DB Day 22 - Converting Converts

2046 The Denali Brotherhood

by Alexander Martin

Day 22 - Converting Converts


Story codes: Mdom, Mg14, ped, reluc, DS

WARNING: The events and characters of this story occur in the year 2046 and are absolutely true. This sad, sick tragedy will inevitably unfold just this way, unless of course, you manage to learn something from it and nurture some compassion for the contradictions of the human condition.


Summary: Jason Becker, in voluntarily converting to the Brotherhood, has also volunteered his family for conversion, including his 14 year old daughter, Katlyn. Timond and Zakila join Brother Zucht in a traditional "First Fuck Submission" ceremony that will show Katlyn Becker what it means to serve to the Brotherhood.



Apos : the name used to address and command Brother Zucht's chalet building computer network

Timond (Timmy): 17 year old boy, a natural

Gatinha : 13 year old blond convert (Zaki is primary trainer)

Ginger (Karen): 11 yr old girl, a convert

Katlyn Becker : 14 yo, one of the daughters of Jason Becker, a family converted

Jason Becker : father of Katlyn and 3 other daughters and two sons

Khan: 19 year old Thai visiting boy, excellent English

Reverend Sendd: minister of the Brotherhood of Denali

Zakila: 20 year old by, Timond's friend

Brother Zucht : 7th floor Lounge kitchen manager and the primary custodian of the Chalet


#2326 Day 22 at 10:00 on the Novum school shipping dock

Timond and Zaki climbed into the autonomous car. They were followed by their current trainees. Ginger followed Timond and Zaki was followed by Gatinha, a thirteen year old wearing a white see-through blouse open in front with a string bottom, high-heeled shoes and white hose. Next Khan came in followed by his tall statuesque blond with opulent breasts.

"I forgot to ask, does anyone have to pee?" Zaki asked. All the girls shook their head. "Ok, you know the sign when you need to. This is a celebration for a converted family so you're expected to be very good role models."

"So what does this mean 'converted family'? Are we going to their home?" asked Khan as he pushed his girl down in front of him to the floor of the A-car.

"No, we're going to Brother Zucht's chalet. The chalet's are outside the grounds a few kilometers. The father is joining the commune and probably going to become a Brother. If he has any boys, they'll probably attend Novum. They will stay in the chalet for a while, maybe a few days, maybe more preparing for the conversion ceremony. We're going to help orient them and do some preliminary training with his son and daughters. Zaki and I thought you'd be interested in how we bring in men and their boys and ... what do they call their stables ... families?," Timond explained.

Zaki's girl was sitting on the floor in front of him. She sat on her long, slim but shapely legs and looked over at Timond. He looked at her long legs with some longing. "Zaki, we've got a while and I want to be ready when we get there. Do you mind if your girl does a little fluffing on the way?"

Zaki shook his head, "Be my guest. Gatinha, service," pointing to Timond's crotch. Ginger crawled out of the way and the two girls switched places.

Zaki looked that the A-car's small control screen, "Bael, send this car to the Brother Zucht's Chalet."

"It is advised that all occupants secure themselves safely with the provided seat belts. Proceeding to the Reach Chalet administered by Brother Zucht," the car responded as it began to quietly lurch into motion.

The young men ignored the car's seatbelt warning and relaxed into their seats.

Gatinha grabbed Timond's leg to balance herself. Timond put his hand behind the 13 year old's head and tapped his zipper. The girl leaned towards his crotch and opening the zipper, stuck her tongue out a little and pulled his dick into her mouth. Timond watched her for a minute, admiring her thin legs and delicate toes. He pulled her hair back to see the shape of her ears that were ornamented by tiny diamonds in her lobes.

The A-car wound between some buildings then descended into a tunnel and sped up with the tunnel's lights flying past the inhabitants. It slowed for a few turns then after a few minutes the road emerged from underground and emerged into a more cheerful tunnel of trees. Looking back the young men could see nothing but trees and the tunnel entrance closing. The girls, from their low vantage point in the car could see almost nothing out the windows except sky and an occasional tree top flying by.

