2046 The Denali Brotherhood
by Alexander Martin

Day 19 Julia Hangs with the Big Boys


Story codes: Mdom, M15g6, Bg11, best, ped, reluct, DS, anal

WARNING: The events and characters of this story occur in the year 2046 and are absolutely true. This sad, sick tragedy will inevitably unfold just this way, unless of course, you manage to learn something from it and nurture some compassion for the contradictions of the human condition.


Summary: Julia, a 6 year old girl in Form 3, is brought to the Form 5 lounge to watch the older teens and be groomed by Palo, the 15 year old boy responsible for her training. Revelling in the attention and handling, she learns how "good" girls behave and what will be expected of her as she gets older.



Brother Simmly : Form 3 instructor and pedophile.

Timond (Timmy): 17 year old boy, a natural, Form 6

Brandy : 12 year old girl.

Cherry : 14 year old blond convert

Ginger (Karen): 11 yr old girl, a convert

Gallus (Galli) : 14 year old boy. Natural

Gatinha : 13 year old blond convert,

Jake : 14 yo boy in Form 5

Julia : 6 year old girl, Form 3, sandy blond, natural

Palo : 15 year old boy, Form 5 student

Paprika: 12 year old fuck bitch

Tika : 16 year old girl.

#2326 Day 19 10:05 Novum school level 4 Form 5 lounge

The door slid open and a small blond girl walked into the room. As soon as she saw the teenage boy sitting in the lounge chair in front of the window, launched into a run towards him. "Hi, Mr. Palo. I made it. I'm here Mr. Palo. I think you thought I'm not coming. Right?"

"I can see you're here, Julia," he said spreading his arms. "Right, I was thinking maybe I would have to go look for you because you were lost. I am so glad to see my little bitch."

"I turned the wrong way and Satan had to tell me which way to go. And Brother Simmly he made me wait awhile because we had to watch the end of the video and I had to stand in line and give him kisses and they made me late." The little 6 year old stood leaning against him in breathless excitement.


Commentary: Life starts in Form 1

It was less than three years ago that Julia was in Form 1 as all girls are from birth to the age of 4. Form 1 girls and boys are separately cared for by cows, or older women, with some assistance by teenage and preteen girls, who make certain the little ones are fed, bathed, allowed to play and get physical exercise, learn to talk and most importantly, learn to respect those above them. For boys, this means to learn respect for all the other boys or the men who are above them, which is most males, in this highly structured society. For girls, like Julia, this means to show respect for anyone with a penis. But Julia has been successfully promoted beyond, through Form 2 to Form 3.

"Satan" has talked to Julia since she was in Form 1. Satan is actually the building data system that watches and monitors every occupant of the Novum school building. When Julia was only two years old small "rings" were inserted into her ear canals allowing the building's computer network, and any man managing it, to send her audible commands, instructions, warnings commendations and warnings. The little girl was taught early on that the disembodied voice is the will of the Brotherhood and every word should be carefully attended to. In this particular case, the automated monitoring software detected her "out of place" and audibly directed her to the correct location.


"Now look Julia. What do you see?" Palo was sitting in a large, comfortable chair with wide arms and the crotch of his double zippered pants wide open. His genitals were completely on display for the little girl's acknowledgement.

"I see your cock?" She looked at him askance and smiled.

"What should you do? Show me how you kissed your teacher, Mr. Simmly," Palo said putting his hand on the top of the little girl's head. "Show me how a little girl greets her teacher and her handler."

The little blond enthusiastically dropped down on her knees and kissed each ball separately and then looking up with a another smile and taking his penis in her little hand, gave the tip of his cock a long swack of a kiss.

"My good girl," the 15 year old boy picked her up and sat her on his lap, smoothing her dress down. "I see you got my dress. You are looking so very pretty and sexy this morning. And I can see your titties. Let me see if they have grown any." He pushed her back a little and made a show of looking at the dress' shear top. "Oh, I think your titties are maybe bigger today, Julia. Do you think all that cum you ate yesterday made them grow?"

"Yeah, I don't know. I guess. Brother Simmly, he let me go to his apartment last night and he let me eat his cum. Oh, it was a lot." The girl grabbed her throat. "I choked." Making a growly bear voice, "He said eat it little bitch."

"Then what did you say?"

"Thank you." The little girl nodded her head.

"Thank you ..." the boy paused waiting her to finish his sentence.

"Thank you, Brother Simmly."

"Or thank you, sir."


Commentary: Boys Must Prove Themselves

Palo has only been in the Proddum Community for a little over 5 years and as a relatively new convert he must prove himself to his instructors, Brother Simmly, Brother Pike, especially Brother Samuel, and to his fellow students in section A of Form 5. The fact that he is in section A means that he is among the top performers, both academically and behaviorally, of his class or "Form". But to excel and gain the opportunity to join the Brotherhood, he must go beyond an education in a productive economic skill, like software engineering, or science, or mechanical engineering. Like all boys in the Proddum Community, he must also learn to "educate" and manage females. This demonstrable skill is critical for status and advancement.


"Thank you, sir," she repeated then leaned over and gave his cheek a kiss. "Mr. Simmly gave me this shirt last night, Mr. Palo. Do you like it?"

The shirt was bright blue. The collar dipped low enough to give occasional flashes of Julia's still flat titties and the shirt's stomach was pulled up in front by stitching that displayed her naval nicely. Brother Simmly, like most of the Brothers who were avid pedophiles, liked to dress the girls they groomed in sexy, easily openable clothes with makeup. The shirt had embroidered yellow lettering on the front that said, "Fellatrix".

"It's really sexy on you Julia. Brother Simmly must have really liked playing with you last night."

"Yeah. What does it say?" Julia pulled her shirt out and looked at the yellow letters.

Palo thought for a second, then answered, "Well, it tells the boys that you are learning how to be a good little cocksucker and they should let you practice."


"Are you my good little cocksucker, Julia?"

"Yes, Mr. Palo," she said nodding her head with exaggeration.

"Ok, let me see if you followed instructions." He lifted the hem of her dress to look at her naked little crotch. "Good. Good girl. I know you have a lot of pretty clothes and a lot of panties but no panties when we do special training, just like I told you yesterday." He rubbed her vulva with the flat of his fingers and by habit of training the girl spread a little and raised her knees higher.


Commentary: Girl's Clothing is an Earned Privilege

Like all girls at Novum, clothing and the wearing of clothing is a privilege to be earned by appropriate behavior and attitude. Julia has been promoted from Form 2. Form 2 girls are generally 4 to 6 years old. It was in Form 2 that she learned to be handled and touched by boys and men without showing any reluctance or hesitation. When given a direct command, she will obediently comply. When she feels a hand fondling or a finger intruding into her vagina or little asshole, or any other orifice, her instinctive response has been conditioned to spread and offer easier access. Boys like Palo, and men with pedophilic inclinations, spend many hours teaching and practicing this fundamental response.

In the last year or two, it has become popular to have clothing with writing on it such as Julia's shirt "Felatrix" or "I suck cock", "Fuck me here" with an arrows pointing to the vagina and ass, etc. But this is problematic concern for the Brothers because girls being taught to read is prohibited. Naturals, like Julia are more highly valued because they are illiterate. Experimentation was done with converts to "erase" reading skills with memory treatments. This proved counterproductive when it interfered with the female convert's language processing. But often the most successful converts pretend inability to read and this is not discouraged. As Brother Pike had explained to Palo, learning "unnecessary things like reading detracts from a cunt's focus on servitude". Of course the primary goal is to increase the power differential for the females' protection and the comfort of dependence. In his preparation as a trainer, Palo was taught to not be specific when asked what writing says, hence his demur from "Fellatrix" but his praise for his little cocksucker's achievement.


"Yeah. I know you like my pussy, Mr. Palo. Mr. Palo are the lottery mares here?" Julia excitedly looked around the Form 5 lounge. "You said yesterday I could see them today."

"I'm sorry sweety. They left already." Putting his arm around her, "You were kind of late and missed them. I see if I can find out where they will be tomorrow and maybe you can see them tomorrow."

"But you said I could see them today," Julia took on a whiny, 6-year-old voice. " I wanted to see them get a girl in their tummy, Mr. Palo."

"I know, sweet. But you were late. Maybe tomorrow." Palo petted her hair.

"Did you fuck one, Mr. Palo?" She lowered her tone of voice. "I wanted to see you fuck one and make a girl like me."

"I did. I gave her a lot of cum, Julia," Palo said winking.

"Do you think you gave her a one in her tummy?"

"I don't know, Julia. We'll have to wait and see."

"I hope so. I want you to get a stable. And I want to be a mare in your stable too." She picked up his hand in hers and kissed.

"Maybe. We'll see. You're going to be a mare in somebody's stable someday, sweety." He rubbed her tummy under her shirt.

She put her over his hand that was playing in her crotch, "I want you to fuck my pussy so I can make you a ... a ... what is it?" She looked up at his face and put her hand on his cheek, "What is it?"


"Fo. Yeah. I wanna make you a fo."

He smiled and kissed her.


Commentary: The Life Phases of a Natural

Julia is a natural. This means she was born in the Denali community and as a matter of fact, Julia was born from a mare in the Denali Brotherhood stables. Mares are women who have reached an age where their primary job is to give birth. Most mares are kept in the farrowing barn of a stable and bred regularly. They are quintessentially and literally kept barefoot and pregnant, as well as collared and pacified. In the female brood, they are considered the highest achievement of Brotherhood service, of great value and tended to with great care, and exercised regularly, though sedated much of the rest day. Neither Julia nor Palo know which mare birthed her, nor is of particular concern.

Mares are chosen from the finest of fillies, and both the mares and their foals in "Form 1" (which are essentially sucklings and toddlers) are tended to by cows and fluffers. Julia has not yet earned the privilege of mare care nor Form 1 care, but she eventually will because of her good behavior and comportment. It is Julia's highest goal to become a mare and serve the Brothers by giving them a larger stable of fluffers, fillies, mares and cows.

The question of who breeds a particular mare is subject to the vagaries of Brotherhood politics and too complex to be explained here, but mares mostly give birth to females through a science of very efficient birth control. Male births are carefully planned and brought to fruition with even greater care. Even the so-called "lottery mares" usually offered to boys, younger men and converts who hope to start their own stable are actually managed by the Brotherhood Central Committee, though, of course, the participants trying their "luck" are told it is "Satan's" decision.


"But I'm glad you finally got here. It is so good to see you." Palo patted her head.

