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-by Alvo Torelli, October, 2017

(mc; Mg; inc; toy)

It wasn't until hours after I gave the doll to my daughter, Dorothy, after I'd watched her joyous smile and heard her happy squeals, not until after she'd thanked me and hugged me for the fourth time and squeezed the doll's hand a dozen times to hear it speak one of the five preprogrammed phrases that included her name, watched her hug the toy to her breast and marveled at how the little doll opened its arms and hugged her back, not until later in bed with my wife, that I realized I couldn't remember where I'd gotten the doll. Did I buy it? Did someone give it to me. Where? When? On my business trip? In the airport? I had no idea. Oh well, it was too late now.

I smiled at the thought of Dorothy, my little Dolly, and her joy at the new toy.

I got up late the next day. It was Friday and since I'd just gotten back from a long business trip it was the first day of a three-day weekend for me. I looked forward to some time with the family. The smell of coffee and bacon drew me out of bed. I padded into the kitchen to find Helen busily putting together breakfast and Dolly, my Dorothy, sitting happily at the table. Her new doll sat in the seat next to her with its arms lifted up to rest on the table.

I did a double take. Oddly, the doll was bigger than I remembered. But then again, I'd been exhausted. For the first time I was struck by the resemblance of the doll to my daughter. Then I realized what it was - Dolly had dressed the doll in some of her old clothes. I recognized the simple sundress - her favorite garment from when she was four. That's all it was. Throw in the doll's shoulder length blonde hair, a bit blonder than Dorothy's, the similar high cheek bones and the shape of the nose - and it was easy to jump to seeing the girl and her toy as somewhat similar. But it was a silly comparison.

Dolly rushed from the table to give me a hug. "Hey sweetie!" I said, hugging her back. "Looks like your new doll is ready for breakfast."

"Don't be silly, daddy! She can't eat. But she can do lots of stuff already. I've been training her." Dolly grabbed her toy and lifted it out of the chair, setting it just in front of me. I was surprised to see that the toy could stand on its own, standing close to three feet tall and about a foot shorter than my petite daughter. "Dolly," my Dolly commanded, "give Daddy a hug."

To my complete shock, the little animatronic toy raised its arms, bent slightly at the waist and gave me what might actually pass for a hug. I didn't know what to say! I looked to my wife, but she was busy with the eggs and hadn't noticed a thing.

"Dolly!" Dolly commanded. "What do we say when we give Daddy a hug?"

"I. Love. You. Daddy." the toy said in broken speech. I gaped in surprise! The voice was half mechanical and half little girl, and the high timbre was oddly familiar. I didn't remember 'I love you daddy,' as one of its preprogrammed phrases.

"What do you say to Dolly, Daddy?" Dorothy looked up at me with those irresistible blue eyes.

"Oh, ah, well," I patted the toy on its head. Its hair felt quite real, soft and thick, but too shiny in the kitchen lights. "I, ah, love you too," I said and then I flinched back as the toy's head snapped back just enough for it to look up into my face. Its expression was fixed: pleasant but inscrutable. But I swear I saw its perfect blue eyes twinkle with mirth and excitement. "Oh, wow," I gasped then tried to cover up with "So, Dolly, what did you name your new toy?"

"Her name is Dolly, Daddy!" and I could all but hear the 'Duh!' In her little-girl voice. Too excited to wait, Dolly, that is, my Dolly, I mean Dorothy, whatever, moved on at once. "Will you help me train her Daddy? Please?"

So, you've probably already figured out I'm a total Sucker for my seven-year-old. Total with a capital S. "Of course I'll help you, ah, train it, I mean her, of course." Whatever the hell that meant.

Later that afternoon I found Dolly and her dolly, crap, this is confusing, in the living room. I watched from the doorway. My Dolly, Dorothy, was on her knees, scowling at the doll, who stood silently beside her. "Come on, Dolly, do as I say!" Dolly said. "You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. I'll show you how."

"Yes. Miss. Dolly." the doll spoke, startling me once again. And even more surprising, the animatronic toy bent its knees and fell forward, looking to crash onto its face. But the doll's little arms shot out and it caught itself, ending up in the exact same position as my daughter, both on their hands and knees. "Please. Train. Me. Miss." the doll said, twisting its neck to fix its big blue eyes on Dolly.

It was almost creepy.

Then I noticed that the doll's sun dress, which was oddly a little bit too short, had ridden up on its bottom. Standing directly behind it, her, it (damn), I saw pink cotton panties spread across the little automaton's ass. A flash of shameful curiosity nearly knocked me over as I wondered just how anatomically correct the amazing toy might be.

"Daddy?" Dolly's voice broke me out of my momentary lapse of judgement. I saw the puzzled look on her face and realized I was probably blushing from getting caught looking at a doll's knickers. But my girl is nothing if not resilient and she immediately smiled. "Daddy, come help me! Help me train Dolly. She's doing so good."

"Well, sweetie, she's doing so well." I corrected Dolly automatically.

"Dad-dy!" Dolly groaned. "Fine, she's doing swell."

