My wife, Rita, and I was driving up along the Rhone valley. We had been 
spending a week on the French Riviera but had found it too busy for our 
liking. We wanted some relaxation and some rest after a very busy year. We 
had our own business that was doing extremely well and had got an offer 
that we couldn't resist from a large company to sell it to them and we had 
accepted the only drawback was that we had to stay on to get things going 
smoothly under the new management.

When things were going as well as they could we finally could take some 
well deserved time off and had decided to spend at least a month traveling 
in France.

After a week in Nice we decided to rent a caravan and drive up north and we 
were taking it very slowly. We stopped for the day in a small, unknown 
town, and parked our caravan in a camping-site we found near the river.

It wasn't crowded. Besides us there weren't more than a dozen tents.

We walked the short distance to the little town and found a restaurant were 
we could get some food. It was delicious and the wine they served to it was 
excellent so we drank two bottles. This made us a little round under our 
heels and eager for more action. We asked the patron if there was any bar 
in town and he recommended one not too far away.

The bar wasn't big there were just four tables and they were all taken but 
we were invited to sit at one were there already sat two men, elderly boys 
is I think a more appropriate description of them. They introduced 
themselves as we sat down as Heinz and Peter. They were German and was 
staying in the same camp-site as we.

They were very pleasant and the time passed quick and before we knew it we 
were on our way back to the campsite. When we got back to our caravan we 
invited the guys in for a nightcap and they accepted.

I had to go outside for a leak and one of the guys felt the same urge. We 
stood side by side, swaying almost in rhythm as we pissed and chatted. When 
we again entered I saw the other guy raise the bottle at me with a silent 
question. I nodded and he poured me some whisky. I sat and took a sip and 
then I couldn't move! I could see but not move any muscles in my body.

At first I was terrified. Had I had a stroke? To my relief, for the moment, 
I saw how Peter and Heinz whispered something and then Peter reached his 
hand in my way and waved it in front of me.

"Totally out!" he said. "I don't believe it! They are really out!"

I understood that they had drugged Rita and me with some sort of drug I'd 
never heard of and I was relieved at this insight but not for long though. 
How long would it last? Would I ever wake up again? And what would they do 
to us? Rob us? Kidnap us?

"Do we dare?" Heinz asked a little hesitantly.

"Of course we do. We have done enough to go to jail for a long while 
already so..."

What would they dare to do? I didn't have long to wait to find out.

"OK then. Let's get started," Heinz agreed.

"Ah, eager are we?"

"Shit yes. She's a real looker this one! I can't wait to see her naked!"

They were going to look at my wife while she was drugged! I could feel the 
anger boil up in me and I could actually taste the adrenaline in my mouth. 
Taste it? Yes I could. That meant that I could see, hear and taste. That 
was no consolation to me though. I was still unable to move, to prevent 
this to happen.

I looked at them as they lifted my wife up and laid her on the bed and 
started to unbutton her shirt. I knew that they would find flesh at once 
when they had it undone. Rita have rather small breasts and never bother 
with a bra and since her nipples aren't that big either it seldom shows 
that she is naked under.

"Oh," Peter moaned as he saw my wife's breasts. "There isn't much is 
there?" he said in a rather disappointed tone. Obviously he had the young 
mans ideas of how a woman should look. Big tits and big ass and a narrow 
waist between them. Well my wife didn't fill any of these criteria. She's 
slim. Small breast, narrow waist, round hips and a small but firm butt. I 
couldn't imagine any other woman being more beautiful than my Rita. I think 
I partly fell in love with her because she was my ideal of a woman.

"Didn't you notice that before?" Heinz asked. "Tell you what. I like it 
like that. I've never seen any tits as small as hers, but I find them very 

I could feel that the anger that had boiled in me for a while was subsided 
by his words. At least he knew to appreciate a woman's body. My woman's.

"You do? Well I like them bigger."

Heinz reached out and touched Rita's breast and in spite of her drugged 
state I could see that the nipple hardened and how the aureola crinkled as 
it does when touched. Was she in the same state as I? Could she see, hear 
and feel?

Could I feel? Yes I could. I could feel my body against the couch. But 
would I feel a touch on my skin? Obviously Rita did.

"See," Heinz said. "It's sensitive! I barely touched it and it got all 
stiff and wrinkled!"

Peter leaned over Rita's drugged body and I could hear him sort of giggle.

"Oh yes it is. Let me feel."

Heinz withdrew his hand and it was replaced by Peter's.

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes. It's not big, but its soft and spongy in a firm way. I bet a big tit 
doesn't feel like that. It must be, well floppy. And after a few years I 
bet they sag a lot but that will not happen to these."

"No. I think your right. They are sexy aren't they?"

"Mmm. Shall we look at her other - charms?"

"Yes. I wonder how she looks naked. Let's see!"

They went down to Rita's feet and while Peter unzipped Rita's skirt on the 
side Heinz stood ready with the hem in his hands and as soon as Peter 
looked up he tugged the skirt down a bit.

"I think you have to lift her ass so the skirt slips over it."

Peter did as told and soon my wife lay almost naked in front of the two 
lustful youths.

