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The Little Girl and the SuperGlue: A Babysitting Nightmare

- by Alvo Torelli, September, 2017

Astrid Partee dreaded babysitting for the Silverstone twins. They were incorrigible little devils. They were spoiled, naughty and ran her ragged. But what choice did she have? Her dad worked for Mr. Silverstone, and he expected her to help his boss out, especially since nobody else in the area would go near the little monsters - not for any price. In reality that was only one of the reasons Astrid ended up babysitting the twins when she herself was barely old enough to be left alone - she wouldn't even be twelve for another month! Astrid was a mature and thoughtful girl at eleven, but even she knew eleven was too young to be taking care of two seven-year-old devils. But no, there was another reason Astrid agreed to babysit the little monsters: their father. Mr. Dade Silverstone, oh gosh, he was just so handsome! It didn't matter that he was twenty seven. Little Astrid had a terrible crush on him. Playing house in his house was a fantasy come true! Especially after her little charges had gone to bed and she could lay down in Dade's bed with no one around while she touched herself...

So here Astrid was, for the fourth time, looking after Weyand and Dwayne Silverstone. Mr. Silverstone was out for an evening of poker with his buddies, including Astrid's dad, and Mrs. Silverstone was out of town for a week. Astrid couldn't help but notice how extraordinarily happy Mr. Silverstone was to get away from his twin boys after taking care of them on his own for only a day and a half. Little monsters.

"Dwayne, stop that!" Astrid had to bark at one of the boys as he threw sauce-laden spaghetti at his brother. Why she chose to yell at Dwayne instead of Weyand she didn't know, especially given that Weyand had just nailed Dwayne's face and hair with a load of spaghetti. Great, thought Astrid, a food fight to clean up. "Cut it out! That's enough." She grabbed each boy by an arm, pulled them out of their chairs and began to drag them upstairs towards the bathroom. They were supposed to take a bath anyway, might as well clean the two of them up now. "Dinner's over, you two! You're going to take a bath and you are NOT going to make a mess. Do you hear me?"

"Yeth Athid," they both said in identical lisps. It was almost cute. Almost. Little monsters.

Astrid practically threw the boys into the bathroom. She knew they were capable of taking a bath on their own, and she knew equally well they were going to trash the bathroom in the process. But they would trash the bathroom even if she was in there with them. So she would use the time to clean up the disaster in the kitchen.

"Take a bath and get clean. If you make a mess or you're not clean when you come out of there then it's straight to bed and NO SPIDERMAN MOVIE! Do you hear me? NO SPIDERMAN!" Astrid knew this was a serious threat. The boys had been dying to see the new Spiderman movie and their father had rented it for the evening - just to help Astrid out.

Both boys looked at Astrid with wide eyes, then they ducked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She heard water running seconds later.

Hoping that neither boy killed the other, at least not on her watch, Astrid dutifully headed back down to the disaster of a kitchen, where she started cleaning up. She was daydreaming about Dade Silverstone's deep blue eyes when she heard a scratch at the door. She let Bear into the house and gave him his dinner. At least the Silverstones had a nice dog, a big lumbering Bernese Mountain Dog who always had a welcoming lick for Astrid.

"Athid! Athid help!" Astrid heard about twenty minutes later. She threw the dishtowel onto the counter and pounded up the stairs towards the bathroom. As expected, the bathroom was a war zone. Five or six soaking towels were on the floor, the shower curtain had been torn down and there was toothpaste smeared on the walls and ceiling. On the ceiling? But there was no blood. No blood was a good sign! There were also no boys.

"Athid! Help!" came from down the hall. Astrid ran to the boys bedroom, terrified of what she would find. But what she found was two boys, neatly dressed in matching pajamas with their wet hair combed and a bit of tell-tale toothpaste around the mouth to show they had at least tried to brush. Dwayne was standing near the door, pointing at the head of his brother's bed. Weyand was standing on his bed, next to his big teddy bear, looking down behind the curved metal pole and metal bars that served as a headboard. Dwayne and Weyand were never this good - what were they up to? "Athid, thereth a thpider! A thpider, a big one," keened Dwayne.

Spider? Yuck. Astrid hated spiders. But the boys seemed really upset.

"It went behind my bed," Weyand said. "Pleathe, Athid, make it go away!"

"Where is it?" Astrid asked.

"It went right there - look Athid, look!" Weyand pointed wildly behind his headboard. "Kill it, Athid, kill it!"

Yuck! Astrid thought. She climbed onto Weyand's single bed on her knees and crawled to the head of the bed, knocking several stuffed animals to the floor and ending up straddling a small bunny on its back. She hesitantly tried to stare through the bars of the headboard, searching for the errant spider. Astrid hoped the spider wasn't very big! "I don't see it! Where did it go?" Astrid was intent on looking down through the bars - it never occurred to her to look up.

"It'th there! Above you!" Dwayne yelled. "Get it! Kill it!"

