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The Little Girl and the New Year's Eve Party - A Love Story
by Alvo Torelli, New Year, 2017

(Mg, con)

Fucking A, I thought, how did I let myself get talked into coming to this New Year's Eve party?

I picked up another drink - my third already and started wandering, not making eye contact with any of the many revelers at the New Year's Eve party. I'd tried making small talk, but I was in the wrong mood to deal with strangers. The only person I knew in the whole place was Derik, who'd forced me to come along to 'buck me up.' Couldn't he see I'd rather wallow at home, alone, licking my wounds over Sheena. Adding insult to injury, Derik had found a secluded dark corner to hook up with some redhead. They really ought to go find a room.

Derik was my ride, so I was stuck at the fucking party unless I wanted to get an Uber. But in keeping with the evening's total shit-storm, my phone was dead. Drink in hand, I decided to go search for a phone. I was pretty sure a person could still call for a cab, although I had no experience with anything but an app.

So, I was wandering from room to room, with happy people partying everywhere. I looked up to the top of a big spiral staircase and I saw a face, barely visible in the dark, peeking out around an ornate column. It was a very pretty face, I thought. But the second we locked eyes the face jerked back and disappeared into the dark. Having no luck downstairs I decided to climb the stairs and take a look around upstairs for a phone - and besides, I was intrigued that there was at least one other person in the house not engaged in the festivities. It was only after I was upstairs, wandering down seemingly endless dim hallways that I began to realize just what a castle the house was.

"Who are you?" From the darkness came a small voice, young. It almost tinkled. I spun around, but I didn't see her.

"Uh, I'm Eric," I said to the dimly lit room. "I'm sorry. I was just, uh, looking for a phone?"

"Why aren't you at the party?" Such a pretty little voice, like soft, frightened music.

"I, well, I wasn't having a very good time at the party. I guess I kind of wanted to leave."


"Uhm, it's a long story. And it's kind of personal. I mean..."

"It's almost midnight."

I glanced at my phone, still dead. "Is it?" I asked the bodiless, intriguing voice.

"Everyone will be kissing - that's what they do at midnight."

"Uhm, yeah, that's sort of the tradition," I responded. Who the hell was she?

"Do you have anyone to kiss?"

"Again, kind of personal. But okay, no, no I don't. That's part of the problem, I guess." This was now, officially, the weirdest conversation ever.

There was silence for several seconds and then I saw her. She leaned out of the darkness of one corner of the room, her face barely lit by the dim light coming from the next room over. What a beautiful face! Closer now, I was looking at the prettiest face I'd ever seen. High cheek bones, a tiny, sharp nose and full lips. Thin, curving eyebrows over the biggest eyes! I may have gasped out loud, because she jerked back, just for a second, before leaning back out into the semi-light.

The girl took a hesitant step forward and her small body came out into the dim light. She was barely more that four and a half feet tall. Her hair was jet black and fell all the way to her tiny waist, with a gentle body to it's thickness so that it seemed to swirl around her even when she wasn't moving. She was breathtaking. She was very young - too young. Her body was draped in some kind of diaphanous, formless white gown, multiple layers of sheer, translucent white fabric that floated about her as she moved. It hinted at the form underneath, but covered her from neck to toes, leaving only her thin arms bared.

I realized I was gaping and I abruptly closed my mouth.

"I'm sorry I intruded..." I began.

"I'm Eve," she interrupted me. She blinked those big, dark eyes and my pulse skipped two beats.

"Oh. Well, hello Eve," I said stupidly. My brain wasn't working well. "Uhh, Eve...?"

"Gallon," Eve said. "Eve Gallon."

"Is this your house, Eve?"

"I live here, with my mom."

"Uh, and your dad?"

"I don't have a daddy." Eve said. The statement seemed wrong somehow, but I let it go.

"You're very pretty, Eve," I said and I instantly regretted my continued stupidity. You can't tell a little girl, in a quiet, secluded, dim space that she's pretty. For fuck's sake, did I want to get arrested or something? "I'm sorry..." But it was too late. Eve had blanched and put her hand to her chest.

I thought Eve was going to bolt, like a scared rabbit, but a moment later she said, "It's almost midnight."

"Uh, sure, I guess." Ah, what a scintillating conversationalist! Idiot. I tried to recover. "Uhm, Eve, I don't mean to pry but, how old are you?"

"It's my birthday," she said.

I blinked in surprise. "Your birthday is New Year's Eve? And you're..."

Those pretty big eyes looked up at me and she bit her lip, hesitating, struggling with the answer. I didn't quite understand her trepidation. "I'm eleven, today."

ELEVEN? Jesus Fucking Christ!

"Wow. Okay. Well, happy birthday, Eve." I managed to stammer out.

I realized something very very bad. I don't know how it had happened, but somehow, as we talked, Eve and I had gotten closer and closer together, step by tiny step. I was looking down on her beautiful face. How did she get so close? Why were her lips so full and how did her dark eyes sparkle so fiercely in the low light. Why was she looking at me like I was supposed to be doing something?

"It's almost midnight."

I heard the first chime of a grand clock, somewhere not far away, a low, rumbling 'Bong!'

"It is," I said and somehow we were even closer. Her face turned up and tilted and then one slender hand was gently resting against my chest.

"Would, would you - oh would you kiss me? For good luck?"


That time my heart just stopped.

"Are you sure?"


"Yes. Please." There was so much longing in her childish musical tinkle. How could I disappoint such a sweet child?


I bent. Our lips touched, barely, gently. A sweet, gentle kiss for a sweet little girl at midnight on New Year's Eve. I meant to just brush her lips with mine but...


My arms went around her small body, my knees bent and I lifted her into my arms, our lips still barely, barely touching. She gave a tortured sigh and her lips parted ...


