DB Day 29 - Introduction to the Lounge

2046 The Denali Brotherhood

by Alexander Martin

Day 29 - Introduction to the Lounge


Story codes: Mdom, Mg, Bg, Mf, Preteen, Ped, Oral

The events and characters of this story occur in the year 2046 and are absolutely true. This sad, sick tragedy will inevitably unfold just this way, unless of course, you manage to learn something from it and nurture some compassion for the contradictions of the human condition.


Summary: Timond introduces Ginger to another very important service in the "Lounge", Novum's pleasure palace on the 7th floor, where every girl is there to serve any man's desire.



Mr. Timond (Timmy): 17 year old boy, a natural

(naturals were born from cult females)

Ginger (Karen): 11 yr old girl, a convert

(converts are people who were not born into the cult)

Cadela : Early 20’s fuck bitch, natural

Cherry : 14 year old blond

Junis : a filly from the Brotherhood stables

Miss Lily : 12 years old blonde Ule is primary handler

Missy: Fuck bitch, brown hair, about 13 years old

Rosie : 8 year old fluffer

Taylor Spitz : Prodden IT specialist in web porn

Ule: Novum Form 5 student, Miss Lily’s & Pinky’s handler

Brother Zucht: Lounge kitchen manager

Bucky: Ginger’s 2nd assigned dog

#2326 Day 29: 14:20 in Novum school floor 7, Introduction to the Lounge

The elevator door came open to a very large space, too big to be called a room. Ginger was wearing a light yellow skirt, a top that draped over her small boobs loosely, and no shoes. Mr. Timond was wearing his black leathers. Emerging from the elevator Ginger saw what looked from her limited experience to be a bar. It was not your typical bar of course, because in this weird place, nothing was typical. This was the second time she was in this notorious place called the Lounge, but she didn't remember much from that first night. Now she had a chance to actually look around. The bar, a large circler island, was centered on a small stage that was enclosed in glass above the bottles of liquor. The glass enclosure made it look like a female aquarium or whatever you would call a glass room with with girls dancing in it. There were men sitting, with women and girls attending them, along the long circler counter below the stage in various states of dress engaged in various activities. Some were just talking like you would see in any other bar, except that a few of the conversations were between men and, what looked to Ginger to be, pretty young girls. Some of the men were watching the dancers, others were watching the large screens above the dancers that displayed a strange variety of activities. Probably the majority of those men were crouched over a drink and being orally serviced by a woman or teen or even a small girl.

Ginger simply could not take it all in so suddenly partly because every time she saw a girl or teen engaged in some kind of service, sexual or otherwise, she had to project herself. This is what Mr. Timond had explained to her, that this is where she would “work”. Now that she was a real “fuck bitch” when she wasn’t in the gym or serving in the kennels servicing dogs, or in one of the boy’s lounges servicing them or in some Form 5 boy's room servicing him or serving at a Brother's in their triclinium parties, or servicing Bucky her dog, this is where she would “work” servicing anyone who wanted her, servicing ... what did Mr. Timond call them? ... Jacks? ... Johns! Servicing Johns. When he first explained that, she thought they all had the same name. Maybe when you service random men, they kind of are all the same. Service. But the other girls, Sabrina who seemed so worldly and Selina who seemed to know everything called them patrons. Ginger decided she liked johns better because it sounded more ... more exciting.

Mr. Timond waited, letting her take the large room in. Finally he spoke. “When you start, you’ll just bring drinks from the bar or food from the kitchen to anyone who orders it like that girl,” Mr. Timond explained pointing to one of the girl’s coming away from the bar. A small light was flashing on one side of her collar. She held three glasses on a tray with both hands and the girl turned the light moved until it was under her chin. “See her collar tells her where to go.”

How? She can’t see it can she ... sir?” Ginger watched her thread her way around the bar and through tables. The flashing became faster until she stopped at a table with a small light at its center with a man and woman. When the girl sat the tray on the table, the man said something to her. At first Ginger thought the man was thanking her, but then the girl ducked under the table between the man’s legs. Ginger couldn’t see what the girl was doing but, from her experience, she could guess. The woman laughed at something the man said to her and then ran her hands through his hair.

Her collar was vibrating where the light was flashing. So you just turn until the vibration is in front of you and follow it. It’s easy. As you get closer you can see the light on the table, or wherever you’re supposed to go, and it will be flashing the same. As you get closer it will flash faster and your collar will vibrate the same frequency. Like I said, it’s easy. A dog could do it.”

Ginger looked up at Mr. Timond, “So why don’t they use dogs?” Mr. Timond gave her a frown and said nothing. “Serious, why don’t they use service bots like most restaurants, sir?”

Ok, is this going to be twenty questions? I really don’t mind you asking questions tonight, if it’s something you really need to know. How she knows where to go was a good question. But don’t ask stupid questions.”

I thought there were no stupid questions,” Ginger looked around.

Yeh, well that was before you were a fuck bitch. Now shut up, and follow me.”

They went around the island of the bar and walked toward what Ginger knew was called a cove. The cove was like a pit with consecutively lower rings to sit on and a small stage like center space. It was kind of like an upside down cone and each level was a bench where girls would wait, lounging around, playing games, doing each other's hair, putting lotion on each other, or watching videos on little tablets. When they weren't getting used Timond suspected it was pretty boring. Ginger knew from experience sometimes they were "displayed" in the center, Mr. Timond said, "like works of art". What Mr. Timond didn't tell her was that there are very tiny cameras and microphones almost everywhere. The images and sounds captured in this thorough coverage were recorded and streamed to subscribers all over the outside world that the Brotherhood referred to as "Chaos". So to Timond, he was surveying one of the Brotherhood's tools for using it's chattel to offer pleasure to its members and associates here and far beyond.

What was difficult for even Timond to understand was that this inexhaustible and plentiful source of pornography provided the Brotherhood a lucrative income in earlier decades and had contributed to the Denali Brotherhood immense economic power. That generous and steady cash flow was invested primarily in the development of quantum computing, a position that Wilbur Sansferd Proddom would most likely have endorsed. This insightful investment now in the present had blessed the Brotherhood with the ability to negate almost all encryption and had led to the clandestine control of world money exchanges and unbounded access to the world's information flow. What Timond and his little strawberry blond trainee were looking at, was the key to the incipient subjugation of humanity through the reins of lust and greed, an endeavor that Wilbur Sansferd Proddom definitely would not have endorsed. Now with virtually unlimited financial resources it's most important function was to locate and recruit new aspiring Brothers and to entice an inexhaustible supply of future female chattel to be "liberated".

But for now Timond's immediate concern was the introduction of one new worker bee to the honey-filled hive called the Lounge.

Mr. Timond choose a small table on a balcony elevated up high above one of the coves, so they could not only look down into the cove which had a few teenage girls but also they could see more of the huge room beyond. Mr. Timond sat down on the bench that V-ed behind the table and Ginger knelt beside him on the floor and watched the girls down in the cove. They were just sitting. One girl clothed in a loose, pink gown was sitting below another girl in a black mini-skirt and black see-through top who was doing the hair of the girl in the gown. A third wearing red panties, a red lacey bra, red high heels and black stockings sat next to the pink gowned girl with her chin on the hair dressers leg. They looked almost sweetly innocent except that all three had collars glowing on the bottoms reddish pink, which Ginger knew meant that they were available for any kind of sexual service to anyone.

Talking nowhere in particular Mr. Timond said, “Bael, bring me a sinaka drink and bring a bitch special for the girl. The light on the table came on in a very slow pulse. Mr. Timond must have heard something in his earpiece because he answered, “No. Surprise me.”

Mr. Timond pointed to a large red and green doorway that could be seen behind the bar, “That’s the kitchen.” Ginger could just see through doorway, and, though some kind of light curtain or something made it kind of hard to see details, she could see a few girls, mostly pretty and small, standing at a counter. “Fluffers,” she thought to herself, “like I used to be. Now they’re going to fuck me.”