Astrid reared up, still on her knees and grasped the smooth metal rail that formed the top of the headboard. Her heart raced at the thought that some huge spider was lurking just above her. She looked everywhere - all over the bare white wall, but she didn't see a spider anywhere. That's when Astrid heard the giggling from behind her. Her eyes flared and her heart skipped a beat. The boys were tricking her! There was no spider - they were just being mean to her, the little monsters.

Astrid whirled around to face the nasty little boys. Or, rather, Astrid tried to whirl around and face the nasty little boys. But something was wrong. Something was very wrong. She couldn't let go of the headboard! Her hands were stuck to the metal and any attempt to remove them was painful. She managed to just twist her body and neck around enough to see the two giggling miscreants and the bottle of superglue that Weyand still held in his hand. While Astrid was busily looking for the spider behind the bed, he'd been dousing the headboard with superglue. And now she was stuck! Her hands were glued firmly to the headboard about shoulder width apart and two feet above the mattress on which she knelt.

"Dwayne! Weyand! Oh my god! What have you done! Why did you do this? This is horrible."

"Want to watch Thpiderman!" Dwayne barked with a scowl.

"You alwayth make uth go to bed!" Weyand said. "Athid mean. We want to watch Thpiderman! Athid can't thtop uth now."

"Yeah! Thpiderman!" Dwayne yelled. And then the two boys abandoned Astrid to her fate, superglued to the head of the bed and helpless to stop them. A few seconds later she could hear the loud opening music of the Spiderman movie drifting up from the family room.

Astrid was beside herself with anger and panic! She tried pulling at her hands, but the skin was firmly attached to the painted metal all along her palms and the full length of her fingers. Even her thumbs were glued to the headboard! There was no question that she was stuck and stuck for good until someone would bring something to dissolve the awful superglue. She was so scared and furious. She decided to scream and scream loud. The house of the Silverstone's nearest neighbors was very close - maybe someone would hear her and come to her rescue. She screamed "HELP! HELP! PLEASE! HELP!" Her high-pitched voice was impressively loud for a girl of her diminutive size. She screamed and screamed, non-stop. Astrid heard the television get louder and she momentarily had the satisfaction of knowing that her screaming was keeping the two nasty little monsters from enjoying their movie.

Her satisfaction was short-lived. The sound from the television stopped altogether. Astrid kept screaming, but the boys appeared in the doorway with identical annoyed expressions. "You two are in so much trouble!" Astrid yelled at them. "Go and get some nail polish remover from your mom's bathroom. Right this second! Your daddy is going to ... Dwayne, what are you doing? There's no polish remover in your closet. What are you..? What is that for?!"

Astrid had underestimated the anger and the potential of the two little devilish seven-year-olds. As Weyand scowled at her, Dwayne had dived into their closet and when he came back he was holding three leather belts, two thin black ones and one thicker grey belt. "Stop that, no, no! Dwayne, Weyand, stop that!" Astrid screamed as the boys grabbed her left ankle and and pulled it to the side of the bed. She twisted and turned, but there were two of them and they were strong for their age. Besides, her hands were firmly glued to the head of the bed. She had no leverage to fight them. In a trice Dwayne wrapped a belt three times around Astrid's ankle and the side rail of the bed, then buckled it tight, trapping Astrid's leg.

"Stop! Help, help! NOOOO!" Astrid screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Not nith, Athid!" Dwayne yelled as he and Weyand ran around to the other side of the bed and grabbed her other ankle. "You have to be quiet tho we can wat-th our movie! You're a bad girl!"

"NOOOO! HELLLLP!" Astrid screamed. She fought as hard as she could, terrified of having her second ankle bound to the other side of the bed. She screamed like a banshee, despite the two boys yelling at her to be quiet. None of it was any use, in a few seconds the other black belt was wound around and around her ankle and the side rail and Astrid was firmly bound to the bed on her knees, with her legs spread wide and her hands affixed to the head rail. Still, she screamed for help, praying that the neighbors would hear and come to her rescue.

But the boys were determined to watch their movie. "Bad Athid! Bad girl, mean, mean Athid. We want to watch our movie!" Weyand yelled at her. And then Astrid heard something terrifying. She craned her head around to see what had made the cracking sound. There was Dwayne, with the grey leather belt doubled in his small hand and he smacked it on the end of the bed a second time with a terrible 'crack.' "Bad girlth have to be punithed, Athid! You're a bad girl!" And that was when Astrid felt Wayand lift up her black skirt and drape it over her back, revealing her pink cotton panties to the eyes of the little monsters.

"Ha-ha, Athid hath pink panteeth!" Dwayne giggled and Wayand giggled along with him. "Look! Bunny can see Athid's pink panties!" Dwayne pointed out and they both giggled even harder.

Astrid had gone silent with terror. What were the two nasty little boys going to do?

