DB Day 22 After the Ceremony

2046 The Denali Brotherhood

by Alexander Martin

Day 22 - After the Ceremony


Story codes: Mdom, Mg11, ped, nosex

WARNING: The events and characters of this story occur in the year 2046 and are absolutely true. This sad, sick tragedy will inevitably unfold just this way, unless of course, you manage to learn something from it and nurture some compassion for the contradictions of the human condition.


Summary: Timond, Zakila, and Ginger are still in the chalet after fucking in the new convert. They have a serious conversation.


Apos : the name used to address and command Brother Zucht's chalet building computer network

Timond (Timmy): 17 year old boy, a natural

(naturals were born from cult females)

Ginger (Karen): 11 yr old girl, a convert

(converts are people who were not born into the cult)

Katlyn Becker : one of the daughters of Jason Becker, a family converted

Zakila: 20 year old by, Timond’s friend

Brother Zucht : Lounge and kitchen manager and the primary custodian of the Chalet


#2326 Day 22 at 11:50 Brother Zucht's chalet - level 2 Body care room

It must have been a half an hour later that Zaki entered the same body care room as Timond. Timond was still in the shower, water running down onto his crotch washing a shampoo of suds from his crank.

"How you doing?" Zaki asked as he turned on another shower and pushed a button on a dispenser of soap.

"Fuck! What was that? Was that a pepper? That burned like hell! It's still burning!" Timond replied.

"Yep, the heat of Satan's passion. That's what the Brothers tell ya. Shit! I hate these things. I didn’t want to tell you before because it would have just made it worse. But next time ..." Zaki was sudsing his on penis voluminously.

"Next time I'm gonna take a pass on that honor. Fuck! They're nuts. And that poor girl!" Timond looked down at Zaki's soapy dick, "Did he do that to her mouth too?"

"Yep. And the worst is, he's fucking her cunt the same way."

Timond shook his head as he collected another handful of soap from the dispenser, "What do they think that will accomplish besides terrifying her?"

Zaki shook his head too, "I don’t know. Tradition was all Brother Zucht would tell me. I tried talking to Brother Samuel about it and he said there was a lot of things I wouldn’t understand unless I became a Brother. He also said, I can't remember how he said it, but it was sort of indirectly, that Brother Zucht gets off on it. Every time I have been "invited" he was the ... the I don’t know what you would call it, the last in line guy? ... the cunt man? And he really drags that out. That's what he's putting the bitch through now. Shit. It's like something Old Raspy would find fun." Zaki pulled the hand sprayer down and rinsed the soap off his dick. "If you find there's a next time and you have to do it again, try to be #2 and do the mouth. I think it doesn’t burn quite as much and I think it doesn’t hurt the sorry convert bitch as much." He punched the dispenser for more soap. "Still burns like hell though," he said working up his next lather.

"Tradition! You know there's a lot of stuff we don’t do anymore that we used to do and call tradition but we stopped cause it was stupid. I mean I remember Brother Cigala telling us in biology class about how boys used to have to kill dinosaurs to become men. He called it coming of age. I started thinking about when they made me take a spelling test before I finished my light circuits training. I mean, who has to spell anymore? I tried to argue with the Brother and he said, tradition, son, tradition."

There was the sound of a door slamming in the adjoining room. The boys listened.

"Brother Zucht?" Zaki called out but there was no answer. The young men went back to their cycle of soaping and rinsing.

"Damn, I've been in here, I don’t know how long, and I can't get rid of this burning," Timond said examining his penis.

Zaki said turning the sprayer colder, "So there's a rumor that we were invited because they might bring the bitch we just fucked into Novum and one of us might get picked as her trainer. It'll probably be you cause you're gonna be sending Ginger off pretty soon. So, anyway if she's put in the Brotherhood stable there's talk of turning her out as a lottery bitch."

"Where'd you get this?" Timond turned his colder too.

"Can't say but if it happens you n I might get first fucks, buddy! And another thing, I have been advised that if I join the Brotherhood, that I'm gonna win. That's just between you and me."

"And me. Where are you sending me? How long will I be there? Who's going with me?" Ginger was in the washroom doorway.

"Ginger! How long have you been there?" Zaki froze looking at her.

"How did you get down here?" Timond voice was incredulous.