I laughed, my momentary embarrassment gone as I sat cross-legged on the living room floor with Dolly and her amazing toy. "So, how does this work," I asked. The doll was immobile, on its hands and knees and staring forward with those big blue eyes that were so like my pretty daughter's.

"She likes to be trained." Dolly explained.

"She likes to be trained?" I asked, stressing 'likes.'

"Uh-huh!" Dolly answered brightly. "She loves being told what to do and learning new things. I'll show you." Dolly moved to the other side of the room and commanded "Crawl over here to me, Dolly!"

"I. Do. Not. Know. How. Miss." the doll said in that strange broken voice of a little girl.

"Like this," Dolly said, and then she showed the doll how to crawl across the floor. I was startled again when the doll moved on its own, moving its head to track the motion of my daughter as she demonstrated. "Now you do it. Crawl to me!"

At first the doll's motions were awkward and jerky as it moved one leg or arm and then the other. But within seconds the motions were smoother, more coordinated, and by the time it had reached Dolly on the far side of the living room it was moving perfectly - an exact reproduction of the way Dolly herself had crawled across the floor.

"Good job!" Dolly exclaimed. She sat back on her heels and clapped her hands in front of her with joy. Just in front of her, the doll did exactly the same - obviously something it had already learned. I stared in astonishment. On their knees, the girl and doll were only about six inches different in height and the similarities between them were striking. "Now you tell her what to do, daddy," Dolly said to me. "She loves being commanded."

I may well have blanched. I probably blushed as my thoughts reeled. But I played along as best I could. "Crawl over to me, ah, Dolly. Now!" And sure enough, the pretty toy dutifully crawled across the floor towards me, with a fixed smile on its face and sparkling eyes. It crawled straight into my lap and looked up into my face.

"Was. That. Good. Daddy? Will. You. Train. Me. Now?"

I nearly fainted.

Dolly and I spent the next hour or two teaching the doll how to get up from the floor, how to get back down without falling, then how to walk and finally, amazingly, we had the doll actually running. She looked more and more like a real child with every amazing leap forward. Dolly loved the game and loved having my attention. But the game took an unexpected, dark turn.

"Daddy, I want to train Dolly how to dress herself. I want to be able to tell her what to put on. It will be so much fun!"

"Oh, sure, Princess," I said. I'd taken to using Dolly's various nicknames or it was just too confusing. "That sounds great."

"Come on Dolly, we have to go in my room!" Dolly commanded the doll and they both rose. I started to get up too, but Dolly fixed me with a scowling stare. "Daddy! You know you can't come. I'll have to show Dolly how to get undressed. You can't watch me get undressed!"

"Oh! Of course, what was I thinking?" I said and settled back down. As the two walked away from me, side by side, I was puzzled to see the doll was only four or five inches shorter then my daughter. Hadn't the doll been smaller? No, surely not. But it seemed odd that the doll's sundress was so short that it only covered half of its sexy, round little ass. Suddenly the idea of teaching the doll to dress and undress took on a whole new interest. But I let the two similar forms disappear down the hallway as I sat, trying to understand the strange feelings I was having.

It was a couple of hours later before I saw Dolly and her doll again. My wife called me to dinner, and there they both were, sitting at the table, side by side. For a second I did a double take, not immediately sure which was which. But a moments concentration showed me that the doll's skin was just a bit shinier than my daughters, its hair was just the tiniest bit blonder and its lips were just a little bit darker. But otherwise... It didn't help that the doll was now wearing the skirt and blouse Dolly had been wearing earlier, while Dolly had switched to one of her new sundresses.

I gathered myself together and stopped gaping. But I had another shock coming. As I watched, the doll reached forward and used both hands to carefully lift a glass of apple juice, then proceeded to bring it to its lips and swallow several gulps. I could even see the contractions of its throat as it pushed the liquid downwards.

"Dolly!" I gasped. "I thought you said that, ah, Dolly couldn't eat."

"Of course she can't eat, Daddy. Don't be silly. But she can drink. Gosh, Daddy. Lots of dolls can drink." My little girl gave a truly wonderful eye roll. Suitably chastised I sat down to the table.

"So, Princess, did you manage to train Dolly to change her clothes? Did you train her for anything else?" I asked as I finished clearing the table and helping my wife with the dishes.

"Oh Daddy, yes. Can we show you? Please!"

"As soon as we're finished here. You go get ready and we'll meet you in the living room."

Once we were settled in the living room. My wife buried her nose in a magazine, not showing the slightest interest in the amazing doll that Dolly had been training to do things all day long. But I was eager to see what she'd accomplished. I was still stunned at the dolls ability to move around, walk and even run with such fluid grace. I could only imagine what else Dolly had trained it to do.

Dolly had laid out several pieces of her own clothing: another sundress, a pair of shorts and a shiny top, some leggings and even a pair of yellow Garfield panties.

"Watch this, Daddy!" Dolly said and turned to her doll who was waiting without expression. Dolly gave the doll her sternest look, using her two inches of height advantage to best effect and said, "Dolly, take off your skirt and blouse and put on the sun dress!"

