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In Session: The Teen Years

- by Alvo Torelli, 2017

(Author's Note: This is a sequel to the Mesmer's Bauble story In Session. You might want to read that first.)


Taylor Reneau was a nasty child. He was an even nastier teen. But by the time the spoiled young man was fifteen he was bored with everyday nastiness and cruelty. He was ready for something new, something more exciting. It had been three years since Taylor had turned the tables on his child psychologist, Dr. Katrina Foree and her silly little hypnogogic metronome. He had the use of the buxom, attractive woman for his sexual explorations any time he wanted her. And if he was temporarily bored with Katrina there was always her sexy, petite secretary, Madeline. But it hadn't taken long for the precocious young man to exhaust his desire for the two grown women and want to expand his dominance, to branch out to other attractive, unwitting partners. As Taylor carefully explored his perverse desires for control, manipulation, humiliation and lust he soon discovered that his tastes decidedly ran to younger playmates.

So, it was remarkably convenient that Taylor's doctor was a child psychologist with connections to law enforcement. It gave him access to an extraordinary selection of interesting young people, most of them, like himself, sent to Dr. Foree because of some youthful indiscretion that got them crosswise with the law. Taylor could, and did, instruct the good doctor to use her metronome-based hypnotic techniques, techniques he quickly improved upon, to put her young clients into deep trances. Then he would take over their 'therapy' himself, establishing his complete control as their new Master. Several young ladies lost their virginity to Taylor while under the care of Dr. Foree. For over a year he was quite content to have his choice of the doctor's prettier young miscreants. But quickly it all became tawdry and too easy. Taylor didn't want to simply have a robust sex life with pretty teenaged girls. Taylor needed to control people, manipulate them, change their lives forever - not necessarily in a good way - all without their knowledge. Taylor needed new challenges to keep his impressive brain and his respectable manhood fully interested. And so he began to improvise and "help" Katrina's young clients.

One of Taylor's early successes was Madelyn, a fiery red-headed beauty of thirteen who'd been sent to Dr. Foree after her third arrest for shoplifting. Madelyn was a kleptomaniac, and a tough customer to boot. Dr. Foree had barely managed to get her into a mild trance, despite her best efforts. But Taylor, with his smooth silver tongue, had easily taken over and implanted an image of the ticking metronome deep into Madelyn's psyche, robbing the pretty girl of her willpower. As he fucked her, slowly, the way he liked to take a girl the first time, Taylor quizzed Madelyn and explored her desires, beginning to understand that she stole things for the thrill of potentially getting caught. She craved the attention, because her father showed her little real warmth, affection or notice even as he played the part of a doting parent. After that it was a simple matter to have Katrina insist upon a family hypnotherapy session, a session where Madelyn rode her father's cock until he came deep inside her. Taylor rather enjoyed buggering Madelyn's hypnotized, pretty, red-headed mother as he implanted long lasting suggestions into all of the family members. After that, Madelyn's daddy gave her plenty of attention at least four nights a week. It wasn't exactly the attention she'd been looking for, but she didn't complain as she swallowed daddy's cum down her throat or let him slide his hard rod deep into her young, tight twat. And mommy never said a word. After all, mommy was thrilled that her baby quit stealing and getting in trouble. What was a little incest compared to that? Taylor was very proud of the way he'd helped Madelyn and her family.

For a time, Taylor found real purpose and fulfillment in helping Katrina with her young clients. In one of his favorite cases he helped "cure" fifteen year old Jonas of his insatiable need to tag downtown buildings with elaborate spray-painted obscenities. It was Taylor and only Taylor who recognized the boy's true artistic genius - he just needed a little inspiration and a nudge in the form of a strong hypnotic suggestion. The huge, pornographic murals the boy began creating in the dead of night, usually on the side of city hall or his high school gymnasium, were incredibly intricate, realistic and depraved. They were wildly popular, except amongst the city leaders and high school teachers whose faces were painstakingly and accurately depicted amongst the wild orgies of lurid delights. The five-times-life-size depiction of the mayor and the school principal having a carnal sandwich with the mayor's nubile high school cheerleader daughter was easily everyone's favorite. Alas the murals were always painted over quickly - although many pictures and videos memorialized the murals and attested to their brilliance. As for Jonas, he spent over a year in juvenile lock-up, but on his release he was given a full-ride scholarship to the Art Institute of Milwaukee! Taylor couldn't have been prouder.