"They let me go to the bathroom and I thought I would find you. The elevator let me go so I thought it had to be ok. Mr. Timond, where are you sending me?"

"Ginger ... you don’t worry about it. You can't concern yourself with these things. That is my job. I'll make sure you're ok." Timond didn’t have his usual confident sound.

"Apos, extinguish bitch Ginger's hearing." Zaki said loudly.

"This system does not have this authorization," came a voice echoing through the shower room.

Zaki looked at Timond and raised his eyebrows, "Really?"

"Yeh, really," Ginger smiled at Zaki. "Here let me help... sir." She walked over to Timond and took his soapy shlong and the hand sprayer into her hands. She dropped down to her knees and rinsed it off.

"Ginger, you're going to get wet and you shouldn’t even be down here. If Brother Zucht walks in we're all going to be in hot water," Timond said as Ginger released the hand sprayer.

"I hope so. This is freezing." Examining it close up, "It's all red." She put her mouth over his cock and sucked it in.

"Ginger ..." Timond didn't finish his sentence. He looked at Zaki who smiled at him.

"Uh ... Ginger ..." Zaki started to explain but Ginger pulled her head back.

"Shit! What's that? Is that what you meant when you said burning?" Ginger said looking up.

"Yeah," Timond said reaching under her arm and pulling her up.

"Wow. That poor bitch. You fucked her with that stuff on Mr. Timmy?" Ginger looked at him with disbelief in her eyes.

"I know Ging. I already know. I didn’t have a choice. They don’t ask you. They tell you what to do. You know that." Timond looked down at his pink penis. It was bright, almost red. "And I don’t think it's ever going to stop burning. I kind of deserve it."

"Poor Mr. Timmy. Probably won't be able to fuck anymore," she turned the side of her mouth up in smart aleck smile. Looking down at it, "We need oil."

"What? Why oil?" Zaki asked.

"I don’t know. Something I remember. Something about a grandmother and ..." Ginger looked at Timond in the eyes. "I gotta go for memory treatments again, right?"

"No, I don’t think so. But we don’t have any oil," Timond said sadly.

"Apos, we need ... uh ... vegetable oil?" Ginger said loudly.

"Mineral oil is safe for ingestion," echoed a voice and drawer pushed out of the wall on the other side of the shower.

Timond and Zaki looked at each other. "We could get in trouble with this," Timond said tentatively.

Zaki looked at Ginger, "Ginger, was anyone else in the dressing room?"

Ginger shook her head and hopped over to the doorway to peak out. "Nope." She went to the drawer. "Mineral oil? Sit down there." She pointed at a bench along the shower wall.

"Ok, but don't do that anymore, Ginger. If we need something Zaki or I will ask for it. Got that?"

Ginger nodded her head then sat in the middle of the bench. Putting the oil bottle between her legs she patted the bench with both hands, "Sit."

Zaki started to sit down but Timond grabbed his arm. "Please sit ... sir," Timond said looking at Ginger.

Ginger rolled her eyes, "Please sit, sirs." Then cocked her head a little and smiled.

Zaki shrugged and sat down. Timond followed him.

While Ginger opened the bottle and poured a generous amount onto each cock, Timond looked at Zaki, "The network in this building doesn't know she's a fuck bitch. Did you see that? That's how she got down here."

Ginger sat the bottle on the floor, grabbed a cock in each hand and began to pump.

"Yeah, I guess. We all could get in some trouble here. Be careful, Ging." Ginger made no reply but watched their dicks get stiff. Zaki took Ginger's chin and repeated, "You be careful here, so we don’t get problems."

Ginger moved her hand from his cock to his hand on her chin, and grabbing it said, "I'm always careful for you, Mr. Zaki." Then gave his hand an audible kiss and went back to pumping his heavily lubricated dick.

Zaki returned a half smile and put his arm around Ginger resting his blessed hand on his friend, Timond's shoulder. Both boys watched their precious penises for a minute then Zaki continued, "I hope your mother was right," Zaki said relaxing his head against the shower wall.

"Grandmother," Ginger corrected as she relaxed her head against his arm.

"What's that ... gandmother?" Timond asked as he relaxed with them.

"Your mother's mother," Ginger explained as she continued to pump the two oily penises. "My mother's mother, I guess. Or was it my father's mother? I don't know. He didn’t leave me much of anything to remember." She sounded sad.