And our kiss became deep and amazing. I slid an arm under her ass and thighs to support her light body, twisting her legs to one side as her trembling arms wrapped around my neck. So small and weightless. So passionate.


Lips pressed firmly together, hungrily caressing each other. Tongues touching lightly, then exploring...


I crushed the tiny body agains my chest. I was shaking. She was shaking.


My fingers twined into her thick long hair. I drank at her mouth. I was never going to let go. I was going to...


Eve moaned and tightened her arms around my neck. Without speaking she begged for something...


Desperation grew. This was insane. What was I doing? I tore my lips away and bent to set her back on the floor. You can't be passionately kissing an eleven year old child! I told myself. You certainly can't be doing the other horrid things your dick wants to do!

I felt, rather than heard, the desperate sigh as Eve's arms started to release my neck.

'Bong!' Midnight was over. The new year was here.

For the briefest moment Eve's hands grasped my neck. Her sweet lips were just beside my ear and she whispered, almost too low to hear, "Thank you, Eric!" Her longing and my name, in her musical voice, sent a shock through my system that didn't fade.

"Uh, I guess I better get back to the party, Eve," I said. "But I'm glad I met you."

Eve just stared up at me with those huge dark eyes and nibbled nervously on her lower lip. But then she dropped her eyes to the floor, unable to look at me any more, and a look of disappointment washed over her young face. For the first time I took in how very petite, thin and young she was. I thanked my luck that no one had walked in on us!

"Okay," Eve said to the floor. "I should be in bed anyway, before mama finds me. But, well,... thank you." And then she ran off without another word, her flowing clothes fluttering around her. I saw her disappear around a corner in the long hall and then I heard a door close.

I suddenly felt very alone.

The party was just getting into full swing now that the new year had arrived. It was noticeable the extent to which people had paired off. I was just pouring myself another drink when I heard a warm female voice, with a slight, sexy accent, say "I don't think we've been introduced." I straightened and turned into the beam of a lovely smile.

"Oh, hi, uh, I'm Eric - Eric Prehn. I came with Derik."

The woman's grip was strong, but her hand was soft and smooth. "Excuse me. I'm a terrible hostess for letting you go unwelcome for so long. I'm Chloe. Nice to meet you Eric."

The woman's smile was attractive and welcoming. Under normal circumstances I would have been attracted to her, quite attracted. There was just one problem: looking into her face all I could see was the pretty eleven-year-old girl I'd left upstairs. Chloe was obviously Eve's mother, and seeing the child's face so clearly represented in her mother was jarring, to say the least.

"This is a great house," I said to make conversation.

"Oh yes, thank you," Chloe responded. "It is nice, isn't it - although it's a lot for the two of us to rattle around in. I'll miss it."

"You'll miss it?"

"Yes, we're moving out day after tomorrow. We have to go back to Europe - to France. We're flying to Paris."

Unexpected alarm flooded through my veins. Why should I care if this woman was moving away? I didn't want to admit the reason to myself - it was irrational, ridiculous, wrong, even dangerous. But still...

"Wow, you're taking Eve to France?"

Oh shit. I didn't just say that, did I? Crap!

Surprise, then alarm and suspicion lit up Chloe's face. "Eve? I don't think I mentioned my daughter's name."

Several lies flitted through my brain - but sticking close to the truth is always the best lie. "Oh, yeah, I met her. I was, uh, upstairs, looking for a phone and I ran into her. You know, I think she was trying to catch a peek at the party. Anyway, lovely girl. She seemed very sweet."

Chloe's eyes narrowed and she looked up at the ceiling, as if she could see through the wood and sheetrock to where her daughter was. "Zut! The little scamp!"

I breathed a sigh of relief. Chloe wanted to go check on her daughter, but I offered to fix her a drink and she hesitated, then accepted. I made it a strong, sweet cocktail. Pretty soon we were talking animatedly about her new job, her excitement to see her family in France, coupled with the pain of having to leave the United States, and selling the big house she'd inherited when her husband died three years earlier. She loved Los Angeles and wished she could stay, but without her husband's work visa they had already long overstayed their welcome in the U.S. More alcohol continued to reduce Chloe's initial reticence. Eventually I even discovered some tidbits about Eve, how she was homeschooled and sheltered and probably too naive for her age.

Chloe was easy to talk with. I even described my breakup with Sheena and I hadn't thought I was ready to talk about that with anyone. We lost track of time. The party was winding down, with only a few hard-core partiers still hanging about. There was no sign of Derik - he'd abandoned me, again, the jerk! Probably he saw me talking intently to Chloe and made assumptions.

Chloe had another of my strong concoctions before she finally made a pass at me. Fortunately, I'd been drinking root beer for a couple of hours, and as attractive as she was, Chloe wasn't the girl my brain was fixated on. All I could see was someone else's big dark eyes. I politely turned her down, on the grounds that I wouldn't want to take advantage of someone who'd had so much to drink, nor was I interested in a one-night stand, even with someone so beautiful. It really didn't matter that much. Chloe passed out on a sofa ten minutes later.

I told myself I was being a gentleman as I carried Chloe's limp form up the stairs and took her into the master bedroom I'd seen earlier. I slipped her shoes off and slid her under the covers, fully dressed. But we all know I was just rationalizing, looking for an excuse to go back upstairs where I just might, once again, run into a certain pretty little girl. And I wasn't shocked when I turned off the bedside light and turned to see a pair of big dark eyes peering at me from around the edge of the door - a pair of eyes that darted away the second I looked in that direction.

As I moved up the hallway, away from the stairs, I passed two rooms and was about to pass another dark room, with no light, when a tiny motion caught my eye. I stopped and said, quietly, "I don't think you're supposed to be out and about this late."