"Yes. Miss. Dolly."

I gaped as the doll did as it was bid! I looked to my wife for confirmation that I wasn't going crazy, but she had all her attention on her reading. She mumbled something without even looking up. It only took the doll a few seconds to unzip her skirt, drop it to the floor and step out of it gracefully. With deft fingers she unbuttoned her blouse! The dexterity was incredible. The sight of her near-naked little body was incredible too. She was perfect! My eyes kept darting to the light blue panties the doll was wearing, wondering again just how perfect it was under the thin fabric. Certainly the little nipples on the doll's chest were perfect - exactly as I imagined my daughter's little nipples to be. The skin was so smooth, the shape was so perfect, the little ass was so round and curved out in back just the right amount... Oh FUCK! I shook my head to clear away the crazy thoughts I was having as the doll lifted Dolly's sundress over its head and let it slither down her pretty, thin frame to fall in place, fitting perfectly.

"Daddy! What do you think?" Dolly barked at me, an impatient look on her pretty face.

"Oh, sorry. That was really amazing."

"Don't tell ME, Daddy, tell her!" Another head-splitting eye roll told me just what an idiot of a beloved father I was.

"Oh, okay. Uh, well, Dolly," I said, addressing the doll's face, a face that was so similar to Dolly's. I did a double take back to my daughter's face, and there was no denying that the doll and the little girl were quite similar. "Yeah, Dolly, that was really great. You're amazing."

I was shocked again. The doll's eyes flared and a slight blush came to her high cheeks. How the hell did she do that? "Thank. You. Daddy." the doll said and I could hear the pleasure in its voice. I was getting a bit creeped out.

"Now you command her, daddy," my Dolly said with excitement. "Tell her what to put on."

"Okay, umm," I looked at the doll again. "Dolly, change to the shorts and top," I paused, uncertain, but then I hurriedly added, "with the yellow underpants." It was probably my turn to blush, but when I flicked my eyes to Dolly she didn't seem to care that I'd indirectly told her amazing doll to strip down to nothing. She was just watching the doll with excitement. Hoping it would prove what a good job she'd done training it.

And indeed, the doll lived up to expectations. It quickly lifted the sundress over its head, then hooked its thumbs into the waistband of its panties and, with no hesitation, it pushed the panties down to the floor, bending over provocatively. When the doll stood back up it locked eyes with me for one second and again it blushed. I suppose I did as well, since my eyes were immediately drawn to the most perfect little puffy cunny I'd ever seen.

"Hurry up, Dolly," my imperious and impatient daughter demanded, breaking the moment.

The doll did hurry, quickly pulling the Garfield panties into place and ruining my brief view of its lifelike pudenda. The tight shorts quickly followed and the bare midriff, sparkly top, with the word 'JUICY' emblazoned across flat breasts was pulled over its head in a flash.

I stared in wonder at the doll, dressed like some kind of preteen slut, in Dolly's own clothes! It was an unsettling experience. I wasn't sure what to do, other than gape and hope that no one noticed the intense wood in my pants. Where did Dolly get those clothes?

"Daddy!" Dolly said with utter impatience.

"Oh, right, sorry. Ah, Dolly, that was great!"

The doll blushed crimson at my praise, shivered slightly, and turned left, then right, showing off its sexy outfit in a most life-like fashion.

"Dolly, it's time for bed," my wife unexpectedly broke in. "Take your new toy and all your other stuff and get ready for bed, sweetie. We'll come tuck you in in a few minutes."

I watched amazed as Dolly and her Dolly walked away, shoulder to shoulder.

"Really, John, I wish you wouldn't spoil her so with all the toys and clothes," my wife chastised me as our daughter disappeared around the corner.

"Night, night, Dolly," my wife said, bending over to kiss our daughter on the cheek and tuck her covers around her.

"Night, night, Mommy!"

As my wife left, it was my turn to lean down for our nightly ritual. I pressed my lips to Dolly's warm little lips and gave her a quick kiss. Like her mother, I tucked her covers around her unnecessarily and said, "night, night, Princess."

"Aren't you going to tuck Dolly in too, Daddy?" my little girl asked.

"Oh, ah, sure sweetie." The doll was actually sharing my daughter's bed, lying under the covers on its back right next to her and staring up at the ceiling. Even expressionless, its high cheek bones, tiny nose and the artfully placed freckles made the doll look quite similar to my daughter. Perhaps the lips were a bit thinner, the eyebrows a bit higher. Otherwise... I went around to the other side of the bed and bent down, intending to quickly peck at the doll's cold, hard lips in an imitation of our ritual. But the lips that met mine were soft! The lips that I came down to meet were warm! I was so shocked that I stayed there, not pulling away. The small lips parted just a bit, shocking me even further. I realized the doll's eyes were focused on my eyes, and glinting in the low glow of Dolly's night light. I felt a pair of thin arms come around my neck and I slid a hand under the doll's pretty head. I kissed her. I kissed her hard and when my tongue slipped past the doll's strangely life-like lips it was met by an equally life-like, animated doll-tongue. Its mouth was warm and wet and the kiss deepened.

