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The Little Boy and the Piano Teacher

-by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

(Mb, pedo, con, fast)

(Author's Note: This story is an experiment. This is almost the same story as The Little Girl and the Piano Teacher, but this story involves a little boy instead. Let me know if it works!)

Anthony Parisi checked his watch, again, then mentally kicked himself for his impatience. Usually he wished his students would never show up, give him an extra hour to practice or do something else - anything but listen to some child mangle the piano over and over again. Anthony would give anything to find some other way to pay his rent and tuition, anything but private piano lessons for spoiled, untalented, tin-eared children with no sense of rhythm who couldn't be bothered to actually practice during the week. It was torture! Except for one student: Tobey, pretty little Tobey Caufield.

Anthony couldn't explain it, but Tobey made his heart flutter and his hands tremble. He did his best to hide his feelings, his inappropriate thoughts, but it was difficult. It didn't help one bit that the handsome, small, black-haired ten-year-old had an obvious interest in him. Even the smallest smile or the briefest praise of his technique would bring a delightful blush to Tobey's pale, high cheeks. He would look down at once, hold himself rigid with hands carefully folded in his lap, bite his lower lip to make it stop trembling - all in a useless attempt to hide how much Anthony's attention pleased him.

A gentle knock at the studio door broke Anthony out of forbidden thoughts of his preteen pupil. He opened the door, and there Tobey was, as striking as always in dark slacks and white shirt, with his carefully arranged school tie tucked under a thin, blue sweater. Small for his age, Tobey was always carefully dressed and his thick, black hair was carefully combed, so different than most of the boys his age. His well-fitting clothes accentuated his thin form, complimented his nearly pretty face, and left little to the imagination about the perfect shape of his youthful body. Anthony loved nothing more than the boy's long, dark eyelashes and the perfect round shape of his tight little ass!

Anthony smiled. Tobey looked down. Anthony gestured the boy inside. Tobey blushed and bit his lip. His teacher's eyes flared.

Tobey set his small valise on the table next to the door, set a book of piano music on the instrument's music stand, then sat stiffly on the padded bench. His heart beat a little faster as Mr. Parisi sat next to him, towering over him. His teacher was just slightly touching him, hip to hip. The man was so handsome, so close! Tobey felt so little and young in his presence, but he tried to hide his feelings.

"Let's hear your D major scales, Tobey," the teacher said.

"Yes, Mr. Parisi." Tobey's small, slender fingers rested on the keys. His legs swung idly, too short to reach the floor. He couldn't help but notice how close his teachers was, and how intently he was looking down at his delicate hands. He tried hard not to let his hands tremble, a bit overwhelmed by the feelings he always got when the teacher was so immediate.

"Tobey, please, I've told you to call me Anthony." Anthony said nicely, with a smile. "Now tell me, how many sharps are there in D major?"

"Yes, Mr. ...." Tobey stammered. Oh why was he making him so much more nervous today!? "Um, ah, two?"

"Very good, very good," Anthony said. "And let's make sure your hand position is just right," he continued.

Tobey couldn't completely stop a gasp as Mr. Parisi, Anthony, pressed in nearer, putting his left arm around Tobey's little body to rest his hand on his hip - all so that he could get close enough reach out to the keyboard along Tobey's arm. The boy's tiny right hand was swallowed up under the man's right hand and he let Anthony position it however he wanted. Electric sparks raced up along Tobey's arm.

Anthony would never have drawn so intimately close to any of his other students, never have dared to touch any of them like this. But none of the others were Tobey, his Tobey, the delicate, captivating Tobey. He couldn't understand how he'd become so attracted to a ten-year-old boy but there was no denying the feelings he had. The child's smell was intoxicating, warm and fresh. The skin of his fine hand was so smooth. Even through the fabric of his thin sweater he felt a tingle run up his arm from the thought of touching the boy's narrow waist and resting his hand on his little hip. It was all he could do not to bend his head down and kiss the top of Togey's small head.

Tobey trembled as he carefully played his scale, first with his intimately positioned right hand, and then with his left. Nervously, he accidentally hit a jolting G sharp and he stiffened. He so wanted to please the tall, striking piano teacher.

"That's okay, Tobey," Anthony said kindly, giving the little boy's waist a slight squeeze. "Try again with the left hand. Don't look at your fingers, just hear the scale, that's it." The next scale was perfect and the attractive child looked up to Anthony's face for acknowledgment, then quickly back down at his lap when he saw a smile.