You’ll hear the kitchen call you when they need you to deliver something,” Mr. Timond said as he turned and pointed the other way, “or the bar will call you... or one of the men here will call you for service. You won’t have to worry about that tomorrow. You’ll be wearing all blue and that means they can’t use you at all, so you can get a chance to learn the job. It’s harder than it looks... I’m told. I don’t know, I’ve never done it.”

Ginger looked around the room. She could see several booths where men were talking to each other, and a woman or a girl, sometimes two, were standing next to them or sitting at their feet. In several of instances the females were giving the men blowjobs. At one rather large booth there were at least 5 men sitting at a table with girls between their legs servicing them, and Ginger could see a 6th man had a teenage girl or a young woman laid across the table banging her from behind. The girl was trying to hold on to the table from one side but the fucking was knocking her around. Mr. Timond looked at where she was watching so intently and smiling said, “Dessert.”

In less than a minute a naked boy carrying a tray of drinks came across the room. He was wearing a collar just like the girls and heading towards them. Ginger was shocked. Mr. Timond shook his head, “Sometimes I think that computer system has a sense of humor.”

The boy, a little older than herself, Ginger judged, sat the drinks down on the table. His penis was stiffly erect and wiggled when he walked. He said to Timond, “Will there be anything else, sir?”

No,” Mr. Timond answered.

What do you mean ‘sense of humor’, sir?” Ginger asked as Mr. Timond handed her a bright red colored iced drink.

Mr. Timond tasted his, then said, “The system asked if I had a preference of deliverers and I said no, ‘surprise me’, and it sent that boy.”

Didn’t you have to do what he’s doing, sir?”

Mr. Timond shook his head, “No, I never got into that much trouble. He did something pretty bad to get that punishment.”

You never got in trouble ... sir?” Ginger looked at him.

Not that much trouble, ... like seriously injure someone, ... or burn down a building, or let a bitch sit in a chair, or steal something big, or let a bitch read something, ... or murder somebody or something else serious. It’s called ‘getting bitched out’ and it’s one of the worst punishments they do to boys in the commune.” Mr. Timond put his hand on her shoulder, “You don’t have to worry about him though. Boys that are bitched out can’t fuck bitches cause it’s like they are bitches. If he fucks you or fucks up in some other serious way, they will make it permanent.”

Permanent, sir?”

They will transex him. Change his gender. Turn him into a real bitch. Permanently.” Mr. Timond thought for a second and looked down at her, “Remember that cow, Ivy you’ve seen around? Well, she’s a tran. She used to be a boy. His name was Ivan. When she was a boy, she did something weird, really bad. Nobody says exactly what, but it had something to do with a bitch. Her father was an important Brother. Somehow, when she was a teenage boy, she got mixed up in a bad way with a bitch. I don’t know what happened. Somebody said he taught her something or told her some big secret or something. Only a Brother would know the whole story. But the story everybody knows is that one day Ivan was taken away by some Brothers and eight months later we got a new Bitch named Ivy. Everybody knew who she was but the weirdest thing about the story was that even though Ivy was young, like 17, she was already a cow, an infertile cow.”

In fertile?”

It means she couldn’t get bred. Most bitches get to be mares first, then when they're not used for breeding anymore they become cows. It’s strange because she worked in the nursery feeding with those big tits of hers,” Mr. Timond shook his head.

"But Ivy looks pregnant. I mean she's got a really big stomach, I thought she was pregnant. You mean she's just fat?" Ginger looked at him confused.

"No, she is pregnant." Timond shook his head and smiled at her.

"What? You said she couldn't get pregnant?" Now Ginger was frowning. Mr. Timond had never lied to her before. She wondered if he was making fun of her. "You're lying to me. Are you just making fun of me?"

"You don't believe me?" Timond looked at first offended, then annoyed, "I Said she couldn't get Bred. She wasn't. They have some weird technology. The Brothers, they are like ... mad scientists. Brother Victor did a lecture on it. He's my science teacher. Before they change the sex, they make them fat, so they has a big stomach. Then they move some of the fat to their breasts, so they have tits. And they start pumping them full of hormones and they cut them. I mean cut their cocks off, see. And here's the thing. They uh ... harvest an egg, a zygote actually after a filly has been bred, then they implant the zygote into the trans fat stomach, and baboom! He's ... she's ... it's pregnant." Timond was obviously impressed, not only with Brotherhood genius but with his own knowledge.

"It means the filly's body and cunt doesn't get all stretched out the way breeders do, and the tran has a use, a functional use, Brother Victor called it. She serves the Brotherhood." Timond shook his head again. "Anyway I don't want be a ... trans pregger. It makes a guy more careful. Everybody gets in trouble once in a while but I like having a cock.”

Yeah, I bet you do,” she said with a half smile. Mr. Timond looked at her sharply. She added as if trying to finish her sentence. “Sir.” Then partly to distract Mr. Timond from his annoyance Ginger pointed to boy serving drinks. He was standing next to a man at the bar who was whispering into the boy's ear and fondling his cock so that now the boy had an erection. She asked, "So, does he get ... you know used? Fucked and stuff?"

"For sure. Some guys like that, you know, playing with a boy? Look. And he's just like you, he has to be a good bitch and do what he's told." He looked at her, "but it doesn’t interest me. The Reverend Sendd does special training with bitched out boys and has a team of men that like to assist him. I don’t know what's involved but I bet he prefers delivering drinks." Timond paused. "Or maybe not, I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out."

On the opposite side of the room from the elevator was a stage. Below the stage five females were on dildo-rod displays with their feet spread wide and their arms behind their heads. Ginger looked closely. It looked like their arms were bound at the wrists behind their head. It reminded her of her first night in this place. It must have been in one of the coves, little open pits like the one they sat above that ringed the great open area. Mr. Timond had displayed her on a similar dildo-rod stand, but unlike these girls' hers moved up and down. It proved to be the most difficult night of her life, that she could remember. Seeing them made her uncomfortable.

Will I have to do that, sir?” she asked looking at the women and girls on display.

No, probably not. Those are usually bitches that will be traded off later tonight. Drink your drink.” Mr. Timond said looking down at the girls in his cove.

Sir, will you trade me?” Ginger looked up at him.

No, but that is not a question about you working here. Remember what I said?” He looked down at her, “Now drink your drink. It’ll help you relax and be more ... receptive. You’re new here so if the regulars start noticing you, you’re going to get really popular. Everybody’s going to want to fuck you. Drink.”

She looked down and started sipping. Ginger had mixed feelings about “everybody fucking her”. Fucking was fun sometimes. Other times men, especially the boys, were mean and threw her around, and made her gag with "face fucking". She hated face fucking. Which reminded her, looking up, “I’m hungry, sir.”

Later,” he shook his head, “Nothing in your stomach except bitch special. Drink.”

Ginger was experienced enough now to know what that meant. Face fucking. She looked at the stage and took a swallow of her drink. She could see in another booth above the next cove an older girl, probably late teenage or early twenties, sitting astride the lap of a young man. The girl was bouncing up and down trying to get the man to cum but she looked like she was having a good time. Ginger thought it fun when she did that with Mr. Timond and the other boys. But yesterday, when she had to sit on Brother Samuel’s cock in his office, that was hard work. Really big penises burned. Ginger considered dicks. Big dicks are nice to suck, but difficult work to fuck. She took another drink.

Timond’s gaze followed a young girl delivering drinks to a table close to the stage. He clicked his tongue, “Bael, summon the bitch delivering drinks near the stage.” At this, the black table in front of him changed.

Mr. Timond, do you refer to this one?” Ginger could hear the building computer system’s voice coming from the table and saw Mr. Timond staring down at it. Out of curiosity she stood up and saw the black table had turned into a screen and a young girl about her own age was had a red aura around her.

Yes,” Mr. Timond answered, “If she’s not already requested, bring her here.” The table light went on and slowly pulsed again. Ginger could see even from the long distance the girl’s collar begin to flash at the same time. As she was sitting the drinks down on the table she looked up towards Mr. Timond. Ginger knelt back down on the floor, picked up her glass and put her hand on Mr. Timond's leg.

Mr. Timond looked down at Ginger. She took another sip from her glass. “Do you like it?” he asked.

She shrugged, “It’s ok. I don’t feel anything if that’s what you mean.”

