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The Little Girl and the Coon Dawg

- by Alvo Torelli, November, 2017

"Where the hell's the dawg off to, Junior!"

"I don't know, Daddy, I guess he run off again. I bet ol' man Jenson's bitch is in heat again - it's about time."

"Fuck it! I needs to be goin' coon huntin', boy. Why the fuck you let ol' Jasper run off?"

"I didn't let Jasper do shit, Daddy. You know that ol' hound dawg won't do nothin' but chase pussy when he smells a ready bitch."

"But I needs to do some huntin', boy! You want to eat or not? Damn fool dawg. Can't be huntin' coons without a coon dawg, can I? No way."

"Well maybe you shouldn't 'a got a dawg what likes pussy so much, Daddy."

"Are you sassin' me, Junior?!"

"Sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean nothin' by it. He's a good dawg, he's a damn fine coon dawg, yes he is."

"Yes, he is. But he ain't no use at all if'n he ain't here when I needs to go huntin'!"

"Well, Daddy, maybe you need somethin' would keep Jasper here at home, 'stead a chasin' pussy all over the county every time some damn bitch be in heat."

"What the hell you talkin' about, boy?"

"I was just thinkin', was all. I's thinkin' that if you had a pussy right here at home for that rascal Jasper to be chasin' whenever he had the mood, then he'd always be here when you be needin' him. Don't that just make sense?"

"Are you fuckin' suggestin' that we get us another dawg, a bitch no less? What the fuck's wrong with you, boy. You know we can't afford to feed another god damn dawg, 'specially not a bitch that won't be worth shit and probably go havin' litters and litters of god damn puppies. What the fuck, boy?"

"Jesus, Daddy, calm down. I ain't stupid. We don't need another dawg to have a pussy around the place. We already gots us a pussy - we just need Jasper to wanna chase the pussy we gots 'stead of some nasty bitch down the road at ol' man Jenson's or over the hill at the Clark's."

"What the fuck are you talkin' about, Junior? Have you got shit for brains, boy? The only pussy we got around here is... Oh shit! You don't mean... You ain't suggestin'... Holy mother of shit, boy, you can't be serious. Why, I don't even know how... Damn, boy!"

"I know, I know, Daddy. It's kinda a crazy idea, but you gotta admit, she's got a nice pussy and it's not like she's really doin' anythin' with it. It's just kinda goin' to waste!"

"But she's your fuckin' sister, god damn it! And she's only eight. Holy mother of donkey balls, Junior, I mean, Jesus, I, I... But... But... But, well, how the hell would that work anyway?"

"Well, you know I been makin' a little extra cash workin' after school up at Mr. Larson's place - you know him, the guy what raises them show dawgs for them fancy city folks what like to prance around with a stupid dawg don't do no honest work."

"Yeah, I know that old fella, Junior. See him down the waterin' hole, havin' him a beer or three, now and then. What's he got to do with it?"

"Just hang on Daddy, I'm gettin' there! Damn. That Mr. Larson, well, he's got a couple a those fancy show dawgs that are like champions or somethin'. And there's people - you ain't gonna believe this daddy, no you ain't, but I ain't lyin', I swear I ain't - there's people who will pay that old man to send them jism from them champion dawgs. They'll pay a lot. I swear it's the truth. I even helped him package some of it up all frozen like in some special styrofoam container. And he just sent it to 'em."

"You are makin' this shit up, Junior! Nobody be payin' someone for dawg cum. That just ain't right! That's a pile of... I'm sorry, boy, you said you warn't lyin'. I gots to believe you, I guess. But damn! That's just crazy. And how the fuckin' hell does he get the damn stuff in the first place?"

"That's the part I was tryin' to get to, Daddy. If you'd just stop yellin' at everythin' I'd tell you. That man, he's got some special potion, comes in a bottle, a squirt bottle. And damned if that potion don't smell, to a dawg, just exactly like a god damn bitch havin' her heat. It does, I seen it myself. It's some crazy science stuff is what it is, but I seen how it works. That man, that Mr. Larson, he can spray that stuff on 'bout anything and them dawgs go crazy. They whine and cry and them big cocks they got come slidin' out, ready to rumble."

"Holy shit, boy, that's amazin'! But I still don't see how he..."