They worked their way through two more of Tobey's practiced scales, before Anthony began to show Tobey the tricky fingering of B-flat major - affording him another opportunity to caress the thin boy's small hands. After that they worked through two short, simple pieces Tobey had been practicing. Really, he wasn't doing too badly for a boy who'd only been playing for three months. But his playing was tentative and the slight trembling in his hands from the intoxicating nearness of his teacher brought on an occasional jarring note. In half an hour they'd been through all of Tobey's practiced work, leading them to the time when they usual started to work on something new. But the boy became very flustered and even more nervous than before.

"Mr., Mr. Pa..., I mean, Anth..., Mr. Parisi?" the gorgeous dark-haired child stammered, more anxious than Anthony had ever seen him before.

"Tobey! What is, dear?" Anthony responded, squeezing his waist a bit closer, as if that would help relieve the child's nerves. He even went so far as to place his right hand on top of the small hands Tobey was timidly holding in his lap. Anthony knew he was crossing the line, but something about the little boy's vulnerability, at that moment, simply couldn't be denied.

"I, I, I'm sorry, Mr. Parisi, I was supposed to tell you when I first came in, but, but, I just couldn't, but... Oh gosh, your so nice, but you'll be mad. And I really like... But,... oh gosh."

"Tobey, please, what is it?" Anthony coaxed the boy, genuinely worried about the state of his anxiety. He also couldn't help but notice how very much he wanted to pull Tobey fully into his arms, kiss his pretty mouth, tell him how much he...

Tobey seemed to gather himself together and then he burst forward with the whole story in a single stream of hurried words. "Mama told me that we couldn't afford lessons any more and I was supposed to tell you that and then go and wait for her and I just couldn't tell you because I really like lessons and I really like you and I just wanted to have one more lesson but now I don't have any money to pay you with and oh, oh, oh, I'm so sorry!" He burst into tears and hid his face by pressing it into Anthony's broad, strong chest.

"Tobey, Tobey, don't cry sweetie. Please, it's okay." Anthony reached up and ran his fingers through the boy's gorgeous, thick black hair, marveling at it's sheen. He drew in the intoxicating smell of his little form and pulled him tighter to his chest to comfort him. "Please, Tobey, it's fine."

With a sudden energy Tobey clutched at Anthony's shirt with surprising strength. He craned his head back to look straight up into his teacher's face. Tears left little rivers down his high, perfect cheeks. "Oh please, Mr. Parisi, Anthony," the child anguished, "please, I'd do anything to keep coming here, taking lessons with you! Please don't be mad. I'd do anything." His eyes were so dark and lovely.

Anthony stared down into the pretty, young face, the face in his dreams. The lights glistened in the boy's dark eyes, so vulnerable and desperate. His lips were so full and flushed and trembling.

"I'll do anything! Please."

Anthony swept the little boy into his arms and pressed their lips together.


It had never occurred to Anthony Parisi that a small, cramped piano studio, deep in the basement of a college music building, was a crappy place to make love. The room was just barely big enough for the baby grand piano and the double wide piano bench. There was a skinny music stand and a single chair in case some violinist or flutist needed to practice with an accompanist, but that was the sum total of the oppressive room's furnishings. At least the floor had a heavy carpet to help with the necessary sound dampening. And the small window in the only door had long ago been covered with paper by some struggling student looking for a little bit of privacy.

Oh shit, came into Anthony's mind, despite the amazing emotional high of exploring little Tobey's soft lips and warm tongue, the thrill of having the boy's thin arms wrapped tightly around his neck and knowing that he wanted Anthony as much as Anthony wanted him. The door wasn't locked!

Stumbling to his feet, clutching the child in his arms, Anthony took the two steps to the door and pressed Tobey's back agains the wood, still drinking at the boy's soul with his burning lips. He managed to get one hand free long enough to fumble at the door until it was locked, then quickly tangled his fingers into the thick hair at the nape of the child's neck. Tobey clung to him and returned his ardor.

But the position was too awkward. Even with an arm under Tobey's ass to hold him up, it was too cumbersome to hold the little boy. Anthony whirled around and backed Tobey into the piano stool, then set him on his well-shined shoes. For another moment he held Tobey by his thin waist as they continued to kiss, but then he pushed away from him and held him at arms lengths.

Standing on the stool, Tobey was eye to eye with his handsome piano teacher. His eyes flared as he took in the frightening look of hunger on Anthony's face. But he was allowed only the briefest moment of trepidation before Anthony slid his hands down to Tobey's waist and grasped the boy's black leather belt. Tobey gasped - but he didn't try to stop Anthony as the man quickly unbuckled the belt, unbuttoned and unzipped the slacks and quickly lowered them to Tobey's ankles. He even helped, raising one foot and then the other to let Anthony removes his shoes and pull the pant legs past his small feet, as if he was five-years-old again and his mother was helping him get ready for bed.