The men discussed the geography and terrain of the land around the Denali commune and their rare experiences seeing it. Khan told a little about the Thai commune but he seemed no more experienced with the people and places outside it than Zaki or Timond.

Timond continued to enjoy the girl's oral ministrations, but he leaned his head back against the headrest and watched the scenery. His venturing outside the commune was rare and novel and exciting. Occasionally a scene presented itself of an open meadow between the trees or a small lake reflecting the sun. Once as the road bent around a treeless hillside a large mountain loomed on the opposite side of a forested valley.

Ginger's attention was on Gatinha kissing and licking her handler's testicles. The girl began a massage with her fingers and moved her mouth to the base of his penis. Ginger thought she should be more aggressive and pay more attention to the cock's head but to avoid disturbing the men's chatting, she did not offer advice.

After a bit, she put her hand on Zaki's knee and looked up at him. Looking down he smiled at her. "Would you like me to do anything for you, Mr. Zakila?" she asked politely. Zaki looked at her and brushed her cheek with the back of his index finger. After a few seconds thought he answered, "Sure. I want to be ready too. Why don't get me good 'n hard? We're going to be here a while longer." She pulled down his zippers, kissed his genitals politely, and began a demonstration to any willing to observe how a proper oral servicing should be done.

The car traveled for what seemed like a long time. The men continued chatting as Gatinha and Ginger continued licking and sucking. Khan's girl leaned her head against his leg and watched the other girls, finally closing her eyes.

#2326 Day 22 at 10:40 Brother Zucht's chalet underground entrance

The A-car finally slowed as it rounded a bend overlooking a large low structure with a wooded stream below. "Wow. This is how Brothers live," Zaki said with a tone of admiration. As the A-car approached the chalet they could see it was much larger than the earlier view had indicated. The car came to a stop on a yellow parking grid and in seconds the entire parking space began to lower itself under ground level. Through the car's skylight the riders could see doors sliding closed overhead. When the elevator stopped the car's doors opened.

The young men emerged first, Khan coming out last. "Do all the Brother's live this way?" Khan asked emerging from the A-car followed by his tall blond.

"No, but a lot of them have really nice places outside the commune grounds. The chalets are used by all the Brothers but there is usually a primary who manages it and keeps his brood in the barns.

"Yeah. One reason I want to become a Brother," Timond replied reaching into the car and taking Ginger's hand. She was wearing a short, red see-through robe covering a little black skirt and red high-heels.

Zaki paused and turned to address the girls, "This is a Brother's home so you have to be on your very best behavior. No questions except about how you can serve and no comments. When we get inside you will display and just wait quietly. You'll be available to everyone for anything. If you have any questions ask us now."

Of course Ginger availed herself the opportunity. "How long are we going to be here?"

Timond put his hand on the back of her neck, "You don't need to know that. We aren't really sure anyway. But someone will take care of you when it's time to go."

"Ok? Ok, let's go in girls," Zaki said as he led their party into a smaller open elevator.

#2326 Day 22 at 10:45 Brother Zucht's chalet -

level 4 the entertainment room

As they came out of the elevator, both Timond and Zaki had left their trousers open displaying their newly nurtured erections to the several men seated around the room.

As they entered the room more, they saw it was dominated by a huge window that presented an astounding view of the mountain the young men had had a glimpse of earlier. Now they can see it's white capped top and the rugged gray and snow-spotted peaks that surrounded it like smaller servants.

It was difficult for them to take their eyes from the window for a minute, but when they did they saw that the room contained the Reverend Sendd who was seated in a large red chair called a throne being attended by an older teenage girl with dark black hair and Asian eyes, completely naked and hard at work on the Reverend's cock. She paused and watched them as the Zaki and his entourage approached. There were two other Brothers all sitting in similar throne chairs each with two females, one older and another much younger on the floor beside them. Timond recognized one Brother he had seen occasionally in the Novum Lounge, though he couldn't remember his name or anything about him. The other Brother was completely unfamiliar.

