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A Christmas Present For Baby Girl Dee

-by Alvo Torelli, Christmas, 2017

(Mg, M+g, oral, nc, gang, prost, inc)

(Author's notes: This story is a present for my friend Dee who's been going through some tough times. Hang in there Dee!

And just because this is such a dark tale - let me remind you that this is a fantasy, pure and simple - a fantasy. Child abuse is wrong. Don't do it! Really, just don't. Enough. Now enjoy the FANTASY.)


Baby Girl Dee loved Christmas more than any other time of the year. She loved the smell of baking cookies and the constant jingle of Christmas music on the radio. She even loved the ratty, cheap Christmas trees daddy brought home each year. By the time he got the tree into it's stand, and watered, and covered with a string of Christmas lights, he'd be three bourbons into the evening. Once mommy disappeared to cook dinner, he'd take Little Dee onto his knee to admire the twinkling little lights. He'd give her a taste or two, maybe three, of his bourbon and then he'd slip his big, cold hands inside her warm flannel pajamas to enjoy tweaking her tiny nipples and fingering her tiny pussy as she bounced on his knee. The first time, Little Dee was frightened and she squirmed in Daddy's grasp, but she didn't cry out because daddy told her to hush and Baby Girl Dee always did what she was told and never said no to daddy. Every year it was the same, and by the time her seventh Christmas rolled around, having a bit of bourbon with daddy, then getting touched by daddy in front of the pretty tree was just part of the Christmas spirit.

On Baby Girl Dee's seventh Christmas, when she was just six years old, something new happened. Daddy took her on his knee as soon as mama was busy making loud noises in the kitchen while she cooked their big dinner. He gave her a good long pull on his bourbon, then another. Daddy whispered that his baby was ready for a new Christmas present. Already a bit woozy, Little Dee didn't immediately notice that her big brothers, Duane and Clifford had crept into the room too. Did they come to admire the pretty lights? Oh, another big gulp of daddy's bourbon and Little Dee was feeling very Christmasy. But why were Duane and Clifford sitting so close, on either side of daddy? Oh gosh, Duane's hands were cold when they slipped into her warm flannel pajamas and he trembled as he pressed his fingers to her little cunny. Duane's eyes were so big! Clifford's hands were cold too, and his cold fingers made Little Dee's nipples get pointy and hard. Baby Girl Dee didn't want her clumsy brothers touching her, but she never said no to daddy. Since daddy was there too, he made sure that the nice warm feelings came, despite Duane and Clifford's clumsy, pawing hands. Then daddy showed Duane and Clifford the best way to touch their little baby sister to make her moan and shiver. When he was done he whispered "Merry Christmas, baby, Merry Christmas." After that, the touching game was something Baby Girl Dee, her daddy and her two big brother's played very often, at least when mama wasn't around or was making herself very busy with something else.

Baby Girl Dee was a pretty little thing, with long brown hair and big brown eyes and a button nose. She was the baby of the family and always tried to be good and do as she was told, even when she thought maybe daddy, or brother Duane, or even brother Clifford was telling her to do something bad. When they told her not to tell anybody what they did with her she was pretty sure it was something bad. She didn't mind that, though, 'cause Baby Girl Dee was far too shy to tell anyone about the strange things that went on in her house. But most of all, Little Dee was a good girl and she never said no to her family.

Baby Girl Dee's eighth Christmas was a special one. Daddy held her on his knee. She sipped his cold bourbon, then sipped again. Little Dee felt the familiar warmth spread through her from the alcohol and the equally familiar warmth that spread out from her little cunny as daddy fingered her and swirled around her tiny clit. She knew it was wrong to let daddy touch her, but it made him happy. It made Duane and Clifford happy too, nowadays, but usually only when daddy was there to watch and make sure neither of her big brothers got too excited or out of hand. Daddy was so good to Baby Girl Dee.