"Yeah, cause we're gonna play again right? Do you want me to give you a BJ now?" Julia's excitement and interest was revived.


Commentary: Form 3 girls learn preliminary sexual service

Julia has been promoted to Form 3. Form 3 girls are generally about 5 to 9 years old, although the age can vary by developmental readiness. Form 3 has two primary goals for girls.

The first primary goal is sexual service, with fellatio being the primary skill to be learned and eagerly demonstrated. This reaffirms their place in the social order, which of course is below every male, and their primary social role which is service and a reaffirmation of the godlike nature of males.


"Not yet, Julia. But I'm going to have some friends coming in pretty soon and they'll play with you and maybe some of them want a BJ, ok? Are you going to show them you are my good girl and let them fuck your mouth?"

Julia nodded a little reluctantly but she wanted Mr. Palo to be proud of her. She knew that sometimes males, especially boys, can play pretty rough with little girls, but she also knows her most important task is to be compliant because that's what makes girls "popular".

On the other side of the large room they both heard a noise of a girl making a loud squeak then came an "owie." Julia and Palo looked to see an older boy, of about 16 humping a naked younger teen.

"That's Jason." Palo putting his hand under the little girl's bright blue dress and patting her tummy. "What's Mr. Jason doing, Julia?"

"He's fucking Tisha," the 6-year-old said with some tone of mystery in her voice.


Commentary: The Sexualization of Children

The second primary goal for Form 3 girls' education is sexualization. Children, being normally non-sexual beings, must be taught to respond sexually and, given the opportunity, will produce sexual hormones much earlier in their physical development. The regular handling, visual observation and encouragement from both boys and men accelerate their hormonal development and interest in sexual activities. In Novum school girls asg young as 7 or 8 years old, or even younger, begin to develop breast tissue and vaginal dampness in response to stimulation. The carefully nurtured sexuality is an invaluable tool for rewarding, managing and confirming the role of females in the Brotherhood society.


"That's right, he's fucking that girl." As he spoke he slipped his hand down between her legs and gave her smooth little quim a gentle rub again. Palo realized this was an excellent training situation because Tisha had taken care of Julia several times recently and Tisha was an excellent role model because she was obedient and readily willing girl. Julia talked about her to Jason more than once, mentioning how she wanted to dress and act like Tisha because she was popular with the boys. Putting his mouth close to the little girl's ear, in a very quiet, sultry voice, Palo said "Do you think she likes it?"

"No." The little girl answered tersely. "I think it hurts. Tisha is making squeaks."

"Mmm... I think she likes it." Palo slipped his hand down between her legs and fucked his little finger into the little girl's vagina to the first knuckle. "... just like you like it when my little finger fucks your pussy, right?"

The little girl giggled and tried to squeeze her legs together. "That tickles!"

Palo whispered into her ear, "She's a good bitch, Julia. Sometimes it hurts a little when a man fucks you but I think she really likes it cause he likes her and that means she's a good bitch." Palo paused a minute and watched as Jason grabbed Tisha's right leg under the knee and slammed into her cunt. Tisha grunted and tried not show her discomfort. Julia squeezed Palo's forearm, tensing a little, as she watched.

"Do you like me, Mr. Palo?" Julia turned her head back towards him.

"Yes, I do." He gave her cheek a kiss. "You are very well-behaved and very obedient, Julia. But I'm going to like you even more when I start fucking you. Where's that girl's place, Julia?" He pushed her legs apart again and continued to gently work on her little dry pussy. Smooth and softly, just dragging his finger tip over the soft tissue of her vulva, then up to its top. "Can you tell me her place?"

"Her place is at the end of a cock!" She was almost excited.

"Her place is at the end of his cock right now," he said giving her a little hug, "You're my good little bitch, Julia."

"At the end of his cock," she repeated, her eyes glued to the copulating couple.

Julia was watching the copulation intensely. Palo took her chin with his thumb and finger and turned her face to his, "And where is your place, Julia?"

She looked in his eyes. "At the end of a man's cock, Mr. Palo." He patted her cheek then gave her other cheek a quick kiss. She went back to watching the couple fuck.

After watching a little longer she asked, "Are you going to do that to me, Mr. Palo?"


Commentary: Naturals and Converts

When the supervising Brothers determine the little blond is ready, Julia will be promoted to Form 4 (usually 9 to 12 years old). Readiness is partly physical, for example if a girl starts having periods, but also behavioral and attitudinal. Obedience is still measured, but also her attitude and an eagerness to please. Once in Form 4, she will be boarded with a "primary handler", often a boy older than her in the boy's dorm, but sometimes an adult staff or sometimes a community volunteer. In Form 4 her little anus will be formally "claimed" and her little pussy will start being used, usually first by a dog, primarily to confirm her social status in this community, then by boys a little older and more developed than herself. The boys' cocks will be small enough not to tear her cunt's delicate lining but the boys will be old enough to get readily erect.

Most female trainees at Novum are "converts" meaning, they were not born in the Denali commune nor any other Brotherhood commune. Some were brought there by fathers in an elaborate process that converts the entire family to the Brotherhood's community incorporating intensive training and indoctrination of each family member. The converted family's females are brought in at a variety of ages and attitudes, but ultimately their willingness, or lack of it, is not of concern to the Brothers. However, most Novum females are individual converts obtained or "rescued" from outside the community, referred to in the Brotherhood as "chaos". Individual female converts are acquired in several ways often from corrupt officials including the juvenile corrections system, the child welfare protection system, the adult penal correctional system (all through bribery, blackmail, chicanery and well-placed confidants) with the Brotherhood's virtually infinite financial resources and of course some are obtained through human trafficking.

The infinite resources of the Brotherhood refer to the power of corporate business, Proddum industries. Some 15 years prior to Julia's birthing, they were able to develop the secret and exclusive implementation of quantum computing and the access to all encryption including data, communication and banking. By facilitating the devolution of the nation super states into small regional governments and controlling perfectly the world's monetary system, the various Brothers maintained absolute supremacy of the outside world they rightfully call chaos and whatever industrial resources it produces.

A few Novum females, like Julia, were born in the community, some even in a Brother's stable from a mare in the farrowing barn. These "naturals" are usually traded outside the Brotherhood stables to other men who live in the Denali community or in other Brotherhood communities elsewhere in the world. This keeps their stables' genetics varied. The foals from stables of men who are not in the Brotherhood are usually trained in a variety of facilities by a variety of trainers around the the community. But the Novum facility, by far the largest, is considered to have the most skillful trainers, the best technology, and the most knowledgable administrators for orchestrating the complex task of producing obedient, perfectly compliant and eager body servants, or what the Brother's commonly refer to as their "chattel". The rare cases of failure are ridded by simply dumping them onto the human trafficking underground network into "chaos" or the outside world.


"Are you going to fuck me, Mr. Palo?"

"Julia, you ask me that every time we do training. I always say, when you get big enough, if you're a good girl and respectful." Palo continued to move his hand lightly up her stomach and down to her vaginal lips, frequently checking for wetness.


Commentary: Managing a Girl's Attitudes

An important goal of training is to teach the young girl how to think about a situation. The dialogue between the trainer and trainee is to shape the young girl's understanding and response to what she sees. The Brotherhood learned early on that girls, and females generally, naturally conform to male expectations when properly nurtured.

Boys learning to teach girls proper behavior and attitudes is an important skill for promotions. Boys start learning to teach by working with Form 2 girls assisting in the teaching these little girls to be handled and touched without reluctance. As the girls progress in their "education" they earn the promotion to Form 3, where they actually learn to service men and boys as eager sexual servants.


Julia and Palo continued to watch the young man root into the girl, pushing his cock in as far was he could.

"Why do girls love to fuck so much, Julia?" he said, then kissing her neck.

The little girl giggled at the tickle. "I don't know. I think they like cum." She had her arm around his neck. "I think they want the Brothers to like them."

Palo rubbed the inside of her thighs and pushed his fingers again down along the crack of her crotch lips, searching for wetness and warmth. "I think you might have to give me hand job sweety," Palo said quietly. "Feeling your pussy and watching Jason fuck her is making me horny."


Commentary: Form 3 Girls Learn the Basics of Sexual Service

In Form 3, usually 5 to 9 years old, the girls' most important training is to service men and boys with their hands and mouths. They learn that to become valuable sexual servants, they must attend to the male urges and respond at every opportunity to answer their every desire. Popularity with boys and men is the primary measure of a girl's success.


Palo lifted the little girl's leg a little with one hand and pushed a finger up against her anus. "Maybe I should fuck your butt, huh? I bet Brother Simmly's going to have your ass fucked pretty soon. You think so, Julia? That'll make you a special girl, won't it?"

Julia watched the Jason and Tisha's copulation. She did not answer Palo's question and it was difficult to know what she was thinking but she had a tiny smile as she stared at the grunting couple.


Commentary: Form 4 Girls Learn the Basics of Being a Bitch

When Julia begins to sexually respond with vaginal wetness and the biological signals of "horniness" are picked up by the monitoring computer network, planning will begin to move her to Form 4. One of Julia's earliest expectations will be to submit to sodomy, sometimes by a boy a little older than her or sometimes by an older handler, even occasionally a man. An eager willingness to be buggered is an important milestone for most girls to demonstrate complete submission to any and every penis. However different girls mature at different rates with differing biological development. No two girls follow exactly the same development path. The science of progression thresholds paired with culturally significant expectations have greatly advanced the Brotherhood's ability to nurture eager, diligent, obedient, and younger sexual servants. When managed by the artistic talents of very experienced trainers like Brothers Samuel and Pike, little effort or time is wasted.


Julia did not answer Palo's question, so he answered it for her, shaping her expected response. "Yeah. I think so. I think that will make you very special. Does Brother Simmly's friends like my little bitch, Julia?"

He ran his hand up her tummy now and ran her fingers over her little titties. She nodded but said nothing. Pushing his hand back down to her crotch and into her labia, he checked for wetness again.


Commentary: Form 5 Girls are Fuck Bitches

When Julia reaches Form 5, she will probably become a fuck bitch like the girl that Palo and she are watching. She will be expected to generally serve any man or boy that wants to use her, and do so with humble respect and diligence in absolutely anyway required. She will become an unpaid but eager whore.


"Mmm... I bet that feels really good to get your pussy fucked by a nice hard cock," he whispered as he plunged his little finger into her inner lips and a short way into her vagina as a reminder of her destined role.

"When boys like girls they want to stick it in there and fuck them a lot," Palo observed running his hand down her leg.