Heinz looked down in a more advantageous angle and could see straight up 
between my wife's slightly spread legs and suddenly something caught his 
attention and he bent over her and looked more intently.

"Hey, look here! She's wet!"

"You're kidding!"

"No, look."

Peter went around and he too stared down between my wife's spread legs.

"Mhm. I wonder if she can feel or hear anything?"

"No, Mike said that they wouldn't remember a thing afterwards."

"Yes, but he didn't say anything about them being able to feel, maybe hear 

"Wouldn't that be something?" Heinz laughed, why I don't know. I couldn't 
see anything funny in the situation.

"Let's get this panties off her and see if she really is wet," Heinz urged.

"Now you lift her ass and I take something off her."

Heinz went up and stood by Rita's midriff and scooted his hands under her 
ass inside her panties and lifted it up a little.

"Mmm, nice ass," he mumbled as he cupped my wife's ass.

"Mmm, and a nice cunt too," Peter smiled.

"Is it wet?"

"I don't know. I can't see anything. A lot of hair and her lips, but no 

"Feel then."

As Peter reached out and touched my wife's pussy I could feel how my cock 
sprang into hardness! I could after all be affected and though I still was 
mad as hell I also could feel how my cock strained against my trousers, 
eager to take Peter's place and dive down between my wife's legs and taste 
the familiar taste of her sex. That was exactly what Peter did!

"Woaw, it tastes great! Have a bite," he joked.

"Yes please," Heinz laughed. "Oh yes. Sweet and tangy. And smells nice 
too," he added as he sniffed close to my wife's cunt.

"Who's first?" Peter asked. "Shall we draw straws or...?"

"Yes. I want to be first but I take it that you would like that too, so I 
think drawing straws is the best way to decide."

The ass-holes were going to fuck my wife!

"The longest match get to fuck her first!" Peter said.

I looked helpless as they found two matches and Peter broke one on the 
middle, hid them behind his fingers and presented them to Heinz who kind of 
rubbed them between his fingers and finally drew one.

"Yesss!" he almost shouted as he held up the long match.

Both of them started to undress and I could see that they both had erctions 
and who could blame them?

Suddenly it hit me. They were going to fuck my wife! What they didn't know, 
or maybe care about, was that my wife and I relies on condoms for birth-

*Condoms! Condoms you ass-holes!* I screamed without a sound escaping my 

I tried to figure the dates in my head. When had my wife had her period 
last? A week ago? No two weeks ago? I remembered that she had it at home 
and we had been down here, what? Ten days. Ten days! That meant that she 
was almost in the middle of her cycle! She was probably on the height of 
fertility now! And they were going to fuck her without any protection!

"Do you think we should... well fuck her without any protection?" Heinz 
asked as he stood on his knees between my wife's spread legs.

"Why not? She's married and as they behaved today I bet she never have 
cheated on her husband. There's a very, very little risk of any VD there."

"No, I meant... well you know... Ah well, she's on the pill, isn't she. All 
women are on the pill."

He lay down on Rita, groped around between them for a while and grunted as 
his hips sank down and I could clearly see how my wife's pussylips parted 
and let his hard cock enter her tight little pussy.

"Ooh," he groaned as he entered her. "Oh she's tight."

I saw his ass-cheeks tighten as he pushed his cock into my wife's 
unprotected cunt. My own cock was just as hard and willing as his.

He bottomed in my wife after a couple of pushes, it must have been more 
difficult to get inside her without her corporation, but I could imagine 
just how wonderful it felt to him to have her tight pussy wrapped around 
that hard piece of meat. I had myself on one or two occasions sneaked my 
cock into her while she slept and that had been heaven.

Heinz' hips started to lift and fall as he started to fuck her and after a 
couple of minutes he groaned and I thought he was cumming.

"Oh my god, I think she just came! Yes she did! She does! She's cumming!"

"No shit!"

"Yes! I can feel her cunt squeeze my cock! Oh god I'm - I'm..." he bellowed 
as he started to pump his young and potent sperm inside my wife's fertile 

As he slumped down on her body his friend took him by his shoulders.

"Hurry! I must feel that cunt around my cock!"

Heinz rolled away and sat on the couch beside me and looked as his friend, 
with much less effort than he had, sank his cock in my wife's wet pussy.

He stood on his hands and pumped her pussy in long, slow strokes and I 
could hear him pant as enjoyed my wife's drugged body.

Heinz glanced over at me and saw the tent in my pants.

"Hey! This one's got a hard-on!"

"Uhu," was all he got in answer.

Heinz leaned over me obstructing the view of my wife getting fucked and 
looked me in the eye.

"I think he's conscious! No... not conscious, aware! He's aware of what's 
going on! Maybe Rita too... Yes, that's it! They are aware! My god! Now we 
really are in trouble!"

"Don't - don't worry. We're out of here long before they come to full 
consciousne-e-e-ess! Shit you're right! She's cumming! Oh yyyeeeesss!"

I was able to get a view of his clenching cheeks but was somewhat 
distracted by Heinz. He had started to get my trousers off me and had them 
down by my knees and reached for my boxers.