But this was a special Christmas! Daddy whispered into Little Dee's ear as he stroked her pussy and circled her tiny nipple. "Daddy needs his baby to do something special, for Christmas, something special for daddy," daddy whispered. He twisted her around and he kissed her on the mouth, a long hard, wet kiss - a boyfriend kiss, not a daddy kiss. Daddy said "And after you do something for daddy he'll give you a special present - a tasty treat!" Little Dee was nervous. Little Dee was scared. She got even more scared when daddy picked her up and set her down on the floor, on her knees, between his legs. He ran his hard fingers through her hair and looked down at her with a funny kind of hunger and excitement and love. He gave her another sip of his bourbon, but held her head and made her drink more of it than she wanted. It burned down her throat, but it helped the fear. Daddy got a little blurry, but it felt nice when he ran his fingers through her hair again. And then he pulled his big cock out of his pants.

Baby Girl Dee almost screamed, but daddy hushed her and she always did what daddy said. She was a good girl. When he whispered what he wanted she blanched, but she opened her small mouth and let him push the big evil thing inside it. He told her it was his cock. He told her she was going to be the best little cock sucker in town - he'd make sure of it. He was going to be so proud of his little cock sucker. And as daddy told Little Dee how proud he would be his cock got bigger and then bigger than that and it stretched Little Dee's mouth wide open and she nearly choked. But Little Dee was a good girl and she swirled her tongue around the underside of daddy's cock, like he whispered for her to do. When he pushed on the back of her head, with his fingers entangled in her long brown hair, she let him push more of the big cock into her mouth and she sucked hard, like he told her to, as he pulled it slowly back out. In, out, in, daddy moaned and Little Dee knew that was a good thing. Daddy liked to moan.

Daddy pulled his big cock out of Baby Girl Dee's mouth and he pressed the underside to her lips. "Lick it, baby, lick it all," he said in a husky, excited whisper. And Little Dee did as daddy said, 'cause she was a good girl and never said no to daddy. She licked from the base of his cock, where there was lots of wiry black hair, all the way up to the tip and she ran her tongue all around the tip. "More, baby, more!" daddy cried and Baby Girl Dee did as he commanded. After all, daddy had her hair in his fist and he was moving her head up and down along his cock, 'cause daddy was way stronger than his small, helpless seven-year-old daughter. Daddy knew he could make his shy little girl do anything he wanted.

Daddy pushed the head of his big cock back into Baby Girl Dee's mouth and took a hold of her tiny hand. He placed her hand on the part of his long, hard cock that wasn't already in her mouth. It was slimy with her spittle. At his whispered command Little Dee put her other small hand there too, and between them her hands could barely reach all the way around the big pole. Then she stroked up and down the cock, even as daddy forced it in and out of her little mouth, raking it over her stretched lips. Daddy told her to stroke the cock with the same rhythm as her mouth. But daddy was getting more and more excited. His instructions were short, and harsh - commands. His fingers pulled at her hair and Little Dee grew more and more frightened. But she was a good girl and daddy wanted her to do this. She knew it was a bad thing. She knew mama would be so very mad if she knew, but it was what daddy wanted and Little Dee did what she was told. And besides, the alcohol in her tummy had really taken over and she was too woozy to do anything but go along with daddy and his... Oh! Oh! Oh! What was that?

Baby Girl Dee's mouth flooded with daddy's semen. It was terrible. It was scary. It was thick and warm and the strangest thing she could imagine. "Oh god, oh god, baby," daddy said as another huge spurt of the thick, nasty goo filled Little Dee's mouth. "Oh god, don't swallow, not yet," daddy commanded. "Oh jeez, oh!" Daddy pushed Little Dee's hands away and he squeezed his cock with his own big hand, pushing every drop of his cum into her mouth until he was satisfied she had it all. He tilted her head far back as he pulled the monster cock from between her seven-year-old lips and said "show me, baby. Show daddy his cum in your little mouth."