But Taylor's fulfillment at helping the less fortunate in Dr Foree's care eventually waned. Besides, his tastes continued to run towards younger playmates. Since Dr. Foree's psychology practice catered exclusively to children between 12 and 18, middle through high school, he was temporarily stymied in his growing thirst. And so, as he turned fifteen, Taylor hatched a new plan to expand the reach of his "practice."

The mother and father of David Johnson were quite taken aback when their son's court-appointed psychologist insisted that the root of her their son's inappropriate interest in sneaking up-skirt photos of his history teacher was, most likely, his eleven-year-old sister. It was very difficult to follow the complex technical language connecting their son's misdeeds with his sister's alleged affect on the poor young man, but Dr Foree was a doctor after all, and you really mustn't argue with a doctor. And so they dutifully agreed to have David's little sister, Hanna, attend his next session. Of course it never occurred to any of them that David's interest in his history teacher might have another source. Surely none of his classmates would have done anything mean or devious, like hypnotizing him and suggesting that Mrs. Gregory's cunt was surely the most amazing sight any man had ever seen.

Hanna Johnson was nervous as she waited in the lobby of the psychologist's office. She couldn't help but think she'd done something terribly wrong. Why else would they make her come and see the scary doctor. When the time came, she took David's hand and they entered the doctor's office together.

Taylor was excited! He'd admired the beautiful little blonde Hanna Johnson from a distance for almost year. He could barely contain himself as the little girl began to fall under Katrina's rudimentary hypnotic sway. David, of course, was in a deep trance almost at once - having been under Taylor's influence for some time. But now Taylor's plans were finally coming together and he quickly brushed Katrina aside in his haste to work with the object of his affections.

"Concentrate on the metronome, Hanna. The metronome is everything as it swings back and forth. Tick, tick, tick. The metronome fills your mind - there's no room for anything else. Now take the metronome into your mind, Hanna. Store the metronome there. The metronome is always with you, Hanna, always, filling your mind. The metronome and my voice, that's all you have Hanna. The tick, tick, tick and the sound of my voice, telling you what to think, what to do. Listen and obey, Hanna, listen and obey. It's so relaxing, Hanna, so peaceful." Little Hanna Johnson, like her seventeen-year-old brother, was completely under Taylor's control. She repeated back his mantra again and again, "listen and obey, listen and obey." Her eyes stared vacantly, waiting for Taylor to fill her mind with something, anything.

"It's time to take your clothes off, Hanna. Stand up now, and take your clothes off very slowly." Taylor was enraptured with the sight of his new little subject slowly unbuttoning her thin cotton blouse, revealing her flat chest with the cutest little nipples. It was almost more than he could take! So he had Katrina call in Madeline, who immediately dropped to her knees between his legs and began sucking him off as he watched little Hanna stripping. Just for fun, and just because he could, he had Katrina quickly disrobe and get into David's lap, where she rode David's impressive cock. It was the least he could do for David!

Hanna continued to strip as Taylor rammed his throbbing manhood down Madeline's throat. Soon the blouse was gone, then her shiny black shoes and socks, her black, pleated skirt and finally, her Disney Princess cotton panties. She stood in front of Taylor and turned slowly at his command to give him a view of her lovely, young body from every angle. Her hairless, puffy little pussy was the hottest thing Taylor had ever seen and he was appalled at himself for waiting so long to see it. Unable to wait any longer, Taylor pushed Madeline away and commanded the eleven-year-old to take her place sucking on his dick. The sight of her pretty and childish face looking up into his eyes was too much and almost immediately he came into Hanna's mouth. Hanna swallowed every drop.