"Yeah. Then they're fuck bitches, huh, Mr. Palo?" Julia gave a little smile as she watched Tisha grunting.

"If the boys like them, they are. Do you want to be popular, Julia?"


Commentary: Female Esteem is Determined by Males

Little girls are constantly reminded that their esteem and success hinges on appealing to and pleasing males. Their role in society is measured by their appeal and willing servitude to males. They are measured and valued by how men respond to them.



"Good girl. Ok, I gotta go pee now. You watch them fuck ok? And I'll be back in a minute. What are you going to do when Mr. Jason finishes, Julia?"

"I don't know," Julia shrugged.

"I think Mr. Jason might let you lick some of his cum. What do you think?"

"Yeah, ok. I should ask if I can lick." She nodded.

"You say – May I clean your cock, please sir? – Can you say that?"

"May I clean your cock please, sir?"

"That's right. And if he says yes, what do you do?" He kissed her neck.

"Then I lick his cock."

"Right. And what if he says no?"

"Then I shut up and sit on the floor."

Palo smiled, "Good bitch. You can sit right here, ok?" He pointed to the floor in front of his chair. "Ok, see you in a minute. Be a good girl." Palo rose.

"Mr. Palo, please, can I come with you? I promise I'll be good and I won't ask questions. Remember when you let me hold your cock when you peed? That was fun. I like to go with you, Mr. Palo. Please."

Palo looked down sternly at Julia sitting on the floor. "Julia, remember what we said about a bitch being told to do something? Does a good bitch beg, Julia?"

Julia looked up with sad eyes and thought for several seconds. Finally she shook her head no and meekly said, "She just does what she's told." Then she leaned over and kissed the toes in his sandals several times.

He said nothing and disappeared into the toilet.


Commentary: Furniture is a Male Privilege

One important symbol of male superiority is that females are not allowed to sit on chairs or any other furniture without invitation or permission. If challenged, immature females are told that their cunts are usually messy from use and should be kept on the floor.


Julia sat on the floor in front of the chair elbows on her crossed-legs. Her very short blue skirt rode up to show most of her skinny 6-year-old leg but the transparent fabric made her crotch only a dark V. Tisha exhaled in time with young man's pounding her. Julia kept wondering if she really liked to do that. She wanted to ask but she knew that would have to wait till there were none of the boys or men around and even then the older girls didn't like to tell her too much. But she decided she would ask when Tisha was tending to the section A Form 3 dorm which she did weekly or so.


Commentary: Using Older Girls to Manage Small Children

The smaller children in each section are frequently attended by the older girls in the section. But the responsibility to attend the younger girls was a selected honor awarded to only the best bitches. These older girls had to be excellent role models with the proper attitude towards authority, respectful comportment, and gentleness towards the children. This was an easy privilege to lose and a difficult privilege to maintain. The little girls like Julia were considered as valuable as the older serving girls and any physical or emotional damage or any corruption of behavior or attitude would be considered diminishing an investment. The interactions of the older girls with the younger girls were monitored not only by automated software targeting particular overt behaviors, but also the Brotherhood spent valuable human resources monitoring and reviewing their interactions. Each of these kenneled little girls would be stabled some day according to complex, arcane rules and vying for status. So the fact that Tisha was trusted with childcare spoke highly of her success as a servant to cocks.

Boys are generally separated from the girls about age 7 and enter a special training that involves both Brothers and the teenage boys aspiring to Brotherhood.


After watching the fucking couple for a while, Julia began to get bored and her mind began to wonder. She looked around. By habit she put her finger down into her pussy crack and continued her clitoral stimulation that Palo had abandoned. It made her feel a little like Mr. Palo was still there. There were only a few people in the lounge right now because it was the middle of the morning when almost all the boys were in classes or working and most of the girls were in training or in the gym or in some special service.

In a more distant corner of the room another girl sat on a thick, black shag rug leaning against a red sofa holding a big fluffy pillow. Julia didn't know her name but knew she was at least Form 4 but maybe Form 5. She guessed the girl was probably about twelve years old because under the long, dark see-through robe she was beginning to sprout little boobies. She had long, thin legs and arms. Where her robe did not come together she could see a bright red, puffy pussy, which meant to Julia that girl was definitely a fuck bitch, and probably a popular one, though now she looked bored and unused as she waited for boys to come into the Form 5 student lounge looking for someone to play with.


Commentary: Form Student Lounges

Girls in higher Forms (Form 4 or Form 5, 9 years old to teens) did regular service in what was called Form student lounges. These were free time and socializing places for boys who earned the privilege of student lounge access. There were computerized games of various types, sugar drinks, big screens and some other types of entertainment. But by far the most attractive and interesting entertainment were the girls assigned there who were learning to serve. These were girls of various ages of various service skill levels whose sole function was to learn to entertain and comply.

This was considered good preparation for the real adult Lounge on the top floor as well as various kinds of "lounges" around the Denali community administered by the Brotherhood. Novum Form lounges were actually carefully monitored by both the Brothers running the school and their very intelligent building network that monitored everything. Boys given the privilege of playing in the lounges knew the many rules governing its use and the use of the girls entertaining. They were well aware that all girls could be used for fellatio, hand jobs, dancing and "massage" but only some girls could be used for intercourse, anal or vaginal, and to maintain the privilege boys had to know how to determine which girls were allowed which privileges of service. The highest privilege of service a girl could attain at Novum was to become a "fuck bitch" which was a highly valued status. The boys also knew that the girls were always expected to be extremely respectful and obedient to every expectation and that they themselves were an important part of the girls' training.


Julia was considering whether or not it was ok to go over and talk to the girl sitting next to the red sofa. Julia was bored, the older girl was bored. She loved Palo's attention and his training but it seemed like he would disappear and be gone for too long sometimes because he was more interested in other girls and things, and this was one of those times. Julia thought it would probably be ok if she went over and ask the older girl about fucking. Sometimes the older girls would not talk when she asked them questions but she had found that if she asked them about sex and how to be a good bitch they would freely answer. And Julia thought if she asked about fucking, Mr. Palo would like that.

But before she stood up Julia heard, "It's coming out now. Get the tip in your mouth," from the only occupied table in the room.

There were some Form 5 boys sitting around a table with two girls and a dog under it. One girl was a blond, at least 16 years old but the other was younger with long dark hair, perhaps 12 years old. The dog was stretched out with his belly exposed and the younger girl was licking his dog cock as the older girl coached. The four boys talked and ignored what was happening under the table. Only the older blond was getting any attention at all as one of the boys petted her hair. Now she leaned over the dog and physically coaching the younger girl showing her how to give proper head to the animal. She reached for the younger girls head and tried to redirect her mouth to the dog's cock, sticking her own tongue out to model proper accommodate a dog cock. As she leaned over though, the dog was aroused by the nearness and apparent odor of her vagina. He began to lick it and as he did so, kicked up. The older girl pushed his nose away a little and Julia could hear her saying, "Ok, bitch up. He wants you now," to the younger girl. But the young dark haired girl began to argue that it was the older girl the dog wanted. The argument went back and forth a little without getting the boys attention, until the younger girl said more aggressively, "No, he licked you. You bitch up." There was a loud beep from her collar followed by the girl jumping reflexively and grabbing at her collar. Julia wasn't exactly sure what happened but the girls stopped arguing.


Commentary: Constant Network Monitoring

Successful older girls like Tisha understood in a way the younger girls didn't, that all were constantly monitored by "Satan" which was actually the building's sophisticated computer network. The girls were almost always evaluated and compensated with punishment and reward for behavior, attitude and conversation. For this reason conversation, especially between the younger girls and their older caregivers was limited, guarded and careful. "Satan" must be kept pleased.

In reality, it went beyond what most of the girls could imagine. The building network's intelligent "listening system" could pickup infringements like for example, a girl's ringed fingers touching or even nearing her clitoris ring and could be immediately punished for it. But more commonly keywords, "I hate ..." "I don't like ..." "Where do you think ..." "Who really ..." "No..." ... Key phrases are sent to the monitoring Brother, or as the Brothers not sarcastically refer to as "Big Brother". This is often a "Reverend" but several of the highest ranking Brothers fill this role to listen and view a current stream or the recorded video of a possible offense. Females are watched most closely by remote video links and "Big Brother" selectively hands out punishments and an occasional reward when he deems the remote event demands it.


One of the boys closest to the girls leaned over and slapped the young dark haired 12 year old beside her head. "Bitch up! Get your ass up for him." The dark haired girl dazed and recovering from the collar shock, raised her arm to protect herself from another head slap, but with a pout, moved into a hands and knees position, called "bitching up" and turned her ass to the dog. Now the dog's attention was on her. The older blond pulled the younger girl's thin black camisole up on to her back to expose her vulva and ass for the animal's enjoyment. The dog eagerly acceded to the invitation with his wet tongue and began the dog version of foreplay before mating with the younger girl.

It was at that moment that Palo returned. Sitting back in his chair, he patted his lap and Julia happily reseated herself on him and leaned back to watch the new action.

"Oh. What's happening now, Julia?" he said into quietly into her ear. He slipped his hand between her legs and she receptively spread to accommodate his groping. It was not, simply training. Julia felt that it was a lot of fun to have Mr. Palo or one of the other boys play with her pussy. They watched the dog thoroughly lick the 12 year old's rear in vigorous anticipation. The girl scrunched her mouth and with her long dark curly hair hanging down stared at the carpet.

"She's going to fuck him," the little girl answered.

"He's going to fuck her, sweety," he corrected her. "Dogs fuck girls. Girls can't choose. You just have to make them happy when they're horny. OK?"

"Ok." She watched silently for a moment, then without breaking her stare, "Will I have to do that too?"

"Of course you'll get to do that, Julia. You're going to be the best fuck bitch in the whole school." He held her close to him and gently rubbed her between the legs. "We'll be taking you down the kennels when Brother Simmly says your ready and you can learn all about that." Palo watched her face closely now. "It's easy to take care of doggies though. They don't care what you look like or too much how you act. Doggies are just like girls, they like to fuck pretty much all the time." Now he leaned under her ear and kissed her neck causing Julia to scrunch her neck and giggle. She put her hand on his hand that was around her shoulder. "But you have to be sweet and respectful to the boys, and you have to look pretty so they want you. That's why you and I practice several times a week, and why we get your hair done pretty and ... get you pretty clothes ... and why you have to work really hard in the gym so you look pretty and sexy, ok, Julia?"