Eve's beautiful, musical voice whispered out of the darkness. "Do you like her?"

"What? Who, your mom?"

"Do you like her?"

"Um, I guess, she seems nice enough."

"She's not. She tried to kiss you!"

"Well, yeah, but you weren't supposed to see that." God, I wanted to see that pretty face again. "And I didn't kiss her back," I added gently.

Eve's face leaned out of the darkness just enough for me to make out the perfect curve of her cheekbone and her exquisite little nose. "Why?"

"Because it's very, very bad to kiss one girl when you're thinking about how you'd rather be with another girl," I said.

I heard the quick intake of air and I could just make out the way her big eyes widened. She asked, as I hoped she would, "who?"

I paused, bending and leaning towards the darkness, waiting patiently. The beautiful child was less patient, and she soon leaned forward into the light, biting her full, trembling little lip. We were only a few inches apart. I closed half the distance. "You," I whispered.

And then I was kissing her again and her thin arms were around my neck and she was kissing me back.

I slipped into Eve's room and pushed the door closed even as we kissed. It was pitch black, but I didn't care. I just wanted to feel her little body close to me, to smother her with my warm embraces and kisses. She led me across the room, backing up and never letting go of my neck, until we ran up against a bed. Somehow she flicked on a bedside lamp and I could see her, fully, for the first time. Her beauty stopped my breath and I pressed into her, kissing her even harder. My fingers entwined in her long thick black hair and I pulled her tight as I slowly lowered her down onto the bed.

My brain was on fire. I'd never felt so passionate for anyone. I left off her wonderful mouth and trailed kisses down to her bare throat. The child pressed into me and groaned. The fingers of both of her hands gripped at the hair at the back of my head.

Eve's little girl voice tinkled "Oh! Eric, Eric!" My name on her lips inflamed me.

I pressed her down into the soft bed, sitting sideways, on the edge of the bed and leaning over her. As I nibbled at her smooth neck my hands gripped her at shoulder and waist, frustrated by the layers of diaphanous fabric of her garment. Abruptly, I stood next to the bed and lifted her to her feet with shocking force. With Eve standing on the bed we were exactly the same height. I pulled her face to mine for another long kiss, holding her as close as she held me. But I broke our kiss off and stepped back from the bed, drinking in her thin, small form - like a black-haired ghost in a flowing gown.

The gown had to go! I stepped forward again but the little girl put her hands out to ward me off. I thought I'd moved too quickly, frightened her too badly. Eve trembled like a little bunny and nibbled adorably at her lower lip, looking as if she would bolt at any second. I paused, a foot away from her, hoping I hadn't broken the spell. Relief flooded me when a few seconds later Eve slowly pulled the shoulders of the flowing garment down over her arms - one and then the other. She crossed her arms in front of her, holding the fabric from falling. Suddenly she couldn't look at me and her eyes fixed on the floor between us. Even in the dim light I could see how she blushed.

I reached out and gently lifted Eve's chin until she looked me in the eyes. "You're so beautiful," I whispered.

Eve stared at me, and inhaled sharply. She still hesitated, but I smiled at her and all at once she dropped her filmy gown to the bed. Again, she couldn't look at me - afraid of what I would think of her naked form - for she was, indeed, completely naked.

"So, so, beautiful," I said with awe. And I meant it. A child she might be, but little Eve was stunningly gorgeous. She had the smallest, immature breasts, just little mounds of soft flesh surrounding perfect, pink nipples and areolae. The soft light accentuated her perfection, casting shadows like invitations to exploration. There was a real shape to her young body - the tiniest waist that flared downwards into a perfect, round ass. And between her legs - I never imagined such perfection.

I tore my coat off and pulled my shirt over my head, unwilling to fuck around with buttons. Then I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed Eve's thin body and pulled her tight against my chest as I kissed her again. Her warm, perfect skin burned against me. She kissed me back with desperation. It flashed through my brain to wonder why this child was so needing of this passionate, physical interaction. But I was too far gone with my own need for her to pause and ask her about it.

When I dropped to kiss and nibble Eve's neck just under her jaw she arched her back into me and squirmed. With a hand entwined in her gorgeous thick hair and a hand grasping her naked, perfect ass I exerted my control over her. She was a tiny rabbit in the grasp of a wolf and I growled my passion as she writhed from sensations she'd never imagined much less experienced. Eve gasped as I lower my head and took the first of her virgin nipples into my mouth, ravaging it with my tongue, pressing it against my teeth. "Mmmmm! Eric, oh!" I didn't ignore the other nipple and Eve's moans of desperation grew louder and more frequent. Instinctively, hands clutching at my dark hair, she tried to pull me away, to stop the tortuous pleasure that her body didn't understand - but the wolf was having none of that and I just intensified my attack on her tiny breasts and nipples as she struggled.

I lifted Eve and practically threw her onto the soft mattress. She screamed in shock, but then she giggled as I came down on top of her to tickle her ribs and continue my attack on her precious, nascent breasts. The tinkling music of her little voice was magical. She alternated between trying to push me away and grasping at my neck and back to pull me tighter - all the while tittering uncontrollably with joyous torment.

But I grew more serious. I grasped a small thigh in each hand as I trailed kisses down to Eve's little belly button. She gasped, arched her back and roared with giggles as I tickled her with my tongue. I took advantage of her while she had no control, pressing her legs back and apart to reveal the magnificent little mounds of flesh that guarded her pussy. With no hesitation and no warning I close the distance and slid my tongue between her fat mounds. I tasted her and she was pure honey.

"Oh god! Eric, Eric, oh god!"