My cock was rock hard in my slacks.

"Daddy! You're silly!" my little girl giggled next to me.

I nearly ran to escape from Dolly's room, afraid she would see how I was shaking.


With my wife long asleep I sat in a dimly lit kitchen sipping a bourbon and contemplating the strange feelings I was having. What was wrong with me? Why was I attracted to a god damn doll, a lifeless hunk of plastic? And what did it say about me that the doll was so similar to my sweet, innocent seven-year-old daughter?


I stiffened and turned, staring at the small figure standing in the doorway. The face was in shadow, then she stepped forward and the face that lights up my life lit up just enough to make out her perfect, beautiful features. I smiled at my sweet daughter, ready to gently chastise her for being out of bed so late. But I froze. Wasn't Dolly, my daughter, wearing the blue pajamas, not the red pajamas? It was the red pajamas that were taking another step towards me! Wasn't it the doll who was wearing the red...?

"Please. Train. Me. Daddy."

It was my daughter standing in front of me. I was sure of it. But the pajamas, the speech, the way she tilted her head to look into my eyes - it was the doll. But it was Dolly. I mean, oh shit, I wasn't sure what I meant.

"Command. Me. Daddy. Please."

My brain swam. I downed my bourbon in a throat searing gulp. "Come here, Dolly," I commanded. She came to me, standing directly in front of me, looking up. She, it, she, was so beautiful. "Kiss me!" I whispered and I leaned forward in my chair and put my lips to the dolls lips. Her mouth parted and her arms went around my neck and she kissed me.

I grabbed the little body and crushed her to my chest as I kissed her hard. She felt so real, so warm and soft and small and vulnerable. So wonderful. I slid my fingers up into long blonde hair that felt perfectly genuine. I probed at teeth and tongue and lips that were all flawless.

Tearing myself away, I held the doll by the shoulders at arms length and stared into her face, my daughter's face. Her eyes flared and she sounded almost frightened when she said, "Daddy? Wrong. Daddy?"

"No, Dolly, that was good. That was perfect," I had to say to her. I couldn't stand the look of worry on her pretty face. I could never worry my Dolly. And with my praise I saw the shiver of pleasure that passed over the doll's little body. I saw the contentment and delight that came into her eyes.

"Command. Me. Daddy?" the doll asked in her broken version of Dolly's voice.

In that moment, I broke.

"Take off your clothes, Dolly," I commanded in a shaky voice. And she did. Slowly, but with no hesitation, the little girl, no, doll, unbuttoned its red pajama tops, revealing more and more of the immaculate milky white skin. The blouse opened and its tiny, flat breasts were laid out for my gaze. She, no it, let the garment slip over thin shoulders and I felt the cock in my slacks harden again as the blouse slid down slender arms to land on the floor, curled about her bare little feet.

I could barely breathe. This was my daughter I was ogling, but not my daughter, but it was, sort of, my daughter. It was confusing. Guilt wracked me - but I didn't stop!

The doll bent as it pushed the elastic waistband of the flannel pajama bottoms over juvenile, but curvaceous hips. Garfield smiled out from the familiar yellow panties, but his face disappeared quickly when the panties followed the pajamas down the doll's shapely legs. Deftly stepping out of both garments the doll stood in front of me, naked and waiting for my reaction. Worry creased the pretty face, Dolly's pretty face, once again.

"You're so pretty and so sexy," I heard myself say to the doll. The little shiver of pleasure the doll showed at my words was intoxicating. The little body was intoxicating. The exposed, puffy little mounds surrounding a precious slit and just a hint of the moist pink promise hidden within were intoxicating. I was lost.

I stood and quickly dropped my pants to the floor, then dropped my boxers and let my enraged cock out into the open air.

"Lick me!" I croaked in a harsh whisper. "Lick my cock, now, do it."

"I. Don't. Know. How. Daddy." Despair and excitement combined in the broken little-girl voice.

Sitting back down, I took the doll's little hand into mine. I stared into her wide eyes and showed her my tongue, then slowly, sensuously raked it across the palm of her hand, from wrist to fingertip. I licked her again, pressing my wet tongue hard against her palm, knowing that if the little toy felt anything at all, then this particular intimate touch would get through to her. And I was right. Her eyes flared, she arched her back and she let out a little gasp. "Now you," I commanded. She wrapped her two little hands around my wrist and I let her pull it to her lips. I saw the perfect, childish, tongue extend and flatten and then she scraped it across my palm. Jolts of intense pleasure raced up from my hand. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing the naked, small body and having my way with her.

Dolly licked my palm again and I shivered. She looked up into my face with worry. "Good. Daddy? More?"