Closer to the giant window, Brother Samuel and another man, not a Brother, were also in throne chairs. The stranger whom the boys presumed to be the convert had a young teen girl seated on the chair's arm opposite Brother Samuel. Brother Samuel was dressed in the formal black robe of a Brother and the other man wore a dark bathrobe that was open showing a hairy chest and a generous, not totally limp dick. The girl had a red ribbon in her short, black hair and was dressed in a red see-through robe, some kind of red bottom hiding her pubes and not much else. She looked to be about 13 or 14 years old and stared intently at the two erections sported by the entering men.

The young men stood facing Brother Samuel and the man in the chair beside him. The girls who accompanied them were beside them. Ginger was slightly behind Timond, one hand hanging from his jacket. She wasn't certain if she should kneel down immediately and display or perhaps she should be fluffing and keep Mr. Timond's cock erect. She decided to just wait, holding the back of his jacket. Out of respect the young men waited for Brother Samuel to speak first.

Brother Samuel smiled at his young minions and their proud display. But it was Reverend Sendd who spoke first, "Welcome gentlemen. I hope the trip did not seem long. I can see it was pleasant and you are both quite ready for the task at hand, or should I say, at cock?" He paused expecting others to think his joke funny. But the only sound was a giggle from the girl attending him. "Anyway, I am glad you are here. I wanted to greet you at your arrival but I am afraid that I must excuse myself a bit in order to stay on schedule. I would like to have the full attention of this fine young piece of ass here to complete my 10 o'clock." It was understood by most of the men in the room that Reverend Sendd maintained a very rigid schedule of orgasming every two hours. It was his conviction that this maintains the highest level of cardiovascular and psychological health as well as, he was certain, extending his lifetime. He called it his "spiritual practice". With that announcement, he rose to his feet and extended his hand down to the young woman, "Come my dear, shall we cum?" She bounced up and taking his hand was led out of the room.

Brother Zucht smiled at Zaki, Timond and Khan. "Mr. Zakila, Mr. Timond and Mr. Khan, this is Mr. Becker. He is new to the Denali community and his son have been receiving some orientation to our unique organization." Nodding to the girl seated on the arm of Mr. Becker's chair, "And this is the young filly we told you about. Mr. Becker has generously offered to invite you gentlemen to facilitate some of her orientation. For right now, Mr. Khan will remain with us here and the girls you brought will be entertaining my guests." He turned to the girl sitting on the arm of her father's chair. "Katlyn, these are the gentlemen who will assist us today. Your father and I want you to go with them to the orientation room. This is Mr. Zakila and Mr. Timond. They will show you the way. We talked this morning about your nervousness. That is perfectly normal and Mr. Zakila and Mr. Timond will help you if you follow their every instruction very carefully. Can you do that for us?"

"Can Daddy please come with me?" the girl's voice was high and tense.

"It'll just be us, Katlyn. We'll bring you back up in a little while but right now you need to come with us," Zaki said in a level, reassuring voice. Without asking Zaki took her hand and placed his other hand under her arm.

The girl put her arms around her father's neck to hug and pull him close, "Oh Daddy."

"Go on now sweetheart. You'll be ok. These young men will be gentle, won't you?" her father pulled her hand's down and placed her left hand in Zaki's again.

"Of course, sir. Come on now. Come with us," he said as he gently pulled her up.

"Go with them now, Katlyn. Do what the men tell you, sweetheart," her father sounded sympathetic but encouraging. "The Brother's have told me that Brother Zucht is going to show me a great honor by performing a very special ceremony. This is a great honor for your daddy. Do you understand? You must do exactly what they tell you sweetheart.

Timond took her other hand and lifted her arm from around her father's neck.

The girl made another sobbing whimper, "Daddy, you said when I'm ready. I don't think I'm ready yet."

"We decided last night and these men are here. Brother Samuel explained to you the rules will be changing now. Be a good girl and do whatever these men tell you," her father said as he pushed her up and Timond and Zaki lifted her forward. With reluctance but without struggle she stood up between the two young men.

"Gentlemen, this system's name is Apos. We will be using room 204," Brother Zucht said holding his palm toward the elevator.

Holding her hands, they led her into the elevator and Brother Zucht followed watching her ass move in rhythm with her high heels. As they turned and looked back into the room Timond spoke, "Ginger, Gatinha, kneel and display for Mr. Becker. Apos, room 14." Then the three men and the wide-eyed girl disappeared behind the closing elevator door.