I felt Eve's little fingers clawing at my hair, not sure if she was trying to pull me away or force me tighter. But it didn't matter. The wolf had tasted her and he wanted more. The wolf wanted her to writhe and scream and come and know that she was his. She was so warm inside. My tongue lapped at her pink flesh as I forced her legs even farther apart. I backed off to look at her perfection, then glanced up lock eyes with her and smile as see blanched and blushed - my innocent, perfect jewel. But I only hesitated for a moment before I dove back into that amazing, tight little tunnel, so wet, hot and needy.

When I swirled my tongue hard across Eve's tiny clit she writhed even harder. I dug into it, around and around, then sluiced through her pussy again. I wanted her to lose control. I wanted her to scream and shake. I wanted her to cum. I wanted her to know that I was completely and forever in control of her little body - she was my puppet, my toy, my lover. I'd never wanted or needed anyone a tenth as much as I wanted and needed her at that moment.

And she came. Eve came hard and fast, barking my name over and over, "Eric, Eric, Eric!" She was confused and frightened and some part of her fought me for control, but she was mine. The wolf consumed the little bunny and the little bunny had no choice but to quiver in the wolf's big jaws. I kept her going. I tortured her, exquisitely, tonguing her little cunt deeply and massaging her small clit endlessly. When I let go of her thighs she couldn't stop herself from wrapping her legs around my neck to hold me tight. I took advantage to reach up and grasp her budding breasts and pinch her nipples, bringing out a redoubled moan. "Oh god, oh god, Eric, Eric, please! Please!" I'm sure Eve couldn't have told me if she wanted me to stop or to make her orgasm go on and on - surely both were elements of her pitiful plea.

I stimulated little Eve relentlessly for several minutes, reveling in the way her small body bucked and twisted in my grasp, until I sense she was close to collapse. I relented. I pushed up onto my elbows and loomed over her, bringing our lips together once more for a deep, intense kiss. I let her taste herself on my warm lips. Eve's body slowly stopped thrashing underneath me, but she pressed her wet cunt into my stomach and wrapped her legs around my back, not completely capable of giving up the intensity of her orgasm. Her breathing was ragged and fast. "What, what, was that?" she finally managed to choke out between gasps. "What, did you, do to me?"

With a wicked smile I kissed her again. Then I stared into those big dark eyes while her breathing slowed. She stared back, silently, once again biting her lower lip as her nervousness rebounded.

"God you're beautiful, little bunny," I whispered. Her eyes flared. And then it was her turn to grab my head and pull me into another passionate, loving kiss.

I sensed that beautiful Eve needed a pause - a break to recover and process. Being with her was so intense and so arousing. Maybe I need a pause too! I rolled to the side and pulled her face against my chest while I stroked her long, thick tresses. I let her feel my heart beating - let her know it was beating for her, for her beauty and for my desire. We were quiet for several minutes, each of us processing the force of our attraction and actions. But I could tell she loved being held and being close. She traced her tiny fingers across my chest and wrapped her bare leg over my leg. Unfortunately, I was still wearing my slacks. At least I'd managed to kick off my shoes somewhere along the way.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh, oh yes." Eve whispered back. "Was, was that an, an...?"

"An orgasm? Yes, little bunny, that was an orgasm. Did you like it?"

Eve tensed and I could just see that her face blushed again before she could answer. "Oh, uhm, yes? Yes, I liked it? Is, is it always like that?"

"If you're with the right person, then yes. Yes, it can often be like that - maybe not every time, but often."

"Oh god. I don't..."

"Are you scared, little bunny?"

Eve snuggled even tighter, pressing harder into my body before she answered. "Um, a little."

"It's okay to be scared, a little."

"What should I do?"

"Only what you want, little bunny."

"Why do you call me that?"

"Because you tremble so and your little nose quivers and you're pretty and small and frightened and you're just so perfect." I didn't tell her how she made me feel like the wolf, ready to consume her whole.

"Oh. It's, it's nice. I like it. I like you."

"I like you too, little bunny. So, so much."

"But, I, I don't know what I'm supposed to do? I'm sorry!"

I nearly lost my mind. I'd never heard anything more arousing in my life.

"Do you, do you want to do more?" I managed to croak out, barely able to form words. I was sure she heard my heart beat twice as fast.

The tiniest of whispers, barely audible and nearly muffled by my chest - "yes."

Oh fuck me. I nearly came in my slacks. Carefully, I sat up and little Eve rose up next to me on her knees, until she was sitting back on her heels. With her lip tightly grasped by her upper teeth, her eyes wide with anticipation and her small nose visibly quivering, she fully earned her new nickname. It took all of my willpower to move slowly and deliberately when the wolf wanted to take her, hard and fast and now.

I slid to the edge of the bed and stood, turning to face her. Belt, zipper, a push over the hips and the slacks dropped to the floor. Eve tensed and worry painted her pretty features. My erection was straining at my boxers. I didn't hesitate any longer. I pushed the boxers to the floor and straightened, my cock at full attention and pointing directly at my little bunny.

"Oh! It's, it's so big!" she gasped.

"Well, no, actually it's just sort of average sized," I said and I realized that Eve had never seen a cock before, much less a cock that was raging with the desire to deflower her as soon as it possibly had the chance. "It's just normal size. Will you, uh, touch it?

Eve reared back, terrified. I'd gone too far. Damn! The poor child, she was traumatized by the intensity of my desire for her, as evidenced by my raging hard-on. But no, no, she was reaching out, tentatively - one hand at her chest and the other stretching out in front of her.

"Oh, Jesus Christ," I moaned the instant her little hand brushed across the side of my cock. I couldn't help it. The shock that ran through me was too intense. I wanted to grab her, force her down, thrust my cock deep inside of her, somewhere, anywhere, it didn't matter. "Oh, yes, yes, that feels good." I managed to say.