It was too much. I grabbed the doll and forced her to her knees between my outstretched legs. "Lick my dick, you little slut. Lick it. Lick it all over!" I pulled her pretty face, my daughter's face close in, centimeters from my excited hard cock. The doll placed her hands on my thighs and leaned in. Her tongue hit the base of my cock and rasped upwards. "Yes, yes, like that. Harder. Faster. Oh fuck, fuck, you fucking doll-slut."

I lost my mind as the amazing toy licked and licked at my long erection. Whatever command I hissed was obeyed immediately. In moments every square centimeter of my cock and my ballsack glistened with moisture from the tiny doll's incredible tongue. Every time I moaned or growled out my pleasure, the replica of my daughter shivered with pleasure.

With one hand twined in the doll's thick hair, I grabbed my cock and forced the head into its mouth. The beautiful lips were spread thin and wide. I barely fit inside of her. The eyes flared in surprise, but the doll didn't try to pull away. "Suck it," I hissed and then I felt the wonderful tug as the doll followed my command. "Oh god, yes, fuck!" I stared in erotic awe as my daughter's face sucked down my throbbing meat! "Deeper!" I commanded. "Down your throat!" I was overwhelmed with the exciting, unexpected pleasure of dominating the tiny toy. "Deeper! Fuck me. All the way! Take it down your throat you god damn teasing little slut!"

The doll gurgled and choked, but I was beyond caring. With both hands in its long hair I thrust down my cock, pushing farther and farther down its throat. I raped it. It was only a doll, a thing, a toy. It looked and felt and talked like my precious Dolly, but it was only a pretense and it didn't matter what I did to it. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," I whispered as my cock disappeared down the tight throat and I felt the moment of my climax arriving. I thrust hard, again and again, and then at the last second I pulled out and watched my cum erupt from the one-eyed monster to coat the little doll's wide-eyed, frightened face.

"Oh Jesus, damn," I panted. I slumped back into the kitchen chair. Post-climax guilt washed over me as I looked down on the perfect replica of my young daughter, with cum coating my daughter's pretty face. But despite the guilt, the incredible fulfillment of the act was undeniable and I knew I was going to want more - that the pretty doll was going to be irresistible.

"Dolly. Good. Daddy?" the doll asked in the tiniest, hoarse whisper.

I leaned forward again, and fixed the doll with my eyes. With my index finger I carefully and slowly swept every trace of my cum across the smooth skin, over the round cheeks, down the tiny nose and over the prettiest of lips. When the little mouth was filled with my seed I commanded, "swallow," and my command was fulfilled with two big, deep gulps.

"Dolly is very good," I said. "Dolly is Daddy's favorite toy."

The tiny simulacrum shivered with intense pleasure, smiled and blushed.

"Put your pajamas on and go to bed, Dolly."

I slept late again on Saturday and woke up half hung over from the second and third drink I'd needed to calm my nerves after playing with the toy that was so much like my Dorothy. But the smell of waffles and coffee was not to be denied.

When I shuffled into the kitchen Dolly was at the table, dressed for the day and already wolfing down her breakfast. I watched her open her lips and close them around a fork full of waffle, dripping syrup like warm brown cum and I flashed on how it felt to have her lips spread wide around my cock... No, not her lips, the doll's lips! My eyes darted to the doll, who sat at the table too, still wearing her red pajamas. The doll's eyes were fixed on me and when our eyes locked she blushed, as if she knew what I'd been thinking. I looked away quickly.

As my wife handed me a steaming cup of coffee I realized she'd been talking to me but I hadn't heard a thing. I tuned in just in time to hear, "We'll be back around four."

"Wait, what, where are you going?"

"Oh my god, you never listen to anything. I told you. We're going to the mall and then Dolly has a birthday party to go to. I'll hang out there and visit with Marianne. You'll be on your own for the day - can you handle that or do I need to get you a babysitter?"

"Very funny. I'll be fine."

I looked over at the doll again. It suddenly sunk into my brain that I had nearly the whole day alone with the toy. Again, the doll was staring at me with wide eyes, as if it too had just understood what was happening. The doll bit its full lower lip on the left side, just like my Dolly does when she's nervous or scared. I could only hope my wife didn't notice the shiver that rolled over me at the sight.

The waffles were great and I ate mine in silence after Dolly and my wife left the kitchen. The doll still sat at the table, watching me with its big blue eyes. I was just finishing my third cup of coffee when it got up from its chair and walked around to me.

"Train. Me. Please. Daddy?" My cock hardened in my sweatpants and my jaw dropped. The hot little vision of my daughter started to nimbly unbutton the front of its pajama tops. "Command. Me. Daddy?" my daughter's voice asked as the pajama bottoms were pushed to the ground along with its yellow cotton panties.

I swept the doll off the floor and put it on the kitchen table on its back, sweeping aside the remains of my breakfast. Alarm lit up the pretty face, but I didn't care. I forced the thin legs back and out and growled, "hold your knees!" The doll's hands wrapped around the inside of its knees immediately, and it held itself in the vulnerable, compromising position as I swooped down to see the tiny, hidden cunny. It was impossible to think that the doll could be that perfect, that anatomically correct - but it was. Almost violently I pressed apart the fat, puffy outer lips to reveal perfect, wet pinkness. I spread the doll open to the most amazing sight, a perfect, tiny pussy. Without a thought I plunged my tongue into the small opening and pressed my face into the intoxicating mounds of perfect cunt.