The Ginger and Gatinha looked at each other then quickly walked the few steps to stand in front Mr. Becker. They simultaneously knelt and spread their knees wide. Gatinha released the strings on her bottom so that it dropped flat on the floor under her to show the top of her hairless cunt lips and Ginger folded her little black skirt, sticking its hem under the waistband to do the same. Then both girls opened their mouths slightly and placed their eyes solidly on his crotch to wait for instructions.

Becker's response was, "My, my. For me?"

"Of course," Brother Samuel answered. "And there are plenty more where these two came from." Pulling his black robe open at the crotch to show his cock and balls, "Mr. Becker and I desire oral service girls. Hop to."

Again they glanced at each other and since Gatinha was closer she crawled over to Brother Samuel and wetting her lips gave his genitals the three traditional greeting kisses. Ginger eagerly did the same for Mr. Becker's semi-erect crank and his balls. Then she fed the wide piece of meat into her mouth and placing a hand on each side of his hips began to expertly fuck it with her mouth and tongue.

Becker placed a hand on his girl's head, "My, my, my."

Brother Samuel looked out the window and spoke to it, "Apos, display room 204 on the large window." The window's view of the snow capped mountain began to darken, then became the scene of room with only a low table with a cushioned top looking like a bed to serve as furniture. The room's only adornment was an unnaturally large wolf's head mounted on a downward pointing pentagram and the number 666 barely visible on its forehead. Its mouth was open in a growl showing teeth and tongue that mysteriously reflected both ferocity and hunger.

"What you are seeing on the screen is one of the training rooms on level 2. I am sure that other Brothers have explained much already," Brother Samuel said to Mr. Becker, "but at the risk of repeating what is most meaningful to the Brothers, this is one of our oldest traditions Mr. Becker. When your daughter has been "fucked in" by three men of our community, she will be freely available to all. It is an honor for Zaki and Timond and they were chosen because they are a little smaller and easier for your daughter to accommodate. It is their honor to play this role. I cannot guarantee the gentleness that you promised but I can guarantee the task will be done thoroughly."

A door was heard to slide open. The sound came from the window that had become the screen. "Up there on the table on your knees." Brother Samuel could recognize Brother Zucht's voice. The girl came onto the screen first. She turned back and looked out of view.

"Should I take my shoes off?" Her voice was high pitched and unsteady.

"Yes. You won't need them," Brother Zucht answered.

"I forgot to bring my belt," Timond said as he came into view.

"We won't need those either," Brother Zucht replied. "Apos, I need lubricant, please."

A drawer in the wall opened. Zaki pulled out a tube of lubricant. The girl, now sitting on the bed, was removing her slippers slowly and then neatly put them under the bed. Timond put his hand under arm. "Up here."

She climbed onto the bed, Zaki turning her to face the wolf mask on the wall above the bed's head. The girl was on her knees looking up at the wolf's head now. "Head down. Don't look at the wolf," Zaki said putting a hand on top of her head and his other under her chin to lower her head. "That's your master. Show him respect." He pulled the waist band of her red panties out. "These come off."

"ooh," the girl whined a little and fumbled to find the snaps on the special panties. This was her first time wearing these. Zaki pushed her hands aside, found the familiar snap in back and with the fingers of one hand clicked it and released them from around her legs, tossing them to the floor.

Timond was now on her other side. He lifted the collar of her robe. "Might as well get this off too. It'll just be in the way. He pulled her robe off her arms and tossed it on the floor with the panties. Now she was completely naked. She began to weep a little.

While Brother Zucht was fiddling with a small package, Timond and Zaki were able to get a good look at the girl. She had somewhat skinny arms an legs with larger than average feet. Timond saw two especially good features. Her tits were nice. He reached up and pinched the nipple closest to him and played with a little.

The girl reflexively reached for Timond's hands but Zaki slapped her hands down. "Keep your hands down and your eyes down," said Zaki. He placed a hand on her butt cheek to show her he was in control. This was her other good feature because her ass was large and inviting. Zaki pushed the bangs of her hair out of eyes and swept it behind her ear.There were tears in the corner of her eyes and she had a hint of freckles and small mole above her lip. Zaki liked the little imperfection of it.

