Action In The Backseat by Ale Stone

My son, Michael (better known as Mickey) was, and still is, a good soccer-
player. My wife Lisa and I used to go with him to every game he played. 
Usually he went with his teammates in a bus while we trailed along in our 
auto. We didn't want to intrude on his social life or to be overly 
protective, so we usually watched the game, then went on our way back home 
where we picked Mickey up at the clubhouse.

This time it was to be a little different. The team had made it to the 
finals in the Cup and it was to be played in a big city were there was an 
amusement park. We decided that we would spend the afternoon and evening 
there, which we all agreed sounded like fun.

The game went well, our son's team won and we were in high spirits as we 
entered the park where we spent the rest of the day riding various machines 
that hurled you hither and dither, up and down and so forth. We all had a 
great meal at one of the restaurants there, with a little glass of wine for 
Mickey as well, before we started for home. 

After we finished our meal, my wife and I got into an argument about my 
paying too much attention to our comely young waitress and Lisa stormed 
out, leaving me to take care of the bill before I could follow her. When we 
reached the car Mickey, who was unused to alcohol, was a little giggly. We 
had to wait for Lisa for almost half an hour and, when she came back, she 
held a brown paper bag in her hand. I didn't have to ask what it contained. 
She completely ignored me and climbed into the back-seat with our son, 
where she sat with a sulky expression on her face.		

Lisa and I were silent but Mickey went on and on about the good time he'd 
had and didn't seem to notice his mother's sulking or my silence. When I 
took a closer look in the rearview mirror, I could understand why. 

Lisa had slid one leg behind his back and thrown the other over his lap, 
where she slumped sleeping in the corner of the dark car. I could clearly 
see all the way up her thighs to the beginning of the white crotch of her 
panties. Lisa doesn't shave her pussy so there was a lot of hair sticking 
out of the leg bands of her panties. Our son was looking intently at them, 
and I'd bet he had acquired a raging hard-on looking at his mother!

Suddenly I saw that he had one hand on her knee, stroking it in circular 
movements. Where had he learned that? However, it sure was doing what he 
wanted it to do. Lisa's legs slowly started to fall further and further 
apart, widening the gap between her thighs, giving us a much better view of 
her crotch. By now I had slowed down until I was driving at a mere fifty 
kilometers an hour but Mickey didn't even notice; this was the kid who 
always begged me to drive faster!

I realized that I sat there, driving with a hard-on while watching my son 
fondle his mother! While I watched his hand start to creep farther up her 
thigh, I could feel the first drop of precum wet my boxers. Would he go all 
the way up to her pussy? Would she wake up? And if so, what would I do? 
What should I do? I decided to do nothing, for the time being at least.

Glancing occasionally at the road, I had my eyes glued at the scene in the 
back and watched my son's hand inch slowly up my wife's leg; up to the 
crotch of her panties, knowing from experience how easily my wife's sexual 
fire ignited once you touched her pussy.  I just waited for that to happen! 

And it did. My son's finger sneaked inside the leg band, grabbing a quick 
feel of his mother's vagina before he jerked the hand away, all the way 
back down to her knee. The feel was so quick and brief that I doubt that 
Lisa even noticed it. I rather think she didn't, considering her drunken 

He shot a quick glance at me to see if I had observed what he had done. 
Pretending not to notice, I reached for the radio and turned it on. Soon 
soft music filled the car. Mickey seemed to take my fiddling with the radio 
as a sign that I hadn't noticed anything and soon his hand again started to 
stroke up his mother's leg. This time he reached his goal much faster and, 
without any preliminaries, he pushed a finger inside the leg band, directly 
onto his mother's cunt lips!

Lisa moaned a little in her sleep and my son's hand froze, but as soon as 
he noticed that she didn't wake up and when that she soon went quiet again, 
he moved his hand onto the top of his mother's pussy. I could tell this by 
the movements under her panties. 

As I mentioned, my wife gets really hot once you've got your hand on her 
pussy. It's as if she no longer had control over her own feelings and, I 
doubt, over her own moral standards. and I have often thought that she'd 
would fuck anybody who had her pussy in his hand, and now it seemed as 
though my assumptions was were verified. Her hips started to move in slow 
rhythm as our son stroked her pussy. I almost moaned out aloud when her 
hips shot up very abruptly. I understood that my son had stuck a finger 
inside her cunt! I envied him the feeling! I knew that he could slide his 
finger inside her without any difficulty; knew that she was would be well 
lubricated by now.