The doll's little pussy was sweet and warm. And despite the fact that it simply stared at the ceiling, letting me do whatever I wanted, hardly reacting at all - it wasn't possible to keep from imagining that this was my Dolly, my Dorothy, under my ravishing tongue.

I was overwhelmed with need. I scooped the toy into my arms and pressed it close to my chest. Little arms wrapped around my neck. I hurried to the back of the house, towards the master bedroom, but at the last second I turned left instead of right. I pressed the lifelike doll down into my daughter's unmade bed. The distinctive, wonderful smell of my daughter filled my nostrils, adding to the insane fantasy. I bore down on top of it and fumbled in desperation. At any moment I was going to have an aneurism. But the head of my screaming cock found the little toy's wet, inviting pussy and I pressed in. I couldn't stand another second of this terrible desire. I thrust hard.

The doll's eyes flared in surprise but all it said was "Ow. Daddy. Ow." in a small voice.

I thrust. I felt resistance. I didn't care. I thrust harder. In that moment it didn't matter to me if I broke the amazing small simulacrum. I didn't care. I just had to fuck it, now, right now! Oh god, I felt the little pussy give as something tore.

"Ow. Daddy. Ow."

My cock went deep, deeper than it could possibly go. I was fully sheathed inside the toy's warm, tight tunnel. It should be impossible - but it wasn't impossible. I pushed up on my arms to look down on the gorgeous face of my little girl, painted onto this amazing doll. The doll's eyes fixed on mine. I pulled back, slowly, feeling every centimeter of my length being gripped in its perfect cunt.

"Train. Me. Please. Daddy."

My hand slid under the doll's round ass and I started fucking it as hard and fast as I could. Thirty seconds later I came. I came hard and long. I shivered and pressed the doll under my weight, sinking every inch of my throbbing cock inside of her as I pumped out my seed. I could barely breathe.

"Dolly. Good. Daddy?" the doll said a few moments later as I lay on top of it, waiting for my pulse to come down and my breathing to slow.

"Jesus," I panted. "Fuck me, yes, yes Dolly, Dolly is good, very good."

I slid my limp dick from its pussy and rolled to one side, holding the warm toy against me as it shivered with pleasure at my praise.

A moment later, on a whim, I asked the doll a question. "Did you like that, Dolly? Did you like Daddy fucking you?"

The doll stared up at the ceiling. There was a brief pause before it answered. "I. Don't. Know. How. Daddy."

I must have fallen asleep, in the grip of post-coital bliss. It couldn't have been more than a few minutes. When I opened my eyes the doll was pressed along my side, warm and soft like a real child. Its chest rose and fell in a slow, steady pattern. Its eyes stared up at the ceiling, blinking every few seconds. It must have sensed me stirring, since the face of my daughter turned to look into my eyes. I felt myself getting hard again.

"Train. Me. Please. Daddy?"

Oh fuck.

A million ideas swirled through my brain. But one idea stuck. I knew what I wanted from the amazing doll, or rather I knew what the doll was missing. And I wanted it. Suddenly I wanted it very much. I sat on the side of the bed and the naked doll sat next to me at my command. I looked down into the doll's eyes and said, "Show me your pleasure, Dolly."

"I. Don't. Know. How. Daddy."

"You're a very good doll, Dolly. You're the very best doll!" I said and I watched her shudder with delight. "That was pleasure, Dolly, what you just felt. Do you understand?"

The doll's eyes went wide for a flash, then she blinked and said, "Yes. Daddy."

"Good, Dolly. Show me your pleasure again, now." My command was enough to bring on another shiver of the doll's delight. "Stronger, Dolly!" I commanded, "more!" Her next rippling quiver looked nearly orgasmic. "Very good, Dolly, very, very good. Do you feel how strong your pleasure is?"

"Yes. Daddy." The little doll's broken words quavered from the strength of the sensations rippling across her small, attractive form.

"Do you want me to train you, Dolly?"

"Yes. Daddy. Please. Daddy."

I pressed the doll back onto the bed, with her thin legs hanging over the side. I pressed her knees apart and ran my fingers up the inside of her thighs. Huge eyes stared at me. "When daddy touches you like this it means he thinks your a good doll, Dolly," I whispered. I felt the doll quiver under my fingertips. I kept stroking her, savoring the smooth skin, so lifelike and warm. "Do you understand, Dolly?"

"Yes! Daddy!" There was a tinge of panic or desperation in the tiny, broken voice. It spurred me on and I was shaking slightly myself as I quickly moved my hand up to the doll's bare chest and pressed my thumb across her tiny nipple.

"And here, too, Dolly. Daddy's touch here means you're a good Dolly. Daddy's happy with his good Dolly!"

