. It was all so new and exciting and confusing. But Marcie was a big girl and she knew she had to soldier on. With her knees pressed together, it was very awkward to walk, but Marcie did her best and went in search of the golden egg that she knew she just HAD to find.

Coming around a large tree, Marcie stumbled upon a boy of ten or eleven. She paid no attention to him, despite the fact that he was lying flat on his back with one of the larger Easter Eggs enveloping his small cock as he he pumped it up and down with fevered energy. A bit further on she saw Chelsea desperately sucking on a silver Easter Egg and holding her hand between her thighs to better help the egg that was clearly caught in her panties. At every turn she saw another youth, but it was only the children her own age or older who seemed to remain out on the hunt.

And then, coming around a large boulder, Marcie saw it! A golden egg! Her golden egg. Oh gosh, it was torture to have to waddle so awkwardly towards the precious golden treasure, terrified that some other child would beat her to it. Step after shuffling step she labored onwards, her need for the golden egg increasing inversely to the distance. By the time she was finally able to reach out for the egg, which was sitting in an actual nest in the low branch of a tree, Marcie was nearly delirious.

The second her little hand wrapped around the precious golden egg Marcie dropped to the ground. She scrabbled in distress at her panties, trying to get them off as fast as she possibly could. They were soaking wet and she had to fight them down over her little knees and all the way off. Flat on her back, Marcie tossed the green, speckled egg into her basket and she pressed the hot golden egg to her little pussy.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Marcie moaned when the golden egg came alive, throbbing and vibrating a thousand times more powerfully than the green egg. "Ohhhh!" It was amazing. Marcie spread her legs wide and pressed the egg hard against her little slit. "Oh gosh, oh gosh, ohhhhhh!" She couldn't stop moaning and moaning. She pushed the tip of the egg right inside of her tight, hairless slit. But it wasn't enough. She needed the vibrating thing deeper inside of her. She pushed and pushed and moaned and she pushed some more. Her tiny pussy was stretched so wide around the fat egg, but she couldn't stop. And then with a mighty effort the egg slipped inside of her completely.

"Oh my god, yes, yes!" the Wizard screamed as he felt his cock breaking into the eight-year-olds amazingly tight little cunt. The crowd of church-goers all around him never heard a thing, as the sound and sights and feelings were all happening only in his mind. Only the slightest quirk of his lip, or the briefest of gasps might give away the carnal wonders he was experiencing as he walked amongst them. "Oh yes!" he cried out silently, again, as he felt and saw the little beauty start to really fuck herself with the enchanted egg/cock. She was so pretty, and small and innocent and oh so fucking tight! He could feel the climax coming. Any second now. It was inevitable!

Marcie gasped. The wonderful vibrating egg felt so good. But it had to come out again! The muscles of her inexperienced love tunnel contracted around the egg, pushing hard to expel it and out it popped. But that just meant it was time to push it back in again. Out, in, out, in, out, in. Every transfer of the egg was exquisite torture. Marcie fucked herself vigorously with the wonderful egg. Then, "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Marcie screamed. The first amazing orgasm of her young life overwhelmed her.

The orgasm was the enchantment's final ingredient and the next time Marcie pressed the golden egg inside of her it burst open, flooding the child's womb with the Wizard's enchanted sperm. She felt the hot, thick fluid suffusing her insides and it drove her orgasmic pleasure to new heights.

It didn't matter that Marcie was only eight. It didn't matter that she had yet to bleed, that her little breasts were flat and her hips straight, that her supply of precious eggs were hidden away, deep in her body. The enchantment was stronger than all of that.

Marcie's magic-driven orgasm went on and on, flooding her little brain with a lifetime's worth of sexual pleasure. And it wouldn't end, not until all ten of the golden eggs had been found and nine of her pretty, sweet little friends were moaning and groaning in orgasmic bliss, just like her. It was just Marcie's luck to be first.

The Wizard nearly didn't survive his own enchantment. So many sweet little girls, and in such a short span of time. Even if he was only experiencing it in his mind, it was still mind blowing to experience sexual relations with ten little girls in the span of only a hour or so. By the time the last egg erupted and delivered its precious cargo into the womb of the last preteen, the Wizard was visibly shaken. Several concerned church members asked if he was alright He just smiled, weakly, and went for another glass of cold lemonade.

Ah, yes, revenge was sweet.

Marcie finally came to her senses and climbed back to her feet. She scooped up her nearly full Easter Egg basket and happily skipped back towards the start of the hunt where her parents and older brother were happily waiting for her. As she ran along, her friend Chelsea caught up with her and they happily held hands as they skipped the final fifty yards across the sward and up onto the deck of the church.

All the children returned in twos and threes and all of them were excited to show their parents what a great haul they'd hunted down. Everyone was happy and pleased.

And then the enchantment came to an end.

The Wizard watched the reaction, from his place amongst the crowd, when everyone suddenly realized that all of the preteen children were disheveled, wild-eyed and, worst of all, naked! The screams and fainting and general chaos were all music to his ears.

The children didn't understand what the grown-ups were so upset about. It had been a wonderful Easter Egg hunt - the best ever! So what if Johnny was naked and sporting an erection that he kept trying to stuff inside an Easter Egg with a cunt-shaped hole? Who cares that Chelsea and Marcie and, well, half the little girls, had cum dribbled over their chests and down their legs? They had had fun - the best fun ever!

The Wizard laughed and laughed - but only in his mind. Revenge truly was sweet. And the months ahead, as more and more of the families understood that their preteen sons had turned into sex maniacs and their preteen girls were all pregnant, were going to prove even sweeter.

The Wizard fingered the stiff, white collar of his black shirt and smiled, knowing he wouldn't be noticed in the chaos.


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