As I knelt back on the bed, Eve wrapped her small hand half-way around my erection and she looked up into my eyes. "Is it really s-supposed to go,..., I mean, g-go inside? Inside me?"

"Not just yet, little bunny," I answered her. "And then only - only if you want it to."

Eve gasped, but she kept her hand on my hot cock. And she stroked it, slowly and carefully, like it might break off in her hand. I could barely handle it. The sight of her fantastic child's body was incredible. She was stroking my cock, now with both of her little hands, despite how frightened and unsure she felt. I knew I wouldn't last long. It was too much, too erotic, too stimulating. And I wanted her so badly! I said nothing. I tried not to move too quickly, but I wound fingers into her hair and pulled her towards me. She didn't fight me, but her eyes flared impossibly huge as her lips came to the head of my cock.

"Oh god, oh god." I couldn't stop myself from moaning. Eve's little hands stroked up and down on my cock. I was going to explode any moment. The slightest extra pressure at the back of her head and her lips parted, slowly, slowly, taking the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue darted out, circling and probing. "Oh jesus, Eve, Eve, oh god. I have to, I have to. Oh god!"

I came. I forced myself not to thrust my cock deep into her mouth. It took every bit of willpower I could find, but I did it. And she never stopped stroking my cock as each jet of my cum barreled up through my enraged cock and shot out into her gorgeous mouth. It was my turn to tremble and quiver as I had the most memorable and enjoyable ejaculation of my life, at least my life so far.

Eve was amazing. She stroked rapidly at just the right time. She tightened her lips and sucked the last drops of my cum into her mouth as if she'd been taught by the best. And she knew when to stop, the moment to cease her ministrations and let go of me. She bent her pretty face to look up into my eyes and her lips parted. A small rivulet of my cum ran out the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. Her eyes went half-closed and dreamy and then she closed her lips and swallowed, then swallowed again. She took my seed into her body, licked her lips, scooped the little rivulet from the side of her face and then sucked it off of her finger. I was stunned.

"Did I, did I do it...."

"Yes, yes! You did it perfect. You're perfect. Oh my god, little bunny! You're so beautiful!" I swept little Eve into my arms to kiss her again, then collapsed down onto the soft mattress, rolling over and pulling her naked body on top of me. "You're incredible." I whispered and kissed her again.

Eve lay on top of me, with her face pressed to my shoulder and a hand caressing my cheek. I languorously ran my fingertip across her bare back and ass and thighs. She shivered lightly with each pass. I felt I could stay there forever, content to hold her and touch her and ... well, and my cock was back at full attention within a minute. The little minx was sexy beyond belief and I still wanted her more than I thought possible.

"Eric?" God, I loved that tinkling version of my name.

"Little bunny?"

Eve giggled at the name. My heart skipped two beats. What was happening to me?

"Can we, uh, well, can we ..." she trailed off and buried her face deeper in my shoulder, hiding from my gaze.

"Can we what, Eve?"

Silence and more silence. "Will you, oh, oh, will you..."

"Will I what, sweetie?"

A tremble. I couldn't see it, but I knew she was biting her lip. I would never get tired of the sight!

"Will you, will you fuck me, please?"

The nasty word sounded wrong and dirty and bad and my heart nearly exploded. With no warning I rolled over, carrying Eve with me. I pinned her to the bed, staring into her gorgeous face with her wrists trapped in my hands, holding her down. I controlled her completely. I was so much bigger, stronger and dominant, so much more capable of taking whatever I wanted from the little child. And I wanted so much! I wanted everything she had.

"No!" I snapped in a harsh whisper. "No, I will not." Eve looked stricken, terrified and near to tears. She struggled against my hands and tensed all over until I spoke more gently. "No, Eve, my dear, my sweet little bunny. I will not fuck you. I will make love to you. I will help you become a woman. I will gently and carefully and lovingly give you the joy of coupling. I will cherish you and what you give to me." I spoke softly and I stared into her big, lovely dark eyes until the fear began to drain and she relaxed.

When we kissed it was magnificent. Warm, strong, mutual and with nothing held back. That was when I knew I was in love. That was when I knew I was going to fuck the brains out of a gorgeous hot eleven-year-old.

But not quite yet.

I rose and I gently, but forcefully, rolled Eve over onto her stomach. Kneeling beside her, I caressed the perfect soft skin of her back, then her ass and her legs - all the way down to her feet. Her tinkling giggle filled me with joy when I hit her ticklish spots. It was tempting to tickle her until she screamed, but I didn't.

Eve's legs parted on their own, an invitation. As I lightly massaged her body I occasionally slipped a finger between her legs and traced the outlines of her pussy - stroking the puffy outer folds and then the almost imperceptible inner lips. Each time I invaded that space she was wetter and each time she tensed a little less. She opened her legs even farther to me, and I entered her carefully, until I felt her hymen. Even around a single finger her box was tight and warm and throbbing.

But when I traced up from her childish slit to press a finger tip against her rosebud she took in a fast breath and tensed. Her body read terror, but she said nothing. She was trying to please me, even then, and it gave me a joy I'd never felt before.

I was out of my mind for this beautiful child, my little bunny, my New Year's Eve surprise.

I left off teasing and tickling and just concentrated on Eve's perfect body. Every inch of her was perfection. She had the most amazing, perfect ass! I massaged and stroked and fingered her until relaxation passed into arousal and arousal into inflamed desire. And without warning I rolled her back onto her back, with her tiny ass lifted off the mattress by a couple of pillows under her hips.

Eve gasped as I towered over her, imposing my size and strength on her little body. Her small legs were spread wide under my bulk. I kissed her before she could say a word, and she kissed back with ferocity. She was ready. She wanted me. She was terrified.