Timond went back to playing with the other tit, watching the nipple to see if it responded.

Zucht looked up, "Ok, now down into prayer position," his disembodied voice was heard on the screen by the men in the entertainment room.

Zaki pushed her down, putting his hand on her head again, "All the way."

Becker gazed up at the screen watching Zaki positioning his daughter in a tight kneeling position, her face pushed down between her extended arms and her naked ass displayed for use. Becker slipped his fingers through Ginger's hair behind her head. "Oh my goodness, yes. Ooh yes, suck," he muttered with his eyes glued to the screen.

A door in the large room slid open and two very buxom women entered wearing identical filmy blue negligees with their large hips weaving. They smiled as they approached Brother Samuel but he pointed two fingers of his right hand toward Khan who lay across a love seat with his blond attending on the floor below him. Khan was watching the giant screen and did not notice the two until one knelt on the floor in front of him and kissed his hand. Khan looked back and saw the other, identical twin and smiled. He pushed his blond female's head away and reaching up, pulled the dark haired woman to his crotch. As she attended him he reached back and held out his hand to signal to the other twin to join him on the couch. She lay down next to him, snuggling her large breasts to his back and reached around to join the play as Khan returned his attention to the events he had been viewing.

On the screen Timond reached down taking Katlyn's hands and pulling them out away from her head so her arms were stretched out towards the wolf head. "This is called pray," Timond explained. Her fists were clinched. "Fingers out too," Timond clasped her fingers, "Relax," he said easing them out, "If you can relax, everything will be easier."

The girl turned her head to look at him, tears in her eyes.

"Keep your face down," Timond said putting his hand on the back of her head and directing it into the proper, respectful position, face down into the cushioned top.

"Ok, loosen her ass, gentlemen," Brother Zucht directed.

Zaki took the lubricant and squirted it on her anus and his right hand, then handed it to Timond.

"I gave it a good, traditional cleaning this morning, and no food since yesterday. So it should be good," Brother Zucht commented. "Zaki, first."

Zaki pushed his lubricated finger into her butthole. She screeched and lurched forward.

"Make as much noise as you want bitch. It's all part of it. But if you can't hold your place, we'll strap you down," Zaki warned. He pushed his finger into her rectum as far as he could then pushed and pulled it around.

"Mr. Timond, please help Mr. Zakaria," Brother Zucht directed.

Timond greased his finger with the lubricant. Zaki pulled his finger to the side and Timond pushed his index finger into the girl's anus. Now she screamed, "Oh my gaaaa! Stop!" she reflexively reached back and tried to grab at his intruding hand.

"Ok let's keep her in position. There are straps at the top between the cushion and the wall."

The young men pulled their fingers out and grabbed both of the girls wrists pulling them forward. Zaki found his strap first and secured it around her wrists. "Stay steady, bitch," he said as he sealed the strap.

Timond followed suit. The girl tried to pull her arms free. "Grip it like this," Timond directed her fingers around the strap which gave the girl something to hang on to.

While the boys secured her arms, Zucht pulled a long strap under her thighs, across her calves so it was just behind her knees. Before he tightened it down, he used both hands to push her knees and then feet farther apart, then cinched the strap tight. "Ow. No," the girl whined.

By the time Timond and Zaki had their hands in her anus again she was pulling on the straps and screaming, "Stop! That hurts. Please stop! Oh my ... Daddy! Please ...Daddyyyy! Pleeease!"

"Open her up gentlemen. The Dark Lord awaits," Brother Zucht's voice sounded patient but insistent.

After less than a minute both stuck a second finger in and both young men pulled her anus wide. Brother Zucht judged the bitch ready enough.

"Mr. Timond, you are first. Present your tool of domination." For the first time Brother Zucht stepped into view of the camera.

"My tool?" Timond looked earnestly confused.

"Your cock," Zaki almost whispered as if he did not want to ruin the moment.

Timond turned to Brother Zucht, his penis pointing out hard and ready. Brother Zucht had something red that flashed in, then out of view on the screen hidden by Zucht's hands. He moved toward Timond in a way that showed him grabbing Timond's cock by the head, then their view of his actions was blocked again. In a few seconds Brother Zucht turned, sticking something in his robe, disappearing from screen.