"But thee thtill hath to learn to be quiet!" Weyand said. And then, to Astrid's utter humiliation and fear, he yanked down her panties, as far as they would go with her legs spread so wide!

"No, no, no, boys, stop, please, please, OWWWWW! OWWWWW!" Astrid screamed when the nasty leather belt smacked her across her small, round, bare ass. "OWWWWWW!" Three nasty lashes with the wide leather stung beyond anything Astrid had ever endured, despite the fact that they were delivered by a small boy.

"Be quiet! Athid. We want to watch our movie!" Dwayne hissed at the poor sobbing girl.

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll be quiet, I will, I promise," Astrid sobbed. Her ass was on fire. She couldn't take another blow from the horrible belt.

"You better, or we'll have to punith you again, bad girl!" Weyand said. And just like that the two boys ran off. A few seconds later the loud music and crashing soundtrack of their Spiderman movie wafted up from downstairs.

Astrid could just see herself, over her shoulder, in the mirrors that formed the boys' closet doors. Her ass was bright red. Her position was incredibly vulnerable. She was trapped, barely able to move. Her panties were pulled down half way to her knees and stretched tight between her open legs. She was completely exposed to the world as hot, humiliating tears streaked down her pretty face.

Astrid was left alone for no more than a couple of minutes, although it seemed much longer to the trapped, vulnerable child. She started with fear when she heard a sound and she struggled to twist and find the source. But before she managed to see anything she felt the bed shudder under a new, considerable weight.

At once, Astrid knew it was the huge Bernese Mountain Dog, Bear, who had joined her on the bed. The presence of the big friendly dog was immensely reassuring. The two were great pals and Astrid immediately felt less vulnerable with him there.

Astrid's relief lasted only a moment - the amount of time it took the huge dog to sniff her bared sex and realize there was a tasty morsel waiting for his long, rough tongue.

"No Bear! Oh god, no, please, please, bad dog, bad dog, Bear, no, no! Oh god no, PLEASE! You can't do that! No, bad dog, oh god nooooooo!"

The big dog's rough tongue lapped indiscriminately through the little girl's bare pussy. He laved both inner thighs and swirled his tongue everywhere, even across Astrid's sensitive tight rosebud. She tried to squirm away from the huge dog's attentions, yanking her butt from side to side as best she could, not knowing that the motions just increased the dog's interest in her sex.

The sensations coming from Bear's long tongue drove Astrid insane. The shame of being violated in such an intimate by a dog was even worse. When he forced his big muscle between the puffy mounds of her hairless slit, forcing it between the sensitive, untouched inner labia, she wanted to scream. But her fear of the boys' lash was overwhelming. She swallowed her shrieks.

Astrid finally realized just how horribly helpless and vulnerable she was. Her wild, jerking attempts to keep Bear away from her unspoiled cunny were impotent. They just encouraged him and inflamed his rapidly growing excitement. The canine's tongue thrust up inside her tight cunt, pressing all the way in to push against her cherry, frightening her to the point of collapse. But there was no collapse for the poor little girl, not with her hands superglued to the head rail and her legs lashed to the side rails. "No, no, Bear! Please, stop. Nooooo," Astrid wailed, very quietly, begging the dog to stop molesting her.

Again and again the dog's tongue rasped over and through and between Astrid's nether lips. She had to give up her thrashing when the dog growled at her, then pawed at her haunch to make his point. The dog leapt from side to side in his excitement, rubbed his big, cold, wet snout across one cheek and then the other, then drove his thick tongue into her hairless slit again.

Astrid thought this was the most horrible thing that could ever happen to her. She was wrong, of course.

A curious, bright little girl, Astrid had only recently started becoming aware of the sexual side of her nature. She'd started noticing men, and she'd noticed the way some men noticed her. The boys in her school held no interest - but she could stare at a particular action-movie star for hours. And he was the one she'd previously thought of when she slipped under her covers late at night to slip off her shorts and panties, long after her parents were asleep. She would slowly, carefully caress the soft folds that protected her immature, hairless slit. She would circle the delicate, hidden nubbin she'd discovered accidentally. Marveling at how her pussy began to flow and swell, little Astrid would pleasure herself, thinking of that handsome, rugged man on the screen. Or, more recently, she'd think of handsome Mr. Dade Silverstone, of the way his blue eyes sparkled and his broad muscles rippled when he worked in the yard. He was so hot! Terrified of being caught, Astrid would only allow herself the softest of moans. She could only imagine the depth of humiliation she would feel if anyone knew how she tried, desperately, to pleasure herself. Again and again as she imagined her fantasy lover, Dade, she had come so, so close! But never, ever could she manage to completely satisfy the growing need she felt in her brain, her heart and between her thin, young legs. It was so frustrating!