Baby Girl Dee just wanted to spit daddy's terrible seed out of her mouth. It was the scariest, most awful thing ever! It was thick and oily and slid around as if her mouth was filled with the egg whites that mama liked to separate from the eggs when she made waffles. Little Dee loved waffles, but now she would think of daddy's awful cum every time she ate them. And the taste! It wasn't the strongest taste, but it permeated every part of her mouth. It coated her tongue, her cheeks, her tonsils. It clung to every surface. Head back, held tight in daddy's big hand, Baby Girl Dee opened her mouth wide to show daddy all of his warm, thick cum. A couple of drops escaped to slowly dribble down her cheek, tickling her and making her want to struggle out of daddy's grasp. But she was a good girl and she didn't - besides, daddy was much too strong.

"Swallow it, swallow it all, baby," daddy whispered in a harsh, needy whisper. And since Baby Girl Dee was a good girl she did. She steeled herself and took a small, tentative swallow. "All of it!" daddy hissed. The goo was slow to creep down her throat, coating every inch with it's pungent oil. But Baby Girl Dee swallowed again, and then again, showing daddy that all of his cum had traveled down into her little stomach with his cold, warming bourbon. And even after she'd swallowed every drop she could still taste daddy's seed in her mouth, still feel the oils coating her tongue. She knew she would taste it for a long, long time, probably longer than the time until daddy made her put his big cock in her mouth again. Because Baby Girl Dee already knew this wasn't the only time daddy was going to have her suck on his big cock. But Little Dee was a good girl and she would take daddy's cock in her mouth whenever he said. Of course it was only a day or two before Baby Girl Dee discovered that Duane and Clifford also had cocks that liked her pretty mouth. That was okay, 'cause Baby Girl Dee was a good girl and she never said no to her family.

Baby Girl Dee's ninth Christmas brought new excitement to her young life. She was very good at sucking daddy's big cock and Duane and Clifford's cocks too. It made her happy that Daddy was proud of her. He said he was sure she was the best little cock sucker in town. But when she bounced on daddy's knee at Christmas, in the light of the twinkling Christmas lights on the ratty tree, with his hands in her pajamas and his bourbon in her tummy, there was someone else there - her godfather. Little Dee's godfather was quite a bit older than daddy, but they spent a lot of time together whenever daddy wasn't at home. She didn't know him very well and she was very shy around him. Little Dee thought her godfather was kind of scary. And her godfather had certainly never been there when daddy was touching her before! It made Little Dee feel very strange to have him there, watching. She wanted to hide behind daddy, 'cause that's what shy little girls do! Baby Girl Dee couldn't believe it when daddy pulled his big cock out right there in front of her godfather! Daddy would barely pull it out in front of Duane or Clifford. And she really didn't want to take daddy's hard cock in her mouth and clever hands when her godfather was watching. But Little Dee was a good girl and she always did what daddy said.

It was very strange to have her godfather's hands inside her flannel pajamas while Baby Girl Dee sucked on her daddy's big cock. Her godfather was clumsy, like Clifford, but he seemed to really enjoy spreading Little Dee's pussy open to stroke at her wet, inner lips. He made her flinch when he pinched her little nipple too hard, but daddy growled something at him and he didn't do that any more.

Baby Girl Dee swallowed her daddy's cum, after showing him, and her godfather, how it practically filled her mouth. It was so embarrassing to do her duty in front of the other man. Why wouldn't they let her hide behind daddy? She thought she was done, but then she found herself standing in front of her godfather. And her godfather had a cock too! It wasn't as long or thick as daddy's but it was bigger than her stupid brothers' cocks. Baby Girl Dee didn't want to suck her godfather's hard cock! He wasn't family! But daddy whispered to her and she knew she couldn't stop it. Little Dee's godfather took a strong grip at her long, pretty brown hair and forced her to her knees. He never let go of her as he pressed her lips to his cock and made her lick it from bottom to top, over and over. He seemed to really like forcing Little Dee to lick his old, wrinkled balls, which tasted bad and smelled funny. After a few minutes, Little Dee's godfather pushed his cock into her pretty little mouth. He pulled her forward to swallow more and more of his nasty cock. He raped her mouth hard and fast, but Baby Girl Dee knew she could use her tiny hands to stroke him and fondle his old, wrinkled balls. That way he would cum sooner! If she could just make him cum he would let go of her long brown hair and then maybe she could go play with her dolls. And very soon she was rewarded! Her godfather moaned and gasped and swore and he filled Little Dee's little mouth with a torrent of hot, thick seed. She dutifully swallowed it, every drop, as soon as she'd shown him how completely he had filled up her little mouth.