"I'm tellin' ya, Daddy, if you'd just let me! Mr. Larson, he just sprays a little bit of that potion, just the tiniest bit, onto a glove that he wears and he lets the dawg get real excited. Then he just reaches under there and jacks that dawg off! It's down right disgusting! The most depraved thing you could possibly imagine. But that's what he does, and he catches the dawg's cum in a little cup and then right away he freezes it. I seen him do it, I seen him with my own eyes."

"Now that is some nasty, nasty shit, Junior. Nasty."

"I know, Daddy, I know. It's nasty. Nastiest thing ever. But you know, I just got to thinkin', given our Jasper problem and all... I mean, that dawg, he is such a horn dawg, and he just keeps runnin' off all the ... Well, anyways, so I got me a bottle of that special potion of Mr. Larson's. I did. I got it right here. And like I said, we already got us a pussy. Hey, damn... what's that... Daddy, look, Jasper came back! He's pawin' at the door. You can go huntin' now! Come on in Jasper, daddy's gonna take you... Daddy? What's the matter, Daddy?"

"You really got that potion, Junior?"

"I said I did, didn't I?"

"And you really think ol' Jasper be stayin' put if'n... well, do ya?"

"Pretty sure, Daddy. Only one way to know for sure."

"God damn, god damn me. Holy mother of a horse's ass, god damn me... ... ... ... Jenna Mae! Jenna Mae! Get your little ass in here Jenna Mae!"

"Daddy! You sure?"

"I ain't sure of nothin', Junior. I ain't sure of shittin', but damn it, you said it, there's only one way to know for sure. Jenna Mae, where is you, child?!"

"I be right here, Papa. What's the matter?"

"Nothin's the matter, damn it! You get all your homework done, missy?"

"Yes, Papa."

"Well that's a good girl. You learn all your spellin' right?"

"Yes, Papa."

"Okay then. You take them overalls off. Your brother needs to do a little esperiment. Ain't that right, Junior?"

"Oh shit, right now? Holy shit, but... Okay, Daddy, whatever you say. I just gotta run get that thing we was talkin' 'bout."

"Hurry up, boy, I ain't got all day! And you, missy, take them overalls off."

"But, Papa, I ain't got nothin' on under my overalls!"

"Don't make no mind, Jenna Mae. Your brother got's to do him an esperiment - it's for science. He's a sophomore now, prob'ly gonna graduate from high school and everythin', first in the family. So you just be getting them overalls off, right now, missy. Don't be sassin'."

"Here it is, Daddy, I got... Holy shit, Jenna Mae, you ain't got no... Holy shit."

"Stop gawkin' and get on with the esperimentin', Junior!"

"Okay, Daddy, but you better get ahold of ol' Jasper. No tellin' just what he's gonna do."

"I got the god damn dawg, Junior, now get on with it."

"Papa, Papa, what's goin' on? I don't wanna stand around with no clothes on."

"You hush, Jenna Mae, and do what your brother tells you. He's the one doin' the important esperiment. You just be quiet."

"Yes, Papa."

"Now, Jenna Mae, I think you best be gettin' down on all fours. Right here by the sofa."

"How come, Jethro?"

"Don't be sassin' yo' brother, missy! Just do what he say."

"Yes, Papa!"

"That's good, Jenna Mae. Now, just hold still, Jenna Mae, this might tickle a little."

"Jethro! Oh, what is that, why'd you squirt that... Oh! Look! What's wrong with old Jasper?"

"God damn! Junior! Help me, the damn dawgs goin' crazy!"

"Hang on, Daddy, don't let him loose. Here now, I got ahold of him too. Damn he's strong. Jenna Mae, be careful now, don't be movin' around too fast. You just lean into the sofa and hold real still now."

"Do what your brother tells you, girl!"

"Y-yes, P-Papa."

"Okay, Daddy, let's let him get a good sniff, that's it... Oh damn, look at that!"

"Papa! Papa!"

"God damn, boy, look at that tongue go. Holy mother of a whore licker I ain't never seen nothin' like that. Oh! Shit, that went right up inside. Damn it, child, you hold still now!"

"But Papa, OH! OH! P-P-Papa! P-Please! I don't... OHHHHH!"

"I think you best be holdin' still, Jenna Mae! He's hard to hold back. And I don't like the way he's growling'. Hey! Damn, Daddy, he tried to bite me. Jasper ain't never bit nobody."

"I think we gonna have to let him have his bitch, Junior, before he bites one of us! Shit! Watch it, boy, he almost gotcha."