Drink it all,” was all he said and he watched the other girl approach as Ginger took another drink. She heard someone coughing and gagging and looked down in the cove below when the teens had been lounging. Ginger realized that a large man with a big belly had joined the girls and one of the girls was now servicing him. The man had hold of her ears and was vigorously fucking the young teen's face.

When the girl arrived she spoke first, “Do you need anything?” She didn’t smile but she bit her lip a little.

You,” Mr. Timond answered tersely and patted his lap. She was wearing her brown hair in a ponytail wrapped in a green band and a thin green camisole that was so light it was somewhat see-through. She turned around and scooted back onto his lap as if afraid of her dress slipping up. Ginger guessed she was only a little older than herself and from her vantage point could see the girl was not wearing panties. Ginger considered whether she was a lousy bitch who hadn’t earned much or perhaps she had discarded them for convenience. She was not wearing shoes either. Ginger looked down envious of her red toe nails, thinking she would ask Mr. Timond about painting her toe nails. The girl slipped one arm behind Timond’s neck and hooked her hands together.

At the next table over, the man put down his drink and pushed the table a way a bit. The large room was not well lit, and Ginger and Timond saw for the first time there was a woman under the table with dark black hair and brown skin sucking on the man’s very erect penis. The man stood up and helped the woman get up. She was twenty something with pointy breasts. The man pushed her towards a railing that looked over the cove. The woman bent over the railing holding it tightly with her hands while the man pulled her underwear off and the pushed her legs apart. With little ceremony, he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind and holding her hips began to fuck her watching the action below them in the cove.

All three at Timond’s table watched the events unfold quietly for a few minutes then as if making small talk said to Missy, “How has your day been?”

The girl nodded a little, “Ok.”

Fuck much today?” Mr. Timond smiled, pleased with himself.

She only nodded affirmatively. Mr. Timond touched her collar, “Bael, how many men did this bitch fuck today?”

The table answered, “Bitch Missy had some type of sexual intercourse with approximately eight males since midnight. Seven of those interactions were in the Novum Lounge.”

Busy girl. ‘Missy’ is a pretty name.”

Ginger wondered if he was going to fuck her or talk her to death, and if so, where?

Mr. Timond stuck his tongue just slightly out of his mouth so both girls could see, then dropped it back in immediately. The girl leaned forward opened her mouth onto his for a long kiss. Ginger watched with a little longing. She didn’t like kissing every one, but she liked kissing Mr. Timond. They had spent some time practicing everyday and it was one of her favorite things to do, especially before he put her down at night. He would usually let her lay on his bed when he fucked her and they would kiss and play before he stuck it in. That was fun.

Mr. Timond was obviously fucking her mouth with his tongue, but the girl backed off a little, and with a slight smile brushed his lips to hers. Then she ran her hands through his short hair and kissed him very lightly, breathing across his mouth. She buried her mouth in his neck and sucked and licked. Then back up to fuck his mouth with her tongue.

Mr. Timond slipped his hand between her legs and pushed them apart. Feeling her pussy, sticking a finger in, he said, “Good.” Ginger assumed this meant she was wet, whether from desire or more likely from use.

She backed off again and asked, “May I play with your dick, please?”

Yehhh,” Mr. Timond answered.

The girl slid down between his legs and grabbed the pair of zippers on his leather pants and after a clumsy moment, pulled off the panel. She looked over at Ginger and gave a little smile and licked her lips while carefully caressing his cock. Looking back at it, she began to pump it lovingly. For being so emotionally flat at the beginning, she seemed really engaged now. Mr. Timond reached down and pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath and Ginger saw the girl’s tits were larger than her own. Mr. Timond reached down and started playing with them right away. Ginger knew he loved titties of every size, shape, texture and variety. He reached under her arm and pulled her up to sit on his lap again. On her way up the girl leaned over and took his whole cock into her mouth, sucking and wetting it as she pulled off. Then she popped up into his lap. He immediately bent in to suck and chew on a tit. The Missy breathed loud enough for Ginger to hear. Mr. Timond went back and forth for awhile as if he could not figure out which one he liked better, while the girl pumped his cock between them, occasionally wetting her hand with her spit.

Finally he pushed Missy back and said, “Show me some more of your cock sucking. Ginger, give Missy a hand, ... or rather a mouth, and suck my balls.”

Missy looked at her as she perched on her knees and gave her a big closed mouth smile to signal they would collaborate on this cumming. It was awkward for Ginger crammed under one of Timond’s legs, but Missy stayed out of her way and used her hand and mouth to give what Ginger knew was a really good blowjob.

Ginger got up to try to reposition herself. Timond was sitting back and watching what was going on around him. The man in the cove now had a different girl up on the table with her legs spread wide and high, banging her pussy. The man with the woman was still watching but had upped his pace, and appeared to Ginger to be looking to cum. Up on the stage a small boy whom Ginger judged to be only 7 years old or so was leading a Great Dane and a large breasted woman both on leashes to the stage’s center. There was a smattering of applause around the tables in front of the stage. The boy had a very long whip in his hand and began orchestrating some performance of the woman and the dog. At the boys command the dog lay down and the woman approached the dog’s belly in an attempt to suck the dog’s cock. Ginger could see where this was going. This place Mr. Timond called the Lounge was like a sex circus. “Back to work, bitch,” Timond looked down at Ginger and she dropped her head under his crotch again, trying to get all his balls in her mouth.

Timond enjoyed the oral ministrations of the two girls for sometime. He watched the performance on the stage as the Great Dane was serviced by the woman. The dog’s dick was so large and long it could be seen even from the distance of Timond’s table. Eventually the boy had the woman assume a bitch position and the Dane availed himself of her vagina. Ginger kept coming up from her task to see what was happening. She was oddly interested in the ‘performance’, but each time Timond would redirect her back to his testicles.

After a time he pushed Ginger out of the way and said, “Watch and learn little bitch. Bael, lower the seat back.” The back of the bench slowly tipped back to become a level surface. He gently laid Missy back on to the now flat, wide bench and pushed her right leg up closer to her stomach and slid in under her right leg over her left. Timond liked this position, especially when fucking in a public space, for several reasons but right now he wanted his bitch in training to practice fluffing in public. Ginger watched Timond fingered Missy’s pussy to assess its lubrication. Satisfied with its wetness he wrapped his left arm around her neck and shoulders and with his right hand, he positioned his cock at the cunt's entrance. Ginger always noticed that Timond like to watch his bitches’ faces as he first fucked his cock in. Once it was started he held her face to lick and fucked her at the same time.

Timond looked down at Ginger who was watching his cock fuck in and out of the girl. “Ginger, come up here and fluff her for me. I want to watch you suck her little titties.” Ginger looked around to see if anyone was watching. Most seemed uninterested, as if this were an everyday happening but there was an older man with a grey beard on the opposite side of the bar who was watching. She didn’t know why, but she liked this. Watching Ginger’s behavior, Timond said, “Bael, attend us with a spotlight please.” As soon as he said this, a light shot from high above them, pointed directly at them. Ginger looked around and now there were other people watching them. “Come on Ginger,” Timond said, “Suck this bitches’ titties for me.” Ginger looked at him, then climbed up in front of them onto the bench, put her mouth over one of Missy’s titties and began to suckle and used a hand to tickle and twist the other. It was important for Timond that he train his little bitch to perform as expected even when other’s were watching. And even with a small spotlight on them, she seemed to take to this readily, attending only to her obedience. He was certain, even though she was only 11 years old, he was training one fine bitch that he could be proud of.

Ginger worked on one titty with her mouth and the other with her hand, rolling it between her fingers. She could tell from Missy’s breathing that everything Timond and she were doing to Missy was sending the girl somewhere else. Ginger relished giving her pleasure. In a few minutes she moved up and began to kiss the other girl on the lips, not softly as Missy had done but rather fucking the girl’s mouth with her tongue at the same time Mr. Timond was fucking her with his cocky.

