The Girl Who Fell Off Her Bike by Ale Stone

I want to express my gratitude to Daibhidh for his help, proofreading and 
suggestions making it possible to write this story. Thank you Daibhidh.

The door to my room opened softly. Surprised, I looked over and was 
surprised to see my twelve year old sister standing just inside it. Usually 
she just barged in and flopped down, either on my bed or in the chair in 
front of my computer. When I looked closer, I saw she was crying.
"What? What happened?" I asked a little worried.
"I - I hurt myself falling off my bike," she almost whispered.
"Oh. How bad is it?"
"I - I don't know. It's bleeding!"
"You don't know?"
"No, I can't see it," she said blushing a little, but I couldn't understand 
why. There was nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about.
"Oh. It's on your back then," I concluded. "Do you want me to get a Band-
"What do you want me to do then?"
"I - I don't know. Look maybe and see if I have to go to the doctor."
The tears were streaming freely again.
"OK. Come over here and let me have a look."
Hesitantly she came over and stood in front of me.
"Well, show me then. I can't help you if you don't show me the wound."
She fumbled with the buttons and zipper in her jeans and with a tentative 
but smooth motion she drew her pants, as well as her panties, down to mid-

I almost fell back in surprise as her little pussy came into view but, 
despite my surprise, I looked eagerly at it. It was the first one I had 
seen in all my fifteen year old life, except for once in some magazines. 
There was nothing special about it. It was just a rather high hill, coated 
with the finest dewy blond hair which was hardly visible against her fair 
skin. I noted that it ended in a soft curve with a cleft in the middle, 
between her thighs.
"Well," she asked.
"Well what?"
"How bad is it?"
I leaned forward and looked closer.
"I can't see a thing. Are you sure that you hurt yourself there?"
"Of course. There's blood on my panties."
I looked down and sure enough. There was a rather big stain of blood in the 
"Oh. It must be just between your legs," I said. "I can't see that far in 
between them. You'll have to spread your legs a bit."
She did as I said, but it wasn't quite enough.
"More," I urged her.
"I can't. My pants are in the way," my sister complained.
"OK, take them off then."
I saw that she winced as she lifted her leg to remove her pants and I felt 
pity for her. There was after all some blood and it probably hurt a lot.
"Wait. I'll help you. Lay down on the bed, it'll be easier that way," I 
told her.
Slowly she eased onto her back in the middle of the bed. I stood by the end 
and first drew her jeans off her and then her panties. Wow. My sister lay 
half naked in front of me. I looked up at her face and saw that she was 
blushing beat red and had her eyes tightly closed.
"You'll have to spread your legs more," I instructed her.
She did as I said and now I could see all of her hidden charms. Her slit 
started a couple of centimeters below the downy hill and continued on down 
between her thighs. From what I could see, it could have ended where her 
two ass-cheeks bulged out, but on the other hand, it could just as easily 
continue all the way around, connecting with her asshole.
"I have to touch you," I stammered.
"Why?" she looked up at me, a little frightened.
"I wont hurt you. But it seems as though you've bled from... from inside 
"OH, OK."
Carefully I reached out and lay my fingers softly on her hill. It was soft 
and I could feel the fine hairs tickle the tips of my fingers. I traced 
them down to the middle of her pussy where I made contact with the two fat, 
tightly closed lips that hung down between her thighs. I tried to pry them 
apart but couldn't do so with only one hand, so I reached out and took one 
lip between each of my thumbs and index fingers, applying soft pressure. 
They reluctantly opened and I was able to look inside my sister's young 
pussy. It looked a little wet and pink, turning into a light red shade as I 
looked deeper inside her. I could see that there was a drop of blood or two 
about a centimeter inside the entrance.
"Yes I can see it now," I exclaimed.
"Is it bad?" my little sister asked me in a shaky voice
"No. I don't think so. Wait I'll get something to clean it with."
I went into the bathroom and took some water in the glass that held my 
toothbrush and some cotton balls. 
I sat down beside my sister and showed her what I had gotten, then it 
struck me that I should use this situation to the limit to look at my 
sister's pussy. This was certainly the last time I would have a chance to 
look at it.