Baby Girl Dee was busily giving her brother Duane his first Christmas suck, bobbing her head and stroking with her little hands when she overheard her daddy talking to her godfather. "Jesus Christ, Bert!" Little Dee heard her godfather say. "She's worth every penny. Amazing, that little mouth, those sweet lips. And god, she really knows what she's doing!" She heard daddy ask, "You're sure? You don't think she's too shy, too scared?" "No way!" Little Dee's godfather answered. "God, that's half the allure - that look on her face!" Then daddy said, "So, it's a deal? You can line up the clients? You're in for twenty percent." "Thirty percent!" Little Dee's godfather said. "Twenty five," daddy growled, angrily, "and that's final, asshole. Deal?" "Deal," Little Dee heard her godfather say. "Say goodbye to being broke, Bert!"

Baby Girl Dee swallowed her brother's seed, every drop. She didn't understand a word of the conversation between daddy and her godfather. Daddy could be so confusing! But maybe eight-year-olds weren't supposed to understand such things. It was simpler just to turn around and start in on Clifford's first Christmas blowjob. She'd rather be playing with her dolls, but Baby Girl Dee was a good girl and she never said no to family. After that day, Baby Girl Dee was told she could never say no to the men who started visiting her home more and more often, whenever mama wasn't around. No matter how shy it made her feel to meet a strange man and get down on her knees for him, she never said no. Duane and Clifford's friends started to visit and sleep over more and more often too. Baby Girl Dee was the first girl that a lot of those boys ever got to touch and she thought it was funny that they always seemed so nervous the first time. But those boys all got around to putting their hard dicks into Little Dee's mouth before long. Daddy put the fear of God into her brothers and they made sure that none of their friends ever hurt Little Dee or went too far. Still, Baby Girl Dee and her pretty little mouth were very busy. But she always swallowed and she never said no because she was a good girl.

Baby Girl Dee's tenth Christmas brought another big change to her young life. Daddy made sure Little Dee had plenty of bourbon as she bounced on his knee, enjoying the twinkling Christmas lights and the happy Christmas music and the nice warm feelings from daddy's fingers. Daddy was soooo good at making Little Dee's cunny feel soooo nice, especially at Christmas. Mama was cooking in the kitchen. Mama made lots of noise, so everyone knew that she was very busy and wouldn't be poking her head out any time soon. Daddy told Baby Girl Dee that she was officially the best little cock sucker in town and he was soooo proud of her and he was going to give her a really great new Christmas present. She beamed at daddy's proud praise. Little Dee thought daddy would have her suck his cock then, but instead, Daddy told Little Dee to suck Duane's cock. Duane's cock was getting really big, almost as big as daddy's, but Little Dee didn't mind. Duane was funny though, he liked to lie down on the floor and have Little Dee kneel between his outstretched legs when she sucked his cock. That left Little Dee's cute little bottom way up in the air. When she did that, sometimes daddy or Clifford or one of Duane's friends would get behind her and play with her little pussy, stroking her over and over and teasing her tiny clit. It felt soooo good when daddy did that, and pretty good when the others did it, but nobody was as good as daddy. This time it was daddy that pulled Little Dee's flannel pajamas down to her knees and pushed her legs apart. Daddy stroked her pussy while she bobbed her head up and down, up and down, on Duane's big cock. Duane pushed his fingers into Little Dee's long brown hair and he pushed her head down just a little bit farther than was comfortable, but Little Dee knew that he was just showing her he was stronger than her, that he was in control of her, that he could do whatever he wanted to her. That was okay - Little Dee knew it made Duane and Clifford and daddy and all the other men happy to know that she was little and weak and they could do what they wanted to her. She didn't mind, at least most of the time she didn't mind - and if anyone got too forceful daddy was always there to make sure she was okay. Daddy loved Little Dee so much! And daddy was making Little Dee's pussy feel soooo good while she worked Duane's cock with her little hand and her wide-stretched lips.