"Yes. Daddy. Yes." The shivers of delight wracking her little body were intoxicating. I pinched the little nipple between my fingers and twisted it. "Ow. Daddy! Ow." the doll exclaimed, but her obvious pleasure still rippled across her body.

"That means Daddy thinks Dolly is especially good, Dolly!" I whispered. I twisted the little nipple again.

"Ow! Ow! Oh. Oh. Daddy!"

"More training Dolly?" I twisted the other nipple cruelly.

"OW! Yes. Daddy. Please. Train. Me. Daddy!"

I leaned in close to the pretty face and I whispered hoarsely. "If daddy kisses you it means you're a good dolly. If Daddy kisses you anywhere. You have to show Daddy how much pleasure it gives you to be kissed!" I kissed her and she squirmed with pleasure underneath me. "The more daddy kisses you and the more he plays with your little body, the more it means he's happy with you - you're a good Dolly. You're a very good Dolly," I whispered. "Do you understand?"

"Yes. Daddy! Yes. Daddy! Oh. Oh."

As the doll answered, nearly panting I lowered my hand and let my fingers brush across the perfect fold of the doll's tiny slit.

"When Daddy touches you here, Dolly," and I pressed a finger into the doll's wetness, "it means your a very very good Dolly. You must feel even more pleasure if I touch you here. Yes, like that, Dolly. What a good Dolly. Yes. And the more I touch you here the more pleasure it gives you." Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over the little doll as I fingered her faster and faster. The eyes were wide with something close to panic. "And the pleasure is even better when I play with your little clit," I said. My own voice was starting to break from my excitement. The doll was biting its lip, just like my Dolly does, when she's trying to hold in her excitement.

With no warning I flipped the amazing doll on to her front, then pulled it up onto hands and knees. I spread her legs and plunged my finger back into the wet pussy, to tease the tiny clit. "That's it Dolly, good Dolly, you can barely stand the pleasure. Tell me Dolly. Tell me how it feels."

"Daddy. Daddy. It's. So. Good. It's. It's. I. Don't. Know. How. Daddy. PLEASE. Daddy. Train. Me. PLEASE."

My cock was poised at the doll's entrance. I could barely contain myself. "Yes, Dolly, yes, I'll train you. The most pleasure comes when I put my cock inside you! It means you're the best doll in the whole world, the very best. It's more pleasure than you can stand, Dolly. It's too much. You have to scream about the pleasure. You have to beg and plead, and the pleasure is too much. The pleasure is so much it hurts! Do you understand, Dolly?"

"Yes. Daddy."

I gripped the hips and rammed my cock into the wonderful, tight, warm cunt of the little lifelike doll and she screamed. "Oh. Oh. Daddy. Please. Too. Much. Too. Much." She vibrated and thrashed in the grips of an excruciating orgasm. I fucked her and fucked her, enjoying every moment of the doll's orgasmic torment. It begged me to stop, and yet every physical sign she gave off was of ultimate pleasure.

So soon after fucking the little simulacrum the first time, I was able to thrust in and out of her for several blissful minutes. And then I came, explosively, deep inside her fake womb.

Suddenly I felt a wave of guilt at the doll's apparent orgasmic discomfort. I pulled out of her and stepped away, letting her drop to her side on Dolly's messy bed. The doll was actually panting and flushed, wide-eyed with what looked like fear mixed with confusion and anguish. It was exactly the look a protracted orgasm of that magnitude would have brought to the face of any little girl - especially my little girl.

I ran from the room and locked the door to my bathroom before I leapt into a hot shower to try to clear my head.

I found Dolly waiting for me, standing in the kitchen. She was wearing the sexy preteen outfit I'd apparently given Dolly without remembering. My eyes flared at the sight. My daughter, dressed like a little whore.

"Train. Me. Please. Daddy." she said, looking up with that gorgeous face that I can't resist.

Oh fuck me. I knew right then I that I didn't have the strength to resist the temptation. My desires were her desires; my pleasures were her pleasures. A thousand, horrible, degenerate fantasies swam through my brain: all the ways a man could enjoy the sweet body of a submissive little girl, commanding her to please other men as I sold her little body, training her to be terrified as I bound her in ropes and leather, .... My brain whirled on and on as my cock hardened in my slacks. I was lost to the possibilities and ready to act on my terrible desires.

It was barely noon. I had hours more, alone with the sexy child. I'd already fucked her twice, but I was overwhelmed with desire. "Come here, Dolly," I commanded.

Immediately, she stepped up to where I sat in a chair. "Command. Me. Please. Daddy." she said, managing to sound eager despite the broken cadence. Her big blue eyes looked up at me with need and desire.

I tore her blouse over her head.

I yanked her tight shorts and her underpants to the floor in a savage motion.

My pants were around my ankles in a second and I lifted Dolly into my lap.

She was already wet and ready for her daddy. I slid my raging cock up and up, impossibly up, deep into her incredibly tight cunt. I don't know where I'd found the stamina, where I'd been hiding all the testosterone, but at that moment nothing could have stopped me from fucking my little girl.