"I'll have to sit between your legs to reach it," I said unashamedly.
Silently my sister spread her legs wider and I sat down between them. I 
looked up at her face and, when I saw that she had her eyes closed, I 
reached inside my pants and adjusted my stiff cock so it wouldn't hurt when 
I bent forward to look closer at the treasure on display in front of me. I 
could smell her! It was the familiar smell of the soap she used, but it had 
a heavier fragrance to it. A warmer, almost damp, fragrance. I bent even 
further down and my nose touched her opening, causing her to jump a little.
"What are you doing?" she demanded.
"I have to look real close to see were I should dab..."
I dipped the cotton ball in the glass, then squeezed out most of the water 
until I was left with a damp shrunken little piece of material. Oh what the 
hell, I thought. I could as well use my finger. That way I would kill two 
birds with one stone. First I would be able to feel the inner side of my 
sister's pussy and, at the same time, I would be able to remove the little 
stain of blood.
Again my sister jumped a little when she felt my finger slip inside her. 
She lifted her head up a little and looked down between her legs. I smeared 
my blood-coated finger on the swab and showed it to her.
"Yes, there is some blood. I have to get it all out so I can see if there 
is a wound," I lied.
"OK," she mumbled and let her head fall back on the pillow.
Again I dipped my finger in the lukewarm water and inserted it into her. I 
felt all the way around, just inside her opening, while glancing up at her 
face. She just lay there with her eyes closed tightly, but I could see that 
she had to wet her lips nervously with the tip of her tongue.
Again a dip in the water... this time I probed a little farther in, almost 
to the first knuckle. As I watched I noticed a little bump on the top of 
her pussy.
"Oh, you must have hurt yourself on the top as well," I said to my sister 
as I reached out and stroked my finger over the bump.
"Oh god! What are you doing?!" my sister hissed.
"Well... There's a bump right here," I said and again let my finger softly 
glide over the little bump. "Like a mosquito-bite," I added as my sister's 
hips shook. "Does it hurt?"
"N-no... No."
She let her hand fall down between her legs and put a finger on the bump. 
She prodded at it a little, sighed softly and took her hand away.
"What? What is it?" I asked.
"I don't know. But it doesn't hurt..."
"It doesn't?"
Curiously I reached out and touched it again...this time a little harder.
"Ouch! THAT hurt, you imbecile!"
"Well, if it's going to be like that, you can fix your own wounds!" I said 
a little miffed.
"No, please. Sorry. It's just that..."
"It's... It's so embarrassing to lie here and let you look at me, you 
"You want to look at my co-my... my, you know?"
"Oh, yes, could I?"
"Sure. Why not?"
I stood by the bed and shed my clothes. A little embarrassed, I let my 
sister look at my stiff cock before I again climbed in between her thighs.
"I can't see anything if you sit down there," my sister complained.
I slipped over her inner leg and sat facing her but as my bed was a little 
too narrow for me to sit there, look at my sister's pussy and feel it at 
the same time, I showed her my cock.
"If you take off your shirt we can lie beside each other instead," I told 
Reluctantly she did as I said.
"I don't have any breasts, yet," she whispered as two, plum sized, breasts 
were revealed to me.
"Oh, they look just fine," I assured her. "Can I touch them?"
"If I can touch your-your..."
I lay by her side and she slipped down beside me, turning slightly so one 
of her little titties touched my arm. Eagerly she reached down between us 
at the same time as I reached for one little tit. Her fingers closed around 
my throbbing shaft as my fingers made contact with her nipple. It seemed to 
call for my attention and I caught it between my fingers and squeezed it 
lightly, making it swell up a little. As it did, it changed colour; from 
light pink to opaque pink and the shape from round, almost flat, to round 
and pointy.
I didn't know what I should concentrate on first, the look and feel of my 
sister's stiff nipple or her hand gliding softly over and along my hard 
cock. I thought that I should at least stop her movement along my cock 
before I came, so I reached down to take her hand in mine but, as I reached 
down, my hand made contact with her cunt again and I forgot everything 
else. I cupped my hand over the little hill and my fingers rested over her 
slit. When I pressed my middlefinger a little harder down to get as much of 
the feeling of the slit as possible, it sort of sank in between her lips 
and the dampness again surrounded my finger.