She continued to watch the dog turning it's head and licking. The girl jerked a little in reaction, but then the girl glanced up at Palo and Julia and looking back down, spread her legs a little more for the dog's tongue.

"Ok," Julia answered smiling a little and moving her hand to caress his arm that was reaching under her skirt.


Commentary: The Importance of Dogs

The training to service dogs will remain useful for Julia continuing service in the Brotherhood for two important reasons. One is that females out number males several times over. Because they have been sexualized early and kept as much as possible at their peak of sexual desire, a dog can fulfill a female's sexual needs when respective males are occupied by other less carnal interests. This facilitates keeping a much larger selection of females available and peaked for performance. Secondly, the fulfillment is completely under senior male control and it again confirms the social status of the female servicing. Learning to submit to any dog's immediate desire is a fundamental step female submissive training. Learning that pleasing the cock, any cock, is the object of their service as sexual chattel and is the most fundamental principle of the Brotherhood.


The dog licked the girl's pussy from the rear carefully following his instincts to ready his bitch. She tensed and continued to stare intently at the floor but showed no resistance to his entreaty. Of course, Julia knew that had the dark haired girl shown any ambivalence to her masters, there would be consequences more severe than a slap.

Suddenly the dog drew back a little, then jumped his front legs on to her back to properly mount his bitch and begin humping the girl's rear. The older blond girl put her hand on the girl's side and reached under her. "Hold still," the older girl said as she pushed the younger girl's legs apart a few centimeters more and reached again. Julia had seen this sort of thing before. The older girl was probably trying to direct the dog's penis where it should go. Mr. Palo had let Julia do this once. Suddenly the younger lurched forward and opened her mouth wider. Julia decided the dog must have found her pussy. She was familiar with that feeling of something suddenly pushing in. "Hold still," the older girl said as she pushed the younger girl back by the shoulder towards humping dog. The dark haired girl raised her head to see if her handler was watching. He did look down at her, then glanced over to see Julia watching, then back to his bitch, he loudly said, "Good girl. Tie him," then went back to his conversation with the other boys.

Julia was considering asking Mr. Palo if she should go help with the girl who was getting used by the dog. She could tell her to stay steady too. But suddenly Julia's attention was drawn to he door on the distant side of the room when it slid open and a couple entered holding hands. It was a boy on the younger end of Form 5, probably 13 or 14 years old and a younger girl, Ginger, 11 years old and strawberry blond. Ginger was wearing a black see-through t-shirt and a very short black shirt. The boy in a white tunic and black pants had an erect penis flopping from his widely open crotch. "Back there," he pointed to the back of the large lounge where Julia and Palo were watching the fucking couple and the girl with her horny dog.

Julia watched them as they moved back towards an armless couch near them. When Ginger saw the little girl sitting on Palo's lap, she greeted them with a tiny wave. "Hi, Mr. Palo. Hi, Julia. See you got yourself a boyfriend there, huh?" she smiled. "Are you a good fluffer today, Julia?"

"Yeah," Julia answered watching them. She turned and looked up at Palo, then suddenly jumped off his lap. "You want me to help? I can suck him," she said grabbing Ginger's shirt by the hem.

Ginger looked down at her handler's stiff cock. "No, I think I got him ready to go already, Julia. And we're kinda in a hurry cause he has to get back to class. Thanks though." Then she looked at the boy, "So ... up or down ... or how?"

"Down's good. Here," he pointed at the couch. "Lay back."

"Do you want me to get you wet, Ginger?" Julia asked again.

Ginger sat down on the couch and took Julia's little hand, "You know what, sweety? This is like my third one this morning, so I think I'm good too. Now you should probably go see if you can do something for Mr. Palo, ok? I bet he likes to play with your pussy. You're so cute."

Both girls turned to see the noise in the corner. It was the couple that Julia and Palo had been watching. Jason was grunting as he finally pushed his load into Tisha's cunt. He had both legs up now under his arms. The girl was squinting her eyes shut, holding her mouth closed as tightly as she could.

Jason pushed in as his cock drained the last of its fluid into Tisha's cunt. During the brief inaction, Julia looked back at Palo who gave her a quick nod toward's Jason. Julia watched and wanted to approach but she seemed frozen by anxiety. For her, men were dangerous. Jason pushed himself off the exhausted girl, then reached down and gave the leg he had been holding a shove. "Off." He pushed a little and Tisha looked at him uncertainly. Jason gave her thigh a loud slap, "Off the couch, bitch. We're finished." Tisha jumped in surprise then slid down to a thick, shag rug on the floor.

Julia looked back again at Palo who motioned her towards Jason. "Go," he mouthed. Julia looked at Jason again. The command broke her indecision.

"Can I clean you please?" her voice was small and apparently Jason did not know he was asked a question as he massaged his own testicles.

Julia looked back at Palo. This time he pointed to Jason and frowned. Julia moved closer keeping her eyes down and said in a louder voice, "Can I clean you please, Mr. sir?"

"What?" Jason looked down seeing her for the first time. "Get outa here. What are you doing in here?"

"I'm sorry." The girl dropped down into a tightly kneeling position with her head and hands on the floor in a "pray" position. "Mr. Palo told me to ask. He said maybe you wanted me to clean you," she spoke into the floor.

"Oh," Jason said looking around and finding Palo. They made eye contact and Palo raised his eyebrows. Jason looked down. "Ok. Get your face up here and get this cock in your mouth." The little girl jumped up and opened her mouth, holding her head at his crotch level. "Get up here," he said grabbing the back of her head, "Get it." She grabbed the base of his now flaccid cock and fed it into her mouth making an audible sucking sound. It was wide and fat enough to fill her mouth completely and even though it was not erect, she gagged a little when her lips went into his public hair. "You tell Mr. Palo you like having a full mouth for change. You hear?"

The girl pulled her mouth off and gave a couple of licks. Then kissed its tip, then each testicle. "Thank you, sir."

Grabbing the girls hair and turning up her head, Jason asked, "What are you gonna tell Palo?"

"Uh... I like having a full mouth?" she tried to look down to avoid his eyes.

"I like having a full mouth FOR A CHANGE. Say it."

"I like having a full mouth for a change," she repeated. This man was not as nice as Palo. He let go and she turned to seek Palo's lap again, but Palo snapped his fingers then pointed at Tisha who was sitting on the rug leaning against the couch.

"Ok," Julia said and spun around. "Tisha, can I clean you too please."

Jason kicked Tisha's shin. "Back down, bitch. Get that cunt up and let the fluffer do her job."

Tisha slid back down on to her back, "Sure girl. Here." She raised her knees and spread them apart." Julia put her hands behind the older girl's thighs and pulled her face in to carefully lick the wet lips of Tisha's labia. "Mm. You have a soft tongue, Julia. Thank you. That feels really good, sweety." Julia pushed her tongue in until it strained. "Mmm. That's nice sweety. I think that's good for now. You better take care of Mr. Palo now, ok?" She patted the younger girl's cheek. "Thank you, Julia," she said sitting up again.

Julia scrambled up to the older girl's face and gave her cheek a quick kiss. Then with her face directly in front of Tisha's made a big smile. "When Mr. Palo fucks me, you can clean me too, ok Tisha?"

"Ok, sweety." She made an effort to smile back and patted the little girl's butt. "Go see if Mr. Palo wants anything now."

"Ok, bye, Tisha." The girl jumped up and smoothed out her little dress as she walked towards Palo, then broken into a run, when he opened his arms and made a show of jumping into his lap. Looking back at Ginger, Julia saw she was laying back on her back getting fucked by the boy who had brought her in. She had her legs wrapped around the back of his legs. Ginger was talking quietly in to the boy's ear but it was too quiet for Julia to hear.

Palo's cock was out now. Julia looked down at it but did not touch it. Julia knew it was out for her but she wanted to watch Ginger. Julia watched the butt of the boy rooting in between Ginger's legs. Ginger slid her feet up higher between his legs and she slid her hands down to his bouncing ass went around it and back up. She gripped his shoulders from under his arms and pulled her crotch higher to push into his thrusting. Ginger had been nice to her several times and Julia wanted to watch and ask questions later. Ginger moved her knees up almost the the level of the boy's butt. She stopped whispering into his ear and raised her pelvis up to meet his thrusts. Her collar started to glow pink in slow flashes.

"She likes it, huh, Mr. Palo?" Julia said snuggling into his shoulder more and spreading her legs more across his lap putting one leg on each side.

Palo put his hand back between her legs and gently stroked the little girl's pussy. "Yeah, she feels good doesn't she? See her collar's turning pink?"

"Yeah, she likes it." Julia found this reassuring because it looked like it would hurt and she knew that the girls did not always like it. Julia wiggled a little on Palo's lap and spread her legs wider. "That feels good Mr. Palo. I like it when you do that. I wish I had a collar cause it would be pink now like Ginger's."

"When you get to Form 4 some boy's gonna collar you too." Palo leaned down and kissed her ear making her push towards him.

"I know it," she said giggling a little. "I want to be your girl, Mr. Palo." She raised a leg more and scooted her crotch out a little. "Are you gonna make me cum again, Mr. Palo?" Her voice sounded a little higher and more tenser. "Please?"

Palo did not answer but he pushed the tip of his finger into her vaginal canal just a little and began a more vigorous stroke across her clitoris. Julia reflex flenched and grabbed his forearm.

Julia could remember one of the first times that one of the men took her to a lounge. It wasn't Mr. Palo. It was before she knew Mr. Palo and this was an older man. She didn't even remember which lounge it was because she didn't know much then about anything. But she remembered sitting on his lap and watching an older girl who was blond and very pretty and had big tits. The man told her that if she worked hard and ate a lot of cum, that she would have big tits like that older girl someday.

The blond teen was sitting in front of 4 boys who were sitting in big comfortable chairs around a red hassock. They didn't let the girl sit on the hassock, but made her crawl around it. They kept laughing about her and making jokes about the girl. The boys would pass her from one boy to another, each one playing with her pussy and kissing her. Julia didn't understand why they were making fun of her because she was really pretty with long blond hair and nice round titties and pretty smile. That was the first time that Julia really saw a girl's collar start to flash pink on the top. The boys would push her down and she would crawl to the next boy and beg to suck his cock with her mouth. They would let her do that with her butt up while another boy would play with her butt and her crotch. Sometimes Julia could even see them putting their fingers in her butt. At the time, Julia thought that would be uncomfortable but she could see the girl's collar get a darker pink and flash faster.

