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Alvo's Christmas Stories

For your Christmas Season enjoyment: gathered together here are all of Alvo's stories that involve Christmas. I'm not sure why I find Christmas such an erotic holiday, but I do. Apologies to all my non-Christian readers out there! Maybe next year I'll write a Kwanzaa bondage orgy alien tentacle story. Or not.


The Halloween Slut 3: Lena's Quest for Santa Claus (Mg, mc, oral, anal, magic, best, Xmas) Lena goes on a quest to find the really real Santa Claus amongst the hundreds of horny fake Santas all about.

A Christmas Nightmare (mg, inc, nc, bond, oral,anal) Cameron's idea of a Merry Christmas with his little sister is a bit extreme.

Bound for Christmas (Mf, MF, anal, oral, self-bond, bond, rp, best, gang, Xmas) Young bride Bambi Drude makes the mistake of performing self-bondage as a Christmas surprise for her husband. Too bad hubby comes home late.

Mixed Up Christmas (Mg, gg, Mb, MF, mc, inc, best, magic, Xmas). A stoned Santa gets some presents mixed up, with interesting erotic consequences.

Staci Austen and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Mg, mc, inc, nc, bond, oral, spank, piercings, best, Xmas) A humorous but very naughty reimaging of an old Christmas classic.

The Little Girl and the New Year's Eve Party - A Love Story (Mg, con) A little girl asks a man to kiss her at midnight at a New Year's Eve party. Okay, not really Christmas, but a story from the holiday season!

A Christmas Present for Baby Girl Dee (Mg, M+g, oral, nc, gang, prost, inc) Every Christmas, Baby Girl Dee's daddy introduces her to the next part of her life as daddy's shy little whore. But Little Dee is a good girl and she always does what daddy says.

Viral Goes To Christmas - Several short unrelated Viral Video stories for Christmas!

Viral At The Mall (mc, Mg, MMf, preg) Janet and her little cousin Rosa Lee are very bored waiting for Santa, until Janet watches the Viral Video.

Viral And The Twins (mc, bg, Mg, M+g, preg) Twelve-year-old twins Mandy and Jake are excited to find new tablets under the Xmas tree. But what happens when they download the viral video?

Viral At Grandpa's (mc, Mg, MF, MFg, inc) Eight-year-old Hailey and her mother are visiting Grandpa for Christmas when the fake fire on his television starts to show strange images. A sequel to Viral Goes to the Hospital.

Viral Xmas Party (mc, Mg, Dg, oral, anal, bond, best, Xmas) Surf-Santa brings his sleigh and five reindeer-dogs to Noah's Malibu Christmas Party, but by the time he gets there the viral video has already enthralled the six little preteens. What will happen?

(New) The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines (Mg, bond, oral, piv, submissive, con, Xmas) Little preteen Tabby and her monster/daddy begin to explore the boundaries of dominance/submissiveness, leading to a major Christmas experience. Where will it all lead?


Please let me know what you thought of my Christmas feast. Feel free share to your ideas for other stories, poems or fractured lyrics! For the time being, until ASSTR gets the email server back up, please email me here: or, if you prefer to stay anonymous you can use the comment form below.

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