DB Day 29 - Returning from the Lounge

2046 The Denali Brotherhood

by Alexander Martin

Day 29 - Returning from the Lounge

COMING SOON: Day 39 - A Conversation with a Lounge Visitor

Story codes: Mdom, Mf, DS, oral


Summary: Ginger returns from the Lounge, sore but excited about the new place where full grown men would play with her. Mr. Timond ends his day by explaining a few things, then enjoying a "gift" from Brother Samuel.



Mr. Timond (Timmy): 17 year old boy, a natural

(naturals were born from cult females)

Ginger (Karen): 11 yr old girl, a convert

(converts are people who were not born into the cult)

Junis : a filly from the Brotherhood stables

Miss Lily : 12 years old blonde Ule is primary handler

Bucky: Ginger’s 2nd assigned dog

#2326 Day 29: 17:23 in Novum school level 4 - Timmy’s room

“Bitch Ginger is waiting at your door” the announcement came from the control screen.

“Open,” Timond turned away from his desk and watched Ginger come in. He had been working for a couple of hours on his school project and the end was in sight. During his break at 1700 hours he watched the video stream of his girl first giving head to then being fucked by a young skinny blond man. Her web stats were good she had more than a dozen other watchers and already had 10 followers after only a few hours. In the Lounge 7 different men or boys had handled her, and all but one had probably cum in her. According to the network’s physical profile of her, it looked like she had orgasmed herself at least three times during her stint in the Lounge. Timond was really pleased at her proficient performance, especially since it was originally planned for tomorrow but she had seemed eager enough to try it tonight, with only occasional monitoring. He had left instructions to have her summoned after her current handler was finished with her and now here she was.

Timond watched her carefully. She walked in short steps through the door. “How you doin’?” he asked.

“Wow,” was her only response. She was holding her stomach. It looked to Timond to that her hand was as close to her clit ring as she could get with out being punished.

“Do you hurt?” Timond asked holding out his arms for her to sit in his lap.

“I’m a little sore. Some of those guys were big,” she said sitting down putting her arm around his neck. “Could you rub it, please? I feel like I been beat up in there.”

Timond reached down to her crotch and spread her cunt lips with his fingers. He couldn’t see from this angle very well but even the outer lips looked red.

He turned to his keyboard and set an instruction for her collar to give her a mild analgesic and reached over to his utility belt to pull out some lotion.

“Wow,” she said and put her face in his neck, “That was a lot of fucking. The other girls would clean me, then the next guy would take over. I think got it more then the older girls.”

“Yeah, word gets around fast to the pedos. I think some of those guys came up to the Lounge just to do you. You did really good, Ginger. You made me proud,” he said as he rubbed her vulva with lotion.

“One of the guys said I’m a natural. Is that good?” She put her hand on his hand as it rubbed.

“It sure is. It means you’re a good, eager bitch.”

“My coochy is squishy, it’s so full of cum. ... And one guy came in my coochy and in my butt both. He started to fuck me again in my pussy but then he switched to one of the other girls and another guy took over. That fucker was hard to please. He bent me up like I was a pretzel. He said he is going to come back tomorrow. And he told Bael to make me one of his favorites. He was a grown man, like one of the Brothers and he made Me a favorite. The last guy took me out of the pit to a couch and fucked me really, really slow for a long time. He kept playing with my titties while we fucked. Their sore too now. Oh! That feels good. More please," she said as Timond pushed the lotion a little ways into her vagina.

"Did you orgasm?" he asked rubbing the lotion all over her lips.

"Yeah, I guess. A few times, I think. It was more intense than with the boys, even the older boys in Form 6. It was like I was a little doll. They kept fucking me and throwing me around to the next guy. Shit." She shook her head in his neck and squeezed it with her arms. "I am going back tomorrow?” she asked into his neck.

“We’ll see. I’m going to take you to see Mr. Zaki or Brother Samuel first. It depends on what Brother Samuel says. You’re a pretty valuable piece of property and we want to take good care of you.” He was still rubbing her vulva.