The man told her that the pink meant the girl really liked what the boys were doing and what she was doing. The blond teen wiggled her butt and begged to suck them and sometimes they let her sit in their lap like Julia was doing and they would even played with her and other times they would kick her and push her away. It looked like a terrible game for the girl but even when they kicked her butt, her collar flashed.

After awhile one of the boys laid her on the round red hassock on her back and the boys had some kind of plastic toy that made the girl wreath and roll around. Sometimes she would squeak as the boys turned her different ways and did strange things to her that made her beg.

After a while one of the boys turned her over on her stomach and started to fuck her from behind and her collar locked on a bright red. The man who was training Julia said that the girl was being very good and the bright red meant she was having an orgasm but Julia didn't understand the word then because she was too little. The boys kept turning her over, on her back and then on her stomach and fucking her different ways. The girls collar would flash quickly sometimes and other times it would get really, really red and the girl would moan and make funny noises. Other times she would just keep begging "Fuck me. Fuck me please."

Julia remembered now, that she had mixed feelings about the man telling her that she would "get to do that someday" when she got bigger. Now that she was older and knew more, she knew she really wanted boys to play with her like that someday. That would be so special to have 4 boys want to play with just her and make her feel really good. She could sort of understand why the blond girl begged and didn't mind getting kicked and laughed at. And for the last few months Mr. Palo had showed what the red flashing was all about and what they meant by orgasm.


Commentary: Girls are Collared About Age 9

"Little girls have little orgasms and big girls have big orgasms" is a common saying at Novum. Julia will be promoted to Form 4 when she begins to strongly respond to sexual stimulation. Most girls in Novum begin having "traceable orgasms" at very early ages because the intentional sexualization starts early. By the age of 9 or 10 however they are consistently "hard orgasms" meaning that the building's computer network can easily detect and evaluate them by heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and other biometrics monitored by the network with its sensors in every wall. At that developmental level, the orgasms become a management tool for the males in her life. When Julia is promoted to Form 4 she will receive a collar from the boy or man assigned to be her primary handler. For most girls this means sleeping in their room or apartment, spending at least an hour, often more, in training everyday, being bathed and toileted, learning to service dogs, boys, men or virtually any penis, and many other tasks as assigned.

The collar is more than a symbol. It is a tool of both training and management. It can deliver punishing electrical shocks to its misbehaving wearer but also exquisite cocktails of stimulants, opiates, sedatives and sexual stimulant hormones in a family of drugs called Orgzone that accentuate the sexual experience and accelerate sexual development. The dispensation of the Orgzone is controlled by her trainers and their software, facilitated by their cock & ball rings, and their finger rings described in another commentary below. Any attempt to touch her own genitals with her digits will be detected by the proximity of clitoral ring and finger rings and will be prohibited and punished. From that point on all of the girl's orgasms will be the choice and permission of a male. Within weeks of her collaring and introduction to the stress of training, she will become a controlled, functional addict, addicted to the various drugs the collar distributes, addicted to the sex, horniness and frequent orgasms, addicted to the avoidance of punishment, and most importantly, addicted to the collar's manager, her primary handler. This dependence will not just help her learn to navigate the world of serving the male hierarchy, it will also help her find a sense of security and purpose in which she is simply considered chattel. The Brothers term this - "her place".


Julia watched Ginger's collar slowly flashing pink and how she kept pulling her knees up higher and wider. Mr. Palo's finger was roaming down around her butt, then up along her pussy lips. Then all the way up along her tummy and then both of his hands lightly across her nipples, and back down again as Ginger's collar slowly flashed pink. With her eyes still glued to Ginger and the boy's pumping butt Julia said, "Mr. Palo, do you remember Mr. Mani?"

"Sure Julia. You mean the boy who played with you the last time we were in the Form 4 lounge. Right? What about him?" Palo gently focused on her little clitoris now, trying to get it hard.

"Do you think he would fuck me? I think he likes me, but do you think he could fuck me?"

"I don't know Julia. He would if I told him to. I'll think about it. Maybe I'll see what Brother Bodd says. I want your cunt to get good and wet before I let the boys in it."

She turned up to look at him, "But I get wet. I get really wet sometimes."

"I'll think it about it. You let me and the Brothers decide when you start doing things. You just be a good little fluffer and suck Mr. Mani's cock when he tells you. And the other boys too. Ok?"

"Ok. I always do." She turned back to watch Ginger bucking into the boy hard now.

"Hold still bitch." Julia looked around. She had forgotten about the girl and the dog. The dog was fucking the young girl furiously. Her head was down, teeth gritted, as she edged away from the dog who was pummeling her pussy. She had little titties that looked like the pointy ice cream cones that Mr. Palo and the other boys would give Julia as treat sometimes when she was very good. (She thought of them because she remembered a boy saying he liked tits like that and making jokes when he was letting her take bites of his ice cream.) The girl's titties would jiggle as the dog pounded her butt. But the boy sitting at the table, who must have been her handler, spoke sternly at her to stay still. "I said steady. And get your head up." The older girl reached over and pushed the younger girl's chin higher, then placed her hand on the girl's shoulder to encourage her not to move forward.

Julia watched the girl's fucking and her face blushing, raised her own cunt up to meet Mr. Palo's busy finger. After only about another minute Julia's breath caught. She squeezed Palo's arm and pushed his hand hard into her crotch. "Uh.."

Palo pushed his finger slightly into her little hole again and was pleased to find a wetness. He leaned over and kissed the side of her head. "Good girl. My good little girl, Julie, you came for Mr. Palo, didn't you?" He hugged her and gave her another smacking kiss. "Did you have a good cum, sweety?"

Her eyes were closed but she nodded her head and kissed the his arm.

"What do you say now?'

She didn't answer at first. But then she squeezed his forearm and whispered. "Thank you."

"He's about finished," Julia heard the other girl say. She opened her eyes to see the dog was beginning to slow and the girl's head was down again. "Keep your head," the older girl said.

In another corner Julia saw the girl on the red sofa stand and walk towards Palo and Julia. Julia expected her to ask if he wanted to fuck her. She must be horny too. But instead, she stopped in front of him, and saying nothing at all, dropped to her knees so she was below his eye level. She pushed her thin robe open at her stomach and tapped two fingers just above her vulva, then looked down.

"She needs to pee, Mr. Palo," Julia said looking up at him.

"I know," Palo pushed Julia off his lap. "Get down. Sit on the rug and display like a good girl till I get back," he said standing.

"Can't I go with you, Mr. Palo?" Julia said in a disappointed voice.

"No, we'll just be a minute. Do what you're told," he said taking the girl's hand he led her to the toilet.

"Ok," Julia put her head down and made a point of looking sad.


Commentary: Managed Toileting

Females at Novum school are not allowed to toilet themselves. Toilet doors do not open without male permission. Females at Novum can ask for assistance by wordlessly tapping their pelvic bone and humbly looking down.

Fecal defecation for fuck bitches is avoided with daily enema cleanings by handlers in the morning using sophisticated anal flushes. This avoids any unpleasant issues with sodomy, considering sodomy is a frequent and critical tool used to implement male dominance. The morning anal flush also provides a convenient opportunity for nutritional enrichment, pharmaceutical introduction including birth control, nutritional testing, and a myriad of other management applications for the building's female management software.


Julia leaned back against the bottom of the chair and watched Ginger. She held on to the boy tightly under his arms and raised her knees higher again. She wore no shoes and she pressed her bare heels against backs of the boy's thighs, raising her crotch to meet his thrusts. Julia could see Ginger's collar pulsing a faster redder pink now.

Suddenly there was a harsh, inhuman squeal on the other side of the room. Julia realized the sound came from the dog who was now back to back with the girl he had been trying to breed.

"Ow. Oow!" The girl was protesting. Julia did not entirely understand why the dog's butt was against the girl's, but it was easy to see that the girl was very uncomfortable. The dog tried to move away causing the girl to react again. "Ow. Ouch. Please..."

"Quiet. Settle down, Brandy, and mouth shut." The boy that was her handler stood and went to stand next to her and crouched down. He put his hand on her neck patting her tummy with the other, "Good bitch. Stay steady and quiet now. Just wait for him."


Commentary: The Importance of Tying

What was difficult for Julia to understand was that the dog had tied the knot of his penis in the girl's vagina. This is considered a very high level of training and trainers consider a tie between their bitch and their dog a good demonstration of the quality of their training. It is not only difficult to condition both the girl's behavior, teaching the girl to stay at good level, and condition the dog's behavior but also difficult to get the sizing just right between the two. For a young girl, this stretching and learning to accommodate is considered good preparation for her vaginal service to Brothers with full-grown, man-sized cocks. Tying regularly with the dogs she services means that her vagina is getting a good stretch with each coupling, improving the bitch's penis accommodation, as well as teaching her quiet compliance in an uncomfortable situation.


The other boys that were with him stood too, but apparently they were leaving. Julia was hoping they would get to watch her get fucked too. One of the younger boys stood next to the 16 year old girl and snapped a leash to her collar. Then, without saying anything, gave it a quick tug to signal her to stand. She was taller than her handler holding the leash. Julia thought they must be going someplace special.


Commentary: Leashes

All Novum girls are collared by the time they make it into Form 4 (9 to 12 years old). The collars are never removed until permanent custody is transferred, usually entering a stable. Often not even then. But leashes are not common day to day. They are used for more formal interactions, say a formal ceremony, an exchange of authority, or visit to someone of higher authority, or some other formal interaction between two people at different levels in this very hierarchical society. Leashes are a reminder of authority and dominance to everyone involved and a symbolic expression of who controls whom.


As the boys left and the older girl on the end of her leash followed through the doorway, Julia watch the boy petting and praising the dog. "Good boy. You tied your bitch, didn't you boy? Good job," he said patting his head, "good dog." The dog looked at the boy, still panting with is tongue out and his butt firmly against the girl's butt. The girl was obviously exhausted too and she lowered her elbows to the floor still patiently waiting to be released and letting her forehead touch the rug below her. The boy looked over to see Julia watching. He stopped petting the dog and reached for his girl's head. "Hey, you still have a cock in that cunt." He pulled back on her hair, "Up now. Proud bitch. Up."

The girl pushed up. "It hurts me. My pussy..."

"Shut up now, and just wait." The boy glanced over at Julia again.