Anthony's heart raced at the sight of his partially naked piano student. The ten-year-old body was mesmerizing. He dropped the pants and shoes to the floor, then reached up to slowly loosen the boy's thin tie and unbutton the top of his shirt. He dropped the tie to the floor with the pants before he lifted Tobey's shirt and sweater, together, over the boy's head, grateful to Tobey for lifting his arms to allow him such an intimate action. Anthony pulled the boy close again and kissed him. And as they kissed he ran his fingers down the sides of the boy's thin torso until they rested at the waistband of the his underpants.

Tobey shivered and bit his lip, unsure of what to do or what was happening, but he didn't scream or flinch away from Anthony's gentle, frightening touch. He could feel the way his heart pounded. And it pounded even harder when he felt his teacher slowly slide his simple white underpants down to his ankles. Terrified, he let Anthony help him step out of the underpants, leaving him naked but for his argyle socks.

Anthony smiled again at what a snappy dresser his little pupil was. It was so cute! He couldn't help tousling the boy's thick hair. "Oh god," the overwhelmed piano teacher mumbled. Nothing had prepared him for this - the perfection of his ten-year-old student's form. Lust and desire swirled through his brain, overwhelming him. A torrent of pent-up need was released in a nanosecond.

Half a second layer the little boy was in Anthony's arms again and they were tumbling, scrambling, sprawling onto the carpeted floor, rolling together under the grand piano.

"Oh! Oh! Mr. Pa-Pa-Pa... Oh!" Tobey cried out. His delicate fingers entwined in Anthony's hair and his little heels pressed into Anthony's back. His thin legs were thrown over Anthony's shoulders as his piano teacher scraped his tongue around the boy's small scrotum and up over his immature cock. "Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhh! That's so, that's so... Ohhhhh!" In his desperation, Tobey pulled at Anthony's hair, flailed his legs and tried to fight him off. But he also arched his back to bring his small, sensitive cock forward, thrusting it at his teacher's face and his wonderful tongue.

At the same time that he laved at his little piano student's cock and balls, Anthony desperately scrabbled at his pants with one hand, fumbling at his belt, and wrapped his other arm around the child's perfect ass to control his writhing body. Anthony's tongue seemed to have its own thoughts on the best way to rape the boy. Again and again he lashed it around Tobey's tight little gonads and then up along the length of his small dick. Tobey writhed and uttered pitiable cries somewhere between terror and rapture. Anthony loved it! The way Tobey twisted and tried to fight at the same time he pressed his small cock towards his teacher's mouth drove Anthony mad.

Finally! The buckle of Anthony's belt gave in to his blind groping. At the same moment he enveloped Tobey's sweet, sweet cock with his mouth and played his tongue over the glans without mercy. The zipper was next and it was only a moment of frantic fumbling until he could start to push the trousers down over his ass. He worked Tobey's cock even harder and the little boy gave out a strangled, piercing cry. At last Anthony was free of the wretched pants! His boxers went quickly. Tobey began to buck, rhythmically, against Anthony's tongue and lips. The boy wrapped his thin legs around Anthony's neck.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr., Mr., Mr. Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-ri-si!" Tobey dug his thin fingers into Anthony's blonde hair with all of his little boy strength as the first orgasm of his young life overwhelmed his tiny body with spasm after spasm of dry climax. But the little boy was only allowed a few precious seconds of the amazing, swirling sensations. His piano teacher's need was too large, his lust too great - his cock too hard. Tobey felt Anthony pull away from him, leaving his little cock still spasming and desperate for the lips that had made it feel so unbelievably wonderful. "No! No! What are you doing? Mr., Mr. Pa-Pa, no! What? Oh god. NO!"

The little boy instinctively fought Anthony, but he was too small and weak to resist Anthony's lust-driven strength. Anthony had to have him. He had to have him now. He forcibly untangled from the boy's thin legs and delicate hands and rolled him onto his front. Rearing up, intent to move on top of the boy's back, Anthony smashed the back of his cranium into the underside of the piano. The pain exploded in his head, but it was nothing compared to the frantic need he had to take the small boy.