“Thank you, Mr. Timond,” she nuzzled into his neck more, then suddenly looked up, “What happened to that girl? You know, the girl in white hose.”

“Mr. Ule’s girl? I don’t know. Nothing good.” Timond shook his head a little.

“I was kind of busy so I didn’t see what they did but some men came and carried her away. It was weird. It looked like she fell asleep. I’ll bet she’s in a lot of trouble, huh?” Ginger looked closely at his hair and picked something out.

“Yeh, you probably won’t see her again. Ule already tried special training.”

“So where will she go?” she asked running her hand along his hair.

“No place you want to ever go,” Timond said looking at her hair. She had dried cum in front. “Don’t worry about it. You won’t have those kind of problems. Just do what you’re told.”

Timond did know a little about what would happen to girl’s who “break down”. Zaki had a girl who had problems. She was a very yellow blond with nice tits and very nice legs about 14 years old. Timmy was helping train her and she was fine when he and Zaki were using her but every time they lent her out she got in trouble. One time at Form 5 party she totally freaked out. Brother Samuel sent her for special training at the Center and when she came back in two weeks she was very compliant, kind spacey, but compliant.

Timmy thought she was going to be OK but then one evening he and Zaki were playing with a different girl and a call came from the building network to go to one of the Form 5 lounges. When they got there she was freaking out, screaming, throwing things ... Timmy tried to calm her down while Zaki got on a control panel and gave an order for her collar to sedate her. At first even that didn’t work, then after awhile a Brother came in but by that time she was beginning to get tired. They took her to Zaki’s room and crated her.

The next day some Brothers came and got the crate and they never saw her again. When they asked Brother Samuel what became of her, he wouldn’t say much. “She has been marketed,” he said. When pressed about what that meant, he explained that she would be put in a more controlled situation. Timmy asked if she would be “lobbed” (lobotomized) and become a breeder or cow or something like that but Brother Samuel explained that they had decided she was not good enough stock to breed and not old enough to make a good cow. He said she would probably end up thousands of miles away but they shouldn’t be concerned. He was pleased with their work, none of it was their fault, and it just happens sometimes. “There were plenty more bitches where that one came from,” he said reassuringly.

When his father, Brother Forneus, came to visit only a week or so later, Timmy told the story mostly as conversation and asked what “marketed” meant. His father said that she was probably sold for “money” and she would end up in a “brothel” which he explained was kind of a sad, dark version of the Lounge in the world of chaos. His father said that he, himself, might have even handled the transaction, though he didn’t remember that particular girl. Sometimes he would sell them to especially powerful men in chaos who did not value them as property but wanted them for a special event or some use that didn’t require compliance. Again Timmy pressed for a clearer explanation and again his inquiry was met with obtuse vague answers then a change of subject. To Timmy it was an abject lesson that not every bitch could succeed in the high standards of Novum school training.

Now Ule was in a similar situation. "Listen, you did good girl. I have really good reports on you. Want a treat?" Timond reached over to a small box he had put on his desk.

"Uh yeh. You gonna fuck me?" she put her face back into his neck and kissed it, running her hand around his head.

"Not now. You're scheduled to go to Mr. Bukukuwa, but that was before I let you work the Lounge tonight. I didn't expect you to start until tomorrow. So maybe it'd be better to cancel Buki." He replied holding a dark brown piece in front of her mouth, "Chocolate."

"Really? I love chocolate. How did you get it? That's the first I've had here," she stared as if discerning if it was real. As she was chewing the sweet, "Nah, is ok. I kin go u ister Uki." She closed her mouth and swallowed. "He's ok and he's not too big. He's nice to me sometimes. A couple of days ago he did me in the Form 6 lounge and made me cum."

"You're a good bitch, Ginger," Timond stuck the small bite into in her mouth.

"Mmm. Thastes bether thin nnnuts. Chewy. aestes etter an cum." she licked her lips.

Timond frowned at her, "This is a reward. Don't ruin it. And don’t say things like that about guys to other guys." He reached for another.