Julia saw the boy look at her and she quickly spread her knees a little more and pulled her skirt up to show her own pussy. She wondered if perhaps he might want to play with her while he waited. She had seen girls tied to dogs before and knew it could be a wait. She watched the dog panting and tried to imagine how the dog's penis was bent around backwards like that. Boys could never bend their penises that way. Or could they? She would have to ask Mr. Palo.

The boy looked back to the dog. "You want your bitch to show respect till you're finished with her, don't you, boy?" He moved up closer to the dog's head and petted him again.

Suddenly the door opened again a voice yelled in, "Come on, Galli. We're gonna be late. Gitchur bitch off'm. She's had enough doggy ding-dong to last awhile. Let's go!"

"We're coming," the boy answered and the door went closed again. He turned to the dog again, "Come on, boy. Let go of your bitch." He tugged on the dog's collar. "We gotta go."

"Ow." The girl moved back a little as the dog moved forward.

"Hold still, Brandy. We gotta go now." He put his hand on her ass and pulled the dog's collar again. "Come on, Sam. Your bitch has some Brothers to take care of. Pull out, boy." He jerked the dog's collar and the dog lurched forward and turned around.

"Oowww," the girl said loudly and reached between her legs to her now empty vagina. Her collar gave a warning beep and she quickly returned her hand to the floor and she sat down on the rug. "My pussy hurts," she said with whine and put her hands on her thighs.

"That's my pussy, Brandy. And you keep your paws off it," he said casually as he petted the dog to reassure him and set his leash. "Good boy."


Commentary: Rings

Girls in training are not allowed to touch the vaginal labia nor anywhere near their clitoris. Rings on their fingers and a ring bound to the clitoris have electronic sensors that detect each other's proximity. When a proximity alert is sent to the collar, the collar announces the event to the building computer network, which tells the collar to "beep" in warning. If the warning is ignored and her finger ring stays in close proximity to her clitoris ring, a collar shock is initiated to punish the girl for her behavior.

Hence the common Brotherhood expression from trainer to trainee, "That's my pussy, not yours. Hands off" and reminds all those who wear a collar, sexual pleasure comes from men.


"But it hurts, Mr. Gallus," Brandy whined.

The dog sat and started to lick his own genitals.

"Yeah, ok, I'm sure it's messy," He said pulling another leash from a pouch on his utility belt. "I'll have Tika clean it before I introduce you to the Brothers." He snapped the leash to her collar and gave it a little jerk. "Let's go."

"Can I rest please?" Brandy whined.

"Get up Brandy, right now." He gave her collar a harder jerk. "You're going to make me late and embarrass me in front of the Brothers. Now get up before I use my whip or give you a mark or something."

The girl staggered up. "Pussy hurts," she whined again.

"Yeah, well it's gonna hurt a little more by the time the Brothers in the triclinium are finished with you, so you better behave if you don't want to end up in the Behavior Room." He pulled her closer to himself with the leash. "Display," he said kicking at the inside of one of her feet.


Commentary: The Behavior Room and triclinium parties

The Behavior Room – This is a place of consequences and punishment. When serious misbehavior is a problem or when a girl gets more than one mark on on her ass with a marking pen, she is taken to the Behavior Room on sub-level 6 and turned over to Brother Muta (often referred to as Old Raspy) to have the marks erased by whipping or some other creative punishment.

triclinium parties – These are generally speaking orgies that the Brothers stage. Sometimes they center around a particular entertainment, perhaps a virgin introduced to vaginal service, or a preteen introduced to canine service, or an exchange of bitches between stables... Sometimes it is just general fucking and sucking sessions. They always involve females, food, drink, drugs, and usually vomiting.


The girl spread her feet a little and looked down. Galli stuck a hand down into her crotch and scooped up some of the excess wetness. "You're good n' wet. That's good. Brothers like that in a party bitch." He looked at it closer and sniffed. "Yeck, you smell like dog though." He glanced over at Julia then held his hand in front of Brandy's mouth but she just looked up at him. "Clean, dumb bitch. Get this crap off."

The girl opened her mouth and he pushed his fingers in. "Clean." She closed her lips around them as he pulled his hand back. Brandy made a face but knew better than to spit. She swallowed respectfully.

"Let's go," Galli led her out the door as Julia watched the door slide closed behind Brandy, she realized that the room was almost empty.

Apparently the boy fucking Ginger had finished already and he sat on the edge of couch as Ginger was on her knees licking his cock clean. He grabbed Ginger's hand and stood pulling her up. "I have to get you up to the Lounge. Come on." Ginger gave his cock a quick kiss, stood and said, "Thank you." As they were leaving she gave Julia a little wave and they disappeared through the exit.


Commentary: The Lounge

The Lounge, on the 7th level of Novum, is the large arena for both the practice and the demonstration to the public of the school's accomplishments. It is available not only to Brothers but to men of the general public and, to a more limited use, its male students. It offers both females in training of every age and also fluffers and fillies from Brotherhood stables.


Now Julia sat on the floor waiting for Mr. Palo to return, the only person in the Form 5 lounge. How long does it take for a girl to pee? What should she do now? she thought to herself. She looked at the couch she was leaning against. The cushions were thick and springy. She stood and surveyed the room again to make certain it was completely empty. All she could see was couches, some with backs, some without, tables and comfortable chairs, a few big screens, but nothing too interesting. She had never been alone in a boys lounge before. With sudden gusto she fell back into the couch and sprang back up. What an amazing playground. She had discovered that furniture like this was almost like the trampolines in the gym that she so rarely got to play on. This was her own tramp all to herself, a whole room full. Next she sat down hard bouncing up, bouncing down again. Listening for any hint that anyone was about to enter she bounced for several minutes.

After some time of the revelry of not just bouncing but also actually getting to use furniture without being fondled and groped, boredom began to take over again. She looked around for more adventure but the room wasn't very interesting without boys. Mr. Palo should be back by now. It was taking him a long time to take that girl to the bathroom. Where was he? Maybe she should go look for him.

But the boys should be getting out of classes soon. Then it occurred to her that if boys come in, then she would be the only girl here to entertain them. She could be the center of attention just like a big girl. That would be exciting. But maybe they would expect to fuck her. The thought was scary. It looked like it would hurt and Mr. Palo had always told her that her pussy was still little. She laid back and spread her knees wide, propping her head on the couch's back.

Julia looked down at her crotch and used her fingers to pull back her lips in an effort to see how big she really was down there. It was frustrating not to be able to see inside it. The lips were still a little red and slimy from her recent orgasm. There wasn't anything else though that she could see because of the angle. Julia pushed a finger of her other hand in a little. It felt tight but not totally uncomfortable. It was certainly not as big as Mr. Palo's finger and some of the other men who had handled her, and they stuck their fingers there a lot, though not really too far, like she knew fucking did. She knew that fucking went all the way in because she had seen it up close before. Once when she was fluffing a Brother he had her lick the pussy of a girl as he fucked her. She had learned a lot that night. She hadn't earned a collar nor rings yet like that girl, and her butterfly tattoo was blue, not like that girl's red butterfly, so the boys probably wouldn't consider sticking a cock in it but she was experienced enough to know that it wasn't unheard of for a girl without a collar to get fucked. However that was usually in the ass which was a whole different matter. Julia pulled up her knees till they were over her chest enough to reach under to her asshole and pushed her finger against it. The finger went in a little but the fingernail hurt and she pulled it out. She knew there was lubricant dispensers near each couch and considered trying lubricant to see if her finger would work better.

But before she stood up, the door from the hallway slid open. Like a shot, Julia slid off the couch on to the rug below it. She felt terrified that a boy or, worse, a Brother might have seen her sliding off. To Julia's relief, it turned out to be neither. Two Form 5 girls entered the room. They were perhaps 13 years old. The brown haired girl behind was someone Julia recognized right away because of her braces. Her name was Gatinha. They were giggling loudly and began swinging their arms as they strode in.

"Get yer cocks hard boys. The bitches are here and hot to fuck," the blond girl in front announced and they both laughed loudly. They were dressed identically, short black skirts, black see-through tops, black net hose with black high heels, bright red lipstick and heavy dark eyeliner. They swirled around to survey the room. No boys.

"Fuck. Where's the cock?" the girl in front said, turning toward her friend and sounding loudly disappointed. Then they both laughed uproariously.

They zeroed in on Julia. The blond girl who had come in first looked at Julia who sat quietly. "Hey little bitch. You gotta cock? Cause we need a couple." They found this terribly funny too and both laughed again. Gatinha sidled up to the other girl, "Nope, Cherry. That's Julia. I know Julia from Form 3. She don't have a cock for us, do you Julia?" She put her hand on Cherry's shoulder.

Julia slowly shook her head staring at the older girl.

"But she like's cock, don't ya Julia? I know cause I taught her how to suck Mr. Palo's cock, right Julia? You like cock, don't you girl?" Gatinha struck a pose next to her friend.

Julia nodded slowly, but wordlessly.

"Well, bitch," Cherry said slowly turning to her friend, reaching up to Gatinha's shoulder. "I got one for ya." With her other hand she reached down to Gatinha's crotch and Julia could see that she stuck at least her middle finger into Gatinha's vagina.

"Ow oh ... shit Cherry," Gatinha said through a giggling burst, "That ... ow .. hurts," Cherry was pushing her back at the same time, guiding her back to a couch behind her.

"Bitch down, bitch and spread 'em," Cherry gave a shove and they both tumbled down, Gatinha with her back on the couch and Cherry on top of her, humping on her own hand which Julia deduced must be plowing into the other girl.

They both continued to giggle and wrestle but Gatinha spread her legs wide and in the air. "Ow ... ooh. Your cock has a fingernails. ... careful... oooh."

Now Julia was worried. She almost yelled, "You better stop. You're gonna get in a lotta trouble."

But the girls were either ignoring her concern or didn't hear her because Gatinha began a loud plead, "Oh fuck me, Mr. Cherry, fuck me, please!"

"Please stop. I don't wanna get in trouble. ... please?" Julia had visions of being strapped to something in the Behavior chamber and Brother Muta's ugly face.

"You know you love my cock bitch," was Cherry's only response as she pushed into the other girl harder with her hand. Gatinha had stopped talking but was audibly breathing. Cherry was biting her own tongue and watching the other girl's face. "Gimme more pussy, bitch," Cherry said through gritted teeth. "That's my pussy. Give it to me." She jerked her hand harder. Julia felt like crying.