Everything about Ginger's behavior seemed to indicate she liked the attention of others. This was a special quality in a fine fuck bitch. And Mr. Timond was getting more heated now. He was ramming her cunt hard enough that his cock ring was frequently hitting or coming close to her clit ring and he could see wetness under the girl's collar. He seemed to really like watching Ginger kiss and sexually maul Missy. Ginger now had her hand down on the other girl’s pussy working on her clitoris. Ginger liked the feel of her man’s cock pounding into the pussy under her fingers. What’s more, the ring on Ginger’s finger touched the ring Missy’s clitoris and occasionally both girls could slight momentary wetness against the skin under their collar’s which gave them a brief warmth and feeling of hunger, a hunger not in the stomach, but lower in the crotch to be filled with much more than food, a hunger for sex. What made it even better was that both girls were getting the sensation of the drugs from their collars at the same time. Timond understood, and Ginger began to sense, that wetness was simultaneous. Ginger pushed the girl’s clitoris down against Timond’s ramming cock. She was feeling a need for it herself but this was the next best thing. Timond punched up hard and his ring touched the girl's clit ring and network must have chosen that to give them a burst of something really nice under their collars. Missy grunted when Timond's cock hit her cervix deeply. Ginger realized she was really beginning to like fucking. It was addicting. She liked to get fucked, she liked to watch fucking, she liked to smell fucking, she liked the things that led to fucking, like sucking. She realized for the first time in her very short life that she loved sex and it didn’t seem scary anymore. Painful sometimes and definitely uncomfortable sometimes and the fear never went away, but it even added spice. She wanted to tell Mr. Timond this right now. She knew he would be proud of her but it wasn’t the right time.

Ginger put her left hand behind the girl’s head and kissed her hard as Mr. Timond moved more over the girl to get more traction and was now banging her hard. Missy began to grunt into Ginger’s mouth. Ginger didn’t know if the other girl was feeling good or feeling abused but she now didn’t care. Mr. Timond wanted to cum. He slipped his hand behind Ginger’s head and said in his sleaziest voice, “Tongue fuck the bitch, Ginger.” Ginger felt like one of a team. They were fucking this bitch good.

Ginger backed off a few inches and said softly, “You’re so lucky to get Mr. Timond’s cum in your pussy.” She reached down and put her hand under the girl’s right knee and pulled it up more, “Give Mr. Timond more pussy now so he can fuck his cum in real deep.” Then she reached back to the girl’s clitoris and worked it again. This turned Timond into a fucking machine now and pushed into Missy harder rolling her over almost onto her side. After a minute or so, Timond grunted. The Missy held breath only releasing only some tight, high pitched sounds in time with Timond’s final banging fucks.

The girl's collar was pulsing red on top. As Timond finished he reached his bottom arm down under Missy’s ass and stuck his finger up into her anus. He could feel some throbbing so he was confident he had made her cum. “Good bitch,” he said smoothing first Missy’s hair then, Ginger’s. “Good bitches, both of you are very good.” After a few second’s pause he pulled his cock out and disengaged. “Ginger, clean around her cunt. Make sure none of that cum get’s wasted.” Ginger looked around, “Should I get tissues?” she asked looking at Timond.

Timond rolled his eye’s, “With your mouth, Ginger. Use your tongue.”

Missy was lying on her side so Ginger picked up her right knee again and kind of rolled the other girl over onto her back. She held the girl’s right leg out of the way and tried to lick around her vulva.

Just put your mouth over her cunt and lick it,” Timond instructed. As Ginger complied she could taste Mr. Timond. She didn’t feel anxious about urine or the other girl’s slim anymore. She felt like a good bitch.

When Ginger sat up Timond reached out to her and waved his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion and said, “Now clean my cock too.” Looking at Missy he said, “Bael, put the back to this seat up, Missy, you can go back to work, but your hair's a mess. Go find a mirror and straighten yourself up.” Ginger hopped to between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. The other girl drowsily roused herself up. They heard a click as it locked itself into position and at the same time Timond saw the girl’s collar begin to flash on one side. He looked across the room to that side and saw the bar and some men sitting beside it. An older man with a gray beard was looking at them and a small light was flashing in front of him at the same pace. Timond guessed that was probably her next john. The girl looked around for her dress and finding it, slipped it over her head smoothing it down. Timond noticed her bright red toenails. She had big feet compared to the rest of her. He guessed when she matured, she would be a tall, sturdy filly. The girl came toward him and knelt down. Ginger was still working on his cock so she went down to kiss Timond’s feet. “Thank you, sir,” she muttered almost unintelligibly, then rose and walked toward the bar.

Up on the stage the woman was under the Great Dane gritting her teeth. The dog was obviously too big for the woman to comfortably accommodate. The boy gave the woman’s legs a snap and commanded something, but Timond couldn’t hear what. He looked down at his girl who continued to lick his dick, “That’s good, Ginger. Finish your drink now.”

Ginger sat up onto her knees, "Mr. Timond? I love fucking. I looove it."

He looked down at her and smiled a little, but not saying anything. He smoothed her hair down and combed it with his fingers. It was messy too. "Drink," he said, nodding towards the drink.

She had forgotten the red drink. She reached for it under the table, wrapped her arm around Timond’s leg and looking down into the cove, and drank. The smallest girl in red lingerie was being led away by a tall man holding her hand. The other older girl’s in the cove were busy with men now. The girl in the pink gown was no longer getting her hair done, but was between the legs of a curly haired man with a mustache orally servicing him. The other girl was on her back, her mini-skirt pushed up and her legs wrapped around a blond haired man with big shoulders and arms who was banging her pretty firmly. Her hands were pressed against the wall of the next cove level in an effort to prevent her head from pushing into it. The big blond man looked like he would have an uncomfortably big cock but Ginger wanted to be her right now.

Timond looked down at the girl Ginger was watching. Now that she was under the man face up, Timond could see her better now and it appeared that she was Latina, probably a convert. Maybe she could speak English or maybe she only knew the important words. “She’s getting her taco stuffed pretty good,” Timond commented.

Ginger made a sucking noise as the last of her drink came through the ice, then sitting her glass down turned to Mr. Timond and asked, “Is anybody going to fuck me today?”

Timond shrugged, “I don’t know. Like I said when some of the regulars notice you they’ll probably want to play with you. But you're sitting here with me. The older girls do most of the servicing in the Lounge, Ging. But some men really like hebes your age. I can probably get permission for you to hang out in Cove 4. That’s usually where they put the hebes. But I’ve got stuff to do so I can’t hang around and supervise you today. You have to do exactly what you’re told and not be smart about it. If you get sent down to Behavior from the Lounge I’ll be in trouble too and I won't get my project for class finished.”

Ginger sat her glass on the table and looked up at Timond, “What’s a hebe? Mr. Kulki called me & Sabrina that too?”

Come up here,” he patted his thigh and Ginger quickly launched herself up and seated herself in his lap, “It just means that you’re not a little kid any more.” Timond stuck his finger between the labia and buried it inside deep enough that his index ring touched the ring in her clitoris. She exhaled and put her arm around his neck, kissing his cheek for a second. “Horny, aren’t ya?” Timond asked.

Yeh,” she answered almost inaudibly.

See you’re kinda in between. You get hornier easier than most girls your age,” petting her hair as he talked, “but you’re not old enough to do much with. You don’t have much booby. You can’t be bred. You’re a tight little fuck. I mean you're not a little kid and you’re gonna be really hot bitch some day but not yet. Don’t get me wrong, some men like hebes ya know. There are pedos who just like hebes and there are pedos who like kids and hebes. Some men, like Reverend Sendd, he likes ‘em all. He’ll fuck anything. But most guys like bigger and more confortable pussy.”

What do you like?” Ginger asked.

Timond shrugged, “I like you. I like fucking your ass. You have a nice little ass. And your cunt’s getting better. Brother Hammo measured your vagina as a D8 yesterday. That’s the reason we decided to introduce you to the Lounge. When big guys fuck you, it’ll hurt a little but it’ll be good for you. The real thing is better than Brother Hammo’s machines and even better than our practice sessions.”

You like girls like Fiona, don’t you? When Brother Samuel sent her down for you to use the other day and I was busy with Bucky, you got hard as soon as she came in. You told her to bitch up tight and pray and when you looked down at her you were like ...,” The 11 year old made a fist then flipped her index finger up. “Boinggg ... I saw that look.”