"What? That Buki made me cum?" She kissed his ear.

"No. That you don’t mind him fucking you cause he's not too big," he said holding a piece of chocolate in front of her mouth. "Say you like his cock."

"I do. Do I always get chocolate when I work in the Lounge?" she asked then snapped the next piece from his fingers.

"No, but you're ahead of your training schedule. Brother Samuel's going to be pleased with you tomorrow." He retrieved another chocolate from the box and held it in front of her.

She opened and he popped it in. She smiled and gave him a sweet sticky kiss on the mouth. He kissed her back and stuck his tongue in. "mmm..." she pulled back and giggled, "I fucked a bunch of guys. You didn’t.... mine."

He licked her lip which had a little chocolate in the corner and held the next in front of her. "You taste good with chocolate," he said as he reached for another.

She watched it as she finished chewing and swallowed. But before she took it she said, "Why don't you fuck me very much?" She looked at him, "You let everybody else fuck me and I suck other guys cocks all day and you fuck other girls almost every night and on breaks and stuff, but not me. Only just once in awhile and that's usually when your training me for timing & squeezing. ... Relax as it comes in, squeeze as it goes out. Relax coming in, squeeze going out. Relax, squeeze, relax, squeeze. ... or teaching me positions or stuff. But you don’t just lay me back and fuck me like the other guys do." She waited for an answer, then, "I mean, in the Lounge you screwed two other girls not much older than me, including the crazy one but you didn’t screw me." She watched him waiting for answer.

"Look, Ginger. I'm a man. I fuck who I want, when I want, I mean as long as I follow the rules of the Brotherhood and the school rules. You're pretty, and you're a good fuck bitch, and you're getting better at being sexy, but it's like you're my job. My job is to train you." Timond didn't like how this was going and knew he was letting her talk too much. She had been rehearsing that question in her head for sometime, he could tell. "Look, I've got to finish my work and you have to get down now and eat something healthy, then go to Mr. Buki. I don’t want to be showing Brother Samuel an overweight fuck bitch tomorrow." He pointed at a bowl of light brown food-like ration on the floor. "I already fed Bucky for you and you don’t have to service him tonight, or in the morning either. So you can eat now." Pushing her off his lap, "Go. I have work to do."

Ginger reluctantly slid off and knelt down on the floor. Timond closed the box of chocolates and dropping put them in his lower desk drawer pressed the fingerprint lock with his thumb making it click. He turned to his computer and opened his journal.

Ginger watched him. Feeling her eyes on him, he finally turned back to her and returned the look. "I'm sorry," she said. She flashed a kind of smile with her upper lip scrunched, then said, "I just like you," shrugging her shoulders.

Timond looked down at her and after pausing a few seconds nodded to the bowl and said, "Be a good bitch and just eat, Ginger. And don’t touch the bowl with your hands tonight. I don’t want to ruin the end of a good day."

Somewhat wistfully she complied, bending down towards the bowl. Without even touching the floor with her hands she stuck her face to the food and took a bite with skillful practice. Sitting up, she looked at Timond who was working again and swallowed. There was no practical need to do much chewing. Then she went down again. This time she stayed down sort of hogging her way through the carefully measured ration to get it down quickly. She considered how much more rewarding a sandwich would be, even better than chocolate. Perhaps she would suggest this later.

But before she had finished the bowl the computer announced, "Mr. Timond, Filly Junis is waiting at the door."

Timond touched the computer screen to get a view outside his room. There was a woman kneeling there. "Come in," he replied.

The door slid open and the woman rose from her knees. She was wearing a black negligee that covered her top barely. The nipples of her large breasts pushed the slightly transparent fabric up and around the points. Timond and Ginger could see the darkness of her areolae. Long, lustrous, jet black hair hung next to them and led Timond's eyes downward. Her black panties were not transparent but rather crotch-less and displayed her best feature which was large, bulbous, damp pussy lips. She walked on tall black high heels which gave her legs which were covered in black hose a curved shapeliness. Moving into the room with an exaggerated swing of her hips, Timond judged her to be maybe in her late twenties but probably early thirties.