But something was different. Little Dee couldn't see anything but Duane's face, and his flat stomach and the base of his big cock, but she could tell that daddy was more excited than usual. Daddy was trembling and he was rubbing her bottom faster and faster at the same time he slid his fingers along the wetness of her pussy. Why was daddy so excited? It was scary for daddy to be so excited. Was daddy going to do something new? New things were scary! New things made Little Dee... Oh, oh, oh daddy! What is that? That's not a finger! That's bigger than a finger. Why is it pushing so hard, so hard, so hard? Oh, oh! OH! No! No! NOOOOOOO!!

Baby Girl Dee's screams were muffled by her brother's big cock, just like daddy had planned. Her screams and cries made her splutter and choke around Duane's cock. Duane loved it! It felt amazing. Duane thought it was the best blowjob his little sister had ever given him. He moaned and held her long brown hair in his tight fist. He strained to see the look on her face. Her big brown eyes were so huge. He could see daddy raping Little Dee from behind and it was incredible. He couldn't wait for his own turn to rape Little Dee. "Damn daddy, this is great!" Duane hissed.

Baby Girl Dee didn't think it was so great. It HURT when daddy pushed his big cock into her pussy. She couldn't see, but she knew it must be his cock. When daddy was stroking the head of his big cock through her little pussy lips, Little Dee was confused, but the she understood what was going to happen. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that anything as big as daddy's cock could possibly fit up inside her little body. But daddy knew better. Daddy knew best. And the second daddy thrust forward into his little girl's cunt and tore away any shreds of her innocence, Little Dee knew her life was changed, forever.

Daddy loved his shy little girl's muffled screams. He was so happy to be the first man to take his baby girl and even as he raped her for the first time he dreamed of the many times to come. She was even tighter than he'd imagined and the way she trembled with emotion as he raped her turned him on so much. She was daddy's little whore - too small and young and weak to resist him!

Deeper and deeper daddy thrust into Baby Girl Dee from behind. His big hands held her hips soooo tight. At first it HURT. It hurt so bad. But Little Dee trusted daddy to know what he was doing. She screamed into Duane's big cock, but she understood that was part of daddy's plan. She knew that daddy wouldn't keep hurting her. She knew daddy loved her, especially when he could hold her tight and make her do whatever he wanted because she was so small and weak and young. And Baby Girl Dee had never felt smaller or weaker or younger than she did as daddy pumped his huge cock into her tight little pussy! She just had to trust daddy, so she did her best not to try to wriggle away from him, not that she could if she tried. And Little Dee was soon rewarded! The pain quickly dulled, except for deep inside her where daddy's big cock banged again and again against something that wouldn't give way. But the rest of the pain went away and soon it was replace by an amazing, wonderful feeling - even better than the feeling she got when daddy played with her little clit. But oh, daddy WAS playing with her little clit, even as he thrust his hard cock up into her pussy faster and faster. Daddy was so excited. Baby Girl Dee was so excited. She didn't care that she was choking around Duane's cock or that daddy was banging something inside of her. Baby Girl Dee went crazy with excitement as the wonderful, warm, tingling feelings spread out from her little cunny and overtook her woozy brain. She still screamed around Duane's big cock, but she screamed "oh, oh, oh, daddy, daddy, yes, yes, oh, DAAAADDDDDYYYYY!"

Baby Girl Dee's mouth filled with Duane's hot, thick gunk just as daddy lifted her hips and pressed forward and pushed his cock as deep inside of her as he could get it! Little Dee was pretty sure that daddy was leaving his own hot, thick gunk up inside her little body - and that made her scared. But she was still woozy and still quivering all over from the wonderful feeling, so she wasn't that scared. Little Dee had to swallow Duane's cum, even though he didn't take his wilting cock out of her mouth, otherwise she was going to choke to death on it. Duane didn't seem to mind that she didn't show him how much of his cum she'd held in her mouth - he just grinned like a mad man. Little Dee felt daddy slowly pull his huge cock out of her little pussy and she felt a moment of terrible longing. She wanted to cry out "Put it back daddy, please!" but her mouth was still stuffed with Duane's flaccid member. His whole cock was stuffed into her mouth, right down to the base.