Yeh, I guess. I like a nice ass and nice full tits,” Timond shrugged again.

You came in her 3 times,” Ginger said putting her finger on his lower lip and trailing it down his chin the way she had just seen a woman at the bar do to the man she was talking to.

Uhh, you’re counting my cums now?” Timond pulled his head back and looked at her.

A young woman with long black hair and long legs wearing a very short black negligee walked behind their table on the way to some other table. Her breasts were large cones and pointed up at the end. Timond turned to watch her as she disappeared behind them.

See,” Ginger leaned toward him and playfully licked his ear.

Ick, don’t.” Timond looked at her and shook his head. “Bael, show me the Lounge review.”

The black table lit up with a list of names and pictures. Timond looked at Cove 5, often his favorite and zoomed in on Cadela. She was sitting beside a short husky man watching him get a blow job.

Bael, if she is not serving send bitch Cadela to my table.”

Acknowledged.” Cadela was a young woman, early 20’s with long black hair. Her collar lit up and without taking the stairs, she eagerly jumped up the levels of Cove 5 when she felt the collar’s vibration.

Timond looked at Ginger. Her face was so close to his she felt self-conscious and used her finger to assure herself that her nose was booger free. Maybe he would fuck her now.

Listen,” Timond spoke, “I’ll make certain it’s ok for you to stay in Cove 4, but don’t wonder around or talk to anyone unless they talk to you. I’ve got stuff to do.” He reached to a pouch on his utility belt and pulled out a tube. “Here lube my cunt and ass up really good and I’ll see if you can stay.”

Ginger pushed her thong down and spread her legs as far as she could without taking it off to squirt some lube between the lips of her vag, then smoothing it out. She pushed her finger in, "I'm already wet inside." Then she hopped up, turned and placing her hand on Timond’s shoulder bent a little to spread some lube on her anus with her finger.

Holding up the tube she asked, “Should I keep it, just in case?”

Timond took it and replacing it in his pouch, “No. Ask Bael to bring you some if you get that busy. Look.”

Cadela was walking up to the table’s rapidly flashing light which stopped flashing, then turned off. She knelt down in front of Timond as he spread his legs. She leaned forward and kissed his crotch. Looking up, “Suck?” she asked. Timond shook his head, “Stand up.” She rose and Ginger could see her long, thin but shapely legs under the red negligee. Her breasts were not large but pushed the see through fabric out nicely. Timond had used her many times here in the Lounge. She was listed in his favorites and he was notified each time she was available. Timond touched her red lips with his finger which she kissed then put her mouth over and sucked, pulling her tongue under it as she moved her head back. “See, Ginger? You don’t have to have big tits or a big ass to be sexy. But you just have to learn how.”

That’s all, Cadela,” he said, moving his finger down and along her snatch up to the little patch of hair she kept neatly above it. He played his finger the small patch of black pubic hair. “I’m training this one,” glancing at Ginger, then back to Cadela’s box, “Maybe I’ll glaze my favorite donut later, after I get some work done.” He looked up at her and winked.

Cadela responded with a pout, “I hope so. I’m bored.” Turning and looking at Ginger, “Ta Ta.” Then walked away towards the open toilet in the foyer that served as a women’s bathroom. Timond watched her bare feet thinking they made her butt wiggle all the more sexy.

Timond looked at Ginger who stood with her hand on his shoulder. “I’ll be here for a little bit. There is something I can work on here, but I’ll have to go before long. Sometimes some of the younger boys come up after their work sessions are finished. They’ll probably play with you.”

I hope some big hairy pedo comes by and wants a blow job,” Ginger stuck her tongue between her lips.

Well, he might want more than that. You just be accommodating and do what your big hairy pedo tells you to do, Ok? Now go.”

Accommodation is my middle name,” she answered pertly and tried desperately to make her butt wiggle as she walked toward the stairs that led down to the Cove 4 pit.

Timond watched as she hopped down each level of the pit till she was on the same level as the other girls. Then Ginger walked around the level till she was on the same side as them. The men who had been banging them were gone now, and the girls were cleaning themselves up, recovering from the hard fucking they had just received. The girl in the pink gown had the other girl’s black mini-skirt pushed up and was licking her vulva. That reminded Timond that he should have reminded Ginger of taking proper care of cum up here in the Lounge. It is considered proper etiquette for girls to attend to each other when they get sloppy, so they are not accused of disrespecting jism.

Bael, two things. Request permission for bitch Ginger to serve in Cove 4 this evening and give bitch Ginger an exhortation on the etiquette of girls assisting each other in respecting vaginal sperm seepage.”

Timond watched Ginger as she sat on the Cove’s almost lowest level dangling her feet over like a bench. The lower levels were broader and deeper, so that her feet dangled over without touching the next level below. She was intently watching the girls clean each other, licking the stray semen from the lips of each other’s vulva. They were slow and meticulous. He suspected that if he were to look at a close up video feed of their activities he would see they were spending an inordinate amount of time thoroughly “cleaning” the clitoris, but he didn’t see that as problematic since they had been accommodating to their previous johns.

Suddenly Ginger perked up and looked around. Timond smiled to himself. He knew the exhortation about proper behavior had started in her ear canal rings. It was predictable how she was always a little startled by “Satan” speaking to her. It made him wonder what she really believed about the voice. Did she believe it was a voice from a metaphysical spirit who watched her and guided her or did she know it was sophisticated man-made technology used to shape, not just her behavior, but her impulses? This led him to wonder if, from her point of view, there was really a difference. In her world, men were gods.

Bael’s voice came from the table, interrupting his thoughts, “Mr. Timond, bitch Ginger is now listed in the Cove 4 review and has permission to serve there at your discretion.”

Bael, show me the Lounge review again.”

At Timond’s command the table’s shiny blackness was replaced with a list of names and images that scrolled down its surface. Each cove was listed with pictures of the bitches and fluffers that were “lounging” there. He scrolled down to Cove 4 and opened it. Across the table spread a picture similar to what he could see live below himself, but from a different angle. There were several angles to choose from. Now the two girls were sitting next to each other giving each other little kisses, preening each other’s hair and giggling. He touched the sound symbol to listen.

He really messed up your ‘do girl. I spent like an hour on it, now it’s got to be done again,” the girl in the pink gown was saying. According the listing underneath her name was Jizzy. Weight 52.1 kg, height 159 cm Timond read the description her primary handler, Brother Samuel had written. She was a 15 year old convert who had been in the commune for 8 years and loved to give blow jobs. When not in service she is kept in the Brotherhood stable, making her technically a filly. This implied they may be thinking about breeding her, or perhaps already are. Timond knew she was pretty young to breed, but sometimes bitches are bred to “tit out” or “improve their spread” if they are physically immature. Sometimes young ones are removed from the pregnancy control pharmas then aborted before dropping the foal so their vaginas stay tight. Timond remembered seeing her several times before. He was pretty sure he had ridden her more than once but didn’t remember where or when.

Oops. There some cum,” said the mini-skirt girl pushing back some hair above Jizzy’s eyebrow and giving it a licking kiss. They both giggled again. According to the review her name was Delia and as Timond had predicted her accent was not perfect English. She was 17 years old and had been converted a little more than 2 years ago. Her height 162 cm, weight 54.4 kg and her primary handler was Brother Sulin. She had probably had been bought off the trafficking market or perhaps “collected” by men like Timond’s father.

Bael, schedule bitch Delia for me when she is available,” Timond spoke to the table.

Bitch Delia is available now. Should she be sent to you now?” the computer responded.

No, schedule her when I am not busy and she is available, after tomorrow.”

A request can be relayed to her primary handler Brother Sulin, but you are not busy now.”

Bael, I am going to be busy now. Schedule the bitch after tomorrow and shut the fuck up.”

There was not the usual acknowledgement. Timond would check later. He hit the audio symbol again to regain the audio feed from Cove 4.

Timond could hear Ginger now. Ginger sat a little more erectly, “Do you want me to help?” Apparently her exhortation on respecting cum was finished

That’s ok, little girl, we got it,” came Jizzy’s reply. Ginger slouched a little, looking around but not being able to see much except the older girls and the few tables above the cove.