"Daddy. Daddy. Oh. Oh. Please. So. Much. Pleasure. Daddy. OH!"

She writhed in orgasm on my cock. Her little body shivered from ankle to neck and she bit her lower lip until I thought she would draw blood. And still I pounded and pounded into the tightest little cunt. For ten minutes I fucked my sweet child in my lap, bouncing her small body up and down like she was riding a bronco.

But then an idea came into my head. An evil, nasty idea that couldn't be denied. I grabbed Dolly by the waist and lifted her off of my straining cock.

"Wrong. Daddy?" Dolly cried out in surprise.

"I want to fuck you in your tight little ass, Dolly. But I want you to do it. I want you to fuck yourself in the ass on my big cock. Oh god, Dolly, do it. I command you!"

"I. Don't. Know. How. Daddy." Dolly said with anguish. "Train. Me. Please!"

"Do it, Dolly!" I rasped. I reached between her spread legs where she stood over my lap and pressed my finger against her tight little rectum until the finger popped inside of her and I rammed it in to the second knuckle. "Here, Dolly, right here. Grab Daddy's cock and push it inside of you, here. I command you! Fuck yourself up that tight little slut ass of yours. Now!"

"Yes. Daddy." Dolly said with eyes wide with terror. But she did as she was commanded. Her little hand wrapped half way around my slick cock, slick with her own precious juices, and she guided it to her miniature rear entrance. "Ow. Ow. Daddy. Oh. Oh. OW!" Dolly cried out as she forced her weight down, down onto my cock. I could see the strain on her face. I refused to help her. I had to know. I had to see for myself that she would follow my every command. And she did.

"Daddy! Daddy! OW! OW! OH! OH! OHHHHHH!" Dolly's tight ass opened up and swallowed the head of my cock. "UGH! UGH! OH! DADDY! GOOD? DADDY?" She forced herself farther down, then again, grunting and crying out. Then she lifted up, sliding up my pole until barely the head was still inside of her before she thrust down again. Each time a tiny bit more of my wide cock disappeared into her unbelievably tight ass. "Daddy? YES? GOOD?!"

"Yes!" I barked and I grabbed Dolly by the waist again. "Dolly is the best Dolly!" I took control and thrust upwards. She screamed, but I thrust again. "Daddy loves Dolly. Daddy loves his Dolly the best of all the dollies!" I yelled on top of her screams.

And then I was fucking my baby up the ass, harder and harder. Her body quavered with intense pleasure, orgasmic pleasure. I bounced her up and down on my cock like some kind of little toy. I was overwhelmed with desire and pleasure. My little sex slave was completely mine, completely submissive, completely beautiful and sexy and such an incredible fuck!

"Daddy! Daddy! Too. Much. Pleasure. Please. Please! Too. Much! Dadddddddyyyy!"

I came into Dolly's bowels, impossibly ramming the full length of my cock into her childish body. Wave after wonderful wave of seed pumped up into her. I nearly passed out.

A few moments later, as my pulse finally began to steady and I could almost breathe without gasping for air, I was still holding Dolly on my lap with my slowly shrinking cock still pressed deep into her ass. She was so beautiful. I was just about to tell her what a wonderful, beautiful, sexy Dolly she was.

I heard a noise from the back of the house.

What the fuck? Panic nearly gave me a heat attack.

"Dolly, get your clothes on! Quick!" I commanded in a harsh whisper as I whipped her off of my cock and lap and set her on the floor. By the time I'd pulled my pants up and buckled my belt, Dolly had somehow already pulled on her shorts panties and risqué blouse. We were just barely in time.

My wife walked into the kitchen carrying a big plastic basket nearly overflowing with clean, folded clothes and linens.

"Oh, there you are! You know John, just once in awhile it would be nice if you would pitch in with the weekend chores."

I looked at my wife with total confusion. "What the..." I stammered. "I thought you and Dorothy went to the mall, and then that birthday party."

My wife looked at me, then looked at Dolly and back at me. Then I got to see where my sweet daughter had learned her eye roll technique as my wife expressed her undying annoyance with my stupidity. "Oh my god, John. That's tomorrow. Tomorrow! Don't you ever listen to anything I say?"

I just stared at her.

"And you, little miss!" my wife turned her attention to Dolly, whose eyes went wide with fright. "How many times have I told you not to leave your toys lying around, under foot? Well? Your daddy may spoil you something awful, but you'd better start listening to me." She reached into her laundry basket and pulled out the eighteen inch doll I'd given Dolly just two days earlier. It was dressed in blue flannel pajamas.

I stared at the doll.

"If you leave this doll lying about again then I'm going to take it away from you for a week!" my wife scolded Dolly.

I stared at Dolly.

"And you can't play with it for the rest of today!" Then she crammed the doll back into her laundry basket and stomped out of the kitchen, headed towards the bedrooms.

My beautiful daughter stared up at me. My world swirled with confusion and terror.

"Command. Me. Daddy. Please?"

What else could I do? I lifted my Dolly into my arms and kissed her.

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