Mesmerized, I watched as my son reached for his fly, unzipping it and 
taking out his stiff almost fifteen year old cock and stroking it in rhythm 
with his fingers working in and out of his mothers cunt! Suddenly he bent 
at his hips, pointed his cock at Lisa's crotch and a load of sperm just 
flew out, covering the white cotton panties covering my wife's cunt! A low 
moan escaped his lips as the first load hit his mother and he had enough 
sense to look over at me to see if I had noticed. I was prepared for this 
and had my eyes on the road, but I watched him from the corner of my eyes.
Satisfied for the moment, he let go of his cock, and reached over and 
pulled the covering gusset away. and Now he could see his own mother's cunt 
for the first time in his life! The big, protruding lips glistening with 
her juices and his finger buried up to the second knuckle in it.

In the narrow screen of the mirror, I could see that his cock hadn't 
deflated in the least and, when he turned so he faced Lisa, I wondered what 
he was up to. I didn't have to wonder for long. He scooted his hips forward 
and, with an effort, the tip of his cock made contact with his mothers sex! 
He withdrew his finger so he could enjoy the feeling of a pussy touching 
his cock for the first time!
As Lisa felt the finger withdraw, she grunted a little 'Miss-pleased' 
sounding grunt and forced her hips up and forward and, to my son's 
surprise, her pussy was open enough for his cock to slip in so that the its 
bulbous head was all the way inside the her wet cunt. He froze again at 
this feeling, but soon enough he took advantage of the situation that 
actually wasn't his doing, and started to fuck her! Once, when he got too 
eager, the his cock slipped out and both of them groaned in frustration. My 
wife bent her knees so that she came slid deeper down in the seat, making 
it easier for my son to get his cock in place position for penetration 
again. and Soon almost half of his cock was again buried in my wife! It 
didn't take him long to shoot his virgin load in a woman's cunt... and the 
fact that it was his mother's didn't seem to matter to him at this moment.

By now the smell of sex was heavy in the confined space of the car but I 
didn't want to open a window.  I just enjoyed the smell! Enjoyed the 
squelching sounds of my wife's wet cunt receiving another a cock other than 
mine, and a load of hot sperm other than mine. Mickey, being a novice to 
this, of course didn't know that I could smell his mother's fragrance and 
he was too involved in the fuck to realize that I could hear the wet, 
slapping sounds of his cock's pumping in his mother's cunt.

This time Mickey was longer in cumming than the two previous times but it 
still wasn't much more than two or three minutes before he came in his 
mother's pussy for the second time. and After that, he seemed content for 
the time being.

As soon as he had his cock back inside his pants and had covered his 
mother's newly fucked pussy with her panties and skirt, I turned to him.

"I don't think I can make it all the way home tonight. Why don't we stay 
over at the motel we just passed?" I asked innocently, as I turned around 
and drove the couple of kilometers back to the motel. "Try to wake your 
mother while I get us a room, will you?"

I went to the motel office and got us a double room. and, When I came back, 
Lisa was still asleep in her corner of the backseat.

"I can't wake her, Dad. She's passed out."

I couldn't trace detect any accusation in his voice about of his mother's 
being drunk and unconscious but I decided that I would have a talk with him 
later about this.

"OK. You'll have to help me get her into bed than," I replied.

We were lucky that Lisa was a petite woman because even the mere fifty some 
kilos of this unconscious woman was hard to handle. Mickey, who had taken 
the her legs part, had less difficulty than me, who had to cope with her 
arms and, although I had my hands crossed over her tits and her armpits on 
my upper arms, they seemed to want to slip away like an eel you try to hold 
in your hand.

Once we managed to get her into the room and onto the bed, and Mickey stood 
back and looked around, a puzzled look on his face.

"Oh, they only had one vacant room so we'll have to make do with one bed. 
Come on, help me get your mother undressed," I told him	

After one long look at me, he eagerly stepped up to the bed. He stood still 
for a while and just looked at her, and then he looked up at me with a 
question in his eyes.

"Why don't we start at the top and work down," I suggested? "You know this 
isn't like your mother at all. I think it is the first time ever that I 
have seen her like this."

"I know dad. She's the best."

"Yes I know you think so," I smiled. I couldn't stop myself from a little 

Slowly we got Lisa naked on the bed and I pretended that I didn't see that 
her panties were wet. and looked at I watched Mickey from the corners of my 
eyes as he enjoyed the sight of his naked mother. His eyes flicked over her 
body in quick sweeping glances from head to toe ... or rather from tits to 

"Why don't you touch her?" I asked.

My son took a step back, looking at me with a haunted gleam in his eyes.