And so, young and naive as she was, Astrid recognized the feelings that started to suffuse her body and take over her brain as the big dog laved at her precious cunny. She was getting aroused! Her little mounds were swelling with warm blood. The wetness in her pussy was as much hers as it was the canine's hot slobber. Each time the rough tongue lashed across her tiny, shy clit a bolt of electric lust coursed across her body. And it was all so much more intense than any feelings she'd ever been able to engender with just her clever little fingers.

Terrible thoughts filled Astrid's young brain. It wasn't really so bad, was it? No one was there to see or hear her. And oh, god, it was really starting to feel so good! The big dog's tongue was so amazing. Astrid could feel something coming on! And despite the humiliation of her bondage and the fact that it was a dog with his tongue in her tight cunt, she was totally aroused. She couldn't deny it! She wanted more.

Astrid's fantasies of Dade Silverstone intruded on her mind. Like Pavlov's dog, she'd trained herself to think of him and his sexy, toned body, whenever she tried to pleasure herself. And now, as the dog pleasured her over and over, it was Dade's face that swam in her vision. "Oh god, oh god, Dade, Bear, Dade, oh!" Astrid crooned in confusion as she began to shiver. She rested her cheek against the cool metal of the headboard, between her trapped hands and arched her back to give the gigantic mongrel and his long tongue even better access to her virgin snatch. One of Weyand's small metal robots looked at Astrid accusingly, from the bedside table and she blushed with embarrassment, but she didn't stop fantasizing that hot Mr. Silverstone was the one making her feel so good! "Oh! Dade, Dade, yes! Yes!"

Astrid had no choice - no matter how frightened she was - she gave in to the amazing, wonderful sensations that were spreading out from her immature cunny as the dog stimulated her without pause. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Bear, Dade! Oh god, Bear! Oh god, I can't, I can't, please no, please! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! OHHHHH!" The driving force of an orgasm started to take over Astrid's young pussy. Inch by inch her body began to shake and spasm. Her back arched harder and the juices of her little cunt doubled in volume, spurring the big dog on. He lapped and lapped at her, drinking down the lovely taste as he whined and danced about behind her. "Oh god, oh god, oh god! Bear. This can't, it can't... OHHH! OHHHHH! YES! YES! DADE! DADE!" The orgasm took control. As the orgasm overwhelmed her innocent mind, the horror of letting a dog bring her to this peak of pleasure was too humiliating, too awful; but Astid couldn't deny the feelings coursing through her. To keep from going insane she concentrated on Dade Silverstone. She gave in to the fantasy that he was the one giving her so much incredible pleasure. "YESSSS! OH GOD, YESSSSS! DADE! DADE! OH GOD! YES"! Astrid cried out, lost in the intensity of the moment and grasping at the fantasy of her young crush.

Astrid's orgasm peaked and she nearly screamed. She twisted, trying to see why the huge dog was dancing so erratically behind her. As he pranced this way and that he would excitedly rub himself across her bare butt, then dive back into her sopping tight slit with his rough tongue. Even as Astrid moaned and cried out for her fantasy lover, even as she began to think she would go mad from the never-ending pleasure-torture of the dog's tongue she saw a flash of something red under the big brute. It was so very bright and shiny, appearing and disappearing as the huge mongrel excitedly capered.

It seemed like the terrifying orgasm would never cease; Bear got more and more excited as he attacked Astrid's small slit with his strong rough tongue. Suddenly the dog backed off, leaving Astrid alone. A raft of emotions flashed through her mind. Her orgasm wanted more! She felt a humiliating longing for the strong tongue to come back to her. She felt despair that she'd enjoyed the degradation. She felt incredibly vulnerable and weak and small. She felt disgust. She felt a burning anger at two little boys.

She felt a huge, furry weight on her back.

She felt fear like she'd never felt before.

"Noooooo! Bear, Bear, what are you...? No. Bear, stop, bad dog! Ow! Bear! NO! NO! Oh god, oh god, oh god, NOOOOO!"

Astrid understood that the bright red thing she'd seen under Bear was his dog-cock. And now, as he wrapped his powerful front legs around her thin waist and pulled her hard against his back legs with amazingly rapid strokes, she understood exactly what the huge dog intended. He was going to rape her. He was going to ram his red cock inside her, take her innocence, and there was nothing she could do about it. She was completely at the giant mongrel's mercy.


At eleven, nearly twelve, Astrid Partee was a petite child with a perfect, svelte body and long thick red hair. She was a beauty, still a child, but on the cusp of the quick, wonderful slide to being a woman. Trapped on Weyand's bed on her knees, her ankles belted to the sides, her hands superglued to the headboard, her long skirt flipped over her back and her pink panties pulled half way down to her knees, Astrid was nothing less than perfectly sized and positioned for the big canine to mount. Not too short, not too tall, not too mobile, not too strong, not too big, not too small - but very very scared. Astrid was the ideal mate for the huge, horny Bernese Mountain dog.

The big dog's bright red cock found the mark in seconds. It slid between the well-lubricated folds of Astrid's virgin pussy and rammed home with inexorable force.