Rising up on one arm I moved forward. Eve's beautiful face was under my chest and she threw her arms to the sides, gripping at the bedclothes. Of course she was biting her lip as her little nose trembled with fright. I wouldn't have it any other way. I set the base of my cock in the thin pink trough of her pussy and let my weight press down into her.

"Oh, oh, Eric!"

"It's okay, little bunny."

"Oh, I'm scared!"

I ground the length of my cock through Eve's valley of warm wet heaven. Then again, pressing even harder, but careful not to let the head of my raging erection slip inside of her. Not yet.

"Oh god, oh god, is this it?" asked the tinkling voice that inflamed my soul.

I ground my length against her again. "No, little bunny, not yet. It has to go inside you. All the way inside."

"No, no, I'm scared, it's too big. Please. Oh, oh!"

"Only when you're ready, little bunny. I'll just do this for now. Does it feel good?"

"Yes, yes, so good. Ohhh."

"It will feel even better inside you."

"Nooo! Oh, oh god. No... Oh, but yes, yes, I want it inside me. Eric, please, OH!"

The slightest change in position brought the head of my cock to her lips. It took every ounce of my will not to slam forward and fuck her tiny body with abandon. I used my hand to settle the tip of my cock between her labia and swirled it around in the wetness, seating it firmly - ready for the deed.

"No, no, no, I'm scared!"

"It's okay, Eve, don't worry. I can stop." What the fuck was I saying? I couldn't possibly stop! I had to have her. I had to have her NOW! My mind was whirling and the wolf was winning control!

"W-will it hurt?"

"Yes, bunny, it will sting."

"Will it h-hurt a lot?"

"I don't know, sweetie. I never felt what you have to feel. But I don't think so. I think it will sting for a minute and then it will feel good. It will be the best thing you ever felt in your life. Even better than when I ..."

"Oh god, do it, do it now, before I..."

I pushed the head of my cock into Eve's wetness. She was incredibly small and tight. I wanted to ram forward, all at once, but I couldn't do that to her. I let her get used to the stretch of her inner cunt around my cock head, using my hand to control my cock as I swirled it and massaged her. Then I planted my hand on the bed to even my weight and began to press forward. Eve craned her neck back to look into my face.

"Eric, Eric, Eric, I'm so scared.... OH!"

Eve gave a bark of pain as her hymen gave way. She panted as I held steady, with three inches of cock being crushed by her tight tunnel. I waited, impatient but firm in my desire to make this good for her. For half a minute she panted, then she bit her lip and nodded, unable to speak. Her eyes flared in confusion as I pulled back the half of my cock that was embedded in her little-girl cunt. But when I thrust forward again she gave out a grunt and arched her back into me.

We were making love. We were coupling and I was cherishing ever moment of her. And we were definitely fucking. I was fucking a beautiful little girl who was barely eleven years old, twenty years younger than me. I was out of my mind with lust and desire and, well, and love. I was totally, madly in love.

With each slow, measured thrust I went a little deeper into my child lover. Eve moaned each time, but I could tell the pain was passing quickly. Soon she was lifting her legs higher, rotating her hips instinctively to give me even deeper access to her little body. She was inviting me to take her as fully as I could. She began to buck her hips up into me with each stroke. Her face slowly morphed from fright to pleasure.

I sped up my attack, thrusting faster and faster. With nearly my entire cock buried in the child, I was bumping against her cervix, unable to penetrate her any deeper. I was trying hard not to hurt her, but I couldn't slow down. The wolf was back, pounding the little bunny into submission, ready to tear her apart.

Thank goodness I'd already cum or I wouldn't have lasted a moment, no matter how hard I tried. She was so tight and warm and she grasped at my cock with a burning desire. I concentrated hard, holding off as long as I could, but still thrusting into her as fast as I could. I wanted her to come. I wanted to shoot my seed into her as she writhed in climax. I was determined. But it was hard, so hard.

"Oh, oh, oh," Eve grunted with my rapid thrust. "Oh, it's happening, it's happening. Oh! Eric, Eric!" Even when she was being fucked and going into a huge orgasm, her little voice was mesmerizing, tinkling music. "Ohhh!"

I came, even as she did. The hot sperm boiled up through my cock - that most exquisite of sensation - and shot deep into my little lover's unprotected body. A sudden flash of guilty fear shot through me. Unprotected? But no, no, she's far too young. It's not possible. More and more of my scalding semen made the wonderful journey from my balls to her body.

I was breathing hard as I collapsed onto the bed, rolling over and pulling my lover on top of me, straddling my body and still impaled on my slowly deflating cock. She lay panting with her face and little palms on my heaving chest.

"Little bunny? Are you okay."

Eve didn't answer for several seconds, then finally a weak, soft voice said "yes."

I stroked the beautiful black hair that cascaded around her naked body. My breathing slowed and I felt her heart slow down as well. "You are so amazing," I whispered.

"D-did I do it right?" the tiny tinkle asked.

"Oh my god, bunny! You were the best. You are the best. You're incredible!" I grabbed her by the side and pulled her up to look me in the face. My cock slipped out of her and I felt warm cum dribble out along my stomach, but I didn't care. I had to look my beautiful child in the face. I had to show her I meant what I said. Her huge, frightened, dark eyes locked onto mine. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world, and the best lover a man could imagine and,... I love you. I'm sorry, but I do, I love you."

I kissed her and held her in a firm grip so that she couldn't run away from my shocking words. But she didn't run or fight or scream. She wrapped her thin arms around my neck and pulled me tight and kissed me back with every molecule of her being.