"Are you sure, Daddy? Yeah? Okay. Hang on. Jenna Mae, you gotta be real good now. You hear me? Real good. Don't make ol' Jasper mad now."

"No Jethro! Please, what are you... What does he want? Oh please."

"You do what your brother says, little girl!"

"Yes, Papa. But, but, I'm so..."

"Here we go Jenna Mae, get ready. Just keep your face and shoulders on the couch like that, and don't move that little ass around. Here we go. Okay, Daddy, let him go. Oh shit!"

"Holy mother of frenzy!"


"It's okay Jenna Mae! Just let him lick you. See, it's not so... Whoah! Damn his tongue is big. It's okay. Don't move, just let him dance around."

"Junior! Are you seein' what I'm seein'? Holy mother of giant red rockets!"

"Yeah, I sees it Daddy. I think maybe this was a mistake, Daddy!"

"Too late now, boy. I sure's hell ain't gonna try and... Oh! Jesus! Look at the way your sister's a shakin'!"

"You'd be a shakin' too, if you was her, Daddy. That dawg really knows how to get his little bitch ready. Don't he?"

"Papa! Papa, help! Why's he doin' that! Oh gosh, Papaaaaa! Oh, oh, ohhhhh!"

"He's got her goin' now, Junior. God damn, he does, he does. I had no fuckin' idea an eight-year-old little pussy could get so riled up?"

"Shit, Daddy, I think she's havin' one o' them orgasms!"

"Of course that's an orgasm you shit-for-brains. And it's a biggun, a real biggun. Oh shit! Oh shit! He's on top of her. Oh shit, Junior, I think this is a bad idea, a bad idea. He's too big for her, Junior!"

"Papa, Papa, Papa! I'm scared! Why's ol' Jasper holdin' on to me like that. Papa, make him stop. Please. He can lick. I don't mind, it's okay, but get him off... OHHHHHHHHH!!"

"Oh shit, Daddy , I think he found the mark. Oh yeah, oh yeah, look down here, you can see it. Oh damn! How does he squeeze that huge thing in and out o' that tight slit so fast?"


"Damn, Daddy, I think he done done her cherry. Oh god! Yeah, whoah. Oh, Daddy, did you see that? It's gettin' bigger."


"Holy mother of inflatable sausages! Jesus, boy, how can he... What the... Oh god damn that's a sight. That's an amazin'sight! So fast and so hard. He's like a god damn machine, Junior!"


"Hey now! Junior, why'd he stop going so fast? He looked like was havin' him a whale of a good time, and then he just ups and stops and does those little jerks he's doin' with his pecker way up inside. What the hell is that all about?"

"Oh shit, Daddy. Oh gosh, damn, I think, I think he tied her, Daddy. I think his big old dog knot be way up inside her and she's just too little, you know. You can't pull a softball through a keyhole, Daddy - you know what I mean?"

"Are you shittin' me, boy? You can't be serious. You think he actually knotted her, like some common little bitch he be breedin'? Holy shit, boy, that's, that's.... that's kinda excitin'!"


"I know, Daddy. I got me a hard-on in my overalls I can't hardly stand! Who'd a thought watching scrawny little Jenna Mae would be so, so, you know. And look at the look on her face, and the way she's pantin'. She so full of dawg, she can barely breathe!"

"You mean, fuckin' entertainin'? Fuckin' excitin'? Fuckin' arousin'? Is that what you mean, boy? Cause it sure is all them things!"

"Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-please-please-please-please too-too-big-big-big oh-oh-oh-OH!"

"Oh damn, Jenna Mae, you stop that now! You be givin' your daddy some bad, bad thoughts. You stop that and be a good girl!"

"Ye-ye-ye-yes Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa! OHH!"

"Damn it, Daddy, she gonna be stuck to that dawg for half an hour at least. And I can't stand it no more, Daddy. She's just gonna be stuck there anyway. Don't you think I might as well - I mean come on, Daddy - you knows what I mean! That was a powerful thing to watch and I got me a powerful need!"

"Holy mother of brotherly love, Junior. How could I say no? Besides, I got a powerful need of my own now! You go on, boy, just don't be takin' too long! Be a man and share."

"You bet, Daddy! Now don't be scared, Jenna Mae. You gonna be stuck with him inside you for awhile anyway. You be a good little bitch and just open that pretty little mouth of yours."