This stopped her ministering my cock and a soft sigh escaped her lips as 
she pushed her face in between my neck and shoulder. While her hot breath 
tickled my skin, my finger sought out the secrets that were hidden between 
my sister's soft thighs.
My finger slid easily in between the slippery folds and when I drew my, by 
now, damp finger along the length of her slit and over the lump on the top, 
my sister sighed deeply into the nook of between my throat and shoulder.
Suddenly she lifted her head and looked me, a bewildered look her eyes. I  
felt the urge to kiss her and, as I bent my head down and my lips closed 
over hers, her arms encircled my neck and she pressed her body against 
mine. While doing so, my hand got trapped between our bodies and I had to 
let go of my sister's pussy. This had the benefit that my cock, instead 
lodged between her soft thighs, pressed firmly against her swollen pussy 
I rolled her over on her back and I landed on top of her. If it was by 
accident, by sheer luck or an act of nature I don't know, but in any event 
I landed between her thighs.
I pushed my hips back and then forward again and my cock slipped along the 
oily length of her pussy slit and, when I repeated this movement, my sister 
sighed into my mouth.
I slipped my hand down and took hold of my cock, holding it more firmly 
against my sisters slippery cunt, pushing it back and forth along it. 
Suddenly it felt as if it was trapped on something that was not yielding. I 
rotated my hips a little and pushed a little harder. Suddenly my cock 
overcame the resistance and surged inward a few millimeters. My sister tore 
her lips from mine and moaned loudly, as if my cock was bursting through 
"Did I hurt you?" I whispered.
"No. No. It's just that... I don't know... It's so... It feels so... 
full... I don't know..."
Slowly I pressed a little more and I could feel that I sank a little deeper 
into the wetness. Suddenly it became too much for me and an orgasm shook my 
body. My first load of cum shot into my sister's cunt which, in its turn, 
took the first load of semen ever.
My sister shook as she felt this.
"Did... did you pee in me?" she whispered.
"No-no I-I came..."
"Yes. Had an orgasm."
"Oh. Good. I'm glad you didn't pee in me! "
My cock didn't slacken a bit, so I was able to again push my hips forward 
and, since my cum had oiled her virgin cunt so much, I could get all of my 
stiffness into it.
"Oh," my sister sighed and again she glued her lips to mine. They felt a 
little different this time. Warmer, softer and dryer.
I pumped my cock in my sister's pussy for a long while but suddenly it 
slipped out of its warm sheath and my sister seemed impatient before I got 
it back again.
I had some difficulty coordinating kissing my sister at the same time as I 
slipped my cock out and in in her tight little pussy, so sometimes I just 
stayed still, with it buried deep inside her while kissed her deeply, and 
then I would fuck her again while the kisses got a little shallower.
Suddenly she sighed again. A little heavier this time. She lifted her head, 
then flung it back down onto the pillow. I looked down at her with alarm 
and saw her lips drawn back, showing her teeth, and her throat vibrated in 
a silent scream. I felt her slam her hill repeatedly up into my groin, her 
eyes wide and shocked looking as her cunt clamped down around my cock, 
hugging it tightly with her strong, young muscles and forcing a third 
orgasm out of it.
"Oh, god-d-d! I can feel it!... Do it!... Do it!... Harder...Oh...Yesss!" 
she moaned before collapsing beside me, her hips slowly rolling away from 
me as my slimy cock slapped up hard against my stomach.
I rested on my elbow and looked down at my sister. Her eyes closed and her 
chest rose and fell slowly. Her hand flailed down and rested on the hill as 
she scratched lightly in the sparse hair.
My eyes followed her hand and further down I saw a swollen cunt gaping 
open, my shimmering gray sperm filling its opening like a plug. Where I 
before had seen a soft pink pussy, my eyes now feasted in a darker red, 
swollen, freshly fucked cunt! 
My sister was now a woman!