In front of the screen Becker gazed up at his daughter and the men dominating her. "What's he doing?" Becker asked Brother Samuel.

"It is the holy anointment," Brother Samuel answered, "I'll explain later."

On the screen Brother Zucht firm voice commanded, "Get behind her,"

Timond looked down and frowned, then turned and threw a knee up onto the cushioned table and climbed on behind the girl. His penis had gone flaccid by now. He used his lubricated hand to pump his cock in hopes of inflating it.

"Lord Satan. Here your humble servants dedicate this worthless piece of ass to your service. We dedicate this First Fuck to you great lord. Please accept her as our offering to the power of your all seeing eye and your unbounded lust. And we, the community of Denali pledge to train and teach this sloppy slut to serve your every desire, then render unto you our diligent efforts. Please accept this offering.

"Bitch, what is your place?" Brother Zucht commanded in his most officious tone.

The girl's only response was incessant weeping.

"Mr. Timond will teach you your place now, bitch. Mr. Timond, sodomize the bitch." There was a finality in Brother Zucht's utterance.

It is a credit to Timond that at that command he pushed his firm cock through the girl's anus into her rectum and her screamed echoed in the room. Timond grabbed her shoulder and pushed in as far as he could. Then he pulled back and fucked in again and the girl screamed again into the cushion topped table.

Brother Zucht placed his hand on her head. "This is the place of your asshole bitch, on the end of a cock." He patted her head gently a couple of times as Timond pulled on her shoulders, seating his cock completely till he felt her butt cheeks against his stomach, and pounded into her.

In the larger room above, Brother Samuel, Mr. Becker and their colleagues viewed the proceedings on the giant screen and the two primary actors in front were getting orally serviced. Mr. Becker had both hands on Ginger's head. His cock was not especially long but quite fat and very hard. The girl was doing her best to keep it wet and pumped with both hands, sucking with the tip into her mouth and working around its head with her tongue. The man was completely enthralled with what was happening on the screen.

Brother Samuel was quietly doing a running commentary partially for its instructive value to this new convert, but mostly to urge on the man's obvious sexual hunger. "The anointment was an ancient herb symbolizing the heat of Lord Satan's boundless desire. Sodomizing her first is best way for Zucht to completely dominate her. When he's finished with her today, the little bitch will be putty in any man's hands. Breaking her is really the best way of insuring her compliance and to begin her training."

From off the screen, Brother Zucht was directing "Mr. Timond, the bitch should be proud."

Timond reached forward and grabbed the girl's short hair to pull. At first his hand slipped free. He reached forward again with his fist and got a firmer grasp into her hair and pulled her head up. "Honor the Dark Lord bitch. You have a cock in your ass and this is your First Fuck for him! Be proud!"

Her relentless sobs were only punctuated by Timond's fucking. A minute later the only sound on the screen was the girl's grunting of receiving his thrusts.

Gatinha tried to angle her head as she worked on Brother Samuel's organ but he noticed immediately and tapped her cheek. "Attend to your own task, bitch." The girl turned back and pushed the cock deeply into her throat to show her earnest willingness. She swallowed and buried face into his wooly pubic hair, touching her nose ring to his cock ring hoping to please and be pleased.

Brother Samuel looked up at the screen again, "Apos, change view to the bitch's right side." Instantly computer system changed the perspective and now Timond and the crying girl could be seen from their right sides. Zakila was now behind them and to the left of the screen was Brother Zucht sitting in a red throne chair leaning on its left arm viewing Timond's ass bumping back and forth. It could also be seen from this angle that the girl's eyes were tightly closed.

"Where is your place, bitch?" Brother Zucht voice echoed in the empty room in his deepest intonation.

The girl continued to moan and was now grunting, then pleading "Please. Please ... it burns. It hurts so much."

"Mr. Zakila, teach our cunt the proper response, please."

"Look to the eyes of the wolf and say at the end of your cock lord."

The girl began a louder sobbing "Please stop! Daddy!" she screamed then groaned.