"Jethro, what? Oh! Jethro, what is that? No, please, I don't want that - it's bad enough what ol' Jasper be doin'! Please."

"Quit sassin' your brother and do what your told, Jenna Mae!"

"Y-Yes P-Papa! But, Papa, I don't underst... Mmmmph! Mmmmph!"

"Well you understand now, don't cha, Jenna Mae. You understand a lot. Suck on that boy's dick, child. That's right, make your brother feel real good, and do it quick, cause Papa's hankerin' for his turn somethin' awful. Hurry up, Junior!"

"Oh god, Daddy. Oh man, oh man, oh, oh damn. Jenna Mae, Jenna Mae, I always dreamed 'bout you wrappin' your pretty lips round me, but oh damn, oh damn, it's so much... Oh! Oh! Daddy, I can't hold on no longer! Yes! Yes!"

"Holy mother of cum suckin', Junior, get out of the way! Get the fuck out of the way!"

"Mmph, gulp, mmmph. Papa, papa! Not again, no more... MMMMPHHH!"

"Oh Jesus, Jenna Mae! You look so much like your mama with your lips stretched round me like that! Oh baby, who knew you was such a hot little... Oh god damn, oh yeah. That's it, child just like that!... Shit Junior! What's the damn dawg doin'?!"

"Damn, Daddy, he's trying to turn. He wants off her back. Oh shit, that must feel somethin' scary turnin' around up inside her."


"Man oh man, Daddy, what a sight. I never thought I'd see a little girl-bitch tied butt to butt with a big ol' dawg, no sir. 'Specially not one as cute as my own little sister, and sucking a big hunk oh man meat at the same time."

"Oh shit, oh shit! Holy mother of cumming! Yes, oh damn. Swallow that down, Jenna Mae! Swallow ev'ry drop of your daddy's precious seed, the same seed that made you, baby, the very same!"

"Jesus, Daddy, Jenna Mae's nearly choking! How much you put in her? Jesus. Hang in there Jenna Mae! You be okay in a minute. Damn!"

"Holy mother of wonders, Junior. I ain't cum like that since the first time I ever spread your mama's pretty little legs and we made you! Damn! She's only 'bout twelve then, rest her soul."

"Does Jenna Mae really look like her Papa?"

"Damn me if she don't, boy."

"Papa, I got me an idea. Oh whoah, whoah, get ahold of the dawg, Daddy! He's tryin' to get loose!"

"Dadddddyyyyyyyyy! Oh, oh, oh! Too big, too big!"

"Whoah! look at the size of that monster, Junior!"

"Whoah, look at the size of that monster, Daddy!"

"Oh, look at all that cum gushing outa there, boy."

"Oh, look at all that cum gushing outa there, Daddy."

"Jenna Mae, Jenna Mae, you okay, darlin'? Oh Daddy. I think she passed out."

"She be okay in a bit, Junior, you know she's a tough little thing. What was you sayin' a second ago?"

"I was just thinkin', Daddy. I mean, well, if'n we're really gonna get the damn dawg to stay home by givin' him a pussy to chase a couple of times a day, well, you know, it just seems to me it's a bit of a waste of a perfectly good opportunity, is all."

"What the fuck you talkin' 'bout, boy!? Just get to the mother fuckin' point."

"Well, don't be mad, Daddy, cause you asked. I just think we shouldn't waste an opportunity."

"Say what you mean, shit-for-brains!"

"Damn it, Daddy, we could sell tickets!"

"What the fuck are you... Oh. Oh shit! Oh holy mother of profit. Damn. Junior, have I ever told you you is one bright mother fucker? Damn. Twice a day, huh? Just think of them boys down at the waterin' hole. Get a couple four beers in 'em and then... Maybe we oughta try three times a day?"

"Oh, I don't think she could handle three times a day. Besides, I think you'd have to get a second dawg for that."

"What the fuck, I told you, Junior, we are not gettin' a second dog!! Can't you think 'bout nothin' else?!"

"Sorry, Daddy."

"It's okay, boy. But I guess it's all settled. Twice a day, like you say. And you figure out what we should charge. Somethin' for just watchin' and somethin' more for the use of those pretty lips. God damn."

"Okay, Daddy, I'll do some figurin' and let you know."

"That's my boy, Junior, that's my boy. Now where'd that damn dawg get off to. I need to do me some coon huntin'!"

The End.

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