Then Julia's fears materialized. The door slid open and the girls heard boys' voices entering the room. They were brazenly complaining about the Brother who was their math instructor, now that they were out of his earshot when suddenly everybody was quiet. The girls on the couch had ceased their giggling and grunting and frozen in fear. Both looked up. The two boys who had entered were frozen as well, and a third pushed between them to see what the surprise was. The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity but could have only been a couple of seconds while everyone tried to explain in their minds what they were seeing.

Julia proved to be fastest. "Mr. Palo told them to get each other hot and ready for you. And he said I should suck you hard for these bitches." She jumped up and knelt down in front of them. "So like ... he had to take another bitch to pee but you could start with these two." Julia bent over and kissed the shoe of one of the boys. "So ... then he'll bring the other one for you ... so.." the 6 year old looked up, "So, can I suck your cock please, sir?"

All three boys looked down at the little girl. Then over at the two on the couch.

Cherry got off and rolled on to the floor. "Yeah, Mr. Palo said to get her ready for who ever has firsts. She's wet." The blond leaned back on her straight arms and spread her legs. "I just came up from the kennel so I'm wet and horny too." She made a point of staring at one of the boy's crotches. "Looks like you're ready too, huh, cock-man? Is the big one for me or for her?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm always ready. Brother Buck let me go first so, I pick you." He motioned to one of the couches. "Over there. And gimme some head first." He looked at Gatinha, who was still on her back. "You better get off that furniture and on your knees bitch. Mr. Palo's not here now and you got some horny cocks to service. Gatinha pulled the hair from her freckled face as she sat up. He kicked her behind the shin as he passed and she hopped off the couch, onto her knees, tucking them under her, then bent over with her face on the floor.

"Yes, sir," Gatinha said to the floor between her arms.

"You guys can take turns on tinsel teeth there." He was referring to the braces that her managing Brother had decided would perfect Gatinha's teeth. Turning towards the chosen couch, "I want to play with titties." Cherry's breasts teacup-sized breasts were actually a little smaller than Gatinha's and a more experienced Brother would know that Gatinha's broader, mostly flat melon-shaped breasts were more likely to reach D-cups when she matured, especially after her first breeding. And with a proper drug regimen, she would probably get the big double or triple D's of a valuable cow someday. But at this age, Cherry's titties, though small, protruded out invitingly, more than a mouthful.

"Glad you guys finally got here. We been waiting like an hour," Cherry said launching herself towards the couch. She pulled the snap on her skirt and tossed it away to show her vulva and knelt on the rug beside the couch with her eyes glued to the approaching crotch. "My pussy itches. It needs a big cock to poke it." The boy sat down on the couch and Cherry put her face in his crotch. "Let's get you hard, big boy."

In less than a minute both Cherry and Gatinha's heads were bobbing up and down on the boy's penises. Cherry got her's hard quickly and reached her arms behind his waist as she worked her mouth up and down. Gatinha used one hand to work her boy's balls and the other to pump his cock shaft sucking the head with her mouth. Julia went to kneel in front of the boy whose place had been determined by the math instructor to be third. She spread her knees wide, rolling up her skirt again and even pulled on the top of her vulva lips in an effort to display her clitoris. Looking up she said, "May I suck your cock, please, sir?" to the red headed boy waiting.

The boy looked down skeptically. Then reached down with his hand, "Yeah, ok, come on."

Julia rose biting her lip a little. She felt so proud to take his hand and walk to a big red throne chair. He sat down and she worked to unzip his double zipper. "I'm hungry for big cock too." Julia felt just like the big girls but she was having trouble with the zipper.

"Here," the boy said, pushing her hand away. "I'll get it." When he opened the double zipper, the girl grabbed the penis in two hands, kissed it and began to lick it wet. She held it's base and started to literally suck on it carefully holding her tongue against it as she remembered from videos and coaching.

As the girls worked, there was not a lot of sound. The boy using Cherry was most verbal. "Oh you fucking bitch," and "Suck it, bitch." Occasionally there was the smacking sound of a girl pulling off as she sucked. The red headed boy tried taking Julia by the ears and moving her head up and down but she immediately started coughing and trying to push away, so he let her go back to the routine she had been taught.

"Bitch up, on the couch. Pussy fucking time," said Cherry's boy rising.

Julia rolled her eyes up to see her lover's reaction to her hard work but he was watching Cherry as she was climbing on to her couch already. Cherry's tits had a nice hang on her hands and knees in doggie position that all the boys loved. It made her look like a very young B-cup.

Julia's boy grabbed the back of her head to control her better and began to enjoy the view.

Gatinha buried her head into the boy's crotch and pushed her nose ring against the ring running around the base of his cock and balls, swallowing and deep throating his penis. The boy grabbed her ears. "Hey, stop nuzzling. Back off." Then he pushed her back and laid back on his couch. "Remember how you did Randy yesterday? I want you to ride me." He held his cock up high and patted his thigh with the other hand. "Up here. Remember?"

"Uh, no. I fucked a lot of guys yesterday. You want me to sit on it?" Gatinha stood up.

"Yeah, sit on my cock and play cowgirl. And lean over me. I wanta see your titties hang down."

The girl strode over him and going up high on her knees she held herself over his spear and aimed it with one hand. Settling down, she exhaled. When it was almost all the way in she leaned over and grabbed his shoulders beginning to rock back and forth. "Like this?" she asked. Now she could lean over almost far enough for her clit ring to make contact with his cock ring. She bumped back and forth as rapidly and deeply as she could manage, knowing that she would get a special reward after enough attempts.


Commentary: Cock & Ball Rings and Clitoral Rings

Cock & ball rings are training devices worn by most Brothers who are training and every Form 6 (16+ years old) and Form 5 (12 – 18 year old) trainer. Occasionally a Form 4 (~9 to ~12 yo) boy is allowed to assist in training, and his privilege of wearing a cock ring is considered a conspicuous status symbol. These are rings or thin bands which fit around and under the testicles and over the penis, containing sophisticated electronics including a proximity detector for the female clit ring equivalent. It can be adjusted for tightness and size. Because it has a proximity detector, when it is near a collared girl's ring (clitoris, nose, fingers, sometimes nipples) it will signal her collar with each repeated detection. With some randomly unpredictable frequency her collar will reward the girl with a pharmaceutical treat of Orgzone (OZ) prescribed by the building network. This chemical paired with addictive opiates and coca derivatives, is designed to accentuate and accelerate sexual response, and ultimately serves as an addictive control device.


Gatinha bucked atop her boy's cock furiously pushing down harder with each stroke eager to get a reward before he orgasmed. She leaned steeply over his chest and pushed back onto his hard prong. Her collar was beginning to faintly pulse pink. "You gonna squirt some cummy in my pussy?" she said already a little breathlessly.

But the boy didn't seemed interested in her question. "Ouu big titties fucks like a big wet pussy jackhammer," he snarled and reached up and grabbed her bobbing boobies. The boy had a "finger ring" on his index finger moved the ring across the nipple rings of the girl's breasts, actually making physical contact.


Commentary: Finger Rings and Nipple Rings

Most trainers and assistant trainers wear at least one finger ring whose proximity detector can be programmed to help him manage his trainees rewards. All collared girls wear finger rings and some also wear titty rings that perform a similar proximity detection to their clit rings. These simply serve as additional tools for bitch training and management.


"Yeah, make those titties swing bitch," Cherry's boy held her hips but looked over her side to see his bucking's effect on her boobies too. Cherry's head was down, her stringy blond hair swinging too. She was not as lucky as Gatinha because her handler was not gifted with a cock & ball ring. But her collar showed a slow pink pulse.

For her part Julia's mouth was getting tired. She paused, licked her palm and decided to take a break from sucking and just pump. Her handler was more interested in watching the older girls getting fucked and thinking about which one he would get. The brown haired bitch with the nipple rings was the one he preferred. Her collar pulsed faster and she was obviously eager for more, and she had nice thick, shapely thighs and a smooth round ass that liked more comfortable and welcoming than the skinnier blond. He had had her several times before and she was a good fuck. He decided he would wait for her, even if his friend doing Cherry finished first. He strategized he would fuck Gatinha's pussy for awhile then put her on her stomach and finish in her soft, pillowy ass.

The door opened and three more Form 4 girls came in. They stopped and looked around saying anything. There were no boys to attend except maybe the boy that Julia was giving a hand-job to. The girls looked at each other. "I'll take care of him," the shorter red head said to the others who then found a rug to sit together on a rug between some chairs. The red head moved to Julia and her red headed boy to sit down beside him on the floor. When Julia saw the girl coming over, she immediately went back to giving him head, working even harder and faster than before. She felt a little territorial in that this was her man and her cock and the 6 year-old was going take care of both. The older girl placed her hand on the boy's thigh and looked up at him and smiled when he looked down, pulling her thin black blouse open a little more to show her very perfectly conically shaped breasts.

"Hi, Paprika," he muttered as he looked back at Gatinha who was pumping furiously and whose collar was now a bright rapidly pulsing pink.

"Hi, Mr. Jake," she answered. But he didn't seem interested in her so she looked over at Julia who was sucking on his cock's head and pumping his shaft. Paprika ran her fingers through the little fluffer's hair to get it out of the little girl's way then continued to comb her hair. "Want some help, sugar? Take turns?"

Julia stopped with a jerk. "You just think he'll want you cause you got red hair too, don't chya? An' cause yer a fuck bitch an you got tits."

The older girl took her unwelcome hand back and generally pulled back a little bit. Paprika said nothing for a second, just looking at the little girl who went back to sucking the cock. Then, on consideration she said, "Listen, he's a guy. He'll decide what he wants. And who." Then glancing up at Jake, she quieted her voice a little, "But a lot of times sugar, guys like the attention of two girls, see. I think you're doin' a great job. I think he's gonna cum." She ventured to put her hand up to the little girl's head and comb her fingers through her hair again.

Julia turned a little and without stopping looked at the older girl. Then she scooted away against his leg and pushed his leg out in a gesture meant to share. Paprika smiled and sidled in next to her cupping his fuzzy red haired balls with her hand, then massaging them between her fingers. "You take the cock; I'll take the balls. We girls gotta stick together to get them to squirt good," she said flashing a smile and opening her mouth to take take his sac in.