Out, in, out, in, out, in, deeper, deeper, deeper. Like a sewing machine the canine pumped his cock into the little girl as she screamed and writhed. He tore away her innocence. He ravaged her insides. He raped her with no mercy.


There was nothing Astrid could do but scream at the brutal attack. But even as she screamed her rampaging orgasm was renewed. With no control she arched her back and pushed back into the the brutish dog. He rewarded her obedience with stronger, faster thrusts of his long red pole, fucking her as hard and fast and deep as he could go, ramming into her tender insides without remorse.


Even through the pain and the overwhelming orgasm, Astrid could feel the dog's massive cock growing and growing inside her. With each brutal thrust it was thicker and it spread her tender love tunnel wider. God! Surely he couldn't stretch her any further. He would tear her apart if he got any bigger!


Almost as quickly as it had begun, the frantic humping stopped. But it was no solace to the little girl, because Bear's huge, thick cock was fully embedded in her tight snatch. Even as she realized that Bear had stopped slamming into her she felt the gigantic knot swell up inside of her. If felt like a large navel orange had suddenly inflated inside her tiny pussy - well up inside of her. And worse, the intruding orb caused her pelvic muscles to wrap around, clamping down on the knot, with her young cunt lips grasping tightly around the thin base of Bear's cock.

Astrid suddenly understood what it meant to be knotted. If Bear tried to pull the massive inflation of his cock out of her little pussy he would tear her apart. And worse, she could feel wave after wave of hot dog cum spreading out into her little girl womb. She was trapped, controlled, totally at the dog's mercy. Surely no girl had ever before been so savagely defiled and wantonly humiliated. Surely no child had ever before been so horribly filled and stretched with the cock of a savage beast. Surely poor Astrid's orgasm couldn't continue to throb on and on, causing her to shake and shiver with unwanted, uncontrolled, embarrassing lust.

A horrible certainty flooded the little girl's mind: Astrid Partee was Bear's bitch now, and she always would be.

The weight of the huge dog bore down on Astrid's small, trapped frame as he panted, drooling slightly on the back of her neck through her pretty red hair. His massive organ throbbed inside of her; he ejaculated the last of his hot, thin dog-cum into her womb. Astrid's orgasm finally began to wane, but the presence of such a huge knot of dog-cock trapped inside of her couldn't be ignored. Her whole psyche revolved around the feeling of the knot at the very center of her being; invading her, defiling her, feeding her and filling her with his warmth all at the same time. She knew she would never be able to forget the feeling and a piece of her young mind knew that she would long for it.

Poor Astrid was exhausted, and barely able to hold up the big dog, but tied and glued to the bed as she was she was helpless. She did her best to rest herself against the cold metal of the headboard. She panted, just like the beast, as her body strained at the intruder in her tight love tunnel. Just when she thought she couldn't possibly hold up his weight any longer Astrid felt the big canine shift and turn.

"Ah! Ah! Bear! OH!" Astrid gasped. The huge knot tugged painfully at her pussy as the dog struggled to twist and dismount from her back. "Ow! Ow! Please!" But the dog ignored her pleas as he managed to throw one of his hind legs over Astrid's back, suddenly clawing and kicking frantically. His cock twisted inside Atrid. The huge, uneven knot turned and spasmed and Astrid thought she would pass out. It tugged at her entrance, but mercifully the dog wasn't trying to pull it free, he simply wanted to get his front paws back on the mattress. It all happened so quickly. Suddenly the stunned child realized she was ass to ass with her mongrel master, with his huge knot still embedded embarrassingly in her sore pussy. His wagging tail brushed teasingly across her bare ass.

At first Astrid couldn't bear to look. But she had to see. She craned her neck to look in the tall closet mirrors. What she saw was the most degrading thing she could imagine - and she had no choice but to accept it for the next half an hour. She turned her head away and looked in the other direction, only to meet the unblinking stare of Dwayne's big teddy bear as it contemplated her from the second bed in the room. The teddy bear reminded her of the boys and she realized that the sounds of their movie had died away. The big house had gone eerily silent. The twins had probably fallen asleep in front of the television, oblivious to the mortifying scene in their bedroom.

Now and then Bear tested his big knot against the tiny opening of the preteen's cunny. But he was mercifully gentle with the little girl. Astrid lost track of time, but eventually she felt the dog tugging against her and she realized the knot had at least partially deflated. It strained at her entrance, but slowly, uncomfortably, the dog pulled it through until it popped out all at once. She was free!

Astrid blushed with ultimate shame when she realized that she immediately missed the warm presence of the knot inside her. And adding to her humiliation was the stream of thin dog cum, mixed with her own sexual juices, that flooded out of Astrid's pussy to soak her panties - still stretched tightly between her legs - and run down the insides of her thin thighs.