'God no,' I thought. 'I hope he's not going to... to rape me too!'

I wouldn't have needed to worry about that all he was interested in was my 
wife and as soon as he got me naked from the waist down he pushed Peter 
away and sank down on my wife again.

"Shit, there's not much left of that tight pussy! She's all sloppy and 
loose, and cumming! Again!" he repeated after a couple of minutes. He 
repeated his 'again' every other minute while he fucked her, if it was for 
my benefit or just out of pure wonder I don't know, but it made my cock 
aching for a release, but none was to get. At least not until the effect of 
the drug passed.

With a final 'again' he came for the second time in my wife letting his 
sperm race his first load-full up toward the egg, waiting in my wife's 
womb. There must be a steady stream of potent little swimmers in her tubes 
by now and she was to get a forth dose by Peter who already stood beside 
her and Heinz ready for another sloppy second.

At last our ordeal was over.

The two perpetrators left leaving me sitting there looking at my wife who 
lay there with her legs spread and her pussy at display for me. I could see 
the hair matted by the sperm from the two boys. The pussy-lips red and 
swollen and gaping open and sperm oozing out between them. Maybe some of 
her own juices as well. If it was true what Heinz and Peter had said she 
must have emanated some wetness herself. She does when she's aroused.

It was agony sitting there with a willing cunt an arms-length away and not 
being able to reached it! Now I knew what purgatory means!

Suddenly I became aware of my eye-lids! I could blink! The drug must be 
wearing off but how long it would take for it to wear off totally I didn't 
know. Rita would be wakening before me, she had been drugged first, unless 
my body-mass had the same influence on the drug as it have on the 
difference in our alcohol-tolerance so it would leave me first.

What would I do if I 'woke-up' before her? Take advantage of the situation? 
God knows that I was in need! But no. I couldn't. It would be to add to her 

I was right about the tolerance. I came out of the drugged state before 
Rita did and I went over to her and sat by her side. Caressing her hair 
while she slowly woke up and when she did it was with a jump. Before I 
could react she was on her feet.

"Ass-holes!" she screamed. "Bastards!"

I stood and tried to take her in my arms but she pushed me away.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed and in the next second she calmed down. "Oh 
darling," she said in a low voice and crept into my arms. "I didn't mean 
that. I'm sorry."

"No, don't apologize. I understand."

"No, you don't. I'm... I'm... Hell! I'm horny! Could... could you fuck me? 

I was more than willing my cock hadn't have time to slacken a millimeter 
and I was on my way to a severe case of blue-balls but I had been convinced 
that Rita would be in shock or something. Not in a state of severe 

I lifted her and carried her over to the bed which I had unfolded while I 
waited for her to come out of her drugged state.

I lay her down and lay on top of her and had my cock inside her in one 

"Oooh yeessss! Push it in! Push it in! Yessss!!! Give it to me! Fuck me! 
Fuck my sloppy cunt!"

I was shocked! She truly was horny! Never had she used these words before. 
Not in my presence anyway and I doubt in anyone else's either. She had 
after all just gotten the first other cock besides mine only a couple of 
hours or so ago.

I started to make love to her in the slow rhythm that I know she likes the 
best and my barely got any feeling of the walls of her pussy, but it was 
pure joy to have my cock buried in this slimy, loose cunt which squelched 
by the overload of sperm inside it and wetted more that just my pubic-hair, 
I was wet all the way down my thighs and half-way up to the navel.

"No!" Rita barked. "No. Fuck me! Hard! I want to be fucked!"

I started to bang my cock into her as hard as I could, I wasn't very used 
to this kind of love-making but soon found it rather enjoyable and I was in 
need of an orgasm soon and this was just the way to get it!

"Oooh," she gasped. "Yes, darling, that's the way! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck 

I started to cum then and the juice just pulsated out of my cock. Pulse 
after pulse of my hot, long waited tokens of orgasm followed the other four 
doses way up her fleshy cavern.

This added dose was more than her pussy could hold and when I rolled off 
her I saw that it just flowed out in a gray-shimmering flood.

Exhausted I fell down beside my wife and we fell asleep with her head 
resting in the nook of my arm and her nose against the skin on my chest.

The next day we woke up early and without any words spoken we made love 

This time in the 'old-fashioned' way. We didn't talk about what had 
happened until we were on our way again.

Rita snuggled up against me and I put my arm around her and since we were 
more or less alone on the road it was without being a danger to traffic.

"You now," she started. "I was awake, no aware, the hole time."

"Mmm, me to."

"And I came!"

"Mmm, not me. I wanted to, but..."

"It was hot. I only wished that you had been there too."

"Oh, I was."

"No. I mean to... to fuck me too. Push it in me. Deeper in me. Help all of 
their sperm to reach my womb! To be pregnant by the help of you and them!"

"Oh yes. Oh I don't think I can drive any longer!"

Just then we saw two figures on bikes in front of us and though we saw them 
from behind we recognized them. It was Heinz and Peter!

"Do you think we should stop them?" she asked me.

"No. We would probably scare the shit out off them. Let's find somebody 
else to... help us!"