"You mean Brother Samuel?"

"I guess. I don’t even remember much about that," she said as she continued the pumping. Then looking up at Timond, "Will I remember this place? Will I remember you and Mr. Zakila?"

"Not much good to remember here, Ging," Timond said.

Ginger shook her head, "You don’t understand anything, sir. You don’t understand when they take away your memories, good or bad, they take away everything. They take away who you are."

"You shouldn't have to remember the two assholes who tortured that girl," Timond said slipping his arm over Zaki's around the back of her head.

The 11 year old suddenly stood up and turned around. "You don’t understand. It's not what you do." She put her oily hands on their chests. "It's who you want to be... and ... and why... in here. Like ... who you love. Who you love makes you who you want to be.

"I don’t know. It's all confused because I don’t remember who I wanted to be or who l loved." She slid her hands down, turned and sat down again.

"You two took care of me. I took care of you two. I want to remember that." She picked up their cocks and started to pump them again.

Zaki's cock was starting to get seriously erect. Ginger looked down at it.

"You know what? I think it's working. I think the oil is making it feel better." Zaki said.

"Or something," Timond scooted closer against Ginger.

Ginger worked both dicks faster. "ooo I love these cocks. I suck and fuck so many cocks every day but these two are my favorites. Ooo oo oo oo ..." She was jerking faster.

Timond turned toward Ginger and put his ring finger between her legs. She moaned a little. Slowing, she closed her eyes with her head back against the two arms. "You guys are the only ones who do that for me. I don’t understand why everyone else is so mean. I do everything I'm told to do. And more sometimes." She spread her legs a little more, putting one over Timond's.

At that moment there was the sound of a door opening in the next room. Shortly Brother Zucht face appeared in the doorway. "Ah! There you are. You missed the last best taking, boys. Her hot little pussy now belongs to the Brotherhood. I can see you two are getting ready for more." Ginger opened her eyes. Zaki's dick was rigid and Timond's was stiffening as well. "If you go nail her again soon, you can still feel the heat. Don't you love it?" Brother Zucht's cock was bouncing up and down as he talked. It was a bright, red spire.

"Actually, sir, we probably should be getting back to the school. I have training obligations, There is going to be three fluffers waiting to be taken to the kennels," Timond stood, his cock slipping out of Ginger's hand. "We should get going." He turned and grabbed the hand that had been jacking him. "Come on, bitch. Zaki and I can take turns fucking you in the car. It'll give us something to do during the trip."

Ginger almost pulled on Zaki's cock as she was pulled up off the bench. Zaki was surprised but he recovered and pulling his feet back began to rise. "Yeah. I have stuff on my schedule too. I guess we better go. I need to go up and get my bitch."

"No, no. Brother Samuel's going to keep her here tonight Becker wants her and there's some other Brothers that will be here later. You can take that one. But we want the older one."

"Ok, sir. Whatever you say. We'll say goodbye, now." Zaki gave a wave.

"Ok, but you're going to miss the entertainment." Brother Zuckt shook his head. "There's more to come boys. You'll wish you'd have stayed." He gave a little laugh as he began to pull off his clothes for a shower.

When Zaki, Timond and Ginger were in the hall the door slid shut behind them. "Which way is out?" Timond ask as he turned his head first one way then the other.

"I don’t know. What's the rush?" Zaki asked.

"This way," Ginger started walking down the hall. The young men, paused in surprise, looked at each other, then bolted after her.

"I feel like ... like we're ... not being watched, I guess," Timond volunteered in answer to Zaki's question.

"Not being watched?" Zaki felt some confusion. "You mean being watched?"

"No, I mean this just isn’t something I understand. I think we should get out of here before we get into some serious trouble. Maybe ... I don't know ... maybe it's a test," Timond answered as they walked quickly behind Ginger. They passed a couple of doors, then turned into a foyer and there appeared to be an elevator. "Open," commanded Timond. Nothing happened.

"Open," Ginger tried, and the door quietly slid open.

"Freak," Zaki said then charged into the tiny room.

They both looked at Ginger. "Take us to our car?" Ginger said questioningly. They felt the elevator move.

"Freak," Zaki repeated

"You know, we don’t have any clothes. I'm kind of used to it, but you guys are going to look funny walking into the school like that." Ginger pointed at Timond's cock.


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