"Oh I saw you in the rearview-mirror. Take it easy," I quickly added as it 
looked as if he was going to run away; heaven knows what he would have done 

"No, I'm not mad, I thought about it while I watched you. I think you are 
the solution to our, your mother's and my, problems. You see, I have to 
work a lot longer and harder and more now that I have reached the top of 
the company. I know you've noticed me being absent a lot in the last year 
or so. I don't want to burden you with adult worries, just let me say 

I saw that while I talked the desperate look in my son's eyes disappeared 
faded and instead I saw that he was now paying full attention to what I had 
to say. 

"You see, both your mother and I have very high sex drives, or I used to 
have. Lately I just fall asleep when I hit the sack and your mother is 
usually all worked up and fully rested. She want's to take a part-time job 
and that would have been OK with me if it wasn't fore all the... Oh shit, 
let me put it bluntly, she's all worked up and horny and I'm afraid that 
she would find herself involved with a workmate sooner or later. and 
Nowadays you don't know what you could get from an affair. So it gives us 
double many advantages. Your mother gets her needs seen to, you get safe 
sex and I don't have to worry about either of you two. So ... What do you 

My son looked at me and slowly his head started to drop. "I-I-m sorry, dad. 
I don't know what... I don't..."

"It's OK. I said so and I mean so it. Every boy has a dream about his 
mother. Usually it passes without anything happening. I know mine did. 
Yours didn't. But maybe you have fulfilled your dream already..."

"No!" Mickey interrupted me. "No, it isn't. I would love it! But what about 
mom? How can we get her to accept me? As her... lover," he added a little 

"We have to gamble a little. But I don't think it's a big risk. Your mother 
is a very adaptable woman and she loves you very much."

"Mhm, me too, but..."

"Wait, I'll tell you a secret, and this is part of why I don't trust her 
with other men outside home. Well, OK here it comes. Once you get your hand 
on your mother's vagina she's gone!"


"Yes. She just can't seem to resist, can't refuse you, all her rational 
thinking goes down the drains and it all go from there!"

"Oh. I see. Oh I see!!! You mean that once she's awakes, before she's fully 
awake, I get my hand on her... her vagina and..."


"So we have to wait till morning then?" I could hear the disappointment in 
his voice.

"No. This is the bit that almost certainly will make this gamble into 
something that is only a little risky. We have to fill her with cum!"


"Yes. Maybe she'll think that she was the instigator and that she's to 
blame. I only hope that she takes it the right way and doesn't get too 
guilty about it. You are, after all, her son and it isn't exactly something 
that happens every day that a mother and son becomes lovers."

At this my son's eyes left me and flicked over to his mother who was laying 
on the bed with her legs a little spread, enough for us to see the two big 
pussy lips peeking out through the rather thick forest of medium brown hair 
like an animal sniffing the air for danger, only these were sniffing for 
something totally different!

"I'll use the bathroom first. I just hope there are toothbrushes there. Oh, 
and don't start anything before I come back. Just enjoy the view for the 
time being," I added over my shoulder as I disappeared.

There were toothbrushes and soap and, after a quick piss and a wash, I was 
back in the room, stark naked.

"Your turn," I said and my son disappeared into the bathroom.	
He was back very soon, now just as naked as I. and Normally I would have 
chastised him for his sloppiness but tonight I understood why he had 
hastened through it. I too was eager to commence. It was, after all, not 
every day a man got to see his wife being fucked by another man! Well, in 
this case the man was a boy, but anyway...

"OK, here's what we're gonna do. First of all, I think I have to show you 
how your mother want's to be caressed for relaxation, that's not the same 
as getting her hot; first she want's to be relaxed, and then she want's to 
get aroused. You can always get a quickie out of it by just bluntly putting 
your hand on her pussy and a finger or two in her cunt. But that is not 
what I want, and I hope that you don't either."


"Good. A light kiss with a little tongue, not too much, is a good start." I 
demonstrated this to my son by kissing his mother lightly on her lips and I 
let my tongue brush over her dry, half-open lips.

"After that, a little kissing on her throat and, if possible, a nibble on 
her earlobe. Usually she's squirming a little by then so this could be 
difficult, but if so, just continue kissing her down over her chest. Suck 
lightly on her nipples, like this."

I demonstrated all my words by acting them out so there were slight pauses 
between them. I was a little surprised, but not much, when I felt the 
nipple stiffen when my lips closed around it. Lisa's nipples, as well as 
all the other erogenous zones, are very sensitive to stimulation. Not as 
much as her cunt though. 

As I said before, once you get your hand on her pussy lips, she's totally 
wasted. At that point there is no more resistance left in her. It's all go 
from there. I didn't notice it when we first dated. Her adamant refusal to 
let me touch her below the waist I thought was a mere attempt to preserve 
her virginity till our wedding night and since she willingly gave me hand 
jobs whenever we petted, I had nothing to complain about. She even gave me 
an blowjob once in a while.