Anthony came down on the little boy's back, pressing him into the rough carpet. Tobey felt Anthony press between his legs. He felt the man's hot, excited breath on his neck. The terrified child didn't know what was happening, what was going to happen to him - he only wished that Anthony would use his lovely mouth to envelope his little cock again. But Anthony had something else in mind. He had something to press against the boy's tiny, tight pink tunnel, something big and hard and throbbing with desire. Anthony fumbled blindly with one hand as he tried to find Tobey's entrance with his feverish thick cock. He spit over and over again into his other hand, then fumbled to lubricate the head of his desperate cock with his saliva. Anthony pressed the head of his wet cock into the tight embrace of Tobey's little boy pussy. Finally, perfectly positioned to thrust, to rip away the little boy's innocence, Anthony paused for a moment. A flash of guilt and responsibility invaded his brain. But the poor man's better side never stood a chance against his insane need for little Tobey's tight charms.

"Ah! Ah! Aaaaaagghhh!" Tobey's screams were partially muffled by the carpet. He couldn't believe how big the thing was that Mr. Parisi had just rammed inside of his ass, invading his rectum. He felt pain, a searing, tearing pain and then he was completely filled. His arms spread wide and he tried to clutch at the carpet, scrapping his delicate fingernails across the thick fibers as his fight or flight instincts told him to do something, anything to escape the sudden violation of his tiny body. "Aaaaagghhh!"

'Jesus! How could any ass be so tight?' thought Anthony as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into the little boy. 'Are his screams of distress, or pleasure - or both?' The idea that his cute Tobey was enjoying being fucked, for the first time, was fantastic. But so was the idea that he wasn't! It didn't matter any more. Rape or love-making, nothing was going to stop Anthony Parisi from fully sheathing his feverish hard cock in the ten-year-old's ass.

"OH! OH! Please!" Tobey screamed into the carpet. But he didn't know what he was pleading for. Anthony was ramming his big cock farther and farther inside of him, and faster and faster. Amazing new feelings swept over Tobey's young body, overwhelming him. He hurt. He was stretched beyond his limits. His teacher was harder and deeper inside of him in his desperate attempts to push the full length of his throbbing cock into the little boy's ass. But it was fantastic! Orgasm washed over Tobey once again as he scrabbled at the carpet and screamed. Tobey had never been so helpless, so violated, so terrified. But he loved it!

"Oh god, jesus, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Anthony couldn't hold his tongue any longer as he rape-loved the little boy from behind. With reckless speed he pumped almost all of his thick cock into the boy's unbelievably tight ass, the most that would fit inside such a small child. "Fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes YES!" He grunted loudly as he began to cum up into Tobey's immature bowels. "YES!"

Tobey felt the extra hard pounding of his piano teacher as the man started pumping scalding seed into him. The side of his face smashed into the rough carpet over and over. He screamed non-stop, but it was more from the massive orgasm that wracked his body than from the pain of Anthony's vicious onslaught.

But as quickly as it had all started it was over. Anthony slammed into the ten-year-old's boy-pussy one last time, holding him tight as the final drops of his cum were wrung out by the incredibly tight ass. For the next few seconds they were suspended like that, a moment caught in time, before Anthony suddenly came to his senses and realized what he had just done to his favorite little student. "Oh god," he said and pulled back quickly, letting Tobey drop to the floor. Anthony was aghast with himself and in his distraught state he once again made the mistake of quickly sitting up. "Ow, fuck!" Anthony cried out when he smashed his head on the hard underside of the piano. This time the blow sent him reeling back down to the carpet next to Tobey, clutching the back of his head. He rolled onto his back and cursed softly.

For the next minute the unlikely lovers each lay on the studio carpet under the big grand piano. Anthony rocked back and forth holding his head, his wilting dick waving in the air and his trousers and boxers tangled around his ankles. Handsome, young, dark-haired Tobey lay on his front panting, with a look of shock on his boyishly pretty face. But eventually Anthony got over his bruised noggin and Tobey's breathing returned to normal. Then the tiny child rolled over to press his naked body against the side of his piano teacher. They both stared up at the bottom of the piano in silence for another few moments, each of them lost in their own overwhelming emotions.

"M-M-Mr. Parisi?" Tobey broke the silence. "Is, is it, is it okay that I can't pay you today?"

Anthony twisted to his side quickly and found himself staring into Tobey's warm eyes - eyes that glistened with fresh tears. "Oh god, Tobey, god, it's, it's fine. Really, oh god. It's fine. Are you, are you - I mean, are you okay?"

Tobey sniffed loudly and bit his lip with obvious embarrassment. "Uh, uh, yeah, I'm fine," he whispered. "But, but Mr. Parisi?"