When she stopped in front of Timond, she put her weight on one leg and struck a casual pose with one hand a hip and the other pulling open the negligee top to display a breast. "Brother Samuel sent me over to tell you that he appreciated your work today."

Timond looked up at the dark, engaging areole and froze there several seconds, then down at the only partially viewable glistening vulva. "Shit," was his only response. Recovering, he decided he could awaken early and finish the journaling in the morning. "You can sit on bed and wait while I close this stuff up. It'll just be a minute. Ok, Ging... you'd better ..."

But there was a buzzing on his computer screen and at the top it said, "Message from Bukukuwa". Timond touched the screen and Ginger watched him reading. "Shit" was all he said and he started answering the message and clearing things on his screen. After a minute he said, "Mr. Bukukuwa is busy so you stay here this evening." Then he looked up at the woman in black. "I'm just about finished."

Then almost as an after thought, he looked down at Ginger, "And I have to put her down." Looking back at the woman, "Are you hungry?"

Timond immediately realized this was a stupid question. The woman looked at the bowl containing what was left of the brown stuff disdainfully, then with a polite smile said, "I'm a natural and a filly in the Brotherhood's stable." Of course this was obvious from her diamond collar and the special tattoo he knew he would probably soon see on the inner cheek of her ass. And knew that she probably wouldn't answer this way to a Brother but he also knew that because she was a Brotherhood filly, this was going to be a good fun ride tonight.

Ginger had been watching the dark haired woman sit, her knees politely crossed, the black hose going down her long legs to the high heels. She had her hands on her knees. Ginger was struck by the memory of the girl in the Lounge who wore white hose and later went crazy. That girl had sat exactly the same way when she was waiting on Mr. Timond to fuck her. In a similar manor this filly was looking away to show she was bored but elegant. Maybe this bitch was going to freak out too after Mr. Timond used her, but Ginger doubted it.

It was actually less than a minute by the time Timond had given the building system a wakeup time and pushed the computer away. Jumping up, he almost stumbled over Ginger.

"Work all done, huh? Fast," Ginger said as she leaned back on her hands and gave him an little cute smile.

"The little bitch has a mouth on her doesn't she?" said Junis.

Timond paused in his tracks, thought a second, then "Shut the fuck up, filly. And bitch up." He was not loud, but clearly assertive.

The woman looked back at him, then climbed onto his bed on her hands and knees. She looked again to meet his eyes, which were like steel, so she put her head down, kicked her shoes so they fell to the floor, and waited in the doggy position with her fat, wet pussy lips on display. Ginger could see two tattoos inside her butt cheeks. One was what looked like three comma's with red inside their eyes, and another looked like a rose with thorns.

Ginger gave a bit of a smug smile and waited till the woman had her head down then glancing up at Timond, she quickly sucked up the last of her ration from the bowl on the floor.

When she raised her head Mr. Timond was over her, "Do you need to piss?" She shook her head.

"Come on. Get in the crate with Bucky," Timond said very quietly as he directed her in but left the door open. "Tomorrow morning just sucking or hand jobs, no fucking till I tell you. And shut up now. Stay down, not a sound, not a word while I give this bitch a meat missile she won't forget."

He rubbed the little girl's head then hopped up and opened his crotch as he strode to the bed behind her. He slapped the woman's ass hard, "Give me a stiffy, bitch." He pushed her hip to the side to signal her to flip and turn her head to his end of the bed. "Suck."