Feeling the big dog's weight leaving the bed, Astrid looked around to see him. As he turned she saw the size of the gigantic bright red cock dangling between his legs. Even partially deflated, it was hard to imagine that the huge thing, with it's now raquetball sized knot, had been inside of her. It was the final straw in the little girl's first sexual experience. Astrid's mind whirled and she fainted, falling forward against the hard metal railing of the bed's headboard.

Astrid Partee awoke to a familiar but terrifying feeling - the long rough tongue of a dog delving deep into her no-longer virgin pussy. "Oh, god, Bear, please, please, no!" she managed to wail weakly. "Please Bear, please, not again." But the big dog was intent on getting his new bitch ready for another round of mating. The little girl was nearly as good as a real bitch in heat. Her fear and vulnerability drove his instincts for domination into overdrive.

Within a few minutes, confused and forlorn, Astrid was nearing another huge unwanted orgasm. She'd completely lost track of time. She barely remembered where she was or why she couldn't move away from the big dog who was driving her poor body into another frenzy of lust. Her little hands ached from gripping the headboard for what seemed like hours, but still she couldn't let go of it. Her ankles were still tied just as tightly to the sides of the bed. She was completely at the mongrel's mercy as he forced her body to shake uncontrollably. This time Astrid didn't even try to pretend that it was her fanciful lover, Dade, who was bringing on the incredible feelings. In her exhausted, defeated mind she knew she had no choice but to give herself completely to her new master - Bear.

And then the dog was on her back again, humping madly at her hips in his frantic need to mate with her. He yipped and growled at the little girl and Astrid arched her back to present a better target for his demanding, probing red rocket. The two were so perfectly sized for each other. Bear rammed his long, slimy cock into his new bitch only seconds later.

This time the dog's thrusting was even more intense. Even when his cock swelled, thicker and thicker, he kept slamming into Astrid's tight pussy over and over again. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Astrid grunted in rapid time with the dog's fast attack. Her orgasm built higher and higher. There was nothing in Astrid's world but the dog and his magnificent cock and the brutal rape of her tiny, stretched cunt. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" Every fiber of her being was tuned to being Bear's little girl-bitch.

With a final, brutal shove the dog buried his cock impossibly deep in his new conquest. His knot swelled to its full, incredible size, trapping him inside of her. But he continued to thrust savagely as long as he felt his cum jetting deep inside of her. Finally, sated, the dog calmed and started to think about turning. In his canine mind he wished the little girl-bitch would stop making those annoying little whimpering moans of distress. Or was that pleasure? He couldn't tell. He didn't care. The whimpering sounds made Bear want to control and dominate the girl-bitch and so he stayed on top of her, squeezing her with his forepaws, pressing down on her and forcibly thrusting his slowly deflating cock into her over and over.

Astrid couldn't stop the moans that escaped her pretty lips. She was so full, so overwhelmed, so helpless. And the intense tingling that spread from her raped cunny just wouldn't stop. For what seemed like hours the dog continued to press down on her trapped body and thrust back and forth inside of her. But at long last she felt his cock finally slimming down, his knot reducing to something less than a monster.

A sudden noise from downstairs caught the dog's keen ears.

A moment later Astrid heard the sound too and she tensed every muscle in her body. Oh god, someone was home! What if they found her, like this, with the dog... Oh god! But his knot was still buried in her tight pussy. There was no .... No, no, Bear, oh god, no, no, NO, AAAAAGGGHHHH!

To Astrid's horror, at the sound of someone opening the door downstairs, Bear had decided he was done with the little girl-bitch. Moving much faster this time, the big dog turned and twisted and suddenly they were butt to butt again. The dog was ready to go. He was excited, ready to find out who was entering his domain downstairs. He growled. He pulled.

"AAAAGGHHHHH!" Astrid screamed, but quietly, biting her lip to keep from screaming out loud. The knot had deflated, but it was still bigger than the last time. "OOOOOHHHH! BEAR, PLEASE, OOOOHHH!" The dog pulled and pulled at her little abused pussy. His tail wagged furiously over her back and he strained hard to extract his swollen member from its trap deep inside Astrid's little body. "OH BEAR, OH BEAR, OH, OH, OH, OOOOHHHHHH!" It was the final, humiliating defilement as Astrid's canine master forced her pussy to stretch nearly to the breaking point. It was as if she was giving birth to the remainder of his knot, but the big orb slowly, slowly was forced through Astrid's young pussy entrance until his whole cock plopped out of her with a wet, slurping, pop!

Astrid collapsed, to the extent that was possible in her bound state. She was barely aware of the big dog bounding out of the boys' bedroom. Overwhelmed by the trauma of the knot being forced through her tiny cunt, she only slowly recovered enough to became aware that her long skirt had been snagged and pulled down by the dog, so that now it was back down where it belonged. The hem of the skirt once again fell all the way to the mattress, covering her ass and thighs. This small miracle gave her confused and overwrought mind something to grab ahold of and relief out of proportion to the minor lucky circumstance flooded her with hope. She barely noticed the thin dog-cum running down her legs and dripping into the panties that still stretched between her thighs.