"Jesus, Tobey, call me Anthony. Please. I mean we just, we..., well, just call me Anthony."

"Um, uh, well, I mean, do you think that, well, maybe could I keep coming for piano lessons? Oh gosh, I mean, could I, even though, well, my mom can't pay for them? I'd do anything to keep coming!" Tobey had just practically been raped by his piano teacher, but it was the act of asking about the missing payment that brought a bright red blush to his soft, lovely features.

"Oh! Wow, Jesus, I mean..." Anthony stammered in shock. The thought of the fantastic little Tobey coming to him again, week after week, ready to engage in the most incredible sex he'd ever imagined just for a bit of paltry piano lessons was almost too much - his brain felt like it was reeling and his erection immediately had a second coming. Visions swam through his mind: Tobey's full little lips wrapped around his cock; Tobey bouncing up and down on his cock on the piano stool as he tried to play his scales; Tobey looking up into his face with those big dark eyes as he slowly forced his thick cock up into the boy's ass; Tobey face down on the piano bench, his arms and legs firmly tied to the legs of the bench with his own school tie, as Anthony pounded into his little ass as hard as he wanted. He nearly fainted. But he pulled himself together as fast as he could and gently cupped Tobey's sweet, blushing, face in his palm. He leaned across to kiss the boy sweetly on the lips. "Of course you can keep coming for lessons, Tobey!" he whispered to the child.

"Oh thank you, thank you Mr. Pa..., I mean,... thank you!" Tobey whispered back with excitement before he bit his lip again. He gasped slightly when Anthony kissed his lips and forced his mouth open, teasing him. And when Anthony leaned back to look into his beautiful eyes he gathered up his courage and quickly blurted out - "Mr. Pa... I mean, Anthony, do you think, well, I mean, could I come twice a week? I'd really like to come twice a week."

Anthony's heart almost stopped at the idea of getting to have his way with amazing little Tobey twice a week! His eyes flared with excitement and he nearly choked before he could get the words out. "Of course, of course, Tobey. I'd love to have you, I mean see you, I mean teach you twice a week. Why don't you start coming on Tuesdays and Fridays, okay?"

"Oh gosh, oh thank you. I will, I will. Mama will be so excited to know I can still come for lessons, and twice a week too. But oh, gosh, Mr. Pa..., I mean... what time is it?"

Blanching at the mention of the time, Anthony quickly looked at his wristwatch. "Oh, Jesus, it's, it's almost four!" Tobey gasped and rolled to his hands and knees. Anthony nearly sat up, risking a third goose egg on his already aching skull. Instead he awkwardly, but quickly, scooted out from under the piano to stand and pull up his boxers and pants. Tobey raced to recover his pants, shirt, shoes and sweater.

A knock came at the door and Tobey let out a little squeak of fear. Anthony finished buckling his belt in a blind panic. But seeing that little Tobey was dressed, he opened the door of the studio to his next student, a rather gawky and pimple-faced teenage girl named Olive. Tobey grabbed his music and his valise and slid out the door without another word, hoping the girl hadn't noticed how terribly he was blushing.


Tobey hurried, awkwardly, to the end of the hall and around the corner, just in case Mr. Parisi should poke his head out to take another look at him. He was trembling and every fiber of his body was overwhelmed with his recent experiences. He was sore! He could barely walk. Had he really let Mr. Parisi put that his huge cock up inside of him? Even now he could feel the burning, stretching pain of it. But it had been good, too. Right? And it had been worth it!

Handsome, youthful little Tobey snapped open his small valise and took out the fifty dollars his mother had given him to pay for his lesson that day - just so that he could see it again and know that it was now really his. Fifty whole dollars! He felt rich. A huge smile lit up his cute face, and he knew it had all been worth it - the terror, the pain, even the wonderful dizzying joy! Fifty dollars!

Everything had worked out perfectly. Tobey's mother hadn't complained when Tobey explained that Mr. Parisi would rather be paid in cash. And when he's asked for two lessons a week? Mama was so proud that her little boy was so serious about his music lessons. It was that easy.

Tobey carefully put the fifty dollars back into his valise and clutched it to his chest. To think - he could earn a hundred dollars a week of his very own, just by having a little fun with handsome Mr. Parisi.

It was time to meet his mother, so Tobey started walking slowly and gingerly to the building's exit. As he did, he gasped at the unexpected feel of something wet dripping down his leg and for the first time he realized he'd left his underpants behind in Mr. Parisi's studio. Oh well, he thought, blushing, at least he still had his fifty dollars.


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