Ginger lay in the crate next to Bucky. Bucky must have been deeply asleep because he only looked up for a second, saw Ginger's face and put his head back down on his paws. Ginger pulled her special blanket over her. She had earned it after a night on display celebrating her submission in front of the Brotherhood. It had Brotherhood symbols on it, including 666 which Ginger realized now was the same symbol on the woman's ass. Ginger pulled the blanket over both her and Bucky and put her leg over the big dog pressing her vulva against his soft, warm fur. Now outside the Lounge she could not touch her vag again without being punished so the dog's furry hip bone helped ease the discomfort and he didn't seem to mind. She realized now she was glad she didn't have to go take care of Buki. Ginger could feel the fur getting wet from the cum dripping from her vagina but she didn’t think Mr. Timond would notice so distracted by the woman. She waited with hesitancy for Satan to catch her bad bitch behavior but when she heard no exhortation about disrespecting semen she rested worry free.

Ginger was able to make herself comfortable and watch Mr. Timond as he stood at the end of the small bed pushing his cock into the woman's mouth. She never removed her hands from the bed, using only her mouth. Mr. Timond said nothing to her as she licked and sucked his genitals but pushed her long, black hair out of the way and watched her ministrations. After a few minutes he was hard and he took her by the ears and began to fuck her face hard. Ginger would have been gagging and chocking but only sound was the chortle of his cock pumping into her throat. She even could be heard to hum a little giving the cock a little more stimulation. This woman was an expert.

After several thrusts Mr. Timond took her by the hair, pulled his penis back and slapping her cheek said, "Turn around." The woman went up on her knees, turned so her back was to him again, then back down backing up to the edge of the bed again for his easy access to her posterior. Her head was down and her feet hung over the edge. With his stiff cock bouncing a little, Ginger could see his attention on her feet. He knelt down and put his face close to her toes. Ginger wondered if he was smelling them, inspecting for cleanliness Ginger thought, but he said nothing only caressing them a little. Shortly he was up again, positioning her ass so it was just the right height, reaching up and grabbing her hair he raised her torso slightly for a better angle. Then with no warning or ceremony he rammed it in her anus but not far.

"Bitch! Your ass is dry?" Suddenly annoyed. Ginger knew Mr. Timond would never allow her to be so unprepared when she went to serve a man in his room. It occurred to her to jump up to offer service. From experience she knew where he kept the lotion. But he had said stay down so she pressed her coochy a little closer into Bucky's side and watched. She liked having a bigger dog now. She missed Maxi but he could never be as big and comfortable to snuggle with as Bucky.

Instead of getting lubrication, Mr. Timond simply grabbed the woman's hair and fucked his cock in deeper. Ginger could see now that she was disengaged from the action how Mr. Timond was intent on "domming" her. That was the word she had heard from Brother Samuel several times in training sessions. It was kind of gross with the woman's teeth gritted and her head reaching back to ease the pain of the hair pulling, and Ginger knew it didn’t feel good to have your ass fucked like that. But gross or not, she was envious of the woman's place. Mr. Timond told her she was a good bitch but she wanted to show him.

Ginger watched her Mr. Timond pound the woman, Junis, into submission for what seemed like a long time. He kept turning her around and fucking her in the ass, then in the mouth, then in her pussy, then in her mouth again, and on and on as if he wanted to prove to her that he owned every hole tonight. Finally everything ended when he pushed her over on to her back and simply came in her cunt.

He lay panting audibly for a minute, then lurched up and motioned to the door with a hand. No words were exchanged when she left. Ginger thought he would leave for the body care room to shower as he usually did after he fucked a girl, but instead stripped off the shirt he was still wearing, climbed into his bed, and said, "Bael, lights out."

The lights gradually went down until there was only a dim image of his outline on the bed. As Ginger watched him, a feeling of loneliness came over her. She wanted to crawl out of the crate and slip under Mr. Timond's blanket to sleep next to him. But of course he would never allow that except for purposes of sex, and he was finished with sex for the night. She knew he would say, "Stay in your crate." Maybe he would add "Ginger." She listened to him breath for a time. Then she whispered, "Stay in your crate, Ginger," quietly enough she thought only Bucky could hear her. But Mr. Timond's head moved. Was he looking at her? There was a long quiet, then his head went back down and Ginger heard a sigh.


by Alexander Martin

COMING SOON: Day 39 - A Conversation with a Lounge Visitor

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