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Alvo's Sequels to Mesmer's Bauble Stories

- by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Mesmer's Bauble was a great author who published his stories over on Piper's Domain. In early 2017 Piper ran a contest for people to write sequels to some of Mesmer's Bauble's stories. Below you will find the four sequels written by Alvo Torelli (who won the contest, sort of by default). It is recommended that you read the original Mesmer's Bauble stories before reading Alvo's. Alvo's stories will make sense on their on, but you might enoy them more if you read the stories of Mesmer's Bauble first. Plus, you'll get to read a lot more fun stories involving mind controlled little girls. Added for Halloween, 2017 - one additional LONG Halloween story based on the Paisley Princess.


Sweet's Happy Families (mc; Mg; gg; Fg; mg; Fdom; oral; anal; inc; orgy) This is a sequel to Mesmer's Bauble's story Sweet's Little Girls. You've never encountered a Home Ec teacher quite like Mistress Sweet, who is determined to open her own school for girls.

In Session: The Teen Years (mc; mf; Mf; mF; mg; mdom; oral; preg; inc) A sequel to Mesmer's Bauble's story In Session. Young Taylor turns his therapists induction against her, then goes on to find new 'patients' to 'help.'

Dirty Words: Angela's Revenge (mc; mf; Mf; ff+; Ff; m+f; fdom; Fdom; preg; oral; anal; inc; best) A sequel to two of Mesmer's Bauble's unrelated stories: Dirty Words, Part 1 and The Persuasive Perversions of the Paisley Princess. A texting app on Angela's phone causes her and three of her young friends to experience a multitude of depraved adventures. Will someone help them get revenge on their tormentor?

Hey, Nymph! (mc; drug; Mg; Mdom; gdom; oral; anal; mast). A sequal to two great stories by Mesmer's Bauble: I, Nymph: Arrival and I, Nymph: Repression/Corruption. Scenes from the history of the childlike and beautiful race of Nymphs.

The Harrowing Halloween Hijinks of the Paisley Princess. (Mg, Fg, Fb, mc, inc, bond, oral, anal, piv, best, photo) A long story (50 pages) in three parts. You've never read about a school Halloween party quite like this one!



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