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At the Wedding: A Mind Control Fantasy

- by Alvo Torelli

Brief Synopsis: 13 year-old Tara is a bratty, obnoxious, spoiled and annoying little beauty. Through mind control, she is used widely and rudely throughout the festivities of a multi-day wedding. A five-part novella of about 23,000 words.

Part I (Mg, mc, ped, oral, nc) Tara starts her sexual adventures at a large multi-day wedding.

Part II (Mg, mc, ped, oral, nc, prost) Tara has to choose her first 'customer.'

Part III (Mg, mc, ped, oral, nc, prost) Tara's adventures as the wedding slut really take off as she starts her new life as a cum whore.

Part IV (Mg, D/g, mc, ped, best, nc) Tara's adventures continue, with some new four-legged friends.

Part V (Mg, mc, ped, nc, prost, anal, gang) Tara's adventures conclude with a bang and a lot of sex as the wedding comes to a close.


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