On our wedding night she was hot and willing and, as soon as I got my hand 
between her legs and cupped her hairy cunt in my hand, she gave up and just 
lay still - that is till I got a finger inside her. Then her hips shot up 
and soon she was rocking her pussy along my finger, moaning and mewing. I 
found this so erotic that I continued fingering her till she begged me to 
fuck her! I was willing and obeyed her and she was off like a rocket on New 
Years Eve! She came as soon as I had half of my cock inside her very, very 
tight pussy. There was no membrane that needed to be broken. Later she 
confessed to me that her finger had done that for her and that she'd never 
had had anything bigger than her own middle finger inside her. 

The quick orgasms slowed down a little for every year we were married but 
she always came with rippling orgasms once she started, one after the other 
in rapid successions. It added an extra dimension to our lovemaking since 
her pussy's milking my cock was so wonderful and intense that I, during 
fourteen years of marriage, never once was tempted to even flirt with 
another woman.

When my tutoring tour I reached her lower belly on, my wife's stomach 
muscles tensed, also as usua.l and When my lips brushed over her pussy 
lips, her legs fell out open a little more. At this point I stopped and 
gestured to our son that it was his turn.

He repeated every one of my actions and added a little more by letting his 
tongue slip down into the deep hole of her navel.  When he had brushed his 
lips over his mother's pussy lips, he added yet another thing, he inhaled 
deeply! Smelling Inhaling his mother's smell from the source for the first 
time! After that he gave the hairy cunt a long look, and then dipped down 
and drew his tongue along the crinkled swollen outer lips. His mother's 
hips flew up, taking him by surprise. He almost jumped back but stopped in 
his movements and only lifted his head, and looking up at his mother's 
sleeping face. It had changed a little since we last looked at it. Now her 
lips were parted and her teeth were biting her lower lip.

"It's OK, she's still out," I whispered, encouraging our son. "I think it's  
best if you fuck her first. My cock is still bigger than yours and if I 
would do her first you would get hardly any friction."

Eagerly our son positioned himself for getting his cock inside his mother's 
pussy for the second time this night. and Soon he was deep inside her and 
the sparse hair surrounding his cock was nestled with Lisa's thick growth. 
and Then he started to pump into her in earnest!

"Wait! Wait!" I exclaimed. "Take it easy. It's just as like playing soccer. 
It lasts more than just one half. You have to keep up till make sure the 
woman cums first. Then it is time for your own pleasure. Remember that the 
women have to have at least one orgasm before you cum. I know it is 
impossible just now, you're probably going to cum any moment now, but 
remember it for later..."

Mickey had stopped, with his cock still deep inside his mother's cunt, 
while he listened to my advice. and After that he again started to fuck 
her, this time in long, and slow motions strokes and it lasted which 
continued for almost three minutes! Then he shot his load into his mother 
with a grunting noise and fell down collapsed on top of her, and then 
slowly he rolled over and off her. and As I looked down at my wife's pussy, 
I saw it squeeze out some of our son's sperm and watched as it ran down to 
the crack of her ass, and then continued down onto the sheet. I just had to 
get inside her before all of that wetness had ran out of her!

I got in slipped between her legs and, with one thrust, I was buried in her 
cunt hot, very wet cunt. and To my surprise, it just clamped down on my 
cock with a force that I hadn't felt since our honeymoon! And three or four 
strokes later it happened again! A rippling along my cockshaft announced 
another climax and, sure enough, at the next inward grinding her cunt again 
spasmed around my cock. and After that she gave up all her pretenses and 
flung her legs up, and locking them behind my ass in her favorite grip! Her 
eyes opened and she looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. A happy smile. 
A smile full of fulfillment and happiness.

"Thank you," she mouth before she again closed her eyes and gave herself 
away to the fuck. Her strong pussy-muscles soon, all too soon, forced the 
my own orgasm. out of and My load shot out of my cock with a force that 
surprised me ... and must have surprised my wife too because her eyes flew 

"Oh my god! I can feel it! I can feel it! It's been so long! So long!"

As soon as my orgasm had subsided, she pushed me away gently and reached 
for our son. "Come to mummy. Come," she whispered and our son willingly 
climbed aboard.

Three hours later we all seemed to be satisfied and I was the last to fuck 
her. Mickey was already snoring softly on her other side as I drifted off 
to sleep. and The last I heard was when she murmured, to no one in 
particular. "Well, I know two things; first of all I aint to be blamed and 
I will have more than one hell of a headache tomorrow!" 

Then, almost as an afterthought, Lisa murmured once more, to the room in 
general before she fell asleep, "I think I'm gonna ache in at least one 
more place than in my head tomorrow."