Baby Girl Dee felt daddy lean down close to her ear and he whispered "Merry Christmas, baby, Merry Christmas."

After that Baby Girl Dee's brother Clifford got behind her and he didn't waste any time pushing his cock up inside her. Clifford was a lot smaller than daddy, but it still felt really nice to have him pump his cock through her well-lubricated, tight, nine-year-old pussy. Pretty soon Duane's cock started to get hard and long and thick again, so Little Dee started bobbing her head up and down on it again. She started to giggle when she felt something dribbling down the insides of her thighs. It tickled! She was pretty sure it was daddy's cum, forced out of her pussy by Clifford's cock as he pumped in and out of her with a lot of excitement. It tickled so much! Baby Girl Dee couldn't stop giggling and giggling around Duane's big cock. It must have been just the thing to do, because it didn't take nearly as long as Little Dee would have guessed for Duane to fill her mouth again with his warm gooey seed. And right after that Clifford moaned and cried out, but not too loud 'cause nobody wanted mama to hear, and then he lifted Little Dee's little hips and thrust as far as he could and her insides got nice and warm again. Little Dee shivered and shivered until they finally let her collapse on her side on the floor.

Mama was still banging around in the kitchen half an hour later when daddy helped Baby Girl Dee get up off the floor. Her little legs were still wobbly from all the bourbon and the fucking. Daddy had explained fucking to Baby Girl Dee and it was nice to have a new word for what he and Clifford had done to her. Nobody explained the word rape to Little Dee. Now daddy wanted to show Baby Girl Dee another way to fuck and even as tired and sore as she was, Little Dee never said no to daddy 'cause she was a good little girl. So she let daddy put her on the big sofa on her back and she let him pull her nice warm flannel pajamas bottoms all the way off. She didn't scream when daddy leaned in and ran his hot tongue between her sore pussy lips. It even felt good after a few minutes. Then it felt really good and Baby Girl Dee couldn't help starting to moan. She knew that getting fucked was her special Christmas present from daddy, but this was sort of a nicer present. Just as Baby Girl Dee was about to explode from how nice daddy's strong tongue felt in her pussy, daddy got on top of her. Little Dee had never felt smaller or weaker than she did when daddy lay on top of her and showed her just how much bigger and stronger he was. Then he slid his big cock into her wet, engorged, excited little pussy. He pressed his hairy chest against Little Dee's face and she couldn't see anything at all from underneath him. But she could feel how big and long daddy's cock was as it filled her tight hole up as far as he could shove it, over and over! Daddy pushed Little Dee's legs out and back and that was scary, and he fucked his shy little girl for a long, long time, slow and hard. She was so helpless underneath him. She was so scared. She was so full. And her little cunny buzzed and tingled and erupted with wonderful, terrible feelings. Little Dee's little brain was overwhelmed. Finally, after a long, long time, daddy left his warm cum up inside Baby Girl Dee. She shivered the whole time, even after daddy got off of her and Duane quickly took daddy's place. She was still shivering a while later when Duane was replaced by Clifford. By then Little Dee really, really wished she could just go and quietly play with her dolls - she didn't want to be fucked any more that Christmas. But Baby Girl Dee was a good girl and she never said no to her family.