Timond pounded her ass pulling her hair with his right hand and her shoulder with his left. "Say it bitch," he slowed and punctuated each word with a thrust. "At ... the ... end ... of ... your ... cock .. lord!"

Zakila grabbed the girl's head with two hands by the mouth and forehead, "Open your eyes bitch." He let go of her mouth and gave her a quick slap. "Open your eyes." She complied and uttered a wail.

"Where is your place, bitch?" Brother Zucht sounded almost bored this time.

The girl grunted as Timond pounded. Then screamed, "Oh my god, it burns. I'm on fire!"

In the room inaudible to the girl being raped, Ginger raised her mouth off of the end of Brother Samuel's cock, and spoke into it like a microphone, "Shit. Just say it!"

Brother Samuel reached over from his adjacent chair and smacked her on top of the head. "Keep your mind on the pleasure of the cock in hand, bitch." Ginger quickly returned her mouth to the cock's head.

"Look into the wolf's eyes and say at the end of your cock lord." Zakila repeated.

Brother leaned toward Becker, "She must learn that the symbols of Satan represent every man's cock. It will be her most fundamental understanding."

Finally to everyone's relief the girl spoke, "a end of your cock, doe" the last word was garbled.

Brother Zucht sat back, "Good. Give the bitch her cum, Mr. Timond."

As if on cue, Mr. Becker came voluminously into Ginger's mouth. He grunted then a long groan, grabbing her ears.

Since Zaki was holding her head back, Timond let go of her shoulder and hair, grabbed her hips and started banging rapidly.

Meanwhile a few floors above, Ginger pumped Becker's cock firmly and holding her breath, held her head as low as she could to keep the man's jizz in her mouth.

Timond let go and made some small grunts. He forced his cock as far into her rectum as he could gave his last few relieving thrusts, paused for a short time, then pulled out. His cock was now dry, sore and felt like someone was holding a torch on it. As both he and Zakila let go the girl rolled over onto her side with her back to the camera's perspective, grabbing her rectum with her hand between her legs and started calling, "Daddy! Daddy! Help me! Help!" which gradually disintegrated into furious sobbing and moaning.

By this time Becker had finished his cumming and Ginger sat back on her knees with her mouth partially open to display her accomplishment. She looked at Becker but he was staring at his daughter pleading for him on the screen. She looked at Brother Samuel but he had his hands on the sides of Gatinha's head. Lifting up her face he said, "Let's go have a little fuck."

Standing up Brother Samuel looked down at Becker, "Mr. Becker, Brother Zucht, please excuse me for a few minutes while I find some relief in this little pussy here."

From the screen, Brother Zucht could now hear Brother Samuel's words relayed into the chamber and replied, "Of course. Let me know when you are ready for the face. ... Apos, Mr. Zakila will need bite blocks. Mr. Timond, you have our permission to leave and clean yourself of this bitch's shit. There is a body care room to your left at the end of the hall." A drawer could be seen opening from the wall.

Brother Samuel now saw Ginger trying to breath with the mouth full of semen. "Mr. Becker, I believe your little bitch is waiting for you to tell you what to do with the precious treasure you have given her."

The man's eyes were closed now and his head was back. He leaned forward and looked down as if awakening from deep sleep or thought. "Huh?" Seeing Ginger, "What to do with what? ... oh, you may swallow it, dear."

Ginger swallowed the mouthful of cum then gave each testicle and the tip of his cock a little kiss. "Thank you, sir."

Then as Brother Samuel was leading Gatinha to the elevator, Becker spoke again. "Brother Samuel. ... You can have her."

Brother Samuel stopped and turned to look at the man addressing him. "Excuse me?"

"You can have her," Becker repeated. "You can have my daughter Katlyn. She will be a contribution to the Brotherhood. ... My contribution. Can I ... uh..."

"Very good. Very wise, Mr. Becker. In the long run, it will be in her best interest. We shall also make it in your best interest immediately. We can present a gift or two to you as well." Looking down, "Perhaps this one is to your taste? We shall discuss it later. Let me try her on for size and I will offer my opinion." Brother Samuel turned and led the girl into the elevator and its door closed.


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