Timond checked her online status on the description next to her name. There were already two men watching her, even though she had been listed only a few minutes. That’s a good sign, he thought. He also wondered what she would think if she understood that her image and everything she did was being purveyed across the “world wide web” in order for the Brotherhood to make collect some financial credit. What did Brother Samuel call it, ‘useful laundry’. Timond wasn’t certain what he meant but he knew it was about the chaotic world outside the commune where his father lives and works, and its ‘money’. Timond’s father on one of his rare visits to the commune had to tried to explain it to him. On his last visit his father, Brother Forneus, in real life, had referred to a great secret that would make “laundry” unnecessary but his father could not go into details because of the secrecy. This only made it all the more confusing since it seemed to Timond washing clothes would always be necessary and, anyway, what did that have to do with accessing bitches on a network outside the Denali commune.

But as to access, Timond suspected that Ginger would like the idea of being watched. He knew that he needed to be working on sorting data for his latest school project but he was also curious about what would happen with Ginger tonight. So before beginning work on his project he opened her review. He read what he had written as a description of “attractions”, the fact that she was a young, budding, eager to please, little fuck bitch. 36 kg, 149 cm. He lauded her tight pussy and nice round ass and ended with something about her baking your potato till its soft and creamy. He wasn’t sure that last thing worked but maybe it captured her cuteness and her passion for getting cunt fucked.

The girl looked up. Looking from the virtual Ginger on the table screen to the real one below he could see she was looking to see if he was still there. She gave a little wave and smile. Timond waved his fingers a little but doubted she could see him that well. She lay back stretching out her shapely legs and leaned an arm back on the level behind her. Timond knew she was trying to look sexy and replay some of the photo shoot that Zaki had done of her several weeks ago, but she looked like a kid pretending to be sexy. Suddenly she jerked a little, looked up at Timond then looked around.

Bael, I want to hear what bitch Ginger is hearing in ear canal rings,” Timond commanded of the building system.

Suddenly he was privy to "Satan’s words" to her. “... panties make you a sexy girl. I wonder what’s under those cute little panties.”

Because he was her primary, Timond could see current information on her review most others could not. Of the now three men on the web that were watching her, one had paid to have his words relayed. To Ginger, it was Satan speaking to her again, but this must have felt different and more personal in contrast to the usual exhortations on behaving as a good bitch.

Give us a little peak at that pussy, sweetheart. Show me what I like,” came Satan’s sleazy request. Timond could see the words scrolling after the ID, “BunnyFucker”. He wasn’t certain whether the words were typed or dictated. The tone of voice that Ginger and Timond always heard with "Satan" was speaking to her, but the man on the World Wide Web was now determining the script.

Ginger sat up and froze a moment. She looked around. Who should she be showing her crotch too? Which direction? She didn’t realize that she could be seen from about every angle. There were tiny high definition cameras all over with powerful digital zooms. Timond set his view to see what the patron was seeing, and it snapped in so close he could not even see her face. Her little titties could be seen on top of the screen through the thin fabric. The outline of her snatch was just a shadow on the red thong, now mostly hidden between her legs. After a moment of recovering from the surprise, she spread her knees apart.

Good girl,” Timond spoke only to himself.

Mmm, that’s better. Pretty little juice box,” Satan said with some electronic smarminess. “Looks like you’re a little wet tonight. Are you getting wet for me sweetheart?”

Now Satan was asking her a question. What would she do, Timond wondered.

Uuuh, yeh I’m wet. ... Where are you?” she asked uncertainly.

I wish I were there. I’d lick that sweet little puss then you and I would make a baby, sweetheart. Why don’t you pull those panties down for us and show your little pubbies? I want see if you have any fuss. Pussy fuzz is one of my favorite things,” Satan said to Ginger and Timond. Timond could see that scrolling message from BunnyFucker was a little different than Satan’s interpretation but faithful to the intent. The network’s system was more grammatical than BunnyFucker.

This time she didn’t hesitate. She dropped the thong so it was around her ankles and spread her knees wide like she was being examined by doctor, even leaning back against the level’s wall pulling the inside of her thighs apart. Now the view zoomed in very close to show, what Timond knew, was a perfectly smooth, hairless crotch.

He looked away from the screen and down into the Cove’s pit to see Ginger’s crotch lewdly spread which got the other girls' attention. They looked at each other and chortled. Then Jizzy snapped her fingers at Ginger. When Ginger looked up at Jizzy, over the audio Timond could hear Ginger say, “He told me to show Him.”

Jizzy nodded her head in understanding but held up an index finger showing it to Ginger. Then sticking out her tongue slightly, put the finger slowly into her mouth and sucked it. Extending her skinny legs out straight and pulling up her gown, she showed Ginger her uncovered pussy lips and languidly began to pull back the lips and massage her clitoris, then push the finger into the outer part of her vagina. At first Timond, didn’t understand what she was doing. When he looked back at the screen, Ginger’s crotch was still splayed across the screen.

But hearing Ginger, “But I’ll get punished.” Timond suddenly understood Jizzy’s intention. Looking up at the live Jizzy, she was shaking her head, “Not in the Cove. Not when you’re asked to show your nooky mouse, sweety. Show him why he wants it.”

Ginger was unsure a moment, then wet her finger and carefully touched her own bare muff. It was such a pleasant surprise that she wouldn’t get punished.

See? You’re doing it for Him, so it’s ok,” Jizzy reassured.

What ever you do for Satan is ok, Timond spoke to Ginger in his mind. "Bael, have Satan say this to bitch Ginger, "What ever you do for Satan is ok. You won't get punished for touching yourself in the Lounge."

There was no acknowledgement from the network but Timond could hear his words come from Satan, as could Ginger. Now Ginger really began to get into the self-touch. She kicked off her panties and tried to act like her role model. What’s more she found that she really could stim herself with impunity. In only a few seconds both Ginger and Timond could hear the man paying to speak to her through Satan again, “That’s my girl. Diddle my clit little slut.”

Timond could see Jizzy mouthing something when Ginger looked at her again. Then he could hear Ginger say, “I want to suck your cock.” It was terse but she was getting the idea. She played with her clitoris more, flipping it between two fingers. Then more languidly this time she said, “I really want to suck a big cock now,” and curled her tongue along her lips.

I will send a minion. Serve his every desire,” said the voice of the electronic Satan. Timond could see that the web patron had not said anything like that. He wondered what would happen next. Ginger was more excited now. She continued to play with herself but scanned around and looked up at Timond. She couldn’t see much from the cove pit.

Timond could see that the party of men and women who had been so busy before were gone and had been replaced with some young boys from Form 4 and a younger fluffer. They had her up on a bench in a doggy position and were taking turns fucking her. Timond thought perhaps some Brother who had been watching was going to order one or more of them to go to Cove 4 and poke his bitch but they remained occupied with showing off to each other and pounding the little girl, first in the cunt, then bitching her up tight in a crouch and pounding her ass.

After a few minutes Timond saw man who he had not noticed before walk down the stairs that led to the bottom of Cove 4. He had red hair and was a bit pudgy, probably in his early 30’s. He had no tattoos indicating Brotherhood. But he was wearing easy access pants like Timond and he pulled his crotch open to show a semi-erect cock to Ginger who suddenly sat up realizing it was for her. “On your knees bitch. Eat my cock,” Timond could hear him on the audio. Ginger jumped down and kneeling quickly kissed each ball and the cock’s tip as she was taught. Then she carefully fed it into her mouth holding its base in one hand and cradling his balls in the other. The man ran his spread fingers through her strawberry blond hair, pushing it over her ears. Then moving his hands down around each ear grabbed them and pulled her mouth into his stomach to bury his cock in her mouth. Fortunately for Ginger, it was not completely hard yet, nor very large but Timond still heard her gag a little and saw her move her hands to his thighs to steady herself.

Satan spoke again, “Fuck that little slut’s mouth.” Timond could see that another web patron had joined the conversation and was offering encouragement. This one was definitely typing because “mouth” was spelled “muoth” and “slut’s” was “sluz”.