Baby Girl Dee's pussy and mouth were both very busy after that. There were still a lot of men who preferred Little Dee's mouth to her pussy. She thought that might have something to do with money, but she couldn't figure out how. But more often than not the men wanted to lay on top of her, or get behind her and push their big cocks deep inside of her. Some of the men wanted her to get on top of them, instead, which was confusing for Little Dee, 'cause when she was on top it didn't seem so much like the big, strong man could make the weak, little girl do whatever he wanted. At least Little Dee knew that daddy wouldn't let any of the men, or any of Duane and Clifford's stupid friends, do anything to hurt her. If any man tried to hurt her, or pulled out a rope to try to tie her to her little bed, then daddy would send him away right away and never let him come back! The only thing Baby Girl Dee really, really didn't like was when daddy took pictures of her with the men - 'cause it made her feel very self-conscious and embarrassed. Some of the men begged daddy, but he refused to let anyone take any movies of his precious shy little girl. Only pictures, and only daddy could take the pictures, nobody else. Baby Girl Dee hated the pictures, which daddy liked to show her later. But Baby Girl Dee never said no to daddy, because she was a good little girl.

When Baby Girl Dee's eleventh Christmas rolled around she was getting pretty big to really bounce on daddy's knee, even though she still loved the twinkling Christmas lights and the corny Christmas music and taking nips from daddy's icy bourbon glass. Daddy held her in his lap, bouncing her gently, with his hand down inside her warm flannel pajamas where he pushed two fingers far up into her pussy at the same time that he swirled his clever thumb around her sensitive little clit. He whispered to her, just loud enough to be heard over all the incessant banging and crashing mama was making in the kitchen. He told her how proud he was of his little whore, how she was the best little whore in the whole town and everyone knew they would always be completely satisfied with the sweet little girl who never said no. Little Dee beamed at daddy's praise and she moaned a little bit too, 'cause daddy really was the very best with his amazing, hard fingers. But still, Little Dee wasn't too happy about being fingered like this right in front of her old godfather, who still made her very shy because she still didn't know him very well even though he'd visited her bedroom many, many times. Daddy said that her godfather got the family discount, which didn't make any sense to her, but maybe she was just too little and young to understand things like that. Baby Girl Dee understood that daddy was leading up to a new Christmas present, and she was quite scared, even though she was pretty woozy from all the bourbon he kept forcing on her. She didn't really like it that her godfather was going to be part of her new Christmas present. Then Duane and Clifford and two of their friends showed up too! That was a lot of men and Baby Girl Dee's shyness just got worse and worse. She wanted to hide behind daddy but she couldn't because he was fingering her little pussy sooo well and he was whispering to her how he was sooo happy that she was still sooo tight, and sexy and cute and little and vulnerable and ... Daddy was getting really excited, which was never a good sign. Baby Girl Dee knew it was about time to get down on her knees and take somebody's cock in her little mouth so that daddy could get behind her and rape her like he liked to do. But that wasn't what happened!

What actually happened to Baby Girl Dee was something new and terrible and very very scary. What happened was that her godfather lay down on the floor and pulled his big cock out of his pants. At daddy's urging, Baby Girl Dee got down on her knees and she licked her godfather's cock until it was very hard and ready. But before she could swallow the head of his cock into her little mouth, like she expected, daddy picked her up and put her on top of her godfather. She'd never fucked her godfather from the top before, 'cause her godfather was definitely one of the men who like to make Little Dee feel very little and very weak and oh so scared and young when he fucked her. So it was a huge surprise when her godfather slid his cock up into her from below, and only barely held onto her thin hips where she straddled his bony old body. It was very confusing. But Baby Girl Dee had a big surprise coming for her Christmas present. When daddy pulled her arms behind her back and gripped her little wrists with one big hand she suddenly felt very small and very weak and very very vulnerable. Why was daddy being the one to prove his control of the tiny child when he wasn't even the one fucking her? The answer came a second later when Baby Girl Dee felt daddy pressing the head of his spit-covered cock against her tiny, tiny asshole. Baby Girl Dee was so surprised and so scared! She screamed at the top of her little lungs - at least she tried to scream at the top of her lungs, but just as she opened her little mouth Duane grabbed her by her long brown hair and shoved his very big cock in past her lips, stretching her mouth wide and cutting off her screams.