While he waited for his cock to come back to life, which he knew wouldn't take long at all, Taylor gave little Hanna her instructions - instructions that would stay with her until he changed them. Hanna was going to be Taylor's little toy, from now on. But if he decided to share her with anyone she would acquiesce without question. "Yes Master," Hanna replied to every question, every instruction, and she visibly shivered with desire as her master filled her little mind back up with her new duties.

Katrina Foree, her secretary Madeline and David Johnson all returned to their senses at the same moment to find themselves seated in chairs around Katrina's therapy couch, or rather they returned to what was left of their senses - the mode that Taylor allowed to occupy their minds when he wasn't immediately directing their actions. All three were appalled to see a young man, Taylor, on his back on the couch with David's naked sister just preparing to impale herself on Taylor's cock. All three tried to cry out, to leap to the little girl's aid - but none of them could move. They were forced to watch in horror as little Hanna spread her nether lips around Taylor's manhood and used her small hand to settle it in, swirling it around to stimulate her juices and prepare her. "No, no!" they all wanted to scream, but it was no use. Hanna pushed herself down onto Taylor and took her own virginity, crying out at the shocking pain, but never hesitating.

At the end of the session, David and Hanna's parents were called in. Tayler, of course, had disappeared into an anteroom where he could hear the conversation he'd scripted. "I'm sorry, mommy!" poor Hanna cried. "It's all my fault David got in trouble. I teased him too much. I'm a bad girl. I'm sorry." The parents were shocked at this revelation. They turned to the lovely child psychologist for advice. "It is, indeed, as I suspected. Your daughter is the root of your son's perverted actions. I can only suggest that you bring Hanna in for twice weekly sessions for the next few months. She's a bit younger than my usual clients, but I believe we have established a good rapport. I can assure you, if you do, David will have no more problems with his history teacher, or any other teachers. He's really a very fine young man." As she said this, Katrina noticed with horror that cum was dribbling out of her pussy and, since she wasn't wearing any underpants, down her leg. She was aghast, having no idea how this terrible situation had come about.

Hanna Johnson's twice-weekly sessions with Dr. Foree were Taylor's favorite time of the week. He couldn't get enough of the little girl's nubile, preteen body. And she was so great to fuck! But it was quite the shock for poor Taylor when he realized, about two months into his affair with the eleven-year-old that she was pregnant. As much as he adored the little vixen, being the father of her baby was not part of Taylor's world view and so his plans had to change.

Once again, the parents of David and Hanna Johnson were shocked when they were called to another family session with Katrina Foree. The were aghast to learn that their sweet, innocent little girl was pregnant. They were even more horrified to be told that their seventeen-year-old son was the father! The family shame was nearly overwhelming. But Dr. Foree promised to help them all through the trauma. She would see Hanna and David as often as necessary, and of course, due to her professional ethics, she would tell no one about the family's little secret. For his part, Taylor was delighted to have his sweet Hanna continue visiting Dr Foree as she grew more and more gravid. He could hardly wait to find out what it was like to make love to an extremely pregnant preteen while the "father" of her baby watched and buried his cock in her psychologist. Maybe he would even let Katrina get pregnant!

Taylor Reneau pondered the past few years of his adolescence. He'd learned a great deal from his intensive work with Katrina Foree and he was very fond of the pretty woman. He had learned the hypnotic arts beyond the greatest professional practitioner. He had learned how much he desired younger and younger girls. But most importantly, he had learned that his greatest joy came from manipulating people and changing their lives in fundamental ways. Then and there, Taylor's new life challenge was born - a challenge that would last him well into his adult life. He was ready to take up that challenge, dedicate himself to the next phase of his deviant, nasty life. For what better way was there to fundamentally manipulate and change the life of someone, especially all those young, sweet, amazing preteens out there, than to give them the gift of life - the gift of a little baby, deep in their wombs. Taylor couldn't wait to get started.

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