Timond looked closely at the face of the man who was fucking the face of his little girl. He seemed familiar but not certain, he asked, “Bael, who the man handling bitch Ginger?”

The answer appeared the table’s screen: next to an ID photo of his face it read Taylor Spitz, IT specialist in web porn division. Makes sense, he thought.

Make me hard, bitch. You love nice, big cock don’t you?” the man had Ginger by the ears was slowly but deeply fucking her mouth now. Ginger seemed like she was trying to nod in agreement but her head was completely under his control. She gagged again.

Swallow little bitch. Don’t forget to swallow,” Timonds said quietly to himself. As Timond considered telling Bael to have Satan say this, a small girl, 12 years old, dressed in a small, white bustier and high white, nylon hose in white high heels cautiously worked her way down the balcony's stairs toward the cove's pit. She too was familiar. It was one of Ule’s converts. He and Ule had had a conversation about her earlier in the week, about how she had been emotional and difficult and had spent some time at the Center. They had broken her to ride and he was going to introduce her to the Lounge per the Center's recommendation. They had discussed if it was more advisable to bitch her out in kennel, and they had compared notes about Ginger, and ... what was her name? Different. Two syllables. The girl made her way down the stairs into Cove 4’s pit and sat down on the 2nd level from the bottom. She was no more practiced at walking in high heels than Ginger and seemed relieved to sit down. Folding one leg over the other and placing both hands on her knee, she looked like a professional waiting on an important meeting. Ironically true Timond thought.

Bael, Ule’s bitch is in Cove 4. What is her name?” Again Timond’s table screen updated to show “Miss Lily” 12 years old. She was older but lighter and shorter than Ginger. Something about her overt effort at self-confidence made her look more vulnerable. Timond looked around and saw that Ule was at a table on the other side of the same balcony above Cove 4. Ule gave a little wave.

Timond spoke, “Bael, send a fluffer down to the bottom of Cove 4 and also I want to speak to Ule. Connect us.” There was a beep and Timond heard, “Sure. Hey Brother Timmy. I didn’t expect to see you here tonight. I thought you were going to start yours tomorrow.”

Change of plans. Your little one looks good. I like the white hose,” Timond nodded.

Yep. Pedos like the ‘pretending to be grown up’ look. So I thought it was good snake bait. Looks like yours is about to get jumped.”

Actually Taylor Spitz was eyeing Ule’s girl as he moved Ginger’s head to lick his balls. His cock was hard and he looked to be considering who to fuck.

Tell you what. I’m feeling pedo tonight, looking at your bitch. I think I’ll get some a that and introduce myself to ... what’s her name again?” Timond ask as he stood up.

Miss Lily. I named her Miss Lily. Be my guest, brother. That’s what she’s here for,” Ule waved again.

Timond made his way down to the bottom of the cove and stood next to Taylor, looking directly at Miss Lily. A fluffer about 8 years old or so wearing a shear see through camisole had perched herself on the bottom bench of the cove and sat patiently waiting, her bare feet dangling over the level's side but too short to reach the floor. Without even looking at the fluffer, he pointed a finger at her, then snapped his fingers and pointed at his crotch. The little girl jumped down and said, “Yes, sir. May I suck your cock please sir?”

You may. Pull it out.” With evident practice, the little girl pulled down Timond’s double zipper and released his partially erect cock. She quickly kissed each ball and the cock’s tip, then grabbing the base fed it into her mouth to wet it. Timond never looked at the little fluffer, but rather stared into the eyes of Ule’s girl. He wanted her to know he was going to use her and that when he was hard, she would get a good dominating fuck. The cool air on his balls, the eager little mouth feeding on his crank, and his fists on his hips showing his firm control of the situation made him feel good and, despite the fact he had cum not too long prior, he quickly hardened.

Ginger was back to working on Taylor’s cock with her hands on the base pumping and her mouth on it’s head. She looked out of the corner of her eye at Mr. Timond and his conquest. Mr. Timond did not look at her but continued to watch Miss Lily who was pretending not to see him again.

Taylor Spitz took his attention from Miss Lily to Timond, then back to the girl.

Taylor cupped his hand and motioned with his fingers for Miss Lily to approach him. But as he did Timond put his hand on the man’s arm and said, “Sorry, brother. I got her reserved and I’m just about ready for her. Put in your reservation and you can have sloppy seconds.”

Taylor pursed his mouth, gave his head a quick shake and replied, “Nah, I’m gonna fuck this little cunt anyway. I like them a little younger.” Then he grabbed Ginger’s hair and pulled her head back. “Up on the bottom bench on your knees.”

Ginger bit her bottom lip a little, rose and turned towards the cove’s lowest level. Hopping up on it, she got on her hands and knees. This was really exciting. A man was going to fuck her on her first night in the Lounge, or at least her first night working the Lounge.

Taylor stepped up behind her and threw her skirt over her back to get it out of the way and get a good view of her genitals. On her knees doggy style, she was too high to fuck but her pussy was nicely displayed. He pushed and put his hands between her legs to spread her knees apart a little. Then he reached up to her vulva and violated it with a finger. The lips were bloated and his finger felt warm wetness. The 11-year-old blond was horny and ready for sex. He pulled his finger out and smelled it. It was a good smell, creamy like teen pussy and no evidence of other men’s cum. Just for the kicks he felt under the vulva and found her clit ring. He got it between his thumb and finger and pulled a little. The girl tensed but made no sound. Massaging it he pushed her hips to the side a little and said, “I found your clitty. You like that?”

Ginger trained to be quiet, made a barely audible, “Yes, sir,” assuming that’s what he wanted to hear. She kept her head low to show subservience and waited as the man played.

Shortly Taylor put his hand on her lower back and said, “Down. Get your ass down lower so can fuck it." Ginger hunched down lowering her stomach onto her thighs and put her elbows beside her head with her face buried into the shag floor.

That’s right. What do they call it? Bitch up tight? Bitch up tight for me, little cunt.” Taylor grabbed his cock and fed it between her legs to find the lips of her sex, and began to pump it up and in. He could feel the wetness and when he was sure it was lined up with her vaginal hole he thrust forward. The girl reacted with a grunt. It was not a huge cock, but he was a man, not one of the boys from Novum school. Taylor moved his hands to her shoulder and forced in deeper. When Ginger felt his cock forcing into her vagina she was relieved that she was going to get cunt fucked like a real woman, and not just be submitted to “sodomy” and "dommed" as Brother Samuel called it. She raised her face off the plush furry carpet and held her head up and said to reassure herself, but loud enough for Timond to hear, “Good bitch.”

Timond was pleased with Ginger’s behavior. He looked at Miss Lily again. She still sat with her back very erect and her hands on her knees. Her hair was parted over to her right side, with dark eye shadow and red lipstick. The white hose set off the skin tone of her bare high thighs nicely and emphasized smooth shape of her legs. Timond was sure she was proud of that. For a 12 year old, she had excellent confirmation. She looked around as if there was something else to see beside as a little girl getting fucked and another man getting a blowjob from a little kid. Timond pushed the little fluffer’s head away from his now erect cock and he said to the fluffer, “Up on the bench, on your knees and display for me.” The little girl was disappointed that he wasn’t going to cum but she would do her best to please him by hopping quickly up on the cove’s lowest level and showing her blue thong.

Up one level. Kneel and display there,” Timond pointed to the level above Ginger.

Then he looked at Miss Lily and snapped his finger and slapped the lowest bench next to Ginger and her copulater. The little girl responded with renewed composure walking to the levels edge.

Bitch up tight, just like her,” Timond commanded. The girl looked down at Ginger and almost delicately got on her knees beside her. Then just before she bent over she reached back and released a snap on the bottom back of her bustier. It’s crotch fell off and both her anus and pussy became accessible. She hunched over her knees like Ginger and now reached under herself to the front of the crotch to release the front snap and carefully lay the bustier's crotch between her and Ginger. She put her face into the very shaggy carpet and putting her hands next to her head. She no longer looked like the elegant young woman, but now like a slave waiting with her sex now crudely on display.