More girls and more boys from Form 5 classes were coming in now. There were probably a dozen or more boys in the room and more girls than that. There were two other fluffers a little older than Julia but most girls were older preteens or young teens as well as a few older teens, all readily available for any kind of intercourse. Some boys would enter the room and in just a few seconds, push a girl over a couch or over the back of a chair and without any preparation pull up her skirt and push his cock into her. Most though, wanted a blowjob or a hand job to get hard, then as soon as that was accomplished, told the girl what position he would fuck her in. This was the "before lunch crowd" of boys. The girls always said they were the horniest. They only had an hour to eat lunch and get their their willies drained. These boys chose the later first. The "after lunch crowd" had a reputation among girls as being more relaxed or at least more fun. They would come in just as anxious to do the pussy poking thing but then after blowing a load they were more willing to talk and play and be more fun. Of course there were always some guys who wanted to get in seconds or even thirds and so the most popular girls had the most work after lunch. But for some girls, it wasn't work at all. For many of the girls and a lot of the boys, fucking was the most fun thing to do.


Commentary: The Form Lounges

The activity in the various Form lounges ebb and flow during the day. Early mornings are busy, especially in the Form 4 lounge whose boys do not have easy access to fuck bitches all the time. Boys so young, rarely earn privileged access to The Lounge on 7th Floor and rarely are allowed to bring even fluffers into their large shared dorm rooms. Though early mornings are busy, as the boys filter to classes and work assignments, the lounges become quieter. Most of the girls are assigned to gym workouts, entertainment instruction, kennel duty, Lounge duty on the 7th floor, service to Brothers, entertainment assignments around the community outside the school, and all the other various assignments that fill their day.

There are always a few girls assigned to serve in each lounge even during classes. They must patiently wait to attend an occasional boy who has earned the very special privilege of release from class or work. Of course there is also always the illicit quick detour that a random boy will make from his "bathroom" break. The girls eagerly welcome that relief from their own boredom, whether it is to offer quick "entertainment" or perhaps also having their own toileting needs met because the girls never have the privilege to do so independently.

The activity in the lounges picks up again midmorning and mid-afternoon as boys take a short break between classes. But by far the most pleasant time in the Form lounges is the after school time. The boys are done with their long tedious day of study and work assignments and their girls were done with their long strenuous day of gym workouts and kennel duty. This is also the time of day when many of Brothers will wander in after a long day of managing difficult classrooms and other jobs around Novum to "sample the sweets". While most Brothers prefer more mature entertainment in The Lounge on 7th floor, for the pedos among the Brothers the Form lounges are an endless source of pleasure. As Brothers are always the highest in privilege of rank in the room, the selection is a fuck fiesta, preferable even to what is available for pedophiles in The Lounge on 7th floor. Everyone who enters a Form lounge has earned the privilege of entry and everyone has worked hard for the same reason. Boys, girls and Brothers are ready to play the game they both love the most, as Zaki, Timond's best friend would call it, "hiding the sausage".

This two hour window after classes and before the last meal of the day is probably most enjoyable for the girls. After the initial rush for relief that most boys and Brothers immediately indulge in, the older Brothers tend to find other interests elsewhere but the younger boys and girls become "almost normal" children at play looking much like youngsters throughout the history of the world. The boys usually bring treats to hand feed the girls ostensibly as a reward for their mutual good behavior, and the girls love to have their rings played with, and when the games become sexual their girls must remember their servant roles. But often, especially in the Form 4 lounges the jostling, teasing, laughter and antics could probably seen in any group of the same age anywhere.


One girl had made the strategic mistake of wearing her hard-earned panties because she thought they were pretty. "What the fuck is this shit?" He pulled on them almost ripping them off. "Don't wear shit like that when you come up here."

She quickly stepped out of them, "Sorry," she said tossing them aside. The boy pushed her down to the floor, her back on a rug. She spread her legs, raising them as he almost fell into her.

Other girls were grabbed by a boy entering the room but guided to a couch where they were sometimes invited to sit on his lap or next to him for some gentle play and tickling. Other girls were pulled into a kiss and a mauling, sometimes with more than one boy. Almost all were on the backs or knees pretty quickly as the boys released the pent up energy they had collected in a day of classes and study.

The boy fucking Gatinha blew his load loudly and the red headed boy that Paprika and Julia were attending pushed them aside. He followed his plan of pushing her back on to the couch on her back and she tightly wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her cunt. Soon she would be on the same couch doubled over, knees under with Jake banging her ass. But before he would finish, he would stretch her out to snuggle down against her plump little ass to leave his cream in it.

Finally, Palo came back into the room. The girl he had taken to the bathroom followed him in. Her hair was disheveled and her vagina was even redder than when she had left. He motioned for her to go put herself on the floor and wait for her next use as he strode over to Julia.

"I gotta call from a Brother, Julia. You've got to come with me. I've gotta take you somewhere," he said holding out his hand.

"Where we going, Mr. Palo?" she stood up and had a little excitement in her voice.

"You're going to a pedo pussy party in Brother Kogut's triclinium," he said taking her hand.

"A party! Do I get a new dress or something for the party, Mr. Palo?" Julia looked up.

"Uh, well, I don't think we have time. They want you up there right away. I'll order some panties for you and we can put them on you when we get to Brother Kogut's apartments." He paused and appraised her. "It looks like you've been busy though. You're kind of a mess. Bael, bring me some little panties that will fit fluffer Julia immediately." The building network acknowledged the request.

He turned to Paprika who was still sitting next to Julia, equally unoccupied. "Help me here. We've got to get this little cunt looking good for Brother Kogut's pedo friends."

"Here, let me get you looking pretty again, sugar." She turned the little girl around and straightened out her skirt and her shirt. Then she pulled open a little hidden drawer under the couch that she was leaning on, and pulled out a comb and a tube of lipstick. Paprika combed and shaped the little girl's hair that had become messy during her oral service. Then she stuck out her own pursed lips, signaling to the little girl to do the same she carefully lined her lips with a bright red lipstick. "Now, do this," she said and moved her lips in and around. Julia imitated her to smooth out the lipstick. Paprika used a tissue to try to dab the excess. "That's good. You're really sexy now, sugar. Now layback on the couch, on your back, right here." She patted the couch next to her, and pushed the girl's legs wide apart and up to her chest. Then she carefully lined the little girl's inner vulva lips with lipstick. "This will make you really pretty."

Palo watched thinking, then reached to the utility pouch he was wearing and pulled out a tube. When Paprika had finished giving the little girl's pussy a little color she said, "Ok, you can get up now, sugar."

But before she could get her legs down Palo grabbed the little girl by one knee, "Wait. Roll over. Bitch up tight."

"What?" Julia looked up uncertainly.

"Turn over onto your knees there on the couch. Bitch up tight. You know how to do that. And stick your butt out," he said pushing her to her side.

The little girl got on her knees and bent down with her feet hanging over the edge of the couch and looked up. "You mean like this? Why, Mr. Palo? What are you going to do?" Her voice sounded a little nervous. She had been told to do things like this before.

"Tight, Julia. Head down." He pushed her face into the couch. "Hold still and shut up."

He looked at Paprika. "Sit up here and hold her for me," he said pointing to the couch next to Julia. Paprika sat up on the edge of the couch and put one arm over the little girl. Glancing at the tube in Palo's hand, Paprika put the her hands on the little girl's butt cheeks and spread them a little to see her little brown puckered asshole and next to it, inside her right cheek, Brother Simmly's brand. Palo took the tube of grease in his hand and gave the 6 year old a squirt into her anus.

"ouu oouu coldyy," the little girl jerked a little under Paprika's arm.

"Hold still, honey," Paprika said in a reassuring voice.

Returning the tube to his trainer utility belt, Palo then pulled out a large anal plug.

"That's kind of big for her," Paprika said skeptically.

"She can handle it. She's had this one in before," and he carefully positioned the plugs tip to the little anal hole surrounded by grease, and, placing a hand on her back and gently but firmly pushed.

"Oww! Mr. Palo! Too big! Ow," the girl protested and tried to move away again but Paprika held her firmly.

"Hush, Julia," he admonished, working it from side to side. "A good bitch is quiet."

"ooo," she whined a little quieter as he pushed it in all the way and pumped the little diaphragm to lock it into place.

When they had it in, Paprika released her and pulled her to back off the couch and stand up, then she smoothed the little girl's dress and hair. Palo took her by the shoulders and taking her chin, looked her in the eye.

"Now, listen to me," he said in a firm, deep voice. "When you get up to that party, I want you to remember something."

She started to reach behind herself, "ooo", but he grabbed her hand and pulled it to her side.

"Listen! Remember I am your trainer. Everything you do shows them what a good trainer I am and want a good little fuck bitch you're going to be. Like this girl here," he nodded towards Paprika. "You remember, do every thing exactly as you are told, and no more complaining about anything. Can you do that and make me proud, Julia?"

The little girl looked like she was going to sob, but she just nodded her head.

"You are such a pretty little girl, and you have such a very pretty pussy today." Paprika said as she smoothed the little girl's hair. "There's probably going to be some other little girls at the party but I think the men will like you the best and you'll be really popular like me. Mr. Palo did such a good job. When they see that plug you've got in your butt they're going to think you're a big girl. You gotta act like a big girl now to show them what a good trainer Mr. Palo is, you hear?" She patted her cheek. "Who knows they might even make you a fuck bitch just like me, today. Wouldn't that be something? Mr. Palo's plug will help if they do that. You just do exactly what they tell you, like Mr. Palo said, ok sugar?"


Commentary: Triclinium Pedo Pussy Parties

There is a great deal of drinking and unpredictability in any Brother's party that involves children.

Pedophilia is highly valued by the Brotherhood because they depend on Brothers with a bent towards children to do the most important initial training, conditioning and nurturing of a submissive attitude. At the same time by the very nature of their work in this hyper-masculine culture it common for the pedophilic Brothers to feel some need to prove their stern masculinity and emphasis a special willingness to dominate the most vulnerable of the Brotherhood's herds. They must strike a careful balance of working to maintain the value of their smallest chattel and rewarding themselves with their libertine indulgences. At triclinium parties debauchery often tips the balance.


The little girl nodded. She looked up, "You are going with me, aren't you Mr. Palo?"

"I'm not invited. I'm going to take you up and give you to a Brother. Don't worry though. They'll take good care of you. And don't ask questions, ok? Remember. Do want you're told. Palo took her hand and they walked towards the door with little girl waddling a little to accommodate the anal plug. When she looked back, Paprika gave her a little wave, opened her mouth with her tongue out a little and making an O with the thumb and fingers of her right hand and pulled it back and forth in front of her mouth several times quickly, then waved again and sat on the floor in front of the couch.

As the door closed behind them, a boy sat down on the couch behind Paprika and reached over to grab one of her little cone-shaped tits. She looked up and smiled.


by Alexander Martin


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