"Astrid! What the hell is going on?" Dade Silverstone asked gruffly from behind the bound little girl.

A million emotions flitted through pretty Astrid's young brain at the sound of her fantasy male. Embarrassment at her bound position was foremost. As she wondered if he could possibly know the horrible, degrading things that had happened to her, humiliation was next in line. But no, with her skirt back in place, it would just look like she'd been stuck in this awful position for awhile.

"Oh gosh, Mr. Silverstone, I'm so sorry, the boys... they, they... movie... oh gosh!"

"Whoah! Astrid, are you tied to the bed?" Dade asked with intense concern. "What the...? How did you...? Why didn't you just...? I don't..." Confusion washed over his handsome face as he came around to Astrid's side where she could look up pleadingly into his handsome face.

"My, my hands!" Astrid lamented. "They're... they're..." It was SO embarrassing! Astrid just blurted it out. "They're superglued to the headboard. The boys... Oh gosh!"

"Glued? Oh damn. How? No, never mind, I see." Dade picked up the bottle of superglue from the side table. "Just hang on, I'll get the acetone. Oh man, Astrid, I'm so sorry. Those little monsters are in for a... " but the end of Dade's sentence was lost as he dashed down the hall to get the acetone from his wife's bathroom. Thankfully Bear, who'd followed Dade back into the bedroom, followed him again.

It seemed like hours before Mr. Silverstone and Bear finally returned, but it was only half a minute. It took several minutes for Dade to work the acetone under Astrid's hands and gently help her free them from the headboard. As he worked he was so nice, calming Astrid's nerves and assuaging her embarrassment - putting all the blame on the two little monsters who slept on the sofa downstairs. Then, as he freed her ankles one by one, Dade promised to punish the boys severely and expressed hope that Astrid would eventually forgive them. Maybe she would even come back and babysit again?

It was Astrid who kept assuring Mr. Silverstone that nothing else had happened to her. Despite her deep, embarrassing blush and her occasional stammer, he appeared to believe her. She was so relieved! The idea that anyone in the world - much less her hot fantasy man - might figure out what had happened to her was unbearable.

As soon as she was freed from her bondage, Astrid quickly told Dade how terribly thirsty she was and begged for a glass of water. The ruse worked - he ran off to fetch her a glass of water, this time leaving Bear behind. Astrid took advantage of the few moments alone to stagger to her feet, barely able to stand on wobbly legs. She needed the short window of time she had to get her panties pulled up, lest Dade realize what had actually transpired on Weyand's bed.

Astrid hiked her skirt up to claw at her sodden panties. They were disgusting, practically dripping from two heavy drenchings of dog jism. She managed to pull them half way up, grimacing at the cold wetness on her thighs, but the big dog had other ideas. Seeing the little girl pussy briefly exposed again, Bear lunged unexpectedly at his new child-bitch. "Oh!" Astrid gasped, tumbling backwards onto the bed, legs flailing. "No, Bear, please, oh please!" she hiss-whispered at the canine. His huge head was tangled under her skirt. His tongue went straight to her tasty little snatch and her terrified pleading just spurred him on. "Please Bear! No! He'll be back any second. Oh gosh, oh gosh, OH!"

The dog's rough tongue was up inside her. Astrid could hear footsteps coming! Oh gosh, if Dade found her like this he would discover everything! But oh, oh, oh, it felt so good! With a Herculean effort Astrid twisted and rolled away from her tormenter, nearly falling to the floor in the process. Frantically she scrambled to pull her panties the rest of the way up. The sopping fabric pressed uncomfortably up into her cunt with a disgusting squish. Bear made yet another attempt to get under her skirt and Astrid barely managed to get ahold of his huge head just as Dade walked back into the room with her water.

"Aw, look at that," Dade said. "He was worried about you. Aren't you lucky old Bear likes you so much?" He handed Astrid the water and she drank it greedily, discovering that she really was thirsty from her evening of bondage and energetic sexual adventure. "Hey, listen, I don't mean to rush you, sweetie, but you know your dad's waiting for you out front. He's gonna get worried if you don't come out pretty soon. But, well, are you sure you're okay?"

Astrid couldn't think of anything better than escaping the concern of the boys' daddy before he realized things had not been so innocent. Hurriedly she assured him again that it was no big deal. She even agreed to babysit again, soon, just to keep his suspicions at bay. As fast as her wobbly legs would take her, she headed out towards her father's car, terrified all the way that Mr. Silverstone would hear the way her pussy squished as she walked.