I should never have let myself fall asleep. I needed to leave! I was playing a dangerous game - making love to a preteen with her mother sleeping just three doors away. I could end up in jail for years. But I couldn't leave Eve so soon after we'd made love, after she'd given me her innocence and I told her I loved her.

So I held her tight and we pulled the covers over us to ward off the morning chill. Her face rested on my shoulder and her little hand stroked my chest, slower and slower, until she was sleeping. I did everything I could not to fall asleep, knowing I needed to escape, but inevitably, in the warm, amazing comfort of snuggling her little body, I succumbed to sleep.

It couldn't be more than a couple of hours later that I was awakened. I glanced at Eve's clock to see it was almost six, an hour before dawn. I jerked awake in a panic. I shouldn't still be here! But then I realized what had woken me - sweet, innocent little Eve was stroking my cock with her tiny delicate hands. My head nearly exploded. The gorgeous child still wanted me - she wanted more of me. A rush of lust swept away my fear of discovery.

"Oh Jesus, oh, oh, Eve!" I moaned as I felt the little child's lips envelope my hard manhood. I threw the covers off of us to see her curled up, holding my cock in her small hands and pushing her head down to get more of my length into her mouth. Her little mouth was stretched wide. She backed off and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and I nearly fainted. "Eve, little bunny, oh god," I moaned again.

Now that she had my cock raging, the amazing child quickly moved up and brought her lips to mine for a passionate, yearning kiss. Her meaning was clear. She wanted me inside her, again. She wanted to be my lover. She was ferocious, running her hands through my hair and tugging hard. I crushed her in my arms.

In a flash I knew what I wanted. I knew I couldn't stop myself, no matter how badly I needed to flee from the danger of being with her. I pushed her away from me with force, bringing a gasp to her pretty lips. I piled the pillows at the top of the bed, three deep, then grabbed my precious bunny and turned her to face away from me, pushing her knees down on the pillows. Eve grabbed the headboard and began to tremble. I was scaring her, but I didn't care. I had to have her!

Kneeling behind Eve, as she knelt on the pillows, I wrapped my arms around her. One hand attacked her wonderful little nascent breasts, cupping one and then the other, torturing the tiny nipples between finger and thumb. My other hand went between her legs. I didn't hesitate. Two fingers impaled her, digging deep into her wetness and fucking her fast and hard.

"Oh, oh, Eric! Oh!" Eve's tinkling little voice was terrified and excited in equal parts.

I was silent as I stimulated her. I flicked her nipples and she flinched at the surprising sensation. Then I found her tiny, hidden clit and I flicked at that, even with a finger still thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt.

"Oh Eric, Eric!" Eve's hands were white with tension as she gripped the headboard. Her little arms strained as her back arched and her head was thrust back. Her amazing dark hair flowed around her body like water.

I kept up my attack. I was intense and fast and fervent. I wanted her on the edge. I wanted her at the very edge of orgasm, ready, needy and desperate. I wanted her to know how vulnerable she was - how much I could dominate and use her - and how much I would use my domination of her little body and young mind to give her ultimate pleasure.

"Oh god, Eric! Please! Please!!" Her begging inflamed me.

I entered her, from behind, in a single, fast thrust. And as I did she came - a full, stupendous, overwhelming orgasm. Her petite body quivered everywhere. My cock filled her tight tunnel and I thrust in and out of her with voracious need, as fast as I could. I wanted her climax to last forever and I used every thing I could think of - her breasts, her thighs, her clit. I kissed at her neck as I fucked into her. I nibbled her ear. I twined my fingers into her long hair and forced her forward so that I could thrust deeper and harder into her and show her how I controlled her small frame completely. She was mine. I owned her! I wanted her to know it. I wanted to fuck her incredible, tight, young body forever.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Eve barked out little moans with every massive thrust of my cock. Her orgasm went on and on. I wouldn't let up. I fingered her clit as I fucked her. I twisted her head around and curled my back, straining to kiss her. I fucked her with my tongue as savagely as I fucked her with my cock. On and on. She was a rag doll, quivering and thrashing in my grasp and I never stopped ramming my cock up inside of her, filling her completely with every wonderful stroke.

But I couldn't sustain it forever, no matter how much I wanted to or how hard I tried. I came. I spurted another massive load of my seed up inside her small body. She milked my cock with her unbelievable cunt. Every drop, every seed, drawn far up inside of her. It was the pinnacle of my life.

We collapsed onto the bed, both of us panting and sweating from exertion. Eve gripped my cock in her pussy as if she was terrified to let it go. And perhaps she was. Perhaps she knew that our time couldn't last. Perhaps she had felt, in my desperation to have her again, that the world was going to tear us apart.

I glanced at the clock and blanched. It was nearly dawn! I couldn't be caught here, with her. I couldn't be seen leaving her. I couldn't stay!

Eve felt me tense and she twisted in my arms. My cock dropped out of her tiny cunt and she turned to face me. She grabbed my face and pulled me to her, kissing me with frightened, quivering lips as I wrapped her tight in my arms.

"Eric!" Eve said, pulling back. My heart thrilled at the tinkling voice. "Eric. I love you!"

I thought I'd come to the end of my tragic story, my forbidden love. I'd left the girl of my dreams, my child lover, my greatest desire and the one who loved me back - too afraid of what would happen if we were caught together. She swore to me she wouldn't tell anyone. She begged me to come back, but we both knew it was impossible. I fled into the early dawn, a despicable coward.

Later, in my small house in the valley, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I couldn't see anything but those big, dark eyes, the gorgeous long black mane, the perfect, small, incredibly sexy body. I could taste her in my mouth. I could feel her kisses. I hardened at the memory of our love. I was in hell. I loved her. There was no denying it. But she was only eleven, near twenty years my junior. We couldn't be. It was impossible.