Daddy let Baby Girl Dee have several moments to understand what was happening to her. He let her get used to the cock that was sliding up and down in her pussy. He let her get used to her mouth being stuffed full of her brother's big cock. He gave her time to recover from the shock and refocus her attention on the fact that daddy was gripping her arms viciously behind her back, controlling her whole body and that he had his big cock poised at her tiny rosebud. He gave her time to think that nothing that big could possibly go up inside of her bottom, just like she'd once thought that nothing that big could possibly fit up inside of her tight pussy. Daddy let Baby Girl Dee have enough time to process all of that, time to become terrified, time to begin shaking all over, time to realize just how helpless and little and weak she had always been. Then daddy pushed and pushed and pushed and popped the head of his huge cock into Baby Girl Dee's incredibly tight little ass. Little Dee screamed and screamed around Duane's big cock, which just excited her brother all the more. Daddy had barely entered her bottom before her brother lost his control and filled her mouth with hot, oily, slimy cum. And just like that Duane was gone and Clifford's cock, which had grown considerably in the last year, perhaps because it spent so much time up his shy little sister's tight pussy, was shoved into Little Dee's mouth. She had to swallow Duane's cum even as she tried not to choke on Clifford's cock.

Baby Girl Dee didn't quite know what to make of the way her tiny ass was stretched around the head of daddy's cock. But this time daddy didn't give her time to figure it out. Daddy started to rape her in her butt, fast and hard. Her godfather slammed his cock up into her pussy at the same time. Little Dee thought she knew what it was like to be very full of big hard cock. It turns out she'd had no idea. Two cocks up inside one tiny girl feels like ten cocks up inside one tiny girl - at least to the tiny girl. Little Dee was terrified. She screamed and screamed around Clifford's cock, which the boy loved. Clifford raped her mouth almost as hard as daddy and her godfather raped her tight ass and pussy.

Raping Baby Girl Dee's tight ten-year-old pussy while another man was raping her ass must have felt pretty amazing, because Little Dee's godfather didn't last very long. He gasped and cried out, but not too loud, so that mama wouldn't hear over all the crashing and banging she was doing in the kitchen, and he filled Little Dee's womb with his old man cum. And it was only a few seconds later when daddy got super excited and pulled harder on Little Dee's poor, aching arms and then rammed his cock all the way to the base into his shy little girl's bung hole. It was amazing to everyone in the room, but none more than Baby Girl Dee, just how deep daddy could get his huge cock into the tight rear entrance of the small child. Daddy grunted and groaned, pulled out and thrust hard up into her again, then again. Even innocent, naive Baby Girl Dee knew that daddy was leaving his hot, thick, slimy cum up inside her ass.

Once daddy was done raping Baby Girl Dee's tight ass for her eleventh Christmas, she was free for all the other boys to use. Pretty soon Duane was adding his cum to daddy's, way up inside Little Dee's butt, while one of his friends loosed a huge load into her pussy. Only this time, Duane was on the bottom, with Little Dee on her back on top of him as he rammed and rammed up into her impossibly tight ass. It took a long, long time, and Little Dee was afraid that mama might stop banging her pots and pans any minute, before all six of the men had had enough chances to empty their cum into various Little Dee holes. It didn't help that damn Duane could cum about five times all by himself! One of his friends was nearly as bad. And through it all Baby Girl Dee never said no, because she was a good little girl and you never say no to daddy, or family, or daddy's friends. But finally everyone collapsed in a heap around the shell-shocked little girl. Daddy gently pushed the pretty long brown hair away from Baby Girl Dee's sweat-beaded brow and he said to her "Merry Christmas, baby, Merry Christmas."

Baby Girl Dee never did get over being shy, especially around new men. She always wanted to hide behind daddy when the groups of men came to have a 'party' with her. But daddy knew just how much bourbon to give her and he always stayed to make sure nobody got carried away. Daddy wouldn't stand for anyone to hurt his sweet little girl! But sometimes he took pictures. Baby Girl Dee hated the pictures daddy took of her and the men as they fucked her in all the different ways they could think of to fuck a weak, vulnerable, small, helpless little girl. But she never said no to daddy, 'cause Baby Girl Dee was a good little girl.

And daddy? Daddy always made sure that Baby Girl Dee knew how proud he was of his shy little whore.

The end

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