Timond didn’t bother to check her wetness. He lined up his cock and thrust forward into her cunt. Then he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head up. Looking to the side, he said to Taylor, “Last one to cum is a dog.” He heard Lily suppress a squeal. He was sure it hurt but fucking the haughtiness out of a bitch always made him cum faster.

The little fluffer kneeling on the level just above Ginger and Miss Lily watched Taylor intensely. When she saw him look at her the 8-year-old held her eyes to his and moved her tongue across her lips like some horny professional whore. Timond watched her and tried to remember who her primary trainer had been. He remembered playing with her before, for certain in trainings that involved Form 3 girls but he couldn’t remember who else worked with her. With her eyes still on Taylor, she slid her hand up her thigh, stomach and across her flat tits then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it wet. Next she inserted it into her vagina a little ways.

What’s your name, little bitch?” Taylor asked the little fluffer kneeling on the level above Ginger and Lily.

My name’s Rosie, sir,” she answered.

You like to fuck, Rosie?” Taylor asked as he rooted into Ginger’s vagina.

No, sir. I mean my daddy doesn’t let anybody yet cause I’m too little. That’s why I’ve got a blue thong, see?” she pulled the top of her thong up a bit to display it.

Show me your pussy,” Taylor said to the little fluffer.

Rosie went up on her knees and pulled the thong down, then rocked back on her butt and removed it. She slid over closer directly above Ginger and sat on her knees again in a well trained display.

I like little pussies, Rosie. When your daddy lets me, I want to fuck you someday,” Taylor said as he awkwardly leaned forward to spread the outer lips of Rosie’s vulva as he continued to pump into Ginger.

Ok,” Rosie said agreeably. Then as an after thought added, “Thank you, sir.” When the building computer network heard this clear compliance it issued a somewhat random reward.

Timond was watching the little girl as he fucked Miss Lily. He could see Rosie must have felt a little momentary wetness under her collar. The collar was directed by the monitoring software of the building network to release what Timond guessed was a tiny bit of cocaine derivative and a tiny bit of OZ in glycerin solvent to be immediately absorbed by the little girl’s skin. This was followed by her feeling really good for a second and perhaps Rosie even felt a little horniness, though he also guessed an 8 year old probably wouldn’t recognize horniness. Narrowing her eyes just slightly, the little girl repeated, “Thank you, sir,” and spread her knees a little farther apart to give Taylor more access. Timond wondered if this was a conscious or unconscious impulse. Either way Rosie definitely wanted the feeling to continue.

Rosie, hop up there and get us a couple of those cushions,” Timond indicated some cushions laying on a higher level of the pit.

Yes, sir,” the little girl answered as she hopped up again and climbed the levels to grab the cushions, then hopped back down each level to Timond and Miss Lily. “Where?” Rosie looked at Timond. Without answering her reached up and grabbed one dropping it next to the his copulation partner.

Pausing his fucking for a second, he leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Work with me now little bitch. I want you on your back on the pillow and I want you to milk my cock with your pussy the way they trained you at the Center. We’re gonna fill this cunt with cum.” As he stood up, he pulled his penis out and pushed her shoulder opposite the cushion to roll her over on to it.

Timond grabbed a foot to help her roll over and swung it to his other side. Now Miss Lily was on her back on the cushion and Timond was between her legs. “We don’t need these,” he took a moment to pull off her white high heeled shoes and dropped them to the floor.

Taking this as a cue, Rosie put the other pillow next to Ginger and knelt down on the level above her with her knees spread again showing pussy to Taylor.

Timond pushed his dick into Miss Lily’s vagina again, pressing it all the way. “Ok, work with me now. Milk my cock.” Timond was looking at Miss Lily but spoke loud enough for Ginger to hear.

Taylor watched Miss Lily taking it as he rabbit-fucked Ginger. After a short time he decided he wanted to see his fuck partners face too, so he jerked his penis out and slapped an ass cheek. “I want you on your back too. Roll over,” he said pushing on her side. Ginger reached down and put her hand over her pudenda. Her tummy was aching from the hard fucking. Looking to her side, she saw the cushion and tipped herself over onto it. Taylor centered her ass on the cushion, pushed her thighs up and apart. He pulled her hand off her crotch, grabbed the other hand by the wrist and held them to the floor next to her head to start banging her cunt again. He was pleased with the height and position and was getting really good penetration of her little vagina.

Ginger made an “oooo” sound followed by “ooh, Mr. Timond?” but held her legs up and did not complain. Timond looked at her for a second, giving her subtle glare, that Ginger knew meant hush, then he put all his attention on cumming in his fuck bitch. Miss Lily’s face was vacant and her eyes closed. Timond fucked her harder to try to get some reaction. She drew her mouth up tight but made no sound. “Look at me, bitch” he demanded. She opened her eyes but looked away. “Eyes on me, bitch,” Timond said reaching down and grabbing her mouth to direct her face to his. “Focus on the man who's using you.” Her eyes narrowed and came to his. He began to feel his balls tense up and in just a short time he started to cum and grunt. He pounded his cock all the way to the back of Miss Lily’s cunt to deposit it. Her brow began to wrinkle and heard a high pitched moan cum from the girl’s mouth under his hand.

He held his cock in until his orgasm stopped convulsing. Looking to his side. Taylor still had Ginger by the wrists fucking her quickly. “Fuck that bitch, dog,” he said pushing Lily’s legs off himself and clapping Taylor’s back.

Backing off, he realized for the first time that there were two men behind him waiting for their turn for these younger girls. Tonight was a good night for pedos apparently. “She’s all yours buddy,” Timond said looking at the men.

I think she’s crying,” Rosie said looking down at Miss Lily whose was now rolled up in a fetal position on her side. Timond couldn’t really see her face but it did look like her back was heaving a little.

He looked up and could see Ule whose attention was on her. He put his hand on the white hose of her shin and pulled a little to direct her back onto her back, “Come on. I got your pussy all lubed up now. Next ones gonna be easier. Come on.” But she didn’t move. Timond looked up at Ule to make eye contact, raised his hand and pointed a finger down at the girl raising his eyebrows. The bitch had already spent time at the Center. They did some of the best female training in the world. It looked like Ule might have a problem.

Timond did not want to help right now though because his school project was getting later by the minute. He looked at the 8 year old fluffer and snapping his fingers, got eye contact. “Clean me,” he said tapping his pubic hair above his penis.

The girl jumped down between Ginger and Miss Lily, then down to the bottom floor in front of Timond. She was so short she couldn’t kneel but she crotched down and took the base of his cock in one hand and began licking it. She quickly concluded by sticking it in her mouth as far as she could and sucking as she pulled her head back, the penis emerging with a little pop sound. Then she immediately stuck her nose to the base of Timond’s cock and balls and rooted her nose ring against his cock ring.

Hey, cut out the nuzzling,” Timond barked and snapped the side of her head with the fingers of his hand. “Didn’t your father teach you not to do that?”

My daddy said it was ok if I’ve been a good girl,” she said in a whiney voice, “I’m sorry.”

Tell your father I said he should talk to a Brother about his girls nuzzling,” Timond said sternly. The thought occurred to him, that when he becomes a Brother, he could pay this man’s home a visit and have an authoritative conversation. But right now, he had other concerns.

Zipping up his pants, “Ginger, I think you might have a couple more johns here when Mr. Spitz finishes with you. I’ll take a break in a couple of hours and call you, to feed you. Be a good bitch, and do what you’re told.”

He heard his ward grunt in acknowledgement, “uuh huuh” in rhythm with her fucker’s rooting. Taylor pushed her knees closer to her chest and leaned in to fuck her cunt deeper. It looked to Timond like he was about ready to cum. "We'll take good care of her," Taylor giving her some hard slams.

One of the men waiting had his erect cock out and was trying to get Ule’s girl to spread her legs. When this failed he moved up behind her butt to stick her from the rear. The girl screamed and kicked her legs out. Timond looked up at Ule who was already on his way down. Timond judged it best if he let Ule handle this. Ule could always call for muscle if he needed it and Timond had school project deadlines to meet. Dealing with some whacked out bitch wasn't what he needed right now. Timond made his way out of the cove and back to his room.


by Alexander Martin


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