A thousand scenarios ran through my head. We could run off. We could hide in a far-off wonderful fantasy word. But I knew my ideas were insane. I had to live without her, let her go, let her have a life without me. It was better for her, surely. But god, it was torture.

I lasted a day, barely. I couldn't take it. I had to see her again - no matter what. I raced back across the pass and up into the hills where the big, lonely house held my love, my little bunny, my Eve. The house was waiting for me, patient and empty. They were gone. My Eve was gone. I wept, but I knew it was for the best. Fate had swept her away from me, for her own good.

And so I settled in to my personal tragedy. I threw myself into work and exercise and even tried to date. But it was all hollow - a terrible waste of a life. And I knew I would never see her again.

Days passed, then weeks and months. And then, on the first of August, seven months of hell later, my doorbell rang in the early morning.

Chloe was standing on my doorstep and she did not look happy. She looked like she was trying decide between screaming at me or just shooting me on the spot. I'd never been so surprised to see anyone in my life.

"Whoah!" I said. Such an articulate fellow.

"I should have you arrested! But I promised I wouldn't. But you had damn well better do something about this fucking mess, you asshole!"

"Whoah," I repeated and took an involuntary step back into the house.

Chloe followed me into the house. And then she punched me, hard, in the chest.

"Ow, the fuck!"

"Oooh! I promised I wouldn't have you arrested but I didn't promise I wouldn't beat you to death!"

"Jesus, stop it," I said as she tried to swing on me again. I grabbed her wrist and held it out to the side, and then she burst into tears.

"Oh god, you have no idea how hard it's been. She got expelled! And I was so ashamed, and she wouldn't talk to me, and..." Chloe buried her sobbing face in my chest and I gently put my arms around her. I was so confused. Eve's mother sobbed into my chest for a minute and then angrily thrust herself away from me and fixed me with an angry stare. "Asshole!"

"Jesus, would you please fucking tell me what's going on."

"Oh fuck it! See for yourself, jackass." Chloe barked at me. Then she half turned and said to the open door, more quietly, "It's okay, honey, you can come in."

And the girl of my dreams peeked around the doorframe. My heart stopped beating and I nearly fell to me knees. She was so, so, beautiful.

"He's going to be mad," Eve's tinkling voice pronounced to her mother.

"That's what you're worried about you little fool, that he'll be mad? Oh for Christ's sake. If he's mad I'll just have to kill him, okay?"

Eve fixed her gaze on my eyes and softly pleaded, "Please, Eric, please don't be mad."

"How could I ever be mad at you, little bunny."

Her nickname brought a broad smile to Eve's gorgeous face. Her mother said "Oh, please!" And then Eve came around the doorjamb and back into my life.

She was seven months pregnant. On her tiny frame her baby bulge was enormous. I had never seen anything more beautiful.

Without a word or a glance to her mother for permission, I swept my wonderful girl into my arms, baby and all, and I kissed her with seven months of forlorn desire. And she kissed me back with just as much fervor. I felt like I'd been given a second chance at life itself. I heard the gasp from behind me - Eve's mother - but for a long time I ignored the fact that she was standing there, watching me kiss her pregnant, preteen daughter.

Finally, I set Eve down and broke off our kiss. But she wouldn't leave my side and she kept her arms around my waist, pressing her face to my chest.

"Wow," I heard Chloe say softly and I turned to face her. "She said it was love, but I didn't believe her. But it is love, isn't it?"

"Yes," was all I said, and Eve hugged me even tighter.

"So, what are we going to do about this?" Chloe asked and then for good measure she threw in "asshole!"

We sat and talked for hours. Chloe completely gave in to the notion that Eve and I belonged together - and besides, the only way she'd been able to get Eve to tell her who was responsible for her condition was to promise not to bring the police or the wrath of god down on my head. With Eve sitting in my lap, arms wrapped around my neck and face pressed to my shoulder, it was hard not to see that the child was in love. Maybe it wouldn't last forever, she was only eleven after all, but for now it was undeniable.

And strangely, it was Eve who suggested the obvious solution. For different reasons Chloe and Eve both wanted to be back in the U.S., permanently. But they just had short-term visitor visas.

"Why don't you get married?" Eve asked, innocently.

"What?!" her mother barked back. "Me, marry the asshole?"

"Stop calling him that, mama!" The ferocious look Eve gave her mother was priceless. I had to work not to laugh, which would have just set them both off.

"She has a point," I said.

"Who asked you?" Chloe snapped. Damn, the woman was having a hard time getting over someone stealing her daughter's heart. And, oh yeah, there was that whole getting her baby pregnant thing. I needed to give the woman some slack.

"If you and Eric get married, won't we be able to stay in the U.S.? And you'll be able to work, if you want. And, well," Eve blushed and looked down, "I mean, you and Eric could pretend the baby was yours - so nobody got weird."

"She has a..." I started to say, but quickly shut my trap at the look on Chloe's face. She went bright red and fumed. She marched out of the room and we could hear her throwing things in the next room. I feared for my living room. But eventually she calmed, somewhat, and walked back into he kitchen.

"Okay. I can't think of anything better. But I'm not sleeping with him!"

"Mama! Of course your not sleeping with him! I'm sleeping with him!"

And so, two weeks later, Chloe and I were married.

The rest of the story, well, I guess it's 'and they lived happily ever after.' Especially if you're the kind of guy who really, really enjoys hot sex with a hugely pregnant, insanely gorgeous, dark-haired, insatiable eleven-year-old - while her mother, your new bride, sleeps in a bedroom on the other side of the house!

And I can't wait to meet my new son or daughter, although I'm secretly hoping the baby is a daughter.

Some stories do have happy endings.

Happy New Year!

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