At two in the morning, Dade Silverstone sat happily in an armchair in front of his sixty inch flat screen. The boys were tucked into their beds and the dog was lazily curled up in a corner. On the screen, gorgeous preteen Astrid Partee was panting hard, looking into the camera as Dade's big dog, Bear, raped the little girl from behind. The view Dade was watching, taken by the camera behind the mirror in the boys' room, was fantastic. Eight-inch insets in three of the corners of the screen showed different views of the same scene. With a flick of his remote, Dade could cycle any of the smaller views to the main screen, or turn off the inset screens altogether.

One of the insets, taken from the nanny cam in the small robot on Weyand's bedside table, was a glorious closeup of the anguish on pretty little Astrid's face. That camera had also recorded the best audio of the preteen - gasping, moaning and even calling out Dade's name again and again as she was obviously caught up in her massive orgasms. That was the audio track Dade listened to, and it drove him crazy. To think that the child was imagining him as she was given a huge orgasm by the big dog!

Another inset, taken from the camera in the teddy bear on Dwayne's bed, showed the scene from the other side, but taken from slightly behind the action. That was the best camera for watching Astrid's cute little ass, especially when Dwayne whipped her with the grey belt.

The third inset, Dade's personal favorite, showed the view taken from the nanny-cam in the little bunny that lay on its back on Weyand's bed, directly beneath the action. Dade cycled that view to the main screen again, and bit his lip at the amazing close-up sight of his dog's big cock rapidly plunging in and out of the tight little-girl pussy. Even as he watched, the dog rammed all the way into her and held there as his knot swelled to its gargantuan size. Dade had seen that knot and he could imagine what his pretty little starlet must have felt as it swelled up, deep inside her. How humiliating to be filled with hot dog-cum. Twice.

Damn! Dade wanted so much to fill the little girl with his own hot seed.

For the third time that night Dade stroked his cock rapidly, mesmerized at the sight of his favorite preteen - tied and glued to Weyand's bed, being raped by a huge dog. He shivered with ecstatic desire as the defiled little girl called out his name with obvious lust.

Suggesting the super-glue trick to his boys had been a stroke of genius. He was proud of his boys - especially the way they'd used those belts on poor Astrid - just like he'd shown them. Setting up all the coordinated cameras had been a lot of work, and Dade had to admit that getting the bunny perfectly positioned had really just been a matter of luck. But what luck! And there'd never been any doubt that the big dog would be interested in the little girl-bitch - not after all that training.

Dade Silverstone sighed with satisfaction as he watched Astrid's fantastic movie through again. He backed up the film a couple of minutes and then flipped back to the primary camera. On the screen the pretty child screamed with surprise. The look on her face showed that she'd just felt the huge knot swelling up as the dog began her ultimate defilement - filling her little womb with his hot cum. It was enough to bring on another eruption from Dade's own rock-hard cock.

Pausing the video feeds, Dade reached for his drink and took a long slow draw of the cold liquor as he started to plan for the next phase of his relationship with beautiful, innocent, petite and clearly submissive Astrid Partee.

Three days after her adventures in babysitting Astrid was hiding in her room in the late afternoon after school. For three days, everywhere she went she was sure that people could see how she was different, how she'd been used and how it had changed her. It was terrible! The sensation was worst of all around her parents, even though neither ever said a word. She was so ashamed!

But worse, Astrid was so very, very horny! Every time she closed her eyes she could almost feel the amazing sensations, the tongue, the pounding, the incredible, frightening knot. Her little body longed for the fulfillment of the amazing orgasms she'd endured. No amount of touching herself would satisfy the terrible, perverted need. And god, had she tried!

"Honey, there's a phone call for you," Astrid's mother called through her door.

Startled, Astrid blushed, then quickly pulled her panties and shorts back up as she scrambled out of bed. She cracked the door and let her mom hand her the old-fashioned landline portable.

"Uh, hello?" Astrid said.

"Oh, hi, Astrid! Look, I know it's really short notice, but, well, I've really got a work emergency and The Mrs. is out of town for another week. It's Friday night and you've probably got a date or something, but gosh, it would really help me out. I mean, could you, maybe?"

"Mr. Silverstone? Dade?"

"Oh yeah, right, it's me. Do you think you could, tonight? Or do you have a date?"

"You want me to babysit, tonight?" Astrid's heart started beating faster and her palms went moist at the idea. Terrible things swirled through her mind.

"Yeah, yeah, tonight. But, well, you don't have to worry, 'cause I'll be here the whole time. I just have all this emergency work to do and I need someone to come feed the boys and put them to bed. But I'll be here in the house. They can't get away with anything with me here. You'll be perfectly safe. I'll make sure I'm the only one with any superglue!" Dade laughed at the terrible joke.

Astrid had to cover the phone to keep from giving away her gasp. Her eyes flared at the thoughts flashing through her mind: Bear and belts and knots, handsome Mr. Silverstone there in the house with her, alone, while the boys slept! And was he really joking about the superglue?

"Um, uh, sure, sure Mr. Silverstone." Astrid heard herself say. "When do you want me? I mean, when do you want me there?"

The end.


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